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1-26-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Jan 26, 2014


·        McCain-Censured    Reuters

·        Arizona-Republican-Party- Censured McCain For 'Disastrous Record'  KSAZ Video

·        McCain-Talks-With-Soros-Funds-Mgmt -Photo McCain (L) talks with Soros Fund Management Chairman George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Jan 23, 2014 as storm clouds gather for him in Arizona.

·        Arizona_Republicans_Censure_McCain_For_Liberal_Record    American Thinker

·        McCain's 'Liberal' Record Earns Him Censure From Arizona GOP  NPR

·        Arizona GOP Censures McCain For 'Liberal' Record   Washington Post

·        John-McCain-Censured-By-AZGOP:  Too-Liberal    Mediaite

·        Timothy Schwartz Press Conference   ‘McCain won’t listen to his own party;    Western Free Press

·        Censure McCain Resolution Question/Answers    AmericanMediaNetwork

·        Kyl Dismisses Resolution  AZ Republic

·         McCain Meets With Soros in Davos, Gets Censured by AZ GOP    American Freedom Alliance

·        WATCH Obama Bundler Owned By McCain

·        McCain Not Conservative Enough    Huffington Post

·        McCain Censure Voice Vote   North Valley Project 2012

·        Arizona-Republican-Party-Smacks-Down-McCain   American Citizens United

·        When-Conservatives-Unite-And-Organize-Inside-Their-Local-Party-Committee-Good-Things-Can-Happen    Red State


·       LD30 Chairman/McCain Resolution author Timothy Schwartz make have a new handle  --  MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro was overheard referring to him as “Arizona’s own Joe the Plumber” after Schwartz obtained successful passage of his resolution from the AZGOP State Committeeman delegation in Tempe. That is two wins for Schwartz within two weeks. The MCRC overwhelming passed the resolution on Jan. 11, followed by the AZGOP State Committeeman loudly passing it on Jan. 25.


·       The political rumor mill has been busy today… but chatter is off -base. To set the record straight: MCRC Executive Director Tom Husband, who turned in his resignation letter on Saturday told Briefs, “I had planned to resign by year-end but stayed on to help shepherd the censure resolution.  I plan to spend my time as chairman of the Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee informing Republicans about the turncoats that voted with Dems and approved the Medicaid Expansion that will cost taxpayers tons of money.”

Husband became the Executive Director after serving as the MCRC Chair.  Husband served as the Executive Director for four years under former Chairmen Rob Haney and has served current Chairman A J LaFaro for the past year. 

In accepting Husband’s resignation, LaFaro, who has known for some time of Husband’s plans, praised Husband with “heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation.”  In sharing Husband’s resignation with the MCRC Executive Board, “LaFaro wrote, “Tom’s years of untiring efforts and service above self with the MCRC and the Republican Party speak for themselves. Working with Tom over the years, especially this past year, has been a great joy and I will sorely miss him. While Tom has resigned from the MCRC, I am confident he has not retreated from the conservative grassroots political activism he truly enjoys.  It is individuals like Tom Husband that give me hope for America.” 


·       Editor’s Note:  Tom Husband’s resignation leaves a big hole in the MCRC leadership.  It has been a pleasure working with Husband throughout his term as MCRC Chairman and his following years as the Executive Director. Always pleasant and professional, he definitely will be missed. – Editor Frosty Taylor


·       The Sala Blanca Restaurant in the Legends Shopping Center, 20221 N. 67th Ave in Glendale is making a real hit as ‘the place for lunch” with West Valley Republican pols.  Briefs has seen such folks as Sen. Judy Burges, Rep Phil Lovas, former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle and Congressman Trent Franks assistant Shari Farrington eating some tasty dishes in there at various times recently. Good food and desserts are heavenly.  Try those cream cheese filled dessert chimmies drizzled with honey.  No wonder the politician/activists keep going back! More than just yum.  They are super yum, yum!  Yeah, they cater as well… and between you and me, they are preparing for a big expansion in dining space in the near future.


·       Vern Bagley’s “Voice of Veterans Radio Show” will feature attorney/Constitutional lecturer at Columbia University Christopher Riano, at 3:30 pm, Mon, Jan 27 on KXXT 1010 AM. Arizona, or website and click “Listen Live.”  Topic: First and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution.


·       Francine Romesburg Will Talk About The Grassroots Tea Party of Glendale at the Jan 27 meeting of Project 2012, 32nd St/Shea Blvd. Dave Romesburg will discuss the “Oathkeepers.”


·       The Wickenburg Republican Club Will Not Meet Tomorrow Night.


·       Sen Judy Burges, LD13 Second Vice Chairman Ernie McCollum and former Sen Jack Harper received special proclamations during this afternoon’s “Vulture Mine Day” dinner in Wickenburg. They were recognized for getting a state-wide Vulture Mine Day designated in recognition of Wickenburg’s famed Vulture Mine. Rep David Livingston and his wife Tracey, a candidate for the Peoria School Board, along with LD13 Rep Darrin Mitchell and his friend Sondra Duncan, and Maricopa County Community College Board candidate John Heep were spotted in the crowded Veterans of Foreign Wars dining hall. Duncan won one of the door prizes and Livingston won a box of Duck Dynasty cookies (which he shared) for having the right answers in a history question contest, conducted by hostess Paula Hartwell. Accordion player Paul Kay and singer/guitarist Ron Rose provided back ground music.


·       A Fundraiser For Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich and Congressional candidate (former NFL & ASU Quarterback) Andrew Walter is scheduled at 5:30 pm, Jan 29 at the Arizona Country Club, 5668 E Orange Blossom Lane, Phoenix. RSVP to Amilyn Gordon at or 602-708-8980 or Jenna Brouk at or 480-226-7596


·       Observations At The AZGOP meeting will be posted later this week.


·        Sheriff Arpaio Makes Good On Threat; 38 Inmates Get Bread, Water For Defacing US Flag

·        Hilarious! Jimmy Fallon And Mitt Romney ‘Slow Jam’ The News Together

·        Arizona-Sheriffs-Say-Border-Secure-Immigration-Reform-Looms

·        Report: Google-Chrome-Users-Exposed-Security-Flaw-Allows-Snoops-Listen-Undetected

·        Obama-Expected-To-Spell-Out-Executive-Actions-In-Address

·        House Republicans To Offer Own Immigration Reform Plan

·        Bill Would Extend Online Petition System

·        GOP Wants To Redraw Congress Districts

·        The New Face Of Food Stamps: Working-Age Americans

·        Montini: Justice Years Later For 'Vanished' Woman

·        Supporters Renew Push For Arming Ariz. Teachers

·        Resnik: Phoenix Forecasts $39M Budget Deficit

·        Charter Schools Work To Boost Literacy Ratesadd To Reading List

·        Kyl Leads City's Convention Push

·        GOP Wants To Redraw Congress Districts

·        Grijalva Unapologetic Over Missed Votes

·        Ex-Calif. Congressman Enters Governor Race

·        Rep. Paul Gosar Announces Re-Election Bid



·        Biggest News From MCRC Wasn't McCain Censure It Was The Resignation Of Tom Husband

·        The-Bank-Of-Union-El-Reno-Ok-Becomes 2nd Failure Of 2014


·        John McCain: Unfavorite Son Censured By Home State GOP

·        Weekend Reading: First-Rate Advice To House GOP


·        Andrew Thomas Speech Well Received By State Republican Activists

·        Daniel Garza: Obamacare Insults Hispanics


·        Breaking News: Metro Phoenix Is A Great Place

·        They Are Laughing At You.


·        Gilbert School Board to Vote on Invocation 1/28.

·        Gila County Republican Party Censures Senator John Mccain


·        Black Republican Defends Call To Hang Obama

·        US Military Now To Allow Turbans, Other Religious Clothing

·        Here’s The Latest Reason Eric Holder Thinks You’re Racist

·        Candidate For Congress Vows To File Obama Articles Of Impeachment

·        MSNBC: Abortion Activists Are Like Battered Women

·        WATCH Obama’s Mentor Confronted On His “Re-Education Camps” Comments

·        One Less Skunk In The Democrat Nest…

·        Majority Say Obama Incompetent, Untrustworthy, And Dishonest

·        Blaming The Victim In Benghazigate

·        Kathleen Sebelius, I Have A Question For You!

·        Pro-Gun Bill Cleverly Named After Anti-Gun Loon

·        WATCH Obama Bundler Owned By McCain

·        Why Chris Christie’s Problem Is Our Problem

·        Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support-To Lesbian Mother!

·        3 Questions For John Boehner

·        Shocking Evidence Hitler Escaped Germany Alive!

·        A Savvy Scoundrel

·        Obama Uses This Telling Word More Than Any Other President
Obama’s Coming Coup D’├ętat Of America

·        Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane Is My Role Model

·        The Simple Case For Obama’s Impeachment

·        WATCH Brit Hume’s Epic Anti-Abortion Rant

·        Supreme Court Positioned To Repeal 4th Amendment

·        What’s The Difference Between Obamacare & A Chicago Street Gang?

·        Kerry ‘s Latest Lie Puts Americans In Danger…

·        Let’s Convince A Real Person To Run For The Senate

·        WATCH Wendy Davis Supporters Mock Opponent’s Disability

·        How To Balance The Budget


·        Sen John McCain Meets With Soros In Davos, Gets Censured By AZ

·        Review Of StateGOP Republican Committee Annual Meeting



·        Did Mike Huckabee's comments hurt the GOP?

·        Georgia Senate Committee Passes Resolution Calling for a Convention of States


·        Poll: Only 25% Of Americans Believe Feds Will Secure The Border If ‘Immigration Reform’ Is Passed

·        Michigan Gov. Wants Visas For Immigrants Who’ll ‘Stay For 5 Years’ In Detroit

·        Arizona-Sheriffs-Say-Border-Secure-Immigration-Reform-Looms

·        House Republicans Appear Poised To Unveil Broad Immigration Plan

·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch: Links To Sites On Matters Of Law Enforcement For Illegal Human And Drug Traffic.


·        Pro-Gun Bill Cleverly Named After Anti-Gun Loon


·        Hollywood Conservative Group Targeted by IRS


·        Obama 'Threatening Fox News Reporter's Career'

·        Watch Msnbc Prioritize Bieber Over Obama’s NSA Scandal

·        MSNBC Can’t Believe The Pope Is Pro-Life

·        Upset Hannity Plots Move, Possible Candidacy


·        The Simple Case For Obama’s Impeachment

·        Congressman Says House Has Enough Votes To Impeach Obama


·        Senate State Dept. Retaliated Against Benghazi Witnesses


·        Bengahzi One Year Later: It Still Matters

·        Benghazi-Security-Cut-70-Percent

·        Blaming The Victim In Benghazigate


·        Pentagon: U.S. Not Capable of Detecting Foreign Nuke Threats


·        Clinton-Insider-Truth-Needs-Told-Hillary


·        Congress-Grants-Obama-Free-Rein-Martial-Law


·        Huckabee: Women Don’t Need “Uncle Sugar’s” Help


·        Why Chris Christie’s Problem Is Our Problem

·        Schumer Devises Plan To Eradicate Tea Party


·        WATCH Obama Bundler Owned By Mccain

·        House-Conservatives-Plot-Takedown-GOP-Leaders-Amnesty-Plans

·        Congress Grants Obama 'Free Rein For Martial Law'

·        House Republicans Appear Poised To Unveil Broad Immigration Plan


·        Newest Harvard Study About Income Inequality The Left Will Want To Bury


·        Supreme Court Exempts Nuns From Obamacare Birth Control Mandate While Case Is Fought

·        Bloomberg Gave $10M Contract To Company Behind Botched Obamacare Rollout

·        Hobby-Lobby-May-Close-All-Stores-In-41-States-Due-To-Obamacare-Abortion-Mandate

·        Unevadea's Actue Deficitof Doctors   Nevada ranks among the lowest in the United States for doctors per capita. With a wave of new patients coming under the Affordable Care Act, the problem is about to get critical.


·        Even-NY-Times-Editor-Says-Obama-Admin-Secretive

·        Romney: Putin A Better President Than Obama

·        Black-Lawmakers-To-Go-After-Obama-At-Presser

·        White-House-Reinstituting-Shuttered-Internal-Political-Office-Raises-Concerns

·        White-House-Faking-Rape-Statistics

·        Majority-Say-Obama-Incompetent-Untrustworthy-Dishonest

·        Targeting Conservatives Is ‘Nixonian’

·        Dont-Like-Obama? -Heres-Why    Joseph Farah Asks If President Is Capable Of Communication Without Deceit

·        Afghan President Says U.S. Should Start Talks With Taliban Or Leave

·        Ship Of Warmist Fools To Get Bill For Rescue

·        Iran: Commander Of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Says US Will Be Stunned By Offensive Power Of Islamic Republic

·        Biden-Huddles-With-Iraqi-Pm-On-Al-Qaeda

·        Travel Bill For Israelis Rankles US Muslims



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