Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11-26-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor – Frosty Taylor

Nov 26, 2013


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club (FHRC) will have an entry in the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day parade which starts at 9 am., Nov 28. The FHRC entry is but one of many Republican entries in the parade which will also include Congressman David Schweikert, State Sen Michele Reagan, State Rep Michelle Ugenti and John Kavanagh, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mayor Linda Kavangh as well as Town Councilmen Cecil Yates, Tait Elkie, Dennis Brown and Cassie Hansen.


·       Rep Darin Mitchell, Rep Justin Olson, Rep Warren Petersen And Sen Andy Biggs are the winners of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s ‘2013 Free Market Champion Awards. The Free Market Champion Award is given to members of the legislature who demonstrate leadership and a commitment to free market, pro-growth policies in Arizona. 


·       The AZGOP Will Not Be Hosting A Christmas Party this year. Instead the staff will be visiting the LD’s and county events this holiday season, according to Executive Director Chad Heywood. (602) 957-7770


·       The Maricopa County Republican Office, 10050 Bell Rd, Sun City, will be closed Nov 27 through Dec1 for the Thanksgiving weekend -  re-opening on Dec 1.


·       The Pima County Republican Headquarters will be closed between Nov 27 and Dec 1 for the Thanksgiving holiday – Reopening Dec 2. 


·       Chuck And Connie Gray Are Having Their 25th Annual ‘Pie Night’ between 6-9 pm, Nov 27 at their home, 22106 E. Cedar Waxwing Drive Queen Creek Az 85142. You may bring a pie if you would like, but one is never required.


·       A New Independent Expenditure - Alliance Of Principled Conservatives -  was filed by Christine Bauserman and Frank Antenori, to give principled citizens a voice and to help conservative candidates prevail in the 2014 primaries, according to Bauserman.  The Alliance will ensure a voice to those who support the conclusion of the resolutions passed by the Legislative Districts.   "We will adamantly oppose those who compromise our core values for short term political expediency. Governor Brewer is correct that ‘elections have consequences’. She is wrong in believing that it means that we must roll over and forsake our core values as the Arizona Republican Party..", according to Bauserman.  Details tba. Contact: Bauserman, 520-235-2234.


·       Applications Are Being Accepted Until Jan 6, 2014 for the National Federation of Rep. Women ‘Dorothy Andrews Kabis Internship’ Opportunity in Washington, DC.  Each year the NFRW Scholarship program offers three young women the opportunity to spend part of the summer working in the headquarters of the country's foremost women's political organization. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, undergraduate college students age 21 and over, having completed high school but not yet graduated from college.  Applicants should have a general knowledge of government and a keen interest in politics and skills adaptable to a busy office. The internship provides housing in the DC metropolitan area and round-trip airfare.  A small monetary allowance is given.  Interns must pay for meals, daily travel to and from the office and any tourism. Applicants must submit required documents to their State Federation president and each State submits applications to the NFRW. Send to Attn:   AzFRW President Mary Williams, PO BOX 2445, Prescott AZ 86302-2445.  Contact: Contact:   Pat Lutes


·       Attorney General Tom Horne Is Warning consumers and small businesses to be wary of solicitations that appear to be an official notification from a government agency. There is currently an official looking mailer being sent out by the “Labor Standards Compliance Office” requesting a fee (generally $295) from consumers in return for providing up-to-date notices for businesses to post to comply with the State of Arizona and the Federal Government. This sender is not affiliated in any way with the government, but is instead a private non-governmental business.  Small businesses are not required to purchase these posters and should be wary of the “FINAL NOTICE” and “DUE NOW” claims stated on the mailer. The AG’s office advises consumers to read all fine print, do research on companies that are listed on mailers, and be cautious about the authenticity of mailings that appear to be from a government agency.If you believe you have been a victim of consumer fraud, contact the AG’s office in Phoenix at 602-542-5763, in Tucson at 520-628-6504, or outside the Phoenix and Tucson metro area at 1-800-352-8431. Consumers can also file complaints online by visiting the Attorney General’s Office Web site at


·       Sen Steve Pierce’s Annual Holiday Party And Canned Food Drive is scheduled between 4-7:30 pm, Dec 5 at The Palace, 120 South Montezuma St., Prescott.  Attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food items and canned goods to benefit Saint Vincent De Paul. RSVP to


·       Congressman Paul Gosasr Is Asking for small business owners or their friends to e-mail the owner’s name, a photo of the business and a few sentences about the business to him at at so he can recognize them with an official Congressional ‘Enterpreneur Certificate’ in celebration of the Nov 30 Small Business Saturday.  Gosar notes that small businesses are responsible for 64% of the new jobs created between 1993 and 2011.


·       Heads up! The city of Phoenix Water Services Department reminds you to cease the grease – the grease you may be putting down your drain. Pouring liquid fat, cooking oil, grease, or solids down the drain becomes a problem after it hardens inside of your private sewer lines or the city’s sewer lines.


·       Politics On The Rocks Is Introducing The Annual ASU Vs. UOf A Tailgater between 3:30-7:30 pm, Nov 30 at Arizona State University Sun Devil Stadium in the Reserved North Parking Lot Spaces 625 & 626. Free admission and free hot dogs fresh off the grill. Partner up or challenge a rival to a game of Democrat vs. Republican bean bag toss. First Annual ASU vs. U of A Tailgate Event (11/30)


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Meet-Up planned for Nov 27 has been rescheduled on Dec 11, 7 pm, Euro Pizza Cafe, Plaza Fountainside, 12645 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. 


·       Congressmen Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Trent Franks and House Committee Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa will conduct a field hearing on Obamacare from 10 am until noon, Dec 6 in the Apache Junction Council Chambers, 300 E. Superstition Blvd., Apache Junction, AZ 85119.  Open to the public. Contact Penny Pew  (928) 308-2033

·       In Honor Of Veterans Day, Congressman David Schweikert will post student veteran stories through Nov 30 at


·       GOP Calendar


·        Nov 27  – “Legal-Ease With Dennis Wilenchik” - Republican political talk show, (every Wed) 4 pm. KFNX 1100. legaleseonline

·        Nov 27 – ESTRELLA CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN CLUB. (4th Wed) 7 pm, Starpointe in Estrella. Starpointe (Elliot Rd immediately off Estrella Pkwy), Goodyear. Speaker: Supt of Public Instruction John Huppenthal.  Contact:  Richard Newcomer: 623-398-5638

·        Nov 27 - Fountain Hills Republican Meet Up. Canceled


·        The-Holiday-You’ll-Never-See-Again

·        Brahm Questions Ducey On Medicaid Expansion

·        Plan On Unexamined CPS Cases: Review All 6,110 Cases In A Week 

·        Ariz. Court To Decide To Hear Contribution Case

·        Ariz-Updating-Regulations-On-Abortion-Clinics

·        Students: ASU Giving Us Cold Shoulder, Dorm Without Heat

·        Ariz High Court Taking Up Political Giving Case

·        Police: Tucson Girls Imprisoned For 2 Years Break Free From Home

·        Phoenix-Lawyer-Disbarred-For-Unprofessional-Conduct

·        51%_Want_All_Us_Troops_Out_Of_Afghanistan_Next_Year

·        Ariz-Food-Bank-3500-Turkeys-Short-Asking-For-Donations

·        Arizona-Credit-Outlook-Improving

·        Reward Offered In Arizona Elk-Poaching Case

·        Explosive-Devices-Grenades-Found-Pinal-County

·        Horne Gets Apology In Defamation Suit

·        Slaying Of Arizona Rancher Is Still A Mystery

·        For Candidates, 1st Campaign Push An Elbow

·        GOP Governors Talk Immigration Reform

·        Candidates Set To Run In 2014 For Legislature

·        Watch-Black-Helicopters-And-Martial-Law-Training-Exercises-Over-Phoenix

·        Judge-Jeanine-Pirro: Barack-Obama-Lies-Again-To-Americans

·        Illegals-March-Across-Classified-Military-Base



·        The-First-Thanksgiving-And-Other-Native American Facts

·        A-New-American-Christmas-Tradition

·        Obama-Under-Water-On-Cover-Of-Economist

·        Randy-Pullen-Candidate-For-Arizona.State Treasurer

·        Phoenix-Arizona-Wwii-Memorial-Dedication

·        US-Border-Patrol-Agents-Assaulted-By. Mx Nationals

·        US-Unfreezes-8-Billion-In-Iranian-Assets

·        If-You-Dont-See-Merry-Christmas-Video

·        Arizona-Student-Suspended-Fighting-For.Rebel Flag, Freedom Of Speech

·        Ariz: Illegals Regularly Invade Classified Military Base Entering US


·       BHO To Brassy Pro-Amnesty Heckler: “If I Could Bypass Congress, I Would”

·        Arizona Republic Speaks Illegalese

·        US Rep. Sinema: Ex-Greenie-Turned-Dem Saved By Party Switch


·        Obama On Iran Nukes: “If You Like Your Nukes You Can Keep Them. Period.”

·        Smith, Leach And Finchem Form Conservative Team In LD 11

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·        In A 3-2 Vote, The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board refused to sign the Declaration of Curriculum and Instructional Alignment to Arizona’s College & Career Readiness Standards (aka Common Core).  Those voting NO included Board President Staci Burk, and Governing Board Members Julie Smith and Daryl Colvin.  Ms. Burk stated that she would not sign a Declaration to align with standards that are inferior to GPS’s current standards.  

·        Gov. Brewer: "That Money Is Not Yours To Give" By Julie Smith

·        Not Yours To Give! Speech By David Crockett To House Of Representatives

·        Arizona Constitution Seminar: 11/23/2013


·        Gen Vallely Outlines Suggestions For Nationwide Rallies And A Peaceful “Civil Uprising”

·        Clearly President Obama Lacks The Resume And Qualifications To Lead This Great Nation




·        The AZGOP Will Not Be Hosting A Christmas Party This Year. Instead the staff will be visiting the LD’s and county events this holiday season, according to Executive Director Chad Heywood. (602) 957-7770 |



·         America Is One Step Closer To A One-Party Tyranny

·        Huckabee: ‘DC Makes The Toronto Mayor Look Perfectly Normal’ (+Video)

·        GOP Leads In New CNN Poll



·        Illegals March Across Classified Military Base (+Video)

·        Day-Laborer-Group-Slams-Obama-For-Immigration-Credibility-Gap 

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        Obama-Called-Clinton-At-10 Pm-To-Create-Benghazi-Cover-Story-While-2-Victims-Were-Still-Alive

·        Benghazi-Survivors-Recall-Pleading-Distress-Calls

·        Lara Logan Told To Take Leave Of Absence From '60 Minutes' After Benghazi Story Questioned



·        Latest Snowden Leak Shows NSA Wants More Scope And Flexibility



·        Federal-Investigators-Still-Not-Contacting-Conservative-Groups-Targeted-By-IRS



·        Presidential Nominations Are Still No Slam Dunks

·        DNC Chairwoman Says Democrats Will Win In 2014 By Running On A Pro-Obamacare Campaign.


·        Afghanistan-Mulls-Reinstating-Stoning-Adultery:  So Much- For Coexist



·        Officials: Adulterers May Be Stoned Under New Afghan Law

·        Ireland-Muslims-Are-Shocked-By-A-Letter-Posted-To-Schools-And-Mosques-Declaring-War-Against-Islam

·        Obama Abandons Imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Abedini In Iran For Nuke Deal

·        Russian-President-Vladamir-Putin-Says-To-Exterminate-Islamic-Radicals-Like-Cockroaches

·        African-State-Of-Angola-Bans-Islam-And-Will-Destroy-All-The-Mosques



·        Business-Owner-Jailed-Loitering-Property

·        Knockout Game Attacker Charged With Hate Crime

·        Allen West Exposes Knockout Game’s Roots


·        Prof-Corrects-Minority-Students-Capitalization-Is-Accused-Of-Racism



·        Was Seal Team 6 Murdered?

·        Video-Man-Find-Surrounded-People-Saved-Children-From Nazi-Camps

·        Huntington-Beach-Bar-Fights-To-Save-Sign-That-Salutes-Veterans

·        Military Tools For Occupying Iraq Given To Police To Help Them Control U.S.

·        Gen Vallely Outlines Suggestions For Nationwide Rallies And A Peaceful “Civil Uprising”

·        Retired Generals Establish Commission To Look Into Obama Administration’s Actions

·        America’s Afghanistan Troops: “Home By Christmas . . . 2014”



·        Former-Secret-Service-Agent: Holders-Justice-Dept-Is A Travesty



·        House-Intelligence-Chair-Left-In-Dark-About-Secret-Iran-Talks

·        Bachmann: Israel ‘May Have To Save World’ From Armageddon

·        Mitch McConnell Forcing GOP "Civil War" Over Tea Party

·        House GOP Leader Sets A Record With Third Birth While Serving In Congress

·        Lawmakers Question HHS Secretary On Healthcare Co-Ops



·        Welfare Recipient: “I Get To Sit Home… I Get To Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”


·        Real Unemployment Rate Is Over 30%



·        Price Of Chicken Reaches All-Time High In U.S.

·        No More Free Checking Accounts, Bankers Threaten



·        Gallup Poll: 69% Of Americans Satisfied With Personal Health Care Plan

·        Obamacare Deadline Kicked Back For The First Time

·        Contractor Behind Obamacare Website Not The Only One With Problems

·        Liberal Site Says Obamacare Damaging To Liberalism

·        Alabamans-Angry-And-Upset-Over-Obamacare-And-Presidents-Broken-Promises

·        Colorado-Lags-In-Health-Care-Enrollment-Goals

·        Anti-Smoking Obamacare: Government Dogooderism At Its Incompetent Finest

·        White House Knows Millions More Insurance Cancellations Coming



·        Teachers’ Union Doesn’t Like Common Core



·        Tennessee-Father-Arrested-For-Insisting-On-Picking-Up-His-Kids-At-School

·        Prof-Corrects-Minority-Students-Capitalization-Is-Accused-Of-Racism



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Teachers’ Union Doesn’t Like Common Core

·        Common Core Violates The Golden Rule No Matter What It Teaches



·        Obama’s Overhaul Of Spy Programs So Far Cloaked In More Secrecy

·        Obama Chose Dishonor, ‘A Total And Unmitigated Defeat’

·        Obama Uses Medal Of Honor To Pay Off Supporters



·        European Crisis: Half Of HIV Infections In Greece Are Self-Inflicted

·        “Close Guantánamo Prison!” — Karzai’s Ultimatum To Obama

·        America’s Afghanistan Troops: “Home By Christmas . . . 2014”






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