Sunday, November 17, 2013

11-16-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor – Frosty Taylor

Nov 16, 2013


We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What's interesting, the first group "worked for" their money...  the second didn't!!  - author unknown 


·        McCain-Says-He’ll-Fight-Tea-Party-Senators-Every-Step-Of-The-Way-If-They-Try-To-Shutdown-The-Government-Again


·        Should McCain Run Or Retire?   Express Your Opinion. 


·       Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Clint Hickman, LD13 Chairman Robert Branch, , and Maricopa County Parks/Recreation Director R J Cardin invite the public to join them at 10 am, Nov 17 to hike the Water Fall Trail at the White Tank Mountain Park. Park rangers and an archeologist will point out petroglyphs and rock formations along the trail as  the ‘100 miles in 100 days’ challenge kicks off in recognitions of National ‘Take a Hike’ day.  The event is free – the day-use park entry fee is waived for all Maricopa County Parks in this Sunday. Bring your children.


·       Grassroots Conservatives Are Invited To A Patriotic Rally from 1-4 pm, Nov 17 at the Aquatic Center, 100 Park Ave., Lake Havasu City. Speakers, music. Contact: 928-727-0895 or 928-855-7618 to register.


·       During The Month Of October, Just 27,000 People Signed Up For Obamacare on the federally-run exchange - - according to data released Wednesday by the Department of Health and Human Services. This includes Arizona, where just 739 people selected a plan, according to CD4 Representative Paul Gosar. The Obama Administration’s enrollment goal for the month of October was 500,000 people. It's now a fact that more people have had their health insurance cancelled under Obamacare than have signed up for it. continues to malfunction, millions of Americans are losing the insurance coverage they were promised they could keep and premiums for families are skyrocketing. Gosar want to hear your stories. Together you can show President Obama and Senate Democrats the damage Obamacare is inflicting on families in Arizona. Click HERE to share your Obamacare story.


·       Phx City Councilwoman Thelda Williams helped Santa with the countdown to lighting the tall Christmas tree at Outlets at Anthem this evening. The white fir is decorated with three miles of LED lights, more than 6,000 ornaments and bows and a handmade three-foot-tall copper star with 300 mini lights adorning it.


·       On Thursday Congressman Paul Gosar took to the House floor to speak out against Obamacare's disastrous impact on families in CD4.  “It's clear that Obamacare is fundamentally flawed in both concept and execution. Dictated government orders cannot beat free-market choices. As a healthcare professional, I will continue to do all that I can to protect the American people from Obamacare,” writes Gosar. Click HERE watch his speech.


·       The Verde River Patriots and Act for Cottonwood are hosting ‘Samuel Adams’, portrayed by Tom Niewulis between 3-5 pm, Nov 18 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, 704 E. Aspen St., in Cottonwood.  Niewulis was the Chair of Constitutional Economics at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies and served on the  board of directors for ‘We The People’ . The meeting is open to the public. Reservations/questions: Dick at: or call 928-639-4753.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar and Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick have been invited to join hostess DM Collins for the Nov 18 production of "The Pulse of Arizona".   A team from different CD’s will be featured each month.


·       A Fundraiser For Kevin Thompson, District 6 Mesa City Council Candidate, is scheduled from 5-7 pm, Nov 21 at International Air Response, 6250 S. Taxiway Circle, Mesa 85212. The event is hosted by the Honorable Dave Richins, Honorable Jack Sellers, James Christensen, Otto Shill III, Dick & Kate Foreman, Michael Stull, Ryan Anderson, Judah Nativio, Jo, Martin, Danny & Ann Seiden, Jeff Mirasola, Andy Jacobs, Eric and Jamie Emmert, Peter & Megan Sterling, Travis & Patricia Grantham, and Ryan DeMenna. Contributions payable to : “Thompson for Mesa,” 7140 E. Monte Ave., Mesa, AZ 85209


·       Retired Border Patrol Officer Zack Taylor will address Remember 1986 at 6 pm, Dec 12 at Coco’s, 4514  E Cactus Road ( PV Mall), Phx. Contact


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Meet-Up planned for Nov 27 has been rescheduled on Dec 7, 7 pm, Euro Pizza Cafe, Plaza Fountainside, 12645 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. 


·       LD26 Is Conducting A Raffle For A New AR15 Rifle. $10 per ticket. All proceeds go to LD 26 Republicans. Go to


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee Office is dedicating one wall of its new office arrangement to President Ronald Reagan at 10:30 am, Nov 20 at 10050 W Bell Rd., #49, (99th Ave/Bell Road), Sun City. Open to the public. Refreshments to be served. Contact: (623) 977-4532 .



·      GOP Calendar


·       Nov 18 – LD1  (3rd Mon) 7 pm  North Gate Church, 34835 N. 7th St., No PC Training. Speaker:  Tom Jenney and film (Sick and Sicker) from 6-6:50 pm with Q & A on Obamacare from 7:20-7:40 pm. Also County Assessor Paul Petersen.  No meeting in December. Contact: Chr Cathy Schwanke

·       Nov 18 – LD20  (3rd Mon) 7 pm.  Washington Elementary School District Office, 4650 W Sweetwater Rd, Glendale.  Chairman: Ray Malnar

·       Nov 18 – LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 mtg. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Speaker: Contact: Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:

·       Nov 18 – LD22  (3rd Mon) 6:30 pm. Westbrook Village Community Center. Traveling east or west on Union Hills Rd. enter Westbrook Village at Country Club Pkwy (first light west of 83rd Ave.) north to Vista’s Rec Center. Contact: Chr Eric Morgan at

·       Nov 18 - SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB (3rd Mon) 7 pm. Sundial Community Center, 14801 N. 103rd Ave., Sun City Contact: Jackie Miller 

·       Nov 18 – LEISURE WORLD REPUBLICAN CLUB (3rd Mon). Rec #1 at Leisure World. Secured facility. Contact Chr Neil Peterman at


·        Should McCain Run Or Retire?   Tell Sen. John Mccain What You Think.  Should He Run Or Retire? 

·        McCain-Piles-On-Piecoro-Over-Goldy-Vote

·        Commission Votes To Raise APS Solar Bills

·        Arizona Dairy Farms Lure Yogurt, Cheese Makers

·        Arizona-Universities-Largest-In-State-Tuition-Increase

·        House Approves Bill To Allow People To Keep Insurance

·        Collapse-Of-Courthouse-Deal-Will-Cost-Pima-County-Million-Extra

·        STOP The EPA From Closing Down Arizona's Energy Plants

·        Since-Wolves-Were-Reintroduced-Some-Eastern-Arizona-Ranchers-Claim-The-Animals-Have-Destroyed-Their-Lives

·        Nevada-Rancher-Recounts-Decades-Long-Government-Harassment-To-Congress

·        Granite Mountain Hotshot's Family Seeks Money From Cities, County, State

·        Rancher, Feds Agree On Work For Road To Skywalk

·        Plans Afoot For Upgrade Of Northern Arizona Trails

·        Ariz. Car Insurance Costlier, But Rates Rise Slower

·        News State Ruling Changes Prosecution Role

·        Deadly Corridor For Dust Storms At Picacho Peak

·        Gilbert Public Schools Vote On Apple

·        Boat Captain Abandons Arizona Couple Diving In Thailand

·        Ariz-Tribe-Among-9-Planning-Clean-Energy-Projects

·        Arizona-Still-Attracting-More-Jobs-Than-It-Loses

·        Tucson-Desegregation-Plan-Gets-Flak-From-Overseer




·        Scottsdale-Association-Of-Realtors-Pays Fine For Campaign Finance Violation

·        Obamacare-Fix-Is-In

·        Arizona-Delegation-Calls-For-Refund-For.Grand Canyon Opening

·        McCain-Bill-Would Cut Bp Pay $7,000 A Year

·        Hey-Baby-Obamacare-Has-Long-Road-To-Hoe

·        No-Legal-Status-Bill-In-The-House


·        AZ Dems Barber, Sinema Join GOP Majority To Stall Obamacare

·        Obamacare Navigators Show The Fraud-Filled Way


·        Who Does Kyrsten Sinema Stand With: Bill Clinton Or Barack Obama?

GILBERT WATCH   or  GILAWATCH See daily updates


·        Bonuses-Cant-Keep-Air-Force-Pilots-Stay

·        Obama’s Dangerous Lie To The Jewish Community


·        U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution For American Pastor Saeed’s Release!

·        Exposé On Common Core: By A High School Student!

·        Limbaugh Lets Oprah Have It Over Racism Charge: ‘It’s Because He Was Lying, Oprah!’

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        Document Expert: Obama Bought Off NBC / MSNBC

·        Will We Americans Stand Down? Or Stand Up?

·        Ads Use Sex, Alcohol To Sell Obamacare

·        Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Reactions To Obama’s Fix!

·        A Cut-Rate President’s War On Bad Apples

·        Hillary Might Have Some Competition!

·        True Courage Is Not Confined To The Battlefield

·        9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Obama’s Unemployment Crisis

·        The NSA-Al Qaeda Connection

·        Group Wants Sex Ed In Christian Schools

·        Seat-Of-Your-Pants Administration

·        Environmental Activist “Marries” A Tree

·        Architect Of Obamacare Blames Fox News For Website’s Failure

·        Christianity Under Attack; No One Cares

·        Rip Privacy; Thanks Obamacare!!

·        Do Liberals Think Women Are Stupid?

·        Honorable Teacher Harassed By Union

·        “Hitler’s Health Insurance Is Cancelled”

·        Bullies Rampant In Obama’s America


·          Will “Crossfire” Drop Cutter Over Lies?





·        GOP Uses Obamacare Debacle To Political Advantage



·        Illegal-Immigration-Bill-Better-Of-Two-Evils

·        US-Gives-Illegal-Aliens-$29-Mil-In-Rx-Meds

·        Democrat: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Is The Solution To Obamacare

·        Cantor: Many Senators ‘Regret’ Voting For Amnesty

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        CIA Personnel Asked To Sign Additional Non-Disclosure Form After Benghazi Attack

·        US-Quietly-Offers-Bounties-For-Benghazi-Attackers

·        Congressman: Benghazi Attackers Had Inside Information - "They Knew Everything"



·        AG Holder Asks For Appeal In Fast And Furious Case Holding Him In Contempt

·        Fast And Furious Grenades - Another Obama ATF Smuggling Operation

·        Holder: I’ll Stay Attorney General ‘Well Into 2014



·        Populist Wave, Push From Left Keeps Alive Talk About Warren, Not Clinton, In 2016



·        Dr-Grace-Vuoto: Obama Unmasking Is Coming



·        It Wont-Be Long-Before Obamas-Islamic-Radicalization-Becomes-Irrepressible-America/


·        Gay-Columnist-Blasts-Same-Sex-Marriage


·        Limbaugh-Explodes-On-Oprah-Over-Racism-Charge-Its-Because-He-Was-Lying-Oprah

·        Race-War-America:  Fomented-By President



·        Bonuses-Can’t-Keep-Air-Force-Pilots-To Stay

·        Army Vet Gets Banned From Store For Defending The Military

·        20-Year-Army-Vet-Gets-Shocking-Notice-From-Employer-Just-Before-Veterans-Day-All-Because-Of-A-Well-Known-Patriotic-Phrase

·        Actor-Mark-Wahlberg-Defends-Military-Heroes

·        Stop Soldier Suicide

·        Defense Department Looks To Publicize Overlooked Whistleblower Hotline


·        Obamacare-Health-Care-Insurance-Fix-House-Affordable

·        Louie-Gohmert-Gets-Real: Exposes-Obamacare-Secret-Security-Force

·        Business-Worries-Play-Quiet-Role-In-Delay-Of-Camp-Tax-Plan

·        Democrat: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Is The Solution To Obamacare

·        39 Dems Defy Obama As House Votes To Let Americans Keep Health Plans

·        Cantor: Many Senators ‘Regret’ Voting For Amnesty

·        Michele Bachmann: “I Lost My Health Insurance Under Obamacare”

·        27 Dem Senators Who Promised You Could Keep Your Health Coverage

·        House-Democrats: Obamacare-Is-Working-No-Apology-Needed

·        To-Pass-Health-Plan-Obama-And-Dems-Kept-Mum-About-Its-Downsides

·        Congresswoman: We-Have-No-Authority-To-Question-Epa

·        Heartless-Democrats-Still-Protect-Obamacare   Cancer Patients Uninsured

·        Ted-Cruz-And-Rand-Paul-Unite-To-Increase-Fed-Transparency

·        CNN Asks Rand Paul If He Would Consider Switching To The Democrat Party

·        Nevada-Rancher-Recounts-Decades-Long-Government-Harassment-To-Congress



·        Oil-Output-Soars-Despite-Obama-Policies

·        8-More-Coalfired-Power-Plants-Set-To-Close In South

·        Biofuel Industry Shocked By Obama Administration’s ‘Gut Punch’



·        "The Only Thing That Can Be Below You Is To Not Have A Job"



·        Obama's Economy  Hit His Voters The Hardest  Young People, Single Women And Minorities Have Fared The Worst During The Past Four Years. - Stephen Moore

·        Business-Worries-Play-Quiet-Role-In-Delay-Of-Camp-Tax-Plan

·        9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Obama’s Unemployment Crisis



·        Scapegoated-Insurers-Fire-Back-At-Obama-Over-Administrative-Fix-You’re-Not-Pinning-This-Obamacare-Mess-On-Us

·        Thousands Of Medicare Doctors Dropped By Insurer After Obamacare Funding Cuts

·        More Special Obamacare Treatment -- But Not For You

·        Obamacare Navigator Fraud Rampant, Not "Isolated Incident"

·        Video: Architect Of Obamacare Blames Fox News For Website’s Failure

·        Rip Privacy; Thanks Obamacare!!

·        27 Dem Senators Who Promised You Could Keep Your Health Coverage

·        To-Pass-Health-Plan-Obama-And-Dems-Kept-Mum-About-Its-Downsides

·        House-Democrats: Obamacare-Is-Working-No-Apology-Needed

·        Low-Obamacare-Enrollment-More-Proof-Of-A-Disaster-Watch-Video

·        Heartless-Democrats-Still-Protect-Obamacare  Cancer Patients Uninsured

·        Democrat: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Is The Solution To Obamacare

·        Thanks Obama! Students At Historically Black College Complain Obamacare Has Left Them Uninsured

·        Re-Play Of Sen. Kay Hagan’s False Obamacare Promises

·        Ed Schultz Has A Crazy Howard Dean Moment Over Obamacare

·        NY-Undecided-On-Obamacare-Insurance-Patch

·        Obama's Promise Of "Competition" In Obamacare: Also False

·        Top 10 Reasons Why I Didn't Sign Up On Healthcare.Gov

·        New Hampshire Activists Fight To Stop Medicaid Expansion



·        School-Cancels-Christmas-Toy-Drive-Over-Anti-Religious-Groups-Lawsuit-Threat

·        Colorado-6th-Graders-Parents-Required-To-Take-Rightyleftysurvey

·        Video: Teacher Fired After Snubbing Planned Parenthood?



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        High School Student Ethan Young Makes Best Case Ever Against Common Core

·        A-Plea-For-Catholic-Schools-To-Ignore-New-Guidelines

·        Catholic-Scholars-Blast-Common-Core



·        White-House-Rethinks-Biofuel-Mandate

·        Obama-Didn't-Even-Consult-With-Insurance-Providers-Before-Dumping-His-Fix-Idea-On-Them

·        Violating The Law For A Short-Term Public Relations Move

·        Won’t-Be Long-Before Obamas-Islamic-Radicalization-Becomes-Irrepressible-America

·        Poll: Americans Say Clinton Better President Than Obama

·        Confused Obama Still Doesn't Know Why Roll-Out Failed

·        Trump-Tears-Obama-Total-Catastrophe-Now-Hes-Delaying-Big-Lie-For-Year

·        Obamas-Insurance-Fix-Unconstitutional

·        Ben Carson: 'Ideologue' Obama Should Have Consulted Insurance Experts

·        After-Shifting-Blame-To-Insurers-Obama-May-Give-Them-Subsidies

·        Obama's Promise Of "Competition" In Obamacare: Also False

·        Joseph Stalin Would Be Proud Of The Advancement Of Barack Obama's Agenda

·        The Politics Of Lying - Barack Obama's Strategy Is Clearly Machiavellian

·        Norquist: Healthcare Vote Shows Even Dems Don't Trust Obama

·        No-Bid Contracts Mark Obama Administration

·        Obama Named As Accessory To Murder

·        Thanks Obama! Students at historically black college complain Obamacare has left them uninsured



·        Will Reducing Sanctions On Iran Make The US Vulnerable?







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