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10-17-13 MCRC Briefs


Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 16, 2013  


·       A Proposed Resolution Will Come Before The LD21 Precinct Committeemen tomorrow evening requesting the Surprise Mayor and City Council remove Richard Alton as a member of the Surprise City Council,  recover all pay & benefits awarded since he moved to California, and fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. Alton has been participating as a councilman after moving to California which some residents claim is a violation of Section ARS 9-215 Qualifications of Electors & ARS Title 38-291 section 5. LD21 meets at 7 pm, at the Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria.  The Surprise City Council will meet at 6 pm, Oct 22.


·       Congressional District 2 Candidate Martha McSally reports that her campaign team raised over $358,000 for the quarter that ended on Sept 30 -- out-raising opponent incumbent Ron Barber (D) by $45K and raising more than any other candidate or incumbent in Arizona.  Contact:


·       In Contrast To Claims By Mainstream Media That Tea Party extremists are just "angry that there is a black man in the White House" the Surprise Arizona Tea Party last night cast a unanimous 80-0 vote to support the draft Dr. Ben Carson for President movement.

The resolution reads: "We, the Surprise Tea Party hereby announce our support for the Draft Dr. Ben Carson for President movement and declare our clear willingness to vote for him should we decide that he is the best candidate in the field at the time of the Primary elections."


·       State Treasurer Doug Ducey Will Address The Sun City West Republican Club at 8:30 am, Nov 2 in the Quail Room of the Sun City West Foundations Blvd, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd, SCW.  Ducey will take questions from the floor. Coffee/donuts at 8 am. $2 donation for room expenses. Open to the public. Non-members are asked to call 602-421-8877 so adequate refreshments will be provided. Contact: 602-218-5344
cell:  602-421-8877.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon on the Continuing Resolution and Debt Limit Vote:  “I have been very clear from the beginning of this debate, I would have supported a resolution that accomplished three objectives: ended the government shutdown, protected Arizonans from the devastating effects of Obamacare and reduced our government’s addiction to spending before we increased our borrowing authority and added to a $17 trillion debt. 

“While this bill does end the shutdown, it fails to offer any protection for my constituents from Obamacare, nor does it put in place systematic reforms to change the trajectory of our mandatory spending. Consequently, I cannot support it. Sadly, the reality is this bill does what Washington is good at – kick the can down the road for another day. This is a shame. Yet another opportunity for the President and Congress to come together, address our problems and enact reforms to put America on the right path has been wasted.

            “The President said he would negotiate with Republicans only after Congress ended the shutdown and lifted the debt ceiling. After tonight’s vote and upon his signing this bill into law, he’ll have an opportunity to make good on that promise.

            “Obamacare’s start has been nothing but a disaster. More Americans are learning each day that their healthcare premiums are rising, their network of physicians is being restricted and their hours at work are being cut. Even worse, Americans are still being forced into this disaster despite the fact that big corporations, Congress and the President and his administration are exempted.  At the same time, our national debt continues to rise at a rate of over $3 billion per day.

“The American people elected us to work together and find solutions to these problems, not kick the can down the road and leave it for our children and grandchildren to solve. I remain 100% committed to working with anyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent, to provide protection and fairness under Obamacare and finally put an end to the fiscal recklessness and irresponsibility that plagues the future of our nation.”


·       With A New Round Of Negotiations With Iran Beginning In Geneva, Switzerland, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) announced the introduction of the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act: "As the Obama Administration now engages in negotiations with Iran, there is a legitimate risk that this Administration, in its imprudent eagerness to adopt the narrative of a more peaceful and 'moderate' Iranian regime, could strike an agreement with Iran that does not actually prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapons capability.

"Consequently, I have introduced the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Negotiation Act. The Act strengthens America’s negotiating position by ensuring that President Obama has all options at his disposal, including a credible American military option as well as the option to impose further economic sanctions against Iran.  Most significantly, this Act will outline critical Congressional priorities in any nuclear agreement with Iran. The stakes are far too high for the United States to make a bad deal with Iran. Whatever the cost to prevent a nuclear armed Iran may be, it will pale in significance compared to the cost to our children and the entire human family of allowing the Jihadist Regime in Iran to gain nuclear weapons.”


·       Contact your Arizona US Senators:

Sen. John McCain [R]            Phoenix:(602) 952-2410; Prescott: (928) 445-0833; Tucson:(520) 670-6334   (Toll-Free:) D.C.: 1(866)220-0044;  1(877)762-8762

Sen. Jeff Flake [R]  Phoenix: (602) 840-1891; Tucson: (520) 575-8633;  (Toll-Free:)D.C.: 1(866)220-0044;  1(877)762-8762

·       Contact your Arizona US Representatives

CD1 - Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D]  202-225-3361

CD2 - Rep. Ron Barber [D]   202-225-2542

CD3 - Rep. Raúl Grijalva [D]   202-225-2435

CD4 - Rep. Paul Gosar [R]    928-445-1683               202-225-2315

CD5 - Rep. Matt Salmon [R]             480-699-8239     202-225-2635

CD6 - Rep. David Schweikert [R] 480-946-2411   202-225-2190

CD7 - Rep. Ed Pastor [D]    202-225-4065

CD8 - Rep. Trent Franks [R] 623-776-7911 202- 225-4576

CD9 - Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D]   202-225-9888



·        Arizona-Senators-Vote-Reopen-Government

·        House-Roll-Call-Vote-End-Government-Shutdown

ü  AZ Dems — Barber, Y; Grijalva, Y; Kirkpatrick, Y; Pastor, Y; Sinema, Y.

ü  AZ GOP — Franks, N; Gosar, N; Salmon, N; Schweikert, N.

·        McCain: Democrats Moved Goalposts On Shutdown, Debt Limit A bipartisan group of senators constructed a plan to resolve the debt limit and shutdown fights, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said, "and we wanted to present that plan, and the Democrat leadership squashed it."

·        RNC Committeeman Tells John McCain & Others to Retire   …Shawn Steele's epic interview on The Rick Amato Show.

·        Wacko-Bird-John-McCain-Goes-After Louie-Gohmert

·        Brewer Boosts State Spending On Canyon Up To $1M, But Should Get It Back End of shutdown will end Arizona’s financing of national park.

·        Phoenix Votes To Repeal Part Of Food Tax   Half of the 2 percent tax will end in January; remaining 1% tax will stay in effect until early 2015.

·        Canadian-teen-arrested-for-Arpaio-death-threats

·        Navajo-Lawmakers-Take-Up-Energy-Related-Bills

·        Arizona-Could-Recall-Furloughed-Des-Workers-Quickly

·        Wolves-In-Government-Clothing

·        US-Fish-Wildlife-To-Introduce-Wolves-Into-Gila-Navajo-Graham-And-Coconino-Counties

·        Mass Mutual To Bring New Jobs To Phoenix

·        St. Luke’s Laboratory Loses A Seal Of Approval

·        New Reading Law Could Hold 1,500 Back

·        Pierce Joins GOP Primary For Secretary Of State

·        Injunction Issued Against Contribution Limits

·        Tucson-Ranked-The 20th-Worst-Run-City-In-America

·        Bobcat Attacks Reported In Phoenix Neighborhood

·        Canadian Teen Accused Of Threatening Sheriff Arpaio

·        Enrollment-In-Obamacare-Exchanges-How-Will-Your-Health-Insurance-Fare

·        We-The-People-Petitions-Page-Down: Rest-Of-Whitehouse.Gov-Just-Fine

·        Montini: An Official Policy Of Wasting Potential

·        Tucson Needs A Leadership 101 Class

·        Southern Arizona Mining Permits Hung Up By Federal Shutdown

·        Macy’s Now Says It Will Close Tucson Mall Store

·        No Free Pass For 3rd-Graders

·        State May Rethink Part-Time Benefits

·        Equal Compensation For Equal Sacrifice    Montini

·        Offering A Different Sort Of Justice To Teen Who Dumped Her Newborn   Roberts


·       Oct 17 Events:

·       LD12 (normally 2nd Thur) 7 pm. Quartz Elementary School Library Contact: Chr Micki Niland web: 

·       LD16 (3rd Thur), 6:30 pm social,  7 pm mtg. Liberty Arts Academy, 3015 S. Power Rd., Mesa. Just south of Guadalupe on east side of Power Rd. In the Auditorium. Contact: Chr Jerry Clingman Cell 480-861-4958  Home 480-986-5236

·       LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 mtg. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Speaker: Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:

·       LD23 Gubernatorial Candidate Forum 7 pm, Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd St, Scottsdale.  Panelists:  Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. John Molina.  Moderator:  Len Munsil.  VIP reception at 6:00 p.m.  RSVP for VIP reception: or 480-361-0465.

·       LD25  (3rd Thurs) 6:30 pm, Mesa Utilities Bldg., 640 N Mesa Drive Road, Mesa. Chr Paul Whetten    


·       Oct 19 Events:

·       FOUNTAIN HILLS REPUBLICAN CLUB.  (3rd Sat) 8:30 am breakfast snacks.  9 am Program.  Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills. Speaker: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri and Dana Saar, Maricopa County Community College Board,   Contact: Pres Tait Elkie,  480 345-2993; Edith Stock, or 480 298-7818; or visit club's website at

·       Voice Of Veterans Talk Show (every Sat) 3-5 pm, Host: Vernon Bagley with co-host Phil Mason.  NBC 1260 AM, 96.1 FM.  480-423-1260. Questions/topics contact: Bagley at  or




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·        Arizona-Bruce Ash Guest On Hair On Fire News Talk Radio


·        AZ SOS Candidates: Antsy To Be Governor?

·        The Raw Gall Of Illegal Aliens

·        Reason Rears Its Head At AZ Republic: Robb Lauds Horne

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·        The President of No – Obama!

·        Obamacare – The Audacity of Nope

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·        Wolves-In-Government-Clothing

·        US-Fish-Wildlife-To-Introduce-Wolves-Into-Gila-Navajo-Graham-And-Coconino-Counties


·         “I Want The American People To Understand That Tonight The Constitutional Republic We Know As America Has Suffered A Horrible Defeat.”

·        Are House Republicans Inexplicably Ready To Grant Obama A Fast Track Promotion?

·        Washington Times Op-Ed “Out Of The Foxhole: Obama’s Military Contempt”


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·        Congress Approves Bill To End Shutdown, Raise Debt Ceiling

·        Shutdown Over: House Approves Senate Budget Deal; Avoids Debt Default

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·        Arlington-Graves-Stripped-Personal-Momentoes-Controversial-Clean-Up   The new policy at the Virginia cemetery bans pictures and small tributes


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·        Congress Approves Bill To End Shutdown, Raise Debt Ceiling

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Principal cancels Pledge of Allegiance citing shutdown; may be disciplined



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