Saturday, December 28, 2013

12-28-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Dec 28, 2013

·       The Arizona American African Republican Committee will host the 2nd Annual Emancipation Proclamation Observance at 1 pm, Jan 1, 2014 in Eastlake Park, 16th Street and East Jefferson, Phx. The 151st anniversary of the signing by President Abraham Lincoln. Festivities begins at noon with a picnic. Voter registration will be available – identification required.  Political speakers will be in attendance. The official Centennial Buffalo Soldiers – AZ Territories will perform.  In 1913, a fort in the Huachuca Mountains became home to the 10th Cavalry, also known as the Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers were an African-American unit that served while the Army was segregated. By the time the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at what became Fort Huachuca, the Apache Wars were over, but the Buffalo Soldiers served under Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing during his expedition into Mexico, and guarded the border during World War I. During World War II, the fort became a training site for two Black infantry divisions, the 92nd and the 93rd. For further information call AAARC Chairman Rev. Clyde Bowen 602-274-5439 


·       EPOD Photos:   Photos From The Historical EPOD I. AARC Is Planning EPOD I, according to AAARC Chairman Rev. Clyde Bowen


·       The Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) hour on Red Pill Approved Radio will feature a discussion of the current issues being dealt with hosted by Sergio Arellano, Rey Torres and Jose Barrajero  at 7 pm, Sunday  Call in at (914) 338-1458.


·       Tonight’s Russell Pearce Show Featured Maricopa County Republican’s Executive Director Tom Husband, Sonoran Alliance’s Shane Wikfors,  and  George Teegarten of Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee,  A Taxpayers Watchdog Group,  on 960 AM, The Patriot.  The show is heard every Saturday evening at 7 pm.


·       Sen Al Melvin will be featured on Van the Radio Man at 2 pm, Jan 30.  Van has moved the show from 4 pm to 2 pm on Mon and Thurs to free up his evenings to attend more political events as the election cycle gears up.


·       The Maricopa County Republican West Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, also be closed Jan 1-3. 


·       The Pima GOP Headquarters is closed until Jan 2, 2014.


·       City Of Phoenix Offices will be closed beginning at noon on New Year’s Day,  Jan. 1.


·       The Conservative Coalition will meet at 10 am, Jan 3 at the home of Jim O’Connor, 8001 E. Del Joya Drive, Scottsdale (west of the 101, south of Shea Blvd)  to discuss legislative races and the January AZGOP elections (mandataory GOP PCs mtg).  Contact: 602-538-9387 cell  Contact: Lori Urban    480-221-9633


·        Act-Now-Save-Big-Conference-Tickets

·        NSA-Privacy-Congress-Must-Act   NSA Is Lying: Congress Must Hold It Accountable   Schweikert: USA Freedom Act Would End The Secrecy

·        Tonight-Will-Be-The-Darkest-Night-Of-The-Past-500-Years

·        Welfare-Abuse-Report   People Abusing Welfare, Getting 7K In Food Stamps

·        Arizona-Sheriffs-Smack-Feds-Unconstitutional-Demands-Regarding-Public-Land

·        Arizona-Response-When-A-Salvation-Army-Office-Was-Robbed

·        Police Discuss Perils Of Celebratory Gunfire

·        Tucson Sued For Favoring Area Contractors

·        Obama-Supporters-Go-Hysterical-Over-List-Of-252-Examples-Of-Obamas-Lying-Corruption-And-Cronyism

·        Majority-Of-Americans-Call-2013-A-Bad-Year: 40%-Call-It-A-Disaster

·        Obama Supporters Will Go Hysterical Over This Souced List Of 487 Examples Of His  Ying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Etc

·        3-Pursuits-14-Suspects-In-Custody-All-In-A-24-Hour-Period-In-Pinal-County

·        Gosar Becomes Only Republican To Co-Sponsor Bill To Help Grieving Parents

·        Sweeping CPS Review Reaches Highest Levels, Governor's Panel Chair Says

·        Laurie Roberts    All The News That Wasn't Fit To Print In 2013 (Darn It)

·        Q&A With Arizona’s National Guard Leader   Brig. Gen. Michael McGuire Was Placed In Charge Of The Arizona National Guard Three Months Ago.

·        Educators Look To Postpone School Grades

·        Great Photos From Fiesta Bowl Parade!

·        Arizona-Law: Community-College-Board-Members-Lawsuit

·        Arizona-National-Guard-Leader-Speaks-About-Job

·        Utah-Bald-Eagles-Die-Mystery-Symptoms

·        Suspect Deported 10 Times Arrested Again After Chaseadd To Reading List

·        Gordon Says He Won't Run For Mayor In 2015add To Reading List

·        Lowell Observatory's Clark Telescope To Close For Renovationadd To Reading List

·        Affected By The Target Security Hack? Here's What You Should Doadd To Reading List

·        Ban-Lifted-On-Burning-In-Maricopa-County

·        Deer-Valley-Principal-Athletic-Director-File-Lawsuit-Against-Aia

·        AZ Among -Top-10-Record-Lottery-Jackpots-In-US-History

·        13-Million-Losing-Unemployment-Benefits-Saturday

·        186-Things-Duck-Dynasty-Missed  By AZ Gun Laws Expert Alan Korwin

·        No-Obamacare-Is-Not-A-Conservative-Idea

·        35 Top Arizona Entrepreneurs 35 And Younger

·        Election-Commission-Director-Ordered-To-Make-Decision-On-Voter-Registration

·        President-Obamas-Top-10-Constitutional-Violations-Of-2013

·        Liberal-Attacks-Sarah-Palin-Christmas-Tree-Home

·        Phx Bond Rating Decreased From Aaa  To Aa+

·        Here Is A List Of 25 Things Obama Is Shutting Down That He Shouldn't Be!

·        Target Hackers Got Your Encrypted Bank Pin Numbers As Well

·        Housing Market Shirts Back To Metro Phx

·        Teams In Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Unable To Sell Ticket Allotments

·        Chamber-Planning-50m-Campaign-To-Curtail-Tea-Party

·        US-Slams-Other-Countries-For-Conservative-Gender-Norms    Obama Agenda Won't Tolerate 'Preference For Heterosexuality' In Other Countries

·        Phoenix Area No-Burn Violations Continue

·        Water Leak Damages County Jail In Phoenix

·        1M+ Lose Jobless Benefits, Face Hard Choices

·        Record-Numbers-Of-Americans-Wave-Goodbye-To-Uncle-Sam



·        2014 Obamacare Tax Hikes

·        Up And Out By Bruce Ash

·        Obama On The Cover Of The Economist


·        Illegals: The Misuse Of Scripture For Political Gain

·        Driver’s Licenses For Illegals, Er…“Immigrants, Undocumented ”


·        Obamacare Database Cannot Verify Obama’s Identity

·        Obama’s Taxation Without Representation Brings Revolution

·        Another Gay-Bashing Incident Exposed As Hoax

·        Cardinals, Ducks, And Quacks

·        Obama: Descendant Of Slave Owners

·        More Hidden Obamacare Expenses

·        From Gold To Food Stamps

·        Judge Rules NSA Spying Legal

·        Chamber Of Commerce Attacks Tea Party

·        Federal Judge OKs NSA Data Mining

·        Girl Governors & Guns

·        Men Having Sex With Men – Not Normal Behavior
War On Coal To Skyrocket Energy Prices


·        Pentagon’s DARPA Laying Framework For Creating A Robotic Army

·        Lynching Free Speech



·        Poll: GOP-Lead-Growing-Ahead-Midterms

·        Karl-Rove's-Crossroads-Reloading-Against-Tea-Party


·        Suspect Deported 10 Times Arrested Again After Chase

·        3-Pursuits-14-Suspects-In-Custody-All-In-A-24-Hour-Period-In-Pinal-County

·        Number Of Unaccompanied Children Caught Crossing Border Tripled In Past 5 Years

·        Is-President-Obama-Deporting-Most-Violent-Immigrants?-Studies-Say-Otherwise

·        ATF Agent Sends Shockwave Across Internet With Explosive Allegations About ‘Fast And Furious’ And Brian Terry’s Death (+Video)

·        Negative-ICE-Memo-On-EB-5-Surfaces-Iranian-Operatives-In-The-Program


·        Shoppers-Stock-Up-On-Rifles-Shotguns-Before-California-Long-Gun-Registry-Begins

·        Eyewitness-To-Hitler-Warns-Keep-Your-Guns-And-Buy-More-Guns

·        People Wait In Line To Register Guns Before New Laws Go Into Effect (+Video)

·        Man Arrested For Having Concealed Compartment In Vehicle (+Video)


·        Federal-Judge-Rules-NSA-Phone-Surveillance-Legal

·        NSA-Lawsuit-Attorney: Ignore-White-House-Panel

·        Four-Star-General-Screams-Reporter-Working-Snowden-Documents

·        Obamas-NSA-Watchdog-Reasonable-To-Track-Cars

·        NSA-Slayer-Blasts-New-Opinion-On-Secrecy   'Pauley Rules That The American People Have No Rights Regarding The Government'
   'We Lost Control Of The Software. It's All Going Nuts'

·        NSA Helped Target Communist Terrorists

·        Supreme Court May Have To Act On NSA Surveillance


·        Irs-Doles-Out-Millions-To-Tax-Cheating-Companies-IG-Finds

·        IRS-Could-Face-Blame-For-Obamacares-Unexpected-Tax-Bite


·        Delta-Force-In Tripoli-At Off Time-Benghazi-Attack

·        Man-Behind-Benghazi-Lie-Also-Botched-Iran-Deal

·        Krauthammer: Benghazi-Wont-Even-Be-An-Issue-In-Hillarys-2016-Run-For-Democratic-Nomination

·        Susan-Rice-Calls-Benghazi-False-Controversy


·        Obama-Signs-Bipartisan-Budget-Slashing-Military-Benefits-For-Veterans

·        Libya-Detains-Then-Releases-4-US-Military-Personnel-After-Incident

·        Four-Star-General-Screams-Reporter-Working-Snowden-Documents

·        Veteran’s Scathing Letter To Paul Ryan Over Budget Deal, ‘Stolen’ Benefits Goes Viral

·        Alaska Supreme Court Denies Permanent Fund Dividend To Soldier Deployed To Iraq (+Video)

·        Worst-Surviving-Us-Combat-Casualty-Since-911-Makes-Comeback

·        Senate-Dems-Block-Amendment-To-Restore-Veteran-Benefits-By-Closing-Illegal-Immigrant-Welfare-Loophole

·        Libyan-Government-Holds 4 Us Military Personnel

·        Back In The Air: Thunderbirds Plan 66 Shows In 2014

·        National Embarrassment 900,000 Veterans On Food Stamps

·        General-Calls-For-Massive-March-On-Congress-White-House

·        Soldier Discouraged From Mentioning Christmas

·        Outrage Grows Among Veterans Over Pension Cuts


·        White Man Charged With Hate Crime For Targeting Black Man In ‘Knockout’ Game

·        Allen West Blasts ‘King Race Baiter’ Jesse Jackson Over Duck Dynasty Comments


·        Jihad-Supporting-Imam-Raised-Millions-On-US-Fundraising-Tour

·        Alarming-Video-Al-Qaeda-Growing-And-Taking-A-New-Approach-To-Death


·        NDAA-Quietly-Passes-House-Senate


·        Only-White-People-Will-Ever-Be-Charged-With-Hate-Crimes-In-Knockout-Game-Attacks

·        ATF Agent Sends Shockwave Across Internet With Explosive Allegations About ‘Fast And Furious’ And Brian Terry’s Death (+Video)


·        Controversial-Montana-Judge-Sentences-Man-Who-Brutally-Attacked-Woman-To-Writing-Boys-Do-Not-Hit-Girls-5000-Times

·        Incoming Utah Attorney General Announces That He Will Appeal Sister Wives Ruling

·        Obama Admin Loses In Court – “Doesn’t Have The Right” To Impose Hhs Mandate On Christian Colleges

·        Alaska Supreme Court Denies Permanent Fund Dividend To Soldier Deployed To Iraq (+Video)


·        Why Don’t Liberals Decry The Islamic War On Women? 


·        Two-US-Senators-Request-Obama-Identity

·        NDAA-Quietly-Passes-House-Senate

·        Reid: Boehner-Will-Cave-In-On-Immigration

·        Five-Senate-Races-To-Watch

·        Negative-Ice-Memo-On-EB-5-Surfaces-Iranian-Operatives-In-The-Program

·        Senate-Dems-Block-Amendment-To-Restore-Veteran-Benefits-By-Closing-Illegal-Immigrant-Welfare-Loophole


·        Katzenberg-Targets-McConnell-Fundraiser


·        Crime-Crackdown-Compared-To-Slave-Roundup   Arrests Of '32 Worst Of The Worst' Leaves This Community Infuriated

·        Hundreds Of Teens Trash Mall In Wild Flash Mob During Day After Christmas Sales

·        Lawmaker-Hits-Back-At-Twisted-Knockout-Gamers

·        Deadly-Truth-Behind-Knockout-Game


·        Long-Term Jobless Facing New Year Without Aid

·        Why China Is Stepping Up Its Presence In Detroit Auto Industry


·        Welfare-Abuse-Report   People Abusing Welfare, Getting 7K In Food Stamps


·        War-Coal-Skyrocket-Energy-Prices

·        Alaska, Lagging In Oil Production, Looks To Bring Back Boom (+Video)


·        EPA Nullifying Second Amendment


·        Boy-10-Suspended-For-Using-Imaginary-Bow-And-Arrow

·        Schools-Keep-Textbook-That-Whitewashes-Islam

·        Oklahoma Bill Would Require Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools

·        US Imam Fethullah Gulen Vs Turkey’s Erdogan? Gulen Charters Growing In Us, Taxpayer Funded

·        South Korea Says Enough! Wake Up America!


·        Official: Hhs-Says-Obamacare-Hardship

·        2013-Was-A-Bad-Year-For-Planned-Parenthood-As-Fraud-And-Filthy-Clinics-Exposed

·        Support For Obamacare Falls To 35%.

·        Are You An Obamacare Loser? Check Here.

·        NPR Poll Shows Americans Want Limits On Teens Getting The Morning After Pill

·        Obamacare-Vending-Machine-Mandate-Expected-To-Cost-Millions


·        Looking For Information On Agenda 21??  Amazon.Com: Local Agenda 21: Books


·        Obama-Signs-Bipartisan-Budget-Slashing-Military-Benefits-For-Veterans

·        Since-I’m-In-Charge-Obviously-We-Screwed-It-Up

·        Birthers Have Reason To Doubt President

·        President-Obamas-Top-10-Constitutional-Violations-Of-2013

·        Reporter-Humiliates-Obama: Asks About 'Lie Of The Year'

·        Obama Says Income Inequality Is The Defining Challenge

·        Why Obama Should Be Impeached

·        Obama’s Phony Free Trade Treaty That He Won’t Let Congress See

·        Obama Admin Loses In Court – “Doesn’t Have The Right” To Impose Hhs Mandate On Christian Colleges

·        Judicial-Watch-Exposes-Another-Obamacare-Lie

·        Obama Supporters Will Go Hysterical Over This Sourced List Of 487 Examples Of His Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism,  Etc

·        Next Big Obamacare Shock: Tax Day


·        Libya-Detains-Then-Releases-4-US-Military-Personnel-After-Incident

·        U.S. Might Welcome Up To 2,000 Syrian Refugees

·        Libyan Government Holding 4 Us Military Personnel

·        School-Reverses-Cair-Sought-Silencing-Of-Christian   Agrees Witness To Islamic Persecution Of Copts In Egypt Can Speak
Russian-Led Alliance To Spend $1 Billion On Weapons In 2014

·        Ice Foils Rescue Attempt Of Russian Ship Stranded In Antarctica

·        Saudis: ‘We Have Been Stabbed In The Back By Obama’






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