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8-1-14 MCRC Briefs

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August 1, 2014


Congressman Trent Franks to President: “Mr. President, if you continue to ignore this Christian Genocide in Iraq, history WILL record that it was you who idly stood on

the sidelines and KNOWINGLY let it happen.”


·       Congressman Trent Franks, Chair Of The International Religious Freedom Caucus in Congressman, today released a personal video address to President Obama in which he takes the President to task for ignoring repeated warnings regarding the dangers of ISIS in Iraq, including a letter sent by Franks and 55 other colleagues last month warning of the ongoing genocide against Christians in Iraq. Franks says, “So now, speaking and pleading with you directly, sir, I once again repeat the words we wrote in our letter to you a month ago,” and implores the President to work with the Iraqi government to stem the tide of beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, and mass executions being perpetrated by ISIS against the ancient Christian community in Iraq. Franks’ remarks, click here


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Upon Passage Of H.R. 5230, the Secure the Southwest Border Act of 2014, which would provide additional funding and resources to help the U.S. Border Patrol secure our southwestern border. “For the past month, I’ve served with six other members of the House Border Crisis Working Group who were dedicated to finding a solution to the crisis on our southern border.  Our group, appointed by Speaker Boehner, made numerous recommendations to address the problem, with the bill that passed tonight containing some of the best of those provisions. The final bill increases National Guard presence on the Southwest border (solely at the discretion of border governors), grants authority for Southwest border states to reallocate existing federal grants to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking, allows Customs and Border Patrol on all federal lands, and fixes problems in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008—changing the catch-and-release policies of this administration to the commonsense detain-and-deport policies necessary to discourage additional illegal immigration at our border. Best of all, this bill is 100% paid-for without a single cent in additional spending.  Sound reforms that don’t add to our deficit and debt?  It doesn’t get much better than that.  I praise my colleagues for their support on this vote, and I urge Harry Reid to put aside partisan politics, return the Senate to Washington, D.C., and do what’s best for the country by passing this legislation immediately.”


·       Sen John McCain On The Senate Standing With Israel: “Today the U.S. Senate did the right thing by standing with our ally, Israel, and providing emergency funding for the Iron Dome program. Since Hamas terrorists started the current conflict, they have indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets into Israel with the explicit intent of killing innocent men, women, and children. Israeli civilians are alive today because of Iron Dome, and American taxpayers can be extremely proud of the contribution we have made to this life-saving program. I am especially proud that Arizona workers at Raytheon will be working to protect our friends in Israel by producing and replenishing the Iron Dome system. Both Israel and the United States will be stronger thanks to hard-working Arizonans.”


·       Rep. Gosar Holding The Line Against Amnesty: He said that "close to 20" of his colleagues expressed "reservations" about the GOP leaders' package at today’s caucus meeting. With 234 Republicans and 218 votes needed for passage, Boehner may not have enough votes to pass his measure if he loses 20 members. Read HERE. Numbers USA:


·       Harry Reid Praises McCain:  VA Reform Legislation “Wouldn’t Have Happened” Without Senator McCain’s Efforts: Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dem)  made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding Senator McCain’s role the VA reform legislation that passed the Senate by a 91-3 vote last night:  REID - “I am grateful though yesterday that we were able to pass that veterans conference report. Mr. President, it wasn’t what we’d passed out of the Senate, but it was okay – it’ll help. And I admire very much the people that were able to get that done. Bernie Sanders has worked extremely hard, and I’m not sure that he could have completed that without the work of the senior Senator from Arizona. The bill – the conference was really dead a week ago. But the senior Senator from Arizona weighed in, and with his influence with Democrats and Republicans, it was made possible to go forward, it was brought back on track. So, I’m surprised that my friend from Arizona is here, but I acknowledge the good work he did. Others worked on it of course, but without his ‘McCain-like’ advocacy, last Friday and Thursday night, it wouldn’t have happened.”   see reid's remarks


·       Convoy To Protest McCain At 1 PM, Aug 2 In Phx. A group of Murrieta residents who are deeply involved in grassroots efforts to keep DHS buses out of the Murrieta Border Patrol facility are now teamed up with,, Guerilla Media Network and Overpasses for America to host a day of protests in southern Arizona during the official Border Convoy headed from Murrieta, CA to McAllen, TX. The group travels through Arizona on Sat, Aug 2. The convoy will protest at 2201 East Camelback Rd (McCain) beginning 1-1:30 PM and at 4:30 pm at the Eloy Detention Center, 1705 E Hanna, in Eloy. The convoy will then roll through Oracle, AZ at around 7 pm to finish the day’s events in Arizona.  Contact Eric Odom at 312.282.9310 or


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s Decision To Remove CD8 Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk from AZGOP West Valley Victory office “without giving the candidate an opportunity to explain his side of a confrontation with another PC at the office” (as reported on the Thursday afternoon van-the-radio-man  talk show) has created a lot of chatter the past couple of days.  Did Graham jump the gun before he talked to all involved, including Van Steenwyk?  Or was he influenced by reports of reactions to Van’s alleged attempts to dominate the volunteer’s  weekly Tuesday morning meetings? 


·       The Yavapai County Republicans will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sen Barry Goldwater’s president campaign kick-off on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse with a Goldwater Remembrance and Republican Unity Rally at the Hotel St. Michael's Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott, AZ  86301. There is free parking at the Prescott Parking Garage behind the Hotel, 135 S. Granite St., one block East of Montezuma.  Free event with hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar from 5-9 pm. A number of Goldwater presidential campaign items will be on display, including buttons, banners and other campaign paraphernalia.   Bring your memorabilia and memories of Barry Goldwater and plan to share them. There are still a limited amount of beautiful rosette ribbons available to purchase to be a Sponsor ($100.00 - red) or Patron ($20.00 - blue) of this event.  They are on display at the Yavapai County Republican Committee office, 112B E. Union Street, Prescott, AZ  86303. To participate call (928) 776-4500 or go online to . Reserve your ribbon(s) today. Contact: L.G. Mace, Event Coordinator and Yavapai County Republican Committee 2nd Vice Chair at (928) 776-4500 or email him at


·       Luke Air Force Base Will Increase Night Flying Throughout The Month Of August. F-16 student pilots from multiple squadrons are scheduled to fly Monday through Friday until approximately 11:30 p.m. each day. This night flying will not involve F-35s and is not scheduled to occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Nighttime flight training is an integral phase for students. Learning this critical skill over Arizona’s skies ensures the pilots’ safety and mission success while supporting combat operations around the world. While Luke AFB reserves the right to fly 24 hours a day if needed, the base has been successful in minimizing late-night flights to reduce the impact on West Valley and neighboring communities. For more information, please contact Maj. Matt Hasson with 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs at (623) 856-4997.


·       The Anthem Neighborhood Watch Breakfast With First Responders is scheduled at 8 am, Sat., Aug 2 at Tennessee Grill, 4220 W. Summit Walk Drive (south of Anthem Outlets, off of Anthem Way). Local businesses and residents are invited to join local first responders for breakfast and conversation. Bring the family, encourage interaction with law enforcement and learn about crime prevention/safety tips. Anthem's Local Law Enforcement presence will include MCSO, City of Phoenix Police, North Valley Posse and the Daisy Mountain Fire Department. Breakfast available starting at $4.99 per person. Learn more about Anthem Neighborhood Watch at


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Response To The Continued Conflict between the Israeli military to eliminate terroristic attacks from the Gaza Strip. “For years we have heard stories of rocket attacks launched against the sovereign state of Israel from the Gaza Strip, and for years Israel has deliberately sought to mitigate the damage caused by these attacks and avoid engaging in a prolonged conflict.  However, recent attacks from within the Gaza Strip, including increased rocket launches from civilian areas and progressively more aggressive threats and posturing by the terrorist group, Hamas, have left Israel little choice but to engage in a ground battle to root out the rockets and tunnel network used to attack Israeli citizens. Rather than aiming to protect the lives of those living in the Gaza Strip, Hamas repeatedly uses residents as human shields to protect their weapons caches and increase the death toll—even encouraging children to stay in the line of fire after Israeli warnings of an impending action.  Schools, hospitals, and United Nations facilities in Gaza have been found to contain weapons and entrances to the tunnels used by teams of terrorists to conduct raids on the Israeli state.  Even today, during an unconditional, humanitarian cease-fire organized by the United States and the United Nations, a group of Hamas terrorists exited a tunnel, engaged Israeli troops, detonated a bomb vest, and kidnapped an Israeli soldier. Israel should no longer tolerate these attacks and they must take action to protect their citizens.”


·       A Reception For Scottsdale City Council Candidate Michael Auerbach is scheduled at 5:30 pm, Thurs., Aug 7 at Caliber, 16074 N 78th #B104, Scottsdale – with Mayor Jim Lane.


·       Services For GOP Activist Margo Wittenberg are planned at 10 am, Sat., Aug 9 at the Messenger Mortuary on Pinnacle Peak/Pima Road.


·       Meet Judge Frankel – Incumbent San Marcos Justice Of The Peace Candidate: Frankel graduated Cum Laude from State University of NY at Buffalo in 1974. He moved to Arizona in 1976 to attend graduate school at ASU, fell in love with the state and stayed –the past 25 years in Chandler. He is married to Kathryn Frankel, the former Monte Vista Elementary School principal. Both of their children are UofA graduates. His career has been in Behavioral Health. He is active in the Chandler Rotary, is a former member East Valley Partnership Health Committee Chairman / Board Member and Executive Committee Member, a Founding Board Member of the Mesa Boys and Girls Club,  and Former Advocacy Chair and Executive Committee Member Arizona Association of Behavioral Health Programs


·       LD20 Is Hosting An Open Forum And Straw Poll  For Republican Primary Candidates at 7  pm, Mon, Aug 4 at 4650 W Sweetwater Ave., Glendale. 6:30 pm – meet and greet. Each candidate will be given 5 minutes to speak.  Each candidate will be given a specific speaking time starting at 7:30 pm in order of notification to the district via email or sign in at the meeting.  Candidates can come and go as needed. Contact:  or 602-931-3408.


·       Conservative Warrior Jesse Kelly will be in attendance at CD1 candidate Adam Kwasman’s 5:30 pm, Tues, Aug 5 meeting at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 W Greenock Dr., Oro Valley 85737. $30 per person. $50 per couple.  RSVP: Lynne at (605) 321-6224 or at

·       The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accepted an alternative plan for the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Mon, July 28, 2014.  The alternative plan minimizes the loss of jobs at the plant, which employs many people from the Navajo Nation, and reduces the impact on power and water costs throughout Arizona. "I am pleased they accepted Arizona’s proposal,” said LD6 Rep. Brenda Barton. “It means fewer jobs losses for members of the Navajo Nation as well as a more stable price for power and water throughout Arizona.” Barton, who chairs the Agriculture and Water Committee for the Arizona House of Representatives, has been a vocal supporter of the alternative plan. Generally, the alternative plan requires NGS to close one of its three power generating units. Closing one of the units will mean the loss of approximately 300 jobs at NGS. "I am not happy about the loss of jobs, but the EPA’s original plan for NGS could have forced the closure of all three units. The 77,000 comments, endless hearings and five years of hard work helped to stem the negative impact that the agency’s original proposal would have had on the surrounding communities and state,” said Rep. Barton. She added that the National Parks Conservation Association has announced its plan to sue the EPA and force it to impose even harsher regulations on NGS.


·       Sen John McCain Will Hold An ‘Employee Town Hall’ at Able Engineering in Mesa at 11 am, Mon., Aug 4.


·       In A Message Thursday To His House Colleagues, Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., complained that the deferred-action bill was not retroactive to 2012 and would not apply to current deferred-action recipients. “The bill also allows for anyone that may have had their DACA 'contract' renewed on July 29, 2014, for instance, to stay in our country for another two years,” Gosar wrote. “This could easily be perceived as de facto amnesty and tacit approval by Congress of the President's mini-Dream Act memorandum.”   Read HERE


·       Registration For The Phoenix Parks And Recreation Department's Fall 2014 classes and athletics open at 10:30 am, Sat., Aug 2.  To register online, click here. For general information about centers closest to you please call : (602) 262-6862


·       A New Nation Wave Of Protests Against Illegal Immigration will kick off Aug 2 and run through Oct 25. Anyone interested in organizing a protest against illegal immigration should send in their information to    Protest time, date/locations  See  alipac. protest-times  Or contact: James Neighbors, Founder of Overpasses For America (405) 788-0266 or William Gheen, President of ALIPAC (866) 703-0864.


·       Contact Your Congressman. Let them know what you think about the illegal immigration surge, how they are voting various issues, the bills they are pushing/sponsoring, how they treat their constituents, etc.  Remember – they work for you!

·       Sen John McCain R                            202-224-2235   

·       Sen Jeff Flake R                                 202-224-3421   

·       Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D1)                 202-225-3361   

·       Rep Ron Barber (D2)                         202-225-2542   

·       Rep Raul Grijalva (D3)                      202-225-2435   

·       Rep Paul Gosar (R4)                          202-2225-2315 

·       Rep Matt Salmon (R5)                       202-225-2635   

·       Rep David Schweikert (R6)               202-225-2190   

·       Rep Ed Pastor (D7)                            202-225-4065   

·       Rep Trent Franks (8)                          202-225-4576   

·       Rep Kyrsten Sinema (D)                                              



·       National Columnist Joanne Moudy will address the Sun City West Republican Club at 8:30 am, Sat., Aug 2 at the SCW Foundations Building (Quail Room) 14465 R H Johnson Blvd., Sun City West. Doors open at 8 am – coffee and donuts. $2 donation to cover expenses. Contact: 602-421-8877. 


·       LD23 Candidate For The House Of Representatives Jay Lawrence will appear on the Russell Pearce Show Saturday. Aug 2 at  5:30 on THE PATRIOT KKNT radoio, 960 AM.


·       Get Out The Vote With The CD 3 / LD 19 / SD 5  Republican Candidates In Warner Precinct.  Walk with: Gabby Saucedo Mercer for CD 3,  Joseph Hobbs for LD 19 State Senate, Sophia Johnson for LD 19 State House and Mark Riddles for SD 5, this Sat, Aug 2.  Meet at 8:30am and walk from 9 to Noon.  Meet at the Bank of America on the southeast corner of Avondale Blvd. and Buckeye Rd. in Avondale.  Bring water, sun screen, and an extra friend.  Wear patriotic, comfortable clothing and a hat. RSVP to Andrew Costanzo at, or 480 677-0697 or to LD 19 Chairman, Cherie Scott,


·       Two Common Core Forums Are Being Conducted Sat., Aug 2

·       9-11am at the The Brand New Church, 1827 W. Grovers Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85203)

·       6-9pm at the The Burke Basic School- 131 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210).

National Common Core experts Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr. James Milgram and Ze'ev Wurman are the featured speakers. Supt of Public Instruction candidate Diane Douglas and Gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs, both strong opponents of Common Core, will also speak.  RSVP for both events by email or phone to Jennifer Reynolds- or 480-961-4214.


·       Congressman Trent Franks And Politics On The Rock is coordinating a free rally with former Gov Mike Huckabee at 5:30 pm, Sat., Aug 2 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253. Huckabee will address the crowd and play his famous bass guitar.  photo ops with Huckabee  - $250. RSVP    RSVP for a photo to There will be a dinner with the Governor after the rally. For more information on the private dinner email Jessica Lycos at or call 480-686-5076.


·       The Heritage Academy Is Offering A Constitution Training Course for new teachers and all interested persons from 9:30 -11 am, Aug 2, 9, 16, 23 and Sept 6 at 32 South Center Street, Mesa. Contacts: Sarah Rowse 602-301-3008 or  Verl Farnsworth 480 204-0964.


·       The Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP)  “National Day of Action to stop government Overreach’  is scheduled Aug 2 in an effort to stop President Obama and his allies in Congress from increased regulations that will lead to higher energy bills, stifle economic growth and destroy jobs.  To participate in:

·       Neighborhood Walks in Flagstaff Contact: Karen MacKean - Coconino, Apache, Gila, Graham & Eastern Pinal County   (480) 220-9450

·       Neighborhood Walks in Maricopa City Contact: Leslie White - Deputy State Director   480.290.2286 

·       Neighborhood Walks from Vail to Sierra Vista Contact: Karen Schutte - Pima & Cochise County  (520) 240-2058



·       LD20 Is Hosting An Open Forum And Straw Poll For Republican Primary Candidates at 7  pm, Mon, Aug 4 at 4650 W Sweetwater Ave., Glendale.6:30 pm – meet and greet. Each candidate will be given 5 minutes to speak.  Each candidate will be given a specific speaking time starting at 7:30 PM in order of notification to the district via email or sign in at the meeting.  Candidates can come and go as needed. Contact:  or 602-931-3408.

·       The Pinal County Tea Party and AZ Conservative Coalition will jointly host a AZ Secretary of State primary election debate at 6:30 PM on Mon, Aug 4 at the Legacy Suites, 540 N. Cacheris Ct, Casa Grande, located ½ mile west of I-10 on Florence Blvd. Candidates include Wil Cardon and Justin Pierce. Michele Reagan declined. Contact is Stephen Kohut, PCTP (520-241-5034,


·       A ‘Meet & Greet Over Tacos’ is scheduled at 5:30 pm, Mon, Aug 4 at the home of Bill & Debbie Cheatham, 5202 E Turquoise Ave., Paradise Valley, in honor of LD25 House incumbent Justin Olson, LD15 senate candidate Nancy Barto, and LD28 House candidate Shawnna Bolick.  $45 per person or $75 per couple. RSVP: Lilia Dashevsky   602-918-3411 or



·        Victor Head Will Discuss The Successful Recall he lead in Colorado  at the 6:30 pm, Tues., Aug 5 at the Surprise Tea Party Patriots  meeting at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 West R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West.



·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent announcements or messages to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/


Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs is the only gubernatorial candidate who's a military veteran (U.S. Army); the only candidate with actual public safety experience as a police officer and deputy sheriff; and the only candidate with experience in K-12 education as a school board president and CEO of the largest nonprofit corporation and Community Development Financial Institution dedicated to helping public charter schools with their financing and facility needs. He's also the only candidate who's a former U.S. Congressman where he served with distinction as a leader and reformer.  He organized the Gang of 7 to expose the House Bank and Post Office scandals and earned top ratings from National Right to Life and the NRA for his voting record, as well as from Citizens Against Government Waste and Watchdogs of the Treasury for cutting federal spending and taxes.  As Riggs says, a plan without experience is just words on paper; but a plan with the right experience is the "real deal." Riggs' experience and qualifications have shown in the candidate forums and debates and has Republican voters statewide talking about his candidacy.  See and judge for yourself at

·       LD11 Senate Candidate Scott Bartle: I will bring sensible, responsible, conservative leadership to the Arizona Legislature. I’ve lived in Arizona since age 5, and I’m the proud godfather of three and uncle of four adorable nieces. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner. I’m an elected official, but I am not a career politician; nor do I want to be. I strongly oppose Obamacare and federal mandates and believe in low taxes, limited government and personal responsibility. As your Senator, I will fight to: 1. Secure the border    2. Protect taxpayers   3. Create jobs    4. Improve education   5. Support veterans.  We need effective leadership in the Legislature.  Somebody who will focus on results, not rhetoric.  I will be that leader.  I humbly ask for your vote and the opportunity to serve you.  To learn more about my candidacy, please visit, or call me on my cell phone at 480-980-6800.

·       Incumbent Attorney General Tom Horne: Attacks on Horne Backfired - PBS Debate Exposes Horne’s Opponent As Unprepared For Office   Edited Debate Clip  Horne listed his accomplishments while in office.  His opponent said nothing about his achievements or what he plans to do as Attorney General. He chose instead to attack Horne. At one point the moderator asked: “Are you running to be Attorney General, or just against Tom Horne?”  Horne’s achievements include personally arguing and winning two U.S. Supreme Court cases, both fought by the Obama administration. One established Arizona’s right to require proof of citizenship of those registering to vote.  The other limited federal courts interference with Arizona enforcing its criminal laws. In an earlier case, Horne v. Flores, Horne’s victory saved Arizona taxpayers $300 million. He budget priorities changes to emphasize combatting drug cartels resulted in dismantling 15 cartels. He successful addressed injustices at Colorado City, providing $400,000 per year to the Mohave County sheriff to stop police from preventing girls from leaving the town and to enforce the law. Horne brought $2 billion to the state to help citizens keep their homes, bolstering Arizona's economic recovery. His national settlement against banks helped Arizona obtain four times what would have been its share. Horne personally argued in Arizona Superior Court, Arizona Supreme Court, Federal District Court, the Ninth Circuit, and the US Supreme Court. Horne produced documents from Martindale-Hubbell, which surveys lawyers every year to rate other lawyers. Horne is rated “Very high integrity ( 5.0 out of a possible 5.0, referred to as a ‘preeminent attorney’).  His opponent has no rating. contribute here.


·       Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich:  In exactly 25 days Arizonans will go to the polls and cast their vote for our Republican nominee for Attorney General. Early voting has already begun. If what the polling says holds true, voters will confirm what we already know: Mark Brnovich is the best candidate for the job.We have 25 days left but our work is not done and we cannot let up. I know the campaign has asked a lot of you and you have not let us down. Today I'm calling on you to dig a little deeper, one more time. Please donate   There's no doubt that Tom Horne and his cronies are planning to unload their war chest. They've already begun false ads on television. If we want to keep up our momentum we have to be able to match him step for step. This campaign was never about the money - we always knew we'd be outspent by a career politician. This campaign is about you and what you deserve from your elected officials - integrity. We have a winning plan and we are ready to implement it, but in these last few weeks we need you to help carry Mark over the finish line. You have already done so much and without you our campaign could not have been so successful, but we cannot let up now. Without your help, Tom Horne's reputation will continue to be a black eye for all of Arizona.


·       Justice of the Peace Candidate John McComish: Yesterday marked the beginning of early voting, and I wanted to take a moment to remind you of my campaign for Kyrene Justice of the Peace.  After ten years of representing you in the State Legislature, my wife and I have decided it’s time for me to embark on a new endeavor. My campaign for Justice of the Peace is fully underway.  I intend to bring the same honest, balanced approach to the JP’s office that I applied in the legislature. Your support over the years has meant a lot to me and I hope to count on you again.  Here are some ways you can help the campaign:  Request a yard sign.  We can deliver and install! ‘Like’ my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter to connect with the campaign. As always, my door is open to your questions, concerns and issues, so please feel free to contact me at any time.Thank you again for your support and confidence.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Smith: Just as the campaign silly season hits, early ballots have arrived at houses and nearly every poll on the governor's race as undecideds anywhere from 35% to 50%. What does that tell us? The millions and millions of dollars spent by Doug Ducey, Christine Jones and their dark money groups haven't convinced voters at all. Money can buy you slick TV ads but it can't buy a message that resonates with voters. Instead of making ridiculous promises on immigration, Mayor Smith focused on real solutions to some of the biggest issues facing our state: education and the state budget. Arizonans want common sense and true leadership and Mayor Smith brought both with his plans to address our state's education and budget challenges. Smith Statements/Op-Eds:  Smith's Education Plan for Arizona    I'm the one to tackle state budget  Driving the future at Fort Huachuca     The truth about securing the border


·       LD25 Senate Candidate Ralph Heap:  I believe in the greatness of America, both in its miraculous founding and its unlimited future. The enduring principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and freedom outlined in the Constitution are what will guide me as your next State Senator. I am committed to working for a balanced budget, lower taxes, defending the 2nd amendment, and protecting the right to life.The federal government’s power has increased to levels never envisioned by our founding fathers. I will support and initiate policies that return power to the people. I do not support Obamacare and the expansion of entitlements that come with it. Education is one of my top priorities. I am an advocate of school choice and will defend local control of our standards and curriculum. I will not support the irresponsible expansion of government. I will look for ways to reduce the size and cost of government by eliminating waste and crafting a smaller more efficient state government. I believe in promoting policies that encourage economic prosperity and job growth. This will include lower taxes and regulatory reform, thus empowering our businesses both large and small to grow and prosper. I believe strongly in the Constitution and confirm that the right of the citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed. I am saddened by the humanitarian disaster on our southern border. It is time to end the lawlessness, protect our citizens, and secure our border. I look forward to serving the citizens of Arizona.


·       San Marcos Justice Of The Peace Incumbent Keith Frankel: During my eight years on the bench I have ensured timely, fair and economical justice for all litigants. I have initiated public outreach programs to simplify and demystify the justice court process because this is truly "the peoples' court" where many litigants are not represented by attorneys. I have maintained a transparent and accessible process through which civil disputes are resolved, public safety maintained and domestic violence victims protected. By taking time to explain the court processes to novice litigants, I have successfully encouraged many to settle their disputes out of court. The job is challenging and rewarding, and I want to continue my commitment to this community.  Innovative programs implemented at the Court include: Teen Court, Responsibility Program ( a four-week course designed to help defendants learn how to budget their money so that at the end they come up with a plan on repaying their fines), Warrant Program  - resulting in thousands of dollars of unpaid fines being paid, Turning 18 program presented to high school students, expedited process for resolving DUI cases, community classes on educating both the renters and landlords their responsibilities in renting. Background: MSW of Social Work from ASUCEO of multi million dollar agency, East Valley Behavioral Association Consultant for Social work agencies 8 years as Justice of the Peace.



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·        WHO:-Warns-Travel-Restrictions-Wont-Stop-Ebola-Spread   CDC Issues Alert To Avoid Unnecessary Trips

·        WHO: Ebola Outbreak 'Accelerating'

·        CDC Chief: Ebola 'Could Arrive In The U.S.'

·        CDC Issues Ebola Airline Advisory

·        Ebola: 'It's Close, It's At Our Front Door'

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·        WHO Urges Global Effort To Contain Ebola

·        U.N.: Ebola Outbreak Could Become Pandemic

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·        Terrifying Ebola Outbreak Spreading Fast         


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·        House Oks Bill To Address Border Crisis  House Republicans passed legislation late Friday to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border by sending migrant youths back home without hearings, winning over conservatives with a companion bill that could lead to deporting more than half a million immigrants whom the Obama administration granted temporary work permits. President Barack Obama condemned the Republican action and said he'd act unilaterally, as best he could.

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·        Bill Clinton: 'I Could Have Killed' Osama Bin Laden

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·        Federal-Judge-Carter-Orders-Obama-To-Court-To-Prove-Eligibility 


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·        House Oks Bill To Address Border Crisis  House Republicans passed legislation late Friday to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border by sending migrant youths back home without hearings, winning over conservatives with a companion bill that could lead to deporting more than half a million immigrants whom the Obama administration granted temporary work permits. President Barack Obama condemned the Republican action and said he'd act unilaterally, as best he could.


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