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10-15-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 15, 2013  


·       Editor’s Note: Briefs Has Received Several Messages Regarding Signs Posted at national parks, memorial sites, and cemeteries (including overseas) within eight to 10 hours after the federal government shutdown was declared.  Hmmm.  How did the slow moving Federal government miraculously get thousands of signs designed, requisitioned, bid, contracted, manufactured and distributed within 10 hours? Amazing!  Could this have been orchestrated well in advance? What did all of these signs cost? Who ordered them?  When were they ordered?  Think about it! Why isn’t the media chasing the paper trail on the expenditure of tax dollars on these signs???  – Frosty Taylor - Editor


·       LD1 Is Hosting A Presentation  By Dr. Carol Goldberg on “Islam as Ideology and Sharia Law and How it Conflicts With Our Constitution”  at 6 pm, Oct 21 at the NorthGate Church, 34835 N. 7th St., Phx. Presentation at 6 pm., followed a questions/answer session.  Travel directions:  7th St. and Carefree Hwy.,( just north of Burger King).  Park and enter at the north side of the building. Contact: LD1 Chairman Cathy Schwanke


·       Larry Klayman, Founder Of Judicial Watch is calling for Americans to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse on Nov 19, 2013 to demand that President Obama resign from office if he does not want to face prison time for pushing “his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda.” founder-of-judicial-watch-calls-for-a-march-on-dc-to-dwarf-the-bikers-and-truckers-and-demand-obamas-resignation 


·       Editor’s Note:  Briefs Receives Numerous messages in behalf of the various candidates.  I don’t believe I have ever met State Treasurer Candidate Hugh Hallman, but his flyer of a suit/tie executive marathon runner silhouette has to be one of the cutest, eye catching campaign logos I’ve seen in ages… and I’m older than dirt.  Frosty Taylor - Editor


·       The Phoenix City Council Will Be Voting On Reducing The Food Tax between 3-5 pm, Oct 16 at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Jefferson St., Phx. Taxpayers are urged to attend and voice their opinions.


·       Dennis Lynch On Kelly Files:-Vet-Protesters-Remove-Barricades-DC-Memorials  This is the same Dennis Lynch that the LD23 Business Network is sponsoring for a 90 minute presentation at 7 pm, Nov 1 at the Scottsdale Hilton Grand Ballroom, 6333 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. 7 pm - General seating $15 or VIP seating - $25. 5:30-6:30 pm VIP seating/reception - $50 per person. Reservations required. Paid attendees will receive two DVD’s: The come to America I and II. RVSP/tickets: and click on “Events” or check payable to LD23 with number of attendees to Linda Rizzo, 9324 E. Wood Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Contacts: Liz at 602-315-0349 or Jim at 602-538-9387.


·       Patriot Singer and songwriter Jordan Page will be doing a Matthew Papke for Tempe City Council fundraiser  Oct 18 at Monti’s in Tempe. Limited seating. Tickets:  Contact:     480 - 242 - 2208


·       LD23 Will Host An Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Forum at 7 pm, Oct 17 at the Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd St, Scottsdale.  Panelists:  Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. John Molina.  Moderator:  Len Munsil.  VIP reception at 6 pm.  RSVP for VIP reception: or 480-361-0465.


·       Oct 16:

·       A Tucson City Council Forum, sponsored by League Of Women Voters/Tucson Hispanic Chamber, is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Oct 16 at the Temple Emanuel, 225 N. Country Club Road, Tucson.


·       PALO VERDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN’S CLUB. registration 11 am, 11:30 am lunch. $25 per person. Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale. 11 am social, 11:30 am lunch. $25 per person. RSVP 480-298-7818 . Contact: Marcia Thompson 480-515-2711.


·       Oct 17 Events:

·       LD12 (normally 2nd Thur) 7 pm. Quartz Elementary School Library Contact: Chr Micki Niland web: 


·       LD16 (3rd Thur), 6:30 pm social,  7 pm mtg. Liberty Arts Academy, 3015 S. Power Rd., Mesa. Just south of Guadalupe on east side of Power Rd. In the Auditorium. Contact: Chr Jerry Clingman Cell 480-861-4958  Home 480-986-5236


·       LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 mtg. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Speaker: Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:


·       LD23 Gubernatorial Candidate Forum 7 pm, Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd St, Scottsdale.  Panelists:  Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. John Molina.  Moderator:  Len Munsil.  VIP reception at 6:00 p.m.  RSVP for VIP reception: or 480-361-0465.


·       LD25  (3rd Thurs) 6:30 pm, Mesa Utilities Bldg., 640 N Mesa Drive Road, Mesa. Chr Paul Whetten    


·       The Oct 13  Maricopa County GOP Calendar, including events throughout Arizona, has been posted at   See calendars posted in Archives on the left side of the page. Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Greenlee, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Yavapai, and Yuma County GOP events posted by county in the lower calendar section.  The Arizona Tea Party Events have also been posted under separate heading.  Please check your postings so these calendars reflect the constant changes that occur. Please include your group name, meeting time, location, speaker and contact person when you submit updated information.  These calendars are compiled to help you participate in Republican/conservative related events. Copy deadline is Friday noon. To add your upcoming events please, contact Frosty Taylor at


·        Gohmert: McCain-Supports-Al-Qaeda

·        McCains-Commitment-To-Poker-Is-No-Frivolous-Matter

·        If-McCutcheon-Vs-FEC-Overturns-Contribution-Caps-Will-Your-Campaign-Be-Ready  Eric Spencer

·        Famous-Name-Stoking-Immigration-Chaos  George Soros Funding

·        House_Republicans_Want_To_Make_It_Harder_For_Treasury_To_Avoid_A Debt_Crisis  Schweikert: ‘None Of You Were Math Majors, Were You?”

·        Are-Fears-About-Breaching-The-Debt-Ceiling-Overblown? There-Are-Options-To-Avoid-A-Debt-Ceiling-Default   By David Schweikert

·        Government-Shutdown-Tourists-Turned-Away-From-Montezuma-Castle

·        Arizona-To-Participate-In-Quake-Drill-Thursday

·        Rep-Justin-Pierce-To-Run-For-Secretary-Of-State

·        Counties-To-Check-Samples-Of-Referendum-Signatures

·        Injunction-Vs-Higher-Campaign-Contribution-Limits

·        Judge-Overturns-Zoning-Law-On-Medical-Marijuana

·        Grand-Canyon-Ongoing-Opening-Depends-On-State-Cash

·        AZ-Lawmakers-Discuss-Benefits-For-Families-Of-Prescott-Hot-Shots

·        US-89-Bypass-In-Northern-Arizona-Opens

·        Timber-Industry-Sues-To-Lift-Shutdown-Logging-Ban

·        Fast-Food-Workers-Often-Public-Assistance

·        Purported White Supremacists Arrested In Arizona

·        Robert Robb: Spiking Vs. Real Pension Reform

·        Roberts: Offering Teen Mom Different Sort Of Justice

·        Manuel-Lito-Pena-Remembered-As-Godfather-Of-The-Senate-Dems

·        Illegals-In-Arizona-Fight-Deportations: Call-On-Obama-To-Halt-Removals

·        Judge-Overturns-Maricopa-County-Zoning-For-Medical-Pot

·        The Latest Child To Wear The Black-And-Blue Uniform Of Abuse: Betzy   Laurie Roberts

·        John-McAfee-On-Obamacare: This-Is-A-Hackers-Wet-Dream-Video

·        Equal Compensation For Equal Sacrifice  Montini

·        Record Number Of School Districts Seek Voters’ Ok Of Bonds, Overrides

·        Immigration-Protesters-Gather-In-Phoenix -To-Protest-Deportations

·        Cavuto: Mr. President, We At Fox News Are Not The Problem  “That Smell Is Your Law.”

·        Arizonans-Still-Unable-To-Sign-Up-For-Obamacare     Watch Video

·        What Will The Future Hold For Glen Canyon Dam?

·        Northern-Arizona-Tourism-Feeling-Impact-Of-Grand-Canyon-Shutdown

·        Obama Is An Empty Shirt    Dr. Jack Wheeler – June 2008

·        No-Fast-Track-For-Obama's-Next-Power-Grab



·        ICYMI-American-Freedom-By-Barbara

·        Arizona-Bruce Ash Guest On Hair On Fire News Talk Radio

·        Photo-D.C. Metro Police Officers Pull American Flag From Protesting Veteran

·        President Obama’s Ego Continues To Trample American Freedoms

·        Black Democrats Miss The Big Picture

·        Arizona Republican Party Training Supports GOP Campaigns Throughout Arizona

·        House Still At It-The Leader's Daily Schedule - 10/15/13

·        Who Knew I Could Make A Mistake About The Navajo Nation?

·        Today:Are You Glad Columbus Discovered A Brave New World?


·        The Raw Gall Of Illegal Aliens

·        Reason Rears Its Head At AZ Republic: Robb Lauds Horne

·        Weekend Reading Guaranteed To Make You Smarter


·        The President of No – Obama!

·        Obamacare – The Audacity of Nope

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates 



·        Are House Republicans Inexplicably Ready To Grant Obama A Fast Track Promotion?

·        Washington Times Op-Ed “Out Of The Foxhole: Obama’s Military Contempt”


·        Obama: I’ll Have My Way – Or All Americans Will Suffer!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obama Unleashes Riot Police On Vets Protesting At White House

·        Conservatives Bash McConnell Proposal

·        Violent Mob Attacks Pro-Life Rally

·        School Protects Boy Who Harasses Girls In Restroom

·        Filner Faces Felony

·        Obama’s Plan To Destroy America Revealed By CIA Whistleblower

·        Barbara Boxer: Republicans Are Like Wife-Beaters


·        City To-Vote-On-Food-Tax - Oct 16

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·        America… Paying For Our Own Brainwashing

·        Forum: What Do You Feel Are America’s Chief Foreign Policy Challenges In The Near Future?

·       The Aggression Of Hunger, Fear And The Entitlement Mentality




·        Its-Time-To-Fire-Secretary-Sebelius



·        Larry-Klaman-Tells-Obama-Put-The-Quran-Down-And-Come-Out-With-His-Hands-Up-At-DC-Shutdown-Rally

·        Vet-Protesters-Remove-Barricades-DC-Memorials   Filmmaker Dennis Lynch Was At The March And Described The Frustration Felt By America's Veterans.

·        Eyewitness Video: Riot Police Clash With Angry Vets In Dc

·        The Future Of The Republican Party



·        White House Quickly Rejects House GOP Proposal To End Shutdown

·        Unreal: Barrycades Block Flight 93 National Memorial

·        Who's Holding-Nation-Hostage-Now: Dems-Demand-End-Sequestration-Cuts

·        Obama EBT Glitch Sends Children Home Hungry

·        Shoppers Trash Walmart, Take Advantage Of EBT Card Glitch

·        Storming Obama's Barricades  The Lincol Memorial - One Man's Refusal To Be Shut Down



·        Famous-Name-Stoking-Immigration-Chaos  George Soros Funding

·        Bungling-Bureaucrats-Dole-Billions-Tax-Credits-Illegal-Immigrants

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Obama-Responds-To-Benghazi-Victims-Father-With-Insulting-Evasive-Letter



·        The Arrogant Left & Their Gun Prohibition Agenda

·        Legal Guns Stop Crime

·        Court Won't Hear Arguments Against Md. Gun Law

·        Piers Morgan Goes Ballistic On Gun Rights Activist Over Newtown Anniversary

·        49-Senators-Oppose-United-Nations-Arms-Trade-Treaty



·        NSA Reportedly Gathering Millions Of Personal Online Contact Lists

·       NSA Address Book Spying

·        The NSA’s Giant Utah Data Center Will Probably Hold A Bunch Of Spam



·        Treason: Obama Continues Supporting Muslim Brotherhood - Ignores Vets

·        Obama On Verge Of ‘Impeachable Offenses’

·        Sarah-Palin: Barack-Obama-Flirts-With Impeachment



·        Hillary-Reid-Implicated-Deathbed-Identity-Theft-Scandal

·        Fearless-Traffic-Warden-Puts-Ticket-Hillary-Clintons-Car-London   Hillary Who? Bloody-Minded London Traffic Warden Defies Five Furious Secret Service Agents To Give Hillary Clinton A Ticket

·        Hearsay-From Hillary-Clinton: Theres-More-Life-Slim-Jims



·        Soros-Connected-Vote-Counting-Firm-Expands-Us

·        John-Bolton-Launches Pac-Candidates-Conservative

·        Red-State-Secession-On The Brink

·        Kick Them All Out: Distaste-DC-Politicians-Time-High



·        Democrats-Wage-Holy-War-On-Voter-ID-Laws



·        Harlem Pastors Rise Up To Oust Rev. Al Sharpton



·        Obama-Escalates-Military-Purge   An Alarming String Of Top Military Leaders Removed From Posts

·        Medal-Of-Honor-Winner-Jobless-And-Struggling-With-Horrors-Of-War

·        Eyewitness Video: Riot Police Clash With Angry Vets In DC

·        Pro-Family Group Challenges Military’s ‘Hate Group’ Accusation

·        U.S. Military Demonizing Its Own Citizens Instead Of Fighting Al-Qaeda

·       The Greatest Generation Vs The Greatest Thug



·        Video: Obama’s Plan To Destroy America Revealed By CIA Whistleblower



·        The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors


·        Federal Judge Orders National Park Service To Reopen Park



·        Obamacare Required For Congress, President Under New House GOP Shutdown Proposal

·        Democrat Says ‘Reading Obamacare Not My Responsibility

·        House_Republicans_Want_To_Make_It_Harder_For_Treasury_To_Avoid_ _Debt_Crisis Schweikert: ‘None Of You Were Math Majors, Were You?”

·        MSNBC-Anchors-Shocking-Question-To-GOP-Rep-Do-You-Hate-Obamacare-More-Than-You-Love-Your-Country

·        49-Senators-Oppose-United-Nations-Arms-Trade-Treaty

·        Republicans-Can-Say-We-Told-You-So-As-Obamacare-Unfolds

·        Open-Letter-Republicans-In Congress

·        Video: Klayman: Obama, Put The Quran Down; Come Out With Your Hands Up!

·        Gohmert: McCain-Supports-Al-Qaeda

·        Kick-Them All Out: Distaste-For DC-Politicians-At All Time-High

·        Martial-Law-Buffoonery

·        Democrats-Wage-Holy-War-On-Voter-Id-Laws

·        Tea-Tard-Sign-At-OFA-Protest-Draws-Bipartisan-Condemnation From House Disabilities Caucus

·        Ryan: We Demanded Individual Mandate Delay On Obamacare

·        Senate Dems Set To Roll GOP

·        Senate GOP Establishment Drops Its Guns And Runs

·        The Future Of The Republican Party

·        Senator-Boxer: Republicans-Like-Wife-Beaters



·        Oil-Unwelcome-Discovery-For-North-Dakota-Farmer


·        Massive Oil Discovery Panics Saudi's



·        Reasons To Be Concerned About The Us Economy As We Head Into The Holiday Season

·        Half-Of-Older-US-Workers-Delay-Retirement-Plans



·        Gibbs: Obamacare-Roll-Out-Excruciatingly-Embarrassing-People-Charge-Should-Be-Fired

·        Obamacare-Laws-381,000-Words: Enforcement-Regs-11.5-Million-Words

·        DNCs_Wasserman_Schultz_Obamacare_Should_Have_Had_A_Better_Rollout_And_Design

·        ACORN Operatives Roll Out Obamacare

·        Obamacare Exchange Has More Than Glitches: There's No Delete Button

·        Another Obamacare ‘Glitch’: $30B Blown On Non-Operational Medical Record System

·        5 Internet Problems You Didn’t Know Existed Before Obamacare

·        Obamacare Glitches Are Intentional

·        Hospitals-Are-Cutting-Payrolls

·        Health Insurance Tax Hurts

·       Hawaii Health_Exchange_Website_Still_Not_Working



·        High School Punishes Teen For Giving Drunk Friend Ride Home

·        Big Labor Set To Win Obamacare Delay



·        Agenda-21: Conspiracy-Theory-Threat-Part-4

·        Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory Or Threat Part 3

·        Agenda-21

·        Freedom Advocates

·        Arizona Against Agenda21

·        Democrats Against Un Agenda21



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Common-Core-Assignment-Remove-Two-Amendments-From-Outdated-Bill-Of-Rights



·        Michelle Obama’s Vision Squashed: What’s Rotting At The WH?

·        Cavuto: Mr. President, We At Fox News Are NOT The Problem

·        Obama Tougher With Republicans Than Terrorists

·        Video: Hundreds Gather To Protest Obama In Florida

·        Shutdown: Obama Wants To Inflict Pain

·        What Does Barack Obama Know About Droughts And Crop Failures?

·        Obama Is An Empty Shirt    Dr. Jack Wheeler – June 2008

·        No-Fast-Track-For-Obama's-Next-Power-Grab

·        Carney-Wont-Say-When-Obamacare-Will-Be-Fully-Functional








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