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10-11-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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October 11, 2014


·       The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) ‘Young Guns’ Gopyoungguns.Com/  Program is hosting the high dollar reception that caused quite a flap yesterday when it’s invitation was distributed featuring CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin, CD2 Candidate Martha McSally And CD9 Candidate Wendy Rogers – but conspicuously missing grassroots CD2 Candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer.  Speaker John Boehner is coming to Phx for the 5:30 pm, Sat., Oct 18 reception at an undisclosed location in Paradise Valley. Photo ops at 5 pm. Tickets - $7,800 includes roundtable, photo op and reception. $2,600 – photo op and reception.  $500 – reception.  RSVP Jessica LaBerge at 602-633-2777 or or Michelle Hyde at  In trying to find out why Saucedo-Mercer was excluded, it surfaced that NRCC requires that inductees have $150,000 -- $150,000 that grassroots candidate Saucedo-Mercer didn’t have at the time -- to be accepted into the exclusive establishment group. See prior story for other details (10-10-14 mcrc briefs)   Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/ 

·       CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer needs volunteers and contributions to enable her to retired incumbent Raul Grijalva (D). There are more Democrats than Republicans in CD 3, so she must draw Independent votes as well as garner all Republican votes in the district, according to coordinator Andrew Costanzo. In addition to visiting them, her campaign crew is now contacting them by phone. Contribute at:  Volunteers can reach MCRC’s CD3 campaign coordinator Andrew Costanzo at or call 480-677-0697.

·       Saucedo-Mercer Fans Are Not impressed with AZGOP Robert Graham recent commentary about the grassroots CD3 GOP candidate not accepting some of his suggestions.  Reports are surfacing of Graham yelling at her and discouraging her.  It seems there is a side to this dust up that has yet to surface.  Upon reading Graham’s commentary, one angry reader says he immediately send Gabby a $200 check. She says it is more important to stay on the campaign trail to remove Grijalvia than to take time out to refute Graham’s perception/comments.


·       Food For Thought: A Word Of Caution from within the law community strongly suggests voters should be wary of the various opinions and recommendations floating around as to which judges should be retained and which should be sacked. Unless you know a judge, have been in the courts and have knowledge of how these judges rule it’s pretty hard to give them a fair shake. Undoubtedly, some need to toss out, but we also need to retain the good judges. Do your own research before marking your ballots.  Don’t be led like sheep.


·       Lyle Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services will address the Las Fuentes Resort, 1035 Scotts Dr., Prescott at 3 pm, Fri., Oct 17.


·       The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party has scheduled its second annual Liberty Dinner at 5 pm, Sat., Oct 18 at the Hotel Hilton Conquistador, 10,000 N. Oracle Road, Tucson. Guest of  Honor: Dorothy Woods, widow of Navy Seal Ty Woods – who perish during the attack in Benghazi. Tickets:  Contact:  or 520-977-7946

·       Think About It: Conservative Rex Powers:Got my mail-in ballot and got it filled out and mailed in so now for my rant. For me it has always been an honor to vote. My grandfather, my father, and a whole bunch of uncles wore uniforms and went off to war and paid a price for me to be able to live in a country where my vote counts. So many places in the world I'd have to be rich or belong to a certain group or only had one party that ran the country. My family fought to keep that from happening here. For me not to vote I dishonor my family and my ancestors. I was lucky enough to be able to wear the uniform but could only hope to be a fraction of what those men were. I hope that you care enough about your family, your kids and someday you grandkids that you choose to vote. Vote anyway you want but do the right thing.”

·       LD6 Rep Brenda Barton: “A pleasure today to address over 400 members of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, over 12,000 of the most pro-freedom engaged citizens in the great state of Arizona! I was honored to be recognized for the 2nd time their Legislator of the Year. Thank you good friends, thank you.”


·       Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute has accepted a position as Vice President at Compact for America Educational Foundation. Dranias has been with Goldwater Institute for seven years and spoken to numerous groups across the State of Arizona.  Good luck with your new position.


·       CD2 Candidates Martha McSally (R) and incumbent Ron Barber (D) will debate from 6-7 pm, Tues., Oct 14 in the Buena High School Auditorium, 5225 E Buena School Blvd., Sierra Vista, AZ 85635. McSally fans are asked to wear red.  Doors open at 5 pm. Arrive early for good seating. To volunteer to help with debate preparations send a note to or call (520) 488-4610.


·       Nationally Syndicated Columnist Mychal Massie will speak to the Liberty Amendment Dinner on Sat., Oct 18 at the Hilton El Conqustador, 10000 N Oracle Road., Tucson. He will do several interviews before traveling to Scottsdale to spend two days with Dr Lyle Rapacki, who has agreed to arrange for Massie to speak to large groups while he is in town – Oct 20 and 21. Any conservative group wishing to feature Massie at a large gathering should contact Rapacki at  Massie has appeared on FOX News and Hannity, publishes the Daily Rant, and has been a pastor.  Massie and Rapacki spoke at Gettysburg this past July 4th.  Massie’s Daily Rant is often posted in the Briefs.


·       REMINDER: Destroying Political Signs is a Class 2 Misdemeanor  (ARS 16-1019 –political  signs )  if caught  and prosecuted. If you see someone destroying or messing with Republican political signs for candidates in the General Election in Maricopa County, please photograph them and take the photos to the victims or send them to MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro  


·       Candidates Wishing To Participate In The Oct 25 & 26  Freedom Fest Rally at  Westworld’s New 117,000 square foot Tony Nelssen Center North Hall should contact vendor liaison Don Westover 949-690-2042 to register and pay for their table, or event manager Jerry Heikens @ 480-227-4182 or Tony Tanglos at 602-321-4100.  Or  8’ tables - $195. 10x10’ booth - $295 (early bird price, normally $395). One candidate per table or booth.


·       Dates To Remember:

o   October 28: District Meeting at Tri-City Baptist

o   October 30: Last Day to Safely Mail Early Ballot

o   October 31: Last Day to Nominate for LD Offices

o   November 4: Election Day!

o   January 10, 2015: Maricopa Co. Republican Committee Organizational Meeting


·       This morning AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham reminded voters that in the past few days Arizonans have learned more about lobbyist Fred DuVal’s questionable past.  These emerging facts raise serious questions about his background.  He compiled a series of headlines for DuVal to familiarize himself with what is being written about his influence-peddling career.

o   The Daily Caller – Saddam’s Consultant Threw Party For Arizona Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Fred DuVal

o   The Washington Examiner – Fred Duval’s Friends And Supporters, A Rich History Of Kickbacks And Corruption

o   Washington Free Beacon – Fred DuVal’s Lobbying Career Ties Him To Anti-Israel Group, African Diamond Industry

o   The Daily Caller – Arizona Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Fred DuVal Accepted Campaign Contribution From Saddam’s Lobbyist

o   The Santa Fe New Mexican – Richardson pay-to-play scandal haunts Dem seeking Arizona’s top state job

o   The Weekly Standard – Arizona Democrat Decries Lobbying, Worked As Lobbyist


·       Buzzfeed Today Broke The Story that Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Fred DuVal had his driver’s license suspended this year, as revealed by his October application to have his driver’s license reinstated. “The hits just keep on piling up for Fred DuVal,” AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham said.  “First, he has yet to disclose his client list after promising that he would.  Then, we learned that the firm he worked at after leaving the White House had many questionable clients, including an anti-Israel group and another in the African diamond industry.  But still no client list has been divulged.  Next, it turns out that Saddam Hussein’s Washington lobbyist not only threw him a farewell party as he left D.C. to run for Congress in Arizona, but also donated $1,000 to his campaign.  DuVal still hasn’t acknowledged his work on shady business deals for disgraced former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.  And now, we learn that he had his driver’s license suspended for most of the summer while he was campaigning around the state.  This latest incident is just another that shows Fred DuVal’s lapses in judgment are raising so many more questions about his credibility as a candidate. Will DuVal address his suspended license?  Will he disclose the tickets he has received over the past five years?  Why did he wait until October to get his license reinstated?  Is he willing to release his full driving record?  And, perhaps most importantly, did he drive illegally on a suspended license?” Graham asked.  “With early ballots out and election day only three weeks away, Arizonans deserve to have the answers to these questions immediately.” Several law enforcement officers spoke to the issue of suspended driver’s licenses and what it indicates about a person’s judgment. “When someone’s license has been suspended, generally it is because they have showed a blatant disregard for Arizona traffic laws.  That person has proven to the state that they are a risk to other citizens on the roadways,” said John Ortolano, president of Arizona Fraternal Order of Police.  “Fred DuVal’s comportment shows a disregard for his personal responsibilities concerning our state laws while not taking the safety of his fellow Arizonans seriously either.  As a police officer, I am deeply concerned that Mr. DuVal would have such disregard for our traffic laws.”    “Fred DuVal’s suspended license raises serious questions about his judgment and is just another reason why he is not fit to lead Arizona.  DuVal’s conduct in this matter is of serious concern and it’s clear we shouldn’t put our trust in his hands,” said Joe Clure, president of both the Arizona Police Association and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.  “DuVal’s inability to legally operate a motor vehicle shows that he does not respect Arizona’s laws and is an affront to all the state’s citizens.  DuVal needs to come forward at this time and tell Arizonans whether he drove a vehicle illegally during the months his license was suspended.  It is time Fred DuVal answer questions about his highly inappropriate behavior.”



·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/



Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       CD9 Candidate Wendy Rogers: Yesterday, Kyrsten Sinema’s House office stated, “Congresswoman Sinema believes terrorists should be tried in court and punished according to American law.” Michael Burns, a spokesman for Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema said the following: “She voted to ‘uphold the principles set forth by our founding fathers in the U.S. Constitution.’ Among those principles includes fair trials for all accused of crimes. Congresswoman Sinema believes terrorists should be tried in court and punished according to American law." The Rogers campaign issued the following response: “Kyrsten Sinema confirmed her complete and utter disregard for national security.  Her naïveté of what it takes to protect our nation is of grave concern.  Kyrsten Sinema voted to put our country at risk by opening the door to the transfer of terrorists to prisons on U.S. soil and trials in American courts.  These institutions are incapable of handling such dangerous individuals. Incredibly, with the enemy at our gates, Kyrsten Sinema promotes the vapid belief that terrorists should be dealt with in the same way we handle common criminals,” said James Harris. “Terrorists want to destroy our nation, and Wendy Rogers firmly believes we must hold them securely in military facilities to try them before military courts, in order to keep our homeland safe.  Only the military is equipped to handle the threat posed by these enemy combatants, and if elected, Wendy Rogers will work to make sure we continue holding and trying terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, not on American soil or in United States courtrooms.”



LD1  (2nd Mon) 7 pm  North Gate Church, 34835 N. 7th St., Phx. 85086. Oct speaker: Robert Michael – Common Core, and Trevor Lake of Heritage Action.  Nov 17 – Organizationl Electin. Dec 8 – Congressman Paul Gosar. Contact Chr Cathy Schwanke

LD4 (4th Wed) 7 pm, Starpointe Residents Club in Estrella Mountain Ranch (Elliott & Estrella Parkway). Chr Fred Amator 

LD12 (2nd Thurs) 7 pm, Campo Verde High School, 3870 S Quartz St, Gilbert. Chr Mickie Niland  Chairman@Azld12.Com  Http://Azld12.Com/

LD13 (2nd Tues) 6:30 registration. 7 pm. PebbleCreek Country Club, 16222 Clubhouse Dr., Goodyear. (Exit 126 off I-10, go N on PebbleCreek Parkway 2 miles to entrance on left - enter the Tuscany Falls gate off PebbleCreek Pkwy). Chr Robert Branch 602-334-6519

LD 15 (4th Tues) 6:30 pm. Deer Valley Airport Restaurant, 702 W. Deer Valley Rd, Phx.   Chr Dave Henderson  

LD16  (3rd Thur) 6:30 social. Liberty Arts Academy, 3015 S. Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212. Contact Kay Reardon at: Chr Jerry Clingman Cell 480-861-4958  Home 480-986-5236   http://www.ld16gop@us

LD17  (4th Tues) 7 pm, Tri-City Baptist Christian Seminary Building, (South Side of Parking Lot), 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler. Chr Tyler Bowyer   480-239-0025.

LD18 ( 2nd Wed) 7 pm . 6:30 social, Clarion Hotel, 5121 E La Puente Ave, Phx, AZ, 85226 (NW corner of I-10 & Elliot Rd).  Chr David Bushman  480-734-6555

LD19  (2nd Mon) 7 pm, 1416 N Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park  (conf room of Total Wine store Litchfield Rd/McDowell).  Chr Cherie Scott 

LD20 (1st Mon) (except May & Nov) 7 pm. Washington Elementary School District Office, 4650 W Sweetwater Rd, Glendale.  Oct 6, Nov 17, Dec 8.  Chr Ray Malnar

LD21 (3rd Thurs) 7 pm. Plaza Del Rio Community Center, 13215 N 94th Drive, Peoria. Chr Kevin Payne -  Website:

LD22  (3rd Mon) 6:30 pm. Westbrook Village Community Center. Traveling east or west on Union Hills Rd. enter Westbrook Village at Country Club Pkwy (first light west of 83rd Ave.) north to Vista’s Rec Center. Chr Eric Morgan

LD23 (2nd Thurs)  6:30 sign in, 7 pm mtg,  Chr Joe Meli   480-652-7872. Locations vary/ tba.  See  Contact:    

LD24 (3rd Thru) 7 pm, AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. Chr  Brian Kaufman  480-442-2424   bkaufx@gmail,com   

LD 25 (3rd Thur) 7 pm.  Community Rooms of the City of Mesa Utilities Building (640 N. Mesa Dr.) Chr Paul Whetten 480-392-9192

LD26 (2nd Tues) 7 pm.  Mesa Utilities Building, 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa. Chr  Raymond Jones: (602) 633-4639

LD27 (2nd Tues) 6:30 pm dinner, 7 pm mtg, Jumbo Buffet, NE corner - 35th Ave & Southern. Dinner not required. Chr  Andrew Costanzo,

LD28  (2nd Tues) 7 pm. Madison School District Office, 5601 N. 16th St, Phx.  Chr Scott O’Connor   cell  (602) 469-3850

LD29 (2nd Tues) 7 pm, 6006 N. 83rd Ave. Glendale, AZ 85303. Chr Charlie Ellis;  480-678-0938.

LD30 (1st Sat)  1 pm, Las Casitas Clubhouse, 29th Ave/South of Glendale Ave. Chr: Timothy Schwartz  623-937-8077



OCT 12

·       Mark Walters of Armed American Radio will be broadcasting from Alan Korwin’s office for three hours on Oct 12. Details here


OCT 13

·       The Yavapai Republican Men's Forum meets at 11:30 am, Oct 13, at the Hotel St. Michael Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott. $18 per lunch. RSVP:  Bob Luzius (928) 717-2551 or Reservations deadline noon, Thur., Oct 9.


·       The Highway 69 Republicans meet at 5 pm for social hour, followed by a 6 pm meeting on Oct 13  at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey, AZ (Rear Dining Area). Order from Menu. RSVP with June @ (928) 632-4661.


·       Arizona Project Will Be Discussing Constitutional issues at the 6:30 pm, Mon., Oct 13 meeting at 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phx. Chairman Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


OCT 14

·       LD13 Chairman Robert Branch has announced that Congressman Paul Gosar will address the Oct 14 meeting scheduled at 7 pm at the PebbleCreek Country Club, 16222 Clubhouse Dr., Goodyear. (Exit 126 off I-10, go N on PebbleCreek Parkway 2 miles to entrance on left - enter the Tuscany Falls gate off PebbleCreek Pkwy). Registration opens at 6:30 pm. The November mandatory organization meeting will also be a topic of discussion, along with election of officers and state committeeman.  Branch said this is a fundraising meeting for the LD.  Members are are asked to donate $20 to the LD. Contact  Chr Robert Branch 602-334-6519


·       The AZGOP Has Asked Arizona Republican Lawyers Association (AzRLA) to provide Nov 4 Election Day Operations.  Attorney volunteers are needed throughout the state to ensure the vote is properly administered. AzRLA will provide a training seminar for attorneys between 4:30-6 pm,  Tues, Oct 14 at Snell and Wilmer, 400 E. Van Buren Street, Suite 1900.  Parking available at the garage on 5th Street and Fillmore. Reimbursements for costs available for attorneys who volunteer to travel to other counties, AzRLA members are urged to volunteer for this very important task.


·       The Yavapai County Republicans Executive Committee  meets at 5:30 pm, at Republican Headquarters, 112B E. Union St., Prescott, AZ.


OCT 15

·       The LD 11 Clean Elections Debate in support of Sen candidate Steve Smith and House candidates Vince Leach and Mark Finchem will begin at 6 pm, Tues., Oct 15 at Pima Community College, NW Campus, 7600 N. Shannon Rd., Tucson.


·       The Western Pinal Republican Club will meet at 5:30 pm, Oct 15 at Eva’s Fine Mexican Food, 2033 North Pinal Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85122 to hear a debate between Cases Grande High School Board candidates Michael Voelker, Tony Salcido, Mark Maurer and Wes Mitchell. Dr. Shannon Goodsell will address the issue of an override. $10 admission fee.


·       The Verde Valley Republican Women meet at 11 am at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 W. Hwy 89A, Sedona. $17 per person. RSVP:  Erna (928) 284-4248 or


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Will  Participate In A Youth Town Hall hosted by the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at 2 pm, Oct 15 Glendale Community College Student Union, 6000 W  Olive., Glendale. It is free and open to the public, and Q&A will follow his presentation.


·       Trevor Loudon, New Zealand Author And Political Researcher, will speak to the Grassroots Tea Party at 6:30 pm, Wed., Oct 15 at the Brand New Church, 1827 W Grovers Ave., Phx (19th Ave/Grovers) . Loudon is the author of “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress”


·       Palo Verde Republican Women will meet for lunch Oct 15 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E. Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale. Lunch $25.  Social 11am, Program/Lunch 11:30 am. Invited speakers are Rep. David Schweikert (Prop.122), Christina Sandefur, Goldwater Institute, (Prop. 303), and Peg Cottle on Fisher House. Candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich  will auction off original art painted by Matt Cottle. Proceeds go to Fisher House. RSVP contact Edith Stock: or call 480-298-7818.


·       A Meet And Greet For Scottsdale City Council candidate Kathy Littlefield is scheduled between 6-8 pm, Wed., Oct 15 at the house of Linda Longazel, 9270 E Thompson Peak Parkway #366, D C Ranch Country Club Estates, Scottsdale.  Cold beverages and light snacks will be served. RSVP to  480-585-2345    602-550-1648.


OCT 16

·       The Arizona Corporation Commission has scheduled a meeting at 10 am, Thur., Oct 16 in the Hearing Room #1, 1200 W Washington St., Phx.  Revised Open Meeting Notice.


·       Northwest Conservatives Hosts A “Review Of The 2014 Ballot Propositions” By Former AZ State Sens Frank Antenori & Jonathan Paton at 6 pm, Oct 16 in the Oro Valley Library, 1305 W Naranja Dr., Oro Valley.  Amphi School Board candidates Scott Leska and Mick Stewart will address the Prop 418 Amphi Budget Override 6. Contact Sherese Steffens at


·       A Reception For Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich is scheduled at 5:30  pm, Thur., Oct 16 at the home of Home of Karen and Bob Hobbs, Sr., 6250 North Hogahn Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. Co-hosted by Michael Bidwill, Leigh & Jack Biltis,  Vicki & Jim Click,  Eric Crown, Lynn & Jack Londen,  Randy & Ken Kendrick, Norman McClelland  and Christine Toretti. Co-Chair $2,000 • Host Committee $1,000 • Individual Tickets $250. Business/Business Casual Attire. Complimentary Valet Parking Required. contact Jess Yescalis at 602-400-5683 or Amilyn Pierce at 602-708-8980. RSVP to or 602-708-8980.

OCT 17

·        The Yavapai County Republicans Annual Oct 17 Oktoberfest TNT Fundraiser will be held at The Grill at Stoneridge Golf Course, 1601 N. Bluff Top Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ  86314. Cocktails – 5 pm. Dinner/program 6-9 pm. Speakers: Congressman David Schweikert and Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services.   $65 per person or $130 per couple to sit with one of the guest speakers.  State Treasurer Candidate Jeff  DeWit will be master of ceremonies. Raffle and live auction. Tickets available now.  RSVP at (928) 776-4500  or go online to Oktoberfest.  Be sure and state the names of your guests and if you want to sit with a guest, mention his name in the Comments section.   If you have anything to donate to the fundraising auction, contact the Yavapai office by Fri, Oct 10 at


·       The Pima GOP Unity Rally is scheduled from 5:30-8:30 pm, Oct 17. Bring a chair or blanket for seating. Free refreshments, entertainment. Kids welcome. Udall Park Amphitheater, 7200 E Tanque Verde Rd, SE Corner Tanque Verde/Sabina Canyon. 


·       The NRA Women Summit will be held Oct 17-19 in Middleburg, VA. Panelist include Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Tennessee Rep Marsha Blackburn, organizer of the conservative "War On Women" campaign Carly Fiorina, co-host of CNN's Crossfire S.E. Cupp,  journalist and on-air host Dana Loesch, and, blogger and author Katie Palvich, among others. Contact: Addie Crimmins at 703-267-1580 or for reservation.


·        Congressman Paul Gosar will speak at 9 am, Oct 17 at the Community Job Fair scheduled at the Mohave Community College, 3400 Hwy 95, Rm 600 in Bullhead City. The fair runs from 9 am until noon. Contact Cristy Crow at 928-763-1145 or


Oct 18

·       The First Annual Liberty Amendment ‘States United Balanced Budget Initiative Arizona’ symposium is scheduled between 10am-4 pm, Sat., Oct 18 at the Hilton El Conqustador, 10000 N Oracle Road., Tucson. Reception – 4:30.  Dinner – 6 pm. Master of Ceremonies – James T. Harris. Evening speakers include national columnist Mychal Massie and Dr. Jake Jacobs. Others speakers include Congressmen David Schweikert and Paul Gosar, Constitutionalist Shane Krauser, Tucson Liberty Watch Host Charles Heller, Educator Jeff Utsch, AZ Reps Steve Smith and Bob Thorpe, Attorney General Tom Horne, Attorney Nick Dranias, CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, former Graham county Sheriff Richard Mack, Author Dr Elroy, Mike Gibbs – Center for Self Governance, and Author Shawn Cassidy. States United Balanced Budget Initiative Arizona (SUBBIAZ) & Compact for America   RSVP:


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am, Sat., Oct 18 in the FH Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive,  to hear AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. Doors open at 8:30 am. Contact: Nancy Ordowski


·       The Crossroads of the West Gun Show is scheduled from 9 am-5 pm, Oct 18- and from 9am-4 pm, Oct 19 in the Glendale Arena. Free parking.


·       Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association one-day gun show is scheduled Oct 18 at the Ben Avery Shooting Range.




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·        Air-Force-Pilots-Report-Lack-ISIS-Targets: Painfully-Slow-Getting-Clearance-Strike

·        Air-Force-Pilots-Frustrated-By-Obamas-Reluctance-To-Bomb-ISIS-Targets

·        Ohio-Air-Force-Vet-Brian-Wilson-Helps-Kurds-Fight-ISIS

·        Vet-Labeled-Paranoid-For-Political-Views-Fights-Back Charges Mental-Health Screener's Animosity To His Opinions Put Him Into Lockup

·        Embarrassing: Michelle Obama Screws Up Name Of Candidate She’s Stumping For, Erroneously Calls Him A ‘Marine’

·        It-Only-Took-This-Admiral-2-Minutes-To-Destroy-Obamas-Bible-Control-Plan

·        US Airways Feels Wrath Of Social Media When Flight Attendant Mistreats Army Ranger

·        After Already Sacrificing For His Country, U.S. Vet Joins Forces With Another Group Fighting ISIS

·        US-Marines-Chant-There’s-No-God-Like-Jehovah


·        Most Expensive State House Race In Colorado Comes Back To Gun Control


·        Democrat Admits He Loves Funding Hamas And The Muslim Brotherhood


·        “Feisty” Reporter Makes Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer Squirm

·         ABC, NBC Continue To Omit Coverage Of Report Alleging WH Role In Prostitution Scandal

·        ABC's Scandal Shows Ignorance About The Constitution And The 2nd Amendment 

·        Watch Juan Williams Defend Harvard Students Who Say America Threatens World Peace More Than ISIS


·        Keep Ebola Out Of America


·        Clinton Aide Peddled Stories Against Conservatives Exposing Lewinsky Affair

·       Friday Document Dump: Bill Clinton Wanted To Force Militias To Register With Federal Government


·        IRS Decides Iowan Is Not Authorized To Speak On His On Behalf


·        ISIS-Prisoner-Cries-‘Momma’-Captured-Iraqi-Troops


·        Pastor With AIDS Commits Adultery With Parishioners Then Refuses To Leave Church

·        74% More Mosques In America Since September 11

·        Imam Shortage Hits U.S. Mosques As Muslim Population Increases


·        See-Lesson-Cop-Taught-Muslim-Lady-Who Tried-Too Use-Race-Card


·        Ferguson-Thugs-Call-For-Murder, Burn-Flags, Assault-Reporter


·        This-Is-What-Happens-When-A-Woman-Tries-To-Report-Sexual-Harrassment In Egypt

·        No Matter What: In Colorado, It’s A “War On Women”


·        FBI Chief: Citizens Should Be ‘Deeply Skeptical’ Of Government


·        Obama-Appointed-Judge-Rules-That-Blacks-And-The-Poor-Are-Too-Stupid-To-Produce-Photo-Id-To-Vote/


·        New Evidence That The White House Was Covering Up The Secret Service Scandal!

·        Returned Check Raises New Questions Into Prostitution Scandal

·        Secret Service Prostitution Scandal: White House Covered Up Secret Service Scandal Until After 2012 Election


·        Trey Gowdy Flashback Obliterates Federal Court Rulings That Voter IDs In Wisconsin & Texas 'Racist'

·        Rep. Peter King, GOP: Obama Closing Gitmo Will Bring 'Confrontation'

·        Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett: Muslims Can't Be Trusted

·        Nancy Pelosi Is Demanding A Minimum Wage Hike

·        Virginia Congressman Defends Funding Hamas-Backed Unity Government

·        Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Answer Questions About Her Crony Connection To Tom Steyer

·        Mixing Cops, War Machines, Gets Attention In Congress 

·        Republican Congressman Claims White House Parsing Words To Cover Up Terrorist Border Infiltrations


·        Latest-Job-Report-Pure-Fraud-Fantasy

·        Freaks And Weirdo’s In Boston Demand $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Nationwide, Higher In Big Cities


·        Solar Energy Plant Canceled Due To Fried Birds