Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-24-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 24, 2013


·        McCain-Seriously-Thinking-Of-Not-Shoving-Off


·        John-McCain-Wants-To-Be-In-The-Senate-Forever  

·        McCain-Hopes-Passing-Comprehensive-Amnesty-Bill-Will-Help-GOP


·        Officially-Revoking-Respect-John-McCains-Service-Country


·        McCain-Floats-2016-Run


·        David Schweikert: Health Chief Should Answer Obamacare Questions During Her Phoenix Visit


·        Reps. Schweikert And Franks Of Arizona Sign Letter Urging Health Chief's Resignation


·        HHS Chief To Visit Obamacare Call Center In Phoenix



·       Joseph Hobbs, LD19 Precinct Committeeman And Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) Member at Large, has announced his candidacy for another two year term as a MCRC EGC Member at Large. Elections will be held at the MCRC EGC Mandatory Meeting in January 2014. Contact Hobbs: 480-381-2380


·       Republican AZ  Attorney General(AG)  Candidate Mark Brnovich has called on current AZ AG  Tom Horne to follow Texas AG Greg Abbott in withdrawing from the Obama Administration’s lawsuit against the proposed US Airways/American Airlines merger.


·       Three Term Scottsdale City Councilman Robert Littlefield will be the guest on Barbara Espinosa’s ‘Hair on Fire” radio talk show at 4 pm, Oct 29. Espinosa, co-hostess Randy Pullen, former AZGOP Chairman, and Littlefield will address the four bond issues on the Nov 5 Scottsdale ballot that will raise property taxes in Scottsdale and the unprecedented stance SAAR and the National Association of Realtors donating a total of $100,000.00 in support of the bond issues and raising property taxes.  Call in: 1-347-857-4081

·       Snippets Of The First Broadcast Of “The Pulse Of Arizona” can be viewed at the pulse of america Show 1


·       Rey Torrez  Will Report Of His Recent Trip To Mexico City with six members of the Arizona Legislature at the 6:30 pm, Oct 28 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx.


·       Sen John McCain’s Staff Is Holding Veterans Informational Forum at 12:30 pm, Oct 25  in the North End Community Center, 160 East 1st St in Yuma. Contact:  (602) 952-2410 McCain’s Phx office.


·       The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Has Announced Rescheduled dates for the remainder of a series of public hearings on two proposed rules—one to list the Mexican wolf as an endangered subspecies and delist the gray wolf elsewhere, and the other to revise the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf.  Comment period deadlines also are extended until December 17, 2013 to allow these hearings to take place within the public comment periods on the proposed rules.

Hearings schedule:

o   Nov 19 – Denver, Co

o   Nov 20 –  6 pm hearing, Albuquerque, NM, Embassy Suites Hotel, 1000 Woodward Place, Sandia room.

o   Nov 22– Sacramento, CA

o   Dec 3 – Pinetop, AZ: 3:30 – 5 pm, public information mtg. 6-8:30 pm, public hearing. Hon-Dah Conference Center, 777 Highway 260.

    A formal notice of these hearings and the extension of the comment period will appear in    the Federal Register on October 28. Information:


·       Sen John McCain On The Passing Of Fellow POW Air Force Brig. Gen. James Robinson “Robbie” Risner: “I am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear friend and fellow POW Air Force Brig. Gen. James Robinson ‘Robbie’ Risner. From the first moment of his imprisonment to his last, Robbie was an exemplary senior officer, an inveterate communicator, an inspiration to the men he commanded, and a genuine American hero. My thoughts and prayers are with his family – he will be dearly missed.”


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Is Looking For Summer Semester Interns for his Washington, DC and his new office in Gilbert.An internship in a Congressional office provides an opportunity to receive hands-on experience for college students who are interested in government, politics and public service. Internship candidates can expect a positive, fast-paced environment where they can learn and develop research, communicative, and leadership skills. Ideal candidates are team players who possess a strong work ethic and communication skills.  The deadline to apply for the spring semester is November 7th.  Applicants: here.


·       Dr. Carl Goldberg Has Offered To Make His Presentation “What Non-Muslims Need to know about Islam and Why” (Islam as Ideology)  to any Republican groups. Contact:


·       Attn. GOP Candidates:  If you would like to have your candidacy announcement, fundraisers, speaking engagements, block walks etc posted in the Briefs or calendar, please forward your information to by Friday noon. In fairness to all candidates, Briefs does NOT post pre-primary endorsements.


·       Jose Borrajero, MCRC 2nd Vice Chairman, is ready to resume precinct committeeman (PC) training with his 20 minute Power Point presentation, followed with a 10 minute Q&A.  Contact: Borrajero at or 602-402-5932. He is already scheduled to meet with the Coconino County Republican Committee in January. Contact: Joy Iris Staveley, Chairman   cell: 928-606-1131.


·       “Packages From Home” Is Raffling A Smith & Wesson – M&P .40. Cal handgun to raise funds for postage to ship packages to overseas military. Tickets: Arizona Project, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx., or call Roger Hesketh at 602-790-5721 or on line at:  packagesfromhome.gun-raffle


·       Gov Jan Brewer Is Accepting Applications For A Vacant Judicial Position on the Superior Court of Yavapai County. The vacancy was created due to the governor’s appointment of Judge Kenton D. Jones to the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One.  Applications for the open seat will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Oct 30, 2013.  A copy of the application and instructions for applying are available at


Oct 25 & 26 GOP EVENTS

·       Oct 25 - Liberty Amendment Dinner (supports the initiative for state’ use of Article V to pass a balanced budget amendment to the US constitution),  El Conquistador  Resort, 10000 N Oracle, Oro Valley. $50 per person. Contact: Jeff Utsch  (520) 977-7946.

·       Oct 26 – SUN CITY GRAND REPUBLICAN INTEREST GROUP. (4th Sat) 9 am, 19781 N. Remington Dr. Chaparral Center - Hopi Room. Speaker:  Chief Frazier, Surprise Chief of Police.  Contacts Dick Mayfield at or 623 217-2110; or Ginny Nyre at or 623-544-7187.

·       Oct 26  - Shane Krauser's radio show  (960 AM 5 pm every Saturday) Call in at 602.508.0960 (Phoenix area) or 888.960.9696 (outside of Phoenix).

·       Oct 26  – Voice Of Veterans Talk Show (every Sat) 3-5 pm, Host: Vernon Bagley with co-host Phil Mason.  NBC 1260 AM, 96.1 FM.  Questions: 480-423-1260. Contact: Bagley at or   VOICE OF THE VETERANS

·       Oct 26 - Steve Kates’ “A Call To Rights” Radio Show. (Sat)  Noon to 2 pm, KFNX 1100 AM   Call in 602-277-5369.  


·        TUSD-To-Redefine-Desegregation-Approve-Reading-Materials

·        Horne Challenges Evidence From Campaign-Violation Allegations Released what he says will be his only comment on allegations he violated state campaign regulations.

·        AG Tom Horne Says He’ll Fight Returning Donations

·        Dark Money Fine Is A Drop In The Bucket (What We Need Is Disclosure)

·        Arizonans Finding Work-Arounds In Bid To Sign Up For Health Coverage

·        Metro-Light-Rail-Power-Out-Across-Entire-Line

·        $4M In Marijuana Seized In Ariz. During Shutdown

·        Wells Fargo Study: 37% Of Middle-Class Americans Say They Never Will Retire

·        Sebelius-Phoenix-Amid-Calls-Resignation

·        Gasoline-Prices-In-Arizona-At-$3.25-Per-Gallon

·        Arizona Executes 2nd Death Row Inmate In 2 Weeks

·        Navajo-Nation-President-Approves-Energy-Policy

·        Phoenix-PD-To-Launch-Program-That-Strengthens-Trust-With-Mexican-Community




·        Nov 5 Scottsdale Bond Issue Will Raise Property Taxes

·        Arizona-Scottsdale Association Of Realtor's Supports Raising Your Property Taxes As A Past President Of The Scottsdale Association Of Realtor's

·        True The Vote Puts Chesterfield County, Va On Notice To Clean Voter Rolls

·        A Misguided Big Mac Attack

·        Arizona Gotta A Doggie With A Howloween Costume Invite To A Party

·        ICYMI American Freedom By Barbara October 16-20, 2013

·         Arizona-Bruce-Ash-Op-Ed-On-Obamas-Pick  Committeeman Speaks Out On President Obama's Pick Dick Griffin For NLRB.

·        Randy-Pullen-Gearing-Up-To Run For State Treasurer

·        ICYMI-American-Freedom-By-Barbara


·        Educrat Unions Oppose Keeping Criminals Out Of Public Schools

·        McCain Tells Town Hall He’s A “Reagan Republican”

·        Guv Candidate Christine Jones: DUI Convictions, Jail Time, A “Mistake”

·        AZ Rep├║blica, Valdez: No Relevancy To Real World


·        Arizona Common Core State Standards Symposium


·        NSA-Spying-People-Outside-Protection-Law  By Steve Bowers, Retired U.S. Army, One Tour In Iraq, One Tour In Afghanistan

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Have Arizona Teachers Received Gag Orders To Not Oppose Common Core?

·        Deceptive Gilbert Override Signs

·        Dr. Sandra Stotsky At Civitas Common Core Forum

·        Common Core Symposium - 10/30/2013


·        I Was Told There Would Be No Math


·        Allen West “Who In God’s Name Will Restore This Republic?”

·        Told You So: 300,000 Floridians Losing Coverage” #Obamacare

·        Failure To Have A Trained And Ready Military Is Potentially Catastrophic, If Not Treasonous.

·        I Felt That President Obama, The Champion Of Civility In Political Discourse, Would Schedule A Press Event Today

·        Until America Produces A President With Resolve, Who Understands The History Of This Enemy, We Shall Not Prevail


·        Un Investigating Obama Administration For War Crimes

·        Former Muslim’s Warning To The West: ‘Islam Is A Sick And Evil Religion’ That Will Stab You In The Back

·       Iranian Filmmaker Exposes The Illuminati

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obamacare – It’s Not The Disaster You Think It Is…It’s Worse!

·        Desperate Democrats Blame GOP For Healthcare Mess

·        IRS Tax Credit Benefit Illegals To The Tune Of $4.2 Billion

·        Democrat Pitches Obamacare Delay Bill

·        Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans

·        SHOCKER: Liberal Media Admits GOP Won Shutdown!!

·        Liberal Pundit: Obama Called Me After I Slammed Obamacare

·        Five Reasons The Divisions In D.C. Are Growing

·        Obamacare Hotline Employee: Nobody Likes Obamacare

·        Liberal Jon Stewart Mercilessly Mocks Obamacare Snafu


·         They-Come-To-America-II-Presentation

·        Ten-Biggest-Lies-Of-The-Showdown

NEW ZEAL BLOG  Daily updates




·        78%-Didn’t-Miss-Government-During-Shutdown



·        THE FIX: Why Obama Is Racing Against The Clock On Immigration

·        Transcript: Obama's Remarks On Immigration Reform

·        Muslim Terrorists Using Mexico As Staging Area

·        Video: Obama’s DOJ Giving Grenades To Drug Cartels

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Video: Obama’s DOJ Giving Grenades To Drug Cartels



·        DC businessman-faces-2-years-in-prison-for-possessing-unregistered-ammo   The DC Gun Raid You Won’t Believe with an Ending You Might Not Be Able to Stomach



·        Video: IRS Scandal: Targeting Evidence Leading Straight To Obama



·        You-Let-Them-Die: Hillary-Heckled

·        Are The Clintons In Trouble Again?



·        Did-State-Department-Leak-National-Security-Secrets-NY-Times

·        Emails: White House, State Department Coordinated With Journalist On National Security Leaks



·        The Growing Terror Threat From Radical Women Converts



·        Obama-Wants-Marines-Wear-Girly-Hats

·        Soldiers-At-Fort-Hood-Told-That-Christian-And-Tea-Party-Groups-Threat-To-Nation-Any-Soldier-Donating To Them Will Be Written Up

·        US-Marines-Training-Al-Qaeda-Linked-Syrian-Jihadists-In-Saudi-Arabia

·        General: Obama Dangerously Weakens U.S.

·        Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans

·        Veteran-Gets-Last-Word-Flag-Destroyed

·        Air-Force-Academy-May-Drop-So-Help-Me-God-From-Honor-Code-Oath

·        Megyn-Kelly-Debates-Mike-Weinstein-Over-Whether-Air-Force-Should-Drop-God-Oath



·        The Dem Freakout About Obamacare Has Begun

·        White-House-Deputy-Chief-Of-Staff-Told-Durbin-Others-About-Erroneous-Rude-GOP-Comment

·        Healthcare.Gov Failures Surface At Hill Hearing

·        Cruz-Predicts-President-Will-Grant-Unions-Obamacare-Exemption

·        House-Lawmakers-Grill-Contractors-Over-Obamacare-Website-Debacle

·        Algae Biomass Organization Applauds Congressional Algae Caucus Leadership

·        Republicans Hammer Sebelius For Answers



·        Obama Plotting To Suspend Food Stamps?



·        Has GM Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?



·        Video: Obamacare Is A Trojan Horse For Socialized Medicine

·        Surprise: Obamacare’s 1-800 Number Doesn’t Work Either

·        Website Contractors Blame Obama Administration

·        Obamacare Wipes Out More Than 1 Million Plans

·        Dems Now Call For Delay In Obamacare Mandate

·        HHS Falsely Claims Consumers Can Enroll In Obamacare By Phone

·        The Dismantling Of The American Health Care System

·        Obamacare-Contractors-We-Were-Given-Only-Weeks-For-Testing-But-Wanted-Months

·       Hidden In Obamacare Site: Applicants Surrender Right To Privacy



·        Teachers-Unions-Object-Bill-Prohibiting-Convicted-Rapists-Schools



·        School-Threatens-Girls-Complain-Harassed-Boy-Girls-Bathrooms



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards


·        Sandra Stotsky At Civitas Common Core Forum Common Core Forum

·        Sandra Stotsky Testifies Against Common Core At Wisconsin Legislative Hearing Common Core Testimony

·        Education Expert Speaks Out: Common Core Is Social Engineering



·        Homeland-Security-Spends-80-Million-On-Armed-Guards-For-Civil-Disturbances



·        Obama-Wants-Marines-Wear-Girly-Hats

·        General: Obama Dangerously Weakens U.S.

·        Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans

·        White-House-Deputy-Chief-Of-Staff-Told-Durbin-Others-About-Erroneous-Rude-GOP-Comment

·        Does President Obama Have Chops To Wrap Up His Trade Deals?

·        Obama’s Credibility Is Melting

·        Barack Obama’s Stone-Cold Lies

·        Video: Liberal Pundit: Obama Called Me After I Slammed Obamacare

·        Video: Human Rights Attorney: Obama Complicit In Murder Of Christians

·        White-House-We-Miscommunicated-Alleged-GOP-Quote







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