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12-7-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor – Frosty Taylor

Dec 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor Day



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·        Pearl-Harbor-Attack-United-The Nation

·        Dec. 7, 1941: “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

·        Pearl Harbor, Sinking Of USS Arizona Remembered In Phoenix Today

·        Nelson-Mandela-Was-A-Radical-Marxist


·       LD13 Chairman Robert Branch has announced that the 7 pm, Dec 10 meeting will be moved to the Eagles Nest, 3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear. Wil Cardon, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State is scheduled to speak. Contact: Chairman – Bob Branch


·       Volunteers are needed to help staff the Jan 14 Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting.

ü  Proxy Check: 12 – 18 people with laptop computers (Windows based).  Contact:  George Teegarden (

ü  Tally:  20 people to work at each polling machine. (check credential tag and mark tag), Contact:  Tom Husband (

ü  Set-up /Tear-down:  30 – 40 people (half for friday night before the event, half for saturday afternoon after the event) Contact:  Joe Hobbs (

ü  Parking / Security: 15 – 20 people to arrive early, wear reflective vests, put up traffic cones, carry flashlights to direct traffic into facility and parking area.  also, to stand outside various doors of building an direct attendees to proper entrance.  Contact:  Curt Miller ( Parking Volunteers preferably not PC’s, so that they do not miss registration.)

ü  INFO Booth:  10 people to work table outdoors to provide directions to those attending and arriving from the parking lot (7-9 am)  Contact:  Loraine Pellegrino,

ü  Packet Stuffing:  50 – 75 at AZ GOP HQ on Saturday, 1/4/2014, at 1:00 PM, to stuff ballots, memorials, agenda, flyers into packets for the following Saturday’s meeting!


·       The Wickenburg City Council Has Passed A Proclamation declaring the entire month of January be recognized as Vulture Mine Daze, along with the state recognized first Saturday of January Vulture Mine Day. A Vulture Mine Daze celebration will be held at 2 pm, Jan 26 in the Coffinger Park Recreation Center complete with a home cooked meal, live music, cowboy entertainment comedy/music, fashion show, high school student art show and a door prize. Student art can be purchased. Reservations required.  $20 per person. RSVP to Paula Hartwell 684-9018 no later than Jan. 20.  Sen Judy Burges and former Sen Jack  Harper will be in attendance (both were instrumental in getting the state Vulture Mine Day passed.  Other invited guests include Gov Jan. Brewer, Kathie McGee, Wickenburg Mayor John Cook,  LD13 legislators – Sen. Don Shooter and Rep Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell, Congressman Matt Salmon and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


·       LD29 Chairman Charlie Ellis (480-678-0938)  is asking for volunteer plumbers, electricians, drywallers, carpenters and demo crews to help provide improvements to veteran owner occupied homes within zip code 85033 (roughly bounded by 59th Avenue to 83rd Avenue from Camelback Road to Thomas Road.) between Dec 12-14.  The Maryvale Revitalization Corporation in conjunction with Home Depot and The Curb Appeal Program provides resources for exterior home improvements at no cost to the owner.  Improvements may include exterior house paint, limited desert landscaping, windows and doors.  Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 623-848-2795 for applications or information.


·        Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-CD5) convene a field hearing of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere at 10 am, Dec 9 in the Tucson City Council Chambers, 255 W Alameda St. Topic: Improving Security and Facilitating Commerce with Mexico at America’s Southern Border. Arizona Congressman David Schweikert and Ron Barber (D) will participate in the discussion.    


·       Phoenix Vice-Mayor Bill Gates Is Hosting a 7 pm, Dec 9 holiday party at Let it Roll Bowl, 8925 N. 12th St., Refreshments to be served.


·       Phoenix Mayor Bill Gates Annual Holiday Party is scheduled from 7-9 pm, Dec 9 at Let it Roll Bowl,  8925 N. 12th St.,  Phx  (On the SE corner of 12th St. and Dunlap Ave.)RSVP Requested to: or 602-262-7441.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will address the Highway 69 Republicans at 6 pm, Dec 9 at the   Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. AZ Hwy 60, Dewey. Social begins at 5 pm.  RSVP For Seating To 928-632-4661.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Thomas will address the Northwest Valley (Sun City) Tea Party at 6 pm, Dec 10 at the Royal Cafe, 10793 Grand Avenue, in Sun City.


·       LD29 Meets The Second Tuesday Of The Month (Dec 10) at 7 pm at 6006 N. 83rd Ave., Glendale. They no longer gather at Denny’s Restaurant, according to Chairman Charlie Ellis. 480-678-0938.

·       Referring Obamacare, Congressman Paul Gosar said, “The law is a train wreck full of broken promises that is increasing health care costs and interfering with the doctor-patient relationship. ObamaCare must be repealed and most importantly...REPLACED.” Click HERE or below to share your story.


·       Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson of Kingman is the new president of the Arizona Association of Counties (AACo) Board – the statewide organization representing leaders of each of Arizona’s 15 counties. Others officers include:

ü  Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon, 1st Vice President;

ü  Santa Cruz County Supervisor Manny Ruiz, 2nd Vice President;

ü  Pinal County Superior Court Clerk Chad Roche, 3rd Vice President.

ü  Maricopa County Justice of the Peace Keith Russell, the outgoing President of AACo, remains on the board.

Johnson, who served in the U.S. Army, is a retired L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy and a retired private business owner, has just started his fifth term as Mohave County’s Supervisor for District III. He chairs of the Quadstate Local Government Authority, a joint authority established between Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah; co-chairs the Arizona/Utah Economic Development Coalition and has testified in Washington D.C. on the economic impact to Mohave County and the surrounding areas of allowing uranium mining near the Arizona Strip. He is past chairman of the Mohave County Republican Central Committee, former six year president of the local International Footprint Association Chapter 75, and past Grand President of the International Footprint Association. He served on the RUDAT committee for Lake Havasu City as well as Lake Havasu City’s “Vision” Planning Committee; is past president  of the Mohave County Municipal Property Corporation and former vice chairman of the Workforce Investment Act Board in Mohave and LaPaz Counties.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar’s Commentary on of the Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation Act, H.R.1105. This bill will eliminate excessive regulations, making it easier for small businesses to gain access to capital so they can grow and create new jobs. We must set our small businesses free so they can do what they do best: put Americans back to work. Click HERE .


·       Congressman Paul Gosar’s  Public Access To Public Land Guarantee Act Of 2013 (H.R.3661), bipartisan legislation that would require the federal government to enter into an agreement with any state or municipality that offers non-federal funds to reopen and temporarily operate public lands (including national parks, national monuments and national recreation areas) during a government shutdown. If Congress retroactively appropriates funds, the Act would also require the federal government to refund the state or municipality. Click HERE


·       The Natural Resources Committee Passed The Protecting States, Opening National Parks Act (H.R.3286), which would reimburse states that used their own funds to operate National Parks during the federal government shutdown. The bill is now waiting to be considered by the full House of Representatives. To read more about this bill, click HERE. Congressman Paul Gosar is a member of the NRC.


·       The Arizona Federation Of Republican Women 2014 Winter State Meeting Is scheduled Feb 7 & 8 at the London Bridge Resort in Lake Havasu City. Reservations. Hotel: 928-855-0888. Don't forget to mention AzFRW when you reserve.


·      GOP Calendar


·        Dec  9 – LD4  (2nd Mon) 6:30 pm, Contact: LD4 Chairman Rhonda King Rhondaking08@Gmail.Com

·        Dec 9 – LD19 (2nd Mon) Chairman Cherie Scott Cell 623-512-0494



·        Larry The Cable Guy - 'Politically Correct' Christmas Story

·        Outlook For 2014: Severity May Lessen, But Drought Will Persist

·        Hear-The-Haunting-Wailing-Sound-From-One-World-Trade-Center

·        Progressive-Insurance-Is-Owned-By-Peter-Lewis: Who-Is-He?-Read-This

·        Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio-Immortalized-As-A-Tattoo

·        7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won't See In The US Media

·        SC-Sheriff-Takes-Stand-Against-Honoring-Mandela-He-Was-Not-An-American

·        ID Breach May Cost MCCCD $14 Million

·        Forecast No Respite From Drought Conditions In Ariz.

·        Christmas Tree Tags For Arizona Forests Selling Out

·        Funding, Services Suggested At CPS Forum

·        State Names New Behavioral-Health Provider

·        Feds, State At Odds Over Teacher Evaluations

·        Check-This-Map-To-See-How-Your-State-Is Doing Economically




·        400-Pounds-Marijuana-Found-At-Arizona Wildlife Refuge

·        Arizona-Asu-Plans-Nations-Biggest Nonprofit Law Firm

·        Arizona-Atty General-Tom-Horne Says Public Can't Be Charged For Public Access

·        Woman-Glued-To-Toilet-Seat-In-Home

·        Scottsdale-Realtors-SAAR-Has-News Journal; What It Doesn't Tell You

·        Nelson-Mandela-On-US-Terrorist List Until 2008


·        Dissing God Creates Problems In LD 28

·        Dec. 7, 1941: “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

·        Knockout “Games”: The Underreported Crime

·       As Obamacare Flops, BHO Goes For Class Warfare

·        Boehner Hires McCain Amnesty Hustler For Renewed Push

·        Mexico: Such A Good Trading Partner — With China


·       Will Kyrsten Sinema Join Obama And Double Down On Obamacare?

·        Did Kyrsten Sinema Kill A Dreamers Dream?

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·        RNC Releasing A New Obamacare Video, “Deadline Missed. View the video:    Download the video:



·        Department Of Homeland Security Stacked With Pro-Amnesty Attorneys Ahead Of Illegal Immigration Fight

·        13-Year-Old-Girl-Raped-By-A-Dozen-Illegals-As-They-Film-It-And-Cheer

·        Guess Who Obama Has Put In Charge Of Border Security

·       Obamas-Drunk-Driving-Illegal-Alien-Uncle-Given-Amnesty-By-Judge



·        U.S. Teacher Shot Dead In Benghazi After Al Qaeda Call For Violence

·        Journalist Haven't Had Trouble Finding Benghazi Suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala

·        Shocking-Revelations-From-Former-Obama-Secret-Service-Agent



·        “We Know Where You Are” — NSA. “I Know Nothing!” — Obama.



·        Obama-Quasi-Dictator   Video: Obama Defends The IRS Targeting Of The Tea Party

·        Issa: FBI Impeding Inquiry Into IRS Targeting Of Conservative Groups

·        Obama now dismissing IRS targeting conservatives: ‘Suddenly everybody’s outraged’



·        Should Released Felons Have The Right To Own Guns?

·        Army-Officer-Wants-Disarmed-Will-Pry-Gun-Cold-Dead-Fingers

·        What The Media Is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages

·        Liberty Ammunition Increases Planned Production

·        Bell County Attorney Jim Nichols Violating State Law By Holding Veteran's Guns

·        Obamas-Clandestine-Plan-To-Make-Bullets-Vanish

·        Build Gun Shops As Sanctuaries Against Gun Violence



·        Lefty-Journalist: Obama-Seeks-State-Media   'They Want Everything To Look Like MSNBC'

·        Reporters-Insert-Phony-Agenda-Into-Rand-Paul-Speech   Media Stories Describe Comments That Never Occurred



·        Hillary Clinton Uses Funerals To Woo Black Leaders’ Support For 2016



·        State-Dept-Defends-Spending-A-Million-Dollars-On-A-Sculpture-Important-Part-Of-Our-Diplomatic-Presence-Overseas

·        Grounded: US Forest Service Spent Thousands On Drones It’s Not Allowed To Use

·        Last Call: State Dept Bought $180,000 In Liquor Before Shutdown



·        GOP: Obamacare Is Part Of 'War On Women'



·        Political-Incorrectness: Elementary-School-Bans-Red-And-Green-Christmas-References

·        Rabbi-Steven-Pruzansky-Taking-Heat-From-Mispallelim-For-Criticizing-Obama



·        Why Sharpton And Jackson Are Silent On “Knockout Game”



·        Oh It’s Fine For Blacks To Criticize White Presidents!



·        Commander-Cowards-Pushing-Women-Into-Combat

·        Army-Officer-Wants-Disarmed-Will-Pry-Gun-Cold-Dead-Fingers

·        Epidemic Rates Of Suicide Among Veterans & Active Duty Military - Obama Vows To Cure Aids For Sasha And Malia

·        Report: Air Force Building Drone For Operations In ‘Hostile’ Airspace

·        Shades Of Vietnam: Spike In U.S. Troop Deaths Tied To Stricter Rules Of Engagement



·        Congress-Must-Take-Back-Its-Constitutional-Powers

·        Senator Wants To Sack NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status

·         Obama Administration Misled Congress

·        Reid: Obamacare Costs Me $4,500 More

·        Elected Representatives Turning Deaf Ears To Their Constituents

·        Rand Paul Proposes Plan For Detroit To Bail Itself Out

·        Can Congress Cope With Sequester? Doomsday Fears Fade, As Round 2 Nears

·        Obama To Congress: Extend Jobless Aid

·        The Washington Post: Capitol Hill Gets Crash Course In Signing Up For New Health-Care Law



·        Big Energy Innovations, Record Energy Production



·        Report: Scientists Predict A Century Of Global Cooling



·        US Racks Up $231B Deficit In Two Months

·        Report: Private Sector SHRANK In 41 States Under Obama

·        1,148,000 Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than 7 Yrs Ago



·        The-Lipstick-On-A-Pig-Obamacare-Tour

·        Obamacare: You're Not Insured Until You Pay

·        Obamacare Has No System In Place To Pay Subsidies To Insurance Companies

·        If You Purchase Insurance Through An Obamacare Exchange, You Are Paying For Abortions

·        White House: Cuidadodesalud.Gov Ready To Launch

·        Administration: O-Care Error Rate Was 25 Percent

·        Obamacare’s Latest Numbers Don’t Add Up. You Will Pay The Difference.

·        Obamacare: “Mayday! Mayday!” Says New York Times



·        Political-Incorrectness: Elementary-School-Bans-Red-And-Green-Christmas-References

·        Obama & Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools

·        Napolitano ‘Deeply Skeptical’ Of Obama’s College Rankings



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

Common Core: Hey! Teacher! Seriously! Leave Them Kids Alone!

·        Roots-Of-Common-Core-Lie-In-Association-Between-Barack-Obama-And-Bill-Ayers

·        Common Core Creator Friends W/ Terrorist William Ayers?



·        Department Of Homeland Security Stacked With Pro-Amnesty Attorneys Ahead Of Illegal Immigration Fight

·        DHS Hires Dozens Of Activist, Pro-Amnesty Immigration Lawyers



·        Obama Administration Issues Permits For Wind Farms To Kill More Eagles

·        Check-Out-The-Me-Me-Me-Words-Of-Barack-Obama-On-Death-Of-Nelson-Mandela

·        No-Vote-Obama-Lying   23% Wouldn’t Have Voted For Obama If They Knew He Was Lying

·        Obamas Heading To Hawaii For Christmas, Not Everyone’s Thrilled

·        After Snubbing Thatcher Funeral, Obama And Michelle To Visit South Africa For Mandela

·        WH Claims Obama ‘Regularly’ Meets With Sebelius Off The Record

·        Obama Administration Misled Congress

·        Transparent-Obama-Lies-When-He-Cant-Hide

·        White House: Cuidadodesalud.Gov Ready To Launch

·        Ex-Obama Aide Named O-Care Strategist

·        Obama Now Dismissing IRS Targeting Conservatives: ‘Suddenly Everybody’s Outraged’

·        Obama Is His Name    Song



·        Check-Out-The-Me-Me-Me-Words-Of-Barack-Obama-On-Death-Of-Nelson-Mandela

·        Mandela-Thatcher-Funerals: Obamas-Churchill-Bust

·        North Korea Frees American Tourist

·        Pentagon Plans To Destroy Syrian Chemical Arms On Ship At Sea

·        Syria Nightmare: Fresh Fears About Al Qaeda Fighters There Returning Home As Sleeper Terrorists







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