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1-13-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Jan 13, 2014


·       McCain Censured By Maricopa County GOP   Party officials say McCain betrayed the party’s core values


·       Man Behind The Censure Speaks Out  Timothy Schwartz on Chan 5


·       2013-Person-Of-The-Year: The-Wrath-Of-McCain   If not, surely McCain will leave some day….  and when he does…. he will be one of the most hated politicians in American history. 


·       McCain-Censured-By-Maricopa-County-Republican-Committee  Chan 15   McCain has not responded

·       What-Do-You-Think-About-John-McCain-Being-Censured  Tea Party survey


·       MCRC McCain Censure Debate     video at 1-11-14 MCRC mtg


·       What About John McCain?    Western Journalism


·       Local-Republican-Takes-Issue-With-McCain-Censure  Yuma Sun


·       Arizonas-MCRC -Censure-John-Mccain: Abandoning-Values   Minuteman News


·       freedomoutpost     Arizona Senator John McCain was rightly censured by the Maricopa County Republican Party for failing to stand behind the Republican Party’s principles and siding with “liberal Democrats” too many times over the years.


·       arizonadailyindependent    McCain has been widely unpopular across Arizona, but over the years he has established a political machine known to crush any opposition.


·        patriotupdate  Be It Further Resolved that until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform and values, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.


·       Frustrated With McCain

·       Diane Ortiz-Parsons is a candidate for Third Vice-Chairman of the Arizona GOP. She is the current Congressional District 9 Member-At- Large, former First Vice Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee and is a 30-year precinct committeeman. The AZGOP elections will be held at the Jan 25 State Mandatory AZGOP meeting at the Grace Community Church in Phoenix. Contact Ortiz-Parsons at


·       Volunteers Are Needed For The Jan 25 Arizona State Republican Mandatory Meeting at Grace Community Church in Phoenix.

ü  Credentials (10 people)*: Help County and LD check-in.

ü  Information desk (4 people)*: Help people as they arrive.

ü  Managing voting machines (16 People) Checking the credential badge.

ü  Ushers (10 people) for organized lines to voting machines

ü  20 people to do various jobs

All volunteers need to be in the church lobby by 6:30am. contact Laddie Shane or Diane Ortiz-Parsons

·       Public Input Sought: The Maricopa County Integrated Health System Bond Advisory Committee is conducting hearings to gather feedback regarding a proposed $950 million bond issue for improvements to the infrastructure to keep up with the growing community.

ü  Jan 14:  5:30 – 7 pm, Mesa Family Health Center, 59 S. Hibbert, Mesa.

ü  Jan 15:  5:30 – 7 pm, El Mirage Family Health Center, 12428 W. Thunderbird, El Mirage.

·       Bonnie Katz, candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, grew up in South Phoenix, and raised her own family here, while owning businesses.  website,   Campaign Manager: Cylee Gutting Cell: (660) 341-8839


·       LD23 House Republican Candidate Chuck Schmidt announced he has raised $51,629 through the end of 2013 for his campaign for the District 23 House seat being vacated by Rep. John Kavanagh. Schmidt, a first-time candidate for public office, has raised $51,629. Nearly 90% of his donations came before the state Supreme Court upheld the new contribution limits. Schmidt is a 17-year Arizona resident, husband and father of two children. He graduated from the University of North Dakota, and attended graduate school at Valparaiso University. As the Associate Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Arizona Interscholastic Association, Schmidt has been nationally recognized as a leader and supporter of youth athletics. He resides in Scottsdale with his wife Kristine and daughter Madalyn. His son, KY, is currently attending the Virginia Military Institute.


·       The Highway 69 Republicans Heard Mark Herr, Military Veteran and President of Tennessee Center for Self Governance, address ‘Self Governance’ this evening in Prescott.   tennessee-center-for-self-governance


·       Self Governance Classes Offered At The Globe Republican Headquarters, 424 N. Broad St., between  9 am and 5:30 pm, Jan 14. $40 fee, including workbook. Pizza will be available for purchase for lunch. Register, or pay at the door.  Shirley Dye will be carpooling from Payson, leaving about 7:15 am, 928-468-1131.


·       Clint Hickman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors #4 will be appearing at the 6 pm, Jan 14 Northwest Valley Tea Party Patriots at the Royal Café, 10793 Grand Avenue, Sun City.

·       Constitutionalist Shane Krauser Will Address The Sun Lakes Republican Club at 6:30 pm, Jan 14 in the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes.  Contact Chairman Michael Tennant

·       Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith will be interviewed on the 4 pm, Jan 14  Hair on Fire Radio Talk Show. E-Mail questions to:  Call In Number 1-347-857-4081

·       A Coffee Chat With Vice Mayor Bill Gates And Supervisor Andy Kunasek is scheduled at 7:30 am, Jan 14 at the U.S. Egg, 402 E. Greenway Parkway, Phx. Guest Speaker: Vaseo Apartments to provide an update on continued improvements. Coffee will be provided and breakfast is available for purchase.


·       Former Nevada Senatorial Candidate Sharron Angle will address the Republican Club Of Green Valley/Sahuarita On “Debunking the Myth of the Republican War on Women” at 11:30 am, Jan 14 in the Lavender Restaurant, 77 East Paseo de Golf in Green Valley. Tickets are $35pp (includes raffle ticket). RSVP, contact Joey at (520) 7750.

·       Supt Of Public Education Candidate

ü  Jan 14: LD27 Republicans

ü  Jan 17: Quail Creek Republican Club in Green Valley/Sahuarita

ü  Jan 18: Fountain Hills Republican Club

ü  Jan 19: Stand Your Ground Event, State Capitol

ü  Jan 20: 12-4 pm, Table at Martin Luther Kings Jr. Celebration, Mesa Arts Center, East Main Street, Mesa

ü  Jan 20:  7 pm Maricopa County LD 1, Northgate Church 34835 N 7th Street, Phx.

ü  Jan. 21:  6 pm.  Arizona City Conservative Coalition,  Freedom Family Church,  13325 S. Tacna Road, Arizona City

ü  Jan 25: AZGOP State Mandatory meeting. 

Contact:     602-369-2495\


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am, Jan 15 in the Grayhawk Country Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Speaker:  Don Jans, author of My Children’s America.  Social at 11 am, seating at 11:30 am. Reservations required. RSVP

Edith at or call 480-298-7818 (H) or 480-294-7092 (C).


·        Gov Jan Brewer 'State Of The State' Speech Today.  Top Priorities Include Child Safety, Competitiveness, & Human Trafficking

·        Brewer Abolishes CPS, Creates New Child Safety Division

·        Supreme-Court-To-Decide-The-Limits-Of-Executive-Power

·        Stanton-Economics Boasting Is A Stretch    Robb

·        1950s-Duck-And-Cover-Defense-Returns   Americans warned of imminent, deadly meteor strikes: Famous strategy recommended to survive

·        Brewer channels her inner Obama  Robert Robb

·        Hallelujah,Gov. Brewer abolishes CPS     laurie roberts

·        Denny Barney Elected Chairman Of The Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors

·        Gov. Brewer Breaks Out The Wrecking Ball (Farewell Cps!)  laurie roberts

·        Socially-Engineered-Equality-Will-Cost-Us-Freedom

·        GOP Candidates Kick Off Campaign   Two of party’s six hopefuls for governor talk to Kingman forum

·        Gov. Brewer signs order to abolish CPS

·        Maricopa city courts taken over

·        Gov. Jan Brewer's 2014 State Of The State Speech    Doug MacEachern

·        As-Tuition-Increases-Some-ASU-Students-Become-Sugar-Babies

·        Prosecutor-Wants-Death-Penalty-For-Some-Human-Traffickers

·        Ben-Carson-To Conservatives: Stop-Letting-Racist-Label-Bother You

·        New Agency To Get Cabinet-Level Status; Reaction Is Mixed

·        Brewer Proposes Implementing Stable Rates For In-State Tuition

·        Pace Of Sign-Ups For ACA Increases

·        Victims Are Lining Up To Sue Cell Phone Manufacturers

·        Fiesta Bowl Lobbyist's Plea Deal Sounds More Like Vindication Than Condemnation    laurie roberts

·        Now ... The Tough Part     EJ Montini

·        Abortion Decision A Gift To Brewer, Lawmakers     EJ montini

·        After-Scott-Smith-What-Happens-To-Mesa    Joanna Allhands

·        Court-Greenlights-Hopi-Challenge-Against-Flagstaff-S-Sale-Of-Reclaimed  Wastewater To Snowbowl

·        Report: The-DEA-Really-Did-Strike-A-Deal-With-Mexicos-Most-Notorious-Deadly-Drug-Cartel  Major Mexican Newspaper’s Investigation Makes Stunning Conclusion About The US Gov’t And Notorious Sinaloa Cartel

·        AZ Chamber Wants Law To Limit Legislative Session

·        Tucson Police Warn Microsoft Users Of Phone Scam

·        Poll:  Who Would You Vote For In A Gubernatorial Primary?

·        Arizona Cannot Enforce Abortion Ban, Supreme Court Rules

·        DUI Arrests Down In Arizona In 2013

·        Operation To Aid Yarnell Residents Winding Down

·        Border Patrol To Demonstrate New Tunnel Robots

·        Aetna Pays $246,000 In Arizona Fines

·        Lawmakers Look To Crack Down On Begging

·        How Arizona's Members Of Congress Voted Last Week

·        Buckeye Becomes AZ Newest City



·        RNC Petition:  Tell Barack Obama To Stop Lying  


·        Senate-Dems-Block-Amendment-To-Restore-Military-Pensions   Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens

·        Report: The-Dea-Really-Did-Strike-A-Deal-With-Mexicos-Most-Notorious-Deadly-Drug-Cartel  Major Mexican Newspaper’s Investigation Makes Stunning Conclusion About the US Gov’t and Notorious Sinaloa Cartel

·        Border Patrol To Demonstrate New Tunnel Robots

·        Govt-Forces-To-Take-Over-Security-In-Mexico-State

·         Faxgrams:  Oppose The Boehner-Obama Amnesty Scam


·        How Federal Gun Control Is Unlawful   Constitutional Law & our history.

·        California-Democrats-Will-Push-Background-Checks-For-Ammunition

·        Should You Lose Your Gun Rights If You Visit A Shrink? - Washington Times


·        FBI, Dragging Feet On IRS Probe, Finally Contacts Tea Party Groups

·        “Unbelievable”: IRS Scandal Investigated By Obama Donor


·        Media-Manufacture-Christie-Bridgegate-Scandal-Ignoring-Obamas-Government-Shutdown-Antics

·        Christie-Getting-Creamed-Benghazi-Going-Away

·        Less-Than-24hrs-Media-Already-Gives-17-Times-More-Coverage-To-Christie-Scandal-Than-In-Last-Six-Months-Of-Irs


·        General-Cements-Plan-End-Obamas-Reign


·        Obama Birth-Cert-Contains-Words/Places-That-Did-Not-Exist-In-1961-African-American-Kenya


·        State-Dept-Designates-Three-Branches-Of-Ansar-Al-Sharia-As-Terrorist-Organizations    Two branches allegedly involved in Benghazi attacks

·        Gen Carter Ham Denies He Was Told NOT To Respond to Benghazi

·        State-Department-Torpedoes-Ny-Times-Benghazi-Story

·        Former Gitmo Detainee With Ties To Al Qaeda Implicated In Benghazi Attack

·        Terrorist Implicated In Benghazi Attack Was Released From Guantanamo Bay  Former-Gitmo-Detainee-Played-Key-Role-Benghazi-Attack


·        Why Are US Special Operations Forces Deployed In Over 100 Countries?

·        Back-To-Iraq-You-Bet  Sen. John McCain and his sidekick, Sen. Lindsey Graham, issued a joint statement  last week which unsurprisingly blamed the whole development on President Obama’s decision to withdraw US forces form Iraq in 2011.

·        Senate-Dems-Block-Amendment-To-Restore-Military-Pensions   Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens

·        Smack-Down-CNNs-Jake-Tapper-Finds-Out-The-Hard-Way-Not-To-Insult-Lone-Survivor-Marcus-Luttrell

·        Sickening: The-Muslim-In-Chief-Turns-West-Point-Cadets-Into-Submissive-Dhimmis

·        Absolutely-Unconscionable: VA-Proposes-Stricter-Application-Process-Disabled-Vets


·        Jihad-Leader-Arrested-Disguised-Devout-Muslim-Woman-Syria

·        State-Dept-Designates-Three-Branches-Of-Ansar-Al-Sharia-As-Terrorist  Two branches allegedly involved in Benghazi attacks


·        Jihadis-Training-Us-Muslims-To-Carry-Out-Jihad-Attacks-When-They-Return-Home-From-Syria


·        Report-Hillary-Clinton-Collaborated-Mursis-Wife-2

·        Hillary-Clinton’s-Hit-List

·        Banned-Media-Hillary-Uncensored

·        Hillary-Clinton-Ranks-Last-On-U.S.-Most-Admired-List


·        Huge Spending Bill Would Bury Budget Battles

·        Senate-Dems-Block-Amendment-To-Restore-Military-Pensions   Amendment would close loophole that allows tax refunds for illegal aliens

·        GOP To Continue Push On Cutting Off Child Tax Credit For Illegals

·        Bailing Out Health Insurers And Helping Obamacare

·        Back-To-Iraq-You-Bet  Sen. John McCain and his sidekick, Sen. Lindsey Graham, issued a joint statement week which unsurprisingly blamed the whole development on President Obama’s decision to withdraw US forces form Iraq in 2011.


·        Chaos In Caucusland: Who’s Going To Win In Iowa? Who Knows.


·        Saudi-Men-Agree: Women-Cause-Sexual-Assault, By Being Women 


·        Number-Working-Age-Americans-Without-Job-Risen-Almost-10-Million-Under Obama

·        Second-Wave-Of-Health-Insurance-Disruption-Affects-Small-Businesses


·        Far-Left Rep. Wants To Ban The Word “Welfare”

·        Video: War On Poverty: 50 Years Of Perpetual Failure


·        Prof-Fails-Entire-Class-Illustrate-Obamas-Socialism-Left-Furious

·        College-Loans-Not-Good-Enough-For-Illegal-Aliens


·        FLA-GOP-Leaders-Denounce-Common-Core


·        Why-Obama-Administration-Is Terrified-Of Bob-Gates-Revelations

·        Obama Pentagon Waived Ban On Chinese Parts In U.S. Weapons

·        Neighbors Inconvenienced By Michelle’s Extended Vacation

·        Video: Former White House Official: Obama Not Good At Governing

·        High Cost Of Maintaining Michelle Obama


·        Why Are US Special Operations Forces Deployed in Over 100 Countries?



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