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3-15-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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March 15, 2014


·       Jay Smith: Political Consultant To AZ GOP Heavyweights Dies


·       Congressman Paul Gosar, who had hip-replacement surgery last month,  is up and moving around CD4 again  this week.  His physician hasn’t given clearance for him to fly back to Washington, DC just yet.

·       CANCELLED:  Congressman David Schweikert’s District 6 Coffee Cup Club March 19 Breakfast at the Chaparral Suites, 5001 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.

·       Congressman Matt Salmon Has Scheduled A ‘Town Hall’ meeting to discuss ObamaCare and the nation’s health delivery system  between 3-4 pm, Tues, March 18 at the Broadway Christian Church, 7335 E. Broadway Rd., Mesa.  RSVP:  (480) 699-8239 or click here.


·       See Congressman Paul Gosar’s Interview With FOX news regarding his ‘No Welfare for Weed Act’ bill.  He says, “This bill is a no-brainer to me: people shouldn't be able to get high using hard-earned taxpayer money.’  Click HERE to watch the interview.


·       A Reception For Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich, featuring Congressman Trent Franks and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, is scheduled at 7 pm, March 17 at the home of Debbie and Bill Cheatham, 5202 E. Turquoise Ave., Paradise Valley.  Suggested contribution $150 per person. RSVP: Amilyn Pierce 602-708- 8980 oro or Jenna Brouk or 480-226-7596


·       Republican Candidate Announcements and Events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Is Conducting A Contest for volunteers who bring in the most petitions signatures for him between now and Wed., March 19. The winner will received a special pass to join Salmon on March 21 and 22 for 18 holes of golf at Whirlwind Golf Club, a BBQ dinner at Rustler’s Rooste, target shooting at Scottsdale Gun Club and attendance at spring training at the new Chicago Cubs Mesa Stadium. To sign up and petitions sheets contact: Linda Stapley-Williams at


·       The Mayors of Prescott Valley, Dewey and Chino Valley met with Congressman Paul Gosar last week to discuss how the federal government is hampering their communities, and other issues.


·       Easiest Way to Sign Candidate’s Petition: Log into the Secretary of State’s website. Driver license required.


·       First day petitions can be submitted: April 28, 2014 – Deadline: May 28, 2014


·       Luke Air Force Base Open  House & Air Show schedule  March 16.  This is the first show in three years. See restrictions, what’s allowed on base, what’s not.  Free Admission.  Parking Fee $10. Displays.  9 a.m. - gates open, static aircraft viewable, vendors open; 11 am to 4 pm - air shows; 6 pm gates closed. 


·       Darryl Jacobson-Barnes, a candidate for the Kyrene Justice of Peace Court, is asking for volunteers to help gather petition sigantures for her. Volunteers can join her team at To review her background go to or facebook page 


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·       March 16, 23, 30 - The Red Pill Radio Blog Talk Show. (Sun) 7-8 pm, WBTN.  Call-in number:  (914) 338-1458. Hosts: Reymundo Torres, Sergio Arellano and Jose Borrajero - topics of interest to conservative Latinos. Call-in number:  (914) 338-1458.    RedPillApprovedWBTN  

·       March 17 – LD1  (3rd Mon) 7 pm  North Gate Church, 34835 N. 7th St. (PC Training 6:15-6:45PM). Contact: Chr Cathy Schwanke

·       March 17 – LD22  (3rd Mon) 6:30 pm. Westbrook Village Community Center. Traveling east or west on Union Hills Rd. enter Westbrook Village at Country Club Pkwy (first light west of 83rd Ave.) north to Vista’s Rec Center. Contact: Chr Eric Morgan at

·       March 17 - SUN CITY REPUBLICAN CLUB (3rd Mon) 7 pm. Sundial Community Center, 14801 N. 103rd Ave., Sun City Contact: Jackie Miller 

·       March 17 – LEISURE WORLD REPUBLICAN CLUB (3rd Mon). Rec #1 at Leisure World. Secured facility. Contact Chr Neil Peterman at

·       March 17 – AZ REPUBLICAN LAWYERS ASSOC (AZRLA) (3rd Mon) 11:45 am, $20 for members. $35 non-members. Contact: David Francis


·        AZ-Lobbyists-Who-Havent-Filed-2013-Annual-Reports

·        Spring-Break-Terror-MSU-Student-Recalls-Abduction-In-Mexico

·        Michigan State Students Partied So Hard In Cabo For Spring Break They Ruined People’s Family Vacations

·        Obama Has Made America Look Weak     John McCain On Responding To Russia’s Aggression

·        All-Eyes-On-Arizona: Lawmakers-Looking-To-Expand-Controversial-Education-Program

·        USA-Gives-Control-Net-New-Global-Governance

·        Us-Gov’t Ceding Control Of Key Internet-Control

·        Voters-Don’t-Like-President-Obama-Bypassing-Congress

·        Why The Mexican Wolf Should Not Be Listed As "Endangered" In Arizona

·        2 School Districts Warn Parents Of Abduction Attempts

·        John-McCain To DHS: More Info Needed-On Released Immigration-Detainees

·        Doctor-Licensing-Backlogged

·        Arizona-John-Junker-Fiesta-Bowl-Sentencing  8 Mos

·        St-Patricks-Day-Parade

·        ASU, UOFA, NAU Submit 2014-15 Tuition Proposals

·        ADEQ To Lower Vehicle Emissions Inspection Fee

·        Unveiling-Flyover-For-1st-F-35-At-Arizona-AFB

·        MCSO: 39 Suspected Drug Dealers Arrested In 'Operation Lucky Charm'

·        Prosecutors-Defend-Agents-Testimony-Against-Horne

·        Az-House-Democrats-Elect-New-Leadership

·        Valley Businesses Preparing For 2015 Super Bowl

·        Analysis Shows Soaring Arizona Abuse Caseloads



·        John McCain’s religious freedom memory lapse

·        Obama Surrenders Internet To “Global Community”

·        KFYI’s Barry Young To Retire: Who’ll Pimp For Mccain?

·        Fla. Loss Signals Future Dem Defeats, Worries McCain

·        AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Won’t Seek Reelection… Because She Can’t

·        Thinking Like A Liberal: An Impossible Task For The Rational


·        Why The Mexican Wolf Should Not Be Listed As "Endangered" In Arizona

·        Child Psychologist Dr. Megan Koschnick Explains Why Common Core Standards Are Inappropriate For K-3

·        Stop Coddling Our Kids To Help Them Excel!

·        What's Wrong With Arizona's Common Core Standards? (AKA ACCS)

·        Safe Cities And Towns

·        President Reagan On The Importance Of Patriotism And Love Of Country

·        Record Attendance At The MCRC Lincoln Day Luncheon!

·        New Poll: John McCain Is The Least Popular Senator In America


·        MSNBC-Host-Outraged-Even-Liberal-ABC-Dared-Question-Obama

·        Medias-Blind-Worship-Hillary-Already-Making-Look-Stupid

·        Crazed-Professor-Assaulted-Student

·        Community-Rallies: Atheist-Groups-Heartless-Attack-Grieving-Mom

·        Try-Not To Punch-Screen: Watch-Poor-Seniors-Explain-How Obamacare-Ruined Them


·        Thoughts-From The Latrine: Liberal-Crap-Jobs-Americans-Wont Do

·        CAIR-Tries-Shut-Briefing-American-Jihadi-Networks

·        It's Called-Spying-Muslims; -Just-Sop-Rest-Us

·        FBI-Probe-Of-Harry-Reid-Could-Damage-Obama-Administration


·        Maryland To Target 110,000 Citizens With Gun Confiscation




·        Mexican-Military-Illegally-Cross-Border-Draw-Guns-On-Us-Border-Agent

·        Cartel-Connection-Senator-Presses-Border-Agency-On-Mexican-Military-Incursion

·        IL Issues 14,000 Driver License To Undocumented Foreigners In 2 Mos  M3 Report     Updated Daily    Caution: Graphic Photos  

·        Remember 1986

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Azborderdefenders  - Hidden Cameras

·        Need2no.Us   Border News Watch:


·        Ct-Governor-Dannel-Malloy-Gun-Owners-Side-Lost-Get

·        Lead-Ammo-Ban-Fails-Again   Alan Korwin

·        Watch-The-Amazing-Pro-Gun-Speech-Given-By-A-9-Year-Old-That-Ended-In-Roaring-Applause


·        Senate-Candidate-From-Texas-Urges-Border-Residents-To-Shoot-Wetbacks-On-Sight


·        House-Report-Traces-IRS-Scandal-To-Obama


·        Al-Qaeda-Calls-Car-Bomb-Attacks-American-Cities


·        FBi-Blocked-In-Corruption-Probe-Involving-Sens-Reid,  Lee   Agents Quietly Working With Utah Prosecutors To Make Case In DOJ Absence

·        Utah-Officials-Call-Feds-Investigate-Senators-Reid-Lee/Story


·        Justice-Scalia-Constitution-Is-Not-Living-Organism

·        Justice-Antonin-Scalia-Says-World-War-Ii-Style-Internment-Camps-Could-Happen-Again


·        House-Of-Cards-Moment-Lindsey-Graham-Caught-On-Hot-Mic-Offering-John-Kerry-Some-Help

·        Gowdy-Explains-Why-He’s-Fighting-Obama

·        Trey-Gowdys-Epic-Speech-Before-Congress-Passes-Bill-To-Sue-Obama

·        Republicans-Want-To-Allow-States-To-Reject-Federal-Laws

·        House-Report-Traces-IRS-Scandal-To-Obama

·         Obama-Claims-He’s-Neutral-The-Senate-V-CIA-Battle

·        Rand-Paul-On-Alleged-CIA-Senate-Hacking-This-Cannot-Happen-In-A-Free-Country

·        Reid-Lee-Caught Up In Corruption-Probe In Utah

·        Utah-Officials-Call-Feds-Investigate-Senators-Reid-Lee/Story


·        Dearbornistan: Local-Muslim-Calls-For-Sharia-Patrols-At-City-Council-Meeting


·        Falsehoods Involved In Selling Obamacare At Every Level

·        Obama Warns Youth: Sign Up For Obamacare Or We Will Charge You A Penalty

·        HHS-Unable-To-Determine-Who-Has-Paid-For-Obamacare-Health-Insurance-Plans

·        HHS-Official-Offers-Scathing-Rebuke-Of-Federal-Bureaucracy

·        HHS-Official-Resigns-With-Scathing-Letter-I’m-Offended-As-An-American-Taxpayer

·        Doc-Shock: Stage-2-Medicare-And-Medicaid-Cuts-Drive-Doctors-Away

·        Delaying-Obamacares-Individual-Mandate-Due-Hardship


·        Wyoming-Welder-Faces-$75,000-A-Day-In-EPA-Fines-Over-What-He-Built-On-His-Own-Property

·        EPA-Officials-Spent-Taxpayers-Funds-On-Personal-Expenses

·        EPA-Bureaucrats-Use-Federal-Charge-Cards-Gym-Memberships-And-Gift-Cards

·        Heritage: How-Many-Jobs-Are-Threatened-By-The-EPA-In-Your-District


·        Teen-Jailed-For-13-Days-After-Emt-Kit-Pocketknife-And-Found-In-His-Car-And-Thats-Just-Scratching-The-Surface-Of-Jordan-Wisers-Nightmare

·        School-Lunch-Program-Results-Show-Government-Shouldnt-Dictate-Kids-Eat


·        Union: Obamacare-Will-Slash-Wages-By-Up-To-$5-An-Hour


·        Bill-Gates-Asks-Teachers-To-Explain-Common-Core-To-Parents


·        DHA Agents Admit Reports Falsified   ‘It Was Disgusting,’ New Supervisor Tells Court


·        Obama: In-His-Sole-Discretion

·        House-Report-Traces-IRS-Scandal-To-Obama

·        Obama-It's Your Fault-We Can’t-Afford-Obamacare

·        Insiders: Jay-Carney-Preparing-To-Leave-White-House


·        Sweden-Parliament-Official-Orders-Bare-Breasted-Painting-Removed-For-Muslims

·        Surprising-Washington-Post-Finally-Wakes-Up-To-Obamas-Lack-Of-Foreign-Policy-Skill-Says-White-House-Policies-Are-Based-On-Fantasy

·        3-Billion-For Ukraine-Go-Straight-To Russia