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3-9-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser


March 9, 2014


·       McCain-Says-Cruz-Crossed-Line; Should Apologize To Dole


·       Time-To Retire-Americas-Least-Popular-Senator-John-McCain   Joe The Plumber


·       Is-It-Time-For-Old-Soldier-McCain-To-Fade-Away?


·       Yesterday’s Briefs Listed The Top Awardees at the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day luncheon that drew an all-time record high attendance of 428 in Phoenix.  Here is the list of precinct committeemen who received Certificates of Appreciation and gift cards for chairing committees for the January Mandatory meeting :  

·       Diane Ortiz-Parsons

·       Pat Oldroyd

·       Tom Husband

·        George Teegarden

·        Doug Little

·        Lee Miller

·        Dan Schultz

·        Judy Hoelscher

·        Ray Malnar

·       Tim Sifert

·       Lori Urban

·       Loraine Pellegrino

·       Jose Borrajero

·       Curt Miller

·       Jeni White

·       Cathy Schwanke

·       Joe Hobbs

·       Joe Abate

·       Sharon Giese

·       Kerry O’Neil

·       Marcella Peters

·       Tracy Langston

·       Tracy Ireland

·       Andrew Costanzo

Thank you for making the January mandatory meeting a success.


·       Chairman A J LaFaro’s Lincoln Day Luncheon Message:  The Lincoln Day Luncheon is an opportunity to come together as a Party, see old friends, make new ones, and most importantly recognize our PCs - the real backbone of the GOP.

In 1840, Abraham Lincoln wrote to one of his closest friends: "The whole state must be so well organized that every Whig can be brought to the polls. So divide the county into small districts and appoint in each a committee. Make a perfect list of the voters and ascertain with certainty for whom they will vote... Keep a constant watch on the doubtful voters and have them talked to by those in whom they have the most confidence... On election day see that every Whig is brought to the polls."   

Even today with all of the billions of dollars spent on television and radio advertising, direct mail, and signs on top of signs - campaigns know it is the hard work done on the ground that makes the difference.  That is where our PCs make a huge difference.  PCs register thousands of new voters each year, work hard at phone banks, at polling locations, and canvas their neighborhoods to deliver the Republican message and critical votes needed to win.

We are under siege here in Arizona by the progressive socialists and liberal left - more so now than at any time in our State‘s history.  They are aggressive, very well organized and have improved upon Lincoln’s concept better than the GOP.

A surprising number of our elections are being decided by a small percentage of votes.  That is why your hard work and commitment is so critical for us to win the majority of our elections at all levels.  To each and every one of you, please enjoy this special event and realize as soon as this day is over, we all need to go back to work - working harder and smarter to win in 2014!

With my deepest appreciation and thanks.  A. J. LaFaro, Chairman


·       LaFaro Announced The Top Three Award Winners: Lori Urban, Dan Grimm and John Strasser. See their bios below.


·       2013 Lincoln Bust Winner Lori Urban: LD 23 PC Lori Urban is a person everyone knows if they have attended a Republican event in the last 30 years. The South Dakota native has lived in Scottsdale for the past three decades, most of that time spent as a member of the Paradise Republican Women’s Club.  She is their current president and served as president in 1993 and 1994 and served in several board positions in between. Years of dedication resulted in her election as the Region 8 Director for Arizona Federation Republican Women.  She was the Arizona Republican National Committeewoman from 1996-2000 and was akey player in organizing and keeping straight the events that went on at the GO 2012 National Convention in Tampa. She has been active in Arizona politics since past Paradise presidents Helen Gehlbach and Martha Kimberly invited her to the Arizona Republican headquarters to stuff envelopes and help with campaigns.  She is now in a key leadership role in coordinating events for the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Lori is a passionate Republican who is always ready to serve and do what will better the Grand Ol’ Party. She and has husband Dave have three boys – Case, DJ and Garrett.

·       2013 Reagan Plaque Award Winner Dan Grimm: LD25 PC Grimm has been an outstanding volunteer at the District, County and State level.  His involvement in organizing the annual County and State meetings has been a key part of their tremendous success over the past several years.  He has been a PC for over 10 years and has actively participated in numerous campaigns. Grimm is one of those people who doesn’t do things for public credit, but for the good that can be accomplished from his unselfish and tireless service. Grimm decided not to run for another term as Member-at-Large for the MCRC  EGC in 2014 so he could dedicate his time to other volunteer efforts.  He will be sorely missed because he has been the ‘go to guy’ for getting things done in the County. He, along with many other dedicated volunteers, are key for the tremendous success of the 2014 MCRC Mandatory Meeting.  Even though Grimm is no longer a Member-at-Large, he continues to provide his leadership skills as a mentor on efforts like today’s Lincoln Day Luncheon. Grimm and his wife Darla and their family live in Mesa. He has been a Principal Project Manager for Microchip Technology for 25 years.

·       2013 Chairman’s Special Award Winner John Strasser: Strasser is MCRC’s volunteer Information Technology expert and web master who has worked tirelessly putting in hundreds of hours in 2013 to single handedly create a new MCRC website, facebook page and twitter capability.  He is also the person that helped Frosty Taylor with her new MCRC Briefs website.  In presenting the award to Strasser, LaFaro quoted the Briefs March 2, 2013 “Editor’s Note:  A Big Thank You To Web Master John Strasser, who has spent countless hours the past couple of weeks, preparing, developing and transferring the Maricopa County Republican Committee website and the MCRC Briefs to a new location. If you see Strasser at the Thursday, March 6 MCRC EGC meeting or at the Lincoln Day Luncheon, give him a hug or a pat on the back for all the hard work he has put in – at no cost and saving the MCRC tens of thousands of dollars.  The behind the scenes guys (“computer geeks” as they call themselves) like Strasser - are there day and night… and always with a smile.”  LaFaro continued, “Strasser relocated from the State of New York in the ‘90s with his parents and grandparent to Scottsdale.  He has Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration and is working on his PhD in Clinical Psychology.  He is a licensed hypno-therapist and a recognized leader in his field.  He has truly found the 25th hour in the day.  Oh I forgot, John is also a candidate for Arizona’s LD23 House of Representatives.”    Strasser was presented with a Thomas Jefferson bust.


·       Editor’s Note: Congratulations to the 2013 winning trio. They are a shining example of outstanding service to the MCRC EGC this past year… and many years prior. This trio is proof that it is the grassroots precinct committeemen who are the real foundation of the party. The PCS are the back-bone, the worker-bees, the ever constant volunteers who keep the wheels turning. There were a number of PC volunteers nominated again this year. It is not an easy job deciding who gets the coveted top awards. Go to  click on 3-8-14 MCRC Briefs to see the 2013 Volunteers of the Year and Certificate of Achievement winners. Winners will also be listed on the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s web site at   along with the entire luncheon program.


·       Mark Herr, Center for Self Governance, made a presentation on “Preserving the Republic, ” with heavy emphasis on the need to educate and get more people involved in the preventing the continuing erosion of our rights and freedoms.  Herr, co-founder/president of CSG, was born in England (an expatriate), is an US Air Force retiree and lives in Tennessee. CSG, founded in October 2011, trains citizens how to apply leverage and influence with local, state and federal levels of government. CSG currently has training classes in 16 states and at the Heritage Academy in Mesa with students ranging from age 11 to 16.  Jeremy Free, a 12 year-old student from Mesa, also spoke on freedom during Herr’s presentation.


·       Board Of Supervisors Member Clint Hickman is singing the praises of Gary Ong, owner of the Mu Shu Grill,  for hosting a memorial fundraiser for the family Detective John T. Hobbs, who was shot and killed in the line of duty last week. 


·       LD28 Will Hold Secretary Of State And State Treasurer Candidates Forum from 7-9 pm, Tues, March 11 at the Madison School District Office, 5601 N. 16th St, Phoenix. Candidate questions should be sent to by 5 pm, Sun, March 9. No questions will be taken from the floor.


·       The Arizona Project will meet on Tues, March 11 instead Mon., March 10 at 6:30 pm, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 2B, Phx to hear constitutional attorney Shane Krauser a recent decision made by the 9th Circuit on whether there is a right to secede from the Union, the cultural battle, and where it all started with the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution.   Questions: 602.677.1496.


·       LD 23 Will Meet At 6:30 PM, March 13 at the Scottsdale Civic Center, Library auditorium, 3839 N. Drinkwater, Scottsdale. 6 pm social. Speakers are Shane Wikfors & Bill Fathauer from Americans for Prosperity - Arizona, who will discuss pending legislation and a plan to regain AZ Congressional seats in 2014.  A State Treasurer’s forum including candidates Randy Pullen and Jeff DeWit is scheduled. A representative from Hugh Hallman’s campaign is also slated. Contact: Rich Rutkowski


·       Republican Candidate Announcements and Events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary.


·       The New Maricopa County Republican Committee Web Address Is:   If there's something that you need and can't find, please contact Webmaster John Strasser at 480-273-8798 or


·       See MCRC Calendar: Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/  Left Hand Column (In Red)  Maricopa County And State Wide GOP Activity Listings.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Sen Al Melvin will address the Hwy 69 Republican on Mon, March 10 at 6 pm, at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ . RSVP: (928) 632-4661.


·       A Press Conference Has Been Called At 11 Am, Tues, March 11 on HB2605: HB2605 teachers; suicide prevention; continuing education at the Arizona State Capitol. Contact LeAnn Hull at 602-550-8570 or or Carolyn Leff at 480-586-0430 or


·       Incumbent Attorney General Tom Horne And Challenger Mark Brnovich, along with Treasurer candidate Jim DeWit will speak at the 8:30 am, March 15 Fountain Hills Republican Club breakfast at the American Legion Post.  Contact:  Edith Stock


·       Luke Air Force Base Open  House & Air Show schedule  March 15 and 16.  This is the first show in three years. See restrictions, what’s allowed on base, what’s not.  Free Admission.  Parking Fee $10. Displays.  9 a.m. - gates open, static aircraft viewable, vendors open; 11 am to 4 pm - air shows; 6 pm gates closed. 


·       Tom Jenney Of Americans For Prosperity is looking for people who have been hurt by ObamaCare and are willing to tell their stories. AFP has already profiled some of those stories in television. Contact: Tom Jenney –ARP AZ Director


·       Congressman Paul Gosar: “One thing I have always strongly advocated for is infrastructure, so I was pleased to learn on Wednesday that two projects I've been working on will be moving forward. The Army Corps of Engineers released its Fiscal Year 2014 work plan, which contained $1.6 million for the Rio de Flag flood control project and $100,000 for the Lower Santa Cruz River Watershed Project. These projects will help protect the safety of residents and businesses by preventing catastrophic flooding in both Flagstaff and the Lower Santa Cruz River Region”. Click HERE


·       Looking For Golfers, Sponsors And Raffle Items: Go to maricopagolfclassic for details on the 7th annual Golf Tournament raising funds for Wounded Warrior and 100 club.


·       LD11 House candidate Vince Leach will be speaking at:

·       March 12 – 6:30 pm, Heirs of the Republican – Tucson

·       March 13 – 7 pm, Maricopa Republican PC meeting – Maricopa

·       March 16 – SaddleBrooke ‘Meet & Greet’

Contact: Leach at 520-818-8814.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon and Sen candidate Ralph Heap will address the Arizona Red Mountain Patriots at 7 pm, March 10 at 7464 E. Main St., Mesa  85207. Details:


·       CD 9 Candidate Retired Lt. Col Wendy Rogers didn’t mince any words last week in her press release on the incumbent Democrat CD 9 Congresswoman: “Kyrsten Sinema now knows she's 'damaged goods'. She's so vulnerable that she huddled for a week to consider jumping into a "safe" Democrat district next door. She's now demonstrated we can beat her. Kyrsten Sinema looked for every opportunity to abandon our district, but her own party's backlash forced her to stay - -reluctantly. Imagine! Taking an oath and then considering abandoning ship! She is a purely political opportunist who has no thought for her constituents. It is up to us to challenge her blatant lack of leadership and spread the truth. We deserve someone who keeps her promises, steadies the helm to the task at hand, and has proven herself in making the tough decisions in life - - not what's politically expedient. In fact, that's what's wrong with Washington DC.That’s why I’m running to replace Kyrsten Sinema. We deserve a strong, dedicated leader who is ready to serve. I’m ready.”  Contact:


·       Congressman Paul Gosar: “This week I introduced the No Welfare for Weed Act, which would prohibit the purchase of marijuana using federal welfare benefits. Regardless of your feelings on States’ Rights, 'medical' marijuana or recreational marijuana, people shouldn’t be able to get high using hard-earned taxpayer money. The sole purpose of this bipartisan bill is to prohibit marijuana from being purchased with federal welfare benefits. These programs are meant to provide subsidies for food and other basic living essentials for the neediest families. Unfortunately, there are always unscrupulous people looking for ways to game the system, which makes this commonsense update to federal law necessary. Taxpayers expect and deserve a lean, efficient government. Accordingly, I will do everything in my power to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse whenever possible, including preventing the use of federal welfare benefits to purchase weed. I introduced this legislation as a result of an investigation by Fox 31 Denver, watch HERE. That investigation revealed that thousands of dollars have been pulled out of ATMs using welfare EBT cards to purchase marijuana.” Read more HERE and click HERE to read an article about bill in The Hill newspaper.


·       Volunteers Are Needed to help gather petitions signatures to get Supt of Public Education candidate Diane Douglas on the Aug ballot.  Contact: Kristine Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator     480-241-7111.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar sent a letter on Thurs, March 6 urging the House Appropriations Committee to allocate robust resources for Customs and Border Patrol. “As an Arizonan, I know firsthand how important border security is to both our safety and our economy. The men and women who risk their lives daily working as Border Patrol agents not only prevent criminals, smugglers and terrorists from entering our nation illegally but they also facilitate a half trillion dollars in annual trade between the United States and Mexico. Border security is a critical element of our constitutional duty to provide for the common defense. As such, we must ensure that Customs and Border Patrol has adequate resources to effectively execute its important mission. Click HERE to read more and click HERE letter.


·       See MCRC Calendar: Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/  Left Hand Column (In Red)  Maricopa County And State Wide GOP Activity Listings.


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·        The Republican National Committee used Obama's latest vacation to draw a contrast with Americans still grappling with a sluggish economy. "While President Obama vacations in the Florida Keys and Vice President Biden is spending his weekend in the Virgin Islands, millions of middle-class Americans are hurting from their failed economic policies," RNC chairman Reince Priebus said.

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