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5-20-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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May 20, 2014


·       Pete Hegseth - CEO, Concerned Veterans for America: Wed afternoon, May 21, US the House of Representatives will vote on HR 4031 -- the VA Management Accountability Act. HR 4031 represents a big first-step in bringing accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Simply put, it would allow the VA secretary to actually fire bad VA managers and administrators -- a power the secretary does not currently have. Concerned Veterans of American are asking voters to contact their congressmen. CLICK HERE for simple call instructions. With your help, CVA has worked for months to bring this legislation forward -- and now we need to take it across the finish line. The bill has 118 co-sponsors and bipartisan support, but we need your help to ensure it passes the House. The forces of the status quo are powerful in Washington, so the outcome of this vote is not certain. VA scandals have dominated the headlines for months and members of Congress are screaming for accountability; this bill -- HR 4031 -- is the first chance for Congress to prove they're serious about accountability. - Pete Hegseth CEO, Concerned Veterans for America, Army Veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay @PeteHegseth | @ConcernedVets


·       ATTENTION PCs: Message From MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: Several people contacted me this week about strangers coming to their homes or phoning them with a series of questions about Sen. John McCain and asking whether they are running for precinct committeeman (PC) again. Some of them are offering to notarize your PC affidavit and take your signature petitions and affidavit to the County Elections Office for you.  Please do not give your signature petitions or affidavit to any stranger.  Either submit them in person -  hand delivered to County Elections Office no later than May 28th 5 pm.  Or mailed no later than May 21 to Maricopa County Elections Department, Attn: Kristi/Berta, 111 S. 3rd Ave., Phoenix AZ  85003. Postmarked May 28 doesn't count.


·       Reports circulating: Reports have come to my attention that the moderate and left of center Republicans (aka RINOs) are trying to take over the Arizona Republican Party at all levels - state, county and legislative district.  Reports are circulating that thousands of dollars are being spent to recruit RINOs to run as candidates for Republican PCs in the August Primary.  – Chairman A J LaFaro


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro to Precinct Committeemen (PCs):

·       If you haven't already gotten qualified, I strongly encourage you to do so this week.

·       If you are one of our grassroots conservative PCs in a precinct that has fewer folks running for PC than the quota, try to recruit one or more conservative Republicans who want to get more actively involved in helping save our Republic by becoming a PC.

As conservative Republican PCs, we believe in what our Founding Fathers gave us -- a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution that say in effect  that all people are naturally born free, that no person is entitled to rule another and that people may use their freedom to create political and legal order that respects and protects their rights.

You have no doubt noticed, especially lately, that some folks in both major political parties believe that it is okay to take one person's property and give it to another and that your rights are government given.  These are not the ideas of conservative Republicans.

·       Call to Action - Precinct Committeemen:  You have 8 days to get your petition signatures to qualify for the August Primary.  Here are the web addresses for the necessary paperwork:

·       Affidavit - single sided, 8 1/2 by 11 page to fill out and sign with a notary public.

·       Petition - 2-sided, 8 1/2 by 11 sheet for the signatures.

·       10 signatures are the maximum anyone will need.  Some precincts require fewer.

·       List of precincts with the numbers for PC Quota and needed signatures:
Contact:  Chairman A J LaFaro


·       A Tonto National Forest Public Meeting is scheduled from 6-8:30 pm, Wed., May 21 at the Julia Randall Elementary School, 902 W Main St., Payson. Topics: Fire/fuels/forestry/range.


·       Long Time Party Activist Jan Martinson has announced that memorial services for her husband Ted will be held at 10:30 am, Wed., May 21 at the National Memorial Cemetery, 23029 N. Cave Creek Road. The American Legion and Masons will be part of the ceremony. The family welcomes all who knew Ted.


·       A Reception In Honor Treasury Candidate Randy Pullen, with guest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is scheduled at 5:30 pm, Wed., May 21 at the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E El Dorado Circle, Tucson. Co-Hosts Supervisor Ray Carroll, David Mehl And Alan Norville.  Hosts: Give or Raise $1,000.  Personal Suggested Contribution to Attend - $50. RSVP to 


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs will be featured at a

·       1:30 pm, Thur., May 22 ‘meet and greet’ (dutch treat) at the Picnic Basket Restaurant, 436 E White Mountain Blvd., Pinetop, AZ 85935, hosted by Dee & Johnny Johnson.

·       3:30 pm, Thur., May 22 ‘meet and greet’ at The Hub Target Sports, Pawn and More, 5208 W. White Mtn Blvd, Lakeside, AZ

·       6 pm, Thur, May 22 - White Mountains Conservatives at the VFW Post 9907, 381 N Central Ave, Show Low, AZ, US, 85901 (928) 537-751.

·       5-8 pm, Fri, May 23 ‘meet and greet’ home of Sue Goodchild, 1905 W Road 2 S, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. RSVP by Thur to (928) 636-7355

Contact: Darcie at 480-437-1033 or


·       If You Have Any Signed Nominations Petitions For Diane Douglas, Supt of Public Instruction candidates, please mail to 13402 W Castle Rock Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375 immediately.  Remember to sign and fill out the back page. Please mail before May 22.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/


·       Eddie Cook For Gilbert City Council needs to have all of his petitions nominations returned immediately. If you've collected even one signature, please sign the back of your petition and turn it in.  Your efforts are very much appreciated! Return petitions (WITH THE BACK FILLED OUT) by mail or in person to: Eddie Cook, 1760 W. Aspen Ave., Gilbert, AZ  85233.   Contact: Paul Brierly, Campaign manager,   480-988-9311


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs will be filing his nominations petitions at 9:30 am, May 27, at the Secretary of State’s office, 1700 W Washington, followed by a campaign rally in the Rose Garden at the State Capitol, 19th Avenue & Washington, Phx. RSVP Darcie at 480-0000437-1033 or  You can still sign his petitions .  SIGN MY PETITION NOW!


·       ALRA’s CD3 Candidate Forum Is Scheduled From 1-4 Pm, Sat., June 7 at Esplendor Conference Resort Rio Rico San Cayetano Dining Room, 1069 Camino Caralampa, Rio Rico, AZ 85648 for candidate Damien Kenney, Gabriela Saucedo Mercer and Mike Olivas. Moderators Jamie Chamberlian and Manuel Coppolla.  Light refreshments will be served. $5 ALRA Members.  $10 Non-Members. RSVP: or Sergio Arellano (520) 396-9426


·       Officers Of The ALRA Tucson are

·       Pat Sexton - President

·       Lizy Lopez - Treasurer

·       Sergio Arellano - Outreach/Activities Director

·       Daniel Estrella – Secretary. For memberships 


·       Diane Douglas, Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate has received, to date, 1,254 individuals donating $5. You all have done a great job so far, but she still needs 746 more.  If she reaches her goal, she receives $96,000 for the primary election campaign (that will help fund the campaign resources needed) and she will receive another $150,000 for the general election. Now that is a big payoff for $5 donations. Contact: Kristine Johnson - Volunteer Coordinator 480-241-7111.


·       CD 8 Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk has filed his nominations petitions May 20 with the Secretary of State’s office.


·       Doug Ducey For Gov yard signs are available at his headquarters – 4455 E Camelback Rd., Phx or for delivery contact: Political Director Anson Clarkson


·       LD25 Senate Candidate Ralph Heap yard signs are available at his our campaign office - 3535 E. Brown Road, Suite 101. Mesa.  Contact: Ralph Heap


·       May 31st  -  "First Arizona State Tea Party Convention" is scheduled from 8:30 am-4 pm, May 31 at the Sun City West Foundation - Webb Rm, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Open to all Tea Party leaders and members throughout the state. Admission free, but you must have registered and have your “free ticket’ with you. Space is limited. Tickets for Tea Party members: arizona-tea-party-state-convention-organizing-to-represent-americans-tickets

·       The Tucson Eastside Republican Club will host CD2 candidate Shelley Kais and Secretary of State candidate Justin Pierce at 6 pm, May 21, at the49ers Country Club Rincon Grill, 12000 E Tanque Verde, Tucson.


·       State Treasurer Candidate Randy Pullen and guest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Apairo will appear at 5:30 pm, May 21 at the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E El Dorado Circle, Tucson, hosted by Supervisor Ray Carroll, David Mehl, and Alan Norville. Co-hosts $1,000. Suggested contribution $50. RSVP

·       Palo Verde Republican Women's Club Will Host A Gubernatorial Candidates Luncheon Forum May 21 at McDowell Mountain Golf Club, 10690 E. Sheena Drive, Scottsdale.  Candidates include Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Dr. John Molina, Frank Riggs and Scott Smith. Forum moderator is Tyler DiGrazia, a Young Republican from Arizona State University.  Lunch at 11:30.  Program at noon.  Guests  welcome.  $25 per person.  Reservations required.  RSVP: Edith Stock before May 18.

·       A Sen. Michele Reagan For Secretary Of State Fundraiser is scheduled at 6:30 pm, May 21 at the home of Fred and Heather Wagonhals, 5842 E Redwing, Paradise Valley. Hosts: Jane Hull, Betsey Bayler, Chanrda Bonfiglio, Jim & Terry Marrion, George Weisz, Kelsey Lundy Wendy Briggs, Kathey Senseman, Becky Hill, Allison Bell, Nicole Bidwill, Barbara Meaney, Kevin DeMenna, Doug  Yonko, Gretch Kitchel, Ryan O’Daniel and Eric Luoma. Live entertainment and ice cream desserts.


·       An “ACT For America” meeting is scheduled at 6 pm, May 21 at the Nanini BranchLibrary, 7300 N. Shannon Road, Tucson. 


·       CD1 Candidate Adam Kwasman Schedule:

·       May 22- 7 pm, Pick up a Sign Party, 13052 N Woosnam Way, Oro Valley, AZ 85755. Contact:

·       May 28 - Hot Dogs and Apple Pie in the Park, 6 pm, May 28, Riverfront Park, Oro Valley, 551 W. Lambert Lane, Oro Valley, AZ.


·       CD2 Candidate And Right To Life Supporter Chuck Wooten is attending the Arizona Right to Life 2014 Spring Fundraising Event & VIP reception on May 22nd at 6pm.  The gala is being held at the Xavier High School Auditorium, 4710 N. 5th St., Phoenix, AZ. 


·       A Reminder To Politically Involved State Employees: See state restrictions (Arizona’s “mini-Hatch Act”) at A.R.S. § 41-752.[1] The public policy behind these limitations is at A.R.S. § 41-752(K).


·       The May 22 Arizona Right To Life Spring Fundraiser  ‘Blueprint For Life’ is scheduled at 6 pm at the Xavier High School Auditorium, 4710 N Fifth St., Phoenix. $20 admission. $100 VIP (reserved seating, catered reception with Hugh Hewitt and with panelist  Penny Young Nance, Nik Nikas, Vermon Pierre, and Shane Krauser. Limited seating. Tickets: right-to-life-2014-spring-fundraising-event-tickets


·       An Ice Cream Social With LD28 House Candidate Shawnna Bolick, hosted by Jim Chamberlain and Norman McClelland, scheduled at 4 pm, Thur., May 22 at the Arizona Country Club, 5668 E Orange Blossom Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Kid-friendly event. RSVP :, or 602-842-1912. for additional information.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally was recently featured in AmericanThinker.   conversation_with_martha_mcsally 


·       Step By Step Process For Signing Candidate Nominating Petitions & Making $5 Contributions Online Via SOS Office – Complied by Jim O’Connor   602-538-9387 cell

·       Visit AZ Secretary of State Web Site:

·       From menu on the left, Click on ELECTIONS.

·       From menu click on UPCOMING ELECTIONS,

·       Scroll down to: E-Qualify (Sign a Nominating Petition and/or Give a $5 Qualifying Contribution).

·       On the bottom of that page, you may either click on the tab to Sign a Candidate Nominating Petition, or on the tab to Contribute a  $5 dollar Qualifying Contribution, in sequence. 

·       You will then be REQUIRED to fill in your Drivers License Number, Date of Birth, First & Last Name. Complete by clicking the SUBMIT tab.

·       You will then be asked to CONFIRM your address.Click YES or NO (if incorrect).

·       The same process is required for making a Qualifying Contribution to Clean Election Candidates.

·       Then scroll down to your candidates name, CLICK ON IT, ENTER your Email Address & CONFIRM IT.

·       Next, CLICK ON the “Submit $5 Contribution Tab at the bottom of the page. Be Aware that Pay Pal charges a .47 cents transaction fee for each contribution you chose to make.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs decried the decision by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to list firearm retailers as "high risk," along with porn stores, drug paraphernalia shops and payday lenders, as an assault on the 2nd Amendment and the constitutional right of responsible gun owners to own and use firearms.  "The FDIC's decision is outrageous," said Riggs, "and is clearly an attempt by the Obama administration to target gun retailers and the firearms industry as a whole." The FDIC is a major federal banking regulatory agency.  The effect of its decision has been to choke off the lines of credit and freeze the assets of companies like McMillan Group of Phoenix and American Spirit Arms of Scottsdale even though those companies have good credit histories and long-standing banking relationships.  According to McMillan Group owner Kelly McMillan, "This is an attempt by the federal government to keep people from buying guns...(and) a covert way for them to control our right to manufacture guns..." Riggs pointed out that the firearms and shooting trade industry is a vital part of Arizona's economy and its western heritage.  "The firearms industry is already heavily regulated," Riggs said, "and as governor, I promise to fight with all my might any further attempts to regulate the firearms industry and the constitutional and legal rights of gun dealers and owners."    As a U.S. Congressman, Riggs earned an “A+” rating for his voting record on legislation of priority to the NRA.  targeted-gun-sellers-say-high-risk-label-from-feds


·       Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Chairman Denny Barney: Yesterday I was proud to vote for a tentative budget that emphasizes criminal justice and public safety and focuses on funding our statutory mandates. This budget is a result of countless hours of work by my office, county manager Tom Manos, our dedicated budget office and my fellow colleagues and their staff. Slow economic growth and an increase in service needs have placed many strains on our county departments. Dozens of budget discussions and personal meetings with each of my elected colleagues helped us arrive at a budget that is both conservative and reflective of ongoing demands. There was a great write up in today's Arizona Republic about the budget approval written by Michael Kiefer. He noted that the budget “pares $8.6 million off of last year’s budget while still amping up funds for courts and law enforcement.” What we do is normally not glamorous, but we continue to do more with less because that is what taxpayers across Maricopa County have asked their elected officials to do. See article click here.  Contact Barney:  602-506-1776


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Jones: Like many Arizonans, I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and like many, I enjoy exercising and celebrating this fundamental aspect of American liberty. I have hosted 16 meet and greet events at gun shops and shooting ranges throughout the state. These events have enabled me to meet many of you and hear the thoughts and ideas of people who are committed to protecting our right to bear arms. With every new restriction and regulation coming out of Washington, our Second Amendment rights are put in danger. As Governor of Arizona, I will remain committed to preserving the right of all law-abiding citizens to purchase, possess and use firearms in accordance with the law and as guaranteed by the Constitution.As citizens of Arizona and the United States of America there are certain rights that we must always work to protect. Among those is the Second Amendment-- but liberals in Washington are working hard to take these rights away from us. Second Amendment, As your Governor, I will never allow for attacks that encroach on our freedoms to pass by unnoticed-- I will never stop fighting for or celebrating our Second Amendment rights.


·       CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin: Gary Kiehne’s bizarre and alarming behavior continues. The latest: In an interview with The Arizona Republic published Monday afternoon, Kiehne lashed out at Arizona police officers assisting with evacuations during the 2011 Wallow Fire, comparing them to Nazi agents who "would shoot you or me without thinking about it." This is just the latest example of unhinged and deplorable comments by Kiehne. "To me, this is a personal attack," said Tobin. "My father is a 22-year veteran of the New York Police Department, and an Irish immigrant who risked his life every day to protect the communities that he served. Our proud law enforcement officers and first responders here in Arizona are second to none. The bravery and sacrifice they give every day to keep Arizonans safe deserves our utmost respect and gratitude. I am shocked that Mr. Kiehne would make such a divisive comparison between Arizona law enforcement personnel and Nazi agents. I could not imagine a more disrespectful attack. Destructive opinions like these do not represent Arizona and have no place in our political process. Mr. Kiehne needs to exit this race immediately before he brings more shame to Arizona, the Republican Party and himself.” 


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·        Bear Sightings In Southeastern Arizona

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·        AZ CD1 Candidate Gary Kiehne Steps In It…Again

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·        Update! Check Out Payson Events May 21 And 22

·        Urgent Last Call For Petition Signatures And $5 Clean Elections Money!  


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·        New RNC Video ad RIPS Hillary over her bad choices at the State Dept.

·        17 Year Old Wins Republican Primary on Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Platform

·        Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus today announced that the RNC raised $9.3 million in April. The RNC has raised $115.2 million for the 2014 cycle thus far and has $13.2 million cash on hand. “April was another great month for the RNC, thanks to the continued generosity of grassroots supporters and major contributors alike,” said Chairman Priebus. “Their support has enabled us to launch Victory 365, our new year-round, community-based field operation—and to make ongoing investments in data, digital, and technology.“Early investment has been essential to laying the groundwork for victory this November and for 2016 and beyond. We had staff on the ground earlier than ever before and have recruited over 14,000 precinct captains to engage with voters neighbor-by-neighborhood. In addition, we’ve been able to provide state parties and campaigns access to our OneData program and new tools like RNC Beacon, RNC Foresight, and our Dynamo API, making it possible for them to make informed decisions from real time feedback and predictive analytics.
“Republicans are taking our message to all voters and are focused on issues that matter—from job creation, ObamaCare, school choice, and spending to government overreach and the administration’s foreign policy failures. The momentum is on our side, and in contrast to the DNC, we’re on a stable financial footing. While Democrats fret about being ‘ready for Hillary,’ they should be even more worried about being ready for November.”
Fast facts:

·        Total raised in April 2014: $9.3 million

·        Total raised for 2014 cycle: $115.2 million

·        Total cash on hand: $13.2 million

·        Percentage of donations $200 and under in March: 98 percent

·        Average donation in April: $56

·        Total Debt: $0


·        Clinton ‘Clearly Bears Responsibility’ For Benghazi, Cheney Says

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36,007 Convicted Criminal Aliens Return To American Neighborhoods

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GLOBAL WARMING aka Climate Change

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