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10-9-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Oct 9, 2013


·       Services For Former Arizona Senator/Former Dept Of Revenue Director John Greene will be held at11 am, Oct 10 in the main worship center at Scottsdale Bible Church, 7601 E. Shea Blvd.. There will be a graveside ceremony shortly after the service. obituary-


·       Condolences to LD15 PC Karyn Cushing on the passing of her husband David on Sept 30. obituaries.

·       The LD12 Oct 10 Meeting Has Been Moved To Oct. 17.  The location has also changed.  It will be held at Quartz elementary, which is just behind (north) of Campo Verde High School west of Val Vista on Germann.


·       Elected GOP Officials And Candidates wishing to attend the Arizona Federation of Repubican Women Convention lunches on Oct. 25 and 26 or the Oct 25 dinner may fill out the guest application and mail to Leona Johnston, 11011 N. Zephyr Drive, Unit 115, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 or 480-837-6068


·       Congressman David Schweikert Will Address The Fountain Hills Tea Party at 6:30, Oct 15 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Topics: ObamaCare, illegal immigration, the costs of amnesty.Admission is free.  Donations to offset expenses are welcomed and appreciated.  Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or


·       A Nation-Wide Rally In Support Of The Oct 11-13 ‘Truckers (Vets & Bikers) Ride for the Constitution’) Rally in Washington, DC, will include a rally at at 8 am,  Oct 11 and 12 at the Arizona State Capitol. Saturday parking is at 19th Avenue and the visitor parking west of the Capitol Towers due to 17th Avenue being closed for the Susan Korman cancer run. Phx contact:  Barb Heller


·       Super-Rally-Against-President-In-Works … “Americans have had enough of this shoddy treatment of those who saved our country from tyranny,” said Belinda Bee, organizer of 2 Million Bikers to D.C. “These are men in their 80s and 90s. They can’t come back next month or next year. This is their chance to share in this American experience dedicated to their heroism. And yet, this administration was willing to lock them out of a memorial that normally is unguarded in an attempt to score political points. We, the leadership of 2 Million Bikers To DC, urge you to join in this important rally.”

·       The Pinal County Sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol (COP) is looking for classic and custom vehicles to the Nov. 24 COP’s Car Show at Poston Butte High School (Gantzel Road), San Tan Valley. contact Pat Prince at 520-483-1805 or For information about vehicle registration, or vendor booths,contact our car show Committee Chairman, Doug Horner, at 480 204 6201 or Thank you for your support!


·       Rep Brenda Barton Has Issued A Statement regarding the distortion of recent comments on her Facebook…Let me clarify that I never used the word or said that President Obama was “Hitler.”   That was a creative assumption of the Capitol Times reporter, who also reported that I referred to our government as a “Constitutional Democracy.”  I would never use that description because, we are in fact - through law and history - a Constitutional Republic. What I did suggest, rather directly, was that the National Park Service enforcement personnel (referring to them as “thugs” for their reported behavior) were simply following orders of “their leader” – and I used the German phrase for emphasis, Der Fuhrer.  I am referencing the President’s behavior as indicated by his actions. The Merriam-Webster New Collegiate Dictionary defines “Fuhrer” as “(2) a leader exercising tyrannical authority.” Contact:  Barton4AZ at


·       Congressman Matt Salmon - My Turn: Dear-Mr-President-Shutdown-Isnt-Game …Since the partial shutdown, the House has passed eight bipartisan bills to reopen agencies and fund critical programs such as veterans' benefits and children's cancer treatments. Fifty-seven House Democrats (including two from Arizona) compromised with Republicans and voted for some or all of these funding measures. Meanwhile, Reid rejects them and Obama issues veto threats. Now, the president is saying he won't compromise on increasing our debt limit. Our nation is $17 trillion in debt, and he won't discuss with Republicans how to fix our government's spending addiction?

·       Congressman Jeff Flake:  Direct-Payment-Letter-To-Sen-ReidWith the fate of the farm bill still uncertain, we urge that any farm bill extension brought to the floor ensure the full and immediate elimination of direct payments. As you know, direct payments were originally authorized in 1996 as a temporary subsidy to ease the transition of farmers away from Depression-era price supports to a more free-market oriented system. However, extensions in 2002, 2008, and 2012 have left the taxpayers to fund direct payments far longer than Congress originally intended. In total, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates it has paid out more than $92 billion in direct payments during the program's 17 year existence.

Beyond their unsustainable cost, direct payments are also synonymous with waste, fraud, and abuse. As the Washington Post put it, recent analyses of the direct payments program have found that it subsidizes people who aren't really farming: the idle, the urban, and occasionally the dead. These investigations have uncovered taxpayer backed direct payments being paid tobillionaires, to New York City condo dwellers, and to non-farming homeowners who happen tolive on former farmlands…


·       ATTN: The Groups “Truckers To Shut Down America” and “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” claim they are the “founders” of the trucker movement but other groups are “out there spreading false information.” Ben Pam, an organizer for the latter group, told the Examiner that truckers are not planning on arresting any congressmen. “We do not intend to obstruct traffic or close down any roads,” he said. “We are not coming to arrest anyone.” He said the truckers only want to “awaken the American people to the complete disregard for the Constitution and bring a message to Congress that We The People demand to be heard.”


·       Oct 10 Is The Last Day To Register For The Arizona Federation Of Republican Women’s Oct 24-26 convention in Prescott. Click below to download a form.  All Delegates & Alternates must be registered.Delegate/Alternate Registration Form      Attendee/Guest Form   The hotel has extended the rooms block to coincide with the Oct 10  registration deadline.  Contact the Prescott Resort & Conference Center at 928-776-1666. Mention you're with AzFRW when you reserve a room. 


·       Phoenix City Council Run-Off Election Early Voting Begins Oct. 10.


·       Survey Participants Are Needed For The Oct 21 Citizen Focus Group “The Pulses Of Arizona – Is Anyone Listening?” kick off  – a newly formed, local Dr. Frank Luntz type program that will be aired the third Monday of the month. Participants from all walks of life are sought, along with candidates and elected officials. Meet at 6 pm at Broadcast USA Film Studios, 10755 E. Cactus Road, Scottsdale. Volunteers, between the ages of 25-45, regardless of political affiliation should call Nina at (480) 707-9043


·       Jose Borrajero, MCRC 2nd Vice Chairman, is ready to resume precinct committeeman (PC) training with his 20 minute Power Point presentation, followed with a 10 minute Q&A.  Contact: Borrajero at or 602-402-5932. He is already scheduled to meet with the Coconino County Republican Committee in January. Contact: Joy Iris Staveley, Chairman   cell: 928-606-1131


·       “Packages From Home” Is Raffling A Smith & Wesson – M&P .40. Cal handgun to raise funds for postage to ship packages to overseas military. Tickets: Arizona Project, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx., or call Roger Hesketh at 602-790-5721 or on line at:  packagesfromhome.gun-raffle


·       LD21 Recently Kicked Off Their New Coffee Fundraising Venture.  Three blends of coffee are available, Medium (Freedom Blend), Bold (Constitution Blend) and Decaf (Liberty Blend).  Each bag is FRESHLY roasted and ground. To purchase great tasting coffee while supporting conservatives visit:  Contact:  Lisa Gray at or 623-340-8173


·       Pima County Republicans are selling holiday wrap on line. Go to; select Friends & Supporters – Place.  Order.  Enter PimaGOP Organization Number: # 104039. Start shopping; check out & pay by credit card. Combine orders with friends & family for free shipping at $85. On-line Orders, ship to home, free shipping for orders over $85. Contact Innis Brook at 1-877-525-5608.


·       The Oct 8  Maricopa County GOP Calendar, including events throughout Arizona, has been posted at   See calendars posted in Archives on the left side of the page. Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Greenlee, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Yavapai, and Yuma County GOP events posted by county in the lower calendar section.  The Arizona Tea Party Events have also been posted under separate heading.  Please check your postings so these calendars reflect the constant changes that occur. Please include your group name, meeting time, location, speaker and contact person when you submit updated information.  These calendars are compiled to help you participate in Republican/conservative related events. Copy deadline is Friday noon. To add your upcoming events please, contact Frosty Taylor at


·       Oct. 17 - LD23 Will Host An Arizona Gubenatorial Candidate Forum at 7 pm at the Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, 16537 N. 92nd Street, Scottsdale.  Panelists:  Ken Bennett, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Dr. John Molina.  Moderator:  Len Munsil.  VIP reception at 6 pm.  RSVP for VIP reception: or 480-361-0465.


·       October 10 Events:

·        LD12 (2nd Thurs)Moved to Oct 17 7:15 pm, Quartz elementary, which is just behind (north) of Campo Verde High School west of Val Vista on Germann.Contact: LD12 Chr Mickie Niland  Chairman@Azld12.Com  Http://Azld12.Com/


·       LD23  - 6:30 pm, Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Drive, Fountain Hills.  Contact: Chr Doug Little


·       Yavapai County GOP By-Laws Committee. 3 pm, Yavapai Republican Headquarters, 112 B E. Union St., Prescott. Joel Schochet Chairman.


·       Oct 11, 14, 16, 18 - Crossroads With Van, 4:30 pm, Call in 347-857-4804.  Questions to 



·        Closed-For-King-Obama: Grand-Canyon-Business-Owners-Protest-Shutdown

·        McRino-Bashes-Tea-Partiers-For-Government-Shutdown

·        Grijalva-Congressmen-Arrested-DC-Protest

·        MCSO: 46,000 Patients At Risk In AZ Credit Card Scheme

·        Truckers-Offer-Free-Rides-To DC For-Veterans For The -Oct-13-March

·        Bikers-Defend-WW2-Memorial-Vets-Patriotic-Act-Respect-Veterans  Ride With Pride And Honor

·        Million Vet March On The Memorials  DC National WWII Memorial  And Other Memorials Across The National.

·        Is DC Going To Get Trucked This Weekend? - Ride For The Constitution Rolls Into Town In Just 2 Days

·        Closed Monuments Provokes Citizens Plan To March On Washington In Protest

·        Government Shutdown Stalling Housing Market? Some Loans Affected

·        AZ-Lawmakers-Facebook-Post-Draws-Sharp-Reaction

·        Luke-Civilian-Workers-To-Be-Paid-During-Government-Shutdown

·        AZ-NV-Hold-Public-Meetings-On-Proposed-I-11

·        Grand Canyon Cites People For Entering Closed Park

·        Protesters demand opening of Grand Canyon  

·        Motorists should prepare for gusty winds across Arizona

·        AZ Medical Board violated 'many state laws,' according to report  An investigation was initiated after employee complaints substantiated 19 of 20 allegations.

·        Read Sen. Nancy Barto's Statement

·        Pinal Ranch Hand Found Guilty Of Raping 4-Year-Old

·        Grand Canyon Education Named 2nd Best Firm

·       Dates That Destroyed America   Since the end of World War II, in virtually every war in which US military forces have been engaged, it has been at the behest of the UN. And it is also no accident that America has not fought a constitutionally declared war since we entered the UN--and...




·        Congress-Is-Still-Getting-Paid-So-They Are Working Schedule

·        President Obama’s Ego Continues To Trample American Freedoms

·        Tuesday The National Mall Was Open For SEIU And AFLCIO Closed To Veterans

·        Arizona AG Tom Horne Warns Consumers To Avoid Scams Centered Around The Affordable Care Act

·        Congress-Still-Going-Strong-Despite Shutdown

·        Shut-It-Down

·        Matthew-Vadum-Guest-On-Hair-On-Fire

·        National-Mall-Open-Tuesday-For-Illegals


·        Schad Execution: The Wheels Of Justice Grind Slowly

·        AZ Republic: Moving The Deck Chairs OFF The Titanic

·        Shutdown? We’ve Been Through This 17 Times Before


·         Arizona Honors The Legendary Tuskegee Airmen

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        47.9 Million Americans Out Of Work Is An "Economic Recovery"? 

·        caution: The Public School Districts Are Back Again Asking For A Budget Increase. These Are Officially Called “Override Elections." By Mickie Niland, Chandler Unified School District Resident, Republican Precinct Committeeman.

·        More Isn't Always Better!

·        479-Million-Americans-Looking-For-Work


·        The Allen West Foundation To Donate To The Fisher House Foundation To Directly Help The Families Of The Families Of Fallen Soldiers.

·        America Has A Judeo-Christian Faith Heritage And Promotes The Free Exercise Of Religion

·        There Are No Words To Express My Outrage


·        Arizona lawmaker refers to Obama as ‘De Fuhrer’ on Facebook

·        Financial Armageddon Coming to America

·        Arizona lawmaker refers to Obama as ‘De Fuhrer’ on Facebook

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Obama Leaks Set Up Navy Seals For Assassination Again!

·        Obama Agrees To Negotiate With Congress

·        Inoperable Obamacare Site Cost Taxpayers $635 Million

·        Christian Group Targets Atheists With Billboard Campaign

·        Study Suggests Anti-Bullying Efforts Create More Bullies

·        Hawaii’s Lenient Laws For Birth Certificates

·        Racist Mob Kills Soldier

·        Lawmaker Defends Obama-Hitler Comparison

·        Beck: Dictator Obama Intentionally Inflicting Pain With Government Shutdown

·        Bill Maher Insults Wwii Veterans, Needs To Shut Up Permanently

·        ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: They Told Us To Stop Praying To Jesus, Don’t Offend Muslims

·        Obamacare Death Panels Will Begin Their Work With Medicare Recipients

·        Pelosi Faces Unexpected Tough Questions From CBS, Looks Like A Fool

·        5 Blacks Murder War Veteran For Being White, Mainstream Media Silent

·        Eight Democrat Congressmen Arrested At Immigration Rally




·        Republicans Say Obama Underestimates Their Resolve as Debt Default Nears: If you thought Republicans weren’t serious about a debt default, think again. While Democrats refuse to negotiate on the continuing resolution and the debt limit, apparently assuming the GOP will eventually cave, House Republicans insist they are prepared to bring borrowing authority to a screeching halt.



·        Crewed-By-The-Spitehouse: Blue-Ridge-Inn-Forced-To-Throw-Out-Food-After-Shutdown-Closure

·        Obama Plans To Talk To Republicans Again On Shutdown, Debt

·        Obama-Plans-Talk-Gop-Shutdown-Debt   With shutdown in its 9th day and default edging ever closer, neither side showed signs of bending.

·     Dozens Of Veterans Arrested At Vietnam War Memorial In NYC

·     Gestapo-Tactics-Meet-Senior-Citizens-At-Yellowstone

·     Martial-Law-Declared-By-Democrat-In-Congress

·     Super-Rally-Against-President-In-Works  The Million Vet March on the Memorials will be held Sunday, Oct. 13, at 9 a.m. Eastern at the World War II memorial on the National Mall, the location where rangers under orders from the White House tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent vets from visiting in recent days.

·     Obama-Closures-For-Shutdown

·     Donald-Trump-Says-He'll-Pay-For-Fallen-Warrior-Burials-Cut-By-Shutdown

·     From-The-Trenches-Priest-Threatened-With-Arrest-Says-Mass-In-Park

·     Feds-Now-Blocking-Children-From-Going-To-School-And-Families-From-Visiting-Dead-Relatives

·     Feds-To Furloughed-Employees:Checking-Govt-Email-During-Shutdown-Criminal-Offense

·     Closed Monuments Provokes Citizens Plan To March On Washington In Protest

·     Department Of Veterans Affairs Spent $1 Million On TV Ads During Government Shutdown

·     Treatment Of Us Soldiers By Barack Obama During Shutdown - A Disgrace Worthy Of Impeachment

·     'Brown Shirt' Park Rangers Cut Off Pisgah Inn Because 'They're Following Orders'



·        Homeland Security: It's Cheaper To Round Up & Deport Illegals Than To Allow Them To Stay

·       ACLU-Files-Complaint-Against-Border-Patrol-In-Ariz

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Transcripts Of Speeches From Citizens’ Commission On Benghazi Conference Now Online


·        Video: Zullo: Obama An Empty Suit Who Rose Out Of Nowhere



·        The Million American Marches - Ideas For Using The First Amendment Until We See Victory



·        New York Capitol Unanimously Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution 11-0



·        House-Votes-To-Restore-Defense-Dept-Death-Benefits

·        Pentagon-To-Ensure-Death-Benefits

·        The Allen West Foundation To Donate To The Fisher House Foundation To Directly Help The Families Of The Families Of Fallen Soldiers.

·        Dozens Of Veterans Arrested At Vietnam War Memorial In NYC

·        Super-Rally-Against-President-In-Works  The Million Vet March On The Memorials Will Be Held Sunday, Oct. 13, At 9 A.M. Eastern At The World War II Memorial On The National Mall, The Location Where Rangers Under Orders From The White House Tried, Unsuccessfully, To Prevent Vets From Visiting In Recent Days. …
Why U.S. Is Losing Iraq And Why Iran Can’t Afford To
    By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC

·        Department Of Veterans Affairs Spent $1 Million On TV Ads During Government Shutdown

·        Treatment Of US Soldiers By Barack Obama During Shutdown - A Disgrace Worthy Of Impeachment

·        Obama Leaks Set Up Navy Seals For Assassination Again!

·        Bill Maher Insults WWII Veterans, Needs To Shut Up Permanently
Obama – The New Chicken Little



·        Lawsuit Demands Obama Start Employer Mandate: ‘President Can’t Change Law’

·        Infographic-The-Supreme-Court-Got-It-Wrong-Obamacares-Unconstitutionality-By-The-Numbers



·        House-GOP-To-Send-Negotiators-To-White-House; Obama Wanted Entire Delegation

·        GOP-Congressman-Decimates-Andrea-Mitchell-And-Slams-Pathetic-News-Reports

·        Eric-Cantor" Divided-Government-Requires-Bipartisan-Negotiation

·        Pelosi Exults Amid Cheers From Latino Illegals

·        House-Votes-To-Restore-Defense-Dept-Death-Benefits

·        Ryan-Offers-Plan-To-End-Standoff

·        Reid-Wants-1t-Debt-Hike-To-End-Of-2014

·        McConnell-Calls-On-Reid-To-Stop-Blocking-Vote-On-Military-Chaplains

·        GOP to Obama: Send captured Libyan suspect to Guantanamo: The Obama administration's detention of a high-profile terrorist suspect aboard a Navy vessel is drawing sharp opposition among Republicans in Congress, who say Abu Anas al-Libi should be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

·        MSNBC Host Left Speechless By GOP Congressman’s Epic Obamacare Admission



·        Jimmy-Carter: Middle-Class-Live Like Poor Of 30 Years Ago



·        Suit In Oklahoma Could Knock Out Obamacare

·        Americans Suffer Sticker Shock - How Affordable Is Obamacare?

·        Obamacare Death Panels Will Begin Their Work With Medicare Recipients

·        Students: Obamacare Should Let People Stay On Parent’s Health Insurance Forever


·        Seiu-Leaders-Gets-33-Months-In-Prison-For-Stealing-Members-Dues



·        UNESCO_Proposes_Discussions_About_Education_On_Sexuality_And_Gender_Relations_In_Teachers_Education

·        Obama's Dream Come True - Nationalizing Education

·        Students: Obamacare Should Let People Stay On Parent’s Health Insurance Forever



·        Agenda-21

·        Freedom Advocates

·        Arizona Against Agenda21

·        Democrats Against Un Agenda21



·        Homeland Security: It's Cheaper To Round Up & Deport Illegals Than To Allow Them To Stay



·        The_Most_Dishonest_President_Ever

·        Obama: Time-Americans-Embrace-Dictatorship-Slavery-Else

·        Ap: Obama’s Approval Falls To Record Low 37 Percent

·        Bankrupting America To Massage Obama's Dangerous Egomania

·        Us Debt Already Exceeds Debt Limit By $48 Billion Minimum; Gold Vs. Debt Ceiling

·        Obama's Dream Come True - Nationalizing Education



·        Praise-For-Assad-State-Dept-Tries-To-Walk-Back-Kerrys-Statement

·        Suez-Canal-Targeted-Muslim-Brotherhood-Fighters-Join-Forces-With-Al-Qaida-Insurgents

·        U.S. Leans Toward Withholding Most Military Aid From Egypt: The United States Is Leaning Toward Withholding Most Military Aid To Egypt Except To Promote Counterterrorism.

·        On Anniversary Of Che Killing, CIA's Felix Rodriguez Remembers  

·        UNESCO_Proposes_Discussions_About_Education_On_Sexuality_And_Gender_Relations_In_Teachers_Education

·        US Cutting Hundreds Of Millions In Aid To Egypt







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