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8-18-14 MCRC Briefs

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August 18, 2014

·       Listed  Below Are Questions that Maricopa County Chairman A J LaFaro submitted to the County Recorder’s office in an effort to help first time voters in cities that have converted to the “mail in ballots only” elections. We appreciate Kristi  Passarelli,  Maricopa County Elections Dept Campaign Finance & Jurisdictional Manager, for taking time from her busy schedule to provide the answers.    (602) 506-8344

·       1.  What cities in Maricopa County have opted to conduct their election by mail?

     There are 7 Cities conducting their elections by mail ballot.

     City of Buckeye, City of El Mirage, Town of Fountain Hills, City of Litchfield Park, Town of Paradise Valley, Town of Queen Creek, and Town of Wickenburg

     In addition, the City of Goodyear will also be by mail ballot for August – In order to keep the process consistent for this all mail city we asked them to host replacement balloting for Aug – While they are not having their own City election in August, they are having a special November election and it would be all mail. MCED agreed to conduct Aug as All Mail and to staff and pay for the replacement site for August so not to confuse voters by having a polling place for August and not for November. The city will host and staff/pay for Nov as they normally would for their election.

     The Town of Carefree received petitions   recently that mandates their propositions be on the November ballot. The Town is conducting the election by mail. The petitions were submitted and verified after the August/November elections were set up to accommodate the same situation for Goodyear. We will conduct the November election by mail for the Town of Carefree.

·       2.  Why did these cities decide to conduct their elections by mail?
     These cities and towns have been conducting their elections by mail for many years now. It is up to the city/town to decide and the council to vote on the method.

·       3.  When were these decisions made and by whom? See question 2

·       4.  Did the voters in these cities automatically receive early ballots from Maricopa County Elections even though they weren't on PEVL? YES – IF they are registered in a recognized political party.

     If they are not affiliated, the voters on the PEVL were sent the statutory 90 day notices as required by law to give them the options to choose from. If they are not affiliated and are not on the PEVL we at Helen’s request designed a 33 day notice that was sent to these voters with the options to choose from. Additionally, the voters that are on the PEVL that didn’t respond to the 90 day notice also received the 33 day notice.

·       5.  Were the "Other" voters in these cities automatically contacted by Maricopa County Elections and given the option to choose a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Americans Elect ballot? See question 4 (see attached 90 day notice/33 day notice)

·       6.  Did Maricopa County Elections and these cities conduct public awareness campaigns to inform the voters that would be effected by these decisions?
     The city/town can and some do but they are not required to do so.

·       7.  Were the voters notified?  If notified, when and how? See question 4 and 5 re: notices. For voters in mail ballot only cities/towns there is an insert with their ballot (blue card) indicating the mail ballot election and the options for replacement ballots.

      Additionally, where there is an all mail city/town that has a requirement for a publicity pamphlet the information is provided on the voter information section of the booklet (inside) as well as on the mailing panel noted for the polling location “Replacement
Ballot Only” with the proper address to city/town hall.

·       8.  Which state and county party officials were notified?

     On June 5, 2014, we had a meeting with all county chairs to discuss the upcoming elections and to conduct the draw. It was at that meeting, Karen mentioned that some cities and towns were conducting their elections by mail.

     I am not aware of any statutory requirement for the parties to be notified by the city/town as their elections are nonpartisan.

·       9.  What is the plan, procedure and protocol for the voters that may not be aware they won't be allowed to vote at the polls on August 26th?

      A voter in an all mail city/town is allowed to vote at their designated location which is City/Town Hall every day of the replacement ballot period through election day. The replacement ballot locations are open the same hours as the polling places on election day. 6am-7pm

·       10.  Where are the rural voters, beyond the city limits of the mail elections only, suppose to vote? The voter will vote at their designated polling location if they are not in the city/town limits. Their polling location will be specified on their informational pamphlet, sample ballot or they can use the online polling place location which is specific to the voters residence address to get their assigned location.

·       11.  Why does the Recorder's web site still indicate that regular long-time polling places are stillopen on August 26th in such places as the Wickenburg Community Center? See question 10 – there are voters in Wickenburg precinct that do not live in the Town boundary. Their assigned location is the community center.

·       12.  Who will be voting at these polling places if those within the city are confined to mail-in ballots? See question 11

·       13.  Where are "Other" voters within the city limit mail-only ballot cities to vote if they didn't request an early ballot? – At the Replacement Ballot location – City/Town Hall.

·       Listed Below Are The Cities That Are Holding All Mail Ballot Elections and the precincts within those cities which will not be open on election day, according to Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell:

o   El Mirage: Dysart, El Mirage, Rancho Mirage, Soledad

o   Fountain Hills: Fountain Hills, Four Peaks, Golden Eagle, Palisades, Saguaro

o   Goodyear:  Desert Blossom, Desert Thunder, Desert Vista, Goodyear, Mobile, Palm Valley, Rio Paseo, Pebble Creek, Westar, Wildflower, Wigwam

o   Litchfield: Wigwam (in both Goodyear & Litchfield Park)

o   Paradise Valley:  Cheney, Doubletree, Kiva, Palo Cristi

o   Queen Creek: Sanokai

o   Buckeye: Durango, Festival, Sundance West, Wyman

o   Wickenburg: Wickenburg Community Center will be open for those living outside the Town

All of the voters in these cities were advised, by way of an insert with their ballot, that replacement ballots were available from the City/Town Clerk.  This of course is through election day.   602-506-3628;


·        Setting the Record Straight: Tom Horne Refutes Allegations that he refuses to enter gay marriage debate as circulated by American Post-Gazette this week: “This is total fabrication,” Horne said. “There are two challenges in Federal District Court as to Arizona's constitutional provision that marriage is between a man and a woman and I am defending both of them. In one, I have filed a pleading in which you can read our arguments in favor of the constitutionality of Arizona’s prohibition of same sex marriages. See  There is a case to which the state was not a party dealing with a divorce.  We recently received notice of that because the constitutionality of the provision is an issue, and we decided to intervene to defend the constitutionality of Arizona's prohibition of gay marriage.  We never refused to intervene, and in fact decided that we would intervene.

In the Hawaii case they refer to the Court said, at paragraph 15: "The question before this Court is not whether the State of Arizona allows same-sex marriage or divorce, but whether the laws of the State of Arizona allow a marriage, lawfully entered into in another state, between two persons the foreign state formally recognized at the time of the marriage as male and female, to be dissolved."   “Where ever the constitutionality of the ban on same sex marriage has been at issue, I have actively defended Arizona’s ban. The Post-Gazette story is a malicious lie, as you can verify by reading the pleading at Then click on 


·       LD18 Incumbent Rep Bob Robson was cited by the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department tonight (8-18-14) for violating section 16-10 19.A- tampering with campaign signs, which is a class 2 Misdemeanor.  The court date has been set for 9 am, September 2, 2014 in the San Marco Court presided over by Judge Frankle. Robson and an accomplice, who is as of yet not identified, are accused of taking and destroying campaign signs at the Circle K store on the NW corner of Dobson and Warner in Chandler.  The investigation is still ongoing and further information will be forthcoming as the case moves forward. As previously reported,  Robson and his accomplice were seen working as a team removing and destroying signs before disposing of them.  They were then seen leaving the scene in Robson’s vehicle driven by Robson. Circle K security cameras were able to capture the actual crime take place and a frontal view of the accomplice is also shown, identification of the other thief is expected to be made shortly. Throughout LD18  “Arrow of Truth” signs have been stolen and destroyed every day since July 9. The investigation is on-going and some of the evidence is being withheld until completion.  More information is expected to be released within the next few days. -- Mike Richardson PC LD18 AGOP


·        Destroying Political Signs is a Class 2 Misdemeanor  (ARS 16-1019 –political  signs )  if caught  and prosecuted. If you see someone destroying or messing with Republican political signs in Maricopa County , please photograph them and take the photos to the victims or send them to MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro  


·       LD28 Shadow Rock PC George Teegarden is one of the mild-mannered workhorses reportedly targeted by a shadow group to not be re-elected during the Aug 26 balloting.  Teegarden is known throughout the county for the countless hours he has given over the past five or six years in providing computerized balloting tabulating system for the individual precincts. He not only developed the system, he went out to numerous LD elections and oversaw the process to make sure elections/balloting weren’t tampered with. He is also the guy observed going from row to row, seat to seat, after the January 2014 county meeting – picking up the junk and litter that that others had left behind.  And they want to replace him??? Unbelievable.  LD28 Arcadia PCs incumbents Florence and Patrick Smith, and new PC candidate Jeff Fleetham are also targeted. They are on the official ballot.


·       Conservative PCs April Riggins and Jim O’Connor are among the LD23 targeted for non-reelection by a group that reportedly wants to take over the state and county elections in January by getting their selected PC elected in August. Riggins is the heir-apparent for election as the Maricopa County Chairman, havi served her full term as the MCRC First Vice Chair. Del Joya, Bronco, Granite Mountain, Pecos and Golden Eagle Precincts are reportedly targeted in this scheme.


·       Early Voters Be Sure To Mail Your Ballots in so they are in the Recorder’s office by 5 pm, Tues., Aug 26.  The sooner your ballot is in the Recorder’s office, the sooner you name is removed from those pesky robo calls.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar was in Payson for the big rodeo parade.


·       State Treasurer Candidate Randy Pullen and Gov. Jan Brewer were stumping in Prescott today.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs will be hopping tomorrow. He’ll visit the AZGOP Victory Office in the West Valley at 9:30 am, the head to Prescott to Ruger’s Factory, then back to Phoenix for the 5 pm, AZ Cities & Towns Gubernatorial Forum.

·       Incumbent Attorney General Tom Horne will join Shane Krauser in addressing the Constitution  at 6:30 pm,  Tues, Aug 19 at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa. $2 admission .  Age 17 and under are free.

·       LD19 Senate Candidate Joe Hobbs will attend the Tues, Aug 19  Gangplank Avondale Hacknight at 525 N Central Avenue in Avondale. Hacknight is a collaborative night for software projects, hardware projects, or just plain making things. Bring your own snacks.

·       Jonathan Paton and "Yes on 122" needs help from those already volunteering  outside at the Aug 26 polls who are willing to hand out  campaign palm card advocating the passage of Proposition 122 they are asking us to hand out to voters as they exit their polling locations.  Volunteers should contact Paton at so "Yes on 122" campaign staff can get their palm cards to you.


·       MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro reminds everyone, “the passage of Proposition 122 on November 4th is extremely important to help preserve Arizona's sovereignty and 10th Amendment rights.  Below is Russell Pearce's "Statement in Favor" that will appear in the November 4th Voter Information Pamphlet:

o   Yes!!!!  Proposition 122 To Appear On The 2014 Ballot Is A Critical State’s Rights Proposition: Delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 feared an all-powerful federal government.  They had just fought a bloody war to free themselves from the tyranny of the English King, and they weren’t about to risk their precious freedom on far-away bureaucrats who might try to centralize power and take away their rights.  So, the Founders wrote a constitution that established a federal government with layers of checks and balances that would protect liberty and put chains on the power of the central government.  The federal government was prohibited from exercising any powers NOT delegated to it, and the powers that WERE delegated to it were few and enumerated.  Further, everyone understood that the powers held by the federal government were not powers that it assumed for itself but powers that were delegated to it by the states.  The states were to be a check on the abuse of power by the federal government – that is, the states were to be watchful and rein in the federal government whenever it began to usurp authority not delegated to it.  Little by little over the last two centuries, the federal government has assumed more and more power that rightfully belongs to the states, and the states have not performed their proper role of checking abuses by the federal government.  Onerous environmental regulations, control over education, using the IRS to target political opponents, mandating health care, writing laws via Executive orders, rewriting other laws passed by Congress, and bailing out private companies are just a few examples, and the list goes on and on.  It’s time to recognize that a federal law that violates the U.S. Constitution is not a law at all.  Prop 122 will strengthen Arizona’s effort to oppose federal violations of the Constitution.  Vote “YES” on Prop 122.  -  Senator Russell Pearce, Former President of the Arizona State Senate, Former Chief Deputy for America’s Toughest lawman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and Host of “The Russell Pearce Show” on KKNT-960 “The Patriot” in Phoenix


·       Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham today thanked the Arizona Republic for exposing a false a statement made by Fred DuVal, a lobbyist who is also the Democrat nominee for Governor.’s Fact Check feature yesterday (link here) exposed the statement by DuVal that Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey made “illegal education cuts” as completely false.  The report notes that the state treasurer does “not have the power or authority to make any kind of education cuts. It’s important for voters to be reminded that candidates like DuVal that fail to be truthful with the public are still going to be on the ballot, and I thank the media for pointing out this failure,” said Graham.  “Democrat voters in Arizona have had this candidate forced upon them, without a primary election, and now they’re stuck with a weak candidate who struggles when asked to tell the truth.”


·       Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham has announced that the LD6 Precinct Committeemen will meet at 10 am, Aug 30 in Flagstaff to select a replacement Republican nominee for the state senate to appear on the general election ballot for Nov 4. Sen Chester Crandell, who passed away on Aug 4, was running unopposed for the GOP nomination for the Aug 26 election. “Senator Crandell was loved and respected, and now our Precinct Committeemen have the opportunity to fill the vacancy on the ballot with a nominee who truly will have big shoes to fill,” said Graham. LD6 includes portions of Coconino, Navajo, Gila and Yavapai counties and has more than 42,000 registered Republican voters.  By law, the meeting will be chaired by the Chairman of the Coconino County Republican Committee, as that county has the largest geographic share of the district. Prior to Crandell’s election in 2012, the seat was held by Sylvia Allen, who currently represents many of the voters in the area as she was elected to the Navajo County Board of Supervisors in 2012.  Allen is a popular figure in the region and widely considered to be favored to receive the nomination at the meeting. PCs  entitled to vote at the meeting will receive an official call letter shortly. The meeting will be held at at the Doubletree Hilton, 1175 W Rt 66, Flagstaff, AZ.


·       Sen John McCain will hold a Town Hall meeting with Raytheon employees at 2 pm, Tues., Aug 19 in Tucson and a Green Valley Town Hall at 1:30 pm, Wed., Aug 20 at the Community Performance and Art Center, 1250 West Continental Road, Green Valley, Arizona 85622.


·       Sen John McCain Will Address the 2014 League of Arizona Cities and Towns luncheon at 1:30 pm, Thur., Aug 21 at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix, 340 North 2rd St.,


·       The Center For Arizona Policy, Payson Ministerial Association, and Payson Mayor Kenny Evans invite you to a Praise & Worship Rally from 4-6 pm, Sun., Aug 31 at Rumsey Park Ball Field #2, 400 N McLane Rd., Payson, AZ. Rain out location – Payson First Church of the Nazarene, 200 E Tyler Parkway, Payson. Free event for whole family. Guests: Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy, Pastor Kelly Woolridge of Payson First Assembly, Isaac Bradford of Calvary Chapel, Pastor Rich Richey of Payson First Church of the Nazarene and the Payson Honor Guard. Flier    Poster    602-424-2525.


·       Alan Korwin To Laurie Roberts: Every time you refer to the Supreme Court decision to allow corporate election contributions and glaringly omit the permission for unions to do the same thing you deceive the public into thinking that decision benefited conservatives alone, when it benefited both liberals and conservatives equally. This is flat-out wrong. Liberal journalists (I'm not saying you are one) do this all the time with that case, and that's an abomination, defying key ethical principles journalists should follow. Citizens United has become a rallying cry for the left wing, most of whom don't have an inkling of the truth. They got their false impression from stories like yours unfortunately. What say you? Any chance you or the paper would issue a clarification (or correction) and help improve the paper's credibility, and the public's knowledge? -- Alan Korwin, The Uninvited Ombudsman


·       The Lincoln Republican Women will meet Mon, Sept 8 at the Double Tree Resort, 5401 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale. $28 Per person. 5:30 pm Meet and Greet, 6 pm Meeting/ Dinner, 6:30-7:30 pm   Program.  Speaker: AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham ‘Rally round the GOP Flag, Girls!’  RSVP: Call Judy Eisenhower 480-941-8162 Or or  Pat Kaufman at 480-368-2777  Send your checks payable to the Lincoln Republican Women’s Club to Judy Eisenhower, 7915 E. Sage Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85250


·       CD2 Candidate Shelley Kais will hold a Victory Party from 6 to 9 p.m. on primary election night, Aug. 26, at McMahon’s Steakhouse, 2959 N. Swan Road, Tucson.


·       Many Of  You Are Using Barney Brenner’s rebar drivers to install your campaign signs. You’ll be happy to know that he now has rebar ‘extractors’ that let you pull the stakesout of the ground effortlessly and without bending them. Contact him at


·       Pinal County Chairman Seraphim Larsen is calling for poll watchers. Volunteers should contact him at Seraphim Larsen immediately.


·       At the request of MCRC Chr A J LaFaro, the Maricopa County Elections Team has developed an Online Poll Watcher (aka Political Observer) Workshop that Poll Watcher volunteers can watch prior to the Aug 26 Primary and Nov 4 General Elections. Please read the instructions below before accessing the workshop:

o   1.  The workshop takes a couple of minutes to load so be patient

o   2.  Once loaded, the workshop automatically starts and advances by itself

o   3.  Do not try stopping the workshop.  You might get a "script error" and the workshop will freeze up

If you have any technical difficulties or questions contact Daniel Ruiz II, Director of Public Affairs, Maricopa County Recorder’s Office & Elections Department at 602-506-1270 or  Poll Watcher volunteers need to contact their LD Chairmen and request LaFaro's original signed letter of appointment.  LaFaro requires all Poll Watcher volunteers be current elected or appointed Republican Precinct Committeemen. politicalobserverworkshop.htm  LaFaro thanks Maricopa County Elections Team Members - Daniel Ruiz II, Berta Ramirez, Linda Weedon and Kristi Passarelli for taking the time to develop this workshop. And he thanks the MCRC volunteers who are working tirelessly during this election.


·       URGENT- The MCRC Needs To Provide At Least 20 Unpaid Volunteers to officially observe the early ballot counting at Maricopa County Elections beginning on Wed, Aug 20 through Sat, Aug 30.  We need to have two volunteers observing at all times throughout the day. The early ballot counting will be conducted all day, every day at the Elections - MCTEC Office, 510 S. Third Ave., Phoenix AZ 85003, 602-506-1511. Please e-mail Chairman LaFaro your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the day(s) you are willing to work.  A J LaFaro – Maricopa County Republican Chairman


·       Maricopa County Elections is still needs Republican Poll Workers for Legislative District (LD)17, LD24, LD26, LD27 and LD28.  In addition LD13, LD17, LD23 and LD26 need Bilingual Republican Poll Workers. Anyone interested in being a poll worker in these Legislative Districts needs to contact, as quickly as possible, Colleen Redmond, Board Worker Recruiter Supervisor, Maricopa County Elections, at  or 602-372-3713. Thanks.  A. J. LaFaro - Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Bennett Schedule:

o   Aug 19 – 5 pm, League of Arizona Cities and Towns Gubernatorial Candidate Debate - Phoenix

o   Aug 21 – 6 pm, White Mountain Conservatives Meeting - Show Low


·       Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate Diane Douglas Schedule:

o   Aug 20 - 6:30 to 8:00 pm - Candidate Meet and Greet, 4601 E. Dolphin Avenue, Mesa, AZ

o   Aug 21 – 11:30 am-1 pm, speaking to Green Valley Republican Club, Green Valley Village - Suite 70, 101 S. La Canada Drive, Green Valley, AZ.

Contact Beth Hallgren 602-369-2495   602-369-2495


·       CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten schedule: 

·       Aug 19 – 8:30 am, : "Inside View" Radio spot on KTAN 1420 AM with David Stevens from

·       Aug 20 -  8 am,  Walking the district with supporters in Green Valley

·       Aug 20 -  4:30 pm,  KQTH Radio Spot with James T. Harris 104.1 FM

·       Aug 21: 3-6 pm, Cocktails and Conversation-Live broadcast with James T. Harris at Sullivan's Steakhouse, 1785 East River Rd. Tucson.

·       Aug 22: 8 am ,  Coffee with CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten at Panera Bread,  6129 East Broadway Blvd. Tucson

·       Aug 23: 8 am, Green Valley Sign Waving/Street Rally with Gubernotorial Candidate Frank Riggs. Pick up a sign at the GV GOP Headquarters @ Green Valley Village Ste. #70 between 8:00-8:30. Rally begins at 8:30-10:30 approx.


·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/




·       A ‘Women Warriors Of  The Senate’ Fundraiser, featuring scrumptious homemade dessert by LD22 Sen Judy Burges, LD14 Sen Gail Griffin, LD15 Sen Nancy Barto, LD21 Rep Debbie Lesko, LD15 Sen Kelli Ward and LD20 Sen Kimberly Yee will be held from 4:30-6:30 pm, Tues, Aug 19 at the home of Susie Stevens, 6116 N 38th Place, Paradise Valley, AZ  85253. Meet the fantastic incumbent ‘Women Warriors’ candidates, enjoy a tasting contest, watch cooking demos and meet several 2014 Arizona Miss winners with their crowns/sashes. Hostess Committee: Janna Day, Shelby Fletcher, Molly Greene, Deb Gullett, Becky Hill, Gretchen Kitchel, Laura Knaperek, Courtney LeVinus, Emily Ryan, Kathy Senseman and Susie Stevens.


·       The  Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party. (3rd Tues- Aug 19) 6:30 PM., Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Speakers:  Congressman David Schweikert; Secretary of State candidate Justin Pierce, and Fountain Hills Town Council candidates  Lina Bellenir & Nick DePorter.  Admission free;  donations to offset expenses are welcome. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski


·       Jeffrey Prather, Founder, Warrior School is the Speaker at the 11:30 am, Tues., Aug 19 Pima County Republican Club Luncheon at the Sabbar Shrine Temple, 450 S. Tucson Blvd.  Lunch $11.


·       LD23 House Candidate Jay Lawrence will be at the Tues, Aug 19 Fountain Hills Tea Party meeting/debate.  He is also schedule for the Thur., Aug 21 Scottsdale Tea Party Candidate Forum.



·       The Western Pinal Republican Club (WPRC) will be holding their CD 1 candidate meet and greet for local, county and state candidates this Wed, Aug 20. All candidates will have time to give their stump speech and talk with the people of Pinal County. Speakers: Chairman Robert Graham and CD1 Victory Director Dallin Forrest.  The event starts at 5:30 at Eva's Fine Mexican Food in Casa Grande. $10 - Hors d'oeuvre's and Refreshments . Limited seating.  RSVP Teresa Ottesen Binder PR Coordinator    602-397-2007


·       Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Congressman Matt Salmon, Congressman David Schweikert, Nick Bastian, Rudy Campbell, Laura Knaperek, Christen and Michael Monti, Greg Patterson, Onnie Shekerjian and Angie Taylor Thornton are hosting a Countdown to Victory Reception Supporting Dick Foreman for Tempe City Council between 5:30-7 pm, Tues, Aug 20 at Monti's La Casa Vieja, 100 South Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ 85281. Tickets: $50 each, $100 – host committee, $250 –event co-chair. RSVP to: Tysen Schlink at 480-789-9869 or   donate online by clicking here


·       Former Legislator Frank Antenori will address the Eastside Republican Club at 6:30 pm, Wed., Aug 20 at the Golf Links Library, Community Room, 9640 E Golf Links, Tucson


·       Yavapai Pachyderm, 6-8 pm, BonnFire Restaurant, 1667 S. Hwy 89, Chino Valley, AZ. Order from Menu. Limited seating. RSVP:  Sue Goodchild at (928) 636-7355 or,



Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs: Two of Frank Riggs' opponents are touting their endorsements by celebrity sheriffs.  They're hoping that gives them some credibility because they've never held legislative office and have no record on public safety issues. Riggs is a former police officer and deputy sheriff, and the only candidate for governor with front line experience as a first responder, in addition to being the only military veteran.  He was a military policeman, investigator and supervisor in the U.S. Army.  As a police officer and deputy sheriff, he was awarded several commendations for his investigative work and for arresting major felons and violent criminals.  As a U.S. Congressman, Riggs received the Special Recognition Award from the Center For Criminal Justice Studies for his work to protect and enhance the rights of crime victims.  He was also the principal legislative author of the "Juvenile Crime Control and Delinquency Act" (H.R. 1818). Riggs said, "I'm proud to have been on the front lines in the fight against crime.  I've worn the badge, put myself in harm's way and arrested many violent criminals.  That’s what the job required and what I was sworn to do, but it's easy to act tough on crime when you have no record to back your rhetoric. Public safety is the highest responsibility of state government.  I'm the only candidate for governor with a law enforcement background and a record that proves I can be trusted to enforce the law, secure the border, and protect public safety as our next governor!"


·       CD Candidate Chuck Wooten: The Wooten Campaign is in full speed and there's nothing less than victory in its sight! Options: 1 -Rally for WOOTEN for true representation - Experience and Conservative! 2 - Watch McSally go against Barber with nothing new as she repays her special interest groups back for her campaign. We want you to get in on the action! Whether you are in Sierra Vista, Sahuarita, Tucson, Vail or Green Valley - there is an opportunity for you to join in and rally the vote! Chuck and Lora Wooten are on scene and involved in every aspect of their efforts to deliver true representation of this district. Come out – (1) Tues, Aug 19, 8-10 am, Meet with Lora for coffee & pastry - listen live to KTAN 1420 AM radio interview with Chuck in the first hour. Chuck will join the social at Cochise County Republican Committee Headquarters, 325 W. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista.  (2) Wed., Aug 20, Walking with Lora & Chuck, 8 - 10:30 am., Meet at Walgreens (Esperanza & La Canada Blvd.) in Green Valley in Green Valley and listen to Wooten & James T. Harris at 4:30 pm. Call in questions to 104.1 FM KQTH.  (3)  Thur., Aug 21, Social Hour with James T. Harris (broadcasting live) between 4 - 6 pm at Sullivan's Steakhouse, 1785 E. River Road in Tucson. (3) Sat., Aug 23, Street Rally with Wooten! 8:30 - 10:30 am. Meet at South La Canada Drive & West Esperanza Boulevard. Green Valley. See our calendar for more events  Order Wooten For Congress T shirt today at  Wooten For Congress


·       CD1 Candidate Adam Kwasman: If You Haven't Filled-Out And Mailed Your Early Ballot, Please Do So Immediately Or It Won't Be Counted. Amnesty Alert! Every election, the politicians all say they're against amnesty, but in reality, they are ready to sell us out as soon as they get to DC. Here are the facts: Both Gary Kiehne and Andy Tobin are on record supporting amnesty. Here's the proof. Read for yourself: Tobin: brewer-skeptical-of-immigration-reform-by-mccain   Kiehne :  kiehne-kwasman-tout-experience-at-congressional-debate  I am the only candidate who is 100% Against Amnesty! Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and I spoke at a Conservative Roundup in Congressional District 1. The Sheriff witnessed my NO AMNESTY Pledge and you can watch the video by clicking on the image below. If you agree with me that we need to stand up to Obama and the special interests in Washington and oppose amnesty in all forms, I ask you for your vote! This election is too important to let politicians get away with doubletalk. We need to send principled and proven conservatives to Congress, and I am that candidate! I ask you for your vote, and together, we will rebuild our nation! God Bless you, and let's win next Tuesday!


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey:  When we started this campaign, my goal was to get my conservative message of shrinking government and expanding our economy to as many Arizonans as possible. Thanks to your efforts, I believe we are in a great position to win the Republican nomination for Governor.  But we still need your help with a final volunteer push. I am asking  a favor: can you please come into campaign headquarters and help me in this final stretch? If you have a couple of hours over the next few days when you'd be free to help, then please respond to this email. I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given me over the course of this campaign.  We have made it so far, and I am asking you to help me make it all the way.  We need all hands on deck this week, and I hope we can count on you.

·       CD9 Candidate Andrew Walter: This is it. We only have one week left until until the end of the primary. I couldn't be more proud of your effort and I can't thank you enough for your hard work. I am honored to have you on my team. With one week remaining, will you volunteer just one more time? The future of our nation is literally at stake. There are plenty of ways you can help in this final week: 1. Phone calls - The office will be open all week for phone calls, including Saturday and Sunday! Please see the office hours listed below and then please let us know when you can make it. 2. Door knocking - Saturday morning we will also be knocking on doors. Please meet us at campaign headquarters at 9:00 AM Saturday if you can make it.  3. Lit drops -   We have a big lit drop project that we need your help with. Sometime this week, can you commit to dropping literature to just 30 houses?  4. Recruit your friends and family to join you this last week - The campaign has only one week left and I need your help to cross the finish line. Can I count on you?   Office hours for this final week: Every Day, including Saturday and Sunday: 9 am – 8 pm.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith: Scott Smith's success in revitalizing the City of Mesa is a model for Arizona's future. A jobs creator, an entrepreneur and CEO, he brought the same business-friendly approach to elected leadership. That's why Apple and five colleges and universities selected Mesa for their Arizona hubs. Scott supports higher academic standards and expectations for our schools. Smith continues to lead on the pivotal issues facing Arizona. Defying expectations for someone new to politics, Smith turned around Mesa's budget, changed the culture of the city staff, and raised their national profile by getting things done. Internal polling by Smith's campaign has shown the Mayor steadily climbing in the polls, while Ducey treads water and Jones loses ground. The state of the race has been confirmed by multiple polls. This race is wide open with the primary less than two weeks away. Smith's campaign is well-positioned and has strong positive momentum. Smith stood with Gov Brewer and the business community to raise Arizona's education standards, to expand Medicaid and protect our rural hospitals and keep our tax dollars from flowing out of state. Smith stood with Gov Brewer and the business community in support of Proposition 100, which saved Arizona's budget and lifted resources for our schools, police officers and fire fighters. Each of these stands displayed conviction and leadership. Each of these stands was the right thing to do. Each of these stands required going against conventional wisdom. The race for the Republican nomination remains a close contest. We invite you to join us and Governor Brewer in an effort to move our state forward, to improve the climate for business and to lift Arizona's quality of life.

·       LD23 Senate Candidate Jeff Schwartz and Rep Candidate Effie Carlson: Volunteers needed Election Day. Can you believe it? The election is racing towards the end and we are definitely in the final stretch! We cannot thank you enough for all of your support, help, and amazing efforts on behalf of our campaigns - Elect Jeff Schwartz for AZ Senate and Vote Effie Carlson for AZ House of Representatives. Together, we know we can make a difference for Legislative District 23 and all of Arizona's citizens. As a final push forward, we are asking for your help on Election Day. We need supporters at polling locations in LD23. We are asking for at least one 3-hour shift, but would be very grateful for as much time you can donate as possible! Once at the polling location, we ask that you simply hand out information on both Jeff and Effie to each voter (we will provide everything you need!). This simple step may make the difference in a person's vote and will definitely showcase the great support that we have in the district. Please use this link to sign up for a shift (or 2 or 3) at the polling location of your choice SIGN UP HERE


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith: I just learned that a secretive campaign organization called the Arizona Free Enterprise Club has used pictures of our house in their newest despicable attack ad.  I’m sure you have been reading a lot about this mystery “dark money group” and their dishonest negative attacks. My home, like yours, is a place where our family should feel safe. It’s a place where we should have our privacy. It’s a place where my grandchildren should be able to play without fear of being watched or photographed. I don’t know why those who run the Arizona Free Enterprise Club would use pictures of our home in a TV ad filled with misleading half-truths and distortions.   I am asking for your help in fighting against the detestable dishonest campaign ads and fear tactics used by organizations like the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and their leaders. We cannot let people like Free Enterprise Club steal this election from us and from the voters of Arizona! We must respond and set the record straight. donations. The Free Enterprise Club plan to spend over $125,000 airing lies and distortions on television. We must respond by raising $50,000 within the next 24 hours! Please click here now.Thank you for helping us fight back against people who would take pictures of our home in an attempt to gain some small political advantage. Our family is grateful for all you have done and continue to do to help elect Scott the next Governor of Arizona.


·       Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate Diane Douglas: If you have already returned your early ballot, please remind your friends about the following Primary Election Deadlines. Friday, August 22, is the last day to mail an Early Ballot. Get them in the mail by Friday morning or take them to your polling location on August 26 before 7 pm.   Make sure to vote for Diane Douglas! If you did not receive an early ballot and you will not be able to make it to the polls on August 26, please check with your County Recorder for an early voting location. They should be open from 9 am to 5 pm through this Friday. Click here to contact your Recorder's Office. Please remind your friends to vote for Diane Douglas for Superintendent of Public Instruction! We cannot allow our schools to be taken over by bureaucrats in Washington. I will fight to maintain local control in Arizona and to protect the right of parents to be involved in the education of their children! Please join us for these upcoming events (1)  Wed, Aug 20, 6:30 to 8:00 pm - Candidate Meet and Greet, 4601 E. Dolphin Avenue, Mesa, AZ.  (2)   Thurs, Aug 21, 11:30 am to  pm - Speaking to Green Valley Republican Club, Green Valley Village - Suite 70, 101 S. La Canada Drive, Green Valley, AZ.  (3)  Thurs, Aug 21, 6:30 to 8:30 pm - Scottsdale Tea Party, Chaparral Suites, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ.  On FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Thank you for your support and don't forget to tell your friends about our campaign.


·       Gilbert City Council Candidate Jason Cvancara: A True Fiscal Conservative - The mentality of spending money just because it is there, or in some cases not there, needs to stop. Tax payers do not have an endless line of credit, and neither should the government. As a member of the Gilbert Town Council, I will ensure your tax dollars will be spent on the needs of the town. The hardworking residents of Gilbert spend their money wisely and so should the Government. I fully support Zero Based Budgeting. I am against public/private partnerships I will not support any tax increase. For more information about my campaign, please visit


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