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6-30-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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June 30, 2014  


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: There has been some discussion as to what occurred at the AZGOP ExComm Meeting on June 21.  What I remember was:

·       Robert Graham first informed the attendees around 10:10 am that he had invited Sen John McCain to speak to the group.

·       McCain started speaking around 10:30 am and didn't finish until almost 12 pm. McCain was arrogant, rude, and condescending.  When someone asked McCain why he supports terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and other like  terrorist organizations; he flat out said they were quite mistaken – that he had never associated with them.  See links

·       Senator-John-McCain-Meets-Up-With-Leaders-Of-Terror-Brigade-In-Syria-The-NGOs-That-Made-It-Happen

·       McCain-Rejects-Report-Claiming-Syrian-Rebels-Are-Largely-Jihadis

·       McCain And The Muslim Brotherhood

·       McCain And Syria Rebels

·       That was the first time I had ever been in the same room with McCain - and it will be my last.  Shame on the AZGOP ExComm attendees for not walking out on McCain at our June 21 meeting.

·       As for the reported "standing ovation" for McCain, most of us where glad he was finished pontificating and were anxious to break for lunch.

·       Heavy Traffic Expected On I-15 During Independence Day Holiday.  ADOT advises drivers traveling through Virgin River Gorge to allow extra travel time.


·       Latest Highway Conditions Around The State, visit the ADOT Traveler Information Center at or call 511; outside of Arizona dial 1.888.411.ROAD (7623).


·       The Wickenburg American Legion ‘Forty & Eight’ is planning a BBQ fundraiser from noon until 4 pm, Sat., July 5 at the Legion Hall, 176 F. Frontier St., Wickenburg. Serving  BBQ pork sandwich with your choice of two items beans, slaw or potato salad. $4 donation.

The Forty & Eight,  named after the WWI the box cars in France that held 40 troops or 8 mules, provides scholarships to nurses with the funds collected.


·       The Yuma County GOP office will be closed Tues., July 1 so staff can attend a memorial for longtime volunteers Bob Smith.


·       Volunteers Are Needed for the Yuma County GOP booth at the Independence Day block party in Somerton.  CD3 and Yuma County candidates are welcome to join the booth or display their literature and signs.  Take your literature, etc to the Yuma office on Thurs. Contact: 928-317-9120

·       LD11 Conservative Team Candidates Steve Smith (Sen), and Rep Mark Finchem and Vince Leach (House)  schedule:

·       July 2 – 7 am, Marana Chamber Breakfast, Colt's Taste of Texas, 8310 N Thornydale Rd., Tucson, AZ  85741.

·       July 4 – 3 pm, Arts Express Celebrate the 4th with Patriotic Songs let-freedom-sing

·       July 4 – 6-10 pm, Maricopa Independence Day celebration, Copper Sky Park.

·       July 4 – 6- 10 pm, Marana 4th of July, 7548 N. Silverbell Road, Marana


·       Denny Barney, Chr Maricopa County Board Of  Supervisors: Last Monday, my colleagues and I passed the final FY 2015 Maricopa County budget. Similar to the tentative budget voted on last month, this budget is $8.6 million less than last year’s budget and focuses primarily on public safety. Taxpayers can be confident this is a conservative budget based on our core county functions. To watch me discuss the budget with Ted Simons on Horizon  arizona horizon.   602-506-1776


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith attend the July 1 AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gubernatorial Forum between 6-8 pm, at 4525 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012.  Contact: Alan 602-697-7582. or Ryan Carkhuff 602-370-3585


·     The Capitol Times ‘Meet The Candidates’ (legislative, state and congressional) is scheduled at 4:30 pm, Tues, July 15  at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix. Cocktails and appretizers, contests.  Tickets:  meet-the-candidates  Candidates/tables contact: Scott Newell at 602.889.7145 or   Contact Melanie Campbell at 602.889.7125  or email


·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent announcements or messages to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them.  I became aware over the weekend that some of your messages haven’t come through.  Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       A Reminder To Politically Involved State Employees: See state restrictions (Arizona’s “mini-Hatch Act”) at A.R.S. § 41-752.[1] The public policy behind these limitations is at A.R.S. § 41-752(K).


·       Congressman Matt Salmon will be featured at the 7 pm, July 1 Red Mountain Tea Party Patriots  Celebration scheduled at East Valley High School, 7420 E Main., Mesa. $2.50 admission. Refreshments after the meeting.  


·      A July 2 Grassroots Tea Parties United /Constitutional Liberty Movement Independence Day Celebration with Constitutional expert Shane Krauser is being planned between 7-9 pm, at a Brand New Church, 1827 W Grovers, Phx (19th Ave/Grovers). Co-Sponsors: Deer Valley Tea Party, North Valley Tea Party,  Daisy Mountain Tea Party, Surprise Tea Party, Sun City Tea Party, Surprise Tea Party, and  Scottsdale Tea Party.  Contact:


·       The Tonto National Forest Plan Revision Community Forums are scheduled at

·       July 2: 6 pm, Pleasant Valley Community Center, Hwy 288, Young, AZ, Topics: Fire/Fuels, Forestry, Range.

Contact:  Ken Born 602-225-5200.


·       The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots Annual Independence Day Celebration Pot-Luck Picnic is scheduled at 6 pm, Thur., July 3 at 41703 N. Gavilan Peak Parkway (Anthem Way & Gavilan Peak Pkwy  - near the Anthem Veterans Memorial by the Train. Suggest parking in the Safeway parking lot. Pot luck. Hot dogs provided.  Fireworks at 9:30 pm.  RSVP: Shirley Coddington or phone: 623-398-7071.  The DMTPP will not meet on July 1 due to the picnic. The group meetings are the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the  Anthem Civic Building,  3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will attend the 10am-10pm, Fri., July 4 Payson Home Town Celebration in Green Valley Park, 1000 W Country Club, Payson.


·       Mesa  Mayoral  Candidate Danny Ray will be among those in “Candidate Row” at the 6 pm, July 4 Arizona Celebration of Freedom at the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center St., Mesa.  Contact 480-825-1404.


·     Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith will participate in the July 4 Arizona Celebration of Freedom between 6-10 pm, at 263 N. Center St., Mesa, AZ 85201. Visit Candidate’s Row. Contact: Derrik 480-202-7347 or Ryan Carkhuff 602-370-3585


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/


·       The New West Valley GOP Office is open at 10050 W Bell Road, #26, Sun City. A grand opening is scheduled July 12. Volunteers could use a refrigerator, TV, radio and other office items. Contact: Phyllis and Peter Lee  623-583-5987 or


·       Pro And Con Arguments Regarding Ballot Measures for the upcoming General Election are due to the Secretary of State's Office by 5 p.m. on July 9. Qualifying arguments received by that time will be printed inside a publicity pamphlet to be mailed to voters in advance of the statewide General Election on Nov. 4. Proposals to appear on the ballot can be viewed here:

·       Send via mail or bring arguments to:

Arizona Secretary of State's Office
Election Services
1700 W. Washington St., 7th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007

·       Walk-in service is also available in our Tucson Office at:

Arizona Secretary of State's Office
Arizona State Complex Building
400 W. Congress, Room 141

·       Arguments in favor of or in opposition to ballot questions may not exceed 300 words. Submittal fees are $100, though that cost is reduced to $75 if the argument is submitted electronically (via CD or e-mail – no PDFs) along with the paper copy. Remember, the Secretary’s Office only accepts cash or check. To ensure accuracy, the Secretary of State's Office recommends that arguments be submitted electronically (Word format only). After submitting the fee, arguments may be submitted by e-mail to:

·       Arguments must be signed and notarized, and will be published exactly as written, including any errors. No faxed signatures will be accepted. For arguments filed by an organization or corporation, the notarized signature of at least two executive officers is required and the organization must be identified. For arguments filed by political committees, the notarized signature of the chairman or treasurer is required and the committee must be identified.

·       Arguments must include the name, address or post office box, city and telephone number of the individual(s) signing. Only the name and city of those signing the argument will appear in the publicity pamphlet.

More information: Contact the Arizona Secretary of State's Office at 602-542-8683 or 1-877-843-8683.


·       Gov Jan Brewer: “Today, President Obama once again played politics and lectured Congress and the American people. Instead of discussing what he is going to do immediately to address the illegal immigration crisis he manufactured, the President offered little more than the predictable rhetoric and blame shifting we have come to expect from this administration.  Disturbingly, even though his role is to enforce laws passed by Congress, he once again threatens more executive actions to further thwart the will of Congress. Rather than take action to secure our border, President Obama makes a hyper-partisan speech to complain that his liberal immigration bill, which would reward illegal aliens with a path to citizenship, has not passed the United States House of Representatives. The illegal immigration crisis plaguing this country currently should be a wake-up call to all: elections have consequences! We are witnessing the terrible results of electing leaders who do not respect or follow the rule of law. The lack of support for this bill should not be surprising.   The fact remains that Americans demand a secure border. However, rather than heeding this message, the President has spent the past six years steadfastly and deliberately refusing to take any serious steps to truly secure the border. The President acknowledged today that the border is not secure which, not surprisingly, contradicts his previous statements. Consequently, the country is faced with an unprecedented crisis: massive, unending waves of illegal aliens crossing our southern border, overwhelming federal authorities and their ability to enforce the law -- all while costing taxpayers billions in the process.  Failing to acknowledge his own role in causing this border surge, the President is now threatening to look for ways to act unilaterally to implement his immigration agenda using executive fiat. Until the President and his fellow congressional Democrats take concrete steps to secure the border and not reward illegal activity, they will continue to fail to earn the trust of the American people, and they will not gain broad support for comprehensive immigration reform. In the meantime, the American people must demand that immediate action be taken to (i) secure the border by providing the necessary personnel and resources, not bureaucrats, to stop the surge of illegal immigrants into South Texas, (ii) to amend federal law so that illegal aliens obtain expedited deportation hearings, and (iii) stop the flow from the countries of origin by holding these countries accountable, including reexamining federal aid, until they act to stop the flow of illegal immigrants out of or through their countries.”


·       Congressman Trent Franks chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee in the House of Representatives, today issued the following response to the United States’ Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in favor of Hobby Lobby in the case Burwell v. Hobby Lobby: George Washington said of government, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” That the government would not merely tell a private business how it should operate, but would demand that a private business violate their religious convictions to provide government-mandated abortifacients is not something our founders could have ever envisioned. Unfortunately, that is the Obama legacy, and it can be summed up pretty succinctly: more babies aborted than jobs created. This Administration has consistently and unconscionably implemented policies across the board that negatively impact the most vulnerable in our society. I am thankful the Supreme Court saw reason in this case and that the basic rights of conscience and religious freedom – the very foundation of American democracy – withstood these galling and outrageous attacks from the Obama administration.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon: This morning, the Supreme Court brought us one step closer to eliminating Obamacare and all of its unconstitutional mandates. In the case of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., the Justices ruled that employers cannot force the Obamacare contraception mandate on its employees. Indeed, this is a major blow to President Obama and his quest to impose his liberal agenda on all Americans. But far more importantly, this is a major victory for religious freedom and free speech for all Americans. Unfortunately, not all of Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional today. Congress must continue the fight to repeal and replace it. That's where your help comes in.Since being sworn into Congress, I have fought tooth and nail to eliminate every bit of Obamacare before it causes more disruptions to your healthcare and more damage to our economy. But I need your help so I can continue to lead this fight in Congress.

WHAT CANDIDATES ARE SAYING: Send to or  Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       CD8 Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk:  Ron & I replaced a sign that was damaged by the SCW Library, and now another painted, I'm leaving it up for residents to see just how some people respect our community and another stolen at an intersection inside of SCW, this is indeed a fun campaign, so far we've lost over 25 signs to damage or out right theft, so much for the 1st Amendment as most understand this is Political Free Speech and don't believe it's the IRS but people all over CD 8 who aren't Patriotic just thieves, and I'd love for them to come and speak with me face to face rather than like a bunch of thieves in the night.

·       CD9 Candidate Wendy Rogers: Within 24 hours we'll reach our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline . . . we're less than $5,000 away from our online goal.Tomorrow morning, our campaign will be judged on its strength by our fundraising this quarter. It’s SO important we make the liberal Kyrsten Sinema nervous due to our campaign peaking at the right time. We’re ready to hold Sinema accountable for her failures. With you by my side, we’ll show voters across the 9th District that we’re indeed the leader.  Every dollar we raise will be invested in sharing our positive, conservative message.I’ve proudly served our nation in the U.S. Air Force, and will again in the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s time for us to challenge the failed, liberal policies that have become commonplace. We can, and must, pursue a more effective, conservative approach.  Let’s get to work to finish this quarter strong!  time to make the liberals skittish


·       CD9 Andrew Walter: The second quarter is coming to an end in less than 14 hours and we are very close to reaching our fundraising goal.  We are making a final push to raise every last dollar possible and I need your help. My team and I have been working day and night to reach voters and spread our winning message.  Every dollar you helps get our message out and brings us another step closer to victory.


·       LD6 Sen Incumbent Brenda Barton: We have much to reflect on. First we remember 19 brave souls that lost their lives protecting Yarnell. I will never forget the 19 as I fight for state control of our forest so we can maintain them and stop these horrible wildfires. Please keep their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. I'm very happy to tell you the first LD6 Team Town Hall Tour was a success.  My seatmates and I traveled from Williams to Snowflake/Taylor listening and speaking with many constituents.  The tour covered 175 miles, including  7 cities and towns.  We discussed many important issues like education, land and water rights and how to get our state's financial house in order. It was great seeing the people of LD 6; driving   through the district and enjoy it's beauty. Finally, we will celebrate America's 238th birthday this Friday. When reflecting on our country's birth, and everything she has been through, I have to think of one of my favorite founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson. He was a statesman that understood the importance of state’s rights. "Government should be on your side, not in your way"  is how I like to think; we need to make that our message as conservatives. These events have really re-energized me and make me want to fight hard for you. At the Capitol I remember the 19 heroes of Yarnell, the conversations and majestic views while touring the district or the brave souls that risked their lives so we could be here today. Thank you for your endless support. I can't do this without you; that’s why your hard work and donations mean so much.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs: The Obama Administration's announcement that it will ask Congress to provide more than $2 billion in "emergency funding" for additional border patrol agents, immigration judges and detention facilities to address the "rush the border" surge is positive although it's in direct response to the amnesty policies, lax border enforcement and lenient deportation procedures of the Obama Administration.  It's contradicted by the news that Obama will simultaneously pursue further unilateral actions, bypassing Congress, to slow deportations of illegal aliens who've lived in the U.S. for years. I strongly disagree with President Obama's use of executive orders to legalize illegal immigration by decree, known as "deferred action" and "parole in place," which he's now indicating he will expand and extend.  I'm astounded that the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder, says that the government has to "help these young immigrants fight deportation," referring to the 52,000 unaccompanied minors and 39,000 women with children from Central America who have been apprehended on the border this year.  By their actions, President Obama and Attorney General Holder undermine respect for the rule of law. The failure to secure our border and enforce immigration laws, coupled with the amnesty policies enacted by the Obama Administration,  have created an incentive for illegal immigration and human smuggling into the U.S.  I'm the only candidate for Governor with actual law enforcement experience: as a military policeman, military police investigator and military police supervisor in the Army, and as a police officer and deputy sheriff.  I will make public safety and securing the border through coordinated state-local law enforcement action my highest priority as Governor.


·       Gubernatorial candidate Scott Smith: Governor Jan Brewer is right. Barack Obama's failed immigration policy threatens lives and our national security. Instead of granting blanket amnesty to thousands of people who entered our country illegally, the President should first secure our border. On issue after issue, I am the only Republican candidate for Governor to stand with Governor Brewer. Last week, I called on the President and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to use the Expedited Removal Hearings process to speed up the removal of the more than 90,000 illegal immigrants who have crossed the American border since October. I believe the Obama Administration needs to stop empowering the coyotes, cartels and organized crime syndicates who traffic in human beings. We can't allow criminals to continue to profit by luring tens of thousands more children and families by giving them false hope. These predators are victimizing would-be border crossers, and the Administration is aiding and abetting that crime. We need to send an unequivocal message not to leave your homeland. Because I stand with Governor Brewer and because I am opposed to the Obama Administration failed policies, I am now being attacked in the media by liberal immigration attorneys who support amnesty. As Mayor of Mesa, we enforced the laws, apprehended illegal immigrants and made Mesa one of the safest big cities in America.  As Governor, I will do the same for Arizona. stand with me.


·       Supt of Public Instruction Candidate Diane Douglas: A third party group has released poll numbers for several statewide contests in Arizona and our race was part of their survey.I am only 4 points behind Mr. Huppenthal but 42% of voters are still undecided. I received 27% support and Huppenthal received 31%. We have not spent any money on advertising and we are only a few points away from someone who has been in government for 30 years - we can win this race! The other bright spot from the poll was that 63% of voters agree with us that Common Core must be stopped. Only 15% of respondents support Common Core. That means once we get our message out to the voters, they are inclined to support us on our main issues by a 4 to 1 advantage.In other news, we have turned in our $5 contributions to the Secretary of State's office and are waiting for verification. Thank you again to everyone who contributed. diane douglas.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey: We launched the month of June faced with news of yet another disaster caused by the federal government. As the month wraps up today, I wanted to recap what we've done so far on the issue of border security.

·       I wrote letters to Congressman Gosar and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery asking them to explore options at county, state and federal levels on the inhumane treatment of these migrants and the federal government's disregard for immigration enforcement and a secure border. The Phoenix Business Journal covered my actions, which you can read about here.

·       I hosted a tele-townhall with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery about border security and the migrant situation in Arizona, and what law enforcement actions are feasible. Next week, I'm hosting another tele-townhall with Congressman Trent Franks to discuss a bill he recently introduced - the National Border and Homeland Security Act.

·       Listen to my most recent radio ad about the federal government's disregard for its responsibility to enforce the law and take care of our veterans, and my plans to ensure otherwise as your governor.

·       Read my Arizona Roadmap to Opportunity and Freedom to learn more about what a Ducey administration would do to secure the border and other issues.

·       We started a petition seeking action and answers from the Obama Administration regarding border security, immigration enforcement and the plight of our veterans. Join me by signing a  June was a successful month on the campaign and we expect the momentum to continue building in July.See you on the campaign trail.



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