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2-2-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

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Feb 2, 2014


·       Republican Behind McCain Censure Claims Large Group Backs Effort  The Arizona Republican Party activist who led the push to censure Sen. John McCain says a large group of people supported the resolution this morning on 'Square Off' with moderator Brahm Resnik.


·       McCain-Happy-That-House-Is-Pushing-Amnesty


·       The-McCain-Censure-Explained  Rogue Columnist


·       McRino-Praises-House-GOP-Amnesty-Proposal


·       John McCain On Senate Floor "War Powers Act Of 2014". Give Power To President Without Congressional Approval. 


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: Responding To Comments Made This Week By Sen John McCain Backers regarding the passage of the county and state ‘Censure McCain Resolutions’, Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman LaFaro stated today, “Based on the responses from the diminishing number of John McCain supporters - they are either in denial, senile or lying to public again. It’s unfortunate liberal individuals like John McCain, Jon Kyl, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval, and Duval’s campaign manager Grant Woods - who is a Republican – would use Saul Alinsky tactics to try silencing the millions of people in Arizona and America who disagree with them on the critical issues and their progressive socialist bullying tactics.  The censure and the people who support it have never used demeaning or derogatory terms or phrases like John McCain and his few public supporters.”


·       Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A.J. LaFaro has announced the Feb 12 PC Day at the Capitol has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond MCRC control. He hopes to revive the event next year.

LaFaro emphasized, “It is it is extremely important that precinct committeemen and patriotic conservatives who are actively engaged, or want to engage,  in the Arizona legislative process through the Request To Speak (RTS) System  go to the Capitol and create a new account at either the Senate or House Buildings.”

If you can't get to the Capitol to get this done, LaFaro advises that PCs e-mail Jose Borrajero, MCRC's 2nd Vice Chairman and founder of the Arizona Rapid Response Team (AZRRT), at  with your name and e-mail address and he will be glad to go to the Capitol and create an account for you.  If anyone is interesting in assisting Borrajero during business hours, please contact him at

Also contact Tracy Langston,  Arizona Director for the Center for Self Governance (CSG).  The CSG has a proven training curriculum that teaches activists how to effectively work with elected officials and policy makers at all levels of our government.  Tracy can be reached at 480-529-1123 to answer questions and/or enroll you in one of the CSG training courses.


·       Services for Sally McCormick,former chaplain for the Paradise  Republican Club will be held at noon, Feb 5 at the Messinger Mortuary, 7601 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale.  Sympathy cards may be mailed to: 7835 E Via de La Entrada, Scottsdale AZ  85258.


·       See The Resolution Passed By The Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) on Jan 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. Sheriffs, peace officers and those in public office to sign with them.


·       ATTN Club/LD/Club Chairman:  Please check the calendars 2-1-14 calendars just posted to make sure that your listings are correct.  With all the changes in January, we need to make sure the February lists are accurate.  If changes are needed, please contact


·       Retired Colonel Martha McSally, CD2 Congressional Candidate, will address the Arrowhead Republican Women on Feb 12 in the Briarwood Country Club, 135th Ave/Meeker, Sun City West. Check in-10:45 am. Mtg at 11:30 am. Lunch $20. No credit cards. No jeans. Adults only, no children.  Reservations required by Feb 7. A reservation made, is a reservation paid. Reservations: (Luncheons tab)


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham will address LD23 on Feb.13.  Contact:  Chairman Joe Meli


·       Join The “Voice Of Veterans” Radio Show, Mon,  Feb 3 from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. MST on KXXT 1010 AM. Arizona, or website and click “Listen Live.”  to hear Christopher Riano, Attorney and Constitutional Lecturer at Columbia University, discuss Presidential Executive orders, whether are they Constitutional, and if so, in what context?  Host: Vern Bagley KXXT 1010 AM


·       LD21 Sen Rick Murphy – “It's pathetic when the Kitty Bowl is more interesting than the Super Bowl...and I don't even like cats!”


·       The Next Sex Education Curriculum Committee meeting for the Tempe Union High School District is Tues, Feb 4 at 4:30pm at the Desert Vista High School (in the Media Center), 16440 S. 32nd Street, Tempe.  The hot topics are two more curricula presentations:   Choosing the Best and  Teen Outreach Program (TOP) – Planned Parenthood)  Watch GilbertWatch: for updates.


·       There Is Still Time To RSVP For The Central Republican Women Of Phoenix Secretary of State candidate’s forum scheduled Feb 6 at the Hilton Garden Inn 4000 N. Central (south of Indian School). 5:30 pm social hour. 6:15 pm program.  Dinner $12. Contact:  Tina Shaw at


·       Watch Rep John Kavanagh And Sen Steve Gallardo Debate the issue of allowing trained school personnel to have access to a firearms to protect children in school on Channel 3’s Politics Unplugged.


·       A Booth For Conservative Candidates will be open from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm during the Feb 7, 8, and 9 Silver Spur Rodeo in Yuma. LD13 incumbent candidate Darin Mitchell will be there to speak about legislative issues.


·       AZGOP Candidate Announcements can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.


·       Feb 3 - LD20 Meets at 6:30 pm, the first Monday of the month at 4650 West Sweetwater in Glendale according to Chairman Ray Malnar

·        Presidential-Actions/Executive-Orders

·        Congressman-Matt-Salmon-Bucks-Leadership-Once-More-Calls-Out-Obama-Following-SOTU

·        Dinesh D’Souza’s One-On-One Debate With Bill Ayers, Exclusive Hannity Interview

·        Arizonans-Finding-Fewer-Choices-On-Aca-Exchange

·        Unauthorized-Trails-Mar-Pima-County-Parks

·        Police-Chief-Punished-Harassed-For-Attending-Patriotic-Conference

·        Interior Secretary Tours Areas Proposed To Become National Monument

·        NAGBPO Border Presentation  The Real Story About Border In-Security, Border Violence And Other Truths.

·        D’Souza Responds To Allegations, Tells Hannity He Got ‘Under Obama’s Skin’ With Film (+Video)

·        Farmer-Best-Super-Bowl-Ad-Ever

·        Another-Big-Green-Power-Player-Moves-Up-In-Obamas-Washington

·        Brief History Of Ice_Ages

·        Winter-Storm-NIKA-Forecast-For Arizona

·        Ann-Romney-Opens-Country-Lost-Romney-Lost

·        Who-Is-The-Real-Sarah-Palin?

·        Sarah-Palin: Not Yet A Contender, Most Liked By GOP For 2016

·        Laura-Bush Responds To Obama Whining About Michelle Not Getting Paid

·        AZ Legislature Creates New Controversy Over Election Law  GOP State Sen. Michele Reagan, who sponsored much of the controversial Arizona election law that passed last year, and State Sen. Steve Gallardo debate the impact of an attempted repeal of that law this year.


·        White Mountain Apaches Approach Crossroads   White Mountain Apaches may someday tell the legend of a few tribal members who tried to bring change.

·        Kelli Ward Interview:  The Race: Politics in Arizona with The Rino Report interview

·        Parents-Warned-Big-Brother-Owns-Your-Children

·        More Than Half Of Americans Believe U.S. Failed In Iraq, Afghanistan

·        Where Does Your State Rank? Gallup’s Most Conservative To Most Liberal

·        Orr-Pushes-Higher-Funding-For-Technical-Training

·        What_Gibson_Guitars_Did_With_The_Wood_The_Government_Returned

·        Obama-Battles-O’Reilly-In-Pre-Super-Bowl-Interview-You-And-Your-Tv-Station-Push-Benghazi-IRS

·        Rep-Gosar-Co-Sponsors-Bill-To-Hold-Obama-Accountable-For-Constitutional-Violations

·        The Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands  When It Comes To Medicare Claims, It’s All About The Fine Print On Your Hospital Chart. Find Out How Being “Under Observation” Can Cost You.



·        Audio-Randy-Pullen-Candidate-For-AZ

·        Speaker-John-Boehner-Presents-One-Page Immigration Document

·        A-Line-In-Sand-By-Michael-Connelly


·        ‘Sunday Square Off‘: Timothy Schwartz Justifies Mccain Censure

·        Real Folks Learn There’s Nothing Affordable In ACA

·        GOP Amnesty ‘Standards’ Based On Fallacies, Unenforceable Provisions

·        GOP Poised To Snatch Defeat From Jaws Of Victory

·        Open Letter To AZ’s U.S. Reps. Considering Amnesty Vote

·        Hardball: Tim Schwartz Defends AZ GOP McCain Censure


·        Gods-Name-Will-Be-Heard-Again-In-Gilbert-After-14-Years-Of-Silence


·        Score-One-Side-Heulskamp-Insults-Maddow


·        Millions Infected With Brain Eating Bug! Pandemic! Urgent!

·        Christians – Ignore The Present Political Scene At Your Own Peril

·        The Cowardice Of Wendy Davis

·        The Muslim Brotherhood / Democratic Party Of The Middle East

·        Bachmann Says House Preparing To Sue Obama For Overreach: ‘He’s Not A King’


·        Mike Lee Tea Party Speech Sotu Response Transcript

·        Trevor Loudon Discusses ‘The Enemies Within,’ With 55krc Radio’s Joe Strecker, 8 Am, Tues Feb 4


·        Arizona-Legislation  2014 Session

·        House Set To Vote On Convention Of States
Common Law Grand Jury Seminar



·        Donations-To-Karl-Rove’s-Groups-Decline-98%-After-Declaring-War-On-Tea-Party

·        The-State-Of-The-Republican-Party

·        Republican-Establishment Logic

·        GOP-Rep-Obama-declared-war-on-the-American-people-with-promise-to-bypass-Congress

·        GOP Wary Of Obama’s Apparent Immigration Compromise


·        NAGBPO Border Presentation  The Real Story About Border In-Security, Border Violence And Other Truths.

·        Congressman: We Can Defeat Executive Order Amnesty

·        McCain-Happy-That-House-Is-Pushing-Amnesty

·        Paul Ryan: Fate Of Immigration Bill 'Clearly In Doubt'

·        Paul-Ryans-Super-Clever-Idea-For-Illegal-Immigrants

·        Immigration-Officer-Warns-Cantor's-Dreamer-Stance-Could-Mean-Perpetual-Amnesty-For-All-Illegal-Alien-Youths

·        Ted-Cruz-House-GOP-Leadership-S-Amnesty-Plan-Would-Destroy-Chances-At-Retaking-Senate-This-Year

·        What Is Boehner’s Secret Immigration Plan?

·        DNC's Donna Brazile: Reform Immigration So Illegals Can Vote

·        Sessions: Rank-And-File-House-Republicans-Are-Last-Line-Of-Defense-For-Americans-Against-Boehner-Amnesty

·        GOP Wary Of Obama’s Apparent Immigration Compromise

·        More States Grant In-State Tuition To Immigrants

·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch: Links To Sites On Matters Of Law Enforcement For Illegal Human And Drug Traffic.


·        Diane Sawyer Ripped For Ridiculous ABC Special That Gives Kids Guns To Prove Point

·        Bill Maher Makes Country Music Awards Shooting Joke

·        Awesome-Explanation-Of-The-Second-Amendment-Video

·        How-The-Nazis-Used-Gun-Control

·        Guy-Best-Pro-Gun-Spokesman-Ever

·        DOJ Report: Firearm-Related Murders Down 39% Since 1993

·        Poll: Percentage Who Think Gun Control Too Strict Triples In One Year

·        CDC: More Children Killed By Fire, Drowning Than By Firearms


·        Alaska-Legislation-Takes-Aim-Warrantless-Spying-NSA-Federal-Agencies


·        Report: Man Sues IRS For Tripping On Phone Wire In Their Office And Is Awarded $862,000

·        IRS-Grants-Tax-Exempt-Status-To-Member-Of-Terrorist-Organization-Also-Brother-Of-The-President


·        Articles Of Impeachment Against Barack Obama (Finally)

·        Krauthammers-Take: If-A-Republican-Had-Done-What-Obama-Has-He’d-Be-Impeached


·        One-Year-Later-Remembering-And-Honoring-Chris-Kyle-Navy-Seal-Americas-Deadliest-Sniper

·        Alaska Soldiers Train With Unmanned Aircraft

·        I Fought For You

·        Subcommittee Rejects Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Sexual Assault Bill

·        Navy Names Ship In Honor Of Astronaut John Glenn

·        Veterans Dying Because Of Health Care Delays

·        Portraits-Of-Valor-Roy-Benavide


·        DOJ Report: Firearm-Related Murders Down 39% Since 1993


·        Obama-Family-Discovered-Part-Secret-Muslim-Terror-Operation

·        Confirmed-Barack-Obamas-Brother-In-Bed-With-Man-Wanted-By-International-Criminal-Court-ICC-For-Crimes-Against-Humanity

·        Islamic-Group-Tied-To-Terror-Trial-Receiving-Thousands-In-Farm-Subsidies


·        NEA-Adds-$5-Million-To-Advocacy-Fund


·        Congressman: We Can Defeat Executive Order Amnesty

·        The-Speaker-Reaps-What-The-Speaker-Sows

·        Paul Ryan: Fate Of Immigration Bill 'Clearly In Doubt'

·        Dennis-Miller: Nancy-Pelosi-Bat-S…-Crazy

·        Farm-Bill-What-Congress-Did-While-You-Were-Talking-About-The-State-Of-The-Union

·        What Is Boehner’s Secret Immigration Plan?

·        House Set To Vote On Convention Of States

·        GOP-Rep-Obama-Declared-War-On-The-American-People-With-Promise-To-Bypass-Congress

·        Senate Democrats Back Off Iran Sanctions To Save Obama


·        Donald Trump Confirmed To Speak At CPAC 2014

·        2014-Senate-Races-May-Be-Referendum-On-Obama;-If-So-Democrats-Should-Worry

·        Watch-Nancy-Pelosi-Actually-Gets-Laughed-At-During-Her-Interview-With-Jon-Stewart


·        Muslims-Butcher-99-Christians-Matter-Moments


·        Keystone Opponents Vow Civil Disobedience, Vigils Starting Monday

·        Obama_Running_Out_Of_Reasons_To_Reject_Keystone


·        Labor-Rethink Obama Support


·        The 'Progressive' War On Kids Milwaukee Would Rather Lose Money Than Sell To A Private School.

·        Utah-Elementary-School-Throws-Away-Kids-Lunches-Over-Parents-Lack-Payment


·        Watch-Workers-Faces-Realize-What Obamacare Does To Them

·        The Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands  When It Comes To Medicare Claims, It’s All About The Fine Print On Your Hospital Chart. Find Out How Being “Under Observation” Can Cost You.

·        NM Expecting Fewer For Health Exchange Enrollment


·        Huckabee-To-Common-Core-Creators-Rebrand-Refocus-But-Don't-Retreat

·        Upset-Maryland-Parents-Hold-Common-Core-Protest-In-Front-Of-State-House

·        Is-Your-Child-Being-Dumbed-Down-Through-An-Experimental-Education-Method

·        Parents-Teacher-Say-Students-Are-Coping-With-Common-Core-Induced-Stress-By-Hiding-Out-In-Bathrooms-Nurses-Office


·         New Homeland Official Was Key Figure In Pennsylvania Corruption Case

·        TSA Adds Bomb-Sniffing Dogs In NJ For Super Bowl

·        Confessions Of An Ex-TSA Agent


·        Poor-Chicago-Blacks-To Obama: Just-Quit

·        ABC-Proves-Michelle-Obama-Is-Superficial-And-Devoid-Of-Accomplishment

·        Obama Will Take ‘Executive Action’ To Reduce Prison Population
Obama Interview With O'Reilly

·        Fiery-Townhall: 'Obama-Should Be Executed'

·        Islamic-Group-Tied-To-Terror-Trial-Receiving-Thousands-In-Farm-Subsidies

·        Obama-Spills-The-Beans-On-The-Citizenship-Fig-Leaf

·        Obama-Disregards-Hispanics-Americans-Need-Achieve-American-Dream

·        15 Dreadfully Treasonous Words In Obama's Speech

·        Cruel, Heartless Obama Mocks His Most Loyal, Unquestioning Supporters

·        Governing By Pen And Phone   Obama Used To Sigh That He Was Not A Dictator Who Could Act Unilaterally. No More.

·        WH: Obama Awaits More Keystone Reviews; Timing Unclear

·        Obama Vows More Executive Action; GOP Counters With Actual Legislation

·        Obama Address Mixes Sound And Foolish Proposals, Laced With Demagoguery

·        Confirmed-Barack-Obamas-Brother-In-Bed-With-Man-Wanted-By-International-Criminal-Court-ICC-For-Crimes-Against-Humanity


·        Mass-Sea-Star-Deaths-Off-Us-West-Coast

·        Senate Democrats Back Off Iran Sanctions To Save Obama

·        Obama-Family-Discovered-Part-Secret-Muslim-Terror-Operation

·        Confirmed-Barack-Obamas-Brother-In-Bed-With-Man-Wanted-By-International-Criminal-Court-Icc-For-Crimes-Against-Humanity




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