Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10-22-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 22, 2013  


·       Former AZGOP Chairman Randy-Pullen-To Run For State Treasurer  Certified CPA: Would Be first State Treasurer in 12 years with an MBA in Finance. See fuller announcement below.

·       McCain-Considering-Running-Again-For-Senate  

·       McCain-Says-He-May-Run-Again-But-Will-He-Talk-To-Me  Montini

·       McCain Talks Immigration, Healthcare At Town Hall

·       GOP: Washington-Generals …If John McCain and John Boehner were the head coach and offensive coordinator of any football team in the country, at any level, would they still have a job?

·       Congressman Matt Salmon Is Looking For Summer Semester Interns for his Washington, DC and his new office in Gilbert.An internship in a Congressional office provides an opportunity to receive hands-on experience for college students who are interested in government, politics and public service. Internship candidates can expect a positive, fast-paced environment where they can learn and develop research, communicative, and leadership skills. Ideal candidates are team players who possess a strong work ethic and communication skills.  The deadline to apply for the spring semester is November 7th.  Applicants: here.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Will Be In The Yavapai County Republican Headquarters conference room, 112 B E. Union St., Prescott at 2 pm, Oct 24 to chat with constituents. Contact: Penny Pew at (928) 308-2033 or Republican Headquarters  at (928) 776-4500


·       Maricopa County Republican IT Director John Strasser is hosting a CD6 David Schweikert Coffee Cup Event at 10 am, Nov 9 at  24055 N 119th Way, Scottsdale. Serving Assorted Pastries, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Lox, Coffee, Juice and Water. $50 per person. RSVP: Allison Mary   or 480-628-2763.


·       The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 2 pm, Oct 24 at the Evans House, 1100 W. Washington Blvd, Phx. See:  Agenda Info   602-542-5221. Mtg will not be streamed online. (No live meeting).


Congressman Matt Salmon Is Making The News:

ü  Tim Huelskamp, Matt Salmon See Obama Delaying Obamacare's Individual Mandate

ü  Salmon joins MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the government shutdown and Obamacare

ü  Government Shutdown With Rep. Salmon CNN’s Anderson Cooper

ü  Salmon Discusses Obamacare with The Sean Hannity Show


·       Maricopa County’s Parks And Recreation Commission will host a public meeting at 9 am, Nov. 12 in the Parks Conference Room located at 234 N. Central Avenue, Ste. 6400 in Phoenix to discuss proposed fee increases including camping fees, annual passes, facility rentals and fees for the Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Day-use park entry fees will remain the same.  If approved, the Parks and Recreation Commission will make a formal recommendation to the County Board of Supervisors for approval of the new fee schedule in January 2014.  contact (602) 506-2930 or visit


·       Phx Dist 2 Councilman Jim Waring has scheduled a community meeting with acting city manager Ed Zuercher and Director of Budget/Research Mario Paniagau at 6 pm, Nov 7 at the Paradise Valley Community Center- 17402 N 40th St.


·       Dr. Carl Goldberg Has Offered To Make His Presentation “What Non-Muslims Need to know about Islam and Why” (Islam as Ideology)  to any Republican groups. Contact:


·       Former AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen Announced His Candidacy For State Treasurer on Barbara Espinosa’s Hair on Fire Radio Talk Show late this afternoon. A CPA and business innovator, Pullen is the founder/president of WageWatch, Inc., a Internet based compensation and benefit survey firm serving Fortune 1000 companies. Pullen served two terms as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party (2007 -2011),  the Republican National Committee (RNC) treasurer (2009 – 2011), the Arizona’s Representative on the RNC (2004 -  2007),  co-chaired the AZGOPO Finance Committee in 2000, and was an alternate delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention. He is currently the Arizona Housing Finance Authority treasurer .

He founded Charleston Marina/Shipbuilding in 1972 with his father and brother that grew into the largest sport fishing company in southern Oregon in less than five years. In 1988 Pullen became a partner in the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche; becoming the firm’s expert on real estate and related banking issues into early 1990’s.

In 1992, Pullen became President of ILX, Inc., a publicly traded resort management company headquartered in Phoenix. He went on to found Pullen & Company, an accounting and consulting practice specializing in complex financial issues for both litigation and bankruptcy cases.

Pullen successfully chaired the 2004  “Yes on Proposition 200, Protect Arizona Now” campaign requiring proof of citizenship before any individual can register to vote or apply for public benefits in the state of Arizona. In 2006, he was a spokesperson for the successful Proposition 300 ballot measure that requires non-citizens to pay out-of-state tuition rates for post-secondary education.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a Masters of Business Administration, Pullen resides in Phoenix with his wife, Katherine.


·       Attn. GOP Candidates:  If you would like to have your candidacy announcement, fundraisers, speaking engagements, block walks etc posted in the Briefs or calendar, please forward your information to by Friday noon. In fairness to all candidates, Briefs does NOT post pre-primary endorsements.


Oct 23 GOP Events:

·       The Estrella Conservative Republican Club will meet at 7 pm at Starpointe Community Center, according to Chairman Richard Newcomes


Oct 24 GOP Events

·       National Federation Of Republican Women (In Conjunction With The Arizona Federation) Campaign Management School scheduled from 8 am to 4:30 pm, at the Prescott Resort/Conference Center, 1500 State Route 69, Prescott. See or for info.


·       LD24 will meet at 7 pm, Oct 24 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. to elect a first vice chairman, recording secretary and treasurer. Speaker:  immediate past AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey, who has written two books that are setting records. Contact: Chr LD24 Chr  Brian Kaufman  480-442-2424   bkaufx@gmail,com 


·       The Oct 20  Maricopa County GOP Calendar, including events throughout Arizona, has been posted at   See calendars posted in Archives on the left side of the page. Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Greenlee, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Yavapai, and Yuma County GOP events posted by county in the lower calendar section.  The Arizona Tea Party Events have also been posted under separate heading.  Please check your postings so these calendars reflect the constant changes that occur. Please include your group name, meeting time, location, speaker and contact person when you submit updated information.  These calendars are compiled to help you participate in Republican/conservative related events. Copy deadline is Friday noon. To add your upcoming events please, contact Frosty Taylor at


·        Valley Food Banks Ask For Healthier Donations

·        I Am America

·        Marine-Blaine-Cooper-To-John-McCain: I-Would-Have-You-Arrested-For-Treason

·        Dick-Cheney-Altered-Implanted-Heart-Device-To-Prevent-Terrorist-Hack-Attacks

·        Jon-Stewart-Rips-Into-Obamacare, -Approval-Rating-Continues-To-Slide-And-Oh-Yeah-Canada-Has-Death-Panels

·        Ads Spar Over APS’ Views On Solar Bills

·        AZ-Faces-Shortage-Of-O-Negative-Blood-Donors-Needed

·        Arizona-Woman-Fired-From-Ariz-Job-Over-Comment-Files-Claim

·        University Of Phoenix Parent To Lay Off 500 Workers

·        Arizona Real-Estate Guru Faces Federal Charges

·        Northern Arizona Tribal Police Chief Arrested

·        Quartzsite Ousts Embattled Police Chief

·        Details Emerge On Cavazos’ Pension

·        County Seeks Rules On Rabies Shots, Golf Carts

·        Suit: Referendum Signatures Wrongly Tossed

·        Shutdown Widened Republican-Tea Party Rift

·        11 Immigrants Found In Woman's Car In AZ

·        Prank-On-Arizona-Jury-Foreman-May-Lead-To-Charges

·        Guv-Hopeful-Jones-Had-DUI-Conviction-In-2006

·        Solar-Industry Group Calls For APS Inquiry

·        Arizona-Mastodons    Valdez

·        Gilbert Law On Church Signs Comes Under Fire

·        Phoenix Gives Up Half Of Food Tax -- And Survives    Laurie Roberts

·        Glitch Causes Some To Be Sent Duplicate Ballots

·        Ice Cream Fairness   Should You Subsidize Solar Panels?

·        Dennis-Miller: Small-Biz-Owners-Fire-Obama-Supporters

·        Social-Security-Benefits-Reduced-For-Some-Retirees-Who-Work

·        Dear-Government: Democrats-Letter-Beloved

·        The Radical Lefts War On America

·        FEMA And National Public Radio Work Together To Increase Emergency Alert Preparedness For People Who Are Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing




·        Randy-Pullen-Gearing-Up-To Run For State Treasurer

·        Hair On Fire News Talk Radio Featured Biography Randy Pullen

·        Arizona-Bashas Grocery Sued For Mislabeling Beef

·        Huge Middle Finger Floats Down River Giving Finger To Politicians-We Need This On The Potomac

·        YEEHAH! Muslims Now Have A On Line Sex Shop In Turkey

·        Arizona Attorney General Indicts 21 Arizona Air National Guardsmen

·        Arizona-Attorney-General-Indicts-21

·        Condensed....3 Years, 1 Camera, 1 Smuggling Trail South Of Tucson, AZ

·        Speaker Boehner: Our Drive To Stop The Obamacare Train Wreck Continues


·        AZ República, Valdez: No Relevancy To Real World

·        McCain Fans? You Might Want Stop By Town Hall, Chat

·        Christine Jones AZ Guv? Might Have Better Luck In Texas

·       JD Hayworth: Continues To Speak For Conservatives


·        Tobin Blatantly Distorts Kwasman’s Position On Obamacare

·        Gov Brewer: AZ To Keep Grand Canyon Open Amid Continued Federal Inaction

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Dr. Sandra Stotsky At Civitas Common Core Forum

·        Common Core Symposium - 10/30/2013

·        Property Tax System Irks Homeowners. ."

·        USFWS-To-Introduce-Wolves-Into-Gila-Navajo-Graham-And-Coconino-Counties


·        I Was Told There Would Be No Math


·        DC-Football-Donkeys-V-Elephants-Toilet-Bowl

·        The Democrat Party, Is The Greatest “User” Of The Minds Of People Who View Themselves To Be Powerless”


·        These Are Revolutionary Times – America Is Being Destroyed

·        Obama Says: Don’t Listen To Anyone But Me!

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obamacare Hotline Employee: Nobody Likes Obamacare

·        Liberal Jon Stewart Mercilessly Mocks Obamacare Snafu

·        Obama Bullies Hobby Lobby All The Way To Supreme Court

·        Groundbreaking Study Pokes Holes In Every Global Warming Myth

·        JFK Was Conservative

·        Schwarzenegger Reportedly Trying To Change Law So He Can Run For President

·        Obama: Don’t Listen To Anyone But Me!

·        Team Obamacare’s Game-Changing Shock Play – Be Ready For It

The Real Obamacare Numbers

·        “Death Camp Liberals”

·        Liberals Feel Crush Of Obamacare

·        Watch What Happens When Armed Robber Meets Concealed Carry Permit Holder

·        Washington D.C. Drama: As The Stomach Turns

·        Education Expert Speaks Out: Common Core Is Social Engineering

·        GOP – The Washington Generals

·        Outrageous Democrat Ad Compares Tea Party To KKK

·        Democrat Congressman Calls Obamacare “Very Small And Modest”

·        Museum To Correct Display Portraying JFK As Liberal

·        Texas Crowd Gives Cruz Eight-Minute Ovation


·         They-Come-To-America-II-Presentation

·        Ten-Biggest-Lies-Of-The-Showdown

NEW ZEAL BLOG  Daily updates

·        The Tea Party and the Mad Hatter

·        The Big Shove Towards Amnesty

·        The mirror image of Bill Ayers and a modern patriot.




·        A-GOP-Drift-Leftward-Would-Doom-It

·        Rnc On Outfront - Obamacare

·        Why-Obamacare-Is-Fantastic-Success   Message to the GOP: This isn’t a game. This isn’t tiddly-winks. This is a serious, purposeful attempt to highjack America and destroy capitalism.

·        GOP-In-Surprisingly-Strong-Position-For-Budget-Talks

·        The-10-Rules-In-The-Establishment-Republican-Handbook   …Trash conservatives, but hold your fire against Democrats: There's a reason that both John McCain and Mitt Romney fought harder against their Republican primary opponents than they did against Barack Obama.



·        78%-Didn’t-Miss-Government-During-Shutdown



·        A Country With No Borders….Is No Longer A Country

·        11 Immigrants Found In Woman's Car In Az

·        5% Think Feds Very Likely To Seal Border If New Immigration Law Is Passed Most voters continue to put more border control first in any immigration reform plan, but fewer than ever trust the federal government to actually control the border if a new plan is passed. Voters also lean toward a go-slow piece-by-piece approach to immigration reform over a comprehensive bill.

·        Amnesty’s Second Wind

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        What You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Spying Ways



·        IRS aid-More-$110B-Improper-Tax-Credits



·        Articles Of Impeachment Filed By Black Republicans



·        Schwarzenegger Reportedly Trying To Change Law So He Can Run For President



·        Elwood Proves Voter Fraud Is Easy

·        Rep-Joe-Garcias-Former-Aide-To-Serve-90-Days-In-Jail-For-Voter-Fraud



·        More Colleges Suppress Constitution



·        154,000-Fewer-Women-Held-Jobs-September-Female-Participation-Labor - Female Participation In Labor Force Matches 24-Year Low



·        Govt-In-Massive-Push-To-Crush-Religious-Freedom

·        Radicalism-Not-Democracy-Growing-In-Syria

·        Islamic-War-On-Christians-Egyptian-Terrorists-Attack-Coptic-Wedding-Celebrants



·        Shocking-Admission-Army-Preparedness-Training-Last-6-Months

·        List-Of-17-Generals-High-Ranking-Military-Officials-Purged-By-Dictator-Obama

·        Obama Leaves American Pow To Rot In Afghanistan - Provides Only Excuses

·        Marine-Blaine-Cooper-To-John-Mccain: I-Would-Have-You-Arrested-For-Treason

·        American Pow Languishes In Afghanistan – Bureaucrats Do Nothing

·        The-$7 billion-Warship-Rule-Waves-US-Navys-Largest-Destroyer-Built-Gets-Ready-Set-Sail

·        Inside-Job-Not-All-Families-Are-Buying-Official-Report-On-Seal-Team-6-Crash

·        Report: Pro-Obama Media Trotted Out Military Contractors During Syria Crisis

·        Thought-Police-Get-Military-Man-Fired

·        Army Officer Sentenced To 20 Years For Doing His Duty In Afghanistan



·        Cnn-Is-Paid-By-Islamic-Supremacist-Regimes-Not-To-Report-Damaging-Stories



·        Budget Deal Allows For January Federal Pay Raise

·        Post-Office-$5-Billion-Default



·        Wall-Of-Shame-Republicans-Who-Voted-To-Fund-Obamacare, Hike-The-Debt-Ceiling

·        Schumer-Bill-Seeks-To-Cut-Congress-Give-President-Sole-Power-Over-Debt-Limit

·        Rand-Paul-Proposes-Constitutional-Amendment To Make Laws Apply To Congress

·        Texas Crowd Gives Cruz Eight-Minute Ovation

·        Cruz: President-Obama-Should-Listen-To-People-Who-Have-Lost-Their-Plans

·        Doctors-In-Congress-Obamacare-Worse-Than-You-Think

·        Congress-Using-Slush-Funds-To-Bankroll-Lavish-Lifestyle

·        CA Dem Congresswoman-Funneled-$294,245-Campaign-Cash To Herself

·        Tea-Partier-Unloads-On-Democrat-For-KKK-Email



·        Native-Americans-Are-Among-Chief-Victims-Of-Big-Greens-War-On-Coal

·        Big-Oil-Extortion-Story-The-Left-Doesnt-Want-You-To-Know

·        The Great American Wind Power Fraud


·        Study: Food Stamps Most Rapidly Growing Welfare Program



·        90,609,000-Americans-Not-Labor-Force-Climbs-Another-Record

·       154,000-Fewer-Women-Held-Jobs-September-Female-Participation-Labor



·        Has Gm Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?



·        The-Administration-Knew-Healthcare-Gov-Would-Be-A-Disaster

·        Obamacare Rollout: Broken Promises, Outright Lies, And Frustrated Citizens

·        Liberals-Feel-Crush-Of-Obamacare

·        Obama Adm Knew Healthcare Website Would Crash

·        The-Definitive-Guide-To-How-Obamacare-Is-Destroying-American-Lives

·        Jon Stewart Delivers Blistering Take Down Of Obamacare Rollout: Dems Can't Spin 'This Txxx"   warning strong language

·        Cell Phones More Deadly Than Cigarettes

·        Healthcare.Gov Site Was Built By Canadian Firm
Administration Asks Verizon For Help With Obamacare Site

·        Fixing Software Won't Fix Obamacare

·        Total Corruption: Drug Companies Bought Their Way Onto Fda Advisory Panels

·        Doctors-In-Congress-Obamacare-Worse-Than-You-Think

·        Obamacare-Bunker-Mentality

·        Builders-Of-Obamas-Health-Website-Saw-Red-Flags

·        Implosion: Obamacare Collapsing On Itself

·        Our Dream: Free Market Medicine - An Alternative Health Care Delivery System

·        Editorial: Obamacare Insurance Exchanges: Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

·        Paul-Ryan-Hhs-Secretary-Should-Step-Down-Over-Obamacare

·        Sebelius: … Despite Complaints From Insurance Companies And The Site's Crashing During A Test Run, Obama Didn’t Know…



·        Schools Banning Lunches From Home To Push Socialist Agenda

·        Brown Bag Ban: Feds Tell Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without Doctor's Note  



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Whites Are Inherently Privileged According To Common Core Lesson Plan

·        Righty-Lefty-Common-Core-Political-Survey-Sixth-Graders

·        Video: Education Expert Speaks Out: Common Core Is Social Engineering



·        Homeland-Security-Spends-80-Million-On-Armed-Guards-For-Civil-Disturbances



·        CBS: Obama-Headed-Toward-Credibility-Death-Spiral-One-False-Promise-Another

·        Obama: Dont-Listen-Anyone But Me

·        The-Administration-Knew-Healthcare-Gov-Would-Be-A-Disaster

·        White-House-Official-Fired-For-Tweeting-Under-Fake-Name

·        Obama Adm Knew Healthcare Website Would Crash

·        Jay Carney Walked Out   Couldn’t Answer Question

·        Jay-Carneys-Worst-Press-Briefing

·        Detroit’s $320 Million Federal Aid Package

·        Obama Administration Caught In Blatant Software Piracy....
Ten Things To Expect From Obamacare In 2014

·        Carney Has No Answers On Obamacare 'Tech Surge'

·        Carney-Refers-Questions-To-Hhs-10-Times



·        Obama Foreign Policy Fail: US Weapons 'Stolen, Sold Abroad' To Muslim Brotherhood & Al-Qaeda

·        New Report: UK Crime Statistics Fudged To Justify Gun Ban

·        Has GM Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?

·        Report: Pro-Obama Media Trotted Out Military Contractors During Syria Crisis

·        NSA Intercepts 70M French Calls In 30-Days, US Ambassador Summoned

·       Palestine - Billions In International Donor Funds Allegedly Go Missing







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