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2-4-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

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Feb 4, 2014


·       Rep-Dana-Rohrabacher-Sens-John-McCain-And-Lindsey ‘Don't Speak For GOP   “…the two veteran lawmakers are out of sync with their party on various issues, including immigration and the use of the military. I wish people in the media would quit focusing on, and I wish the administration would quit focusing on, Lindsey and John McCain as spokesmen for the party because they are not,” he said. “There is a lot of resentment from the party that these two guys have presented themselves as spokesmen for the Republican party, and they are not spokesman for the Republicans. They are spokesmen for themselves.”


·       Four Members Of Arizona’s Congressional Delegation Bucked Party Leaders When Voting   Republican Sen. John McCain ranked fourth highest among independent-minded senators who broke from the party line. He voted against the position of GOP Senate leaders about 27 percent of the time. Republican Sen. Jeff Flake ranked sixth on the list, voting against the position of his party leaders about 21 percent of the time.


·       McCain Letter To DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson On Border Security  1-8-14


·       Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., say Secretary of State John Kerry made blunt remarks during a bipartisan meeting Sunday indicating a more aggressive U.S. policy may be in the works. The meeting with McCain, Graham and 13 other members of Congress took place at a Munich hotel.


·       Rep. Matt Salmon Announced Service Academy Nominations From CD5.  Salmon holds two nomination slots each for the US Air Force Academy and US Naval Academy.

ü  US Air Force Academy

1.     Aaron Joya*, Queen Creek High School

2.     Regan Stromback, Chandler Preparatory Academy

3.     Jared Smithson*, Gilbert High School

4.     Kelsie O’Brien*, Campo Verde High School

5.     Stanley Skibo*, Brophy Prep

6.     Britt White*, Highland High School

7.     Cade Lortie*, Red Mountain High School

8.     Kai Ozawa*, Hamilton High School

9.     Kacey Cormier*, Westwood High School

10.  Sarah Kreiser*,  Highland High School

ü  US Air Force Academy

1.     Ty Corbin, Valley Christian High School

2.     Grayson Osborn*, Gilbert Classical Academy

3.     Evan Dudley*,  Mountain View High School

4.     Nathan Gomez, Chandler Preparatory Academy

5.     Emma Alcantar*, Chandler High School

6.     Tatum Sellers, Williams Field High School

7.     Derek Arnson*, Basha High School

8.     Kameron Lovgren, Higley High School

ü  US Military Academy

1.     Sheldon Soloman*, Queen Creek High School

2.     Donald Kelly,  Basha High School

3.     Kelsie O’Brien*, Campo Verde High School

4.     Stanley Skibo*, Brophy Prep

5.     Cade Lortie*,  Red Mountain High School

6.     Matthew Vigil,  Mountain View High School

7.     Sarah Kreiser*, Highland High School

8.     Alexander Shin*, Perry High School

9.     Matthew Conrad*, Campo Verde High School

ü  US Naval Academy

1.     Aaron Joya*, Queen Creek High School

2.     Sheldon Soloman*, Queen Creek High School

3.     Hunter Henderson, Gilbert High School

4.     Alexander Shin*, Perry High School

5.     Evan Dudley*, Mountain View High School

6.     Matthew Conrad*, Campo Verde High School

7.     Derek Arnson*, Basha High School

8.     Colin Gallacher, Desert Ridge High School

9.     Andrew Astroga, Westwood High School

10.  Matthew Harris, Red Mountain High School

ü  US Naval Academy

1.     Regan Stromback*, Chandler Preparatory

2.     Britt White*, Highland High School

3.     Kacey Cormier*, Westwood High School

4.     Grayson Osborn*, Mountain View High School

5.     Emma Alcantar*,  Chandler High School

6.     Erick Eckstein, Mountain View High School

ü  US Merchant Marine

1.     Regan Stromback* Chandler preparatory

2.     Kacey Cormier* Westwood High School

*Indicates multiple nominations

Nomination process,


·       Councilman Michael Nowakowski and Councilwoman Kate Gallego will host a community meeting at 6 p.m. Wed, Feb. 5 at Cesar Chavez High School, 3921 W. Baseline Road, in the school auditorium. Residents are invited to attend and share their concerns regarding last week's shooting at the school.  chavezmeeting


·       Congressman Trent Franks Will Address the 9 am, Sat., Feb 22 meeting of the Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group in the Chaparral Center Hopi Room, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Meeting open to Sun City Grand residents, their guests and elected officials.  All candidates and non-residents should contact Ginny Gyre prior to the meeting to request attending .  President, Dick Mayfield (623 217-2110); Vice President, Programs,Ginny Nyre (623-544-7187) or visit our webpage at


·       Twenty Thousand New Arizona Voters: Registration grows despite decrease within Democratic Party - The latest voter registration figures have been released and according to Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Arizona has 3,244,793 registered voters, an increase of 20,066 since the last report in October. 

Of the state's 3.2 million voters, 1,131,263 are Republicans and 962,828 are Democrats.  The number of voters registered without a party preference or with independent parties is 1,123,998, an increase of 24,952.  This number includes voters previously registered with the Green Party, which did not attain the required number of electors to preserve continued recognition on the ballot in 2013. 

Libertarians make up a little less than one percent of the state’s total registration with 26,387, and the Americans Elect Party has enrolled 317 voters since joining the state's other recognized political parties in 2011. 

“Important choices lie ahead,” said Secretary Bennett.  “Whether citizens are registering for the first time or have just re-registered, they have taken the first step toward exercising one of our most fundamental rights.  The right to vote.”

The latest voter registration figures compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district are available on the Secretary of State’s website, or by calling 1-877-THE-VOTE.


·       LD13 incumbent candidate Darin Mitchell will be speaking:

ü  Feb 5: 6:30 – Glendale Grassroots Tea Party

ü  Feb 6: 6 pm – PebbleCreek Republican Club in Goodyear

ü  Feb 8: noon – Yuma Rodeo


·       Americans For Prosperity-Arizona's HB 2260 -- The Small Business Bill of Rights --  sponsored by Rep. Tom Forese, will be heard by the House Commerce Committee at 10 am, Wed, Feb 5. “It would create a list of protections for all business owners and require regulatory enforcement agencies to publicize them. We need to protect Arizona job creators from government regulatory assault, according to Tom Jenney. THIS LINK to call or email the members of the House Commerce Committee. THIS LINK to email the legislators..


·       Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham lamented the announcement yesterday by Arizona State Senator Leah Landrum Taylor, a Democrat who decided to end her campaign for her party's nomination for Arizona Secretary of State. Her exit conveniently leaves a single candidate in the race: Terry Goddard, who emerged from a tense meeting with her earlier this year and announced his own candidacy for the same office.

“A few months ago we heard Senator Landrum Taylor was ousted from her Senate leadership position in a coup, and then a few weeks ago we heard she was being bullied into dropping her campaign for statewide office,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “It’s a shame to see real competition for high office abruptly shut down, with Democrats pushing candidates and voters aside and making secret deals — it’s no wonder Democrats have no one to vote for.”

Goddard is a former statewide officeholder and the son of Sam Goddard, a one-term Arizona Governor elected in 1964.  Sam Goddard failed in his efforts to be reelected in 1966 and again in 1968, as he also failed in his first gubernatorial attempt in 1962. Terry has also failed three times in his past efforts to become governor.

Landrum Taylor had served as Senate Minority Leader until October of last year, when she was ousted by a vote of her peers in a move she described as “racist."

In contrast to the Democrats, Republican candidates in Arizona have been welcomed to qualify for the ballot for any office in an open primary process with the full support of the Arizona Republican Party. Eight Republicans are vying for the GOP nomination for Governor, three for Secretary of State, two for Attorney General, and four for State Treasurer. “We have well-founded faith that Republican voters will make the right choices and decide who our nominees for office are,” said Graham. “It’s unfortunate to see Democrat leaders suppressing the role their party voters are entitled to play in the nomination process."


·       Constitutional Expert Shane Krauser will address the Arizona Project at 6:30 pm, Tues, Feb 22 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 2-B, Phx.


·       Candidates Attending The Saturday “Road To Victory”:  

ü  Rep Tom Forese  - AZ Corporation Commission

ü  Doug Little  - AZ Corporation Commission

ü  Harold Vangilde -  LD8, 

ü  Rep Justin Pierce  - Secretary of State

ü  Jim DeWit  - State Treasurer

ü  Jerry Walker - LD25 House

ü  John Lyons - LD30 House

ü  Adam Stevens - LD16 House

ü  David Burnell Smith – LD 15

ü  Hugh Hallman - State Treasurer

ü  Darla Dawald – LD8 House

ü  Lei Lani Cortez – LD24 House

ü  Mark Finchem - D11 House

ü  Sen Michele Reagan - Secretary of State

ü  Randy Pullen - State Treasurer

ü  Ken Bennett  - Governor

ü  Sen Chester Crandell – LD6 Senate

ü  Shelley Kais (CD2),

ü  Johanna Hver (Maricopa County Community College Governing Board);

ü  Haydee Dawson - LD25 House

ü  Daniel Estrella - LD2 Senate.


·       Guests at the ‘Steaks & Stetsons” Dinner:

ü  Alan Sears of the Alliance Defending Freedom

ü  Chairman Robert Graham and wife Julia

ü  CongressmaPaul Gosar;

ü   Rep Ken Ivory UT District47

ü  Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

ü  Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring

ü  Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol (DRONE demo)

ü  Margaret Andrews,  former National Event Director American Academy for Constitutional Education

ü  Diane Bitter,  Secretary New Hampshire GOP

ü  Jack Kimball,  former NH GOP Chairman

ü  Nancy Zimmerman (Dinner Invocation)

ü  Sheriff Joe and wife Ava

ü  Sharron Angle,  former candidate against Harry Reid

ü  Shane Krauser, Master of Ceremonies.  


·       See The Resolution Passed By The Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) on Jan 24 in Las Vegas, NV. Sheriffs, peace officers and those in public office to sign with them.


·       Timothy Schwartz, Author Of McCain Censure On 'Sunday Square Off'  


·       AZGOP Candidate Announcements can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.


·       The Pinal County Republican Committee Will Host An Attorney General Primary Candidates forum at 10 am, Sat., Feb 15, at the Union Center, Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch, 3925 N. Sun City Blvd. Florence. Meet and greet at 9:30 am.


·       The "Most Significant Border Security Event Of 2014" will take place in Phoenix on March 17/18.-- Border Technology will be showing its IDENTISEIS® security system, including the IDENTICOPTER™ drone (Booth 416).


·       ATTN Club/LD/Club Chairman:  Please check the calendars 2-1-14 calendars just posted to make sure that your listings are correct.  With all the changes in January, we need to make sure the February lists are accurate.  If changes are needed, please contact


·       The Coconino County Republican Committee Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled Feb 17 at the DoubleTree Hilton, 1175 W Route 66, Flagstaff.  Speakers include Congressman Matt Salmon, Secretary of State Ken Bennett (he’s bringing his guitar), and AZOP Chairman Robert Graham. Doors open at 5:30 pm, Program at 6 pm. Business casual attire. Special appearance by the NAU Choir Directors Assn. $50 per person. $350 per table of eight. Reservations: postmarked no later than Feb 11.  Mail to Dan Edel, 3120 W. Tami Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Payment only by cash or checks payable to CCRC. Contact Chairman Joy Staveley , 928-606-1131 (


·       Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) Texas,  And Shane Krauser, Director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, author and attorney, will highlight the Feb 15 Yavapai County Trunk ‘N Tusk Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner in Prescott.  $65 per person. Limited seating. Limited seating is available with the guests for $130 per person or $260 per couple.  Purchase tickets or by check or credit card at the headquarters office.  Call YCRC HQ at (928) 776-4500.


·        First-In-The-Nation-Arizona-Senate-Committee-Passes-4th-Amendment-Protection-Act

·        Independent Voter Stampede   Robb

·        Pima-County-Still-Trying-To-Scuttle-Rosemont-Mine

·        Fire Destroys Pinal County Election Equipment

·        Prosecutors Give Account Of Border Patrol Agent's Fatal Shooting

·        Arizona Library Bill: Concerns About Closures, Cuts To Branches

·        Arizona Lawmakers Seek Length Limits On Sessions

·        Democrat Landrum Taylor Drops Sec Of State Bid

·        Tempe School District To Hold Meeting On Sex Ed

·        Mayo-Clinic-Employees-Get-Benefit-Cuts-Cost-Hikes-After-Obamacare

·        Laura-Bush-First-Lady-Receive Plenty-Perks

·        Parker Raises $400K, Spends Most Of It, Drops Out Of Race For Congress

·        Corinthian Colleges Lay Off Some Tempe Employees

·        Sugar Tied To Fatal Heart Woes; Soda’s A Culprit

·        Gutierrez Appointed To Community College Board

·        Arizona GOP Lawmakers Take Aim At Feds Once Again

·        Mexican Border Town Sees Spike In Drug Violence

·        $5000-Reward-Offered-In-AZ-Shootings-Of-2-Burros

·        Pima-County-Board-Appoints-Replacement-Legislator

·        Wooten-Seeking-GOP-Nomination-In-Arizona-Cd2

·        New Charter-School Push In Phoenix Core

·        School Bus Hits, Kills Burro In Surprise

·        Fire Chief Gets $162k A Year Pension. But There's More...

·        Glendale Could Lose Money On Super Bowl

·        AZ Game And Fish Offering $30,000 In Grants

·        ASU Power Outage Affects Many Buildings On Campus

·        Drug Cartels Recruiting Us Military Veterans

·        Latest Ariz Abuse Report Update Shows All Assigned

·        Feds Seize $1.3m In Narcotics In Southern AZ

·        YWCA Honors Cindy McCain With Leadership Award

·        FDA Launching Anti-Smoking Campaign Aimed At Youth

·        Mayo Clinic Hospital Reports Spike In Flu Cases

·        States Seek To Force Voter Citizenship Law On Feds

·        Western Union, AZ Reach Pact To Combat Money Laundering

·        Roberts: Sen. Don Shooter's Pricey Travels

·        Overcoming Trust Barrier On Immigration Reform   Robb

·        Doug MacEachern - Obama's Focus On Poor Burdens Middle Class

·        Ariz. Affected By Texas Company's Beef Recall

·        Groups Work To Increase Number Of Minorities In Medical Field

·        A State-By-State Look At Winter's Latest Wallop  

·        Phoenix Weather: Late Week Storm Won't Bring Much Rain

·        $2M In Marijuana, Cocaine Seized In Nogales

·        Huppenthal: State Must Invest In School Quality

·        Family Splits On Immigration Reform Proposal

·        Controversial Religion Bills Set For Hearing

·        Battle Brews Over Technique Of Dry Needling

·        Ariz. GOP Takes Aim At Feds Once Again

·        Rep. Kirkpatrick Leads Foes In Donations

·        ADOT: Don't Alter Specialty License Plates

·        Coca-Cola’s ‘Multi-Cultural’ Super Bowl Ad Upsets Many Americans (Video)

·        Obama-Killing-Middle-Class-America




·        113th-Congress-Leaders-Daily-Schedule

·        Syringa-Bank-Idaho-Becomes-Third To Fail In 2014


·        American Educrats Teach Diversity Trumps Unity


·        Americans For Prosperity – Arizona: Legislative Action For Week Of February 3

·        Phoenix To Comply With Court Order, Stop Funding Union Activities With Taxpayer Monies


·        School Choice And Common Core: Mortal Enemies


·        How To Destroy America   …Ramifications Of Adding 100 Million Immigrants To America Within The Next 38 Years.



·        Kyrsten Sinema, a key architect of Obamacare and self-described “Prada Socialist” should probably exchange her Prada pumps for more appropriate footwear: flip-flops. When asked about Obamacare last week Sinema stated, “the fundamentals of the law are good” yet two months ago she supported the Keep Your Plan Act which modified fundamental aspects of Obamacare.

Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party said, “It’s no surprise to see Sinema continue to support deeply flawed legislation, but for her to say one day that Obamacare needs to be fixed, and another day say it’s fundamentally sound is not telling the truth.”

When Obamacare took effect more than 4.7 million Americans had their health insurance plans canceled, while fewer than two million have successfully signed up for Obamacare. It’s been well-documented that the Obama administration knew 93 million Americans would lose their insurance. Krysten and her liberal friends in the Democrat Party continued to support the legislation in an effort now considered widely to be the 2013 “Lie of the Year.” The Keep Your Plan Act does nothing to help the 4.7 million Americans who lost their plans after President Obama assured Americans that liked their plan that they “could keep it.”

Sinema is up for re-election in November and faces several challengers Republicans competing for the party’s nomination to challenge her.  should-kyrsten-sinema-trade-her-prada-pumps-for-flip-flops



·        Ted-Nugent-Laments-GOPs-Rusty-Shiv-Castration

·        RNCs-Priebus-Insists-Minority-Outreach-Effort-Is-Built-To-Last

·        RNC-Highlights-Strategy-For-Building-New-Generation-Of-Black-Republicans

·        RNC-Launches-Tech-Startup-To-Ramp-Up-Digital-Outreach

·        Rove Declares War On Tea Party: See What Happens


·        The-State-Of-Immigration-Reform-Mark-Zuckerberg-Buys-Himself-A-House-Speaker

·        7% Say Feds Very Likely To Close Border If Immigration Plan Becomes Law

·        Mexican Border Town Sees Spike In Drug Violence

·        NAGBPO Border Presentation  The Real Story About Border In-Security, Border Violence And Other Truths.

·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch: Links To Sites On Matters Of Law Enforcement For Illegal Human And Drug Traffic.


·        Obama Mocks 2nd Amendment: 'I Need A Gun To Protect Myself From Government'

·        Judge Upholds Restrictive Gun Control Law


·        Darrell-Issa: James-Clapper-Lied-To-Congress-About-NSA-And-Should-Be-Fired


·        Obama-Not-A-Smidgen-Of-IRS-Corruption

·        Orrin-Hatchz;Bonuses-Very Bad Things To Do


·        An Egyptian Propaganda Video On Journalists: So Bad It's Funny. Then Just Sad.

·        Lawmaker Tries To Label Journalist As Thief In Order To Quiet NSA Reporting


·        100 Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama

·        Candidates-For Open-Georgia-Us-Senate-Seat: Impeach-Obama


·        Benghazi: What Obama Said, When He Said It: That “Crude Disgusting Video” 9/25/12 – Problems Began 9/6/12


·        Incredible-Yet-Simple-Invention-Can-Seal-A-Gunshot-Wound-In-15-Seconds-What-It-Could-Mean-For-Soldiers

·        Operation-American-Spring-Ret-Colonel-Creates-March-Washington-May-16-2014/   


·        Dinesh D'Souza Vs. Ex-Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers In Contentious Debate

·        Ron Paul Straight Talk: The Continuing Al-Qaida Threat


·        No Conspiracy Here: Sitting Supreme Court Justice Thinks U.S. Government Would Intern Americans Again


·        Congressman-Threatens-Cut-Funds-Obamas-Illegal-Executive-Orders

·        The Jobless Care Act Congress's budget office says ObamaCare will increase unemployment.

·        House Preparing To Sue Obama Rep. Bachmann: The House is Preparing to Sue Obama ---  Shortly after President Obama’s draconian State of the Union address, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced the House has plans to sue him for his casual disregard for the Constitution. “He’s the president of the United States — he’s not a king,” she said. “He may think he’s a king, he may declare himself king, but that’s not what he is under our Constitution.”

·        Obama-Faces-Fresh-Democratic-Pressure-On-Health-Care

·        Bipartisan-Group-Of-Senators-Urges-Pipeline-Approval

·        Orrin-Hatchz;Bonuses-Very Bad Things To Do

·        Insurrection-Sends-House-Speaker-Reeling

·        Darrell-Issa: James-Clapper-Lied-To-Congress-About-NSA-And-Should-Be-Fired


·        NYC-Mayor-Shows-Shocking-Islamic-Favoritism

·        NYC-Mayor-De-Blasio-To-Close-City-Schools-For-Muslim-Holidays


·        Help-Poor-Transforming-Growing-Welfare   It's Time For Welfare Programs To Require Work, Not Subsidize Idleness


·        CBO: Obamacare Will Cost Economy 2 Million Fewer Workers By 2017


·        Bipartisan-Group-Of-Senators-Urges-Pipeline-Approval


·        Colorado School Bans Patriotic 'American Day'     Because It Might Offend ‘Non-Americans’   


·        Watch: Blue Collar Worker Confronts Obama Over Direct Harm Obamacare Did To His Job Status; Obama Changes The Subject

·        CBO: Obamacare Will Cost Economy 2 Million Fewer Workers By 2017

·        The Jobless Care Act Congress's Budget Office Says Obamacare Will Increase Unemployment.

·        Obamacare Enrollees Hit Snags At Doctor's Office.   Many Consumers Faced Hurdles Signing Up For Covered California Health Plans. Now They're Having Trouble Finding In-Network Doctors.

·        Obama-Faces-Fresh-Democratic-Pressure-On-Health-Care

·        Cbo-Botched-Health-Care-Law-Rollout-Will-Reduce-Signups-By-1-Million-People

·        Healthcaregov-Cant-Handle-Appeals-Of-Enrollment-Errors

·        Mayo-Clinic-Employees-Get-Benefit-Cuts-Cost-Hikes-After-Obamacare


·        Number-States-Backing-Out-Common-Core-Testing-Maryland-Schools-Low-On-Funding

·        School Choice And Common Core: Mortal Enemies


·        Krauthammer: Obama-Broken-Law-15-Times

·        White-House-Is-Still-Terrible-At-Explaining-Obamacare

·        Obama-Faces-Fresh-Democratic-Pressure-On-Health-Care

·        D'Souza Slams Obama Power Grab

·        Judge-Jeanine: Obama-Can-Take-His Pen And Shove It

·        Laura-Bush: -First-Lady-Should Not Receive-Salary


·        Iranian-Commander: We-Will-Destroy-America-From-Within




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