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1-1-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Jan 1, 2014


·       The Maricopa County Republican EGC Will NOT Meet On Jan 2 in lieu of the Jan 4 ‘Packet Stuffing Party’ scheduled at AZGOP Headquarters for the Jan. 11 Mandatory MCRC meeting.  Contact: Chairman A J LaFaro>

·       A MCRC C&T Training Session Is Scheduled At 9:30 Am, Jan. 4 at AZGOP Headquarters,  24th Street/Mitchell, Phx.  Participants are asked to arrive by 9 am.  Anyone working LD credentials or proxy verification at the Jan. 11 MCRC mandatory meeting should attend the training session. Bring your laptop to get the proper software and database for the Jan. 11 meeting.  Refreshments, coffee, juice, water, donuts.


·       MCRC Needs 30 To 40 Volunteers To Stuff Packets At Noon, Jan 4 at the AZGOP Headquarters, 24th Street/Mitchell, Phx. Lunch will be provided. Stuffing starts at 1 pm. Activities include labeling packets, stuffing flyers/ballots, organizing packets by LDs for the Jan 11 meeting.. Contact: Dan Grimm   Cell: 480-570-8570


·       The Bill Bridwell Family Is Grateful For All The Prayers For Marilyn The Past Week. Sadly, the life sustaining machines will be turned off tomorrow morning.  Services will be held at 10 am, Jan 8 at the United Methodist Church in Casa Grande where the couple was married 29 years ago. A reception will follow at The Property where their wedding reception was also held. Our thoughts,  prayers and support are with the family during this difficult time.


·       Tempe City Council Candidate Matthew Papke and his campaign volunteers will be walking precincts Jan 4.  Volunteers will meet at 1:30 pm at Dunkin Donuts on the North East corner of Warner and McClintock. Please wear business casual or higher attire.  Papke is an Arizona native, Corona del Sol High School graduate,  a former Marine, and community/political activist.  become a volunteer


·       GOP Activitist Wes Harris Sends The Word That Rumors Of His Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated. He has been busy with a family business in Centennial, CO and plans to resume his Arizona political activities in about a month. Contact:


·       The Conservative Coalition Will Meet At 10 Am, Jan 3 at the home of Jim O’Connor, 8001 E. Del Joya Drive, Scottsdale (west of the 101, south of Shea Blvd)  to discuss legislative races and the January AZGOP elections.  Contact: 602-538-9387 cell  Contact: Lori Urban    480-221-9633


·       The Arizona Republican Party Is Hosting A Reception For US Sen Rand Paul starting at 4:30 pm Jan. 10 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. The 4:30 pm VIP/photo reception is $250 per person or $500 per couple. The 5 pm general reception is $50 per person or $100 per couple. Business attire. RSVP to: Michelle Hyde at (602) 633-2777 or Corinne Lovas at (623) 218-6616,


·       The Maricopa County Republican West Office, 99th Ave/Bell Road, is  closed through Jan 3. 


·       The Pima GOP Headquarters is closed until Jan 2, 2014.


·       Reports Are Surfacing That Quite A Few Candidates will be announcing their candidacy for office with the new year.


·       ATTN  Candidates: If you want your events posted in Briefs, please send the event, time, date, location and contact information to .  

·       Applications Are Being Accepted Until Jan 6, 2014 for the National Federation of Rep. Women ‘Dorothy Andrews Kabis Internship’ Opportunity in Washington, DC. Applicants must submit required documents to their State Federation president and each State submits applications to the NFRW. Send to Attn:  AzFRW President Mary Williams, PO BOX 2445, Prescott AZ 86302-2445.  Contact: Contact:   Pat Lutes

·       Volunteers Are Needed to help staff the Jan 11 Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting.

1.     Proxy Check: 12 – 18 people with laptop computers (Windows based).  Contact:  George Teegarden (

2.     Tally:  20 people to work at polling machines. (check credential tag and mark tag), Contact:  Tom Husband (

3.     Set-up /Tear-down:  30 – 40 people (half for Friday night before the event, half for Saturday afternoon after the event) Contact:  Joe Hobbs (

4.     Parking / Security: 15 – 20 people to arrive early, wear reflective vests, put up traffic cones, carry flashlights to direct traffic into facility and parking area.  Also, to stand outside various doors to direct attendees to proper entrance.  Contact:  Curt Miller ( Parking Volunteers preferably not PC’s, so that they do not miss registration.)

5.     INFO Booth:  10 people to work table outdoors to provide directions to those attending and arriving from the parking lot (7-9 am)  Contact:  Loraine Pellegrino,

6.     Packet Stuffing:  50 – 75 at AZ GOP HQ at 1pm  Sat, Jan 3, 2014, to stuff ballots, memorials, agenda, flyers into packets for the following Saturday’s meeting!


·       PCs: Mark Your Calendar:

o   Jan 11, 2014 - Maricopa County Republican Mandatory Mtg. at Church of the Nations, 6225 N Central Ave, Phoenix.

o   Jan 25, 2014 -  AZGOP 2014 Mandatory Meeting at Grace Community Church, 1200 E Southern Ave  Tempe.

o   March 8, 2014 – Maricopa County Republican Committee Lincoln Luncheon, El-Zaribah Shrine Tempe, 552 N. 40th St., Phx.


·       LD4 Chairman Rhonda King has announced that the LD is no longer meeting the second Monday of the month.  LD4 will meet at 6:30, Jan 21 with the Estrella Republican Club at the Starpointe at Estrella Mountain Ranch. Contact: Chr Rhonda King  623-640-3742  Cell


·       The Maricopa County Republican “Precinct Committeeman Day” is scheduled for Feb 12 at the state capitol. Details tba.



·        Reforms At MCSO Will Cost $21.9 Million

·        Grand Canyon Gives Incentive For Quieter Aircraft

·        Sentencing-Delay-Sought-For-Ex-Fiesta-Bowl-Chief

·        Glendale Landfill Will Turn Garbage To Energy | Video

·        Arizona Forester Seeking To Double Budget

·        Ex-Rep. Renzi Seeks Later Date To Report To Prison

·        Ten-Arizona-Issues-To-Watch-For

·        New Guard Leader Hounded By Old Case

·        40,000-New-Laws-Take-Effect-2014

·        Obama-Dooms-Seniors-To-Ravages-Of-Aging

·        Potential 2106 Candidates For The White House

·        From Humble Start, The Fiesta Bowl Endures

·        Pollution Haze Blankets Metro Area; No Burn Day, Health Advisory Still In Effect

·        Feds Ban Incandescent Light Bulbs

·        Catholic Groups Ask Supreme Court To Block Healthcare Law

·        Mesa To Sell 11,400 Acres To Investment Companyadd To Reading List

·        Mexican-Sales-Tax-Hike-Seen-As-Boon-On-Us-Border



·        Roughly-40,000-New-Laws-Go-Into-Effect

·        Chief-Justice-Roberts-Decries-Cuts-To.Budget


·        Hillary Clinton Faces Criminal Charges In Egypt

·        Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013

·        How Boehner Plans To Shove Amnesty Down America’s Throat

·        10 Liberal Limericks For 2013
The 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Statements Of 2013

·        DNC Fears Obama Impeachment?

·        Man Arrested For Having Empty Concealed Compartment In Vehicle

·        The Top Stories Of 2013

·        DNC Sends Desperate Yearend Fundraising Plea

·        NY Times Attempt To Sideline Benghazi Backfires

·        Obamacare: What Happens Once Everyone Is Insured?

·        NSA Spy Devices Revealed At Chaos Conference

·        How To Achieve World Peace

·        Diblasio Bans Carriages; Horses Face Slaughter


·        Homeland Security Nazi’s Issue New World Order Globalist ID Cards

·        2013 The Year Of Hypocrisy And Really Big Lies

·        America’s New Year’s Military Madness!



·        Share RNC’s Proposed New Year’s Resolutions For President Obama

·        RNC-Vows-To-Spend-2014-In-Overlooked-Communities

·        Republicans Mock Obama With New Year’s Resolution Cards


·        Judge-Reaffirms-Constitution-Free-Zones-100-Miles-Inside-Us-Borders

·        Another-Gun-From-Fast-And-Furious-Turns-Up-At-Deadly-Crime-Scene-In-Mexico

·        Court Rules No Suspicion Needed For Laptop Searches At Border

·        Christie Gives Undocumented Students Access To In-State Tuition

·        Fast-And-Furious-FBI-Now-Linked-To-Murder-Of-Us-Border-Agent

·        FBI Report At Odds With ATF Claim On Weapons

·        After Fast & Furious, Lawmakers Slam ATF Threats Against Whistleblowers

·        House Seeks Fast & Furious Gun-Walking Documents

·        Independent Counsel Eyes In Fast & Furious

·        Whistleblower's Explosive Claim: FBI Played Key Role In Brian Terry's Death

·        Operation Fast & Furious Twist, DOJ Involvement Deeper Than ATF

·        ATF Agent Sends Shockwaves Across Internet With Explosive Allegations About 'Fast & Furious' & Brian Terry's Death


·        Ted-Nugent-Uncensored-Western-Shooting-Journal-Interviews-The-Nuge-About-Guns-Hunting-And-Rocknroll    By Rachel Alexander

·        Why Good People Should Be Armed

·        PETA Anti-Hunter Drones Grounded

·        NRA Braces For New Fight As Bloomberg Returns To His Anti-Gun Group

·        Http://Www.Breitbart.Com/Big-Government/2013/12/31/Illinois-New-Law-Sends-PETA-Drones%20Back%20-To-Base

·        Gun Confiscation – Obama’s New Year’s Resolution

·        Bloomberg Leaves Office Today, Protected By Firearms

·        Fear And Control, Not Reason, The Catalyst For New Firearms Laws In New York



·        Obama-Secretly-Signs-No-Free-Speech-Bill



·        Revealed-Pristine-Image-Of-Footprint



·        NYT, Hillary_And_Obamas_War_On_A_Mom   Lloyd Marcus

·        Krauthammer: NYT Article On Benghazi Was About Protecting Hillary Clinton

·        GOP House Intelligence Committee Member: NY Times Gets An 'F' For Benghazi Report

·        Growing Outrage Over NY Times Benghazi Report: Witness Accounts Contradict Times Report

·        The-Benghazi-Disaster-Reduced-To-Definitions-Of-Affiliation   John Bernard Is A Retired Marine First Sergeant Who Writes On Counter Insurgency Doctrine, Islam, Rules Of Engagement And Middle Eastern Culture, In His Blog: Let Them Fight Or Bring Them Home.

·        New York Times Had Reporter ‘Talking To The Attackers’ During Benghazi Massacre



·        Wake The Hell Up!  Important Message From A WWII Vet : World War II Airborne Combat Veteran Warenn (Renn) Bodeker, From Plains, Montana Gives Us An Important Message From His Past Experiences.

·        Saudis-Recognize-Obama-As-A-Girly-Man-President  By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret

·        The-Problems-Of-Women-In-Combat-From-A-Female-Combat-Vet

·       Military-Veterans-Scathing-Open-Letter-To-Paul-Ryan-Is-Set-To-Go-Viral



·        Hate-Crime: Ithaca-Woman-Gets-Face-Sliced-Open-Four-Black-Women



·        Muslims-Kill-Dozens-Christians-Christmas-Day: White-House-Remains-Silent

·        Christians-Targeted-In-Iraq-On-Christmas-Day

·        Vladimir Putin Vows ‘Annihilation’ Of Terrorists

·        Will The Olympics Be Safe? Two Deadly Suicide Bombings Close To Kickoff Of The Sochi Games

·        Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization - Will The U.S. Do The Same?

·        Nun: Slain-Christians-Blood-Drained-And-Sold



·        Hillary-Clinton-Faces-Charges-In Egypt



·        Another-Fast-And-Furious-Gun-Turns-Up-At-A-Mexican-Shootout



·        Chief Justice Roberts: Federal Courts Need More Funds



·        Supreme Court Issues Emergency Stay Halting Birth Control Mandate For Catholic Nuns

·        Judge-Reaffirms-Constitution-Free-Zones-100-Miles-Inside-US-Borders

·        Judicial Watch Asks Court To Invalidate President Obama's Unconstitutional Obamacare Power Grab

·        At Last Minute, Justice Blocks Obamacare Contraception Mandate

·        U.S. Judge: Obama Homeland Security Aiding Criminal Conspiracies

·        Court Rules No Suspicion Needed For Laptop Searches At Border



·        Reid-Says-Jobless-Aid-Vote-Coming-Monday

·        Comeuppance For Democrats



·        Muslims-Kill-Dozens-Christians-Christmas-Day: White-House-Remains-Silent

·        Christians-Targeted-In-Iraq-On-Christmas-Day

·         Mayor Asks Family To Take Down 'Offensive' Christmas Decorations



·        Women-Accused-Of-Using-Stun-Guns-On-Sacramento-Shoppers-During-Robberies

·        Christmas-Eve-Robber-Beaten-Stripped-Clothes

·        Most-Convicts-Up-To-73-Register-As-Democrats



·        Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut

·       Boeing-Jobs-May-Follow-The-Supersonics-Out-Of-Washington-State



·        An-Uncertain-Year-Ahead-For-The-Keystone-Xl-Pipeline

·        Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Ushered In With New Year

·        Warning Not To Use E15 Gas In Your Car


·        I-Have-Never-Been-Treated-So-Poorly-By-Any-Insurance-Company-In-My-Whole-Life

·        Report: Half-Of-Obamacare-Enrollees-Havent-Even-Paid-For-Coverage-Yet

·        Its_Official_Obamacare_Caused_More_Cancelled_Plans_Than_Enrollments

·        Obama-Dooms-Seniors-To-Ravages-Of-Aging

·        At Last Minute, Justice Blocks Obamacare Contraception Mandate

·        Nuke-Fear: Us-Government-Orders-14-Million-Doses-Potassium-Iodide

·        Half Of Obamacare ‘Enrollees’ Have Yet To Pay

·        Obamacare Coverage Begins, Presenting New Tests For Law

·        A Sleeping Giant: The Hidden Side Effect Of Medicaid

·        Obamacare-In-Full-Effect

·        Lawsuit-AARP-Medigap-Plans-Defraud-Seniors

·        Doctors, Hospitals  Expect Some Confusion As Obamacare Plans Start

·       Obamacare Debuts With More Cancelled Plans Than Enrollments



·        US Judge: Obama Homeland Security Aiding Criminal Conspiracies



·        Muslims-Kill-Dozens-Christians-Christmas-Day: White-House-Remains-Silent

·        Saudis-Recognize-Obama-As-A-Girly-Man-President

·        Obama Pollster: Reporters Should Stop Covering Polls In 2014

·        Obamas-Barbecue-Trip-Costs-Neighboring-Business-$25,000



·        Nun: Slain-Christians-Blood-Drained-And-Sold

·        Hillary-Clinton-Faces-Charges-Egypt

·        Christians-Targeted-In-Iraq-On-Christmas-Day

·        Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization - Will The U.S. Do The Same?

·        World: U.S. Greatest Threat To Peace Under Obama

·        Israel Will Give Out Free Abortions To Women Aged 20-33 Starting In 2014







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