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1-28-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser

Jan 28, 2014


‘"...A ‘Liberal Paradise" would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.
And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist .. ...It's called prison." – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio


·        McCain Decline Started Last Year According To Rocky Mtn Poll  Sen McCain’s Support In Arizona Collapses; 67% Think It Is Time For A Senator With New Ideas And Interests  (April 2013)

·        John-McCain-Support-In-Arizona-Dropping-New-Poll-Shows   support lowest in 21 years  -- AZ Capitol Times   (April 2013)


·        Only 7% View McCain As A GOP Leader  publicpolicypolling  Given the choices of John Boehner, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, and Mitt Romney, who do you see as being the current leader of the Republican Party?
John Boehner ................................................. 14%
Chris Christie .................................................. 21%
Ted Cruz ......................................................... 16%
John McCain................................................... 7%
Mitch McConnell ............................................. 3%
Sarah Palin ..................................................... 2%
Rand Paul ....................................................... 6%
Mitt Romney.................................................... 4%
Someone else/Not sure .................................. 27%


·        John-McCain-Says-He-Doesnt-Care-About-The-Arizona-GOP-Vote-To-Censure: Sarah-Palin-Plays-The-Co-Dependency-Card


·        McCain: Ariz-GOP-Reprimand 'Fires Me Up' To Run Again    Newsmax

·        12,589 Comments on Arizona GOP censures …few favor McCain  

·        McCain-Approval-Rating-Craters-To-Lowest-Mark-In-Two-Decades 

·        McCain: GOP Censure May Spur 6th Run

·        McCain Censure The Latest Sign Of GOP Fratricide   The Fiscal Times

·        McCain-Adds-Another-Dubious-Honor-To-His-Rino-Trophy-Case

·        Author-Of-McCain-Censure Destroys Both Chris Matthews & His Liberal Commentator On Hardball  Icarizona

·        Hardball: Tim Schwartz defends AZ GOP McCain Censure  seeingredaz

·        Palin: McCain-GOP-Censure-Vote

·        McCain-Meets-With-Soros-As-Constituents-Count-Pennies

·        Sarah Palin: …“So at this time, it's perplexing to see Senator McCain’s good efforts to uncover the Obama agenda being ignored and perhaps even hindered now by those wanting to censure the Arizona Senator. Despite our differences on some other issues, there is no questioning Senator McCain’s dedication to national security in spite of the White House’s agenda.” – Sarah Palin Facebook post


·       Congressman David Schweikert will be talk radio discussing the SOTU tomorrow between:

ü  3-9 am – Morning Edition 95.1 FM KJZZ -- Live

ü  5-7 am – 550AM Sharpe in the Morning -- Live

ü  5-9 am – 92.3 AM Arizona’s Morning News --Live

ü  10:45 am – 1100 AM KFNX


·       Islamic Issues Expert Dinesh D'Souza will go head-to-head with Bill Ayers Jan 30 at Darmouth College on “What’s So Great About America?”  Watch debate right here  Live stream free livestream  Reminder to watch click here.


·       LD10 Is Hosting A Feb 1 Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration Fundraiser at the Savory Opera House in Trail Dust Town, 6541 E. Tanque Verde Road., Tucson.  The event includes  dinner, dancing and a silent auction. Doors open at 6 pm. Dinner at 7 pm. Cash Bar. Reservations required. RSVP deadline – Jan 28. $50 per person. $500 table for 10. Contact Claudia White at 520-721-1141 or or


·       LD13 incumbent candidate Darin Mitchell will be speaking:

ü  Feb 5: 6:30 – Glendale Grassroots Tea Party

ü  Feb 6: 6 pm – PebbleCreek Republican Club in Goodyear

ü  Feb 8: noon – Yuma Rodeo


·       The new officers for the Sun City West Republican Club are: President – Frank Carroll, Vice-President John Neal, Secretary Eileen Greiss and Treasurer Merlyn Carlson.


·       Tom Jenney, Director of Americans for Prosperity, will address the effects of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the expansion of Medicaid in Arizona during the 8:30 am, Feb 1 meeting of the Sun City West Republican Club  in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation Bldg, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd, Sun City West. See americansforprosperity 


·       The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will hear Author Don Critchlow and GOP candidates at the 10:30 am, Feb 8 meeting at Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale. Contact Jane Di Giulio 480-473-1290


Random Response to SOTU Address:

ü  AZ Congressman Matt Salmon:  “The President is our nation’s elected leader and has the privilege and responsibility to set the tone for our nation. Unfortunately, this cannot happen with a President who remains tone-deaf and unwilling to listen to the American people. We learned last week that President Obama believes he can lead our nation with only a pen and a phone. But Americans don’t care about pens and phones; they care about jobs and paychecks. This requires a President who will work with Congress to pass bills that grow the economy, not the size of the government. If the President is serious about working with Congress he should start by asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to take up the 40 jobs bills the House has sent to the Senate, finally approve the Keystone Pipeline and remove job-killing regulations through legislation such as the REINS Act. I firmly believe that job creation and higher-wages are a product of economic growth, not mandates from Washington. Americans have a strong spirit of ingenuity and will. We can and should support policies that foster these values, not hinder them.”

ü  AZ Congressman David Schweikert: “For those who watched the President’s speech and the Republican response, the difference could not be more stark.The Republican message of optimism and opportunity contrasts with the President’s speech of recycled proposals from his previous years in office.If the President is ready to accept responsibility for his policies that have led to stagnant economic growth over his 6 years in office, he needs to follow through this time and address the issue with more than just talk of job creation.I am hopeful 2014 can be a productive year, but it will require President Obama to do something he has refused to do until now. And that is, reach out and work with Congress in good faith.”

ü  Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs: "President Obama's SOTU speech is more of the same: big government proposals that shift more power to DC, and dominion and control over our lives, despite the fact that the federal gov't can't stop deficit spending or secure our state and national border with Mexico.  We need to put our fiscal house in order, revive our economy and create jobs, and promote more competition and choice in education and health care to build a better future for all Arizonans!  The common sense conservative solutions we need are in Arizona, not Washington, DC."

ü  AFP President Tim Phillips: Tonight, the President did his best to shift attention away from the disastrous impact ObamaCare is having on millions of Americans. He would rather not talk about his "Lie of the Year" that has led to cancelled plans, skyrocketing medical bills, and lost access to doctors. The President certainly didn't talk about Emilie, who was sitting in the audience while Obama spoke. Emilie was diagnosed with a life-changing disease when she was only 27-years-old. Emilie voted for Barack Obama, and believed that ObamaCare would make things better. Sadly, Emilie's insurance plan was cancelled because of ObamaCare. Emilie has pre-existing conditions and still lost her coverage. Even though Emilie's chronic illness makes everyday life very difficult, she now works two jobs just to make ends meet and pay the extra $6,000 for her new health plan under ObamaCare. Emilie is suffering the consequences of President Obama's broken promises -- and unfortunately, she's not alone. Millions of Americans are in similar situations because of the President's lies.  join us in telling President Obama that Americans deserve better than broken promises and lies.


·       Tempe City Council Candidate Matt Papke Thursday schedule:

ü  7:30 am  - Kiwanis Club, 800 E Divot Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283 (map) [clubhouse]

ü  9:30-11am  Fore Fathers,  8707 South Priest Drive, Tempe, (map)

ü  noon - 2:30pm - Lucky Break, 1807 East Baseline Road, Tempe, (map)

ü  3-4:30 pm – Starbucks, 1871 West University Drive Tempe, (map)

ü  5 - 6:30pm – Mijana, 1290 North Scottsdale Road Tempe(map)


·       Matt Papke’s Campaign Camp will be walking precincts Feb 1. Volunteers are to meet at 1:30 pm at Estsrada Park, 1801 E. Palomino Dr.,Tempe. Wear business casual, comfortable  shoes.


·       Secretary of State Candidate Wil Cardon’s campaign calls on Sen Michele Reagan to support a ‘Total Lobbyist Gift Ban’. “Michele has continued to tout her bill banning free tickets, however this bill does nothing to address the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free meals, free hotel rooms, and free air fare that lobbyists and special interests shower on legislators every year ” said Cardon’s campaign manager Dan Caldwell. Contact: Dan Caldwell 602-909-6248

·       The Pima County Republican Party Trunk ‘N Tusk Dinner is scheduled at 5 pm, Jan 30 at McMahon’s Steakhouse, 2959 N. Swan Road, Tucson. Tickets:  (520) 321-1492 or

·       Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate Diane Douglas upcoming events:

ü  Jan 29: Fundraiser at Sheila Muehling’s home. 6:30 pm

ü  Jan 30: Pima County Republican Party, 7 pm, McMahon’s Steakhouse, Tucson. Contact:     602-369-2495\


·       The Feb 1 “Road To Victory”  Candidate Roundup day is scheduled from 9:30 am to 4 pm ($30 ticket includes lunch) and a 6-9 pm “Steaks & Stetsons” VIP reception/dinner – at Ft. McDowell Adventures, 14803 No Hiawatha Hood Road,  Ft McDowell. For candidate tables, reservations & pricing call Lori Urbin 480-221-9633 or Nina Marlowe 480-707-9043. Tickets: Day   Evening Contact:


·       The Yavapai County Republican Committee Headquarters has new hours.  In effect now, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am-2 pm.   Manned Monday-Thursday from 2-4 pm, and Friday 9 am-4 pm. with a volunteer (L.G. Mace, 2nd Vice Chair and PC Coordinator).


·       AZGOP Candidate Announcements can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.


·       PCs: Mark Your Calendar:

ü  March 8 – Maricopa County Republican Committee Lincoln Luncheon, El-Zaribah Shrine Tempe, 552 N. 40th St., Phx.


·       See Full Calendar Http://Briefs.Maricopagop.Org/ (left hand column)


·        Live;  State-Of-The-Union-Address
State Of The Union Speech

·        Rep-McMorris-Rodgers-Champions-Personal-Responsibility-In-Gop-Response-To-State

·        Cruz: Obama Should Apologize To Nation In SOTU

·        Obama Promises A Dramatic ‘Year Of Action’ — With Or Without Congress

·        Obama Flexes Executive Power In Measured State Of Union Address   
AP: Fact-Check-Less -- Meets-Eye-Obama-Speech

·        NBC-News-Poll-Pessimism-Defines-The-State-Of-The-Union

·        Rep-Grijalva-No-Regrets-Over-Missed-Votes

·        Herman Cain Joins All-Star Lineup At Western Conservative Conference

·        Democrats-Scramble-To-Block-New-World-Order

·        Should Obama Be Impeached Over Benghazi?  Poll

·        McComish Won't Run For Re-Election To State Senate

·        Senate Majority Leader John McComish To Run For JP

·        Better-Business-Bureau-Warns-Of-New-Credit-Card-Scam

·        Senate Republicans Take Step Toward Creating Fund For SB1070 E-Mail Fight

·         Horne AWOL On Joining AGs Standing Up To Obamacare

·        Reagan Would Promote Limitless, Active Geothermal Energy   

·        Arizona-Senate-Panel-Oks-Millions-In-Extra-CPS-Cash

·        Arizona-Lawmaker-Seeks-Virtual-Fence-Near-Border

·        EPA-Proposes-Pollution-Control-At-Arizona-Facilities

·        Supervisors Endorse Regulatory Reforms

·        Safety Debate Erupts After Pinal Sheriff’s Helicopter Crash

·        Fact Check: Brewer's Claim On Budget Surplus

·        Trafficking Of Humans A Worry For Super Bowl

·        Maricopa County Infighting, Lawsuits Cost Taxpayers $44.4 Million

·        Legislature Plotting End Run Around Voters On Election Law  Roberts

·        Congress Prepares To Play 'Chicken' On Immigration Reform - Again  Roberts

·        Trafficking Of Humans A Worry For Super Bowl

·        Robb: Problems With Education Funding Proposals

·        Swab-Test-Making-It-Easier-To-Tell-If-You-Have-The-Flu



·        RNC-Rules-Change-Op-Ed-By-Bruce-Ash

·        Senator-Ted-Cruz-Cover-Story-On-Texas

·        Bob Littlefield Candidate For LD 23 House

·        Not-All-Arizona-Republicans-Censured McCain

·        Hair-On-Fire-News-Talk-Radio-Guest - Diane Douglas

·        Biggest News Not McCain Censure: Tom Husband Resignation Is


·     Hardball: Tim Schwartz Defends AZ GOP Mccain Censure

·        John McCain Cavorts With Pal George $Oros

·        John McCain: Unfavorite Son Censured By Home State GOP

·        Weekend Reading: First-Rate Advice To House GOP


·        Self Packing


·        Gilbert School Board to Vote on Invocation 1/28.

·        Gila County Republican Party Censures Senator John McCain


·        Malik Obama, Obama’s Brother Photo’d With Hamas Scarf & Slogan: ‘Jerusalem Is Ours — We Are Coming!


·        The Startling New Way Big Brother Is Tracking Your Health

·        Watch State-Of-The-Union Protest In Carlsbad, California

·        King Obama To Unilaterally Raise Minimum Wage

·        Watch: Seal Ben Smith Drops Koran On Ground

·        Al Gore Thinks Killing Babies Will Save The World

·        Cruz: Obama Should Apologize To Nation In SOTU

·        Herman Cain Joins All-Star Lineup At Western Conservative Conference

·        Obama’s SOTU: Same Story, Same Result

·        Prepare For Obama’s Big Speech With Handy Barf Bag

·        Obama Has Worst Record On ‘Income Inequality’

·        Atheist Protest Backfires Spectacularly

·        Hillary: Yeah, Sorry About That Benghazi Thingy…

·        Another Obamacare Fiasco

·        Arpaio: Mess With Flag, Get Bread And Water

·        Black Republican Defends Call To Hang Obama


·        The All-Out War On First Amendment


·        Islam Presentation - Carl Goldberg

·        Sen John McCain Meets With Soros In Davos, Gets Censured By AZ GOP

·        Review Of State Republican Committee Annual Meeting



·        Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus Response To President Obama’s Lackluster State Of The Union Address. Chairman Priebus Issued A Call For Fairness And For Accountability In Government. See The Transcript And Watch The Response Here.


·        Mexican Soldiers Nab Cartel Leader ‘El Tio’

·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch: Links To Sites On Matters Of Law Enforcement For Illegal Human And Drug Traffic.


·        Farage Proposes Relaxing UK Gun Laws And A Local Majority Agrees

·        Newspaper Company Considers Building Enormous Database Of Gun Owners

·        Is This Guy The Best Second Amendment Defender Ever Or What?


·        Charles Schumer: The IRS Isn’t Doing Enough To Destroy The Tea Party 

·        IRS Harasses Secret Hollywood Conservative Group – Demands List Of Members


·        ‘Face The Nation’ Edits Out Senator Cruz Condemning Obama’s ‘Abuse Of Power’


·        The Simple Case For Obama’s Impeachment

·        Congressman Says House Has Enough Votes To Impeach Obama


·        Senate State Dept. Retaliated Against Benghazi Witnesses


·         Clinton “Regrets” Benghazi: The Shaping Of The Narrative For The 2016 Presidential Campaign Begins:

·        Benghazi Victim Tyrone Woods’ Father To Attend State Of The Union

·        Cruz-On-Hillarys-Benghazi-Remarks-Talk-Is-Cheap-She-Needs-To-Stand-Up-And-Demand-Action

·        Bengahzi One Year Later: It Still Matters

·        Benghazi-Security-Cut-70-Percent

·        Blaming The Victim In Benghazigate


·        Watch: Seal Ben Smith Drops Koran On Ground

·        Pentagon: U.S. Not Capable Of Detecting Foreign Nuke Threats

·        Pentagon Wants Change To Pension Cut


·         Clinton “Regrets” Benghazi: The Shaping Of The Narrative For The 2016 Presidential Campaign Begins:

·        Clinton-Insider-Truth-Needs-Told-Hillary


·        Is America Now A Fascist State?  When The News Broke That Movie Maker Dinesh D’Souza’s Had Been Indicted By Obama’s So-Called Justice Department, I Had Cold Chills Run Up And Down My Spine.  I Thought:  “Well, It Has Finally Happened.  The US Is Now A Fascist State.”

·        Obama-Headed-Smack-From Supreme-Court


·        Coulter Takes On War On Women; Talks About Kennedy & Clinton


·        Supremes Weigh In: Little Sisters Of The Poor 1, Obama White House 0


·        Congress Sinking In Polls:  Publicpolicypolling

·        House GOP Signals It Could Sue Obama For Executive Overreach

·        Rep. Steve King: Congress Needs To Restrain Obama From ‘Extraconstitutional Behaviors’

·        After-Announcing-His-Retirement-Democrat-Slams-Obamacare

·        Pot Politics On The Rise In Congress, Administration

·        Rand Paul Calls Bill Clinton A Sexual Predator - Cue The Phony Media Freakout

·        House Negotiators Reach Agreement On Farm Bill

·        Boehner-To-Obama-Were-Watching-You: Boehner Warns Obama Not To Go Around Congress With Orders

·        Cruz-On-Hillarys-Benghazi-Remarks-Talk-Is-Cheap-She-Needs-To-Stand-Up-And-Demand-Action

·        Republican Lawmakers Urge Supreme Court To Strike Down Contraceptive Mandate

·        WATCH Obama Bundler Owned By McCain


·        Hollywood’s Muslim Lies


·        Now-Bank-Decides-If-You-Can-Have-Your-Money    Uproar As Account Confiscations Loom Over Decision

·        Politico: Liberals Want SOTU To Tell The Poor They Can’t Help Themselves

·        For The First Time, A Majority Of Americans On Food Stamps Are Working Age

·        This Gloating Welfare Queen Will Infuriate Taxpaying Americans


·        U.S. Power Grid In Danger?


·        A Very Cold Reality    Whatever Obama has to say about “climate change” should be taken as just one more example of five years of lies to advance policies that have nothing to do with the welfare of Americans

·        Global Warming, EPA, and Exploding Toilets     Global warming Hoax remains a very profitable business for global elites aided by government fiat, crony capitalism. Masses are harmed through heavier taxation, Loss of property, wealth, freedom, mobility


·        Obama’s War on Coal Continues While Global Demand Increases

·        How to Tell Good and Bad CO2 From One Another


·        Union-Bails-King-And-Common-Core


·        The-Killer-Nail-For-Obamacare    Even Democrats Now Worry Obama's Signature Law Has Fatal Flaw
Another Obamacare Fiasco

·        Healthcare Sector Downgraded, Citing 'Unstable, Evolving' Obamacare Regs

·        After-Announcing-His-Retirement-Democrat-Slams-Obamacare


·        Barack Obama Daddy Warbucks For UN Common Core   The Only Way To Take Countries Back Is Starting At The Grassroots Level Which The UN Uses As A Convenient Back Door For Agenda 21 And Its Ugly Step Sister Common Core


·        Another-Unreported-Obama-End-Run-Around-Congress

·        Krauthammer: Obama's Executive Order Threat 'Sort Of Pathetic'

·        Democrats-Scramble-To-Block-New-World-Order   Obama Wants To 'Fast Track' Job-Killing, Sovereignty-Threatening Plan

·        Is Barack A Default Satanist? Yes, And Here Is Why     Does The Devil Have A Little Helper In The White House?

·        Obama’s War On Coal Continues While Global Demand Increases

·        State Of The Union: Few Will Tune In As Obama Becomes Lame Duck

·        Obama’s State Of The World: Freedom Lost

·        Bolton: Obama’s Stunted Vision Of America’s Role On World Stage

·        Gordon: Exploiting The Military As State Of The Union Props

·        Editorial: Obama’s Army Of One A Terrible Way Of Governing

·        Gaffney: Nuclear ‘Perfect Storm’ Gathering On Obama’s Watch

·        Obama-To-Demand-More-Taxes-On-Employers-During-State-Of-The-Union-Address

·        The New “Sisiphobia” For The U.S. Administration Or Why Obama Is So Afraid Of Gen. Sisi   

·        European Court Of Justice Condemns European Platform Against Windfarms

·        Farage Proposes Relaxing UK Gun Laws And A Local Majority Agrees



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