Saturday, October 19, 2013

10-19-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 19, 2013  

·       Bill Young, Longest-Serving GOP Congressman Dies At 82


·       Washington-Versus-The-American-People


·       MUST SEE:  Scene From The Came To America - Part II


·       Im-Not-Leaving-The-Republican-Party, The-Republican-Party-Is-Leaving-Me  by Ann-Marie Murrell  …So John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Peter King and others of your ilk—our eyes are on YOU. Even if all of you are not up for reelection, you are the types of Establishment Republicans that true Conservatives can no longer tolerate. You have officially become the role models for those who we will never support again. Instead we will seek out patriots like Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Trey Gowdy and others to lead the way.


·       A Common Core State Standards Symposium is scheduled at 1 pm, Oct 30 in the

Arizona State Senate – Senate Hearing Room 1, 1700 W. Washington, Phx. Speakers  include John Huppenthal – AZ Supt of Public Education, Jonathan Butcher - Goldwater University,   Dr. Sandra Stotsky –University of Arkansas, And and Jared Taylor – The Heritage Academy. Senate Education Chairman Kimberly Yee will open the meeting. Senate President Andy Biggs will moderate panel discussion.  Contact: Mike Philipsen, Senate Majority Staff Communications and Policy Advisor, 602-926-5418,   or  Kody Kelleher, Senate Research Analyst, Education Committee, 602-926-3171,


·       Kudos To GOP PC Jon Altmann, retired navy, who was helping with an alter boy training session at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Phx last night when one of the trainees father suffered a seizure. Altmann and his 11 year old son, who is a Boy Scout, were able to stablize the gentleman and keep his airway open until Phx Fire medics arrived on the scene.  The gentleman is now resting at home.


·       Coconino County Republicans Will Host CD1 candidate Adam Kwasman, Secretary of State candidate Justin Pierce, and State treasurer candidate Hugh Hallman, at their 9:30 am, Oct 19 meeting at McCoy Motors in Flagstaff.  If you aren’t a CCRC PC, RSVP to Chairman Joy Staveley at so they  have enough chairs and refreshments. Contact: Joy Staveley, Chr - Coconino County Republican Committee


·       The Paradise Republican Women’s Club is hosting at 9 am, Nov 5 coffee for Texas Rep Joe Barton at the yet to be announced location. $10 per person. Details tab.


·       Wickenburg Republican Club Members Will Be Briefed on the upcoming Wickenburg School District Override Election at the 7 pm, Oct 28 WRC meeting in the Lifeline Ambulance Bldg, 1155 N. Tegner, Wickenburg.  2014 GOP candidates are welcome to gather petition signatures and address the club.  Candidates should contact Chairman Frosty Taylor at to get on the agenda.


·       The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club will host a panel of “The Arizona Secretary of State 2014 GOP Declared Candidates”  - Wil Cardon, Rep. Justin Pierce, and Sen. Michele Reagan at the Nov 4 dinner meeting at the Millennium Resort Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.  5:30 pm Meet/Greet. 6:15 dinner.  $28 per person.  RVSP with check to LRWC and mail to Pat Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale. 480-368-2777


·       During Its First Week, Less Than One Half Of One Percent Of Visitors to the new online Obamacare marketplace actually registered for health insurance. This law is totally unworkable. Click HERE to read more. - Congressman Paul Gosar’s newsletter


·       Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan Testified Before Congress about the refusal of the National Park Service to work with local government and businesses regarding government slowdown. See Gosar:  Q&A of National Parks Shutdown 10-16-13


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Spoke To The Glendale Community College Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Tuesday evening via Skype.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar spoke to constituents in San Tan Valley on Oct 17 about the government slowdown, the debt ceiling and the so-called "compromise bill" as well as what to expect in coming months.


·       Watch Congressman Paul Gosar On CBS 5 News Arizona to discuss the government slowdown and the debt ceiling debate. Click HERE



·        Rep-Gosar-Votes-Long-Term-Solutions-Voting-Against-Short-Term-Deal

·        Ex-State-Rep-Terri-Proud-Files-Claim-Over-State-Job Termination

·        Immigration Segment On Glenn Beck

·        Tobin Distorts Kwasman's Record On Obamacare

·        Primary Voter Guide Contrasts Kwasman And Tobin

·        TSA Forces Elderly Woman To Remove Prosthetic Breast

·        Rep-Gosar-Investigates-Unnecessary-Closure-National-Parks

·        Muslim Brotherhood's Hamas-Cair: American Media Is 'Lazy And Gullible' - Take Advantage Of That

·        Steve Stockman Hands Out Articles Of Impeachment In The House

·        Firing Squads - ATF Manual Insinuates Whistleblowers Should Be Shot

·        The Death Throes Of RINO Republicans

·        Probation Report: Renzi Should Get 33 Months

·        Details Emerge On Ex-Phoenix City Manager Cavazos’ Pension

·        County Seeks Rules On Rabies Shots, Golf Carts

·        Arizona Workers Will Get Furlough Pay

·        Suit: Referendum Signatures Wrongly Tossed

·        Valley Charities Stretched By Government Shutdown

·        Candidates: Turn Back Those Dollars!

·        Secy Of State Rejects Petition Challenge

·        It Ain't The Federal Shutdown, But IRC Hampered By Lack Of Funds

·        Furloughed Employees In Arizona To Get Back Pay

·        How You Will Fare With Obamacare Exchanges

·        Value These Days New Song On Value Of Your Coin

·        Reluctant-Anglers-Drafted-In-War-On-Fish

·        Phoenix PD Denies Use Of Quota System

·        AZ Officials Keep Close Eye On Mosquito Capable Of Transmitting Yellow Fever

·        Appeals Court Won't Lift Higher Campaign Limit Ban

·        Woman Fired From Arizona Job Over Comment Files Claim

·        9th Circuit Turns Down Motions From Arizona Inmate

·        Roundabout-Work-To-Delay-Wickenburg-Traffic

·        Feud Rages On: Gohmert Strikes Back At McCain For ‘No Intelligence’ Remark

·        Learn-Some History-Senator-Rino: I Mean-McCain

·        McCain: I Hope GOP Learned Its Lesson From Shutdown




·        Who-Shut-Down-Government?

·        ICYMI-American-Freedom-By-Barbara

·        Voter-Misinformation-Abounds-With Misinformation

·        Obama-And-Reid-Followed-Alinsky-Rules

·        Arizona-Us-Congressman-Paul-Gosar Votes

·        Arizona-Us-Congressman-Matt-Salmon

·        Obama-Vindictive-In-Chief


·        AZ Rep├║blica Offers Lessons In Pushing Agenda

·       Conservatism: A Few Things To Ponder

·        AZ Court Of Appeals Freezes Law Allowing Higher Campaign Donations

·        AZ SOS Candidates: Antsy To Be Governor?

·        The Raw Gall Of Illegal Aliens


·        Tobin Blatantly Distorts Kwasman’s Position On Obamacare

·        Gov Brewer: AZ To Keep Grand Canyon Open Amid Continued Federal Inaction

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Property Tax System Irks Homeowners. ."

·        Gilbert Watch Responds to GPS Board Member Daryl Colvin

·        Heber-Overgaard School Board Votes NO to Common Core Declaration

·        Now, More than Ever: Take Arizona's Land Away from Federal Control! 

·         Wolves-In-Government-Clothing

·        USFWS-To-Introduce-Wolves-Into-Gila-Navajo-Graham-And-Coconino-Counties


·        I Was Told There Would Be No Math

·        Welcome To The Party

·        Speaking Of What Things Are Not


·        In The End, Progressive Socialism, Secular Humanism, And Islamic Totalitarianism Will Be Tossed Upon The Ash Heap

·        I Want The American People To Understand That Tonight The Constitutional Republic We Know As America Has Suffered A Horrible Defeat.


·        Muslim Jihad Vs. American Perversion – The Race Is On

·        Serious Safety Concerns Signing-Up For Obamacare!

·        “American Blackout” Illuminati Media Terrorism!

·        Obama: I’ll Have My Way – Or All Americans Will Suffer!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obama To Republicans: ‘Go Win An Election’

·        Muslim Jihad Vs. American Perversion – The Race Is On

·        Shopping Center Sign Calls For Obama’s Impeachment, Portrays Him As Hitler

·        Mask Off! The Mind Of The Enemy Within (Obama)

·        The Organization That Will Likely Pull Down Obama…

·        US Debt Jumps A Third Of A TRILLION DOLLARS In 1 Day!

·        Chris Matthews Claims “Group Pressure” At MSNBC To Be More Partisan

·        When Faith Was Politically Correct

·        N.Y. Leftists Won’t Drop Soda Ban Dream

·        Can Any Politician Be Saved, Or Should They ALL Be Fired?

·        Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy

·        Obamacare Website Conceals The Fact That Applicants Have “No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy”

·        MSNBC Caught Framing Veterans In D.C. With Edited Video
Obama Democrat In NYC Gets Muslim Backing

·        TSA Forces Elderly Woman To Remove Prosthetic Breast

·        Ex-Navy Seal: Government Is Creating Conditions To Impose Martial Law

·        The Small Fly Sitting On The Democrats’ Congratulations Cake…

·        Congressman Blasts Parks Director For Favoring ‘Pot-Smoking’ Occupiers Over ‘Veterans’

·        Was The “Government Shutdown” For Real?

·        City Calls Jesus’ Inclusion On Headstone Offensive

·        Air Marshal Nabbed For Taking Upskirt Pics While On Duty

·        Allen West Dissects ‘Tyrant’ Obama And His Legacy

·        School Punishes Teen For Giving Friend A Ride

·        Fed Workers Get Back-Pay Plus 1%


·         They-Come-To-America-Ii-Presentation

·        Ten-Biggest-Lies-Of-The-Showdown

·       The-Last-Days-Of-The-Republican-Party

·        How-They-Voted

NEW ZEAL BLOG  Daily updates

·        The Tea Party and the Mad Hatter

·        The Big Shove Towards Amnesty

·        The mirror image of Bill Ayers and a modern patriot.

·        The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results – 10/18/13

·        America… Paying For Our Own Brainwashing .



·        GOP Rep: Leadership 'Crazy' If They Negotiate With Obama on Immigration  From

·        See which network ran headline ‘GOP Flubs ObamaCare Launch’


MARCHS/RALLIES  “We’ve had enough.”

·        Stopwatchingus Rally:  Oct 26 – Washington, DC.  Rally.Stopwatching.Us

·        Stopwatching.Us Petition Tell The U.S. Congress To Rein In The NSA.

·        Larry-Klaman-Tells-Obama: Put-The-Quran-Down-And-Come-Out-With-His-Hands-Up-At-DC-Shutdown-Rally

·        Inside-Million-Veterans-March-DC



·        MSNBC-Caught-Framing-Veterans-Dc-Edited-Video

·        Ted-Cruz: Lousy-Deal-That-Ended-Govt-Shutdown-Amounts-To-Selling-The-American-People-Down-The-River

·        Billions Of Pork In New Senate Bill; They Couldn’t Resist

·        We Came For Freedom, You Took Our Flag

·        Trey-Gowdy-Whoops-Park-Closing-Booty

·        Carson: Stop Third-Grade-Blame-Shutdown

·        National Zoo Reopens; Had Been Closed 17 Days Because Of Government Shutdown

·        Ten-Biggest-Lies-Of-The-Showdown



·        Three Years Of Smuggling On One Trail

·        Deadly-Drug-Cartel-Shootout-With-Mexico-Police-Linked-To-Grenade-Walking-Scandal

·        Scene From The Came To America - Part II

·        soros funded grp plans 'fly-in' to push House GOP on Amnesty:

·        ICE Agent Leader: Obama In ‘No Position To Demand’ Congress Pass Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

·        Immigration Back On The Front Burner For Obama; Raises Eyebrows With DHS Pick

·        Cutting Holes In Border Security:

·        Immigration Agents Rip House Lawmakers Pushing Amnesty:

·        GOP Rep: Leadership 'Crazy' If They Negotiate With Obama On Immigration

·        Border Agents: Illegal Activists Assaulting Officers, No Charges Brought:

·        Will Latinos Make Sure Obamacare Sticks?:

·        Ingraham: Paul Ryan's 'Leading Us Off A Cliff' With Immigration Reform Support:

·        Dems Push To Take Up Amnesty, Say Boehner Will Cave:

·        Obama To House: Now Let’s Negotiate Citizenship For Illegals

·        Hezbollah-Tattoos-Increasing-Found-On Us-Prison-Inmates  

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Fast And Furious: “Walked” Grenade Used In Deadly Shootout With Mexican Police

·        Deadly-Drug-Cartel-Shootout-With-Mexico-Police-Linked-To-Grenade-Walking-Scandal



·        James-Rosen-Forces-Jay-Carney-Retreat-Podium-Over-Damning-Benghazi-Questions

·        House Panel On Benghazi Eyes White House Document, Panetta Testimony

·        Fox Reporter Goes A Round With Jay Carney On Benghazi; Carney Walks Out



·        Open-Carry-Event-At-The-Alamo-Oct-19



·        Articles-Of-Impeachment-Handed-Out-In-House

·        Shopping Center Sign Calls For Obama’s Impeachment, Portrays Him As Hitler


·        47 Bodies Left In The Wake Of Hillary Clinton: Part 1



·        Mcconnell’s Deal-Making Riles Up Conservatives Back Home

·        Obama Democrat In NYC Gets Muslim Backing



·        Democrats-Wage-Holy-War-On-Voter-ID-Laws



·        WTF-Terror-Front-CAIR-Changes-Name-Again   Experts Say Group Runs 'Global Criminal Money Laundering Operation' Out Of D.C.

·        Privacy-For-Terrorists-Trumps-Publics-Right-To-Know



·        Pakistan Textbooks Teach Muslim Boys Killing Christians Is Way To Martyrdom

·        "Koran Should Be The Highest Authority In America" Stated Founder Of Muslim Organization

·        What-Obamacare-Means-To-Little-Sisters-Of-The Poor   Churches And Other Religious Organizations Are Exempted, But Not The Little Sisters Of The Poor.



·        Disagree with Obama?  You’re a Racist!



·        We Came For Freedom, You Took Our Flag

·        Thank You, Delta Airline Employees

·        Video: MSNBC Caught Framing Veterans In DC With Edited Video

·        Obama-Fires-2-More-Military-Leaders:-Whats-He-Up-To  

·        Marine-Career-In-Jeopardy-Despite-Exposing-Afghan-Insider-Threat

·        Ex-Navy-Seal-Says-Govt-Is-Creating-Conditions-To-Impose-Martial-Law

·        List-Of-US-Military-Generals-And-Admirals-Fired-By-Obama  Fired For Poker Chips? Something Stinks To High Heaven And It's Not My Feet!

·        We Are Fighting So Men Can Beat Their Wives?



·        ATF To Whistleblower: You Can Publish Your Book After We Do Some Redactions



·        Government_Debt_Jumps_328_Billion_Overnight



·        Trey-Gowdy-Whoops-Park-Closing-Booty

·        Authorities Looking Into Threat Against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

·        Ted-Cruz: Lousy-Deal-That-Ended-Govt-Shutdown-Amounts-To-Selling-The-American-People-Down-The-River

·        Conservatives Fear ‘Deluge’ Of Regulations In Shutdown’s Wake

·        Republicans Hammer Sebelius As Problems Mount For Obamacare Site

·        Neugebauer Apologizes For Berating Park Ranger At Wwii Memorial

·        Cornyn: 'Grave Concerns' Over Johnson Pick To Lead Dhs

·        Reid: I Can Out-Legislate Cruz

·        From GOP: President Authorized To Now Raise Debt Ceiling On Own

·        House Poised To Slap Down Next Big Obama Push

·        In Unusual Move, House Panel Votes To Deny Dem. Alan Grayson Classified Information

·        The Hill: Obama Pushes Congress To Act On Post-Shutdown Agenda

·        Ingraham: Paul Ryan 'Leading Us Off A Cliff' With Immigration Reform Support  From Breitbart.Com:

·        Dems Push To Take Up Amnesty, Say Boehner Will Cave From Breitbart.Com:

·        Police-Investigating-Graphic-Violent-Threats-Made-Against-Ted-Cruz: Go-Back-To-Canada-Else-You-And-Your-Family-Will-Pay

·        Cruz-Didnt-Come-Senate-Get-99-New-Friends

·        Congressman Calls For Americans To Rise Up Against Obama’s Un-Constitutional Usurpations

·        Billions Of Pork In New Senate Bill; They Couldn’t Resist

·        Feud Rages On: Gohmert Strikes Back At McCain For ‘No Intelligence’ Remark



·        Bonneville Power Execs Offered New Posts At DOE



·        Why Obamacare Is A Mess   “Stop Blaming Republicans” - Chicago Tribune – Editorial

·        Obamacare-Problems-In-Spotlight-After-Shutdown-Ends

·        Premiums-For-Young-Healthy-People-Will-Jump-In-45-States-Under-Obamacare

·        Obamacare-Levies-Fines-On-Non-Profit-Hospitals-That Offer Free Service To The Poor

·        Even Lefties Choke On Obamacare Pudding

·        Obamacare Website Conceals The Fact That Applicants Have “No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy”

·        Obamacare Website Creating Mess For Insurance Companies
Sebelius-Attend-Gala: Unable-Testify-About-Obamacare

·        How Will You Fare In The Obamacare Exchanges?    Enrollment-In-Obamacare-Exchanges: How-Will-Your-Health-Insurance-Fare

·        Obamacares-Secret-Is-Out

·        476,000 Obamacare-Applications Filed



·        Teacher-Union-Bigs-Rake-In-Dough-Despite-Budget-Cuts-Across-Education-Sector  American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten had her base salary increase from $342,552 in 2010 to $407,323 in 2011 while National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel's base salary jumped from $298,387 in 2010 to $362,644. The salary information was taken from the unions most recent LM-2 reports.Van Roekel's total compensation went from $397,721 to $460,060 from 2010 to 2011, while Weingarten’s total compensation jumped from $428,284 in 2010 to $493,859 in 2011. Van Roekel is a former Paradise Valley High School math teacher, who moved up the ranks of the NEA Chairman.

·        Vt-College-Student-Suspended-For-1-Year-For-Removing-US-Flags-From-Sept-11

·        2014: The Year NYC Schools Close For Muslim Holidays



·        Payback: Obama-Nominates-Major-Campaign-Fundraiser-Head-Homeland-Security

·        Air Marshal Removed From Duty For Taking Photos Up Women's Skirts

·        TSA Forces Elderly Woman To Remove Prosthetic Breast



·        George Takei Renames Capitol 'National Nuthouse'

·        Obama Considers Giving Iran Access To Billions In Frozen Assets

·        Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy

·        Did The Obama Administration Know Healthcare.Gov Would Fail?

·        Obama-Fires-2-More-Military-Leaders:-Whats-He-Up-To

·        Mask Off! The Mind Of The Enemy Within (Obama)


·        Jews-Fight-Us-Iraq-Obama-Over-Stolen-Torahs

·        Russia-Bearish-On-Wartime-Rape-Statue

·        Government Motors: Afghanistan Edition; US Wastes Millions On Afghan Autos