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9-15-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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September 15, 2014


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro: See The Official List Of MCRC Pcs at  Precinct Committeemen Elected 08/26/2014    This list is extremely important and will need to be used to create your new LD sign-in sheets for your monthly and any special meetings your LD may have. In creating this list, Maricopa County Elections discovered a tied precinct - LD23 Granite Mountain Precinct's Nancy Cisar and Sherry Gray are tied for the final spot.  County Elections has requested for a draw to break the tie to be held on Monday, September 22nd at an informal County Board meeting.  County Elections will be sending letters notifying Nancy and Sherry, and inviting them to attend the draw.  The report indicates "pending" for Nancy and Sherry, and will be updated with the final status of the winner after the draw. County Elections will be creating a "Precinct Committeemen as of mm/dd/yyyy" Listing that will include contact information for each PC.  I will let everyone know when it has been posted.  List at Precinct Committeemen Elected 08/26/2014  


·       Gertie Hickman Is Hosting A Meet And Greet Fundraiser for LD19 Senate candidate Joe Hobbs from 11 am to 2 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at her home, 11141 W Laurel Wood Lane in Avondale. No admission. Light refreshments will be served.  Hobbs will answer questions and accept donations.  Support for Hobbs is very important as this is the first time in ages that a Republican is running in what has been a Democrat district. Support for the write-in Republican opens the opportunity to gain another Republican seat in the State Legislature.  LD19 consist mostly of Avondale/Tolleson. You can also donate online at  then select the ‘donate’ button or contact Hobbs at (480) 381-2380 or


·       Arizona Department Of Environmental Quality Director Henry R Darwin Testified To Congress on proposed EPA carbon rules last week, which resulted in a successful House vote to stop the proposed EPA rules (Dead in the Senate) that could have closed all the coal fired power plants – to be replaced with 100% natural gas, solar, nuclear and wind by 2030. See EPA Clean Power Plan at:  The link is located under the heading of Agency Brochures.  Arizona CO2 emissions have gone down by 1% over the past 7 years (2005), so why do we need a dramatic 51% reduction, tax payers question?.  AZ Solar installations over the past 7 years will not be credited towards carbon reduction efforts, if they were built before 2012. APS / SRP / TEP solar gets no 2011 credit, according to Central Arizona Project Director Mark Lewis.  See:   subcommittee-hears-state-perspectives-on epa-overreaching-power-play  and   state-perspectives-questions-concerning-epa-proposed-clean-power-plan


·     The AZ House Energy Committee Is Holding Hearings around the state, to keep up with these onerous rules. Opponents to the EPA rules are asked to attend the 1 pm, Wed, Sept 17 in the Benson City Council Chambers.  Speaker Andy Tobin had the House energy Committee tracking this issue for taxpayers over the past year. Other liberal states are supporting the rules based on the health benefits from lower carbon outputs, and they support the effort to stop global warming, according to Lewis. “We need to create AZ Dept of Checking the EPA’s math next year. We need a TWG 2.0 working group to create special rules for Tribal power plant compliance plans, to save the largest coal fire power plants in the west.The CAP Water Board buy’s $110 million per year in power from Navajo GS to pump water to 80% of Arizona residents. Your water and power rates are going to jump significantly, thanks to the EPA. Please help us stop the EPA, Lewis pleads. Lewis can be reached at 602-499-3095.


·       Secretary of State Candidate/LD23 Senator Michele Reagan has sent a written recommendation to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham encouraging Graham to appoint former gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones to fill the first vice-chairman vacancy created when former first vice-chairman Russell Pearce resigned over the weekend. See her complete letter below under ‘What The Candidates Are Saying.’


·       GOP First Vice-Chairman Russell Pearce Resigned Sept 14: Peace has submitted his resignation letter to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham stating:  "As an unapologetic conservative, I've stood up for the rule of law and our constitutional freedoms. I love this great Republic, and have loved serving Arizona and my service with the Republican Party. Recently on my radio show there was a discussion about the abuses to our welfare system. I shared comments written by someone else and failed to attribute them to the author. This was a mistake. This mistake has been taken by the media and the left and used to hurt our Republican candidates. I do not want the progressive left and the media to try and take a misstatement from my show and use it to attack our candidates. I care about the Republican Party and its conservative platform too much to let them do that. Yet I have to recognize that hosting a radio show and the nature of the debates that we have had and will continue to have are incompatible with what our Party needs from its leadership team.  For that reason, I am submitting my resignation as a Vice Chairman of the Republican Party. I will never back down from standing up for what I believe in and I will continue to fight for the principles that our founding generation risked their lives for. But I have no intention of being used as a distraction by the Democrats looking to escape responsibility for their failed policies.  It is time to return the focus to where it belongs, and that is the direction that our state and country should be headed towards.  Let’s get back to winning in November!”


·       Today Robert Graham, Chairman Of The Arizona Republican Party, sent another letter to Democrat Nominee for Governor Fred DuVal, pointing out more alarming facts about DuVal’s role as a member of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR).“In addition to more than doubling residential tuition rates and spending more general funds in five of his six years as a Regent, Fred DuVal and the Board of Regents also borrowed nearly $1.5 billion dollars, saddling future generations with debt,” said Graham. “This sad story continues to show that Fred DuVal is just another tax-and-spend liberal more focused on growing the size of government than providing efficient and effective government services in a time of great need.”  See Letter 


·       The AZGOP Victory Office (West Valley) Volunteers will meet between 9:30-11:30 am., Tuesday morning to have coffee and donuts and visit with

AZGOP Chairman  Robert Graham, Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. The office is located at 10050 W. Bell Road, Sun City, AZ 85351 Contact: Peter Lee 623-583-5987 Or Mdcyclist@Live.Com


·       AZGOP Victory Office Volunteer Bess Ammerman's Memorial Service is scheduled for 11 Am, Thurs., Sept 18 at the Fountain Of Life Lutheran Church, 15630 N Del Webb Blvd, Sun City, AZ 85351. The church is located approximately 1 mile south of Bell Road On Del Webb Blvd. Flowers will be sent from the "Republican Office."  Contact: Peter Lee  623-583-5987 or Mdcyclist@Live.Com


·       The AZGOP Victory Office, 10050 W. Bell Road, Sun City, AZ 85351 is open from 9am-5 pm, Mon-Fri and from 10 am-2 pm, Sat. Phone 623-977-4532.  Volunteers are encouraged. Voters are welcome to drop by to pick up GOP information, candidate literature, etc.  Office managers - Phyliss and Peter Lee  623-583-5987 or


·       CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer will address the Grassroots Tea Party at 6:30 pm, Wed., Sept 17 at the Brand New Church at the NE corner of 19th Ave/Grovers. Attendees are asked to be prepared to donate to her campaign against Democrat incumbent Raul Grijalva, according to spokesman Wes Harris.


·       The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association lunch, featuring Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, is scheduled at 11:45 am, Tues., Sept 23 at Polsinelli, One East Washington, Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85004. $20 for members, $35 for non-members (payment at the door) RSVP to 


·       Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates ‘Coffee Chat’ with District 3 residents is scheduled at 8 am, Sept 16 at the North Mountain Business Alliance: 1951 West North Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85021. Josh Bednarek, Planning Department, will address the Phx General Plan and District 3 priorities


·       Yavapai County Republican Committee Office Manager Brenda Dickinson reports that the Sept 3 Goldwater Rally in Prescott was a ‘huge success. We were very pleased with the turn-out and with Barry Goldwater Jr’s speech.  Everyone who attended continue to tell us how nice it was.

·       LD13 Rep. Steve Montenegro Will Hold A News Conference at 11 am, Wed, Sept. 17 in the Rose Garden at the capital, 1700 W. Washington St, Phoenix, to announce his commitment to the Civics Education Initiative, a nationwide effort aiming to ensure high school graduates have a basic understanding of how government works. When a sample of Arizona high school students took a test similar to what is given foreign born residents seeking US citizenship, less than 5 percent of them passed with a score of 60% or better. The Initiative aims to restore an appreciation of US history and government, and through that knowledge create generations of engaged citizens and future leaders. The immediate goal of the Initiative is to get every state to adopt legislation requiring high school students to pass a 100 question test on US History to graduate.  Montenegro, Chairman House Reform and Human Services Committee, will be accompanied by Lucian Spataro, President & CEO of the Joe Foss Institute; John R. Christian, Civics Proficiency Institute Board Member; and   Jim Chamberlain , Civics Proficiency Institute Board Member. Add’l info:  Civics Education Initiative:    National civics test:

·       Phx Councilman Michael Nowakowski  received  this year's prestigious Ohtli award from the government of Mexico this evening. The Mexican Consulate will make the presentation tonight during festivities celebrating the 204th year of Mexico’s independence. The celebration is scheduled in the Phoenix City Hall atrium.


·       Oops.  Shawnna Bolick, LD28 House Candidate, was errantly left off of the list in last night’s Briefs of Arizona Federation of Women Club members who are now running for legislative seats in the general election 


·        Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Club members who won their Legislative District primary races and are gearing up for the general election campaigns. Listed are their web sites and affiliate AzFRW Club. Borrowed from the AzFRW Bulletin (*incumbents)

Republican Candidate                  Contact                       AZFRWClub

o   LD1 House Karen Fann         RW of Prescott

o   LD5 Senate Kelli Ward                               London Bridge RW

o   LD8 Sen Irene Littleton           Grande Valley RW

o   LD 14 Sen Gail Griffin*       Ahwatukee RW

o   LD18 Hou Jill Norgaard      Ahwatukee RW

o   LD19 Hou Sophia Johnson  Arrowhead RW

o   LD21 Sen Debbie Lesko             Arrowhead RW

o   LD22 Senate Judy Burges*              no web site                     Arrowhead RW

o   LD23 Hou Michelle Ugenti          Paradise RW

o   LD24 Hou Lei Lani Cortez             Central Rep W of Phx

o   LD28 Hou Kate Brophy*            Central Rep W of PHx

o   LD28 Hou Shawnee Bolick    Paradise RW


·       A Support Rally For Muslim Brotherhood Expert John Guandolo will be held at 5:30 Pm, Thur., Sept 18 in front Of The Office Of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, 301 W Jefferson St., Phx In Support Of Montgomery’s Decision To Provide A Training Session On The Global Islamic Movement. See More: Http://Arizonafreedomalliance


·       State Treasurer Doug Ducey Voted In Approval of an agreement to re-designate state trusts lands between state universities and common (public K-12) schools that will be used in development of an Arizona Biomedical Corridor along the 101 freeway near Desert Ridge Marketplace. The 24 acres of land to be re-designated as university land is adjacent to the Mayo Clinic in north Phoenix and the land to be re-designated to common schools is primarily located at Princess Blvd. and Scottsdale Road. “I want to commend Governor Brewer, the State Land Department, the Board of Regents, ASU and the Mayo Clinic for their persistence in advancing this initiative,” stated Ducey. “This is a prime example of how our state government and the private sector can partner to spur economic growth.” The State Selection Board is responsible for approving changes in the designation of trust lands between beneficiaries. The Board is chaired by the Governor and includes the Attorney General and State Treasurer.


·       More Than 9.2 Million Acres Of State Trust Lands Remain In Arizona, with approximately 87 percent of those lands benefiting K-12 education. FY 2014 State Trust Land sales and royalties exceeded $103 million, with those revenues being deposited in the $4.9 billion Permanent Land Endowment Trust Fund. Another $66 million was generated from leases and sales interest, which is distributed directly to the Trust’s 13 beneficiaries. According to State Treasure Doug Ducey’s office.


·       Today Robert Graham, Chairman Of The Arizona Republican Party, made the following remarks regarding Democrat gubernatorial nominee and lobbyist Fred DuVal.“For someone who spent a lot of time in Washington as a lobbyist, DuVal should know better than to think a major issue like immigration is going to be easily solved,” said Graham.

o   There Are Only Eight Congressional Work Days Left Until The November Elections. PBS, 9/12/14)

o   Congress Has Failed To Pass Major Immigration Reform Legislation Since 1986.  The Tennessean, 5/25/14)

o   In June, President Obama “Declared His Efforts To Win Immigration Legislation Dead.”  The Wall Street Journal, 6/30/14)

o   Liberal Ezra Klein: “Congress Can’t Pass A Law Solving The Immigration Crisis.” Vox, 8/5/14)

o   The 113th Congress Has Been The Least Productive Since 1973. The Washington Post, 7/9/14)

o   Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Has Said “I’ve Never Been In A Less Productive Time In My Life Than I Am Right Now, In The United States Senate.” The Hill, 6/24/14)

o   Fred DuVal: “I Remain Optimistic The Congress Will Solve This In A Meaningful, Thoughtful Manner.”,” The Arizona Republic, 9/11/14)

o   Fred DuVal: “I Think We’re Going To Pass A Bill.” (KPNX, 9/10/14)

o   Why Won’t Fred DuVal Give an Answer on His Support for Obama’s Executive Order Amnesty? "President Obama said Monday he would use his executive power to make potentially sweeping changes to the nation’s immigration system without Congress…,” New York Times, 6/30/14)

o   "DuVal said he didn’t believe the president would act before Congress does."  The Arizona Republic, 9/11/14)

·       Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) Is Raffling Three sound suppressed pistol packages (Ruger 22/45.22 caliber pistol with threaded barrel) at it’s annual meeting  scheduled Oct 11 in Phoenix.  AzCDL will pay the $200 Federal Transfer Tax required for suppressor ownership, for qualified winners. Only 900 tickets have been printed and each ticket represents 3 chances to win.  Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at gun shows and other events where AzCDL has a table.  Tickets may also be purchased at AzCDL’s online store (scroll near the bottom).


·       A J LaFaro’s Ballot Propositions Explanation/Recommendations: Go to


·       The Deadline For To Register For The General Election Is Oct. 6.  Early voting begins Oct. 9. Register online here.


·       All Precinct Committeemen (PCs) from the past term elected or appointed that did not run for PC are no longer PC's. The only PCs the Legislative Districts (LDs) and MCRC have are the ones elected in the August 26 Primary. That said, ALL current LD  Executive Officers retain their office until the LD organizational meetings in November and December when the new elections are conducted.  In essence LD officers complete their term of office they were elected to. – MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro


·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/



·       The 2014 Homeless Veteran Stand Down starts at 9 am, Tues, Sept 16 and runs through 3 pm,  Wed, Sept 17at Tim’s Toyote Center, 2101 N Maint St.,  in Prescott Valley.  See flyer HERE. District staff will be in attendance. Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff and various veteran's organizations will also be in attendance to support homeless veterans with housing issues, employment opportunities, healthcare and mental health services. An overnight stay is provided. More information can be found at


·       A Meet And Greet For LD28 House Candidate Shawnna Bolick and LD18 House candidate Jill Norgaard at 4:30 pm, Tues., Sept 16 at Macayos, 4001 N Central, Phx. Co-hosts – Kelli Ward, Rick Gray, JD Mesnard, Amanda Reeves, Karen Fann, Darin Mitchell, Steve Montenegro, Paul Boyer, David Livingston, Justin Olson, Phil Lovas and Brenda Barton.  RSVP:  or


·       An Adult Program On Suicide will be held at 5 pm, Sept 16 at Palomino Library in Scottsdale. "You Matter" - Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Teens and Parents .


·       LD2 Senate Candidate Daniel Estrella and LD2 Chairman Sergio Arellano will address the Pima County Republicans at 11:30 am, Tues., Sept 16 at the Sabbar Shrine Temple, 450 S. Tucson Blvd – Lunch $11.


·       A Meet And Greet For LD28 House Candidate Shawnna Bolick is scheduled  from 8-9:30 am, Sept 16 at the  Terra Java Coffee House & Bake Shop, 3619 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 organized by Jose Borrajero


·       The Fountain Hill AZ Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm, Sept 16,(3rd Tues)  at the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.) featuring Jonathan Paton, former AZ State Rep and advocate for YES on 122 -- an amendment to the AZ Constitution seeks to protect state sovereignty. Incumbent Sen candidate John Kavanagh and Dem Sen candidate Paula Pennypacker (former Republican) will face off in a forum. Free admission.Contact:Richard Rutkowski  or


·       The Surprise Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm, Sept 16 at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 West RH Johnson Blvd. with LD 22 Sen. Judy Burges and LD22 Rep Phil Lovas and David Livingston to discuss Proposition 122, Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment; Proposition 303, Arizona Terminal Patient's Right to Try; and Proposition 304, Arizona State Legislator's Salaries . The group will meet again Oct 7 and Oct. 21.


·        ‘Freedom Fires Live’ will feature AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham on Sept 16. A debate between Dr. Carl Goldberg and Dr. Zuhdl Jasser is scheduled Sept 23. The group meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30 at at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa. Cost: $2 (17 and under are free).


·       The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues, Sept. 16 at the Anthem Civic Center Building, 3701 W. Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. Speakers: Floyd Brown from the Western Center for Journalism and Lance Hurley of the Founding Fathers Ministry.  In honor of Sept. 17th, U.S. Constitution Day, Hurley will preform Patrick Henry's famous speech "Give me Liberty". Contact: Vera Anderson or phone: 602-821-4675.



·       LD28 House Candidate Kate Brophy McGee And Sen. Incumbent  Adam Driggs will hold a fundraising reception at 5 pm, Wed., Sept 17 at Alexi’s Gill, 3550 N Central Ave., Phx. Contact:


·       The Republican Women of Prescott  will meet at 11 am, Sept 17 at the

Prescott Resort, 1500 E. Hwy 69, in Prescott. $17 per plate. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree (928) 778-0235 or or Pam Calhoon (928) 778-7157 or


·       District 4 Supervisor Ray Carroll is the speaker for the 6:30 pm, Wed., Sept 17 Eastside Republican Club scheduled in the Bear Canyon Library, Community Room, 8959 E Tanque Verde, Tucson.


·       The Verde Valley Republican Women  will meet at 11:30 am, Sept 17 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 West State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ  86336

·        RSVP @ or (928) 284-4248.


·       A Holocaust Film Will Be Shown during the 8 pm, Sept 17 open house at the Freedom Library in Yuma to celebrate Constitution Day. Local holocaust survivors will also speak. The purpose of the program is to remind people that honoring the constitution would prevent another such horrific event.


·       Pima County Supervisors Ray Carroll will address the Eastside Republicans at 6:30 pm, Wed., Sept 17 at  Parralee Schneider, 250-5073 &


·       The House & Senate Victory Committees are hosting a 2014 Republican Legislative Candidate Reception from 5-7 pm, Sept 17 at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix. Tickets are $250 per person / Table Sponsorships are available. Please contact Andrea Evans at for more information.


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am, Sept. 17 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Lunch $25, Social 11 am. Speaker - Cochise County Sheriff  Mark Dannels will address the southern border issues. PVRW member  border.  PVRW member Peg Cottle will give a slide presentation of her three month stay at Fisher House while her son, a double amputee, was recovering.  State Treasurer candidate Jeff DeWit will auction off original art -  proceeds go to Fisher House.  RSVP contact Edith Stock: or call 480-298-7818 (C).



·       The Chino Valley Pachyderm Coalition will meet at 5:30 pm, Sept 18 at the BonnFire Restaurant, 1667 S. State Route, Hwy 89, Chino Valley. Order off menu.  RSVP:  Sue Goodchild (928) 636-7355 or   Seating Limited.


·       Michael Francis, Will Rousseau And Bob Branch are hosting a fundraiser luncheon for gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey at noon Fri, Sept 19 in the Red's Bar and Grill at  Wigwam Resort, 300 E Wigwam Blvd.,  Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. Suggested Contribution $500/pp. Business Casual Attire. RSVP by Thur, Sept 18 to Kelly Molique 480-213-5910 or Corinne Lovas at 623-218-6616 .  Please make checks payable to: “Ducey 2014” and mail  to:Ducey 2014 Attn: Corinne Lovas; 6740 W. Deer Valley Road, Ste. D107, PMB 205, Glendale, AZ 85310 Phone: (623) 218-6616 Email:



·       LD22 PCs Glenn And Marie Haynes Will Hold A Private ‘Meet And Greet’ for Dusty Trail precinct committeemen with LD22 incumbents Sen Judy Burges and Reps Phil Lovas and David Livingston, along with Maricopa County Community College District Board Member at Large John Heep in the Corte Bella Country Club Social Hall at 9 am, Sept 20. Limited seating. RSVP required. Dusty Trail PCs should RSVP to or leave a message with your name and phone number at 310-418-3645. 


·       The Republican Women Of Prescott Round UP is scheduled from 5-9 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the The Palace, on Whiskey Row in Prescott, RWOP will be presenting Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army, Ret. founder of Stand Up America, and a former Fox News contributor.  Music will be provided by "Me, Myself & I."  There will be a live auction and a silent auction.  In addition, after nearly a year, the Bronze Horse by Cowboy Artist Bill Nebeker will be raffled off.  Tickets are $65. Limited seating. RSVP to Elsie Tyree at (928) 778-0235 or  or Pam Calhoon at (928) 778-7157 or  Make checks payable to RWOP and mail to P. O. Box 10932, Prescott, AZ  86304-0932 or


·       LD10 Will Be Walking Precincts Sept 20 and 27 for Senate candidate Mark Morrison. Meet at 10 am, at the  Bear Canyon Library and work until about noon.  If you want to stay a little longer, he’ll provide some pizza and soft drinks.  RSVP Morrison at or 520-307-5331.


·       The Tucson Republican Women’s Club 30th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon and Fashion Show will be held at noon, Sat., Sept 20 at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85711.  Bring a guest. Past Presidents will be exhibiting their scrapbooks. Clothing for Fashion Show from Plaza Palomino 2930 N. Swan Rd. #120.  $30 per ticket.  Reservations required. RSVP: Chairman Caroline Straub at 722-7447 or or Maureen Leith 

·        The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am, Sat., Sept 20 at Anthem at Merrill Ranch, Union Center, 3925 N. Sun City Blvd, Florence AZ (map). Two speakers: Tim Kanavel from Pinal County Office of Economic Development will be speaking on economic development projects across Pinal County, and Jack  Biltis  from "Yes on 122" will be speaking on the "Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment", Proposition 122. Coffee at 9:30 am. Mtg at 10 am.  Contact: Chairman Seraphim Larsen - Florence AZ - (520) 251-2689 -

·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Picnic is scheduled from 3 -6:30 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the Fountain Hills American Legion featuring Republican candidates in the November Election.  Fried chicken/hamburgers and side dishes will be served. $12 tickets for members. $15 for non-members.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will attend the Parker Fire Dept Annual BBQ at 5 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the Parker Fire Station, 1101 W. Arizona Ave., Parker.



·       A Matinee Fundraiser For The Pima County Republican Party & Pima County Republican Women’s Club is scheduled at the Great American Playhouse, 13005 N Oracle Road, in Oro Valley on Sept 21. The two-hour play “Beetlejuiced’ will be performed. Ticket: $25. Contact Linda Grissom at or 531-5545 or Linda White at or 321-1492 to purchase tickets. Food can be ordered at your table. The menu includes pizza, cheese crisps, sausage and meatball sandwiches, ice cream treats, beer, wine and soft drinks.




Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.

·       Former LD25 Primary Senate Candidate Ralph Heap:  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the dozens of volunteers who gave their time and energy to my campaign. I greatly appreciate people committed to constitutional, limited government, and the freedom and liberty that come with it. I can’t possibly give credit to all of the volunteers who helped spread our message. I do, however, want to thank two people in particular.  Don Kennedy was tireless in his efforts to run the office and coordinate the daily mechanics of the campaign. I also want to thank Barbara Parker, who acted as my campaign manager and seemed to be working on the campaign 24 hours a day for almost a year. Finally, I love and appreciate a great wife, Denise, who supports me in any activity I undertake.  I appreciated the opportunity to be a candidate and to discuss so many issues with thousands of wonderful people I met in Legislative District 25. As disappointing as the outcome was, this is not the end. I’m committed to the principles for which I campaigned, and I know that you are, too. We must remain vigilant, stand up for what is right, and hold our elected officials accountable. It appears that at least 750,000 dollars was spent against us during this campaign, much of it special interest money. This should be of concern to all the citizens of our district, and emphasizes the need for us to remain vigilant.   Let’s continue to talk about how to spread our conservative message and the principles that make this nation the beacon of freedom and liberty for people in every part of the globe.   I look forward to seeing all of you soon and working together again.  I was proud of our campaign and the quality of people we had working with us. Thank you so much for all you did. 

Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich: Less than ten hours from now our campaign will face the first big test of the general election... and we need your help! At midnight tonight the current campaign finance period will come to an end, and we will begin adding up what we've raised so far for the general election. Will you help us report the strongest possible numbers my making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 -- or more if you can -- between now and midnight tonight? Polls show us leading in this race, the grassroots have engaged, and we've got real momentum on our side. But our opponent started with a million dollar lead and is already attacking us relentlessly. That's why we need your help -- right now -- to defend our conservative values and hold our lead! Will you stand with us by making your contribution to this race between now and midnight? With thanks in advance.

·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey: Can you believe we're just 50 days away from electing a new governor for Arizona?  I'd like to thank you for supporting my campaign during the primary.  While many political pundits predicted a close race, thanks to your help we won by 15 percentage points in a six-way race with 37 percent of the vote! That was just the first we have to defeat one more opponent to keep Arizona a place of opportunity for all. Will you help me by donating to my campaign today?  Today is our deadline for the first financial filing in the general election.  It's critically important that we file a strong number to keep the momentum in our favor.Having such a competitive primary campaign forced us to spend more than we wanted. I finished with $500,000 in the bank, however, my Democrat opponent -- who was unopposed in his primary -- had more than $1.2 million in the bank according to his last report. Can I count on your support to help us match Fred DuVal?We're reaching out to undecided voters every day and telling them about our action plan to kick-start the economy and improve results in K-12 education.If you can give $250, $100, $50 or even $25, it will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals. Thank you for your ongoing support. I'm very grateful. Our deadline is midnight tonight - please don't delay and go to now!  Thank you!

·       LD19 Senate Candidate Joe Hobbs: Hickman's host a Meet-n-Greet Fundraiser at the home of Gertie Hickman for State Senate Candidate Joe Hobbs. Everyone is cordially invited to attend from 11am until 2pm and light refreshments will be served. Gertie Hickman’s home is 11141 W Laurel Wood Lane in Avondale AZ 85392. We ask for you to forward this to your email distribution lists, and have all of them propagate to their other email lists of other likely contributors – individuals and especially Political Action Committees. Joe can accept contributions up to $2,000 per individual and PAC, or up to $4,000 per registered Super PAC. This event is free to attend but we hope that after meeting and hearing from Joe you will be inspired to make a financial contribution. Winning this Senate seat will require the support of ALL of us.If you can’t attend but would like to support Joe’s campaign, please give online at by selecting the “donate” button or call Joe at (480) 381-2380 for curbside pickup! This will be a great event for our Hobbs4AZ campaign, for the Avondale/Tolleson LD19 area, and for the state of Arizona. Thank you for this great infusion of funding at a critical time in this campaign. We are all in this to win it.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: We’re at a crossroads. Arizona needs strong leadership: something that has been missing under Rob Barber.But, Nancy Pelosi and her Super PACs are spending millions of dollars to put bad leadership back into office. This can’t happen. We have 50 days left to stop Ron Barber. Fifty days until we have a chance to right the course for Arizona. We need everyone to join in to help Martha to victory. She needs each of us now more than ever. Even the smallest amount will help her fight back against Nancy Pelosi and Ron Barber.Will you chip in $1, $2, or even $3 per day for these last 50 days to help Martha overcome these attacks? Your investment now means a better future for you, for your family, and for generations to come.Just $1/day goes a long way. Chip in today.


·       Secretary of State Candidate Michele Reagan: Following the resignation of disgraced Arizona Republican Party first vice chair Russell Pearce late last night, LD23 Senator Reagan has encouraged Arizona Republican Chairman Robert Graham to appoint former gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones to fill the vacant post. 

o   In a letter written by Michele Reagan to Chairman Graham, Reagan cites Jones’ conservative credentials and her willingness to help the party during this important stretch before the General election.  Jones, who became known statewide for her strong stance on border security during her run for Arizona Governor, would fill out the remainder of the term until the next Republican meeting is held in January.

o   Jones and Reagan share the belief that Pearce’s comments are not the prevailing view throughout the Republican Party.  Reagan, who immediately called for Pearce’s resignation after his disparaging comments about woman, acted swiftly in her recommendation of Christine Jones as first vice chair.

o   “I find the comments made by outgoing vice chair Russell Pearce offensive and revolting.  We need a strong, conservative female leader to help restore the party’s image.  I strongly support Christine Jones as the next state first vice chair and will urge Robert Graham to expedite her appointment,” said Reagan.

·       CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin: Andy laid out the principles he’s going to take to Congress in the GOP Weekly Address on Saturday, and now the momentum is clearly on our side! Today marks 50 days until the Election and we Must keep it going into another huge week for Team Tobin. Here’s the thing – we’re beginning to lay out plans for early vote and Election Day operations today, and we need to confirm that you’re going to vote. Don’t worry, it’s really easy: Click to Sign our Vote Pledge here. We’ll be able to better determine where and how to spend our very limited resources if you can Sign the Pledge:  It’ll be a huge help – thank you in advance! Remember: this campaign doesn’t win if you’re not involved. Ann Kirkpatrick has been saving up millions in a huge war chest to destroy Andy’s good name. We need you to have his back! Thanks and have a great week. Let’s get this done!

·       CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin: Andy laid out the principles he’s going to take to Congress in the GOP Weekly Address on Saturday, and now the momentum is clearly on our side! Today marks 50 days until the Election and we must keep it going into another huge week for Team Tobin. Here’s the thing – we’re beginning to lay out plans for early vote and Election Day operations today, and we need to confirm that you’re going to vote. Don’t worry, it’s really easy: Click to Sign our Vote Pledge here. We’ll be able to better determine where and how to spend our very limited resources if you can Sign the Pledge:  It’ll be a huge help – thank you in advance! Remember: this campaign doesn’t win if you’re not involved. Ann Kirkpatrick has been saving up millions in a huge war chest to destroy Andy’s good name. We need you to have his back! Thanks and have a great week. Let’s get this done!


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