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12-27-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Dec 27, 2013


·       Earlier This Week Sue Goodchild Of Chino Valley suffered a mild heart attack and had  quadruple bypass surgery in Phoenix. She is doing fine but will not be receiving any visitors or playing any contact sports for the next few days, according to Don Goldwater. Briefs will keep you updated on the GOP activist as more reports come in.


·       The Maricopa County Republican West Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, is open again tomorrow. It will also be closed Jan 1-3.   


·       The Pima GOP Headquarters is closed from 1 pm, Dec 20 until Jan 2, 2014.


·       City Of Phoenix Offices will be closed beginning at noon on New Year’s Day,  Jan. 1.

·       LD8 Senate Candidate Irene Littleton’s  Dec 28 ‘meet and greet’ is scheduled from 1-3 pm at Bernard's Coffee Station, 725 W Ash St.,  Globe. Contact:

·       PC “Bick” Bicknell Has Announced His Candidacy for another term as the District 4 Maricopa Medical Center Board of Directors aka Maricopa Integrated Special Health Care District. Campaign donations can be sent to Re-elect Bicknell, 16228 W. Custer Lane, Surprise, AZ 85379. Contact:


·        The Conservative Coalition will meet at 10 am, Jan 3 at the home of Jim O’Connor, 8001 E. Del Joya Drive, Scottsdale (west of the 101, south of Shea Blvd)  to discuss legislative races and the January AZGOP elections (mandataory GOP PCs mtg).  Contact: 602-538-9387 cell  Contact: Lori Urban    480-221-9633


·       The Verde River Patriots Will Meet At 2 PM, Jan 6 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7400, 705 E. Aspen St., Cottonwood. Gubernatorial candidate Sen Al Melvin (LD11) and Arizona State Treasurer candidate Randy Pullen will address the group. Contact:  928-639-4753 or


·       The Coconino County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled Feb 17 at the Woodlands Hotel, 1175 W. Route 66, Flagstaff  (soon to be the Doubletree Hotel). Doors open 5:30 pm, program 6 pm,  and dinner 6:30 pm. $50 per person.  $350- table of eight. Speakers: Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Congressman Matt Salmon and TX Congressman Louis Gohmert. Reservation deadline Feb 11: to Dan Edel, 3120 W. Tami Lane,Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Payable to CCRC. Contact: Chairman Joy Staveley 928-606-1131


·       Volunteers Are Needed to help staff the Jan 11 Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting.

1.     Proxy Check: 12 – 18 people with laptop computers (Windows based).  Contact:  George Teegarden (

2.     Tally:  20 people to work at polling machines. (check credential tag and mark tag), Contact:  Tom Husband (

3.     Set-up /Tear-down:  30 – 40 people (half for Friday night before the event, half for Saturday afternoon after the event) Contact:  Joe Hobbs (

4.     Parking / Security: 15 – 20 people to arrive early, wear reflective vests, put up traffic cones, carry flashlights to direct traffic into facility and parking area.  Also, to stand outside various doors to direct attendees to proper entrance.  Contact:  Curt Miller ( Parking Volunteers preferably not PC’s, so that they do not miss registration.)

5.     INFO Booth:  10 people to work table outdoors to provide directions to those attending and arriving from the parking lot (7-9 am)  Contact:  Loraine Pellegrino,

6.     Packet Stuffing:  50 – 75 at AZ GOP HQ at 1pm  Sat, Jan 3, 2014, to stuff ballots, memorials, agenda, flyers into packets for the following Saturday’s meeting.

 ·       PCs: Mark Your Calendar:

o   Jan 11, 2014 - Maricopa County Republican Mandatory Mtg. at Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central Ave, Phoenix.

o   Jan 25, 2014 -  AZGOP 2014 Mandatory Meeting at Grace Community Church, 1200 E Southern Ave  Tempe.

o   March 8, 2014 – Maricopa County Republican Committee Lincoln Luncheon, El-Zaribah Shrine Tempe, 552 N. 40th St., Phx


·        Arizona-Church-Gives-Away-Dozens-Of-Gift-Cards-On-Christmas-Eve

·        Rep. Gosar: I Dare The P.C. Police’ To Punish Me For Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

·        Arizona Congressional District 1 Primary Forum 

·        Game & Fish - Prescott Valley Mtg In Jan: Pronghorn Relocation

·        Grand-Avenue-Trains-West-Valley-Revitalization

·        Police-Warn-About-Dangers-Of-Celebratory-Gunfire

·        Fiesta Bowl Ticket Sales Take Sizable Dip

·        Agent: FBI Key In Border Agent Terry Slaying

·        Police Urging People To Holster Guns New Year's Eve

·        Two-Tier Voting System Possible In Arizona, Kansas

·        Gasoline Prices In Arizona At $3.14 Per Gallon

·        Grand Canyon Tourism Changes Creating Challenge

·        Deportations By Federal Government Down In 2013

·        APS To Tap Solar At 4 New Power Plants

·        Ticket Sales Party Foul For Fiesta Bowl

·        Attorney-Encourages-Taxpayers-Make-Donations-Before-Dec-31

·        Phoenix Company Looks To Fill 500 Temp Jobs

·        Company-To-Pay-28-Million-In-Medicare-Fraud-Case

·        Grand Avenue At Crossroads With Funding At Stake

·        Yarnell Hill Fire: Part-Time Hotshot Payouts On Hold

·        Laurie Roberts    Want To Help Abused Kids While Sticking It To The Legislature? Here's How.

·        Lawyers-In-Racial-Profiling-Case-Against-Arpaio-MCSO-Seek-Fees

·        Ariz-To-Grant-Drivers-Licenses-To-Some-In-Country-Illegally

·        AZ-Auditor-General-Questions- Game-And-Fish-Director- Expenditures

·        Apology Made For ‘Racist Wasteland’ Tweet

·        Lawmakers: Part-Time Hotshot Payouts On Hold

·        Insider: Activist Santa Delivers Coal At Capitol

·        Latest AZ Abuse Report Update Shows 3,298 Assigned

·        Lowell Observatory's Clark Telescope To Close For Renovation

·        14 Arizonans To Watch In 2014

·        Eskildson: AZ Spends Too Much On Education

·        Driver's-License Rule Eased For Immigrants

·        Health Care Website Put To Test On Deadline

·        Thieves Steal, But Kindness Prevails

·        Educators Look To Postpone School Grades

·        My One-Item Christmas List: A Government That Stops Playing Santa

·        Poll: Americans Hopeful For A Better Year In 2014

·        Ruralmetro-To-Pay-28M-In-Medicare-Fraud-Case

·        General-Calls-For-Massive-March-On-Congress-White-House

·        Irish-The-Forgotten-White-Slaves-Says-Expert-John-Martin   Ireland Was The Greatest Victim Of British Slave Trade He Says


·        Up-And-Out-By-Bruce-Ash


·        Driver’s Licenses For Illegals, Er…“Immigrants, Undocumented ”

·        JD Radio: Year-End Wrap-Up, And 2014 Beginning

·        2013: Joyous Christmas Wishes

·        First Time Jobless Claims Rise To Near 9-Month High

·        Twas-The-Night-Before-Christmas


·        WW II Ace Denied Burial Ceremony For 8 Months
Legalized Plunder & Today’s Ruling Class

·        Pedophilia: Doctor Claims It’s A Sexual Orientation

·        Leftist Talk Radio Continues Collapse

·        Poll: GOP Lead Growing For Midterms
Act Now To Save Big On Conference Tickets!

·        New IRS Rules Permit More Conservative Targeting

·        Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call For Revolution

·        Man Behind Benghazi Lie Also Botched Iran Deal

·        RNC Panders To Blacks With Kwanzaa Statement

·        National Embarrassment 900,000 Veterans On Food Stamps

·        Young People Hammered By Minimum Wage

·        Watch Edward Snowden Talk To World

·        The Case For Getting Government Out Of Marriage

·        Obama’s Iran Syndrome

·        Thugs Beat Up Mom Over How She Parked Car

·        Obama Scams Nation Into Thinking He Signed Up On Obamacare Website

·        Soldier Discouraged From Mentioning Christmas

·        2013 Was Record Year For Abortion Clinic Closures

·        Juan Williams: Left Can’t Handle Criticism

·        Minimum Wage Strike Backfires, Employer Closes



·        Christmas Lights? Electricity Price Index At All-Time High In U.S.

·        Best Christmas Lights Display

·        8 Americans To Remember This Christmas

·        A Soldier's Christmas     (A Soldier's Night Before Christmas) Told By…

·        Twas-Night-Christmas-2013-Version  Political Rewrite

·        Twas-The-Night-Before-Christmas  Original Version

·        Va-Policy-Blocks-Vets-Getting-Texas-Students-Christmas-Cards

·        Soldiers-Mississippi-Army-Base-Told-Not-Say-Christmas

·        A Soldier's Christmas - Video

·        Conservatives-Challenge-The-War-On-Christmas

·        Jew-Says-Step-Away-Christmas-Tree

·        Kids Cards For Veterans Refused; ‘Merry Christmas,’‘God Bless You’ Not Allowed!

·        Christmas-Photos-Gone-Bad-What-Were-They-Thinking

·        Christmas: The Deadliest-Day Of The Year

·        Astronauts Make Rare Christmas Eve Spacewalk

·        US Embassy In Kabul Attacked On Christmas Day

·        Outrage As Army Bans Word ‘Christmas’: ‘Treats Pornography Better Than It Does Christmas’

·        68% Celebrate Christmas As A Religious Holiday

·        School Drops Christ From 'Silent Night,' Draws Ire


·        AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s Response To: Who Is The ‘Chairman’s Circle’?  Chairman’s Circle is comprised of our top individual donors.  The Chairman’s Advisory Circle includes some that are PCs, business leaders and other conservative activists.   Given their contribution to the party we meet quarterly to discuss operational needs and I report our progress with respect to voter registration, technology, coalition outreach, messaging, etc… (similar to the video report). In the past other chairman have had “Eagle Nest” and or other terms to identify this group of our case I call the group the Chairman’s Advisory Council.  It is truly another perspective consistent with the Republican Party Platform.  I have found that more feedback is good feedback. The State’s Executive Committee, State Board, PCs, Coalitions and the Chairman’s Advisory Circle combined give a great 360 degree view of the party and the formula for victory in 2014.”


·        Donkeys-In Elephant-Suits

·        The-Republican-National-Committee's-Stupid-Kwanzaa-Statement


·        Number Of Unaccompanied Children Caught Crossing Border Tripled In Past 5 Years

·        Is-President-Obama-Deporting-Most-Violent-Immigrants?-Studies-Say-Otherwise

·        Brain-Drain-Fears-As-250-People-A-Day-Quit-Ireland

·        Micro-Trafficking A Growing Threat Across Latam


·        How Police Use Gun Registration Data In “No-Knock” Raids

·        Be-Prepared-Wall-Street-Advisor-Recommends-Guns-Ammo-For-Protection-In-Collapse

·        End-Line-For-Lead-Bullet-Regulations-Bans-Force-Switch-To-Green-Ammo


·        NSA Spends 10 Million Of Your Dollars To Make Your Data Less Secure


·        IRS-Doles-Out-Millions-To-Tax-Cheating-Companies-IG-Finds


·        Delta-Force-In Tripoli-At Off Time-Benghazi-Attack

·        Man-Behind-Benghazi-Lie-Also-Botched-Iran-Deal

·        Krauthammer: Benghazi-Wont-Even-Be-An-Issue-In-Hillarys-2016-Run-For-Democratic-Nomination

·        Susan-Rice-Calls-Benghazi-False-Controversy


·        National Embarrassment 900,000 Veterans On Food Stamps

·        General-Calls-For-Massive-March-On-Congress-White-House

·        Soldier Discouraged From Mentioning Christmas

·        Outrage Grows Among Veterans Over Pension Cuts

·        Widow-Of-Famed-Sniper-Chris-Kyle-Is-Suing-Executives-At-The-Company-He-Starte


·        Blacks In Chicago Turn On Obama


·        Jihad-Comes-Kansas

·        Pakistani-Terror-Group-Threatens-Deadly-Attacks-On-New-York & Washington-DC

·        Islamic-Anal-Jihad 


·        NDAA Indefinite Detention & Laws Of War Banned In Emmett, Idaho


·        Hillary Clinton: ‘So much to do’ in 2014

·        Krauthammer: Benghazi-Wont-Even-Be-an-Issue-in-Hillarys-2016-Run-for-Democratic-Nomination


·        DOJ-Finally-Brings-Hate-Crime-Charges-Against-Knockout-Game-Suspect-When-Suspect-Is-White


·        Postal Service Increases 1st Class Stamps By 3 Cents


·        US-General-Calls-For-Massive-March-On-Congress-White-House

·        Reid's New Senate Rules:  Dems Wave Through A Nominee Under IG Investigation

·        The 7 Most Important Things Congress Did In 2013 (& Top 25 Things It Didn't)

·        House Winner & Loser Of The Year: Notable Members' Highs & Lows

·        Retiring Members Hold Over $13 Million In Campaigns

·        Republican National Committee Pays Santa For Travel | Political Moneyline

·        Who-Won-The-Democratic-And-Republican-Gift-Exchange

·        Republican Congressman: Obama ‘Setting The Stage For Something Very Dangerous In The Future’

·        Poll: Most Americans Say U.S. Congress Has Done Nothing

·        Your Gift, Lawmakers: Coal - Poll: This Is A 'Do-Nothing' Congress

·        House Republican Vows To Defend Christmas From ‘Offended’ Minority


·        Huckabee Says He’s Interested In 2016 White House Bid, Will Decide After Midterms

·        Obamacare Has The Democrats Running Scared


·        Retailer Faces Backlash; Muslim Employees Refuse To Sell Alcohol Or Pork To Customers


·        Main Street 2014: Small-Business Owners Fret Taxes, Regulatory Burdens, Obamacare


·        Fracking Saves Water

·        Christmas In The Bakken Formation: ND City Sees Growth From Fracking Industry


·        EPA Nullifying Second Amendment


·        Michigan School Board Unanimously Votes To Restore ‘In God We Trust’ Motto To School Sign

·        Hawaii Won’t Release Graphic Sex Ed Curriculum

·        Former Teachers Start Camp To Teach Kids Patriotism, Since Schools Treat It Like A ‘Dirty Word’


·        New York Times: Obamacare Is Awful For The Middle Class

·        Obamacares-Gay-Redistribution-Agenda

·        Patchwork Of Obamacare Insurance Deadlines Adds To Confusion

·        Obamacare Botch Fuels Dem Feud In Maryland

·        Government Isn’t Obligated To Inform Healthcare.Gov Users When Site Compromises Their Private Info »

·        States-Seize-Estates-Payback-Cost-Medicaid

·        Georgia Lawmakers Announce Bill Nullifying Obamacare

·        Report: More Than Half Of Counties Covered By Healthcare.Gov Can’t Afford Obamacare’s ‘Affordable’ Prices

·        Research Analyst: Obamacare’s Many Negative Side-Effects Should Surprise No One

·        South Carolina Set To Block Implementation Of Obamacare

·        Obamacares-New-Years-Day-Surprise-Deep-Cuts-Medicare

·        Support For Obamacare Falls To 35%.


·        NY Mayor Hires Goldman Sachs Exec To Develop Agenda 21 Scheme


·        US-General-Calls-For-Massive-March-On-Congress-White-House

·        One-Solution-To The Problem-Of Barack-Obama

·        Court Warns Obama That He Is Abusing Power

·        System-Couldnt-Verify-Oama-Identity-Video

·        Barack-Obama-Lies-About-Signing-Up-For-Obamacare

·        White-House-Just-Inadvertently-Confirm-Obama-Id-Fraud

·        Falsehood Of The Tongue Leads To That Of The Heart  President Barack Obama’s Entire Narrative Is A Lie…

·        The Treason Of Barack-Obama

·        Santa-Obama-Gives-Pay-Raise-Federal-Workers

·        obama's aunt zeituni illegal alien welfare case   


·        Ukrainian-Journalist-Beaten

·        US Embassy In Kabul Attacked On Christmas Day

·        Christmas Day Bombings In Iraq’s Capital Kills 37

·        Far-From-Happy-Christmas-For-Christians-In-The-Holy-Land






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