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1-6-13 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

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Jan 6, 2014


·       Services for long-time GOP Activist Bill Bridwell’s wife Marilyn will be held at 10 am, Jan 8 at the United Methodist Church in Casa Grande where the couple was married 29 years ago. A reception will follow at The Property where their wedding reception was also held. She passed away from complications of pneumonia. Services will be led by her nephew Pastor Buc Bridwell of Seattle and Cowboy Preacher father-in-law Bill Bridwell Sr. of Scottsdale. Our thoughts, prayers and support are with the family during this difficult time. Cards can be sent to 404 N Marshall St. Casa Grande, AZ 85122


·       Thirteen Resolutions, Including One To Censure Sen. John McCain, will go before the Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeemen during the Jan 11 Mandatory meeting.  See the resolutions and  one bylaw proposal at  Click on 1-4-14 MCRC Briefs in the archives column on the left side of the page.


·       Six Maricopa County Republican Committeemen Have Announced Candidacy for five member-at-large positions to be elected during the Jan 11 Maricopa County Republican meeting.  A five-man team consisting of Dan Schultz (LD18), Joe Hobbs (LD19), Andy Costanzo (LD27), Gary Johnson (LD18) and Ray Sweeney (LD2) are running as a slate. Candidate Mike Richardson (LD18) is running separately. The candidates pledge, statements and bios are posted below:


Hobbs, Schultz, Costanzo, Sweeney, Johnson Slate Pledge: If elected, as Members At Large, we will continue to advocate for our EGC to follow, and be guided by, the conservative principles and values embodied in our State Party Platform. And, whether elected or not, we will continue to use the internet, shoe leather, and all other means to recruit as many active conservatives as possible into the precinct committeeman ranks of our Party and encourage our fellow conservative precinct committeemen to do the same.

Five-Man Slate Statements of Principle:

ü  We believe in the conservative principles embodied within the Republican Party Platform.

ü  We believe all levels of government can balance their budgets without raising taxes. Our current fiscal problems are the result of too much spending, not too little taxing.

ü  We believe all levels of public education must reestablish teaching the doctrine of American Exceptionalism. America is a shining city on a hill, and we aim to keep it that way!

ü  We believe in and support the mission of our armed forces to keep America safe by proactively attacking terrorism at its roots, rather than waiting for terrorists to attack America again.

ü  We believe in returning to an originalist interpretation of our Constitution, including reaffirming States’ 10th Amendment rights in defense against ALL Federal mandates.


Daniel J. Schultz: Member-at-Large on the Maricopa County EGC, veteran, LD18 Precinct Committeeman, West Point graduate, has actively campaigned for conservative Republican Party candidates in CA and AZ. He has served as an official Republican poll watcher and co-founded the Lawyer’s Second Amendment Society (LSAS) to fight for repeal of the unconstitutional assault weapons ban and to educate attorneys about their duty to fight for the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The LSAS filed briefs and petitioned the Supreme Court in support of the right to keep and bear arms. As a trial lawyer, Dan has recovered well in excess of $140 million for insurance policyholders. Dan is an unabashed conservative, believing in the strong Reagan principles. Dan believes the heart and soul of the Republican Party reside within the grassroots precinct committeemen and has given much time and talent towards recruiting conservative PCs.


Joseph Hobbs: Two-term Member-at-Large on the Maricopa County EGC and a LD19  Precinct Committeeman. In 2008, he ran for the Arizona Corporation Commission, garnering 90,000 votes in an 8-way, statewide primary. His major objective was to repeal the Arizona Renewable Energy Standard Tariff in order to protect all Arizonan’s from a long series of unnecessary rate increases. Joe believes in a smaller, limited Federal bureaucracy, greater State sovereignty, and total independence from foreign oil. Joe supports candidates committed to repeal Obamacare, balance the budget secure our borders, stop the bailouts, re-focus the EPA, close the Department of Energy, immediately enact the pro-growth policies needed to get America back to work, “We need a new conservative revolt, with Reagan Principles as our standard – and protection of our Constitution/Bill of Rights as our guiding principles. We want to fight democrat-socialists and restore American exceptionalism .”


Gary Johnson: LD18 Precinct Captain and past LD17 Area Coordinator. He and his fellow PC’s have been successful in door-to-door GOTV efforts. He is a constitutional, fiscal and social conservative. As a co-founder and leader of the Tempe Tea Party, Gary strives for the attendees to gain an increased understanding and appreciation for the US Constitution through study, open discussion, and featured speakers. He has recruited over 35 conservative Republican PC’s in both Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Gary is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a life member of both the NRA and AZCDL, Gary is pro-life from conception to natural death. He is a regular attendee at the monthly EGC meetings and assists with checking in members as needed. With a degree in engineering from UMass and an MBA from ASU, Gary is an engineering project manager. Gary believes that we must get involved in the political process to keep America great!


Andrew Costanzo:  First Vice Chair of LD27 and a Member-at-Large on the Maricopa County EGC. He has been active in recruiting conservative PC’s, campaigning for conservative Republicans, GOTV efforts and assisting with party meetings and events. As a small business owner and life member of the NRA, he understands that any form of liberalism is immoral and that personal responsibility is freedom! If you call yourself a Republican and don’t understand these two basic ideals, you are in the wrong party. 2014 may represent our last best chance to peacefully restore the Constitutional values of our great Republic, through aggressive recruitment of conservative Precinct Committeemen and grassroots efforts, together we will prevail.


Ray Sweeney:  a Member-At-Large on the Maricopa County EGC, a LD20 PC, a U.S. Marine veteran of Vietnam and holds a B.A. in Political Science/Pre Law from American University in Washington, D.C. Ray has been actively involved in local grassroots efforts for the Republican Party, campaigns for Michelle Ugenti, Joe Arpaio, and Bill Montgomery and a former PC in LD28. He has worked to curtail Voter Fraud, Agenda 21, Common Core, and Obamacare. He is a member of Arizona Citizens Defense League, Oath Keepers, Americans for Constitutional Education and Eagle Forum as well as an independent business owner/founder and employer. Ray is a strong advocate of States Rights, limited Federal Government, Second Amendment Rights and is opposed to Federal intrusion into Education and Energy production in the U.S. Works to regain the conservative principles and ideals that have been the historical basis of the Republican Party. Will continue to work tirelessly to win the 2014 elections at the local, state and national levels.


Mike Richardson: LD18 Precinct Committeeman and State Committeeman. During my four years as a Precinct Committeeman I have joined in on a variety of work, as we all have, on various party projects, and I have met literally hundreds of hard working Republicans.  I believe that I can make a positive impact on the MCRC during the next term.  I am running independently without joining a slate, and am going to rely on my background and my contributions to the Party and State for success.  My resume includes almost 40 years of owning my own electrical contracting business, requiring technical design, sales, and the other administrative skills.  As a result of that and other experiences I have learned the importance of team building and loyalty.  I am a person who can work, and form friendships with individuals who have different allegiances and still maintain my strong conservative Republican ideals. Married to his high school sweetheart, four adult children, seven grandchildren.  


·       The Maricopa County Republican West Valley Office Is Providing Car Pool Rides to the Jan 11 mandatory meeting.   Rides will leave at 7:30 am from the office, 10050 Bell Road, #49, Sun City.  RSVP to (623) 977-4532. 


·       Scottsdale City Council Candidate Michael Auerbach’s campaign kickoff is planned 5:30-7:30 pm, Jan 7 at Whiskey Row, 4420 N. Saddlebag Trail #120, Scottsdale. Food and drink provided. RSVP:"


·       Public Input Sought: The Maricopa County Integrated Health System Bond Advisory Committee is conducting hearings to gather feedback regarding a proposed $950 million bond issue for improvements to the infrastructure to keep up with the growing community.

ü  Jan 7:  5:30 - 7pm, Maricopa Medical Center, Admin Bldg Auditoriums 1 & 2

2601 E. Roosevelt St., Phx.

ü  Jan 9:  5:30 – 7 pm, Sunnyslope Family Health Center, 934 W. Hatcher, Phx.

ü  Jan 13:  5:30 – 7 pm, Chandler Family Health Center, 811 S. Hamilton, Chandler.

ü  Jan 14:  5:30 – 7 pm, Mesa Family Health Center, 59 S. Hibbert, Mesa.

ü  Jan 15:  5:30 – 7 pm, El Mirage Family Health Center, 12428 W. Thunderbird, El Mirage.


·       Hair On Fire Hostesses Barbara Espinosa Will Interview political radio talk show host Doug Johnson at 4 pm, Jan 7 on  E-Mail questions to:  Call in number 1-347-857-4081. Former AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen is the show co-host and current State Treasurer candidate.


·       Fountain Hills Republicans Meet-Ups will not meet Jan 8. The meeting has been moved to Jan 28 at the SaddleBronc Grill, 11056 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.


·       Clair Van Steenwyk  Will Formally Announce His Candidacy for CD8 House of Representative at 10:30 am, Jan 7 at the Maricopa County Republican Office, 10050 W. Bell Road #49, (99th Ave/Bell Road), Sun City.


·       Planned Parenthood Has Been Allotted 90 Minutes for a presentation during the 4:30 pm, Jan 7 ‘Tempe Schools Sex Ed Curriculum meeting’ at the Union High School District office, 500 W. Guadalupe Road, Tempe. Parents have been allowed 2 minutes according to e-mails.  The Tempe School Board members may be in attendance; however, no board action is planned at this meeting. Contact: Paul 580-1697.


·       CD1 Candidate Andy Kwasman’s campaign appearances this week are:

ü  Jan 8 - Pinal County Saddlebrooke Republican Club at 4:45 pm, Mountain View Clubhouse, 38759 S. Mountain View Blvd, Tucson. Doors open at 3:30 pm.

ü  Jan 9 – Pima County Nw Conservatives, 6 pm, 7892 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson.

ü  Jan 10 – CD1 Primary Debate. 6:30 pm, Victory Fellowship Theater, 555 E. Entertaiment Ave., Safford (hosted by Graham County).

ü  Jan 19 – Graham County GOP luncheon, noon, MannorHousoe Restaurant, 415 US70, Safford. Contact:


·       Starting in Feb, LD20 Meets at 6:30 pm, the first Monday of the month at 4650 West Sweetwater in Glendale according to Chairman Ray Malnar


·       Constitutionalist Shane Krauser Will Address The Sun Lakes Republican Club at 6:30 pm, Jan 14 in the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes.  Contact Chairman Michael Tennant


·       The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group has moved its Jan 25 meeting to Jan 18 due to the State GOP Mandatory meeting.  The Jan 18 meeting is scheduled at 9 am, 19781 N. Remington Dr. Chaparral Center - Hopi Room. Speaker:  Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General.  Contacts Dick Mayfield at or 623 217-2110; or Ginny Nyre at or 623-544-7187.

·       The Second CD-1 Primary Debate will be held at 6:30 pm, Jan 10 in the Victory Fellowship Theater, 555 E. Entertainment Ave., Safford, AZ, hosted by the Graham County Tea Party. The debate is free and open to the public.


·       Lynne St. Angelo Is Running CD1 Andy Kwasman’s day-to-day campaign operations. To schedule Kwasman contact St. Angelo at:


·       Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith will be interviewed on the 4 pm,  Jan 14  Hair on Fire Radio Talk Show. E-Mail questions to:  Call In Number 1-347-857-4081


·       Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey today announced his exploratory campaign for governor has raised more than $1,050,000 in 2013 – an unprecedented amount for a statewide exploratory committee in a nonelection year. He begins the year with $923,000 cash on hand.Contact: Ducey’s exploratory committee



·        Suit Filed To Allow Same-Sex Marriages In Arizona

·        Mesa-School-Leaders-May-Reinstate-Prayer-During-Public-Board-Meetings

·        MUST SEE: Border Treason   Statements from former Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, (white cowboy hat and blue/white checkered shirt) who died last year when his pickup rolled on remote road on his way to meet his sons at a hunting camp in northern Arizona.  Cochise County is huge and borders Sonora, Mexico.  Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu (in uniform) is also highlighted in this newly released NRA video.

·        Their Ranks Are Thinning, But Arizona’s Senior Lawmakers Retain Strong Voter Support

·        What-Will-The-Wind-Chill-Be-On-This Morning?   Global Warming!!!

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·        Cottonwood-Police-Fight-Flurry-Of-Counterfeit-Bills

·        Navajo-To-Appeal-Ruling-On-Religious-Sites-Access

·        Suit Filed To Allow Same-Sex Marriages In Arizona

·        Fountain Hills Hopes Improvements Bring Visitors

·        Pinetop-Lakeside Alcohol Crackdown Leads To Citations

·        Arizona DUI Arrests Fall For First Time In A Decade

·        Feds Mull New Plan For Navajo Plant  

·        State-Lawmaker-Wants-To-Transfer-Funds-From-Childhood-Development-To-CPS

·        Suit Filed To Allow Gay Marriages In Ariz.

·        $16.5 Mil Sought For Ariz. Education System

·        Hiring Freeze Puts Squeeze On Fed Prosecutors

·        Smith In Negotiations Over Future – With Wife

·        Lawmaker Plans Bill To Give CPS More Funds

·        Latest-AZ-Abuse-Report-Update-Shows-5128-Assigned

·        Subzero 'Polar Vortex' Pushes Frigid Air Across US  

·        Tips For Winter Visitors: Winterizing The House While You're Away

·        Growing Number Of Seniors Caring For Other Seniors

·        Study: Slightly More People Leaving Arizona Than Moving Here

·        Snowmaking A Major Boon For Resort, City And Skiers, Boarders And Sledders

·        Guess-Who’s-Funding-Republican-Civil-War  McCain Listed. 20 Yr Old Group Called The Republican Main Street Partnership  Flexing Their Muscles This Year.

·        McCain, Graham Blast Obama For Al Qaeda-Related Takeover Of Fallujah, Call Situation 'Predictable'

·        McCain Again Seeks Pardon For Boxer

·        Operation American Spring: General & Colonel Call For A Massive March On Washington

·        YOUR TAX $ Muslim-Mortgages-Paid: $300-Million-Courtesy-Us-Taxpayers

·        Conference Discounts Extended To Jan. 10

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·        The 10 Most Outrageous Examples Of Government Waste



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·        Planned Parenthood Will Design Sex Ed Curriculum in East Valley Schools!

·        Center For Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

·        The Institutional Church Versus The Church 

·        World Watch List - North Korean Christians Are The Most Persecuted In The World

·        Message To Obama: We Are NOT Subjects! 


·        Doctor Calls Loretta Fuddy’s Death Very Strange

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·        Here’s Some Irony For Global Warmists!

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·        With 990 Homocides, 2013 Was The Most Violent Year In Michoacan In The Last 15 Years.

·        Thai Woman Found In Suitcase In Smuggling Try


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·        Obama Birth-Cert-Contains-Words/places-That-Did-Not-Exist-In-1961-African-American-Kenya


·        Former-Navy-Seal-Speaks-Out-Against-New-York-Times-Benghazi-Report


·        Special-Forces-Operative-Reveals-The-Osama-Bin-Laden-Raid-Was-A-Lie

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·        Operation-American-Spring: General-Colonel-Call-Massive-March-On Washington

·        Military Man Warns Of Government Violence Against Constitutionalists


·        Al-Qaeda-On-The-Rise-Because-Obama-Shrunk-Americas-Peacekeeping-Role

·        Obama Blamed For Al Qaeda Takeover Of Fallujah, Iraq


·        Drudge-Hillary-Clinton-Makes-It-Official   Notices Bumper Sticker Recruiting Former First Lady For President

·        Video: Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals


·        Rand-Pauls-Son-Cant-Get-Obamacare   'They Said They Weren't Sure He Existed'

·        Guess-Whos-Funding-Republican-Civil-War     McCain Listed


·        Reports: Liz Cheney To Quit Senate Bid


·        Obama-Is-Bullying-Nuns   Chuck Norris Warns That President Has Catholic Church 'In Crosshairs'

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·        Let's Talk About Obamacare Subsidies

·        Rand-Pauls-Son-Cant-Get-Obamacare   'They Said They Weren't Sure He Existed'


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·        Obama-Is-Bullying-Nuns   Chuck Norris Warns That President Has Catholic Church 'In Crosshairs'

·        Obama's Muslim Background

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·        Al-Qaeda-On-The-Rise-Because-Obama-Shrunk-Americas-Peacekeeping-Role


·        Shocking-Evidence-Hitler-Escaped-Germany   Newly Declassified FBI, U.S. Intel Files Raise Startling Questions

·        Egypt-Probes-Us-Bribes-Of-Terror-Leaders    Suspects Facing Charges Of Murder, Assassination, Collaborating With Foreign Governments






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