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10-3-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 3, 2013

 “The American people reject Obamacare. The president is willing to put all of that on the line to save his namesake piece of legislation which I think will go down in history as the largest political tantrum ever.” - Republican Rep. Steve King Of Iowa In An Interview With CNN


·        In-Memory-Of-John-Greene


·        Petition: Letter-To-President-Obama Requesting He Step Down


·        We're Taking Back Our Country... (Let Us Help You Pack!)


·        You’re-Full-Of-Crap-Hannity-Calls-Out-Democrat-Congressman-For-Lying-About-Special-Obamacare-Deal  Watch Congressman Matt Salmon

·        Rep Matt Salmon Joins Anderson Cooper 360 On CNN


·       Congressman David Schweikert: Dirty Tactics By The Far Left -  The Arizona Democrat Party put out a fundraising appeal last night, personally attacking me by saying that I said closing down government was "my idea of fun."  I never said that.  In fact, they lied.

The facts:  On a recent radio interview, I was thanked at the end of the interview by the host and I responded to the thank you with "this is my idea of fun" - meaning the interview.  Apparently, the Democrats want you to believe that I was wasn't really responding to the thanks, but instead trying to slip in some sort of message about government shutdowns. 


·       Tomorrow Morning Between 7-10 Am, A Coalition Of Immigration Controls Groups, will demand the media cover the American’s forgotten victims –those killed or maimed by illegal aliens by displaying “Stolen Lives Quilts” in front of media offices, including the Arizona Republic.  Members of United for a Sovereign America, BAN Amnesty Now, Arizonan’s for Immigration Reform, The Tea Party Immigration Coalition, American Freedom Riders, Arizona Rebel Alliance, The Remembrance Project, Riders USA, and Remember 1986 will also hand out invitations to the National Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil at 5:30 pm, Nov 3, at Wesley Bowl in Park in Phoenix.  They will be allocating a list of previous Arizona victims and demanding “no more killings.”

Rusty Childress, founder of The Remember 1986 Coalition said “we need the media to cover not only the sob stories of illegal aliens, but of the separation of families through deadly selective enforcement practices. Fair and balanced journalism requires that both sides of the issue be publicly exposed.”  Contact: Barbra Heller 602-505-8760


·       Tomorrow At Noon Tea Party Patriots across the country are planning to protest ObamaCare at their Senator or Congressman’s local office to counter accusations from the media and Democrats that the Tea Party caused the governmental shutdown. RSVP:


·       LD26 Elected Twp New Officers At The Sept 10 Meeting.  Jack Brown is the new First Vice Chairman, replacing Tauni Orton. Dale Eames is the new secretary, replacing Shondean Cochise.


·       House Speaker Andy Tobin: On The Closure Of The Grand Canyon after speaking with   officials from the U.S. National Park Service: “I've reached out to the federal government to find out what Arizona can do to reopen the Grand Canyon, and I was told: ‘It’s all or none.’ Basically, take a hike, Arizona. This is outrageous. This is just another example of the incompetence coming out of Washington, D.C. Ann Kirkpatrick and Barack Obama would rather protect the implementation of ObamaCare than open up the Grand Canyon. Arizona is ready to step up to the plate and make sure the economy of rural Arizona is not shut down, but Ann Kirkpatrick and Barack Obama care more about political victories than Arizona jobs.  This is another reminder of why we need new leadership in Washington. Ann Kirkpatrick is part of the problem. First she gave us ObamaCare – now she’s shutting down the Grand Canyon to protect its implementation." Tobin added, "Last time Ann Kirkpatrick walked out on her constituents she lost her job. This time Arizonans are losing theirs. I will continue to look at what options we have to stand up to the Obama Administration and protect Arizona jobs."

·       Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin Announced His Candidacy For U.S. Congress today, calling out Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick for voting to close down the Grand Canyon this week in order to protect ObamaCare (H.J. Res. 70, Oct. 1, 2013). The vote is just another example, Tobin said, of Washington’s assault on Arizona.“There could be no harsher reminder of why we need new leadership in Washington,” Tobin said. “Arizona is under attack by the federal government, and Ann Kirkpatrick is part of the problem. Kirkpatrick is so committed to protecting ObamaCare and supporting Nancy Pelosi, she has literally voted to shut down the Grand Canyon.”

Tobin’s remarks came as he announced his candidacy for Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, launched and released a web video. Tobin is a four-term legislator. As Speaker of the House, he has overseen the largest budget reductions in the history of Arizona and led the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona. Tobin and his wife Jennifer have five children. Contact: Tobin for Congress Campaign Manager Craig Handzlik at


·       LD23 Will Host An Arizona Gubernatorial Forum at 7 pm, Oct. 17 at the Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd St., Scottsdale. VIP reception at 6 pm. Limited seating. Panelists: Ken Bennett Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. Molina. Moderator: Len Munsil. RSVP requests:  480-361-0465.


·       Oct 21 – LD1  (3rd Mon) 7 pm  NorthGate Church, 34835 N. 7th St., No PC Training but will have Dr, Carl Goldberg speaking from 6-6:45pm on Sharia, Q & A from 7:20-7:40pm. Contact: Chr  CathySchwanke


·       Jose Borrajero, MCRC 2nd Vice Chairman, is ready to resume precinct committeeman (PC) training with his 20 minute Power Point presentation, followed with a 10 minute Q&A.  Contact: Borrajero at or 602-402-5932.


·       A  Las Vegas Ranch Style Trail Ride And BBQ Lunch Fundraiser for Senator Steve Pierce  is planned Oct 5 at the Las Vegas Ranch, 14000 Seven V Ranch Road, Prescott, AZ  86305 Contact Jenna Brouk or 480-226-7596 to serve on the Host Committee, to reserve your horse, or questions.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar has scheduled:

ü  Oct 4 -  a ‘Coffee With The Congressman’ at 8 am, Oct 4 at Starbucks, 2600 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction.

ü  Oct 5 - ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY CLEANUP, 2-4 pm, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, 175 E. Road 2 South, Chino Valley, AZ 86323

ü  Oct 7 -  Coffee with the Congressman 8 am, Ground Control, 4860 N. Litchfield Rd, .
Goodyear, AZ 85395


·       Sun City West Republicans Will Meet At 8 Am (pastry/coffee) 8:30 am mtg, Oct 5 to hear KKNT talk show Lisa Benson. SCW Foundation Bldg, Quail Rm, 14465 R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West. $2 donation to cover room rent.


·       Dist 1 Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller will hold a town hall at 10 am, Oct 5 at Golder Ranch Fire District in Catalina. Doors open at 9:30 am. (520) 724-2738 | e:


·       The Arizona Vietnam Veterans’ Dinner is planned for Oct 5 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale with registration/no host bar at 5:30 pm and the program beginning at 6 pm. $45 per person. Business attire/casual or Army Class A or service equivalent is appropriate. RSVP: Joseph E. Abodeely, AZ Military Museum Director, at 520-868-6777 or mail check payable to Abodeely at  AZ Military Museum, 9014 N. Wealth Road, Maricopa, AZ 85139.


·       The AzCDL’s Annual Meeting is scheduled Oct 5 at the University Park Marriott in Tucson. The speaker is nationally recognized Second Amendment advocate, veteran Television Journalist and Conservative Activist Jan Morgan. . Tickets: Reservations deadline is Sept 29..


·       The Yavapai County Republican Office Volunteers will visit the elections office while they go through a logic and accuracy test performed by the secretary of state’s staff.  Volunteers will meet at 9:30 am, Oct. 22 in the lobby of the County Elections Office, 1015 Fair St.,Prescott. After the elections office visit, they will gather in Supervisor Craig Brown’s office, followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant. Limited seating. RSVP required by Oct 16 : (928) 776-4500.


·      “Packages From Home” Is Raffling A Smith & Wesson – M&P 40. Cal hand gun to raise funds for postage to ship too overseas military. Tickets are available to Arizona Project, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx., or call Roger Hesketh at 602-790-5721 or on line at:  packagesfromhome.gun-raffle


·       The LD23 Business Network Is Sponsoring A 90-Minute Dennis Michael Lynch Interactive Presentation  at 7 pm, Nov 1 at the Scottsdale Hilton Grand Ballroom, 6333 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Lynch will cover such topics as immigration reform, terrorism, job creation, welfare, and how to win back the White House in 2016; and present sneak preview clips of his latest documentary The 9-11 Freedom Ride, - showing what took place at the “2 Million Bikers to DC” ride on 9-11-13. 7 pm - General seating $15 or VIP seating - $25. 5:30-6:30 pm VIP seating/reception - $50 per person. Reservations required. Paid attendees will receive two DVD’s: The come to America I and II. RVSP/tickets: and click on “Events” or check payable to LD23 with number of attendees to  Linda Rizzo, 9324 E. Wood Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Contacts: Liz at 602-315-0349 or Jim at 602-538-9387.


·       The Yavapai County Trunk & Tusk Family Cook-Out (Ranch Style BBQ with games and activities) is scheduled at Mortimer Family Farms (formerly Young’s Farm) in Dewey between 10 am and 3 pm, Nov. 2. Tickets are $25  per adult; children under 12/under are half-price. Entertainments includes The Rusty Pistols Cowboy Band  and Ashley Darling will present her rendition of the National Anthem.  Elected officials and 2014 candidates will be there. Tickets are on sale now for a Ruger SR22 Pistol Raffle;  $5 a piece, 3 for $10, or 7 for $20.  $5Donor Cards are being sold again for a chance to win a free ticket to the Cook-Out (two drawings Oct 30. For BBQ/raffle tickets (928) 776-4500.


·       Arizona’s new WWII Memorial will be dedicated on December 7, 2013, according to Secretary of State Ken Bennett. After nearly three years of planning and development, Bennett and the Guns to Salute the Fallen committee have worked to bring the WWII Memorial to reality.  The memorial will feature a steel structure containing the names of the approximately 2000 Arizonans who died in the war flanked by historic gun barrels from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri which symbolically represent the beginning and end of the war.

“From the first day we learned that historic gun barrels from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri were rusting in a surplus yard, we’ve been working to create a memorial that honors the courage and sacrifice of the our WWII veterans,” said Bennett. 

Three sizes of memorial pavers are available.  4”x8”, 8”x8” bricks and a 12”x12” granite paver for purchase.  With a tax-deductible contribution of $125, $500 or $1000, participants may engrave up to three, six or 10 lines of text.  These commemorative pavers will be positioned along the walkways between the historic gun barrels from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri.  Contributions go toward the completion and dedication of the memorial. See:  Details on the ceremony will be posted over the next few weeks.



·        The-White-House-Says-People-Have-Bought-Obamacare-We-Havent-Met-Them-Quite-Yet

·        County Parks Remain Open During Government Shutdown

·        Arizona-Republic-Editors-To-Reporters Work  From Starbucks Or MacDonalds

·        Arizona-Police-Officer-Asked-Not-To-Wear-Uniform-At-Daughters-School

·        Hey Mr. Speaker, You Owe Capitol Cops More Than Gratitude  Roberts

·        Supervisors Back Adaptive Reuse Concepts For New Restaurants

·        More Than 5,000 Arizona Families Denied Their Welfare Checks  The Denial Is One Of The Tangible Early Effects Of The Federal Government Shutdown, State Officials Say.

·        Contract Winner's Brewer Donation Raises Questions

·        Shutdown-Hits-Home-For-Phoenix-Fire-Chief-As-Furloughs-Cancel-Meetings-At-Fema

·        Need-Health-Care-Coverage-Just-Dial-1-800-F***Yo-To-Reach-Obamacares-National-Hotline    1-800-3(F) 1 8(U) - 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O)!

·        Arizona Lakes Affected By Government Shutdown

·        Slain Border Patrol Agent's Wife Speaks For The First Time

·        How Arizona Lawmakers Reacted To The Capitol Shooting

·        Obama-Shutters-Privately Owned Parks

·        Law-Prevents-Lawmakers-From-Forfeiting-Pay-During-Government-Shutdown

·        Border-Patrol-Mission-Continues-During-Shutdown-Even-If-Pay-Does-Not

·        White House Ordered WWII Memorial Barricaded, But Guess Who Harry Reid Blames?

·        Another-Hollywood-Star-Aligns-With-GOP   'I'm No Longer Going To Support The Democrats'



·        Republican-National-Committee-Will-Pay.To Keep Memorial Open For Next 30 Days

·        Make DC Listen-Until All Obamacare-Exemptions-Are Overturned


·        Elected Sheriff Arpaio Hindered In Duties By Appointed Judge

·        House GOP Amnesty Sellouts Exposed By Name

·        Shutdown? GOP U.S. Reps Still Working To Backdoor Amnesty

·        Obamacare Scandal: Tax $$ Fund H-1B Visa Workers, Offshore Jobs


·        Game On! NRCC Running Ads In AZ-01 To Expose Ann Kirkpatrick’s Obsession With Obamacare

·        Andy Tobin: Ann Kirkpatrick Chose Obamacare Over The Grand Canyon

·        Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick Votes Against Funding For Cancer Patients

·        Rep. Paul Gosar: The Truth About The Shutdown

·        Mark Brnovich Announces Candidacy For Attorney General Of Arizona

·        AZ Dems, Obama Supporters Trash Office Of Congressman David Schweikert

·        Educational Picketing Of Arizona IRS Headquarters

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Arizona Rino Legislators Vs Republicans


·        40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obama’s Thugs Threaten To Arrest 90 Year Old Vets

·        Winning The Battle For Investment Success–Special Invitation

·        Student Forced To Remove NRA T-Shirt

·        Illegals Now Qualify For California Driver’s License

·        Obama’s Hubris: “I’m Too Important To Negotiate”

·        GOP Demonizes POTUS

·        Court Sides With Retailer In Islam Discrimination Case

·        Congressman: 30-40 GOP Lawmakers Refuse To Admit Legitimacy Of Obama’s Presidency

·        Senior Group Backs ‘De-Fund Obamacare’ Movement En Masse

·        Veterans Cross Barricades To Get Into World War II Memorial

·        Democrats Curb-Stomp Disabled Veterans

·        Obamacare Supporters: “Shut Up And Eat Your Liver”

·        Harry Reid Declares War On Kids With Cancer; Leftists Silent

·        A Blessing For The GOP?

·        An Update On Obama’s Personal Army…

·        Blame? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Blame!

·        Shutdown Shenanigans: Park Closed Despite Receiving No Federal Funding

·        Crazy Senator Claim Obama “Cut The Deficit In Half”

·        Obama Crony Media Protection Racket

·        Obama Chronically Inept


NEW ZEAL BLOG  Daily updates

·        Obama Domestic Abuse: Now Look What You Made Me Do…

·        Gut the Progressive GOP

·       Watcher’s Council Nominations – Shut Down Edition



·        Arizona Republican 2014 Mandatory Meeting Will Be Held On January 25, 2014 At Grace Community Church - 1200 E Southern Ave  Tempe, AZ 85282.



·        RNC-Chairman-Lights-Up-MSNBC-Anchor



·     House-Committee: Obama-Shutdown-Monuments

·     5 Presidents, 17 Shutdowns; All Negotiated . . . Except You-Know-Who    By Herman Cain

·     Obama-Closes-Down-George-Washingtons-Home-That-Is-Privately-Owned

·     Levin-Goes-Ballistic-On-Obama-Mess-With-Our-Vets-We-Retaliate-Big

·     Do The Obamas Really Need TWO “Essential” Chefs?

·     McDonalds-Employee-Admits-Paid-$15-Protest-WW2-Veterans

·     Shutdown Overreach: More Personnel Sent To WWII Memorial Than Benghazi

·     Obama-Decides-Welfare-Clerks-Are-More-Essential-To-National-Security-Than-Military-Reservists

·     Park-Police-Recalled-To-Defend-Memorial-From-Veterans

·     Dems Admit They Want To Prolong Shutdown

·     War Vets Show The World True Face Behind Obama Mask

·     No Government Shutdown Will Ever Keep War Vets From Their Memorial

·     Obama Shuts Down Privately Funded Park

·     Government Shutdown: The Private Sector Has Been Screaming For Over A Year - Now It's The Obama Government That's Screaming

·     Democrats Refuse Offer For Negotiators - Would Rather Shutdown Government

·     Obama’s “Propaganda Village” On Display In D.C.

·     3 Reasons The Shutdown (Slowdown) Will Be An Ugly Smackdown  By Herman Cain

·     Congressman: 'Despicable' For Government To Close WW II Memorial To Vets

·     Government Shuts Down But Not Obamacare

·     White-House-Press-Secretary-President-Obama-Has-No-Responsibility-Whatsoever-For-Government-Shutdown



·        Back-Room-Deals-In-Congress-May-Give-Obama-Immigration-Reform-Without-Border-Security-Measures

·        Slain Border Patrol Agent's Wife Speaks For The First Time

·        At-Least-104-House-Republicans-Considering-Pathway-To-Legalization-For-Illegals

·        Feds-Cooking-Books-On-Illegal-Immigration-Says-Border-Patrol-Union

·        Pelosi Rallies Democrats Behind Sweeping Immigration Package

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Shutdown Overreach: More Personnel Sent To WWII Memorial Than Benghazi

·        Five-Part-Interview-With-Rep-Frank-Wolf-Reveals-Questions-Behind-Benghazi-Scandal

·        Benghazi Update By Col Snodgrass



·        Shutdown Won’t Stop Holder’s Zimmerman Chase



·        NSA-Chief-Figures-Foiled-Terror-Plots-Misleading



·        Ben-Carson: I-Had-My-First-Encounter-With-The-IRS-Following-The-National-Prayer-Breakfast



·     Women Driving Cars Hurts Ovaries? Saudi Arabia Is No Joke

·     Muslim Student Association's College Jihad: Making America Sharia Compliant One School At A Time

·     Obama-Prohibits-Practice-Of-Catholicism-In-Us  

·     Foreign-Policy-Magazine-Covers-Up-Syrian-Sex-Jihad



·        House-Committee: Obama-Shutdown-Monuments

·        Guard, Reserve Pay Protection Bill Passes House

·        Orders To Close World War II Memorial Coming Directly From White House

·        McDonalds-Employee-Admits-Paid-$15-Protest-WW2-Veterans

·        Obama Loathes Veterans

·        Levin-Goes-Ballistic-On-Obama-Mess-With-Our-Vets-We-Retaliate-Big

·        Obama-Decides-Welfare-Clerks-Are-More-Essential-To-National-Security-Than-Military-Reservists

·        Park-Police-Recalled-To-Defend-Memorial-From-Veterans

·        War Vets Show The World True Face Behind Obama Mask

·        Stunt At WW II Memorial Shows More Evidence Obama Is A Thug

·        No Government Shutdown Will Ever Keep War Vets From Their Memorial

·        Park-Service-Says-Obama -Ordered-Closure-Of-World-War-II-Memorial

·        Dday-Cemetery-Among-The-Victims-Of-US-Shutdown

·        Storming The Barricades In Washington

·        Congressman: 'Despicable' For Government To Close WW II Memorial To Vets

·        Something-Life-Changing-Happened-To-A-Wwii-Veteran-At-The-Washington-DC-Memorial-Youll-Be-Really-Happy-Theblaze-Was-There-To-Capture-It



·        Federal Government: Embarrassing To The Point Of Painful

·        Christian-Businessmen-Jailed-In-Miscarriage-Of-Justice

·        Government Scrambled To Spend As Much As Possible Before Shutdown

·        If 900,000 Federal Workers Can Be Furloughed As ‘Non-Essential,’ Why Employ Them?



·        Judicial Watch Filed A Lawsuit To Force Obama To Follow The "Obamacare" Law he championed. To watch our news conference announcing this major lawsuit, click here. (No. 9:13-cv-80990)).



·        House Passed Measure Guaranteeing No Default; Reid Stripped It Out

·        It Is Time To VETO Obama   By Dr. Laurie Roth

·        Senator: Do You Want This Dysfunctional Government Taking Over Health Care?

·         Harry-Reids-Office-Leaks-Boehner-Office-Emails: It-Could-Ruin-Any-Faith-You-Have-In-Washington

·        See-If-You-Can-Keep-Track-Of-How-Many-Times-This-CNN-Anchor-Jabs-Gop-During-Interview-With-Rand-Paul

·        Listen-To-The-Question-About-A-Child-With-Cancer-That-Appeared-To-Stump-Harry-Reid-And-His-Eventual-Response-Thats-Causing-Many-To-Cringe

·        Rand-Paul-And-Mitch-Mcconnel-Caught-On-Hot-Mic-Talking-Govt-Shutdown-Good-Or-Bad

·        Reids-Callous-Remarks-About-Kids-With-Cancer-Spark-Outrage

·        Guard, Reserve Pay Protection Bill Passes House

·        Time-For-Oversight-Of-Congress-Lack-Of-Oversight   Fred Thompson

·        Obama To Boehner, McConnell: Negotiate With You? I Think Not.

·        Republicans Finally Show Some Fight, But Where Was This In 2011?

·        Congressman: 'Despicable' For Government To Close WW II Memorial To Vets

·        Bauer: Cruz Has Bright Future In GOP, Prospects In 2016 Up In Air

·        Pelosi Rallies Democrats Behind Sweeping Immigration Package

·        Tea Party Patriots Have Record Turnout For Cruz On Tele-Townhall

·        ‘Arbitrary’ Decision? House Republicans Probe Monument Closure Orders

·        Back-Room-Deals-In-Congress-May-Give-Obama-Immigration-Reform-Without-Border-Security-Measures

·        McConnell: I'm A Thorn In The Side Of Obama



·        Former Greenpeace Leader Patrick Moore Leads Demonstrations Against Greenpeace’s Crime Against Human

·        Green Energy Program Lost $6.6 Million In Questionable Reimbursements

·        EPA-To-Hold-Coal-Plant-Hearings-Nowhere-Near-Coal-Country



·        NOT ONE PERSON Has Enrolled In Louisiana Obamacare Exchange

·        Just 100 People Signed Up For Obamacare In Maryland

·        100-Unintended-Consequences-Obamacare

·        Obamacare-Causes-Atlanta-Hospital-To-Lose-45-Million-In-Funding

·        Obamacare-Fines-To-Be-Seized-From-Bank-Accounts

·        Nearly-72-Of-Illinois-Medicaid-Cases-Reviewed-Last-Week-Had-Eligibility-Errors

·        Health-Care Insurers’ Backing Of Obamacare Was A Sell-Out Of America’s Sick

·        New Health Care System Horror Stories

·        Obama Voters Don’t Want Free Health Care If They Have To Pay For It

·        Study: Premiums For Young People To Rise In All 50 States

·        Bipartisan Movement: 25 Democrats Break With Leadership And Vote To Fund NIH

·        Millions Visit, But Few Sign Up In Obamacare Exchanges

·        Computer Security Expert McAfee: Obamacare A Hacker's Dream

·        King Amendment To The Farm Bill Gives Feds Power Over State Regs

·        Premiums For Young People To Rise In All 50 States

·        Strong Link Found Between Rheumatoid Arthritis And Vitamin D Deficiency

·        Obamacare_Fines_To Be Seized Directly From Bank_Accounts

·        Need-Health-Care-Coverage-Just-Dial-1-800-Fuckyo-To-Reach-Obamacares-National-Hotline

·        Acorn-Crooks-On-The-March-For-Obamacare




·        Obama Says Workers Who Strike Should Be 'Fired'



·        Calif. School Forbids Passing Out Constitutions ... On Constitution Day



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Heartland-Institute-Exposes-Link-Between-Federal-Data-Mining-And-Common-Core

·        Common-Core-Requires-9-Year-Olds-To-Be-Expert-Typists



·        Martial Law - Russians Train To Disarm US Citizens On US Soil



·        Stunt At WW II Memorial Shows More Evidence Obama Is A Thug