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1-31-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

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Jan 31, 2014


“Mr. President, feel free to use that pen to approve this job-creating project (Keystone Pipeline) .” – Congressman Matt Salmon


·       Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A.J. LaFaro has announced the Feb 12 PC Day at the Capitol has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond MCRC control. He hopes to revive the event next year.

LaFaro emphasized, “It is it is extremely important that precinct committeemen and patriotic conservatives who are actively engaged, or want to engage,  in the Arizona legislative process through the Request To Speak (RTS) System  go to the Capitol and create a new account at either the Senate or House Buildings.”

If you can't get to the Capitol to get this done, LaFaro advises that PCs e-mail Jose Borrajero, MCRC's 2nd Vice Chairman and founder of the Arizona Rapid Response Team (AZRRT), at  with your name and e-mail address and he will be glad to go to the Capitol and create an account for you.  If anyone is interesting in assisting Borrajero during business hours, please contact him at

Also contact Tracy Langston,  Arizona Director for the Center for Self Governance (CSG).  The CSG has a proven training curriculum that teaches activists how to effectively work with elected officials and policy makers at all levels of our government.  Tracy can be reached at 480-529-1123 to answer questions and/or enroll you in one of the CSG training courses.


·       Brewer-Skeptical-Of-Immigration-Reform-By-McCain  AZ Daily Sun


·       Arizona-GOP-Censures-McCain-Gets-Him-Fired-Up   …Also detracting from McCain’s conservative bonafides was his well-known role in cosponsoring devastating legislation with liberal Democrat senators, in particular    --  The New American


·       McCain-Praises-House-GOP-Immigration-Reform-Principles


·       The Segment With Timothy Schwartz, author of the MCRC Resolution to Censure McCain, with Brahm Resnik will be aired at 8 am on the Feb 2 ‘Sunday Square Off’ show on Channel 12 in Phoenix.


·       So You Don’t-Like-the Republican-Party-Of John-McCain    Joe The Plumber


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: Responding To Comments Made This Week By Sen John McCain Backers regarding the passage of the county and state ‘Censure McCain Resolutions’, Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman LaFaro stated today, “Based on the responses from the diminishing number of John McCain supporters - they are either in denial, senile or lying to public again. It’s unfortunate liberal individuals like John McCain, Jon Kyl, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval, and Duval’s campaign manager Grant Woods - who is a Republican – would use Saul Alinsky tactics to try silencing the millions of people in Arizona and America who disagree with them on the critical issues and their progressive socialist bullying tactics.  The censure and the people who support it have never used demeaning or derogatory terms or phrases like John McCain and his few public supporters.”


·       John-McCain-Responds To Censure  Huffington Post


·       CCAGW Statement On Arizona GOP Censure Of Sen. John McCain


·       Timothy Schwartz On The James Harris Talk Show Www.1041thetruth.Com Click On The Tab Called “Truth On Demand” Then Click On James T. Harris Show


·       Condolences To The Family Sally McCormick, former chaplain for the Paradise  Republican Club , who passed away this week. Services will be held at noon, Feb 5 at the Messinger Mortuary, 7601 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale.  Cards may be mailed to: 7835 E Via de La Entrada, Scottsdale AZ  85258.


·       LD28 Will Entertain Lattie Coor from the Center for The Future of Arizona at 7 pm, Feb 11 to hear his presentation on “The Arizona We Want.”   State Treasurer candidate Hugh Hallman, former Tempe Mayor, will also visit the group that evening. .  Contact: Chr Scott O’Connor   cell  (602) 469-3850.


·       The Yavapai County Trunk ‘N Tusk  Fundraiser/Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner will be held Feb 15 at the Prescott Resort, 1500 E Hwy 69, Prescott..  Cocktails at 6 pm - no host bar.  Dinner at 7.  Speakers include Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX), Rep. Paul Gosar, and Shane Krauser, Director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, author and attorney.  Tickets $65 per person.  Limited seating is available with the guests for $130 per person or $260 per couple.  To place program ads contact YCRC headquarters at (928) 776-4500.  Raffle items are being accepted now. The Live Auction will include a AP 1/2 Numbered and framed print by Cowboy Artist, Charles A. Stazenski called "Cheyenne" showing Bareback Bronco Star, Arnold Jones in his heyday.  Tickets:   Contact: YCRC headquarters at (928) 776-4500.


·        The Feb 8 Paradise Republican Women Will Hear Gubernational Candidate Frank Riggs (former Calif  Congressman) , Secretary of State candidate Justin Pierce, ASU professor/author Don Critchlow,  Treasurer candidate Martin Sepulveda and AZ Corporation Commission candidate Bonnie Katz at their 11 a luncheon at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 Gainey Club Dr., Scottsdale. $28 for lunch. Paid reservations required in advance or send check to Linda Brickman,19425 N. 36th Way, Phoenix, AZ   85050.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon On The State Department’s Final Environmental Analysis of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline: “Today’s report by the State Department reaches predominantly the same conclusions as their draft March report. We’ve now wasted yet another year in extraneous studies instead of getting Americans back to work and moving toward energy security and independence. Once again, while giving lip service to creating jobs, the Administration chose duplicative and unnecessary environmental studies over job creation. There is no question that the Keystone Pipeline is in the United States’ national interest. There are no more excuses for delay. Mr. President, feel free to use that pen to approve this job-creating project.”


·       There Is Still Time To RSVP For The Central Republican Women Of Phoenix Secretary of State candidate’s forum scheduled Feb 6 at the Hilton Garden Inn 4000 N. Central (south of Indian School). 5:30 pm social hour. 6:15 pm program.  Dinner $12. Contact:  Tina Shaw at


·       Watch Rep John Kavanagh And Sen Steve Gallardo Debate the issue of allowing trained school personnel to have access to a firearms to protect children in school on Channel 3’s Politics Unplugged.   Click the box below the big screen shot of Kavanagh and Gallardo.


·       Gov Jan Brewer today received the report from her Independent Child Advocate Response Examination (CARE) Team, detailing its findings and recommendations to improve Arizona’s beleaguered child welfare system. The CARE Team’s report and recommendations can be viewed here: CARETEAMREPORT.pdf.


·     The Arizona Mining Association (AMA) Honored Rep. Frank Pratt With Their Legislator Of The Year Award, And Rep. T.J. Shope with their Freshman Legislator of the Year award. This was the first time the association gave an award to state legislators. Pratt and Shope were honored for their support of the mining industry and associated bills that came before the Legislature. Mining has been part of Arizona’s economy for more than a century. Its $4.6 billion impact on the state’s economy generates 49,800 jobs for Arizonans, according to the AMA. Pratt first started working as an Arizona rancher. He currently owns and operates a pool construction firm in Casa Grande where is resides. Pratt is a second-generation Arizonan; his grandfather arrived in the state in 1880 from Germany. Shope has worked for the ASU Disability Resource Center, the Arizona Republican Party and since 2008 has operated a family-owned, community supermarket in Coolidge where he lives. Shope’s grandfather was a miner in the copper industry for 32 years.  Contact: Christopher Leone

602-926-3233(o) 480.242.8643(c)

·       A CD1 Candidate Andy Kwasman Meet And Greet was held at in Maricopa this evening.

·       The Future Plans For Maricopa County 2014 will be topic of discussion with Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Denny Barney and Supervisor Andy Kunasek on the 10 am, Feb 6 Men’s Health Talk Program hosted by Fred Taylor on  KXXT 1010AM. (click left side of menu) Call-in: 602.296.3632  Taylor says key issues will include taxes, the ordinance allowing medical-marijunan dispensaries in unincorporiated areas and health related issues that impact Maricopa County. /web     Site:


·       The Sun City Republican Club will have a table at the Feb 5  Sun City Recreation Center's  New Members Orientation at the Sundial Center, 14801 N 103rd  Ave., Sun City.  Contact:  Joyce Crist,  


·       CD9 candidate Wendy Rogers has announced that she raised $90,026.50 in fourth quarter finance reports. “I made a promise to my WWII combat veteran father that I would return our country back to what it once was – a land of values and integrity,” said Rogers, “As a wife, mother, grandmother, successful small business owner, and retired lieutenant colonel who's one of the Air Force's first 100 women pilots; I’m ready to join the small, but growing ranks in Congress who have real-world, problem-solving experience.” Rogers has cash-on-hand total of $311,490.95.

·       Congressman David Schweikert joined U.S. Sen. Lee (R-UT), Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Phoenix Councilman Jim Waring, and Hon. Hank Habicht, former Deputy Attorney General and former Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the grand opening of RDX Technologies Corporation's newest facility in Scottsdale this afternoon. Schweikert is Chair of the House Science, Space, and Technologies Subcommittee on Environment and a member of the House Committee on Small Business.


·       AZGOP Candidate Announcements can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.


·       Feb 3 - LD20 Meets at 6:30 pm, the first Monday of the month at 4650 West Sweetwater in Glendale according to Chairman Ray Malnar


·        Congressman David Schweikert’s February Mobile Office Hours will be conducted from 11 am to 12:30 pm, Feb 22 at the Desert Foothills Library , 38443 N. Schoolhouse Road, Cave Creek. Contact:  Ernestina Borquez-Smith at or at (480) 946-2411.



·        Ethics Questions Hit Ex-Glendale City Attorney

·        Arizona GOP Congressmen Ask Obama To Lay Off Executive Orders -- And References To "Kids"

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·        Dean-Search-Divisive-At-Northern-Arizona-University

·        Partnership Creates Recreation Gem In The Desert   The Nature Conservancy In Arizona And Maricopa County’s Parks And Recreation Department Are Excited To Unveil Their Cooperative Efforts For Inclusion Of Hassayampa River Preserve As Part Of Vulture Mountains Recreation Area, Including New Site Design Plans

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·        Third-Prominent-Banker-Found-Dead-In-Six-Days

·        Gila County Republican Party Withdraws Support To Speaker Boehner

·        Goldwater Institute Brands Cops As Robbers, Again   Montini

·        Commence The End Run On Voters: House Panel Votes To Repeal Election-Law Changes  Roberts

·        Some In Pinal County Question Report On Its Future  

·        15 Undocumented Immigrants Injured In Crash Near Flagstaff

·        Chief-Of-Police-Harassed-By-Feds-Fired-After-Signing-Pledge-To-Uphold-Constitution

·        County Services Now Available At Phoenix City Hall

·        Gaming Revenue For State About $13.5M For Quarter

·        Flagstaff Races Toward Winter Drought Record

·        Compact For America And Arizona’s Balanced Budget Amendment – A National Sales Tax?

·        Super Bowl Snacks: How Much Do We Spend On Food?

·       Apple Manufacturing Plant In Mesa Could Open Soon


·        Speaker-John-Boehner-Presents-One-Page.Standards To Legalize Illegals:  See Draft

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·        Open Letter To AZ’s U.S. Reps. Considering Amnesty Vote


·        Andrew Walter’s Response To President Obama’s State Of The Union


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·        Gila County Republican Party Withdraws Support to Speaker Boehner

·        John McCain Censured by the AZGOP: Leftist Payson Roundup Practices Usual Malpractice


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·        The Making Of A Black Conservative


·        The Startling New Way Big Brother Is Tracking Your Health

·        Watch State-Of-The-Union Protest In Carlsbad, California


·        Bachmann Says House Preparing To Sue Obama For Overreach: ‘He’s Not A King’


·        Mike Lee Tea Party Speech SOTU Response Transcript


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·        Fast-And-Furious-Questions-Linger-As-IG-Continues-Investgation; Legal-Us-Pot-Wont-Bring-Peace-To-Mexico;-Armed-Bandit-Robs-Cruise-Ship-Passengers

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·        CNN: Obama's Gun Control Failure 'One Of His Biggest Disappointments' From 2013; Boosts New Push

·        Rebellion: Tennessee-Introduces Bill To Nullify-Obama’s Gun-Control Bill

·        Why The U.S. Government Can Never Justify Disarming All Of The American People - Ever | Independent Journal Review

·        Gun Grabs Under Fire: Majority Of Americans Condemn 2nd Amendment Tweaks

·        Percentage Of Americans Wanting Looser Gun Laws Triples In 2014 - Nationaljournal.Com

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·        Sen Ted Cruz Questions Eric Holder On The Investigation Into IRS

·        Holder Tells Cruz He Didn’t Know IRS Investigator Was Obama Contributor (+Video)

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·        Update: MSNBC Chief Finally Apologizes For Offensive Cheerios Tweet

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·        After The State Of The Union Address, ABC Lauds Obama As A 'Go-It-Alone Terminator'

·        CNN: Obama's Gun Control Failure 'One Of His Biggest Disappointments' From 2013; Boosts New Push

·        MSNBC Lionizes 'Action Hero' Obama As Superman, Washington Crossing The Delaware, And Uncle Sam


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·        Golden-Hammer: $350-Million-NASA-Project-To-Be-Completed, Then Mothballed Because Of Lack Of Need   Earmarked Tower Constructed For Tests That Were Canceled In 2010


·        Bachmann Says House Preparing To Sue Obama For Overreach: ‘He’s Not A King’

·        The-Brief: House-GOP-Faces-Divide-On.Immigration

·        Holder Tells Cruz He Didn’t Know IRS Investigator Was Obama Contributor (+Video)

·        Sen Jeff Sessions: GOP Immigration Principles Same As Senate — Did Celia Munoz Work With Republicans?

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·        House GOP Wants Legal Status But No Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

·        McConnell Speaks Out Against New IRS Regulations, Big Three Nets Ignore

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·        375 Companies Prepare For The Guillotine


·        Utah-Elementary-School-Throws-Away-Kids-Lunches-Over-Parents-Lack-Payment


·        Among Uninsured, Obamacare 47% Unfavorable To 24% Favorable – Favorable Down 11% In One Month


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