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12-8-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor – Frosty Taylor

Dec 8, 2013


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·       Shane Wikfors Was On The Terry Gilberg's show last night discussing a cornucopia or current events.


·       Ray-Stevens-Obama-Budget-Plan


·       Phoenix Vice-Mayor Bill Gates Is Hosting a 7 pm, Dec 9 holiday party at Let it Roll Bowl, 8925 N. 12th St., Refreshments to be served. RSVP Requested to: or 602-262-7441.


·       The Arizona American African Republican Committee host the 2nd Annual Emancipation Proclamation Observance, marking the 151st anniversary of its signing by President Abraham Lincoln at 1:30 pm, Jan 1, 2014 in Eastlake Park, 16th Street and East Jefferson, Phoenix. Festivities begin at noon with a picnic. Voter registration will be available – identification required.  Political speakers will be in attendance. The official Centennial Buffalo Soldiers – AZ Territories will perform.  In 1913, a fort in the Huachuca Mountains became home to the 10th Cavalry, also known as the Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers were an African-American unit that served while the Army was segregated. By the time the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at what became Fort Huachuca, the Apache Wars were over, but the Buffalo Soldiers served under Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing during his expedition into Mexico, and guarded the border during World War I. During World War II, the fort became a training site for two Black infantry divisions, the 92nd and the 93rd. For further information call AAARC Chairman Rev. Clyde Bowen 602-274-5439 Facebook


·       LD13 Chairman Robert Branch has announced that the 7 pm, Dec 10 meeting will be moved to the Eagles Nest, 3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear. Wil Cardon, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State is scheduled to speak. Contact: Chairman – Bob Branch


·       Volunteers are needed to help staff the Jan 14 Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting.

ü  Proxy Check: 12 – 18 people with laptop computers (Windows based).  Contact:  George Teegarden (

ü  Tally:  20 people to work at each polling machine. (check credential tag and mark tag), Contact:  Tom Husband (

ü  Set-up /Tear-down:  30 – 40 people (half for friday night before the event, half for saturday afternoon after the event) Contact:  Joe Hobbs (

ü  Parking / Security: 15 – 20 people to arrive early, wear reflective vests, put up traffic cones, carry flashlights to direct traffic into facility and parking area.  also, to stand outside various doors of building an direct attendees to proper entrance.  Contact:  Curt Miller ( Parking Volunteers preferably not PC’s, so that they do not miss registration.)

ü  INFO Booth:  10 people to work table outdoors to provide directions to those attending and arriving from the parking lot (7-9 am)  Contact:  Loraine Pellegrino,

ü  Packet Stuffing:  50 – 75 at AZ GOP HQ on Saturday, 1/4/2014, at 1:00 PM, to stuff ballots, memorials, agenda, flyers into packets for the following Saturday’s meeting!


·        Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-CD5) convene a field hearing of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere at 10 am, Dec 9 in the Tucson City Council Chambers, 255 W Alameda St. Topic: Improving Security and Facilitating Commerce with Mexico at America’s Southern Border. Arizona Congressman David Schweikert and Ron Barber (D) will participate in the discussion.    


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will address the Highway 69 Republicans at 6 pm, Dec 9 at the   Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. AZ Hwy 60, Dewey. Social begins at 5 pm.  RSVP For Seating To 928-632-4661.


·       Sentinel Intelligence Services Lyle Rapacki will address the 11:30 am, Dec 9 YAVAPAI REPUBLICAN MEN'S FORUM Christmas Extravaganza at the St. Michael's Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott. AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham will be in attendance.  RSVP:  Bob Luzius (928) 717-2551 or Membership dues - $20, Contact:  Barry Denton at (928) 442-3290 or RSVP requested. Limited seating.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Thomas will address the Northwest Valley (Sun City) Tea Party at 6 pm, Dec 10 at the Royal Cafe, 10793 Grand Avenue, in Sun City.


·       LD29 Meets The Second Tuesday Of The Month (Dec 10) at 7 pm at 6006 N. 83rd Ave., Glendale. They no longer gather at Denny’s Restaurant, according to Chairman Charlie Ellis. 480-678-0938.

·       PCs: Mark Your Calendar:

ü  Jan 11, 2014 - Maricopa County Republican Mandatory Mtg. at Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central Ave, Phoenix.

ü  Jan 25, 2014 -  AZGOP 2014 Mandatory Meeting at Grace Community Church, 1200 E Southern Ave  Tempe.

ü  March 8, 2014 – Maricopa County Republican Committee Lincoln Luncheon, El-Zaribah Shrine Tempe, 552 N. 40th St., Phx.


·        Ariz. Builds Deeper Into Forest, Puts Lives At Risk

·        Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Remembered

·        Carville: Blame-Obama instead of Republicans  

·        Judge Jeanine Pirro Slashes Obama For Incompetence & Indifference

·        Medicaid-Expansion-Will-Line-Hospitals-Pockets

·        yarnell-Fire-Response-Report-Issues

·        Supervisors' Chairman Key For County Plan

·        Larry The Cable Guy - 'Politically Correct' Christmas Story

·       Forecast No Respite From Drought Conditions In Ariz.

·        Christmas Tree Tags For Arizona Forests Selling Out

·        Slamming Health Law May Burn Calories

·        Aide's Immigration Fight Deeply Personal

·        Arizona Top 3 For Immigration-Related Prosecutions

·        Ariz-Tells-Insurers-Not-To-Renew-Old-Health-Plans

·        Lemon-Producers-In-Yuma-Area-Having-Good-Season

·        Arizona-Dedicates-World-War-II-Memorial

·        Lake-Havasu-To-Be-Lowered-For-Parker-Dam-Work

·        Valley Salvation Army Burglarized, Over $4,000 Worth Of Items Stolen

·        CPS: What Can Realistically Be Done In 6 Months

·        Report: Forest Building Putting Structures, Lives At Risk

·        Peoria May Ban Texting At City Meetings

·        Montini: Only 2 Options For CPS

·        Funding, Services Suggested At CPS Forum

·        State Names New Behavioral-Health Provider

·        Feds, State At Odds Over Teacher Evaluations



·       GOP Calendar


·        Dec  9 – LD4  (2nd Mon) 6:30 pm, Contact: LD4 Chairman Rhonda King Rhondaking08@Gmail.Com

·        Dec 9 – LD19 (2nd Mon) Chairman Cherie Scott Cell 623-512-0494



·        Readying For Amnesty DHS Hires Radical Lawyers

·        Dissing God Creates Problems In LD 28


GILBERT WATCH   or  GILAWATCH See daily updates

FLOYD REPORTS     Daily updates

·        A Fascist Police State…And We’re Partly Responsible

·        Obama Lived With Illegal Alien Uncle

·        Desparite Democrat Rant Based On Parody Article

·        Hispanics Bail On Obama

·        Issa Fields Obamacare Horror Stories

·        Quote Quiz: Who Said These Things?

·        Blogging “Gays” Urge Murder, Castration Of Christians

·        Liberal Legal Expert: Obama Has Become Danger To Constitution

·        Obama Operative Masquerades As Catholic Expert

·        Obama: Disastrous Obamacare Rollout Not My Fault

·        An Open Letter To American Christians

·        Watch Cnn Pundit Shrugs Off Obama’s Lie

·        How The Government Plans To Survive Hard Times

·        What We Saw At Nyc’s Fast Food Strike

·        What’s Sandra Fluke Up To?

·        Newtown Massacre Recordings Reveal Calm, Anguish, And Gunshots

·        Intelligence Failures Turn Deadly, Thanks To Political Corruption

·        Nelson Mandela And The Free World

·        Professor: Give Obama Third Term

·        “That’s On Me” – Barack Obama’s Self Destruction

·        Muslims Get Special Treatment At Public Pool

·        A Must-Attend Event For Conservatives

·        Children Under 2 Abandoned By Obamacare Exchanges

·        New York Leading The Way–In Gun Confiscation!

·        Lies, Lawlessness, And License – The Obama Legacy?

·        Screwing Up “Hope And Change”

·        Obama Drunk With Power


·        The Mandela Cover-up Unravels



·        Conservative Student Leaders: Opportunities at AZGOP for Spring Semester. The AZGOP has launched a youth leadership initiative to encourage the next generation of Arizona political leaders and introduce them to the operations and campaign work of the state party leading up to the election in 2014, according to Chairman Robert Graham.  The program will pay a stipend and involve hiring up to five students for the Spring semester to coordinate each of the AZGOP's leadership initiatives: Fundraising, Community Outreach, Marketing, New Media, and Political Outreach. Contact Mark Naufel for details.



Obama Reveals How A Future GOP President Can Gut ObamaCare

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Being Vindicated on Shutdown



·        Texas Defies Feds; We Shut The Border Down Ourselves, Said Lt. Gov.

·        Department Of Homeland Security Stacked With Pro-Amnesty Attorneys Ahead Of Illegal Immigration Fight

·        13-Year-Old-Girl-Raped-By-A-Dozen-Illegals-As-They-Film-It-And-Cheer

·        Guess Who Obama Has Put In Charge Of Border Security

·        Obamas-Drunk-Driving-Illegal-Alien-Uncle-Given-Amnesty-By-Judge

·        Remember1986.Com Updated Daily

·        M3 Report   Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras 

·        Need2no.Us   Law Enforcement: Illegal Human And Drug Traffic



·        U.S. Teacher Shot Dead In Benghazi After Al Qaeda Call For Violence

·        Journalist Haven't Had Trouble Finding Benghazi Suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala

·        Shocking-Revelations-From-Former-Obama-Secret-Service-Agent



·        IRS-Using-Google-Maps-Spy-Taxpayers



·        Army-Officer-Wants-You Disarmed-Will-Pry-Gun-Cold-Dead-Fingers



·        Regulation Nation: Gov’t Regs Estimated To Pound Private Sector With $1.8T In Costs

·        Ex-Official Claims FBI Can Secretly Activate Webcams Without The Indicator Light Turning On



·        GOP: Obamacare Is Part Of 'War On Women'

·        In-Tokyo-A-Biden-Comment-About-Working-Women-Sparks-An-Undeserved-Firestorm



·        Sarah Palin: Angry Atheists Armed With Attorneys Trying To ‘Abort Christ Out Of Christmas’

·        Bizarre ‘War On Christmas’ Ad Airing On MSNBC

·        Political-Incorrectness: Elementary-School-Bans-Red-And-Green-Christmas-References

·        Rabbi-Steven-Pruzansky-Taking-Heat-From-Mispallelim-For-Criticizing-Obama



·        Why Sharpton And Jackson Are Silent On “Knockout Game”



·        Oh It’s Fine For Blacks To Criticize White Presidents!



·        American-Warrior-Blood-Is-Pooling-In-Oval-Office   Is Obama Bigger Threat To U.S. Military Than Even Taliban?
Florida Cop, Marine Vet, Arrested For Wearing ‘Anonymous’ Mask Warns Of ‘A War Coming’

·        War Veteran Arrives Home In Calif. After N. Korea Detention

·        Hiring-MBAs-You-Should-Be-Looking-At-NCOs

·        Commander-Cowards-Pushing-Women-Into-Combat

·        Army-Officer-Wants-Disarmed-Will-Pry-Gun-Cold-Dead-Fingers

·        Epidemic Rates Of Suicide Among Veterans & Active Duty Military - Obama Vows To Cure Aids For Sasha And Malia

·        Report: Air Force Building Drone For Operations In ‘Hostile’ Airspace

·        Shades Of Vietnam: Spike In U.S. Troop Deaths Tied To Stricter Rules Of Engagement



·        Redress Sought After Supreme Court Takes Away Law License Of State Attny Gen Who Took On Abortion Industry



·        Taking On Senate Dems For Blocking Jobs Bills: On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner took on the Democratic-run Senate for failing to act on dozens of House-passed jobs bills: “These bills would do things like: increase the supply of American energy & build the Keystone pipeline; roll back red tape & unnecessary regulations; provide more flexibility to working families; reform & improve job training programs; protect Americans from cyber attacks; help schools to recruit & keep the best teachers; delay the individual mandate, allow the American people to keep the health care plans they like; or to scrap the health care law that's wreaking havoc on our economy.” Shortly after Boehner’s floor speech, the House added to this list, passing a small business jobs bill and bipartisan patent reform.  As the president acknowledged this week, many are still struggling to get ahead and the American Dream remains in doubt – all the more reason for him to heed Boehner’s call for bipartisan action on jobs. 

·        GOP-Touts-Campaign-Blunt-Obamas-Executive-Powers

·        Rep. Sensenbrenner Wants Intelligence Director Clapper Prosecuted For Lying

·        GOP Touts Campaign To Blunt Obama's Executive Powers

·         Lawmakers Line Up Behind Favorite Tax Breaks

·        Republican Author Of Patriot Act Seeks Prosecution Of Obama's Intelligence Director For Lying To Congress

·        Sen. Rand Paul Pushes ‘Economic Freedom Zones’ For Detroit

·        John Boehner Says GOP Should Support Gay Candidates: ‘I Do’



·        Investing In Infrastructure, Creating Jobs

·        1,148,000 Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than 7 Yrs Ago



·        Three-Charts-Obama-Hopes-Youll-Never-See

·        Conservatives Hijack Fast Food Workers Protest Across America

·        Obama: Hole U.S. ‘Digging Out Of’ Requires Billions More In Unemployment Benefits

·        US Racks Up $231B Deficit In Two Months

·        Report: Private Sector SHRANK In 41 States Under Obama

·        1,148,000 Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than 7 Yrs Ago



·        Ex-Obama Aide Named O-Care Strategist

·        70% Of Doctors In California Have Rejected Obamacare

·        Don't Blame Republicans; Blame Obama - James Carville

·        Obama Admin.: One In 10 Obamacare Forms Might Have Errors

·        Obama Administration Knew Of Key Obamacare Delay In August, Emails Say

·        Ills Of Healthcare.Gov: Errors In Obamacare Website Forms Spark Concerns

·        California Obamacare Exchange Giving Out Customer Information

·        The-Medicaid-Time-Bomb



Aka AZ's College And Career Ready Standards

·        Common-Core-Meets-The-Fury-Of-Chuck-Norris

·        Common Core: Hey! Teacher! Seriously! Leave Them Kids Alone!

·        Roots-Of-Common-Core-Lie-In-Association-Between-Barack-Obama-And-Bill-Ayers



·        The-Medicaid-Time-Bomb

·        Patriot Act Author: Obama’s Intel Czar Should Be Prosecuted

·        Shock-Claim-Obama-Not-A-Communist   Conservative Author Says President's Philosophy Closer To Another Notorious Movement

·        Plenty-Of-Obama-Money-For-These-People   Newest Plan For Stabilizing Economy Not Intended To Help U.S.

·        Three-Charts-Obama-Hopes-Youll-Never-See

·        Obama-Lived-With-Kenyan-Uncle-Prior-To-Law-School-White-House-Says

·        Obama Mum On Pearl Harbor, Still Working On Narcissistic Selfie

·        ‘He Was Not An American!’: Sheriff Defies Obama’s Order To Lower Flag For Mandela

·        What Obama Got Right And What He Got Wrong On Economic Mobility

·        Ex-Obama Guard Talks ‘Out Of Control’ Government



·        Ole-John-Kerry-Gives-Away-Farm

·        Bill O’Reilly Reminds: Nelson Mandela ‘Was A Communist’

·        In-Tokyo-A-Biden-Comment-About-Working-Women-Sparks-An-Undeserved-Firestorm







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