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9-19-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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September 19, 2014


President Harry Truman was correct when he observed, "My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!”


·       Rep. Matt Salmon On Mayor John Giles’ First Day As Mayor Of Mesa. “As a lifelong resident of Mesa, I am excited and proud to see John Giles take the helm as our next Mayor. He’s been a tireless and strong advocate for Mesa for over two decades, and I am confident that Mesa will continue to thrive under his leadership. I look forward to working him and his entire team as we work together to build a better community and a better America.


·       Fountain Hills Republican Club Election Rally Picnic at the Fountain Hills American legion has changed from 4 Pm To 3 Pm, Sat. Sept 20. Program to start promptly at 3pm. Candidates schedules are tight. See Events Calendar (scroll down) for details.


·       Retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely will address the Republican Women of Prescott Round Up Dinner at 5 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the Palace Restaurant & Saloon, 120 S. Montezuma St., Prescott, AZ  86303. Music by "Me, Myself & I", live auction & newly elected Republicans. Tickets:  $65.00. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree (928) 778-0235 or or Pam Calhoon at (928) 778-7157 or 


·       Republicans:  We Are Out Numbered In Southwest Maricopa County But We Can Win In This 2014 Midterm Election, But Only With Your Help.  Every Vote Counts!  Get your family, friends, neighbors and fellow patriots involved.  Volunteer opportunities are available for you to share campaign literature, engage your neighbors, make phone calls, display a lawn sign, host a candidate “Meet and Greet,” and encourage your friends and neighbors to donate to our candidates.  Contact CD 3, Maricopa County Coordinator, Andrew Costanzo at, or 480 677-0697.


·       CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer beat Grijalva by 4.8% in the 2012 Primary.  In the recent 2014 Primary Election in the Maricopa County portion of CD 3, Gabby Saucedo Mercer beat Grijalva by 19.6%!  This is HUGE, but it is also necessary that the voters in the Maricopa County portion of CD 3 each get a few more votes for Gabby in the November General to offset Grijalva’s huge liberal advantage in Pima County.  Let's Roll!  Contribute to Gabby or Volunteer Today! Make Phone Calls for Gabby & Walk for Gabby.


·       Late Yesterday The Arizona Secretary Of State’s Office received a complaint regarding illegal coordination between Fred DuVal’s gubernatorial campaign and the Get Ahead With Fred (GAWF) Political Committee, according to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham.  Graham’s statement after receiving a copy of the complaint:  “It comes as no surprise to learn that lobbyist Fred DuVal and his campaign operatives are playing fast and loose with the law.  DuVal’s been doing this during his entire career as a lobbyist, and voters deserve to know more about candidates like lobbyist Fred DuVal who refuse to play by the rules.”  The complaint specifically takes issue with GAWF expenditures based on consultant and lobbyist Tim Riester’s work for the DuVal campaign.  As excerpted from the complaint, “There is reasonable cause to believe that GAWF is not an independent expenditure committee because of its coordination with the DuVal Campaign as evidenced by the fact that Mr. Riester (1) served as a political consultant for the Duval Campaign prior to forming GAWF, (2) was authorized to raise or expend money for the Duval Campaign, and (3) has information about the plans, projects, or needs of the Campaign.” Complaint and exhibits at


·       LD23 Reminder: The Deadline For Getting Your Intent To Run Forms turned in is September 30, 5 pm This form is for those who want to run for a Board position and also for those who want to run for State Committeeman.  Or both. contact Nancy Ordowski or 480-203-5278


·       LD23 Reminder:  Current Precinct Captains should call a meeting of their PCs to elect a Precinct Captain to serve for the next two years.  Deadline to have your completed form to Nancy Ordowski is September 23.  This is set by statute so please get that done.  If you have not already heard from your Precinct Captain, please contact Nancy Ordowski or 480-203-5278.


·       Volunteers Are Needed At The Yavapai County Republican Office in Prescott to help with the Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign phone bank starting Tues., Sept 23 through the Nov 4 General Election.  Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week from 3 - 8 p.m., and Saturdays from noon – 6 pm. Contacts YavGop at (928) 776-4500, Sandra Laney at (480) 822-7350, or Elsie Tyree at (928) 778-0235.


·       LD23 ‘I360 Get Out The Vote’ Training For Pcs is scheduled at 10 am. and at 6:30 pm,  Mon, Sept 22 at the Victory Office, 7047 E Greenway Parkway ( just west of Scottsdale Rd, set 250). Bring your Just bring your smart phone or tablet/iPad.  All information will be added through the i360 app that you will download at this meeting. Please contact Nancy Ordowski to reserve your time: or 480-203-5278.


·        September 29 Is The Deadline For Making The AzCDL Annual Meeting reservations for the Sat., Oct 11 meeting at the  at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix.  Details  - website. $20 per person. Speakers: Reverend Kenn Blanchard, author of “Black Man with a Gun”, Rep John Kavanagh and author and firearm expert  Alan Korwin.   Entertainment  - Cartridge Family Band. All luncheon attendees eligible for door prize drawings include three (3) Ruger LCP pistols.   Contact Fred ( 


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey Needs Volunteers between 1-4 pm on Saturday, Sept 20 .


·       Phone Banking At The AZGOP Victory Office, 10050 W Bell Road #26, Sun City, is scheduled from 5-8 pm, Tues., Sept 23. Come and go as your schedule permits.  This is super easy.  Food will be provided.  Contact LD21 2nd VC  Chris Herring:  510-861-9600 or  Future call dates:  5-8pm:  Wed, Oct. 1 and  Tues, Oct 7.


·       Volunteers Are Needed from 10 am-noon, Thurs., Sept 25 at the AZGOP Victory Office, 10050 W Bell Road #26, SunCity, to help prepare literature for Saturday neighborhood walks.   Come and go as your schedule permits. Contact Lisa Gray:  623-340-8173 or 


·       LD21 Neighborhood Walk :  8 – 11 am, Sept 27.  Meet at the GOP Victory office, 10050 W. Bell Road, #26, Sun City at 8am to organize and head out.  After the walk lunch will be provided by the candidates.  Contact Lisa Gray: 623.340.8173 or 


·       “Just Because It’s On The Internet, It Doesn’t Mean It’s True. … There are days when we regret we are limited to just Four Pinocchios. This is one of those days. There is zero evidence that any of the men that (John) McCain met with in Syria are linked to the Islamic State.” – The Washington Post Fact Checker


·       “The Rumor That (John) McCain Met With ISIS in northern Syria in May 2013 has been proven false. As reported by The New York Times, pictures of McCain meeting with members of the Free Syrian Army—who have historically opposed ISIS—have been seized upon by conspiracy theorists and McCain skeptics, some of whom have gone as far as to photo shop McCain pinning a medal on the chest of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” – The Daily Beast


·       A ‘Meet And Greet’ For Scottsdale City Council Candidates David Smith And Kathy Littlefield is scheduled from 2-5 pm, Sun., Sept 28 at the Phillip’s residentce, 7451 E Via Dona Rd., Scottsdale. RSVP


·       A LD6 Debate With Both Republican And Democrat Candidates is scheduled at 3 pm, Sept 28 at the Sedona Church of the Red Rocks, 54 Bowstring Dr., Sedona, AZ  86336 Contact:  Andrea and Dwight Kadar at or (281) 682-8743.


·       Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past Chairman Blisters GOP: So it comes down to this, former State Senator and author of SB 1070 Russell Pearce is a Nazi?  That “profound” statement was no sooner out of the mouths of those upstanding folks on the left and consistent enemies of all that conservatives stand for, when the call for his head was echoed through Arizona.  A leftist columnist, who lives to destroy anything that isn’t stamped and approved by the “open borders” business community and big government supporters, attacked Senator Pearce, and what did we do?  Our “staunch conservative” office holders and candidates piled on and kicked this man in every part of his person.  (One rode his coattails to re-election not so long ago.) What Russell was trying to stir conversation about was how to handle poverty and who best to do so?  Without checking, it seems many of you accepted the words of a columnist in the “unbiased” New Times. Think about that.  

I have no doubt that Pearce saw what I saw as a deputy US marshal -  the tragedy produced by welfare programs.  I was amazed by the amount of people I arrested who were products of that system.  After retiring from the US Marshals Service I was appointed to a position in DES and ultimately became Chief of the Office of Special Investigations dealing with welfare fraud.  I saw how the system was gamed by more than just a few on welfare and the agency did nothing about it.  When I challenged that fact, I was chastised by superiors and told to “stop acting like a cop” (in a social services agency).  This mindset is unsettling to many of us who dealt with the tragedy produced in the lives of those we served -- by a system that was supposed to help them. We have a tremendous problem -- it is called Political Correctness.  It permeates everything we do and threatens to bring us down as a nation.  It is turning us into a laughing stock to the rest of the world.  And it has caused this lynch-mob mentality among our party regarding Russell Pearce. Why are conservatives standing silently by, watching this unfold? Especially now that we have heard Senator Pearce’s explanation of the facts surrounding it? He has chosen to do the honorable thing and consider his party above himself.  Stepping down as First Vice Chairman of the AZ GOP takes away a major talking point for the liberals.  It also takes away a strong conservative from party leadership. Conservatives please WAKE UP!  There has never been a more worthy time than now to be awake and engaged. - - Tom Morrissey, Immediate Past Chairman AZ GOP 


·       Congressman David Schweikert:  Yesterday, I accepted Chairman Jeff Miller of the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s invitation to join the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Hearing titled "Scheduling Manipulation and Veteran Deaths in Phoenix: Examination of the OIG's Final Report." I was granted unanimous consent to participate in this important hearing and was able to question both the gentlemen behind the OIG report, as well as the two Phoenix doctors who came forth this past Spring.  Dr. Katherine L. Mitchell, M.D. Medical Director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Post-Development Center of the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) and Retired Medical Director Dr. Samuel H. Foote had experience working in the Phoenix VA before coming forth about the mismanagement they witnessed in their tenure at the VA medical center. Both Mitchell and Foote told the truth about the, detailing incredible wait times and continued lack of access to urological care. "As we heard yet again in this hearing, it is clear that the Phoenix VA’s management of patient wait times is not only unacceptable on principle but proven to cause lasting effects on patient wellbeing. The blatant neglect illustrated in testimony from Mitchell paints a strong, sad picture of the flaws within our veterans mental health care system, one that could have been avoided by using best practices found in any other quality healthcare provider. Treating our veterans isn’t about wait times, the number of patients, or rates of illness, but rather an issue of keeping the promises we made to those who served our country and their families." View Schwierkert during VA hearing 9-17-14  Following the hearing, I sat down personally with Foote and Mitchell to hear their thoughts on the future of the PVAHCS. We are dedicated to assisting Arizonans in navigating the red tape around the VA. Contact my team: (480) 946-2411. My commitment to our veterans is stronger than ever.


·       Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day on POW/MIA Recognition Day: “Today we remember and pay tribute to our fellow Americans who did not come home from combat, and those brave patriots who suffered as prisoners of war,” said Chairman Priebus. “On this day when we see the black and white POW/MIA flag flying, we should pause and reaffirm our commitment to bringing these Americans home. Our veterans and armed forces deserve our deepest appreciation, and today we're praying for them and for the families of the missing," said Co-Chairman Day. "We must never forget our heroes. God Bless our proud military men and women and their families.”


·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/




·      Gertie Hickman Is Hosting A Meet And Greet Fundraiser for LD19 Senate candidate Joe Hobbs from 11 am to 2 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at her home, 11141 W Laurel Wood Lane in Avondale. No admission. Light refreshments will be served.  Hobbs will answer questions and accept donations.  LD19 consist mostly of Avondale/Tolleson. You can also donate online at  then select the ‘donate’ button or contact Hobbs at (480) 381-2380 or


·       LD6 Senate Candidate Sylvia Allen’s “Back To The AZ Senate Shoot Out” is scheduled Sept 20 near Heber. 9 am  registration. 10 am shooting begins. 12:30 pm lunch, program and acution. The event is scheduled at the Tenney Ranch, Hwy 277 ( 8 mi east of Heber, turn S on Gibson Lane).


·       A Constitution Fair is scheduled from 6 -9:30 pm, Sat., Sept 20 in the Gilbert Town Square Civic Center, 50 E. Civic Center Drive, Gilbert featuring Lee Greenwood. Entertainment at 6 pm on two stages. 8 pm, 350 voice Milennial Chair to perform.  Fireworks at 9:10 pm,


·       LD22 PCs Glenn And Marie Haynes Will Hold A Private ‘Meet And Greet’ for Dusty Trail precinct committeemen with LD22 incumbents Sen Judy Burges and Reps Phil Lovas and David Livingston, along with Maricopa County Community College District Board Member at Large John Heep in the Corte Bella Country Club Social Hall at 9 am, Sept 20. Limited seating. RSVP required. Dusty Trail PCs should RSVP to or leave a message with your name and phone number at 310-418-3645. 


·       The Republican Women Of Prescott Round UP is scheduled from 5-9 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the The Palace, on Whiskey Row in Prescott, RWOP will be presenting Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army, Ret. founder of Stand Up America, and a former Fox News contributor.  Music will be provided by "Me, Myself & I."  There will be a live auction and a silent auction.  In addition, after nearly a year, the Bronze Horse by Cowboy Artist Bill Nebeker will be raffled off.  Tickets are $65. Limited seating. RSVP to Elsie Tyree at (928) 778-0235 or  or Pam Calhoon at (928) 778-7157 or  Make checks payable to RWOP and mail to P. O. Box 10932, Prescott, AZ  86304-0932 or


·       LD10 Will Be Walking Precincts Sept 20 and 27 for Senate candidate Mark Morrison. Meet at 10 am, at the  Bear Canyon Library and work until about noon.  If you want to stay a little longer, he’ll provide some pizza and soft drinks.  RSVP Morrison at or 520-307-5331.


·       The Tucson Republican Women’s Club 30th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon and Fashion Show will be held at noon, Sat., Sept 20 at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85711.  Bring a guest. Past Presidents will be exhibiting their scrapbooks. Clothing for Fashion Show from Plaza Palomino 2930 N. Swan Rd. #120.  $30 per ticket.  Reservations required. RSVP: Chairman Caroline Straub at 722-7447 or or Maureen Leith 

·        The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am, Sat., Sept 20 at Anthem at Merrill Ranch, Union Center, 3925 N. Sun City Blvd, Florence AZ (map). Two speakers: Tim Kanavel from Pinal County Office of Economic Development will be speaking on economic development projects across Pinal County, and Jack  Biltis  from "Yes on 122" will be speaking on the "Arizona State Sovereignty Amendment", Proposition 122. Coffee at 9:30 am. Mtg at 10 am.  Contact: Chairman Seraphim Larsen - Florence AZ - (520) 251-2689 -

·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Picnic is scheduled from 3 -6:30 pm, Sat., Sept 20 at the Fountain Hills American Legion featuring Republican candidates in the November Election.  Fried chicken/hamburgers and side dishes will be served. $12 tickets for members. $15 for non-members.



A Matinee Fundraiser For The Pima County Republican Party & Pima County Republican Women’s Club is scheduled at the Great American Playhouse, 13005 N Oracle Road, in Oro Valley on Sept 21. The two-hour play “Beetlejuiced’ will be performed. Ticket: $25. Contact Linda Grissom at or 531-5545 or Linda White at or 321-1492 to purchase tickets. Food can be ordered at your table. The menu includes pizza, cheese crisps, sausage and meatball sandwiches, ice cream treats, beer, wine and soft drinks.



·       Phoenix City Councilmen Sal Diciccio, Bill Gates, And Jim Waring are hosting a reception for Attorney General candidate Mark Brnovich between 5-7 pm, Mon,  Sept 22 at Tom’s Tavern, 2 North Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004. Suggested Contribution $150 per person. RSVP to or to Daniel Stefanski 623-451-1729.



·       The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association lunch, featuring Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, is scheduled at 11:45 am, Tues., Sept 23 at Polsinelli, One East Washington, Suite 1200, Phoenix, AZ 85004. $20 for members, $35 for non-members (payment at the door) RSVP to 


·       Phx City Councilwoman Thelda Williams District 1 Community Breakfast is scheduled for 7:30 am, Sept 26 at the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 702 W Deer Valley Road, Phx.  Breakfast available for $4.99, not including gratuity. Dist 1 will pay for the drink. Contact: 602-262-7444.


·       Dr. Zuhdi Jasser And Dr. Carl Goldberg will address the East Valley Tea Party and Freedom Fires on Tues., Sept 23 at the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave., Mesa. Doors open at 6 pm.


·       A SOS…Save Our AZ State…From Dark Money Fundraiser is scheduled for Secretary of State candidate Michele  Reagan   at 5:30 pm,  Tues, Sept 23 with  wine, beer at the home of Patricia Kaufman Home,  7436 East Tuckey Lane,  Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Hosted by Patricia Kaufman, Judy Eisenhower, Joanna Hagan, Shirley Bachman and  Mary Lee Sturgeon. Please make checks payable to “Vote Reagan 2014. ”  Reservation required. RSVP to Judy Eisenhower at 480-941-8162 or email


·       A Reception For Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich is scheduled from 5-7 pm, Mon., Sept 22 at Tom’s Tavern, 2 N Central Ave., Phx. Hosted by Phoenix City Councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Bill Gates and Jim Waring. RSVP to or to Daniel Stefanski 623-451-1729.



·       The West Valley AZGOP Victory Office Volunteer Meeting is tentatively scheduled for 10 am, Wed., Sept 24.  They will discuss office questions/comments they have from ‘manning the desk.” Funding raising for office operations will also be discussed.


·       The Alta Vista Forum will be held at 3 pm, Sept 24 at 916 Canterbury Lane, Prescott, AZ. Speaker:  Prescott's City Council on city issues. Contact:  Nettie Lamerson at (928) 277-4010.


·       A Fundraising Luncheon for CD1 candidate Andy Toby, CD1 candidate Martha McSally, and CD9 candidate Wendy Rogers is planned Sept 24 at 52 Season, 2502 E Camelback, Phx. Featuring Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Tickets - $500 per person. Lunch plus a photo is $5,200 per person. RSVP: Michelle at or Jessica at


·       The Glendale Civic Pride Ambassadors Will Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary from 5-8 pm, Wed., Sept 24 at Haus Murphy’s Restaurant, 5735 W. Glendale Ave. “Retired Mayor Elaine Scruggs, founder of Glendale Civic Pride, will be our guest of honor.If you have a story to tell, or a memory to share, come to Haus Murphy’s next Wednesday evening. Complimentary refreshments will be served. Space is limited and reservations are encouraged. RSVP to 602-212- 6752. information on the2014 Musical Mystery Tour or Nancy Lenox 602-568- 6202 or,


·       The Scottsdale Leadership's Memorable All Political Party is scheduled at the home  Of Jason & Jordan Rose.  RSVP to  by Wednesday, September 24.



·       Congressman David Schweikert will host a breakfast buffet at 8 am, Thurs., Sept 25 at the Chaparral Suites, 5001 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ. Guests:  Candidate For Arizona Attorney General​ candidate  Mark Brnovich, Arizona Treasurer candidate Jeff DeWit, Arizona Senate candidate​ Rep John Kavanagh, Incumbent Rep Michelle Ugenti, LD23 candidate Jay Lawrence, Corporation Commission candidates Doug Little  &  Rep Tom Forese and Scottsdale Unified School District candidate Laddie Guy Shane. Please arrive promptly at 8 am. Program begins at 8:20  Co-Host $250. $50 to Attend. RSVP to: Allison at 480-628-2763 or



·       Walk For CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer from 9 am-noon, Sat, Sept 27.   Meet at 8:30 am at the Starpointe Residents Club, 17665 W. Elliot Rd Goodyear, AZ 85338 (W. Elliot, just west of S. Estrella Parkway). We will walk Desert Blossom, Westar and Estrella Foothills Precincts in Legislative District 4, Goodyear.   The weather will be a lot cooler.  Don't worry if you have never done this before, we will team you with someone who has. Contact Andrew Costanzo at or call 480 677-0697 to volunteer.


·       ATTN Guys: See Www.Swprostatecancer.Com for information on the upcoming 6th Annual Golf Classic & Free Prostate Screening scheduled Sept 27 at the Wigwam Golf Course in Litchfield Park.


·       LD17 is planning a ‘Big LD17 Walk’ at 8:30 am, Sat., Sept 27 starting at Desert Breeze Park in Chandle4r.  Volunteers should contact LD17 Chairman Tyler Bowyer at


·       The Sun City Grant Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sept 27 at 19781 N. Remington Dr., Chaparral Center - Hopi Room. Open to all Sun City Grand residents and their guests, elected officials and candidates.  Contact: President Ginny Nyre  (623-544-7187) or Vice President Programs Ruth Seiter  (623-544-9309) or web at


·       Dinesh D’Souza (R), Jacob Hornberger (L) and Andrei Cherny (D) debate “The Proper Role Of Government For American’s Future” at the 7 pm, Sept 27 Gila Ridge Performing Arts Center in Yuma. dinesh-dsouza-jacob-hornberger-and-andrei-cherny-come-to-yuma-arizona 



·        September 29 Is The Deadline For Making The AzCDL Annual Meeting reservations for the Sat., Oct 11 meeting at the  at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix.  Details  - website. $20 per person. Speakers: Reverend Kenn Blanchard, author of “Black Man with a Gun”, Rep John Kavanagh and author and firearm expert  Alan Korwin.   Entertainment  - Cartridge Family Band. All luncheon attendees eligible for door prize drawings include three (3) Ruger LCP pistols.   All this for a mere $20.  Contact Fred ( 


·       The Phoenix Chapter Of Executive Women International Invites You To Participate In Its 2014 Annual Fundraiser Between 1-3 Pm, Sat., Sept 29 At The Desert Hills Bowling Ctr., 2959 E. Bell Rd, Phx. Silent Auction. 50/50 Raffle. Reservations  623-512-4707.



·       LD17 will meet Sept 30 (last Tues of month)  at  7 pm in the   Tri-City Baptist Christian Seminary Bldg., (South Side of Parking Lot), 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ  85286. Speaker: Former Sen Johnathan Paton, chairman of  Yes on Prop 122 Committee. The November meeting has been moved to Nov 18 due to Thanksgiving. No December meeting. contact LD17 Chairman Tyler Bowyer at



Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Former CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten: Yesterday, Congress in wholly predictable fashion did what they do best--nothing. I refer to the House and the Senate. A Short-Term Continuing Resolution to prevent another government shutdown was passed in the House. CR (H.J. Res. 124) keeps the lights on in the Federal Government until December 11, 2014 --providing funding at the current, annual rate of $1.012 Trillion of American's tax dollars and will either expire, be "continued" again or they (Congress) could do something really radical and actually pass annual Appropriations legislation for 2015. House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said the C.R. is "clean and does not contain highly controversial provisions." Isn't that special? In Congress, we've all come to learn, everything is wrapped tightly in language and semantics. "Highly controversial?" What about "run-of-the-mill controversial?"  "Lowly controversial?" I suppose it would be irrational for a common citizen to describe a $500 million "gift" to train and support Free Syrian Army rebels as "highly controversial"? It worked out so well the last time, we want to do it again. ISIS never confiscated the American-trained fighters or their weapons/equipment, did they? I bet if We The People were to look deep within the bowels of this C.R., we'd find plenty of "controversy." Congress would never lie or mislead, would they? The net/net to this latest legislative exercise in futility is in direct, arm-twisting response to Harry Reid's outright refusal to approve a single Appropriations Bill. The Senate, by its refusal to follow the law in the Constitution is guilty of high treason against the American people. So we have yet another instance of Congress opting to "kick the can down the road" (are you as fed up with that phrase as I am?). At what point do we hold these elected officials accountable for the destruction of our Nation? No one wants to be the bad guy and shut down the government...again. Harry Reid doesn't mind holding us hostage to execute the liberal agenda...but heaven forbid, the gluttonous government gets taken to the woodshed,  forced to live within its means and act responsibly. Wake up, America. This is an election year. Vote like you really care.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally today released a new ad featuring Southern Arizona ranchers, many of whom supported Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, announcing their support for Martha. The ad shows that Martha McSally is the clear choice among ranchers and border residents as the best candidate to fight for border security. "The same ranchers and border residents who supported Congresswoman Giffords are now supporting Martha because they know she's an independent leader who can get things done," said McSally Campaign Spokesman Patrick Ptak. "Ron Barber has been ineffective at fixing our broken border strategy, even voting against more resources at the border simply to please his party. That's the kind of dishonest representation voters are sick of, and that's why people across Southern Arizona are supporting Martha and the fresh perspective she brings."  The backing of ranchers and border residents adds to the growing chorus of Southern Arizonans calling for a change in leadership. She also has out-raised incumbent Ron Barber for five straight reporting periods, something nearly unheard of for a challenger.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: Our campaign is working. Our new TV ad shows where we’ve already won the votes of Democrats and former Ron Barber supporters. But Barber is still $500,000 ahead and we have to close the gap or risk losing on Election Day. On top of that, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi want Ron Barber in the House so badly, they will go to any length to buy his seat – including spending millions of dollars to do it.  I need you to step up today to ensure we close the $500,000 gap and keep our ad up to spread the word and show more folks that we need Martha for Arizona – NOT Ron Barber. Click here to see our latest ad and then please contribute to help us stay on the air. We’re only 46 days out from Election Day, and 11 days away from the very last FEC Quarterly Fundraising deadline.  Without your help, we won’t make it to Election Day. Please chip in what you can now.


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