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2-5-14 MCRC Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Briefs

Maricopa County Republican Chairman: AJ LaFaro

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Feb 5, 2014


·       John-McCain-Throws-A-Syria-Fit, Lindsey-Graham-Apologizes-To-Syrian-Christians-For-His-Behavior


·       The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) Lincoln Day Luncheon is scheduled for Sat, Mar 8, at the El-Zaribah Shrine Temple, 552 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85008.  Registration begins at 11 am with the luncheon at 11:30 am.  The keynote speaker is nationally known Mark Herr Sr., co-founder and president of The Center for Self Governance (CSG).  CSG trains citizen activists how to effectively apply leverage and influence at the local, state and federal levels of government and education. $30 per seat 8 seats per table.  For table sponsorships - contact Lori Urban or 480-221-9633. Reservations postmarked no later than Feb 21.  Mail to Lynne Weaver, luncheon co-chairman, 2610 East Spring Road, Phoenix AZ, 85032.  Payment only by credit card or checks payable to MCRC.  Contact Lynne Weaver at  or First Vice Chairman April Riggins


·       LD13 incumbent candidate Darin Mitchell will be speaking:

ü  Feb 6: 6 pm – PebbleCreek Republican Club in Goodyear

ü  Feb 8: noon – Yuma Rodeo


·       Medicare Alert: The Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands - NBC News:  Basically, do not let the hospital admit you with the words, "Under Observation." Insist on "In-Patient" designation.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the hospital expenses. It might be wise to inform family members too


·       The Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee (ATAC)is planning a VIP reception and social between 5-7 pm, Thur, Feb 13 at the home of Colette Rosati, 8636 Via La Serena, Paradise Valley 85253.  ATAC is dedicated to sponsoring the Russell Pearce Radio Talk Show and replacing as many of the ‘turncoats who voted for Medicaid expansion’ as possible, according to Chairman Tom Husband.  Special guests include former Senate President Russell Pearce, Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A.J. La Faro, former MCRC Chairman Rob Haney, Husband and ATAC Treasurer Shane Wikfors.  Refreshments and hors d-oeuvres will be served. Casual attire. Suggested donations $40 per person or $75 per couple. Sponsors - $200 per person.  RSVP by Wed, Feb 10 to Colette Rosati by email at  or phone at (602)-750-3233 or contributions payable to: Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, 5520 E. San Miguel Avenue, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Information:


·       Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Denny Barney and Andy Kunasek will discussThe Future Plans for Maricopa County 2014’ on the 10 am, Feb 6 Men’s Health Talk Program hosted by Fred Taylor on KXXT 1010AM. (click left side of menu) Call-in: 602.296.3632  Taylor says key issues will include taxes, the ordinance allowing medical-marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas and health related issues that impact Maricopa County. /web     Site:


·       Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman A.J. LaFaro has announced the Feb 12 PC Day at the Capitol has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond MCRC control. He hopes to revive the event next year.

LaFaro emphasized, “It is it is extremely important that precinct committeemen and patriotic conservatives who are actively engaged, or want to engage, in the Arizona legislative process through the Request to Speak (RTS) System go to the Capitol and create a new account at either the Senate or House Buildings.”

If you can't get to the Capitol to get this done, LaFaro advises that PCs e-mail Jose Borrajero, MCRC's 2nd Vice Chairman and founder of the Arizona Rapid Response Team (AZRRT), at  with your name and e-mail address and he will be glad to go to the Capitol and create an account for you.  If anyone is interesting in assisting Borrajero during business hours, please contact him at

Also contact Tracy Langston, Arizona Director for the Center for Self Governance (CSG).  The CSG has a proven training curriculum that teaches activists how to effectively work with elected officials and policy makers at all levels of our government.  Tracy can be reached at 480-529-1123 to answer questions and/or enroll you in one of the CSG training courses.


·       Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs Cited The New Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that Obamacare will cause Americans to work fewer hours - enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017 - as another reason for his opposition to The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  "It's bad enough that Obamacare discourages employers from hiring and businesses from expanding, and is a drag on economic growth. Now comes the news that Obamacare will act as a disincentive to work due to the expansion of Medicaid subsidies."

Riggs criticized the expansion of Arizona's Medicaid program (AHCCCS), noting the June 2012 Supreme Court ruling making expansion of Medicaid optional for states.  "Obamacare is fundamentally flawed from an insurance standpoint and fiscally unsustainable. The dramatic expansion of Medicaid subsidies will actually make it that more difficult to provide taxpayer-funded health care for truly destitute Arizonans,” Riggs said.

The CBO report says the sliding scale of subsidies based on income will provide incentives for many not to work, or to work less, in order to avoid losing out on the subsidies, which are phased out with rising income in order to limit the total cost of Obamacare.  The CBO number is nearly three times as high as the budget office's previous prediction, and it's supposed to rise in later years to the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs in 2024.  "These CBO numbers indicate a decline in productivity and a rise in government dependency," said Riggs, "yet another reason why Obamacare is unsustainable and should be repealed and replaced with common-sense and patient-focused affordable health care measures." 

The CBO report follows the botched Obamacare website rollout and widespread evidence of canceled insurance plans for healthy individuals who prefer low premium, high deductible health insurance plans that can be coupled with health savings accounts. "The best social welfare program is a job," Riggs concluded.  "And the path to a good paying job is universal high-quality education and vocational skills training for all."    See CBO report here:


·       Israel Allies Caucus Chairman Trent Franks Slams Flawed Kerry "Peace Deal": A transcript of the audio -- "It is so very ironic to me that Secretary of State John Kerry has now publicly threatened that Israel could face boycotts if they don't accept his flawed peace deal. It's just unconscionable and so ironic to me that this Administration seems to be acting as the chief lobbyist for the Islamic Republic of Iran -- to lift economic sanctions against Iran and allow them to continue to enrich uranium to threaten the whole world -- and then on the other hand, turn around and betray Israel, our most vital ally in the world, and trumpet the boycott efforts of their enemies. It is really just such a disgrace."


·       U.S. Senator John McCain: “Today marks the last voyage of the Ex-USS Forrestal, the world’s first super carrier. On this occasion, I believe it is fitting to recognize the ship and all who sailed on her in service to a grateful nation. Launched almost 60 years ago in Newport News, VA, she was named after former Navy Secretary and first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal. 

“During her 38 years of active service, Forrestal and its attached air wings were involved in missions around the globe.  At the beginning of her sea life, she was sent to the Eastern Mediterranean during the Suez and Lebanon Crises, and over the course of her service life, was involved in dozens of NATO operations, overseas deployments, patrol missions and strategic port visits around the Atlantic and Sixth Fleets. She was ‘home’ to thousands of the nation’s finest sailors and aviators this country has ever known.

“Forrestal’s contributions to the war effort in Vietnam are well documented. Unfortunately, so is the terrible fire that engulfed the flight deck on July 29, 1967, killing 134 shipmates, injuring 161 more and destroying more than 20 aircraft. I will never forget when that Zuni rocket hit my A-4 Skyhawk after it was accidentally fired from across the flight deck, rupturing the fuel tank and setting that horrific, costly fire. I will always remember and honor my brave comrades who died in the Forrestal fire. Although the ship is being towed to Brownsville, Texas to be physically dismembered, her legacy, the bonds forged and memories created among shipmates will live forever. I bid her a final ‘fair winds and following seas.’”


·       Congressman Trent Franks Will Address the 9 am, Sat., Feb 22 meeting of the Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group in the Chaparral Center Hopi Room, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Meeting open to Sun City Grand residents, their guests and elected officials.  All candidates and non-residents should contact Ginny Gyre prior to the meeting to request attending .  President, Dick Mayfield (623 217-2110); Vice President, Programs,Ginny Nyre (623-544-7187) or visit our webpage at


·       U.S. Senator John McCain On Additional 1,721 Flights At Grand Canyon National Park for air tour operators using quiet technology aircraft: “I’m pleased that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has increased the flight allocations over the Grand Canyon National Park’s carefully managed airspace, making more air tours available to Park visitors who choose tour companies that use quiet technology aircraft,” said McCain. “Air tours, and the unique sightseeing experience they provide, are an important part of the northern Arizona economy. In 2012, Congress enacted the Highway Transportation Bill (“MAP-21”) which directs the National Park Service (NPS) and FAA to implement an aircraft noise reduction program at Grand Canyon National Park. Under the new law, both agencies are required to promote the use of quiet technology aircraft by increasing allocations to operators who install noise reduction systems, provided that it does not increase noise in the park.

·       The Arizona Federation Of Republican Women are planning an April 17-19, 2015  trip to the Battleship USS Iowa and Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. Details  tba May 2014.

·       AZGOP Candidate Announcements can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.

·       Gubernational Candidate Scott Smith Turns 58 On Friday. The former Mesa mayor met his wife Kim on a blind date in college almost 40 years ago, according to Kim.


·       Superintendent For Public Education Candidate Diane Douglas will address the Highway 69 Republicans at 6 pm, Mon, Feb 10 at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. AZ HWY 69,in DEWEY. RSVP to or 928-632-4661 for seating reservations. 5 pm social hour. Order from menu.

·        Afghanistan-Experts-Stumped-By-Simple-Questions  These Are The Guys Running The Show In Afghanistan...

·        Resolution-In-Support-Of-Western-States-Taking-Back-Public-Lands

·        Rep-Dana-Rohrabacher: Sens-John-McCain-And-Lindsey ‘Don't Speak For GOP   

·        Four Members Of Arizona’s Congressional Delegation Bucked Party Leaders When Voting   Sen. John McCain Ranked Fourth Highest And Congressman Sen. Jeff Flake Ranked Sixth On The List -- Voting Against The Position Of Their Party Leaders.

·        McCain Letter To DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson On Border Security  1-8-14

·        Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., And Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Say Secretary Of State John Kerry Made Blunt Remarks During A Bipartisan Meeting Sunday Indicating A More Aggressive U.S. Policy May Be In The Works. The Meeting With McCain, Graham And 13 Other Members Of Congress Took Place At A Munich Hotel.


·        Super-Bowl-Prostitution FBI: Kids 13 To 17 Rescued From Super Bowl Prostitution 

·        Socialists-And-Soros-Fight-For-Article-V-Convention

·        Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  All Five Members Of The Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Were On Hand To Cut The Ribbon And Open The First County Service Counter At Phoenix City Hall Feb. 1.


·        Council Rejects Freeman Settlement Agreement

·        5 Women-Face-Rare-Penalty In Ariz

·        Joe Biden Is Brilliant - Buy A Shotgun

·        Ariz. DOE Officials Working To Replace AIMS Test With New Assessment

·        Drug Cartels Recruiting US Military Veterans

·        Supervisors Endorse Regulatory Reforms

·        Pima-County-Supervisors-Vote Against Rosemont-Mine; -Bike-Claim Questioned

·        Charter Schools To State DOE: 'Stop Withholding Dollars'

·        AZ House Bill 2192 Would Make It Illegal For Illegals To Use Public Resources

·        Anti-Graffiti Bill: Minors Would Be Prohibited From Buying Spray Paint

·        Valley Bus Drivers Say Lack Of Restroom Facilities A Health Concern

·        Planned-Parenthood-Not-Popular-With-Tempe-Schools-Sex-Ed-Meeting-Audience

·        Personal-Info-Stolen-Using-Obamacare-Website

·        City And County Open Co-Location And Streamline Development

·        Federal-Judge-Limits-Court-Review-In-AZ Voting-Case

·        Bill To Help Felons Get Back Right To Vote

·        Sponge Could Seal Bullet Wound In 15 Seconds

·        AAS – DFC Offers “The History Of River Runners Of The Grand Canyon” And “Rock Art Throughout The World”

·        Down Payment Assistance Program Surpasses $230M Milestone



·        A-Veteran-Speaks-Out

·        Shedding-Light-On-Dark-Money-By-Michele Reagan

·        Republicans-Establish-New-Benghazi Information Site

·        Obama-Has-Destroyed-Our-Values

·        7-Days-Kilimanjaro-Mountain-Climbing

·        Seius-'Hair-On-Fire'

·        Obamas-Race-Baiting-Harms-Black-Youths

·        CBO: Obamacare-To-Cut-Work-Hours


·        Brnovich’s campaign ads violate code of conduct

·        American Educrats Teach Diversity Trumps Unity


·        Americans For Prosperity – Arizona: Legislative Action For Week Of February 3

·        Phoenix To Comply With Court Order, Stop Funding Union Activities With Taxpayer Monies


·        Payson TEA Party Meeting Feb 6: Doug Little, Candidate For Corporation Commission.

·        Illegal Alien Mob Disrupts Townhall Meeting Demanding Amnesty & Citizenship, Chant "We'll Be Back"!  .

·        Seeing Red Arizona: No Amnesty! 

·        Education Is A System Of Indoctrination Of The Young: Noam Chomsky


·        School Choice And Common Core: Mortal Enemies


·        How To Destroy America   …Ramifications Of Adding 100 Million Immigrants To America Within The Next 38 Years.


·        Obamas-Race-Baiting-Harms-Black-Youths


·        Wall Street Adviser Exposes Obama’s Soviet-Style Accounting


·        Iowa Militarized Police: To Persecute And To Violate


·        cancelled - 2nd Annual PC Day At The Capitol

·        Afghanistan-Experts-Stumped-By-Simple-Questions:   These Guys Are Running The Show In Afghanistan…

·        Legislative Bills That Are Coming Up Soon

·        Register To Speak To The Legislature



·        The GOP’s Three Strikes – Reducing Spending, Debt And Fighting Obamacare


·        The Scam Of Amnesty, A Political Hot Potato   Calling An Illegal Alien An ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Is Like Calling A Drug Dealer An ‘Unlicensed Pharmacist.’

·        Ben Carson Has Presidential Ambitions, But Is Soft On Illegal Aliens

·        How To Pass Immigration Reform And Survive As A Party - Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

·        Nuclear-Option: Republicans-Immigration-Reform

·        M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch: Links To Sites On Matters Of Law Enforcement For Illegal Human And Drug Traffic.


·        Florida College Reverses No-Gun Policy On Campus In Wake Of School Shooting

·        Florida Five: Crist Explains ‘Whatever’ Abortion Attitude To O’Reilly, Gun Owners Get More Protection

·        Maryland Disrespects US And Gun Owners, So We Expand In Tennessee

·        New York Gun Ban: Gunmakers Refuse To Sell To State Employees

·        Armed Woman Defends Home From Psycho Wielding A Machete, Shotgun

·        Ammo Shortage Explodes - Aberdeennews.Com: Local News


·        Tea-Party-Impeachment-Protesters-Sue-Town-Over-Sign-Ordinance


·        Ben Carson Has Presidential Ambitions, But Is Soft On Illegal Aliens

·        Thanks, But No Thanks To Another Bush

·        Socialists-And-Soros-Fight-For-Article-V-Convention

·        George Soros Involvement In Politics

·        Back To Fascist Communist Tactics In The United States - Foundations

·        O'Malley (D) -Exploring-Presidential-Run

·        Liberty Candidate John Dennis Announces Challenge To Nancy Pelosi's Congressional Seat


·        Article 1 Of The Constitution - See Section 8   Heritage Foundation

·        Don’t-Be-Fooled-By-Article-V-Conventions

·        Constitution:  Article 1

·        The Federalist Papers     Federalist 43  Federalist 85

·        Never-Mind-Sandra-Fluke-Isnt-Running-For-Congress-After-All; Ca Senate Instead


·        Obama's IRS 'Confusion': New Evidence Undercuts White House Claims About IRS Motivation

·        Off Script: IRS Leader Apologizes For Tea Party Targeting, Despite Obama’s ‘Not Even A Smidgen Of Corruption’ Denial


·        Obama Whines To O'Reilly: 'Absolutely' Unfair To Ask About Obamacare, IRS, And Benghazi

·        Networks Echo White House Spin That Obamacare Won't Cut Jobs

·        Once Again, Only CBS Highlights 'Seriously Flawed,' 'Massive' Spending In Farm Bill

·        Sharpton And Milbank Dismiss Obama Culpability In IRS, Benghazi Scandals


·        Tea-Party-Impeachment-Protesters-Sue-Town-Over-Sign-Ordinance

·        Impeachment Is Appropriate: An Open Letter To Congress

·        100 Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama


·        Republicans-Establish-New-Benghazi Website, Brings Facts Straight To The People    GOP.Gov/Benghazi – Containing All Of The Unclassified Information And Findings From This Ongoing Investigation.


·        A-Veteran-Speaks-Out

·        The-Death-Defying-Iraqi-Interpreter-Went-Missions-Navy-Seal-Iraq-Started-New-Life-US-Help-Thankful-Comrades-Including-Deadliest-Sniper-Chris-Kyle

·        Incredible-Yet-Simple-Invention-Can-Seal-A-Gunshot-Wound-In-15-Seconds-What-It-Could-Mean-For-Soldiers

·        Operation-American-Spring-Ret-Colonel-Creates-March-Washington-May-16-2014/   


·        Ex-Clinton Aide: Dems Must Admit They 'Screwed Up' On O-Care


·        DOJ: Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups Bid To Vacate Foundation Terrorist Funding Trial Outcome "Strains Credulity"


·        Justice Scalia Confirms American Internment Camps Will Happen Again: "It Is The Reality"


·        Labrador: Pushing Immigration Reform Should Cost Boehner Speakership

·        Sheila Jackson Lee: ‘We’ll Give President Obama A Number Of Executive Orders’ To Sign

·        The Scam Of Amnesty, A Political Hot Potato   Calling An Illegal Alien An ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Is Like Calling A Drug Dealer An ‘Unlicensed Pharmacist.’

·        House-GOP-Abandons-Plans-To-Tie-Debt-Ceiling-To-Obamacare-Keystone

·        Koch Brothers Fire Back At Reid's Remark

·        Nancy-Pelosis-Call-For-Changing-The-Constitution


·        The Truth About the Minimum Wage

·        CBO: Obama’s Policies Will Slow Economic Growth Over The Next Decade

·        Income Inequality/Redistributing Wealth: The Myth Of The One Percent

·        Elliott Management's Singer: US Economy Is Steered By A Ship Of Fools


·        Students-Win; Can-Now-Celebrate-America

·        Crossing-Line: Wisconsin-School-Gets-Kids-Snitch-Parents

·        WI School Plays Game With Students To Attain Personal Family Information

·        Parents’ ‘Blood Boiling’: Colo. School Says Celebrating America For ‘Spirit Week’ Is Offensive

·        College Students Being Bribed With Credits To Embrace The Radical ‘White Privilege’ Theory

·        Lawmakers May Kill Commission That Offers Alternative Approval Of Charters

·        OK Students Will Lose A Day Of Learning So School Officials Can Pursue Political Agenda

·        Government Pre-K Advocates, Please Mingle Reason With Your Passion

·        Teachers Union Offers Tips On How Educators Can Accommodate Evolving Familes

·        Schoolteacher-Cheating


·        GOP, Dems-Spar-At-Hearing-On-CBO-Obamacare-Report   ‘Poverty Trap’

·        Ex-Clinton Aide: Dems Must Admit They 'Screwed Up' On O-Care


·        Oklahoma Students Will Lose A Day Of Learning So School Officials Can Pursue Political Agenda

·        Teachers Union Offers Tips On How Educators Can Accommodate Evolving Familes

·        One-Union-Leader-Is-So-Frustrated-With-Obamacare-He-Did-Something-A-Little-Unexpected


·        GOP Senator Introduces Anti-Common Core Resolution In Congress   Common Core Opponents Add A Big Name To Their Ranks; Sen. Lindsey Graham Has Officially Come Out Against The One-Size-Fits-All Math And English K-12 Learning Standards.

·        Common Core Panelist: "The Children Belong To All Of Us"



·        CBO: Obama’s Policies Will Slow Economic Growth Over The Next Decade

·        Can Marxist Who Wants To Take Down The Free West Really Be 'Not A Bad Guy'?

·        Poll: Obama Sees 9-Point Drop Since Last SOTU

·        Barack-Obama-Awkwardly-Hugs-Half-Brother-Newly-Released-Home-Video-Two-Reuniting-20-Years


·        5-Reasons-To-Be-Really-Glad-You-Arent-In-Sochi-For-The-Olympics

·        Iranian-Commander: We-Will-Destroy-America-From-Within

·        The Obama/Clinton Russian Reset Has Backfired

·        Laughing Stock: Israeli Settlers Publish Spoof Mocking John Kerry’s Peace Deal Incompetence



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