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6-21-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser


June 21, 2014  

·       Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Bonnie Katz has withdrawn from the AZCC Race.


·       Arizona Balladeer Dolan Ellis will be appearing at the Cartwright’s Ranch House Restaurant in Cave Creek on Wed., June 25.  5 pm – no host bar, 6 pm dinner, show time 7 pm. $55 per person. Limited seating. Make reservations.

·       The West Side Town Hall Steering Committee is sponsoring a special LD29 Candidate Forum at 7 pm, Wed., June 25 at the Maryvale Community Center, 4420 N. 51st Ave., Maryvale.  Republican candidate Aaron Borders faces Dems Richard Chapman and Ceci Garcia for two open seats. Free translation and refreshment. The CD7 candidate forum is scheduled July 30. Contact: Walt Gray  602-463-8462.


·       ATTN Republican Candidates: The Hopi Tribe is inviting all CD1 candidates and all state-wide candidates for Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Supt of Public Instruction, Mine Inspector and Corporation Commission to a ‘meet and greet’ from 11 am to 3 pm, July 17 at Kykotsmovi.  Candidates are asked to RSVP by July 7 to Karen Shupla at 928-734-2507. The address of the event is Highway 264 and Indian Route 2. From Flagstaff, you go to Leupp and over to Kykotsmovi. This will be an outdoor event. It will be a free cookout. Candidates are welcome to bring canopies, tables, literature, etc.  Contact: Coconino County Republican Committee Chairman Joy Staveley    cell: 928-606-1131


·        Donations Are Being Sought to bring speakers Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr.  James Milgram's and Ze'ev Wurman to Arizona to join gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs and Supt of Public Instruction candidate Diane Douglas at the Common Core Forum that is scheduled from 6-9 pm, Aug 2 at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern  in Mesa. Contact: Jennifer Reynolds  480-961-4214  See details:  arizonansagainstcommoncore


·       A BBQ/Fundraiser For Sen Kelli Ward is scheduled from 1-8 pm, Sun., June 29 at 3619 Desert Rose Lane, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404. RSVP Patriotic BBQ/Fun-Raiser


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: Here is the link to the Final Lists of PC Candidates including Write-Ins On Wed, June 18, Maricopa County Elections conducted the
Candidate Ballot Draw for the 20 precincts that are over quota and
contested as a result of more individuals submitting signature petitions
and affidavits.

PC Overquota Draw Results

LD23 has Bronco, Golden Eagle, Granite Mountain and Pecos

LD24 has Encanto, Pierce and Turney

LD25 has Glenview and Hohokam Park

LD26 has Cairo

LD28 has Arcadia, Biltmore, Doubletree, Hall, Kaibab, Lookout Ridge, Madison Heights, Shadow Rock, Simis and Sunny High

There are also 14 precincts that are over quota and contested for the sole reason individuals    submitted write-in affidavits. 

LD16 has Williams Field

LD17 has Cloud

LD22 has Hillcrest

LD23 has Cocopah, Del Joya and Silver Spur

LD24 has Madison Park and Wilshire

LD25 has Candlelight, Covina, Enid Park and Los Alamos

LD29 has Colter and Marivue

Please note that NO write-in candidates will appear on the ballots.  They will be listed and  posted on the wall in their respective polling locations. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me. A. J. LaFaro - Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)


·       A Meet & Greet For CD3 Candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer is scheduled from 10 am until noon, Sat., June 21 at the SaddleBrooke Activity Center, 64518 Galveston Lane, Tucson, Arizona 85739.Contact: Event Sponsor Diana Larroque at (520) 825-0732 


·       LD23 Will Meet At 7 Pm, Tues, June 23 with Arizona Corporation Commission candidates Doug Little and Lucy Mason at the Tri-City Baptist Christian Seminary Bldg (south side of parking lot), 2211 W Germann Road, Chandler.


·       Due To A Conflict In Scheduling, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Clint Hickman will appear at the July 28 Wickenburg Republican meeting, instead of the June 23 meeting as previous announced.  The June 23 meeting has been cancelled.  Contact: 928-684-1221


·       CD1 candidate Adam Kwasman will be at Lil Abners in Marana from 5:30-7 pm, Mon, June 23.


·       Scot Micci, Executive Director Of The Free Enterprise Club , will make a presentation at the 6:30 pm, Mon., June 23 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E. Shea Blvd., Phx. Contact: Chr Ron Ludders    602-677-1496.


·       Talk Radio HostHugh Hewitt AndGubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey will highlight a live broadcast of the Hugh Hewitt show at 6 pm, Mon., June 23 – preceded by a gathering of local officials between 3-6 pm, at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel, 9495 W Coyotes Blvd, Glendale, AZ 85305.You can rub shoulders with Former Congressmen Barry Goldwater and John Shadegg, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Phx Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Reps. Paul Boyer, Debbie Lesko, Warren Petersen, Michelle Ugenti, Rick Gray, Justin Olson, Senator Nancy Barto and Steve Yarbrough, Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri, and Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane between 3-6 pm or tune in KKNT 960 AM The Patriot or at


·       Congressman Paul Gosar: This week the House continued the annual process of appropriating federal funds to various government agencies and departments, focusing on Department of Defense Appropriations for fiscal year 2015. I was able to pass three amendments targeted at cutting wasteful spending out of the defense budget. However, I am particularly proud of one of those amendments. I always say that I rely on my constituents to be my eyes and ears on the ground looking for ways that we can cut spending and make the federal government more efficient and effective. My actions this week are a testament to that principle. On Thursday June 19, the efforts and ideas of a group of constituents in the Fourth Congressional District were included in an amendment that the House unanimously agreed upon. My amendment saves the U.S. Army around $5 million a year by switching back to a previous aviation flight uniform that has proven to be safer and more cost effective. Given the safety and practicality applications, combined with the fact that the United States is not exactly running a budget surplus right now, saving a few million here and there in the name of safety and practicality is something we should all agree upon. See amendment HERE.

·       Amendment 2: Prohibiting Funds for Unused Afghanistan Patrol Boats: This amendment prohibits the Department of Defense from wasting more money on storage for eight patrol boats which have already cost taxpayers more than $3 million. These boats have never been used and have been sitting in storage in Virginia for almost four years. Read more HERE.

·        Amendment 3: Prohibiting Funds from Going to Terrorists: This amendment will further hold accountable foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs), in addition to those foreign governments who support their efforts. Giving assistance to FTOs is generally outlawed in the U.S. Code, but the Obama Administration time and time again has failed to enforce the laws of this nation. My amendment checks both the President’s lawless behavior in addition to his listless and dangerous foreign policy agenda. Read more HERE.


·       Contact Your Congressman. Let them know what you are thinking.

·       Sen John McCain R                            202-224-2235   

·       Sen Jeff Flake R                                 202-224-3421   

·       Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                 202-225-3361   

·       Rep Ron Barber (D2)                         202-225-2542   

·       Rep Raul Grijalva (D3)                      202-225-2435   

·       Rep Paul Gosar (R4)                          202-2225-2315 

·       Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635   

·       Rep David Schweikert (R6)               202-225-2190   

·       Rep Ed Pastor (D7)                            202-225-4065   

·       Rep Trent Franks (8)                          202-225-4576   

·       Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D)                                              


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/


·       Candidate Yard Signs In Your Neighborhood Are Legal.  The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees your right to free speech, and state law supports homeowners' rights to display political yard signs during election season -- despite HOA rules which may try to restrict your rights. Details on the law are here (toward the end of the document) and it's clear that an HOA cannot enforce sign regulations that are more restrictive than those of the city, town or county. If you are living in an HOA and run into this situation, please visit our Facebook page and tell your side of the story.  AZGOP newsletter.


 ·        Schweikert: 10,000 National Guard Needed At Border Now

·        Request For 'Escort Services For Unaccompanied Children' At The Border   Since Jan.

·        Media In-Central-America:  Don't Go To US

·        Lukes-Top-General-Transferring-To Afghanistan

·        Arizona-Posts-Worst-Job-Losses-May-Since 2009

·        He-Came-Home-To-See-Burglars-Leaving-His-House-So-He-Took-Off-After-Them

·        Schweikert's Letter To Obama    Deploy National Guard To Border

·        Franks, Black Joined By 105 Members In Bipartisan Letter To Harry Reid On Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

·        Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama 'Doesn't Get It ' On Illegals Crisis

·        Children Fleeing Gangs In Central America Likely To End Up In Gang Infested Neighborhoods In The US  Inner City America, Endless Slums Created And Perpetuated By Decades Of False Liberal Dreams

·        The Dog-Ate-Tax-Receipts-Act

·        Chicago Style-Politics: Is-Obama-Running-The-RNC?   CD2 Race

·        Phoenix-VA-Ousted-Exec-Keeps-Salary-While On Leave

·        Sheriff-Joe-Closing-In-On-Obama-Forger

·        Oak-Creek-Canyon-Campgrounds-Close-July 7   The U.S. Forest Service Is Worried About Flash Floods In Oak Creek Canyon In The Wake Of The Slide Fire.

·        Alan-Korwins-Open-Letter-To-Obama-Video

·        More-Expatriate-Americans-Break-Up-With-Uncle-Sam-To-Escape-Tax-Rules   Record Numbers Living Abroad Renounce U.S. Citizenship Over IRS Reporting Requirements

·        Politicians-Sling-Rhetoric, Resources-Migrant-Kids

·        CD2-Watch: McSally-To-Hold-Event-With-Eric-Cantor

·        New-Device-Would-Warn-Parents-If-A-Child-Is-Left-In-The-Hot-Car

·        Carson: Kick-Out-Spineless Congressmen

·        US Republic Now Gone—Fully Replaced By Dictatorship    Obama And His Cabal Must Be Physically Removed From Our White House

·        London-Bridge; -Historical-Arizona-Bridges

·        X-Marks-The-Spot-On-Old-Car-Wrecks-In-Ariz-Canyons




·        Amnesty Sinks Obama, Cantor, McCain & Flake

·        Phoenix City Council Hides Increa$E$ Behind Blather

·        Huppenthal Outed As Anonymous Commenter On Blogs

·        Border Disaster By Design


·        Doug Ducey With Hugh Hewitt – Next Monday In Glendale!

·        A Lesson In Political Ads For Scott Smith

·        One Team, Three Voices. LD6 Legislators To Embark On Town Hall Tour.

·        The Arizona Blacklist – 2014 Elections


·        Chicago Style-Politics: Is-Obama-Running-The-RNC?


·        Obama_Operating_Under_His_Own_Constitution_Ruling_Like_A_Banana_Republic

·        Krauthhammer Slams Obama: What He Just Did “Is A High Crime”


·        Raise The Standard For Youth! June 23 And 24

·        Ron Bellus For Gilbert Schools - Meet And Greet June 27


·        Kyron Grow Found Guilty On All Charges!


·        Adult Supervision Required

·        Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

·        Tom Horne Responds

·        Prediction: Rental Car Tax Case Will Be Overturned...Unanimously

·        The Web Didn't Save You...

·        Speaking Of Games

·        Let's The Games Begin! (The Coverage...Not So Much)


·        Because Of What He Did Back In 2009, Obama Created The World's Most Powerful Terrorist

·        Will-America-Need-Nuremberg-Trial?


·        Is-That-A-Smoking-Gun-I-Smell: Irs-Had-Archiving-Company-Contracted-In-2005

·        Allen-West-With-Kilmeade-Video-Sending-Advisers-Into-Iraq-Reminds-Him-Of-Vietnam

·        Debunking-The-Lies-Of-Anti-Gun-Rhetoric


·        RNC-Treasurer-Randy-Pullen's-Troubling-History-Of-Financial Mismanagement

·        What-Would-Happen-If-US-Parents-Abandoned-Kids

·        Supreme-Court-Rules-On-Straw-Purchaser-Law

·        Izlamization-Of-AZ-School-Children-ISB-Survey




·        Finally-A-Republican-Takes-The-Gloves-Off

·        GOP-Ignores-Cantor-Loss-Keeps-Driving-Cliff

·        Chicago Style-Politics: Is-Obama-Running-The-Rnc?


·        Greta-Van-Susteren-Is-Furious-At-President-Obama:-At-Best-He-Blew-It-At-Worst-He-Doesnt-Give-A-Damn

·        Memo-From-Middle-America-Sgt-Tahmooressis-Imprisonment-And-The-Big-Border-Picture

·        Imprisoned-Marines-Mom-Hasn't Heard-From White-House Or State-Dept  "I Did Reach The 100,000 Signature Threshold, But..."

·        Rep-Salmon-Obama-Hasn’t-Lifted-Finger-Help-Us-Marine-Mexico-Jail


·        GOP-Senators-Blame-Reid-For-Bergdahl-Swap

·        Ex-Bergdahl Roommate: White House Knew He Was A Traitor Before Swap

·        Watch Bergdahl’s Platoon Mate Annihilate Him In Front Of Congress


·        VIDEO: Penglis Online News On Benghazi And Cairo

·        Global-Strategies-CIA-Hillary-Clinton-Benghazi-Massacre

·        Smoking-Gun: US-Spy-Agencies-Listened-Benghazi-Terrorists-Phone-Calls-Raid

·        Benghazi-Chronicles: Catching-Khattala


·        Texas-Allocated-$1.3-Miilion-For-Law-Enforcement-Surge-On-The-Border

·        Feds-Try-To-Move-Quickly-To-Place-Illegal-Immigrant-Children-In-Abandoned-Hotel-Then-They-Find-Out-The-Hotel-Wasnt-Abandoned

·        DHS Solicited Bids For Vendor To Handle 65,000 Unaccompanied Minors - In January

·        Most Illegal-Alien Children In Recent Surge Likely To Stay, Attorneys Say

·        Gov't Confirms Authenticity Of Contract Request For 'Escort Services For Unaccompanied Alien Children' At The Border

·        Babeu: Obama 'Doesn't Get It ' On Illegals Crisis

·        Escort Services For Unaccompanied Alien Children: See Gov’t Manual

·        Obama-Wants-Amnesty For 100-Million-Muslims-Living-In US-Before He Leaves-Office

·        Obama-Eases-Penalties-For-Businesses-Hiring-Illegals   40 Percent Decrease In Fines Belies Rhetoric

·        El-Salvador-Honduras-Media-Tell-Youth-Go-North; Life Is Good In US

·        Government-Advertised-In-January-For-Escorts-For-65000-Illegal-Alien-Children-To-Be-Resettled

·        Angry-Residents-Take-On-The-Obama-Administration-Over-Illegal-Immigrant-Housing-Plan-And-Win

·        President-Of-Honduras-Wants-Illegal-Alien-Kids-In-US-Deported-Back

·        Honduran-President-Illegal-Immigrants-Motivated-By-Hope-For-Amnesty

·        Rick-Perry-Feds-Gobble-Up-Available-Rooms-For-Illegal-Children-Nothing-Left-For-Texans

·        Mom-Illegal-Immigrant-Says-Son-Came: US-Doesnt-Deport-Children

·        Texas-Wont-Wait-For Washington To-Secure-Border

·        Children Fleeing Gangs In Central America Likely To End Up In Gang Infested Neighborhoods In The US  Inner City America, Endless Slums Created And Perpetuated By Decades Of False Liberal Dreams

·        Boehner Blames Obama For Immigration Mess, Says Children Must Be Returned Home

·        Angry-Residents-Take-On-The-Obama-Administration-Over-Illegal-Immigrant-Housing-Plan-And-Win

·        White House Stuggles With Immigration Bind

·        Obama Talks Tough To Mexico: Illegal Migrant Children Won't Get To Stay

·        Perry Invites Obama To Texas/Mexico Border

·        Homeland Security Sec. Visits Crisis-Stricken Border Patrol Detention Facilities

·        'It's Been Shoved Down Our Throat;" Small VA Town Balks At Proposed Plan To House Immigrant Teens On Former College Campus

·        Selective Socialism: The World Cup And Our Illegal Immigration Problem

·        Rand Paul's Imaginary Libertarian Immigrants

·        Enough: They Must Be Stopped

·        2013: An Immigrant's Journey

·        Obama To Use Trackers On Freed Illegals

·        Driver Licenses Too Costly For Illegals

·        Report: 130,000-Illegal-Immigrant-Minors-Expected-To-Flood-Border-This-Year

·        Obama-Admin-Announces-New-Steps-To-Stem-Flow-Of-Immigrants-At-Texas-Border


·        Judge Considers Rewrite Of Missouri Gun Rights Amendment Summary


·        Bundy-Ranch-Revisited-Utah-County-Battling-Federal-Agents


·        Ben-Carson-President-4000-Petitions-Per-Week-Say-Yes

·        What-Dr-Ben-Carson-Said-About-Welfare-And-Black-People-Had-Terry-Crews-Applauding-Like-Crazy

·        Ben Carson: Remove-Illegal-Immigration-Carrots

·        Carson: Kick-Spineless Out-Of Congress

·        Ted Cruz Calls Hillary Clinton 'Very, Very Beatable'

·        Politics: Npr Poll Of 2014 Battleground States Is Disastrous For Dems


·        FOX News’ Megyn Kelly Throws Hardballs In Cheney Interview

·        Ex-CBS-News-Star-Spills-Secrets   Reveals Why Media Still Cover For Obama --Sharyl Attkisson Says Reporters Intimidated Into Ignoring IRS Scandal


·        Is-That-A-Smoking-Gun-I-Smell: IRS-Had-Archiving-Company-Contracted-In-2005

·        IRS-Commissioner-E-Mail-Isnt-Necessarily-Official-Record; Update-Irs-Manual-Says It Is

·        WH Knew About Missing IRS Emails 6 Weeks Before Congressional Investigators

·        ‘I Don’t Believe You!’: Paul Ryan Blisters IRS Boss Over ‘Lost’ Emails Explanation


·        Orly-Taitz: US-District-Court-On Notice-Over Obamas-Treason-Bowe-Bergdahl-Trade


·        Iraqi-Cleric-Threatens-US-Military-Advisers

·        Small-Utah-Town-Comes-To-Airmans-Rescue-When-He-Gets-Stranded-On-His-Way-To-Report-For-Duty

·        Vets Upset As Phoenix VA Leaders Are Shuffled Again

·        VA-Execs-Think-Theyre-Doing-Good-Job   Congress Told Officials Review Own Work, Give Bonuses Of $2.8 Million


·        Hillary Clinton Defended Evil Rapist And Smeared 12 Year Old Rape Victim

·        Rape Victim Confronts Hillary For Taking Her ‘Through Hell’ In ’75: ‘I Hear You On The Tape Laughing’


·        American Muslims Flocking To Jihadist Group


·        George-Will-Isnt-Apologizing-For-The-Column-That-Has-The-Rabble-Furious


·        Arresting-President-United-States

·        More Evidence Of BLM’s Anti-Energy Agenda


·        Ted-Cruz-Urges-Obama-Administration-Let-Texas-Handle-Border-Security-Crisis

·        Watch-Paul-Ryan-Take-IRS-Task-Losing-Years-Worth-Emails


·        Obama-Health-Official-Obamacare-Bailout-Insurers-Will-Financed-New-Tax-Everyones-Health-Plan

·        11,004,507: Disability Beneficiaries Top 11 Million For First Time


·        The EPA Is America's Other Enemy:   Domestic Enemy Of The Nation: Environmental Protection Agency

·        “I Am Scared To Death For Our Country” Must Watch: Energy CEO Says Obama Destroying Low-Cost Energy With EPA


·        Joe-Biden-Claims-Iraqs-Outcome-Belongs-To-Obama


·        Foreign-Affairs-Chairman: Obama-Plan-Underestimates-Threat-Iraq

·        No 'Deferred Action' Obama Style Means Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

·        9-Times-Obama-Administration-Blindsided

·        Secret-Us-Plan-To-Aid-Iraq Fizzles Amid Mutual Distrust   The Obama's Administration Devoted Only A Handful Of U.S. Specialists To The Task

·        Obama-Eases-Penalties-For -Hiring-Illegals   40% Decrease In Fines Belies Rhetoric

·        Obama-Wants-Amnesty For 100-Million-Muslims-Living-US-Before He Leaves-Office

·        Obama To Use Trackers On Freed Illegals

·        Obama Pushes Scheme To Cede U.S. Oceans To U.N.

·        When Will Anyone Require Obama To Abide By The Constitution?

·        Obama-Pentagon-Bungling-Shipments-For-Our-Troops

·        Obama-Administration-Announces-New-Steps-To-Stem-Flow-Of-Immigrants-At-Texas-Border

·        Obama Adm To Utilize 'Trackers' On Freed  Illegals


·        Iraqi-Cleric-Threatens-US-Military-Advisers

·        Bush-Vindicated: Islamic-Terrorists-Overtake-Saddam’s-WMD-Facilities

·        Sunni-Extremists-In-Iraq-Occupy-Saddams-Chemical-Weapons-Facility

·        Isis-Captures-Iraqi-Chemical-Weapons-Facility

·        The Threat Is Blowback   Obama’s Actions Toward Iran Indicate That He Knows That Iran Stands Behind Al-Qaida And That The Greatest Threat The US Faces Is Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program

·        ISIS Announces Its Next Attack

·        The Bear Unsheathes Its Energy Weapon: The Russian Gas Cutoff