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9-30-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Sept 30, 2013


·       CNN Reports: A Little More Than An Hour After The Federal Government Began Shutting Down, House Republicans Have Voted To Reaffirm Obamacare Amendments they attached to to a spending bill that would have kept the government running and that the Senate had earlier rejected.
      The House also requested that the Senate convene a conference committee to work out their differences over the funding plan but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already rejected that proposal, saying the Senate "will not negotiate with a gun to our head." The House amendments would delay the Obamacare individual mandate and eliminate health insurance premium subsidies for members of Congress, their staffs and the president.
     Shortly after midnight, the White House ordered federal government agencies to begin shutting down, furloughing thousands of workers and curtailing some services for the first time in nearly 18 years.


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Will Host A Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Forum At 7 pm, October 3 at Arizona Republican Party Headquarters, 3501 North 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016. The purpose of this event is to introduce members of the MCRC Executive Guidance Council (EGC) and the public to candidates running for Governor Arizona in the August 26, 2014 Primary Election.

To date, Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, John Molina

and Andrew Thomas have announced their candidacy for Governor.

The 90 minute forum will open with candidate’s opening remarks,  followed by 60 minutes for questions and answers. Ten questions, selected by the EGC, will be asked. Each candidate will have one minute to answer each question. There will be no questions from the floor.

Doors open at 6 pm. Seating is limited with 30 of the seats reserved for EGC members.  The remaining seats are “first come - first serve.” Only registered Republicans with a valid photo ID will be admitted. The forum will be broadcast live at


·       LD 26 Presents Economics 102 at its Oct 8 meeting. Presentations by scholars from both the Keynesian and Austrian schools of economic theory. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to discuss the economic theory and how it impacts our daily lives, followed by 20 minutes of "open to the floor" question and answer time. Details: LD26 economics 102  Contact: Matthew Papke     480 - 242 – 2208


·       Two Cacti Species Have Been Added To The List Of Endangered Plants protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – the acuña cactus of southern Arizona and the Fickeisen plains cactus of northern Arizona.


·       “Packages From Home” Is Raffling A Smith & Wesson – M&P 40. Cal hand gun to raise funds for postage to ship too overseas military. Tickets are available to Arizona Project, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx., or call Roger Hesketh at 602-790-5721 or on line at:  packagesfromhome.gun-raffle


·       PC Jon Altmann Is Serving A A Second Term as National Vice President for Members for the Association of the US Navy.


·       Rep. Matt Salmon “For The Third Time, House Republicans Passed A Bipartisan Bill to fund the government and protect Americans from the ever-mounting and damaging effects of Obamacare. Once again, our bill keeps the government open, protects Americans from being forced into Obamacare and puts Members of Congress and the President into the healthcare exchanges they created. It seems that each day we hear about another delay or new exemption by the Obama Administration. This is not only unfair to the American taxpayer, but demonstrates this harmful law remains not ready for primetime Senate Democrats continue to offer no solutions to this problem and choose to be the Party of NO. Make no mistake, Senate Democrats are threating to shut down the government by failing to compromise with House Republicans. The moment of truth is upon them, and I call on Harry Reid to be responsible and immediately act to prevent a government shutdown.”


·       U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar: “The Senate shouldn’t run out the clock on the American people with inaction and extreme partisanship.  The American people expect Senate Democrats to work with the House and put aside the extremist ideology some Senate Democrats are engaging in.  The public doesn’t deserve the government shutdown the Democrats threaten, nor is it fair that individuals not be exempted from the impact of Obamacare. It’s time for the Democrat-led Senate to listen to the American people and stop playing politics. The House did its job, now it’s up to the Senate to pass this bill and stop a government shutdown.”

·       LD6 Rep Bob Thorpe Is One Of The Co-Founders Of  Newly Formed The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force. It’s mission is to assist the 38 states needed to draft and ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the U.S. Constitution. Our nation is $16 trillion in debt and on track to borrow another trillion a year for the next ten years. The average taxpaying family will be forced to pay $12,000 in taxes just to cover the interest on the 2021 debt.


·       CD2 candidate Martha McSally will make an announcement Oct 1 at:

ü  9 am, American Legion Post 66,1560 W. Duval Mine Road. Green Valley;

ü  Noon, Anewco Manufacturing, 1800 S. Research Loop. Tucson;

ü  5:30 pm, Pueblo del Sol Country Club, 2700 St. Andrews Drive. Sierra Vista.

      RSVP: Kristen Douglas at (520) 488-2452.


·       The Yavapai County Trunk & Tusk Family Cook-Out (Ranch Style BBQ with games and activities) is scheduled at Mortimer Family Farms (formerly Young’s Farm) in Dewey between 10 am and 3 pm, Nov. 2. Tickets are $25  per adult; children under 12/under are half-price. Entertainments includes The Rusty Pistols Cowboy Band  and Ashley Darling will present her rendition of the National Anthem.  Elected officials and 2014 candidates will be there. Tickets are on sale now for a Ruger SR22 Pistol Raffle;  $5 a piece, 3 for $10, or 7 for $20.  $5Donor Cards are being sold again for a chance to win a free ticket to the Cook-Out (two drawings Oct 30. For BBQ/raffle tickets (928) 776-4500.


·       The Sun Lakes Republican Club is inviting the public to "Abigail Adams" -  A Living History Portrayal by Sarah Crawford at 6:30 pm, Oct 8 in the Arizona Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes. Education Coordinator Sandi Reid will present “"Constitution in the Classroom" and AZGOP staffers Laddie Shane and Mark Neufel will address "Communicating the Blessings of Liberty." Rep Tom Forese will give a legislative update. Contact: Mike Tennant, 480-802-0178.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Is Hosting An “ Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up” between 2-4 pm, Oct 5 between marker post 326/327 along Hwy 89, Chino Valley. Volunteers are urged to bring gloves and wear long pants/boots.(Garbage bags and safety vests will be provided). Meet/park at Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, 175 E. Road 2 South, Chino Valley.(corner of Road 2 South, next to mile marker 326). RSVP to:  Julie Schreiner at  


·       Floating Around The E-Mail Circuit: Food For Thought - How To Fix Congress -

1.     No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office, and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2.     Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.  All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3.     Congressmen/women can purchase their own retirement plans, just as all Americans do.

4.     Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.  Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5.     Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6.     Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7.     All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/31/13.

The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.  The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

This Is How You Fix Congress!  It’s about time!



·        Gilbert-School-Board-To-Vote-On-Common-Core-Tues-Oct-1

·        Gov. Brewer Speaks Out On Possible Gov’t Shutdown

·        Senate Rejects House Conditions As Gov’t Shutdown Looms

·        More Americans Say Country Headed In Wrong Direction

·        They're Lying To You: Appropriations And “Shutdown” Lies

·        AZ Leaders Weigh In On Budget Fray

·        Arizona Rest Areas May Get New Amenities

·        Fed Shutdown Would Block Access To Grand Canyon

·        State Agency Investigating Firefighters' Death

·        Another Yarnell Report On The Way

·        Brush Never Cleared From Yarnell Homes

·        MCSO Arrests 24 Janitorial Company Employees In Identity Theft Case


·        Must See: Ted Cruz's Dad Gives Epic Speech On Patriotism, Blasts Obama

·        McCain-Hires-Controversial-Syria-Analyst-Who-Inflated-Credentials

·        MUST SEE: Hillary-Clinton-Exposed:  Movie-Banned-Theaters-Full

·        Truckers-Roar-To-DC-With-Impeachment-Movement   'The Goal Is To Wake Up The Sleeping Giant, The People Of America'

·        Bruce-Ash-Shucks-N-Jives-With-Rush-And-Sarah

·        Isn't Government Already Shut Down?  Montini

·        Arizona-Gets-$1.2M-In-Federal-Public-Housing-Funds

·        2nd-Republican-To-Run-For-Congress-In-Arizona-CD2

·        Expect-The-Unexpected-Changes-To-AZ-Campaign-Contribution-Limits   Lisa Hauser

·        Arizonans-Without-Insurance-Can-Sign-Up-Tuesday

·        Insider: Bennett Says No To Commission

·        Newest Senator Farnsworth Talks ’14 Plans

·        Pinal Politicians To Mull Outside Auditors

·        Arizona Delegation Divided Over Bill

·        30 ‘Dreamers’ To Attempt U.S. Re-Entry

·        Arizona-Cant-Afford-Duncans-Early-Learning-Plan

·        DiCiccio Concerned Over Police Videotaping Tailgaters

·        Judge-Bars-AZ-Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio-From-Using-Immigration-Tactic

·        Mayor-Greg-Stanton-Electronic-Vehicles-Sustainability-No-Longer-Optional-Nicety

·        Is Compromise Possible On Immigration Reform (Or Anything Else)?    Roberts

·        Leftist-Muckraker-Seymour-Hersh-Lashes-Out-Pathetic-And-Obsequious-Pro-Obama Media

·        Americans Are More Conservative Than They Have Been In Decades

·        Retirement Director Delays Bonus Request

·        Judge Jeanine Pirro Expolodes At President's Obamacare Speech

·        Video: Mark Levin Slams Mccain As A ‘Useful Idiot For The Democrats’

·         Parents Livid After Middle Schoolers Watch Video Of Celebrities Who ‘Pledge' Support For Obama - And Ask Viewers To Do Likewise



·        Don’t Cave-Republicans

·        Democrats Ignore Problems On Obamacare Rollout: "Problem-Plagued," "Glitches," "Snags" And "Really Confused"

·        AZ Congressman Matt Salmon Guest On Hair On Fire News Talk Radio

·        Scottsdale City Bond Election Will Cost 35 Percent Interest Vote No

·        Arizona- Potluck BBQ Picnic With Congressman Paul Gosar

·        Video-Senator Ted Cruz (Tx-R) "What Have The Democrats Compromised On? Nothing. Zero."

·        Obamacare Web Site Deletes Reference To Free Health Care

·        Democrat Governor Tried To Keep Segregation In Schools

·        Obama Has Signed 14 Laws To Change Parts Of Obamacare

·        Republican Bill Keeping Government Open, Delaying Obamacare Awaits Senate Action

·        Arizona-Rep-Matt-Salmon-Listens-To.The People

·        House-Votes-To-Fund-Government-  delay Obamacare one year


·        AZ Fed Judge Rules For Illegal Invaders, Binds Law Enforcement

·        McHeavenly Match: McCain Hires Pro-Syrian Rebel Liar

GILBERT WATCH  See daily updates

·        Arizona Rino Legislators Vs Republicans


·       Our Resources Are Not Their Toys And Our Lives Are Not For Their Manipulation


·        President Obama Lied To Us — He Told America Some Real Whoppers About Obamacare



·        A Campaign Seminar will be held between 8 am – 1 pm, Oct 1 At AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx.



·       Do Republicans Have A Plan To Stop Obamacare?

·       The RSC Steering Committee unanimously voted to support the latest House proposal to fund the government while protecting American families from the devastating consequences of the President’s health care law.  “This bill ensures that all Members of Congress and the White House will finally have to live by the same laws that have been passed, just like all Americans,” Scalise said.  “Either Obamacare is good enough that it should apply to all or it is so bad that it should apply to none.  It is time for the sweetheart deals and backroom exemptions to end.The devastating effects of the President’s health care law are not a partisan issue. Businesses see it.  American families see it.  Even union leaders like James Hoffa see this train wreck coming.  It is time for Senate Democrats and the President to get off the sidelines and work in a bipartisan way to fund the government while eliminating special political exemptions.” With 175 members, the Republican Study Committee is the largest multi-issue caucus in the House of Representatives.


·       Republican National Committee (Rnc) Chairman Reince Priebus:  “I want to applaud Republicans in the House for working to ensure all Americans are treated fairly when it comes to ObamaCare,” said Chairman Priebus. “The latest Continuing Resolution ends special treatment for big business and special exemptions for Congress. President Obama awarded big business a delay from ObamaCare; it’s only right to give the same to hardworking middle class Americans. To object to that is to object to the basic principle of fairness. While Harry Reid and his Democrat colleagues keep pushing America toward a government shutdown, the House Republicans have worked to do the will of the American people. If the Democrats reject the latest resolution to keep government running, they’ll be sending a clear message that they think they and their political allies are more important than average Americans. Americans didn’t want ObamaCare forced on them, and they don’t want a shutdown forced on them either. Once again, Democrats are unwilling to listen.”



·        Illegal-Immigration-Shifts-To-Texas-As-Overall-Numbers-Fall-On-Border

·        Http://Www.Breitbart.Com/Big-Government/2013/09/29/Rep-Steve-King-Remain-Ever-Vigilant-Against-Amnesty

·        Immigrants Make Border-Cross Attempt

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Az Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Families Of Benghazi: Sue For Wrongful Death



·        Justice Department To Challenge North Carolina Voter ID Law



·        Bill-Maher-Just-Made-A-Whole-Lot-Of-NRA-Members-Really-Mad

·        Obama, Holder To Place Good Guys With Guns In Schools

·        Insanity: Seventh-Grader Suspended Three Days For Gun Keychain The Size Of A Quarter



·        NSA Employees Use Powers For Personal Stalking Without Being Detected Or Punished



·        New_IRS_Scandal Islamic Extremism And Sex Slaves:  Report Reveals President Obama’s Relatives Run Charities Of Deceit



·        MUST SEE: Hillary-Clinton-Exposed-Movie-Banned-Theaters-Full  This Is Full Length.  Very Informative.

·        Charles-Ferguson: Why I Am Cancelling My Hillary-Clinton-Documentary

·        Judicial Watch Files Suit, Seeks Huma’s Records

·        NBC-Scraps-Hillary-Clinton-Miniseries



·        Conservatives Fear Another Split Republican Vote, With Path For Christie Win

·        Democrat Narcissism Gives Conservatives An Advantage In 2016

·        What If 2016 Comes Down To Hillary Vs. Christie?



·        Justice Department To Challenge North Carolina Voter ID Law

·        Occupy Washington On November 19: Demand That Obama Resign



·        MUST SEE:  Egypt Can Prove Obama Is A Terrorist

·        Egyptian-Official-Ties-Obamas-Brother-To-Brotherhood

·        Obama_Wahhabist_Fundraising_Empire

·         Stoning-Terrorism-Defender-Keynotes-DC-Banquet

·        WTF-Terror-Front-CAIR-Changes-Name-Again



·        The Persecution & Murdering Of Christians: Who Is Doing It And Where Is The Media?

·        Muslims-Demanding-Holidays

·        Soros-Funded Website Attacks Christians



·        Two U.S. Generals Fired For Failing To Protect Afghan Base

·        Marine Corps Whistleblower Faces Vengeance From Superiors

·        Military Suspends No. 2 U.S. Nuke Commander Amid Probe

·        No-2-Chief-At-Us-Strategic-Command-Is-Suspended

·        Must See:  40th Viet Nam Reunion At Nixon Library



·        Federal Debt - Some Would Call It Treason

·        Glenn: Why-Dont-We-Fire-All-Nonessential-Personnel

·        Kerry: Potential Terror Recruits Need ‘More Economic Opportunities’

·        The Fed Has Become A Creature Of Politics

·        ‘Nonessential’ Label Makes Federal Workers Uncomfortable

·        As Congress Fights Over Spending, Agencies Go On A Spree

·        FBI's-Rogue-LA-Field-Office-Has-Muslim-Mole

·        What The Administration Didn't Tell You About Obamacare Exchange Plans



·        Do Republicans Have A Plan To Stop Obamacare?

·        Cruz-Republicans Hold Firm On Shutdown

·        Gop-Lawmakers-Call-Out-Cnn-Anchor   'Whose Bidding Are You Doing?'

·        Boehner Blasts Senate Democrats For Inaction On Shutdown

·        Ted Cruz, Liberty Counsel’s Got Your Flank

·        House GOP Women Play In Primaries To Increase Ranks

·        How Far Will John Boehner Go?

·        House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing At Obama's ‘Red Line’ On CR

·        John Boehner, Back Under Pressure

·        As Congress Fights Over Spending, Agencies Go On A Spree

·         Rand Paul: It's Obama Who's Shutting Down Gov't

·        Bachmann: Obama-Peddling-Crack-Cocaine-Of-Dependency

·        Rep-Steve-King-Remain-Ever-Vigilant-Against-Amnesty

·        Today, Senate Democrats Are Expected To Again Threaten A Government Shutdown By Rejecting Any Delay Or Change To Obamacare   The Hill

·        Repealing Obamacare’s Medical Device Tax Is “One Of The Ideas Gaining Steam” Among Both Republicans And Democrats. The Wall Street Journal

·        Reid Himself Called Obamacare’s Medical Device Tax “Stupid” Just Last Week.  Senate Press Briefing,

·        Showdown On Meet The Press And Ted Cruz Doesn’t Back Down (+Video)

·        Who’ll Blink? Dems, GOP In Shutdown Stare Down

·        Boehner Slams Senate Dems’ ‘Arrogance’



·        Make-Able-Bodied-Work-For Food-Stamps

·        Liberal-Entitlements-Popularizing-Poverty-Dependence-Since-1965



·        Popular-Fact-Checker-Misleads-Public-On-Obamacare    Denial of rationing, 'death panels' contradicted by law

·        Obamacare: The Crown Jewel Of Democrat Ideology

·        Ten States Where Obamacare Wipes Out Existing Health Care Plans

·        Saturday Night Live Mocks Obamacare (+Video)

·        CBS’s Bob Schieffer Falsely Claims ‘Polls Say That Most People Favor’ Obamacare

·        Obamacare: Accept Nothing Less Than Repeal

·        Obamacare-Provides-7200-Divorce-Incentive, $11,000 For-Older-Couples

·        Gallup: At Least 25% Of Uninsured Americans Say They Will Stay That Way

·        McCarthy: Obamacare 'Creating A Part-Time America'

·        Reagan Warned US About Obamacare Back in the late 1950s and into the early 60s, the American Medical Association (AMA) tried to warn us about socializing medicine.

·        'Evil' Republicans Want To Make The Able Bodied Work For Food Stamps!

·        Cruz, Republicans Vow To Hold Firm On Obamacare Demands

·        Democratic Senators Ask Red Bull, Monster To Stop Marketing To Kids

·        USDA: 524 Schools Drop Out Of Revamped Federal Lunch Program

·        Obamacare: It's Free, It Must Be A Good Thing…

·        NBC Announces Week Of Programming To Help Obamacare Succeed



·        Laborers' Union: Fix Obamacare Or Repeal It; ‘We're Getting Our A-- Kicked Here'



·        Study-School-Administrative-Bloat-Increases-700-Percent-Since-1950

·        Insanity: Seventh-Grader Suspended Three Days For Gun Keychain The Size Of A Quarter

·        School-District-Violates-Teachers-Constitutional-Rights

·        USDA: 524 Schools Drop Out Of Revamped Federal Lunch Program



·        The Trojan-Horse That Is-Agenda-21   Joe The Plumber



·        Controversial-Adviser-To-Department-Of-Homeland-Security-Defends-Use-Of-Muslim-Brotherhood-Associated-Icon-On-His-Twitter



·        Ed_Henry:Why_Is_Obama_Willing_To_Negotiate_With_Iran_But_Not_Republicans?

·        What Happens When A President Lies?

·        As Shutdown Crisis Unfolds, Obama Sets Personal Golf Record

·        Debt Ceiling Raised 7 Times Under Obama, Costing $43,000 Per Household

·        Must See: Egypt Can Prove Obama Is A Terrorist

·        Egyptian-Official-Ties-Obamas-Brother-To-Brotherhood

·        Obama-Peddling-Crack-Cocaine-Of-Dependency

·        Choir-Director-Murdered-To-Conceal-Obamas-Homosexualitydrug-Use

·        Obama-Is-A-Foreign-Operative

·        Hersh: Bin-Laden-Raid-One-Big-Lie

·        Obamas-Fallen: Cant-Get Up

·        Federal Debt - Some Would Call It Treason



·        MUST SEE:  Egypt Can Prove Obama Is A Terrorist

·        Obama-Is-A-Foreign-Operative

·        Hersh: Bin-Laden-Raid-One-Big-Lie

·        Britain-Warns-Hate-Preacher-Recruited-Nairobi-Mall-Massacre-Killers

·         Israel’s Netanyahu To Warn US, UN About Iran’s ‘Smiley Campaign’

·        UN Inspectors Prepare To Dismantle Syria’s Chemical Weapons Cache

·        Netanyahu Warns Obama: Don't Be Fooled By Iran

·        Bolton: Iran Playing Obama To Buy Time For Bomb

·        Obama Falls For Iran’s Fake Fatwa Against Nuclear Weapons






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