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1-18-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Jan 18, 2014


·       Cochise County Republicans Censure McCain  Joining Maricopa, Apache And Mohave Counties In Censure Of Senator

·       McCain In Trouble... Again  Sierra Vista Herald

·       John-McCain-Censured-By His-Own-Party   Townhall

·       McCain-Censored-Before; Censured-Again

·       New-Survey: What-Do-You-Think-About-John-McCain-Being-Censured   97.8% Agree John McCain Is The Ultimate Rino!

·       AZ Republic Shills For McCain  Daily Mocks Aggrieved GOP PCs As “Zealots” And “Griping GOP Faction”

·       McCain-Censured-By-AZ-GOP-Elected-Officials    McCain Subject Of Unprecedented Embarrassment

·       See Map Covering Area/Towns/Cities That Censured McCain  - Maricopa County Largest County In Arizona

·       Tavernkeepers.Com  … The State’s Largest Republican Group, Has Had Enough Of Their Senator

·       Goggle  “McCain Censured” To View 10 Pages Of Posts On Maricopa County Republican Committee Pcs Censure Resolution That Passed Jan 11 In Phoenix.

·       John McCain Censured By Maricopa County Republicans   Channel 12  

·       Maricopa-GOP Censured John McCain    Channel  5  

·       Townsend Speaks Out On McCain Censure     Channel 5

·       Arizonas-Largest-GOP-Group-Censures-McCain  Sonoran News


·       Incumbent Alberto Gutier Is Running For Re-Election As The Sergeant-At-Arms For The AZ GOP during the Jan 25 meeting.  Gutier is a seven term incumbent Member-At -Large and current Sgt-At Arms of the GOP Exec Board.  He is a 42 year precinct committee, a six-term Maricopa County GOP EGC official, a 40 year State Committeeman, and an elected five-time delegate to the GOP National Conventions.  Gutier has worked for five Republican Governors and fought former Gov. Janet Napolitano for years as a panelist on Channel 12 “Sunday Square Off’.  Gutier is a Cuban born operative who fought for the US against Communism and came to America as a “permanent legal resident” in 1960.  He and his wife of 53 years became “proud” US Citizens in 1966.  Contact:


·       Shane Wikfors Was On Fox News Radio 550 KFYI's Terry's Talkers with Terry Gilberg and Augustine Bartning tonight from 9-10 pm.


·       Frank Antenori Was On Emil Today - talking about the benefits of being a "card carrying" Republican – (aka elected PC.)


·       Tune In To Arizona Politics  & Culture On 960AM – The Patriot to hear Tom Jenney at 6-8 pm, Jan 19 as he joins Tom Brown & Seth Liebsohn.


·       Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate Diane Douglas will speak at the Jan 19: Stand Your Ground Event at the State Capitol. Contact:     602-369-2495


·       Pinal County LDs 8, 11 And 16  held a Debate Forum in Florence today.


·       Candidate Ed Martin Has Withdrawn from the CD2 race.


·       Pima County Republicans Are Holding A Basic  “Twitter Boot Camp” from 9-11 am, Feb 1 at GOP HQ, 5447 E 5th St. #100, Tucson. Limited to five students. Reservations: 321-1492.


·       The Arizona Capitol Times Governor's race Poll: Visit:


·       Daniel Estrella Has Announced His Candidacy for the LD2 Senate seat.


·       CD1 Candidate Andy Kwasman’s will speak at the Graham County GOP luncheon at noon, Jan 19 at the Mannor House Restaurant,  415 US70, Safford. Contact:


·       Pima County Republican Women will hold their January dinner meeting at 5:30 pm, Jan 23 in the Piano Lounge atMcMahon's Steakhouse, 2959 N. Swan at Ft Lowell Road. Speakers: Sen Michele Reagan and CD2 candidate Martha McSally. RSVP: Lauren at 520-886-8232 or by Jan 20.


·       Links To AFP's "Lie Of The Year" Ads featuring Arizona Dem Congressmen Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick.    and



·        Feds Reject Voter Changes For Ariz., Others

·        Has-Arizona-GOP-Rift-Over-Medicaid-Healed  Signs Of Conflict As New Session Starts

·        Arizona GOP Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution In Support Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

·        AZGOP-Files-Federal-Complaint-Against-Super-Pac-Illegally-Supporting-Ann-Kirkpatrick

·        Jittery Shoppers Worry About Authenticity Of Real E-Mail From Target

·        Arizona-Law-Requires-Schools-To-Teach-Financial-Literacy   Kimberly Yee Bill

·        Ann-Kirkpatrick-Listens-About-Obamacare-Now-Ad

·        Private Drone Test Site Launches In Southern Arizona

·        BLM Approves Aps Service Line West Of Phoenix

·        Albright's 'Life In Pins' On Display At Phoenix Art Museum

·        Spending Bill Cuts Funding For Jailing Immigrants

·        51% Oppose Senate Plan To Triple Legal Immigration

·        Port-Authority-Head-Patrick-Foye-Stands-Tall-In-New-Jersey-Bridge-Scandal

·        Maricopa County Chairman In Ethics Flap

·        New County Chairman Denny Barney Sets Goals

·        Homeowner-Shoots-Kills-Intruder

·        Fire Safety - Disposal Of 8 Volt Batteries

·        Will-Medicaid-Coalition-Revive-To-Fund-Common-Core? Stay-Tuned

·        Mailing It In    Bill Whittle

·        State Jobless Grow More Desperate

·        Judge Orders Governor's Driver's-License Files

·        State Alleges Telemarketers Defrauded Elderly Consumers

·        Illegal Alien With 7 Kids Got Food Stamps, Housing & Social Security For 20 Yrs

·        Guess-Group-Getting-Food-Stamps-Alarming-Rate

·        Group-Seeks-Federal-Protection-For-Rare-Amphibians

·        Valley Metro Announces New Buckeye Stops For Route 685



·        Government-Downsize-Department-Of-Labor

·        Senator-Michele-Reagan-On-Being.Back In Session

·        Taxpayer-Must-Pay-For-Inmates-Sex-Change

·        Rep Marlin Stutzman Delivering Republican Weekly Address-Audio And Text

·        MSNBC’s Unchallenged Hypocrisy On Conservatives And Republicans

·        How Old Is Grandpa?

·        Government-Downsize The Department Of Energy Video


·        Lindsey Graham Stung As Censures Of Rinos Sweep GOP   Rebukes Of Republican Renegades Gaining Momentum

·        AZ Republic Shills For McCain Daily Mocks Aggrieved GOP Pcs As “Zealots” And “Griping GOP Faction”

·        McCain “At Top” Of His Game? Newspaper Challenges Boast

·        Aisle Crosser Flake Frets Gates’ Book Harms Bi-Partisanship

·        AZ Going To Pot? Conservative AG Vs. Leftie State Rep. AZ AG Tom Horn Debates “Recreational” Marijuana With State Rep. Ruben Gallego

·        Sen. John McCain Censured By AZ GOP Elected Officials  McCain Subject Of Unprecedented Embarrassment


·        Rep Paul Boyer: Support the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act

·        Expanding The Blue Dog Democrat Franchise In Arizona


·        What A Sham

·        Anatomy Of A Hit Piece

·        One More Coffin Nail....

·        Guaranteed

·        Tsunami Warning

·        Aren't There, Like, Classes For Journalists?

·       NOW Will This Generation Of Reporters Understand The Resign To Run Law?


·        John-Kerry:  Jihad-Coddler


·        First-Grader Told To Stop Talking About Bible

·        Common Core Sends Kids To Profane Sex Quiz

·        X-Rated Sex Ed Resources Being Pushed On Young Children In KS, NY

·        How Obama’s VA Plans To Screw Veterans…

·        States Advance Bills Legally “Gutting” Obamacare
Can We Trust Our FBI? I Unfortunately Think Not!

·        What If Bush Ruled By Executive Decree As Obama Vows To Do?

·        Women Fail To Achieve Male Marines’ Lowest Standard

·        Obamacare Website Still A Hacker’s Dream

·        Judge Rules In Favor Of Voter Fraud

·        CCW Holder Shoots Armed Robber

·        Live-Streamed Obamacare Event Devolves Into Lunacy

·        Media Swoon Over “Age-Defying Beauty” Michelle Obama

·        Benghazi Burned, Obama Campaigned, And The Media Moved On

·        Rand Paul Tears Apart Obama’s Privacy Speech

·        Popular Democrat Compares Illegals To Slaves

·        Obama’s Plan For U.S. Troops To Fight Alongside Al-Qaeda

·        Obama’s Plot To Black Out 40% Of US Power Supply

·        Obama Deceives The American Public Using Orwellian “Newspeak”

·        Children Are The Path To Successful Tyranny…

·        Chris Matthews: GOP ‘Haters’ Will Try And ‘Erase’ Obama In 2014 Elections

·        Democrat Senators Blame Obama Administration For Benghazi


·        The Scoop…Jordan’s King Abdullah And Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu In Talks About How To ‘Neutralize’ US Secretary Of State John Kerry

·        Eyewitness Confirms Benghazi Attack Was Terrorism.


·        Editorial: Why Homeschooling Remains An Important Option




·        2014 Chairman’s Awards Ceremony


·        Time For GOP To Listen To The American People


·        51% Oppose Senate Plan To Triple Legal Immigration

·        Illegal Alien With 7 Kids Got Food Stamps, Housing & Social Security For 20 Yrs

·        Spending Deal Continues Funding USDA Program To Promote Food Stamps To Illegal Aliens


·        How-Did-The-Maryland-Transportation-Police-Know-An-Unarmed-Man-From-Florida-Was-A-Concealed-Carry-Gun-Owner-Before-They-Pulled-Him-Over

·        If A Smith & Wesson .357 Could Talk- This Is What It Might Say About The FBi Crime Numbers...

·        Second Amendment Assault Continues Amid Gun Purchase Boom

·        Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein To NRA: They'll 'Wish They Weren't Alive After I'm Done With Them'

·        Gunman Bursts Into Dollar Store And Threatens To Kill Everyone – Before Police Could Even Respond, He Was Dead | Theblaze.Com

·        Shot Show 2014: New Handgun Roundup - Glock, Springfield, Sig, Taurus, S&W, Walther, Remington | The Daily Caller

·        Jackson: Gun Owner Unarmed, Unwelcome In Maryland

·        Watch Ted Cruz Dismantle Hypocritical Hollywood Producer's Plans To Make Anti-Gun Movie | Independent Journal Review

·        Opinion: Spare Us The Gun Lecture, Harvey - CNN.Com

·        Producer-Announces-Vicious-Film-Attacking-Gun-Owners

·        Why Don’t The Heroes Who Stop Mass Murderers Get Better Press?


·        Court: Bloggers Have First Amendment Protections


·        NSA Reform: Obama Promises, “If You Like Your Privacy, You Can Keep Your Privacy”

·        NSA-Slayer-Obama-Doesnt-Mean-It   

·        Judge-Rules-Favor-Voter-Fraud


·        MSNBC's Unchallenged Hypocrisy on Conservatives and Republicans


·        Gen Martin Dempsey: Obama Ties Hands of Military to Track Down Benghazi Murderers – Al-Qaeda Thrives

·        Benghazi Cover-up By Speaker Boehner?

·        Report: Obama Administration Killing Benghazi Investigators?


·        US Military Brings 5 'Good Iraqis' To America - 5 'Good Iraqis' Brutally Rape Colorado Woman

·        Source Reveals Air Force To Proceed With Plan To Cut 25,000 Airmen

·        Betrayal: Senate Spending ‘Deal’ Stiffs Wounded Veterans, Rewards Illegal Aliens

·        Veterans Backlash Against Obama - We've Had Enough!

·        Gen Martin Dempsey: Obama Ties Hands Of Military To Track Down Benghazi Murderers – Al-Qaeda Thrives

·        Dept Of Veterans Affairs Retaliates Against Disabled Veteran Activist

·        Afghanistan On The Bounce - The View From The Perspective Of The US Military

·        Japanese-World-War-Ii-Soldier-Hid In Jungle 29 Years - Dies Today


·        Even-Al-Qaida-Fears-New-Iraqi-Leader    Among Threats: War On America Over Bin Laden's Death

·        Islamic-Terror-Campaign-Reaches-2014-Olympics    Warning Of Possibility Of Violence Greets American Visitors

·        Oliver-North-Rail-Systems-Open-To-Terror    'It's The Kind Of Thing Terrorists Look At And Say That's A Vulnerability'



·        Amnesty: The Next GOP Leadership Betrayal

·        Congress Just Authorized $1.1 Trillion In Spending... And Nobody Read The Bill

·        Conservative-Group-Tags-Mcconnell-For-Rising-Healthcare-Costs-Debt

·        A More Efficient U.S. Senate Would Be Dangerous To What’s Left Of The Republic

·        Mcconnell-If-We-Win-We-Will-Fix-The-Senate

·        Spending Deal Continues Funding USDA Program To Promote Food Stamps To Illegal Aliens

·        BetrayaL: Senate Spending ‘Deal’ Stiffs Wounded Veterans, Rewards Illegal Aliens


·        Obama Uses KGB-Tactics Vs. Little Sisters Of The Poor

·        Obama Administration Thinks NUNS Need The Abortion Pill?!

·        Obama-Proclaims-Religious-Freedom-Day-Fighting-91-Religious-Liberty-Lawsuits

·        US-Surrenders-In-Fight-For-Pastors-Freedom


·        X-Rated-Sex-Ed-Resources-Pushed-Young-Children-Kansas-New-York

·        Alabama Mom’s Obamacare Horror Story And Open Letter

·        Winning Back Our Culture Will Take Winning Back Education


·        Obamacare Debacle: It’s Not The Website Stupid

·        Conservative-Group-Tags-McConnell-For-Rising-Healthcare-Costs-Debt

·        We-Are-Not-Subjects-And-Other-Observations-About-Obamacare

·        Will-Medicaid-Coalition-Revive-To-Fund-Common-Core-Stay-Tuned

·        Obama-Exposed-In-Another-Massive-Obamacare-Lie

·        States-Slamming-Door-On-Obamacare-Felons


·        Common-Core-Sends-Kids-Profane-Sex-Quiz

·        Part 5: Are We All Communist Now? Examining Common Core


·        Records-Prove-Muslim-Brotherhood Delegates-Skipped-Airport-Inspections


·        CNBC’s Rick Santelli Tells Obama He Can’t Redistribute Wealth If There Is No Wealth

·        Make Way For Mae West At Michelle's 50th

·        Gen Martin Dempsey: Obama Ties Hands Of Military To Track Down Benghazi Murderers – Al-Qaeda Thrives

·        Michelle Obama’s Nutritious Lunch Program FAILED

·        Watch Deneen Blast Obama Failed Leadership On Fox

·        Obama-Proclaims-Religious-Freedom-Day-Fighting-91-Religious-Liberty-Lawsuits


·        UK Defense Advisor: Obama Is"Chronically Incapable"

·        Nations Want To Trade With U.S. But Not Enough To Over-Regulate Themselves For “Environment”

·        Backgrounder: Indian-Intel-Warns-Of-Terror-Attacks-On-US-Sites-After-Diplomatic-Row

·        Obama-Ties-Military-Sales-To-Human-Rights-As-Saudi-Egypt-Deals-Proceed

·        Hamas Trains 13,000 Teenagers In Shooting, Bombing And Spotting Israeli Spies

·        Olympic-Security-Uncertain-Despite-Drones-Subs-Missiles




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