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10-13-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 13, 2013  


Circulating the e-mail circuit: Which is more troubling? The fact that 800,000 non-essential federal employees are home today. Or the fact that there are 800,000 non-essential federal employees.  Let's see…   800,000 x $40K a year = $32 BILLION a year…


·       Nationally Recognized Documentary Film Maker Dennis Michael Lynch will be on the 6 pm, Oct 14 FOX NEWS “Megan Kelly Files” (replay at 9 pm).  In case it slipped your mind, Lynch will make a 90 minute interactive presentation at the 7  pm, Nov 1,  LD23 Business Network meeting  at the Scottsdale Hilton Grand Ballroom, 6333 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Lynch will cover such topics as immigration reform, terrorism, job creation, welfare, how to win back the White House in 2016; and present sneak preview clips of his latest documentary The 9-11 Freedom Ride, - showing what took place at the “2 Million Bikers to DC” ride on 9-11-13. 7 pm - General seating $15 or VIP seating - $25. 5:30-6:30 pm VIP seating/reception - $50 per person. Reservations required. Paid attendees will receive two DVD’s: They Come To America I And II. RVSP/tickets: and click on “Events” or check payable to LD23 with number of attendees to  Linda Rizzo, 9324 E. Wood Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Contacts: Liz at 602-315-0349 or Jim at 602-538-9387.


·       Arizona’s Four-Term  National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash will be interviewed on Barbara Espinosa’s “Hair on Fire” Radio Talk Show at 4 pm, Oct 15. Topics: Government shutdown and issues related to the CR”continuing resolution.  Questions to  Call in  1-347-857-4081


·       Face The Nation - Sen John McCain  (Shutdown)


·       GOP-Betrays-Voters-Obama-Wants More    …The past week’s childish rebellion by the GOP establishment against the Tea Party for making guys like John McCain and John Boehner look like the lazy, angry sots they are has resulted in the latest proposals, which would pass a Continuing Resolution to stop the “shutdown,” give Obama an increase in the so-called debt ceiling, and fund Obamacare.


·       Where's Support Of -Elected-Officials-Who Care-For The CountryThese truckers and the vets seem to be standing for all of the things that our favorite elected servants talk about, so where are they?


·       Mark-Levin: Something-Wrong-with-GOP-when-Cruz-Paul-Lee-Are-attacked by party …when "young men who won primaries against the establishment in Texas, Utah, and Kentucky" stand up against the leaders because the "old bulls" who have been around for decades "will not act on our behalf," all the "firepower" of the Republican establishment is directed at these young men.


·       October 14 Events:

·       LD4  (2nd Mon) 6:30 pm, Contact: LD4 Chr Rhonda King Rhondaking08@Gmail.Com

·       LD19 (2nd Mon) Chr Cherie Scott Cell 623-512-0494


·       Oct 15:

·       Congressman David Schweikert Will Address The Fountain Hills Tea Party at 6:30, Oct 15 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Topics: ObamaCare, illegal immigration, the costs of amnesty.Admission is free.  Donations to offset expenses are welcomed and appreciated.  Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or

·       Sen Jeff  Flake Will Address The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association luncheon Oct 15 at Polsinelli, 1 East Washington Street, Suite 1200, Phx . Limited to 50 people. RSVP:

·       Secretary of State Ken Bennett will address the Oct 15 Yavapai County Republican Men meeting in Prescott and the Oct 16 Verde Valley Republican Women’s Club at Los Abrigados in Sedona

·       The Oct 13  Maricopa County GOP Calendar, including events throughout Arizona, has been posted at   See calendars posted in Archives on the left side of the page. Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Greenlee, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Yavapai, and Yuma County GOP events posted by county in the lower calendar section.  The Arizona Tea Party Events have also been posted under separate heading.  Please check your postings so these calendars reflect the constant changes that occur. Please include your group name, meeting time, location, speaker and contact person when you submit updated information.  These calendars are compiled to help you participate in Republican/conservative related events. Copy deadline is Friday noon. To add your upcoming events please, contact Frosty Taylor at



·        Duration Of Shutdown Key To Ariz. Impact     Longer It Drags On, The Greater The Harm

·        Deputy-Opens-Oak Creek Canyon Park Despite Government Shutdown

·        Glen-Canyon-Dam, Lake-Powell-Anniversary

·        Dear-Mr-President-Shutdown-Isnt-Game  Congressman Matt Salmon

·        Petition: To Allow Troops To Arm Themselves On Military Bases

·        McAfee-Drops-Obamacare-Bombshell: Hackers-Will-Able-Empty-Bank-Accounts-Enrollees

·        Socialist-Party-Of-America-Releases-The-Names-Of-70-Democrat-Members-Of-Congress-Who-Are-Members-Of-Their-Caucus   July 2010

·        Arizona-Medical-Board-Fires-Executive-Director

·        Robb: Horne Right On Proof Of Citizenship

·        Arpaio Brings Pianists To Tent City To Play Mozart

·        Prescott-Selects New Fire-Chief

·        Arizona-Cacti-Protected-Pre-Government-Shutdown

·        Anthem-To-Host-Veterans-Parade-Ceremony

·        Judge-Jeanine-Americans-Are-Being-Played-Losers-Congress


·        Declared 2014 Arizona State Candidates filed at the Secretary of State’s office can be viewed   here.

·        New Citizens Oath: The Oath:    AZGOP Facebook page.

·        See  How Your US And State Officials Are Voting:    Http://Votesmart.Org/Issues 

·        Arizona GOP PCs Can Now Download The PC Handbook Here:

·        Contact Legislative Standing Committees:      Azleg.Gov/Standingcom

·        Contact Your Arizona Legislators: Www.Azleg.Gov 



·       Contact your Arizona US Senators:

Sen. John McCain [R]            Phoenix:(602) 952-2410; Prescott: (928) 445-0833; Tucson:(520) 670-6334   (Toll-Free:) D.C.: 1(866)220-0044;  1(877)762-8762

Sen. Jeff Flake [R]  Phoenix: (602) 840-1891; Tucson: (520) 575-8633;  (Toll-Free:)D.C.: 1(866)220-0044;  1(877)762-8762

·       Contact your Arizona US Representatives

CD1 - Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D]  202-225-3361

CD2 - Rep. Ron Barber [D]   202-225-2542

CD3 - Rep. Raúl Grijalva [D]   202-225-2435

CD4 - Rep. Paul Gosar [R]    928-445-1683               202-225-2315

CD5 - Rep. Matt Salmon [R]             480-699-8239     202-225-2635

CD6 - Rep. David Schweikert [R] 480-946-2411   202-225-2190

CD7 - Rep. Ed Pastor [D]    202-225-4065

CD8 - Rep. Trent Franks [R] 623-776-7911 202- 225-4576

CD9 - Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D]   202-225-9888


Maricopa County LD Chairmen:

MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro

LD1    Cathy Schwanke 

LD4    Rhonda King  

LD12   Mickie Niland        

LD13   Dr. Robert Branch 

LD15   Dave Henderson

LD16  Jerry E. Clingman

LD17   Tyler Bowyer     

LD18   David Bushman   

LD19   Cherie Scott  

LD20   Ray Malnar         

LD21   Kevin Payne   

LD22   Eric Morgan       

LD23   Doug Little      

LD24   Brian Kaufmann             

LD25   Paul Whetten    

LD26   Raymond Jones

LD27   Terry Rapp    

LD28   Scott O’Connor                www.AZLD28GOP.ORG

LD29   Charlie Ellis   

LD30   Timothy Schwartz     



·        APACHE COUNTY: Delos Bond

·        COCHISE COUNTY: Casey Jones

·        COCONINO COUNTY: Joy Iris Staveley

·        GILA COUNTY: Pamela Burruel

·        GRAHAM COUNTY: Keith Alexander

·        GREENLEE COUNTY:  Suzanne Menges

·        LAPAZ COUNTY:

·        MARICOPA COUNTY: A J LaFaro

·        MOHAVE COUNTY: Ron Gould

·        NAVAJO COUNTY: Dara Vanesian

·        PIMA COUNTY: Carolyn Cox

·        PINAL COUNTY: Sephim Larson

·        SANTA CRUZ COUNTY: Zack Taylor

·        YAVAPAI COUNTY:  Jim Dutton

·        YUMA COUNTY: Jonathan Lines

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors:

ü  Chairman  Andrew Kunasek   602-506-7562

ü  Dennis Barney   602-506-1776

ü  Steve Chucri   602-506-7431

ü  Clint Hickman   602-506-7642

ü  Mary Rose Wilcox   602-506-7092

AZ State GOP officials

AZ Legislators:

Gov. Jan Brewer   (602) 542-1361 and (602) 542-4331

AZ Sec. of State Ken Bennett

AZ Treasurer Doug Doucey

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne

AZ Supt of Schools John Huppenthal

AZ Corp Comm   Gary Pierce      602-542-3933

AZ Corp Comm   Brenda Burns    602-542-0745

AZ Corp Comm   Robert Stump    602-542-3935

AZ Corp Comm   Susan Bitter-Smith 602 542 3625

AZ Corp Comm   Robert Burns



·        Photo-Of-Day-Vet-With-No-Legs-Carrying Barracade To White House

·        Shutdown-CR-Not-On-Leaders Agenda

·        Obama-Petulant-In-Chief-How-Far-In Advance Did He Order Shutdown?

·        President-Obama-I’ll-Hold-My-Breath-Til I Turn Blue To Get My Way

·        Arizona-Bruce-Ash-Guest-On-Hair-On-Fire

·        Who-Really-Shutdown-Government   Thomas Sowell

·        What-Is-Not-In-US-Constitution


·        Weekend Reading Guaranteed To Make You Smarter

·        Health Care Plan Becomes Health Care Scam  Horrors Of Obamacare Begin As Massive Entitlement Estimated At $2.6 Trillion Over The Next 10 Years Rolls Out, Crushing Americans


·        The President of No – Obama!

·        Obamacare – The Audacity of Nope

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates 

·        Veterans Storm Washington, DC

·        It Was A Peaceful Protest Until DC Cops Arrived In Full Riot Gear

·        If We Are In An Economic Recovery, Why Are Major Corporations Firing Thousands?

·        Dad, Please Hold My Paw



·       Happy 238th Birthday To The Greatest Naval Force Known To Man, Our United States Navy


·        Pete Santilli Radio Show Broadcasting Live–Veterans In Washington DC Protest

·        ‘Folks About To Riot’: Twitter Explodes With Outrage Over Electronic Food Stamp Shutdown

·        College Frat Parties And Women; Parents Beware!

·       New FEMA Camp Bill Resurfaces!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        As Washington Crumbles, This Senator’s Rise To The Presidency Is Almost Assured

·       How Much More Will Our Military Take?

·        Debunking Obama’s Latest Lie



       Navajo Nation Fair 2013   Navajo nation fair 2013




·        GOP Civil War: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

·        Candy-Crowley-Asks-Rand-Paul-If He Would Ever Become A Dem

·        The Democrats Fatal Blunder: They Own Obamacare Lock, Stock And Barrel

·        RNC-Chair-Says-Hillary-Clinton-Should-Return-Donations-From-McAuliff’s-Convicted-Pal



·        Million Vet March -DC Protest War Memorial Closure  Mat Larson Video 

·        Negative-US-Media-Coverage-Fails-To-Stop-Constitutional-Truckers-And-Veterans-In-DC

·        Vets March On DC & Carry BARRY-Cades From Memorials To White House

·        Fighting For Those That Fought For Us: Park Police Turned Traitors

·        Police Confront Peaceful Million Veteran March

·        America, Today's Veteran's March On Dc Means Everything...This Is Our Red Line Moment

·        DC-Truckers-Americas-First-Diesel-And-Chrome-Flash-Mob

·        Veterans-Unceremoniously-Dump-Barricades-At-White-House

·        Vets-Rally-At-World-War-II-Memorial Move To White House

·        Klayman-Investigate-Threats-Truckers

·        CNN Mocks Million Vet March As Tea Party Crazies

·        Veterans-March-War-Memorial-Protest-Outside-White-House

·        Vets March On Washington, Roll Into WWII Memorial, Protest Outside White House

·        KTAR:  DC-Crowd-Pushes-Through-Barriers-To-WWII-Memorial



·        See-Message-Left-For-Obama-At-Entrance-To-Closed-Park

·        Watch-The-Moving-Moment-When-Fed-Up-Americans-Break-Through-Barriers-At-The-Lincoln-Memorial-Walk-Up-The-Steps-And-Celebrate

·        Sarah-Palin-Storms-DC: Riot-Police-Show-Up

·        Park-Rangers-Refuse-Truckload-Of-Porta-Potties-For-WWII-Veterans

·        Is The Government Shutdown A Display Of Obama's Marxist Ideology In Order To Have A Communist Style Revolution?

·        Obama’s Record: Infliction Of Pain During Government Shutdown

·        Patriotic Tourists Remove Barricades, Climb Lincoln Memorial

·        Treason: Government-Workers-Instructed-To-Make-Life-As-Tough-As-Possible-For-The-American-People

·        Biden-Mostly-Out-Of-Sight-During-Shutdown-Showdown

·        Speech Restrictions On National Mall Violate The Constitution

·        Rand-Paul: Obama Should Quit Scaring The Public

·        Amid Shutdown, Runner Protest At Valley Forge



·        GOP Rinos Must Pay Penalty For Actions Allowing Illegals USA Entry

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Obama-Continues-Treasonous-Support-Muslim-Brotherhood

·        Thuggery-Sparks-Talk-Of-Impeachment

·        Video: Bachmann: Obama Close To ‘Dictatorship,’ Puts Impeachment On The Table


·        Video: Zullo: Obama An Empty Suit Who Rose Out Of Nowhere



·        Former-Hillary-Associate-Claims-Personal-Hit-Man-Admits-Killing-for Money

·        RNC-Chair-Says-Hillary-Clinton-Should-Return-Donations-From-McAuliffe’s-Convicted-Pal



·        Cruz Crushes Field In Presidential Straw Poll At Values Voters Summit

·        Rubio Receives Standing Ovation: ‘I Believe Jesus Christ Is God’

·        Obama's Conservative Cousin In Kansas May Run For Office



·        Video: New Report Blasts Obama Admin’s War On Journalism

·        Video: Bombshell: Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Had Breitbart And Clancy Killed

·        Chicago-Policeman-To-Journalists: Your-1st-Amendment-Rights-Can-Be-Terminated


·        Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Will Have Lost Ground In Every Single Economic Indicator’ Under Obama (+Video)



·        How Much More Will Our Military Take?

·        High-Ranking-Military-Officers-Fired-By-Obama: 1st-Time-In-US-History-Video

·        Barrycades-Torn-Down-Taken-To-White-House   'Obama, You Can't Call On The Seals Because The Seals Are Already There'

·        Judge-Jeanine-Blasts-The-Obama-Administration-For-Denying-Death-Benefits-To-Military-Families

·        Nation-In Distress

·        Remaining-Doolittle-Raiders-Gather-Dayton-Ohio-Final-Time-Month

·        Air Force: Sequester, Shutdown Imperil Crews And Missions

·        Air Force General In Charge Of ICBMs To Be Fired

·        Petition: To Allow Troops To Arm Themselves On Military Bases

·        Dozens-Of-Veterans-Arrested-At-Vietnam-War-Memorial-In-NYC

·        Obama’s Attack On Families Of Fallen Soldiers

·        Million Vet March Should Follow-Up By Blocking Obama From Wreath-Laying On Veterans Day

·        DOD Nominee Pushes Back On Limited Interrogation Of Al Qaeda Leader

·        Government Has No Right To Shut Out WWII Vets!

·        Allen West “More Outrageous Treatment Of Our Military – This Is Utter BS”

·        Pentagons-Stunning-Admission: Govt-Has-Held-Phony-Ceremonies-To-Honor-Fallen-US-Soldiers-For-Years



·        The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors


·        Federal Judge Orders National Park Service To Reopen Park



·        The Hill: Senate Plots House GOP Squeeze

·        Sen-Graham-Republicans-Face-Reality-Obamacare-Cannot-Be-Stopped

·        Judge-Jeanine-Americans-Are-Being-Played-Losers-Congress

·        The Hill: Senate GOP Blocks Dems From Advancing $1.1T Debt Hike

·        White-House-Slams-Senate-GOP-For-Blocking-Debt-Ceiling-Hike

·        The Hill: House GOP Furious With Senate

·         GOP Fear: Shutdown Thwarted Exposure Of Obamacare Flaws

·        Senator Calls For Federal Probe Of Google Privacy Change

·        Opinion: Shutting Down Washington: Opening A Larger Debate

·        Conservative Group Warns GOP Against Debt Ceiling Hike



·        Unregulated, Agricultural Ammonia Threatens National Parks' Ecology



·        Pickens: Keystone Pipeline Would Make OPEC 'Obsolete'



·        From-The-Start-Signs-Of-Trouble-At-Health-Portal

·        College-Grads-Viral-Letter-'Obamacare-Has-Raped-My-Future'

·        United Healthcare Ends Relationship With Thousands Of Doctors

·        Report: Kasich Trying New Tactic To Expand Medicaid

·        Obamacare-Deductibles A Dose Of Sticker Shock

·        American's Do Not Want Obamacare - Chaos And Corruption Rampant

·        Individual-Polices-Being-Dropped-Obamacare-Michigan   146,000 Michiganders - At Least - Face Loss Of Cheap Policies Under New Health Care Reform Rules

·        Doctors Fired, Administrators Hired: America’s Naivety Leads To Bad Medicine

·        Emerging GOP Thought: Settle For Medical Device Tax Repeal, Subsidy Eligibility Checks

·        Sen. Roberts: Sebelius Must Resign For 'Disastrous' Obamacare Rollout

·        Could Farm Bill Help Reap A Medical Device Tax Repeal?

·        Ted Cruz: "It Is Because Of You" That The House Has Been Standing Strong On Obamacare

·        Colorado Farmers Bring In Nation's First Hemp Harvest Since The 1950s

·        Food Stamp Debit Cards Working Again After Outage

·        Pro-Life Leaders Urge Boehner To Protect Americans' 'Conscience Rights'

·       Pressure-Mounts-For-Sec-Sebelius-To-Resign-Over-Obamacare-Collapse



·        Agenda-21: Conspiracy-Theory-Threat-Part-4

·        Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory Or Threat Part 3

·        Agenda-21

·        Freedom Advocates