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7-29-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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July 29, 2014


·       LD19 Is Hosting A ‘Meet And Greet $5 qualifying contribution drive’ for LD19 write-in Senate candidate Joseph Hobbs from 6-8 pm, Fri., Aug 1 at 3609 N 127th Drive., Avondale. RSVP


·       Michel Auerbach’s City Council Campaign Signs will be delivered to you by e-mailing with your address.


·       LD 30 Candidate for Senate Gary Cox needs $ 5 Clean Elections Contributions. He is also calling for volunteers to make phone calls. Contact:   Gary Cox at 623-696-8854.  Gary will provide a call list.   secure online $ 5 Clean Elections


·       State Treasurer Candidate Jeff  Dewit will be interview at 12:30 pm, Fri., Aug 1 Pinal Power Players  by host Douglas Wolf, Pinal County Assessor at WWW.KQCKLIVE.COM. The host is Douglas Wolf, Pinal County Assessor.


·       CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten will appear on the 7 am, Wed., July 30 Red Pill Morning Talk Online Radio by Red Pill Network

·       Phoenix City Council Member Thelda Williams is in a little hot water with her constituents for voting with Dem council members and Mayor Greg Stanten to sock taxpayers with an additional $11 million in fees on water bills, doubling senior center memberships, and increasing parking meters that run until 10 pm.  Last week, that same council admitted it had been wasting millions in taxpayer’s money. So Williams constituents are urging that taxpayers to contact Williams at 602-262-7444 ask for an explanation about why she voted to raise taxes and fees for basic services just days before they were to announce how much waste is in the city's budget. Since the council has conveniently cancelled all public meetings this month, you find the other  city council representative here.

·        Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith is scheduled to release his Education Plan for Arizona this evening at a gathering of educators in Mesa.


·       Arizona’s National Committeeman Bruce Ash’s Proposed Resolutions,  to help Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who has been jailed in Mexico since early April, will go to a vote of the RNC next week.


·       Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is hosting a reception for Attorney General candidate Mark Brnovich from 5:30-8:30 pm, Wed., July 30 at Donovan’s Steakhouse, 3101 E Camelback Road, Phx.  Suggested Contribution - $200 Please RSVP to Ryan Anderson at 602.359.8868 or


·       The League of Women Voters of Tucson is hosting a Governor Candidate Forum from 5-8 pm, Wed., July 30 at Pima Community College Proscenium Theatre.


·       You Can Tell The Primary Elections Are Getting Closer from the shenanigans that are occurring.  Briefs received a message from what appeared to be a plea for funding for a GOP candidate last week … but the donation link went directly to a Democrat candidate fund raising website.


·       Wickenburg Mayor John Cook heaped praise on Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Clint Hickman at the Wickenburg Republican Club meeting last evening. Cook is appreciative of Hickman’s attention to issues out Wickenburg Way since he was appointed to replace ailing Supervisor Max Wilson. Hickman gave the group an update on happenings at the Board of Supervisors.


·       Ld13 Chairman Robert Branch, LD13 House Incumbent Darin Mitchell,  Hassayampa Constable candidates Arnold Kohl and Scott Blake, Board of Supervisors incumbent Clint Hickman and challenger Sandra Dowling, and  Maricopa County Community College Board Candidate Jean McGrath also spoke to the Wickenburg Republicans last night.


·       A Casa Grande Candidates Debate is scheduled between 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., Thurs., July 31 at the Central Lutheran Church-324 N. Sacaton St., Casa Grande featuring Clerk of the Court Candidates Chad Roche and Amanda Stanford, Casa Grande Justice of the Peace Court 2 Candidates Roger Valdez and John Ellsworth and Legislative District 8 Candidates Harold W. Vangilder, T.J. Shope, Frank Pratt, Wayne Bachmann, Carmen Casillas, Darla Dawald, Irene Littleton, Barbara McGuire and Alan Pease. Open to the public. Sponsored by the Casa Grande Dispatch.


·       CD1 Candidate Gary Kiehne will be at the Holiday Inn, 777 Pinal Ave., in Casa Grande from 6-8 pm, Wed., July 30 to meet with voters.


·       Volunteers are welcome to stop by the New AZ GOP West Valley Victory Office at 10050 W Bell Road #26, Sun City or contact office coordinators  Phyllis And Peter Lee 623-977-4532  Mdcyclist@Live.Com


·       LD29 House Candidate Aaron Borders will attend the candidate forum scheduled by Gene Derie at 6:30 pm, Aug 7 in the Villade Paz School Library, 4940 N. 103rd Ave., Phx.


·       Important Election Information :

·       July 31 - Early voting begins 

·       Aug 20 - Early voting ends (Ballots not mailed by the 20th might not be counted right away and should be taken to the polling place.)

·       Aug - 26 - Primary Election Day


·       Candidate Yard Signs In Your Neighborhood Are Legal.  The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees your right to free speech, and state law supports homeowners' rights to display political yard signs during election season -- despite HOA rules which may try to restrict your rights. See HB 2609 and it's clear that an HOA cannot enforce sign regulations that are more restrictive than those of the city, town or county according to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham.  If you are living in an HOA and run into this situation, visit the AZGOP Facebook page and tell your side of the story.


·       Campaign Signs Missing? According To Doug Nintzel, Arizona Department Of Public Transportation Public Information Officer, “ If campaign signs that are incorrectly placed within state highway right-of-way boundaries are collected by ADOT crews, they are taken to maintenance yards and are kept there for a couple of weeks to give campaigns some time to pick them up.”  He added, “Under state law, no campaign signs are allowed within the right of way ‎along state highways. ADOT sends letters to registered candidates each campaign cycle as a reminder of the prohibition against signs within highway right of way areas.”  So, if check with the nearby ADOT Maintenance Yard to see if your missing signs are stored there. See  ARS 16-1019 –political


·       Congressman  David Schweikert, Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on the Environment and member of the House Small Business Committee, will be questioning Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials and industry representatives on incidents of EPA overreach at two hearings this Wednesday. (1)The EPA’s Carbon Plan: Failure by Design” hearing will be conducted at the Rayburn House Office Building at 10 am, EDT/7:00 a.m. MST/PDT. The hearing will be streamed live here.The hearing will examine the EPA’s plan to implement technology-based standards under section 111 of the Clean Air Act. More details about witnesses and the purpose of the hearing can be found here.  (2)  Regulatory Overreach: Is EPA Meeting Its Small Business Obligations?” hearing will be held in the  Rayburn House Office Building at 1:00 p.m. EDT/10:00 a.m. MST/PDT. The hearing will be streamed online, here. The hearing will focus on the EPA’s proposed rules regarding greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, related initiatives announced in the President’s Climate Action Plan, and the EPA proposed “waters of the U.S.” rule. EPA administrator Bob Perciasepe is the testifying witness. More details about the witness and the purpose of the hearing can be found here.  Schweikert is both Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on the Environment and a member of the House Small Business Committee.He is a co-sponsor of an Amendment to the Electricity Security and Affordability Act, an amendment to curb EPA overreach on power plant emissions standards, and author of the Secret Science Reform Act. CONTACT: Maggie Zehring;, (202) 680-9613.

·       Contact Your Congressman. Let them know what you think about the illegal immigration surge, how they are voting various issues, the bills they are pushing/sponsoring, how they treat their constituents, etc.  Remember – they work for you!

·       Sen John McCain R                            202-224-2235   

·       Sen Jeff Flake R                                 202-224-3421   

·       Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                 202-225-3361   

·       Rep Ron Barber (D2)                         202-225-2542   

·       Rep Raul Grijalva (D3)                      202-225-2435   

·       Rep Paul Gosar (R4)                          202-2225-2315 

·       Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635   

·       Rep David Schweikert (R6)               202-225-2190   

·       Rep Ed Pastor (D7)                            202-225-4065   

·       Rep Trent Franks (8)                          202-225-4576   

·       Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D)                                              



·       A Republican Candidates Meet and Greet Forum is scheduled at 6 pm, Wed., July 30 at the Holiday Inn, 777 N Pinal Ave., Casa Grande. Snacks and beverages will be served. Candidates include CD1 – Gary Kiehne, Casa Grande Justice of the Peace – Roger Valdez, LD1l House- Scott Bartle, LD8 Senate Harold Vanglider, LD11 House Jo Grant, LD8 House Frank Pratt, and LD8 House – TJ Shope. RSVP to Garland Shreves at 520-591-3314 .


·       A Republican Primary Gubernatorial Forum is scheduled at 6:30 pm, July 30  in the Prosceium Theatre at the Center of the Arts at Pima Community College West Campus. Tickets available via and Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson and Arizona Public Media. Submit your question here.  Streamed live at and available through August 26.


·       The Colorado River Tea Party Patriots  Are Hosting A ‘Candidate’s Corner’ at 5 pm, Wed., July 30 at the Z Fun Factory, Waylon's Water World 4446 E. County 10th St. , Yuma. Bring your family, visit with the candidates, enjoy a swim on the Lazy River and have dinner while you are there. Candidates Attendance Confirmed:

·       Darin Mitchell - LD13 incumbent House

·       Don Shooter - LD13 incumbent Senate    

·       Dr Connie Uribe - LD4 senate candidate

·       Gabby Saucedo Mercer - CD3 candidate

·       Justin Pierce - Secretary of State

·       Richard Hopkins – LD4 House Candidate

·       Steve Montenegro – LD13 House Incumbent

·       Representative for Gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.



·       CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten will highlight the Brown Bag Lunch Series at noon, Thurs., July 31 at the Green Valley Village, Suite 70, I-19 Exit 65-Continental Road.


·       A Casa Grande Candidates Debate is scheduled at 6:30 pm, July 31 at the Central Lutheran Church-324 N. Sacaton St., Casa Grande.  Candidates include Clerk of the Court - Chad Roche and Amanda Stanford, Casa Grande Justice of the Peace Court - Roger Valdez and John Ellsworth, LD8 Senate - Harold W. Vangilder, LD8 House - T.J. Shope, Frank Pratt, Wayne Bachmann, Carmen Casillas, Darla Dawald, Irene Littleton, Barbara McGuire and Alan Pease. Hosted by the Casa Grande Dispatch.


·        Americans For Prosperity presents Economist Dr. Milton Friedman at 6 pm, Thur., July 31 at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 Greenock Drive, Oro Valley. Also speaking:  Dr. David Schmidtz, Dir. UofA Center for Philosophy of Freedom.  Tickets:


·        CPA Rex Pope Will Address School Tax Credits at the 6 pm, Thur., July 31 Colorado River Tea Party meeting.



·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent announcements or messages to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/


Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Incumbent Attorney General Candidate Tom Horne: Last week I participated in the first televised debate with my primary opponent in the race for Attorney General. As you will see from this edited, five-minute clip, my opponent was asked a simple question about donations he made to the leading open border advocate in our state, and evaded them each time. Taking his deceitful campaign one step further, my opponent sent an email out after the debate stating I would not appear in the same room with him to debate.  We all know that is laughable, and the station that hosted the debate, 3TV, has confirmed that it was their request and decision. I welcome your feedback to this debate, and encourage you to share the facts with at least 5 of your friends. As always, I am grateful and thank you for your continued support. To contribute to AG Horne’s reelection, click here.


·       LD25 House Incumbent Justin Olson: I received questions regarding campaign pieces funded by groups other than my campaign. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects everyone's right to communicate to voters any message that they desire about any politician or any political issue. This type of
communication is referred to as an "independent expenditure" because it is
funded by a person or group that is independent from the candidate or the
candidate's campaign. Independent expenditures are easily recognized by the disclosure that says: "Paid for by (the name of the group that is not the candidate's campaign). Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's campaign committee." Campaign finance law prohibits a group that funds an independent expenditure from coordinating its message with the candidate that the message supports. The messages on these independent pieces belong entirely to the group publishing them and are surprises to the candidates who learn about the messages at the same time that the messages are delivered to voters. Last week, two groups independent from my campaign mailed messages to voters supporting my re-election. One of the messages supported me and another candidate running for the Senate. The other piece supported me and another candidate that is running for the House. Because these messages supported other candidates along with my re-election campaign, voters have asked me if I am running as a team or if I have endorsed other candidates. This email is to clarify that I am focusing on my re-election to the House. I am not running as a team with any other candidates and have not endorsed any other LD-25 candidates for the State Legislature.   602-677-2643 cell

·       Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith: When considering the challenges for Arizona’s next governor, I’m struck by the disconnect between the rhetoric of the campaign and Job One for Arizona’s  governor. Illegal immigration overshadows other issues. Candidates make promises the Governor does not have the power to enact. As Mayor of Mesa, balancing Mesa’s budget and our struggling economy taught me that strong leaders concentrate on the biggest challenges, not appealing promises. Our next Governor must meet concerns about Arizona’s budget; how that budget impacts our education system, our communities’ safety and our families’ quality of life. The critical challenge facing our state is how to pay the bills, creatively shave expenses and reshape government. I faced the same challenge as Mayor. I inherited a $62 million budget deficit and falling revenues. We balanced Mesa’s budget for six years, without raising taxes, without adding operating debt and without federal funds. We cut regulation and helped business to prosper. Mesa added new jobs, attracted employers including a $2 billion Apple manufacturing facility, and created one of America’s safest big cities. That same approach will fix Arizona’s budget gaps and ailing state education system. I’ve developed an education plan that rewards our best teachers, sheds ineffective bureaucracy, promotes choice and creatively reforms our State Trust Land system to make sure we have the resources to succeed. There is a real distinction between my candidacy and my opponents’. They talk a good game and offer non-solutions to serious problems. Come January 5th, the time for talk ends. Arizona needs a Governor who has managed in a crisis. I have done it before and I will do it again.


·       CD9 Candidate Andrew Walter: We can't thank our volunteers enough for an outstanding job on Super Saturday. In a single day, we called over 2,000 CD9 primary voters. Can you help us maintain this momentum? This Saturday will be Family Saturday. Bring your closest friends and family to the office to help us reach voters who will have recieved their early ballots! Andrew's family will be joining us and we will have volunteer activities for kids as well. Below are the ways you can help Andrew on Saturday, or during the week if you can't make it. Please let us know how you can help. 1. Phone calls, in the office or from home  2. Knocking on doors  3. Lit dropping  4. Write a Letter to the Editor  5. Recruit your friends and family to join you. Details for our Saturday morning walk, as well as our office hours, are listed below. Thank you for your continued support, and please let us know how you can help this week with early ballots hitting mailboxes in two days.  9-11 am, Sat., Aug 2, meet at Kyrene de la Mariposa School, 50 E Knox Rd., Tempe. Bring water, sunscreen, hat. Contact: 480-447-5492.


·       CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten: Our world has become saturated with anger and frustration. We face daily challenges of making ends meet. We are losing faith in the government that seems out of touch and shows no regard for the laws or our Constitution. I offer the opportunity to stop the madness. I answer questions with substance. I did not recite statistics from the Internet, rattle off my resume or personal anecdotes. My path is laid out by the Constitution. Many of our problems are due to bureaucratic laden compromises riddled with special interest favors and loop holes. Every time "gotcha questions" are asked, I feel more confirmed that the endless rhetoric simply must stop. Families need assurance, not scripted sound-bites laced with nonsense. Our community deserves nothing short of opportunity and security. I am committed to representing Arizona for this very reason. Early Ballots: The importance of early ballots cannot be overstated. Return a mailed ballot by mail. Please ask your family, neighbors and co-workers to vote in the Primary. This decision should not be left to chance. The only way you can send my conservative voice, backed by my demonstrated ability to fight and change the direction for us, is to make sure that you start the chain of action. Please contribute. Each contribution of $7.99 will pay for a yard sign. Signs demonstrate the commitment of support in a personal way, much like a word of mouth referral. Let your community know that you believe in the conservative message and my commitment to end the lawless, unconstitutional behavior that must be stopped now.


·       LD15 House Candidate Heather Carter: Our veterans should be treated with the honor, respect and appreciation they deserve.  We owe them a debt of gratitude for their service.  It is a debt we can only hope to fully repay. As your state representative, I have worked hard to provide solutions to the problems facing our veteran community.  I sponsored and successfully passed a bill allowing military medical professionals to cut through bureaucratic red tape to get needed real world training, expanded healthcare options to veterans and provided additional job training and education.In 2013, I won the Copper Shield Award, the highest honor an elected official can receive from the veteran community.  I was nominated by veteran leaders, voted on by veterans and awarded by men and women who have proudly served our nation and our state. With so many shortcomings from the federal VA System, it’s time for Arizona leaders to come together and stand up for our veterans and military families. I hope to earn your vote.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: Seeking political cover for his upcoming five-week vacation, Politician Ron Barber signed a letter last Friday instead of taking action to solve the many challenges facing Southern Arizona. His letter, announced in a late Friday press release, comes after the McSally Campaign called on him four different times and four days earlier to do the work he was elected to do, not go on vacation. The McSally campaign called on Rep. Barber on July 21 to get to work immediately solving the nation's problems, not after Congress' five-week vacation. After three more calls for action and four days later, Congressman Barber released a press release stating he had signed a letter. Congressman Barber has made a habit of failing to show leadership. Barber didn't act on the A-10 until McSally alerted him in an op-ed, even saying there was no threat to the A-10 as recently as September 2013. It took Barber a full week after McSally acted to call for Secretary Shinseki's resignation at the VA. He also resisted commenting on proposed harmful EPA regulations until McSally called for action, and has still yet to take meaningful action to protect Southern Arizonans from higher energy costs.  See "Wake-up and Unite to Save Davis-Monthan and A-10," 8/27/2013).  Barber says the A-10 is not threatened  9/1/2013).  McSally calls for Shinseki's resignation (Twitter, 5/21/2014).  Barber calls for Shinseki's resignation a week after (Twitter, 5/28/2014)  McSally calls on Barber to oppose harmful EPA regulations, 6/4/2014).  Barber signs letter seeking EPA hearing in Arizona 6/13/2014).


·       CD9 Candidate Wendy Rogers: We're less than 100 days away from the general election in November. In other words, in less than 100 days we have the opportunity to fire Kyrsten Sinema to restore conservative leadership for Arizona’s 9th District.
All hands on deck!
A contribution will provide us with the resources to win the primary election and to defeat Kyrsten Sinema in November.
We need to make a change. Sinema’s nothing but a cheerleader for President Obama and his failed, liberal agenda. Voters across our district deserve a real leader. I’ve been a squadron commander in the Air Force, a leader in the small business community, and will be a leader as your next congresswoman. My experience and my readiness to serve are attracting the attention of voters and supporters across our district and throughout Arizona. Less than 100 more days to get the job done. Let’s get to work.

·       Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: We've come a long way since Arizona’s Territorial Legislature established a modest highway system consisting of just two roads in 1909.  Lucky for us, the leaders of the time understood the importance of infrastructure and how crucial was for economic growth. From land and water resources, to Arizona’s roads and highways, our state’s economic fortunes depend greatly on high quality infrastructure.  Over the past few years, the legislature has had to make difficult decisions to get us through the downturn.  But now, as the state emerges from the recession, we must address issues related to our infrastructure if we are to boost job growth and economic development. My plan for Arizona is based on decades of public service at the state and local level.  That experience has prepared me to deal with issues related to transportation, land management and water sustainability; all crucial to Arizona’s future. Please take a moment to review my detailed plan to deal with the state’s deteriorating infrastructure at  Remember, Early Ballots go out Thursday July 31.  I think it’s time we elect a Governor with a proven track record of success, not someone who requires on-the-job training at this critical time. People, not politics.

·       Tempe City Council Candidate Matt Papke: The election is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited to finish this campaign season strong! Our polls are in and looking good. But the fight is not over and we need you now more than ever. Mass door knocking is done (12,000 voters strong).Road signs are done. We need help on what could be the most crucial work of all. From Aug 2 through Aug 25 , 9am-9 pm, Sunday through Saturday at  Papke Command Center, 2954 S El Dorado St Mesa, 85202 (Dobson/Guadalupe) at the home of Jessica Merrow  Get out the vote calls are vital. We will be getting regular updated lists on early ballots. Those who have not turned them in often just need that little extra nudge to remind them. We have to make sure our supporters vote. Our command center is setup from the living room of one of our supporters. Free snacks and beverages provided. Please bring your cell phone and charger. If you do not have unlimited minutes, phones will be available. No need to schedule, no need to give us a heads up. Just drop on by during your lunch break, after work, before work, on the weekends, or whenever. No experience needed Sign me up!  Will you pledge to visit the command center to help us talk to as many voters as we can? Click Here to RSVP: Sign me up!  Contact:  Jessica Merrow


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·        Turkish-Women-May-Not Laugh-In Public


·        Turkish-Women-May-Not Laugh-In Public


·        Memorial-Cross-Threatened-By Atheists-Lawsuit; See-Why Judges-Smacked It Down


·        Hill-Phone-Lines-Melt-Fearing-Obama-Unilateral-Amnesty-Threats-Folks-Jam-Congresss-Phones

·        Boehner Rules Out Impeachment: 'A Scam Started By Democrats'

·        Pelosi: Qataris Have Told Me ‘Hamas Is A Humanitarian Organization’

·        Boehner Blasts Reid, Won't Allow 'Immigration Reform' On Border Bill

·        Protest Raises Questions About Contract Workers Of Legislative Branch

·        Boehner: Reid-Trying-To-Tank-House-Bill

·        Republican-Senator-Compares-Hamas-To-Nazis


·        Administration Likely Knew Some Obamacare Subsidies Illegal


·        Whites Need Not Apply: Black Leaders In Fresno Oppose White ‘Cultural Studies’ Teacher


·        Krauthammer: Kerry's Meddling Wrecked Hamas-Israel Deal


·        Obama’s ‘Beautiful Religion’: ISIS Releases Horrifying Video Of Slaughters And Executions

·        Obama-Thanks-Muslims-For Building-Fabric-Of Our Nation

·        Michelle Obama Denounces Money In Politics; Asks Donors For A "Big, Fat Check"


·        Islamic-State: We're Coming-To Get You Barack-Obama

·        U.S. Bans Flights To 6 Countries That Pose Threats To Passenger Jets

·        DIA Head Backs Hamas: Defeat Could Open Way For ISIL; No Mideast Peace ‘In My Lifetime’

·        Hamas Chief Weapons Developer Killed By Israeli Air Strike

·        Egypt Hints Qatar Involved In Attack That Killed 22 Soldiers Near Libyan Border

·        Hizbullah Leader Traveling As Businessman Said Killed In Air Algerie Crash

·        Ex Security Adviser: Israel ‘Not In Control Of The Situation’ In Gaza

·        Iraq Forms Brigades Of Sunnis, Kurds In Bid To Take Back Mosul

·        ISIL Launches First Direct Attacks On Syrian Forces

·        Western Nations Evacuate Embassies As Libya Situation Reaches ‘Critical Stage’

·        Tunisia To Get 12 U.S. Black Hawk Helicopters In Counter-Terror Deal