Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-30-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Dec 30, 2013


·       LD4 Chairman Rhonda King has announced that the LD is no longer meeting the second Monday of the month.  LD4 will meet at 6:30, Jan 21 with the Estrella Republican Club at the Starpointe at Estrella Mountain Ranch. Contact: Chr Rhonda King  623-640-3742  Cell


·       The Arizona American African Republican’s ‘2nd Annual Emancipation Proclamation Observance’ ( A Day of Thanksgiving) is scheduled at 1 pm, Jan 1 at 1549 E. Jefferson St., PHx, in recognition of the 151st Anniversary of the signing by President Abraham Lincoln. The event features the Official Centennial Buffalo Soldiers – AZ territory-ladies & gentlemen of the regiment. Speakers include clergy, state andlocal officials, community leaders and writer/director/actor  Rod Ambrose. Contact: AAARC Chairman Rev. Clyde Bowen 602-274-5439 – Face Book


·       The Maricopa County Republican West Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, also be closed Jan 1-3. 

·       The Pima GOP Headquarters is closed until Jan 2, 2014.


·       City Of Phoenix Offices will be closed beginning at noon on New Year’s Day, Jan 1.


·       Chino Valley GOP Activist Sue Goodchild is on the mend from her receive heart surgery and ready to move to a rehab center for a while.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm, Jan 21, at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 West R.H. Johnson Blvd., to hear November, Dr. Carl Goldberg’s presentation  "Islam as Ideology and Sharia Law."  Testimony from respected Islamic religious authorities and Islamic sacred scriptures will explain how radical Islam threatens non-muslims and American democratic ideals.  Contact


·       The Maricopa County Republican “Precinct Committeeman Day” is scheduled for Feb 12 at the state capitol. Details tba.


·        GOP Megadonor Harold-Simmons-Dead

·        3-Yavapai-County-Communities-Report-Drop-In-Crime

·        Pm-2.5 High Pollution Advisory/No Burn Day Tuesday 12/31

·        Rep-Trent-Franks-Demands-Criminal-Probe-Into-James-Clapper

·        Booze-Pole-Dancing-Luxurious-Hotels-Top-10-Examples-Government-Waste

·        Terry-Goddard (D) Will-Run-For-Ariz-Secretary-Of-State    Former Attorney General, Former Phx Mayor

·        Arpaio Appeal Denied In Underwear Case

·        Insider: Don't Irritate Gov. Brewer

·        Census-Data-Shows-Arizona-Population-At-6.6-Million

·        Senior Citizens Put Ignorant Young People To Shame When Both Are Asked About Inflation

·        New-Song:  Day-Life-Obamacare

·        14-To-Watch-In 2014 

·        Fascinating-Races-Of-2014-Arizonas-2nd-District

·        FAA Decision On UAS Doesn't Change Ariz Reputation For Aviation Excellence

·        Obama-Secretly-Signs-No-Free-Speech-Bill

·        Javelina Encounters On The Rise In Phoenix

·        It’s A No-Burn Day; New Year’s Likely Will Be, Too

·        Court Denies Arpaio Appeal In Pink Underwear Case

·        Ex-Bullhead City Mayor Recovering After Dog Attack

·        Pipe Break Floods Fourth Avenue Jail; Officer Now On Leave

·        U.S. Population Growth Slows To 0.71%

·        Judge Scolds Government Over Immigrant Documents

·        Deportations By Federal Govt. Go Down

·        Tucson Sued For Favoring Area Contractors

·        Agent: FBI Key In Border Agent Slaying

·        Educators Look To Postpone School Grades

·        Stagnant Air Brings Pollution Alert For Tuesday

·        2016-Bowl-Game-Secured-Because-Of-Tiny-Stadium-Replica

·        Man Behind Bars 42 Years In Hotel Fire Adjusts To Freedom

·        Arizona Not Selected For FAA Drone Test Site

·        APS Closes 3 Units At 4 Corners Power Plant


·        Next-Time-You-Hear-Hillary-2016-Remind Them Of This


·        Howard Dean Admits Obamacare Woes, Predicts More

·        Homeschooling Under Assault


·        Female Suicide Bomber Kills 14 In Volgograd

·        God Is The Judge, Not The Pope

·        10 Most Outrageous Media Quotes Of 2013

·        Whistleblowers Lose 1st Amendment Rights

·        Journalist: MSNBC Defends Obama 24 Hrs A Day

·        Caught On Camera: The Best Video Of 2013

·        Gay Marriage Planned On Rose Parade Float

·        Another California City On Brink Of Collapse

·        Study: Leftist Films Highly Influential

·        Intelligence Collection, Corruption, Ignorance, And Intrusion

·        The Greatest Threat – Our Own Government

·        The Road To The Left – The Road To Hell

·        The Left’s War On Capitalism

·        A&E Caves – Reinstates Embattled “Duck Dynasty” Star


·        Saudis Lament, ‘We Have Been Stabbed In The Back By Obama’

·        Our Privacy Is A Thing Of The Past Despite Edward Snowden’s Revelations

·        DNC Email To Supporters: Help Us Defend Against Obama Impeachment



·        Fast And Furious Bombshell: ATF Whistleblower Implicates FBI In Death Of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

·        NAFBPO’s: Proposal For Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement And Reform


·        Why Good People Should Be Armed

·        No Rifles For Cops? Boston Mayor-Elect, Police Clash Over AR-15 Proposal

·        Surprise, Gun Free Zone Fails Again. But So Does The Over Coddling Of Today’s Youth 


·        Obama-Secretly-Signs-No-Free-Speech-Bill


·        NSA ANT Spy Gear: A Secret Weapon That Hacks Electronics Worldwide

·        NSA-Intercepting-Computer-Shipments-Implant-Spyware


·        Dems-Dont-Impeach-Obama-Email-Backfires

·        DNC To Supporters: Give Obama A Congress That Won’t Impeach Him

·        DNC Begs For Money To Avoid Impeachment Of Barack Obama


·        Much-Worse-Than-Watergate-Americans-Need-A-Fullscale-Investigation-Of-Benghazi

·        Next-Time-You-Hear-Hillary-2016-Remind Them Of This

·        GOP-Leaders-Dismiss-New-York-Times-Benghazi-Report

·        Trey Gowdy Cremates NYT Benghazi Story Which Doesn’t Mention Hillary Clinton

·        Trump: NY Times Benghazi Report A 'Total Cover-Up'

·        Rep-Peter-King-NYT-Article-Benghazi-Entirely-Misleading-Al-Qaeda-Was-Definitely-Behind Attacks

·        Completely-False: Sources-Ground-Benghazi-Challenge-NYT-Report

·        NY-Times-Serves-Up-Baloney-On-Benghazi   Hit-Piece 'Investigation' Parrots Discredited Talking Points

·        A Deadly Mix In Benghazi

·        House-Intelligence-Chair: Benghazi-Attack-Al-Qaeda-Led-Event

·        NY Times Benghazi Report Meant To ‘Clear The Deck’ For Hillary


·        Stop-The-Illegal-Attachment-Of-Disabled-Veterans-Benefits

·        Navy-Underwater-Drone

·         Ousted Generals Launch Effort To Hold Obama Accountable & Save America .. | Save America Foundation

·        Church-Sign-Supporting-Troops-Ordered-Removed

·        2013: 20,000-US-M16s-Stolen-From-Unguarded-Warehouse-In-Kuwait

·        WWII Veteran: 90% Of Congress Are Traitors To Our Country


·        Is A Full-Scale Terrorist Attack On Us Power Stations Imminent?

·        Islamists Target Olympics: Russian Bombings Kill 31

·        The-Muslim-Brotherhoods-Washington-Dc-Offensive

·        Terror-Strikes-Volgograd-Russia-Second-Time-Days

·        US-Hate-Preacher-Who-Inspired-Murderer-Of-Lee-Rigby: Killer-Tells-How-He-Became-A-Muslim-After-Watching-Islamic-Hardliners-Sermons


·        MSNBC’s Blistering Montage Of The President Denying Knowledge Of Recent Scandals

·        MSNBC Gaffe About Obama Coverage

·        ABC-Reporter-Grills-Ted-Cruz-Government-Shutdown: Cruz-Stands-Firm

·        MSNBC Blasts Palin For Owning Christmas Tree


·        Next-Time-You-Hear-Hillary-2016-Remind Them Of This

·        Egyptian-Ag-Charges-Hillary-Clinton-For-Conspiring-With-The-Muslim-Brotherhood


·        Swat-Team-Deputy-Killed-Serving-Knock-Warrant


·        GOP-Leaders-Dismiss-New-York-Times-Benghazi-Report

·        Feinsteins-Husbands-Company Awarded Multi-Billion $ Govt Contract

·        Trey Gowdy Cremates NYT Benghazi Story Which Doesn’t Mention Hillary Clinton

·        Ted-Cruz-To Renounce-Canadian-Citizenship

·        ABC-Reporter-Grills-Ted-Cruz-Government-Shutdown: Cruz-Stands-Firm


·        Ted Cruz’s Response About Gov’t Shutdown ‘Mistake’ Annoys ABC Interviewer


·        Wake Up: America-Is-Going-Muslim

·        Church-Sign-Supporting-Troops-Ordered-Removed

·        Islamic Jihad Against Christians - How Muslims Have Been Celebrating Christmas

·        Boko Haram Islamists Claim Allah Forbids Cannibalism-Demands Decapitation, Mutilation


·        Pepe’s Grocery, Dallas: Shoots 1 Of 4 Robbers – Police Don’t Arrive For 74 Minutes

·        Quabbin 7: Reservoir Breach Of 412 Billion Gal Water Supply For Boston Goes Unpunished, Undisclosed – Secreted From Foia 


·        Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut

·        Over One Million Lose Unemployment Benefits - Will Hit Five Million By End Of 2014


·        Teacher’s Union Fights To Get Severance Pay For Child Molester


·        The Problem With Obama Care     Dinesh D'souza

·        Abortion-Americas-Thriving-Industry

·        New-Song:  Day-Life-Obamacare

·        Tip-Obamacare-Iceberg

·        Obamacare-Fallout-Continues

·        [Video] Holy Smokes: 70% Of Obamacare Website Still Not Built?

·        The List: 27 Democrats Who Said You Can Keep Your Health Care

·        Doctor Forces Howard Dean To Retract Rosy Obamacare Prognosis

·        Obamacare-Mandates-Vending-Machines-Display-Calorie-Count


·        Papers-Please: Homeland-Security-Push-National-ID-Transit-Documents

·        DHS Moves U.S. Closer To Nazi Style Government


·        POTUS Can’t Escape Healthcare Woes On Hawaiian Paradise Vacation

·        LA-Times-Critical-Of-Michelle-Obama

·        Spartan-Warrior-Calls-For Impeachment

·        Obama-Administration-Announces-Net-Loss-Of-At-Least-4-Million-Insurance-Plans

·        The Treason Of Barack-Obama

·        Now-Obama-Wants-Your-401k

·        Bob Woodward: ‘Rat’s Nest Of Concealment & Lies’ Behind Obamacare Website Disaster

·        Obama Faces Smattering Of Protests On Hawaiian Vacation

·        Barack-Obamas-Scandal-Ridden-Golf-Buddy-Eric-Whitaker


·        Japan-Radiation-Poisoning-America   New Concerns Hitting U.S. Pacific Coast

·        Video: Female Suicide Bomber Hits Russian Train Station – 14 Dead

·        Egyptian-AG-Charges-Hillary-Clinton-For-Conspiring-With-The-Muslim-Brotherhood







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