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10-16-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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October 16, 2014


·       ATTN:  Must See -- Watch the WMV Security Surveillance Video Recorded On August 25, 2014, at Maricopa County Elections MCTEC Facility 


·       Message from MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro:  The Secretary of State, the Counties and the State Legislature passed some great election laws in 2013 that resulted in HB-2305.  I know because I testified at several of the hearings.  What did the progressive socialists and militant groups cry after the laws were passed?  Suppression and disenfranchisement of the Hispanic and minority voters et. al. so they could force the repeal HB-2305 and continue questionable voter activities. 
      During the August 26th Primary election cycle, I worked long hard days, for three weeks straight, with the Maricopa County Elections Department and all the wonderful citizen volunteers.  Participating in every aspect of the election cycle as the official representative for the Republican Party - logic and accuracy tests, citizen boards, early ballot processing, poll watching, hand count audit board and sign-off on the unofficial final election results that were canvassed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  I describe our efforts as "the protection of our elections and the integrity of the vote".
     On August 25th, I was working with the Maricopa County Elections Staff observing early ballot processing at their MCTEC Facility located at 510 S. Third Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003.  The team processing the early ballots through the optical scanning equipment had gotten way ahead of the "upstream" citizen boards preparing the early ballot batches for processing.  The Information Systems Coordinator for Maricopa County Elections decided the team would take an extended lunch break from 11:30am until 1pm so I decided to relax and read my Wall Street Journal out in the main foyer area of the MCTEC Facility.  I was seated at one of the cubicles looking toward the reception area that is now behind bullet proof glass because of the violence and protesting that occurred by militant groups during the November, 2012, General Election. Here is the narrative for what happened in the video between 12:54pm and 1:04pm on August 25, 2014: Background - I was seated at one of the cubicles in the outer foyer of the Maricopa County Elections MCTEC Facility facing the protected reception area. The main entry to the foyer and facility was behind me to the right.  At approximately 12:55pm, I heard a loud thud behind me and turned around to
see what was going on.  A person wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona (CBA) t-shirt dropped a large box of hundreds of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement.  The following dialog occurred:
     Person from CBA:  "What's your problem?"
            A J. LaFaro:  "I don't have a problem."
     Person from CBA: "Stop watching me.  You're annoying me." 
            I continued to watch. A. J. LaFaro:  "One of your ballots isn't sealed."
     Person from CBA:  "It's none of your business.  What's your name?"
           A. J. LaFaro:  "I'm the Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party.  What's yours?"
      Person from CBA:  "Go f--k yourself!  I don't have to tell you who I am."  He  continued to stuff the ballot box. Took a photo of several ballots that he staged in the slot of the ballot box. Hid behind the ballot box and table as he slipped the unsealed ballot into his brief. Left. Came back with the unsealed ballot that he sealed outside and dropped in the ballot box. Said as he was leaving "Go f--k yourself gringo." 
      On August 26th, we were scheduled to start early ballot processing at MCTEC at 9:00am. So from 6:00am until 8:20am I went poll watching in South Tempe and Guadalupe.  I went to four polling locations - the last one being the main one in Guadalupe.  I wanted to watch a Guadalupe polling location because the DOJ said they were going to assign their attorneys to Guadalupe to make sure Sheriff Joe and his deputies didn't terrorize and disenfranchise the Hispanic voters.
     I entered the Guadalupe polling location and I identified myself to the Poll Inspector and showed her my Arizona driver’s license.  There were five poll workers sitting around pretty much doing nothing.  There had been three ballots ran through the machine, one early ballot in the secured lock box and one person who couldn't speak English filling out a provisional ballot.  I watched for about 20 minutes then left.  As I was leaving, I stopped and spoke with the Poll Marshall.  I asked him why it was so slow and he said that they had a big "ballot party" on Saturday.  By the way, I didn't see one person from the DOJ.
     I don't know if that person in the video is an illegal alien, a dreamer or a citizen.  What I do know is that he was a vulgar and disrespectful.  I would have followed him to the parking lot to take down his tag number but I feared for my life.
     I believe it's inconceivable, unacceptable and should be illegal for groups to collect hundreds, if not thousands, of voter's ballots and return them to the elections offices or polling locations.  And let's not forget the "ballot parties" that occur where people gather en masse and reportedly give their unvoted ballots to operatives of organizations like Citizens for a Better Arizona so they can not only collect them but vote them illegally.  America use to be a nation of laws where one person had one vote.  I'm sad to say not anymore.
Arizona’s current General Election is going to be one of the closest in our State’s history.  The progressive socialist Democrats, the liberal Independents and I am sad to say liberal Republicans (who are Republicans In Name Only - RINOs) are doing everything they can to turn Arizona dark blue. Their liberal agenda of higher taxes, bigger government, ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, Common Core, crony capitalism, amnesty for illegal aliens, same sex marriage, abortion, and never ending war around the globe needs to be defeated now - both in Arizona and around America.

That's why I'm asking all of you to continue walking your precincts, your neighborhoods and communities getting the vote out and chasing the ballots.  To please continue your hard work by volunteering for your candidates, a citizen’s board, as a poll worker, as a poll watcher or a hand count audit board worker. With everyone's tireless efforts - ALL of our Republican candidates can win on November 4th. With my deepest respect and appreciation. --A. J. LaFaro, Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)


·       CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer’s Husband Responds To Robert Graham's Open Letter  archives.10-8-14-mcrc-briefs  AZGOP Chairman … )

  Ted Mercer: It is indeed sad that Robert Graham has found it necessary to try to defend his actions in such a public forum and in such a misleading way. This is just another example of Graham and the AZ State GOP undermining another one of its own. Graham has demonstrated an amazing degree of immaturity and petulance in his response and I understand that he has pursued it further with personal telephone calls to LD members, Tea Party leaders and others. His behavior in this matter cannot go unanswered by me.

Let me describe what I believe triggered Graham's ridiculous diatribe. In early June, Gabby attended a luncheon in Tucson organized by the Pima County Republican Club. The featured speaker was Jim Click and he stood right in front of Gabby and announced to the group of about 60+ in attendance that, "We are not supporting your candidacy because you can't win". Interestingly, in April of 2013 Click had donated $2,500 to her campaign. This is background for what happened next. On Sept. 5th Gabby was invited to Graham's office where he told her that, "he had spoken with Click and that he was now going to help her". This was done in his office in the presence of another person. Gabby called Click but the number she had been given was no longer valid so she went back to Graham and he provided another number. Gabby called that number and was met on the phone by Click's gatekeeper who told her that "Mr. Click does not accept political solicitations over the phone, so please contact him by email."  Gabby then sent Jim Click an email and received an email response, which said that, "Mr. Graham was mistaken." Somewhere in this exchange the truth went missing.

Gabby then forwarded the email and Click's response to some of her campaign team expressing her frustration. One of her team members, in a desperate attempt to help Gabby raise funds, sent out the email exchange with Click's name redacted. The message was "Take a look at what Gabby faces when she tries to raise money". Many of Gabby's grassroots supporters started asking Graham why the AZGOP was not helping Gabby and he began to feel the heat.  It is important to note that any contribution by any donor, including Click, to any campaign becomes a public record on the Federal Election Commission website. The fact that the email went out is what triggered Graham to go ballistic, presumably because he is up for re-election as State GOP Chairman and doesn't want any culpability out there to tarnish his reputation or his chances for re-election.

The next thing that happened was that Gabby received a very nasty phone call from Robert Graham. I was in the room at the time and could hear him yelling at my wife from clear across the room. Some of what I heard him say was "You have just committed political suicide", "You will never be able to raise any money now", "You will never be able to run for any office again", "People are calling me and they are very upset about what you have done", "Do you realize that people will not donate to you if you are going to disclose their names", "People used to think you were a good candidate, now they think you are totally out of control".  There was much more but it came so fast and furious that she couldn't get a word in edge-wise.  When he hung up I asked Gabby, "Why is he yelling at you for something he himself did?"  She of course had no answer for that, nor do I.

Now to Robert's points enumerated in the MCRC Briefs 10-8-14-mcrc-briefs  : In his preamble he mentions that the State Party does not participate in primaries, although a Victory Office was opened in CD2 during the primary.  When our Pima County Campaign Coordinator asked if the office resources would be available to Gabby's campaign, he was told "No, but maybe you can use the phone banks after the primary if they are still here". Many solicitations went out to volunteers at that time to support GOTV activities, etc., but none of it was directed to CD3.  Although I applaud Graham for his apparently selfless and self-described 17 hour day/7days a week regimen, and agree that he has done many good things for the State GOP, I cannot help but feel that he sees a larger role for himself  - if he can make his mark with the national GOP organization.  Apparently this is just his investment in anticipation of future opportunity. That's not bad under normal circumstances but in this case he is attempting to publically trash a very viable candidate in order to protect his own self-interest. Many throughout the state have expressed a similar view.

o   i360 Technology:-- Andrew tells me that his training took all of 20 min. and was conducted by someone who didn't know much more than he did. The walking lists that were pulled were shared by up to 6 different candidates on any given Saturday. We appreciate the i360 technology but it was not used for the sole benefit of Gabby's campaign – it was shared by 6 candidates.

o   $18,000 Court Fees:--Since the party should take an interest in preserving the integrity of the primary process, it is Graham's responsibility to facilitate that. Were there any other candidates that asked for the party to get involved? As a matter of interest, the matter never went to court so I am suspect of the $18,000 figure.   Could that amount have been for attorney fees? Gabby met with Sergio Arellano once when he informed her of his new position and responsibilities but she has received no specific invitations or information as to any Hispanic outreach events. Most of the time she has learned of these events after the fact. The Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) did invite her to join them at a booth they sponsored at one community event.

o   $40,000 per District:--There was no victory office in CD3.   The victory office in CD2 was used exclusively to promote the CD1 and CD2 races for candidates that already had huge war chests. None of our constituents have memory of any mailers, any calls, or any literature, etc., specifically for Gabby.  I would certainly welcome the proof of the $360K Robert Graham claims was spent in support of Gabby in CD3. Please note that not all of the LD's mentioned by Graham are exclusively in CD3; some are split between CD's. Kudos to Graham for making phone calls to raise money; but that is his job!

o   Video Production:--This offer was made by Robert in a very off-hand manner. "We have a recording studio that you can use."  I don't know what he means by his reference to making this offer "countless times."  Never did he offer video editing or video production release capabilities to Gabby. No mention was made of recording equipment or the technical talent necessary to produce a video, which is precisely where the cost lies to produce such a video.

o   Social Media and Media Training:--Gabby never received anything regarding this and she frequently questioned the AZGOP for attacking Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick but nothing was ever done to attack Grijalva, who is Gabby’s opponent. Instead, the finger was pointed at the NRC and NRCC for deciding where the $$ would be spent. I find it hard to believe that the AZ State GOP Chairman had no input to strategic decision making of this type. Gabby has never heard anything from this Communications Director and doesn't even know who holds that position at the AZ GOP.  She was never approached by anyone from AZGOP regarding media training ever!

o   $12,500 for Frank Luntz and Messaging:--Gabby was not invited to participate in the Focus Group. After the event, on September 5th she was in Graham's office where he gave her a copy of the messaging material from the event and read from his notes of the event. This “off the cuff” treatment is not what I would call training when all you get is a packet of papers and someone else's notes read to you verbally. 

o   Victory Tour:--Logistically it did not make good sense for Gabby to drive all the way from Tucson to Phoenix and get on a bus to loop through the districts in that area and then go all the way to Sierra Vista, Nogales and Green Valley before returning to Phoenix from which she would then have had to drive back to Tucson. She chose to drive to the Nogales and Green Valley events.

o   Federal Mail Discount:--This statement is amusing.   The campaign didn't request use of the permit because it did not do any direct mail up until the time of Graham's blast at Gabby. Subsequently, the campaign did do a mailing directed at certain Democrat voters but since Federal regulations require that if you use the AZGOP permit, the phrase "PAID FOR BY THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY" must be prominently displayed, we decided that it would not be wise to use the permit on this occasion. As to Graham's snide remark about raising money, had some of the support he gave to CD1 & CD2 been directed to CD3, there would have been ample funds to do more direct mail.  Gabby has indeed done a very good grassroots job of selling herself throughout the district. Otherwise, the campaign would not have been as successful as it has been and she would not have become the popular candidate that she is. Graham's remark about "shifting blame" seems to reflect exactly what he is trying to do in his blatant attack against Gabby.

o   Other points:--When Gabby followed up on Graham's recommendation of professional fundraisers, they were all busy with other campaigns.   Graham’s  “recommendation” turned into nothing more than a wild goose chase!

      Graham told one of our campaign volunteers that he had an email database of about 30K addresses that we might use. When I personally followed up with him about this offer weeks later, he looked at me like I was from another planet, snickered, and said that he might have 13K addresses, and he would get back to me. He never did, and I wrote it off as his usual bloviating.

I think Graham should take his own advice in his last sentence and promote ALL of our candidates, not just some.

In no way do I disparage any of the other Republican candidates.  They are all good candidates and deserve the support they received from the AZGOP. It is a shame, however, despite what Graham would have you believe, that a line was drawn at CD3.  It seems to me that my wife does not meet the Hispanic criteria for the Republican Party.  She has been asked to tone down her dress style when she dresses impeccably and professionally for all her public appearances, unlike her opponent who embarrasses our State over and over again with his slovenliness.

It is a shame and an outrage that the Republican Party has taken this route to marginalize one of their own and in essence and by default support Raul Grijalva’s continued occupancy of our Congressional office in CD3.   As for Mr. Graham’s remarks about Gabriela playing the victim, I would counsel Mr. Graham to find the nearest mirror and re-read his mendacious diatribe filled with lies, distortions, and errors of omission about my wife and her campaign.  The person “playing the victim” will be standing in front of him in the mirror.

I know I am not the only person in the Arizona Republican Party who sees a hypocritical disconnect between the avowed determination of the RNC to attract women and Hispanics into our “Big Tent”  while they publicly sabotage and undercut Gabby’s ability to raise money for her campaign.  

Rather than make a concerted effort to oust the most radical, progressive, liberal Open Borders advocate in the House of Representatives, the state and national GOP publicly threw in the towel even before the race began by declaring the impossibility of winning in CD3.

There is an old saying that has gone around in political circles for years that Republicans eat their young. What this really means is that any candidate who has the grass roots support to be a true Constitutional Conservative, a believer in the Rule of Law and Bill of Rights, and therefore someone who is unalterably opposed to any form of amnesty for violators of our written immigration policies will be ostracized both privately and publicly by both the state and national GOP party apparatus because she will not  “play ball” regarding the hierarchy’s insane and deluded desire to craft their own political suicide.

Robert Graham is simply the embodiment of this vision and his unfair and unreasoned attacks to attempt to destroy the viability of Gabby’s candidacy a few short weeks before the General Election demonstrates the validity of this thesis. – Ted Mercer


·       The Frivolous Elections Complaint Filed Against Attorney General Candidate Mark Brnovich, by the AZ Democratic Party was completely dismissed today by the Secretary of State’s office.  The SOS office found that there was insufficient evidence in the Democratic Party's politically motivated claim, and that Mark Brnovich did not qualify as a lobbyist. A copy of the Secretary of State's response and Mark Brnovich's original response can be viewed here.


·       Don’t Forget To Sign Your Mail In Ballots Envelope. Did you know that over 5,000 ballots in the primary weren't counted because they weren't signed and they arrived after the primary.  It is suggested that you mail in your early ballots by Oct 30 so they are sure to be delivered to the Recorder’s office by Nov 4. Postmarks do not count.  If you don’t mail your ballot before Oct 30, take it to any polling place within your county.


·      ATTN LD Chairman:  As soon as you set your Organizational Meeting dates in Nov or Dec please sent the time, date and location to Briefs at or


·       LD13 Treasurer Karen Brogdon has served on the Arizona State Board of Tax Appeals for four years this month. Way to go Karen.  She has also served on the Credentials Committee for State And County Republican Statutory meetings for several years. You can always depend on that gal.

·       Doug Wolf Will Be Interviewing Secretary Of State Candidate Michele Reagan between 12:30-1 pm, Fri., Oct 17 on KQCKRADIO.COM. Vince Leach, candidate for the House in LD11 and Wolf are extending the program to 90 minutes to interview Victor Rodas, independent candidate for constable in JP 7. Rodas will be on studio from 1:30-2pm.

·       The Paradise Republican Women are asking for volunteers to help make phone calls for Secretary of State candidate Michele Reagan at the LD23 “Get Out the Vote Office” from 10 am to 5 pm, Sat., Oct 18 at 7047 E Greenway Parkway #250, Scottsdale.


·       Sen John McCain And Sen Jeff Flake will address the Salt River Project’s “Healthy Forests, Vibrant Economy” conference at 12:14 pm, Fri., Oct 17 at Hilton Scottsdale, 6333 North Scottsdale Road , Scottsdale, Arizona 85250


·       Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. statement after writing an op-ed calling for the resignation of the Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Thomas Frieden. See op-ed: step-one-combating-ebola-fire-cdc-director-frieden "While the recent Ebola outbreak poses a real threat to the United States, the incompetence and indecisiveness of the CDC and the Obama Administration is just as dangerous. Yesterday, it was reported that Dallas nurse Amber Vinson, who recently was diagnosed with Ebola and cared for Thomas Duncan, checked with CDC before boarding a flight from Ohio to Texas after running a slight fever. The CDC cleared Vinson for travel and failed to prevent her from getting on a plane with more than 100 passengers and traveling halfway across the country. The protection of the American people is the most important role of our government. CDC Director Thomas Frieden has failed to lead and has shown gross incompetence in his actions or lack thereof to prevent the spread of Ebola domestically. We cannot afford such mistakes when American lives are at risk. That is why I am calling for the immediate resignation of Director Friedan. At this critical moment, we need leaders who will act boldly and with foresight to prevent the threat of Ebola from spreading. Americans deserve real leadership and accountability." Background: On October 8, 2014, Congressman Gosar led an effort with 25 bipartisan House colleagues calling on President Obama to institute a travel ban and consider a possible quarantine for individuals traveling from West Africa countries with widespread Ebola infections to the United States. That bipartisan letter can be found HERE.


·       Tea Party Patriots Released Documentary “Border States Of America” Today. Narrated by actor Nick Searcy, the documentary will take viewers for a ride along the U.S-Mexico border and expose the many consequences of rampant illegal immigration. The documentary features interviews with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and Reps. Steve King (R-IA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX), as well as dozens of law enforcement officials. The point the documentary drives home is this: illegal immigration extends beyond the thousands of minors from Central America, and its consequences are far-reaching and affect every American. As Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin noted, “Every day brings another example of the disastrous consequences of open borders and amnesty. First, it was a humanitarian wave of crime and disease, now suspected terrorists are being apprehended with who knows how many slipping through…” View the film online:


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey: Earlier this month, we asked for input from voters like you on the critical issue of education, and you responded.  More than 1,000 Arizona voters weighed in on the reforms they'd like to see in K-12 education.  Here are the results to the question: What do you think is most important to ensure our education system creates opportunities for all Arizona kids?

o   A focus on results: an education that creates opportunity -- 38%

o   Getting money where it belongs: into the classroom -- 36%

o   Spending less on administration and bureaucracy -- 28%

As governor, I'll listen to your priorities and use my business background to ensure we get results in education.  I'll ensure that any child who walks across the stage in his or her cap and gown at graduation has received an education that prepares him or her for success in life.


·       The LD17  Chandler, Sun Lakes And Gilbert Republicans will meet at 7 pm, Oct 28 at the Tri-City Baptist Christian Seminary Building, (South Side of Parking Lot) 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ  85286.   Chr Tyler Bowyer   480-239-0025 .

·       Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday will be the guest between noon and 4 pm, Nov 11 at the American Legion Veteran’s Day Ceremonial Gathering  at the Al Kellis Draper Post #12, 176 N. Frontier St., Wickenburg, AZ. Holiday, US Marine Corp, 4th Marine Div. 25th Company, H&S Regiment, served from 1943-1945.  He will conduct a book signing and present an oral history about the Cody Talkers.  928-68-7762.


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Oct, 21 in the Grand Canyon Room at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W R H Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375 to hear Dr Michael Farris address the Convention of States Project.  There will be no Nov 3 meeting. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will speak at the Nov 18 meeting.

·       LD19 State Senate Candidate Joe Hobbs will be at Friendship Park in Avondale on Sat, Oct 18 from 8am until 2pm. The park is East of the Agua Fria River and just South of McDowell. Hobbs will have a small blue shade canopy, cold water, a table, a banner, a few chairs – and handouts.  Several candidates are going to stop by with their signs and wave their banners. Candidates who wish to participate can join in by contacting or 480-381-2380.


·       This Afternoon AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham issued this statement: "(Dem gubernatorial candidate) Fred DuVal awoke this morning to news that a national environmental group’s poll showed him losing to Doug Ducey by eight percent.  Then voters heard from DuVal, in his own words, that he doesn't support parents knowing about their children's abortions, believing government should have more say than parents.  Needless to say, voters didn't like it.  Next, DuVal was reminded of something haunting from his past: in 1999 DuVal chaired a government committee that made recommendations to give clemency to a terrorist group.  This afternoon, an ad was launched featuring the son of one of the victims killed by the group DuVal was a part of giving clemency to.  We can only imagine how DuVal felt knowing he was a part of giving clemency to despicable people. It’s clear that voters are turning away from Fred DuVal.  Is it any wonder that the Democratic Governors Association and Arizona Democrat Party are also running from Fred DuVal?"  See full statement at


·       CD3 Candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer has incumbent Dem Raul Grijalva on the run.  “He has been hiding from Saucedo Mercer, rejecting all debate and candidate forum requests, but the big chicken has finally accepted a ‘debate’ type interview,” according to CD3 coordinator Andrew Costanzo.  The televised CD 3 segment will air at 8:30 pm, Fri., Oct 17 on PBS-6 (Tucson) and will also appear on their website on Oct. 17


·       Buckeye Precinct Walk and Get Out The Vote - Walk with CD 3 Congressional Candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer as we secure the vote for Gabby,  LD 4 Candidates Dr. Connie Uribe (AZ Senate), Richard Hopkins (AZ House) and SD 5 Candidate Mark Riddles,  Saturday, Oct 18.  Volunteers will meet at 8:30 am and walk from 9 to 12.  Meet at the Walgreens located at 25073 W Southern Ave. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (SE Corner of Southern and Miller Rd). With enough help we will finish Hopeville and Valencia Precincts; the weather will be cooler, so please join us.  Don't worry if you have never done this before, we will team you with someone who has.  Contact Andrew Costanzo, 480 677-0697 or


·       Please Keep Jeff Lichter And His Wife Paulette in yours prayers. had heart surgery on Mon.,  Oct 6.  Due to complications he is on a ventilator and dialysis. The surgery took 11 hours and involved four bypass procedures and repairing two valves. 


·       Congressman David Schweikert: “The arrogance of Washington believing it knows what is best for our community is nonsense. Just because Washington passes a law does not meant Arizona taxpayers should have to pay for it. I support Prop. 122 because it lets Arizonans set our own priorities.”


·       Congressman Paul Gosar: “The executive branch of the federal government continues to act lawlessly.  It is time for Arizonans to send a clear message to the federal bureaucracy that Washington cannot, and must not, implement illegal or unfunded mandates which increasingly burden our citizenry.”


·       Congress Matt Salmon will be at the Chandler Victory office, 1600 W Chandler Blvd #150, Chandler, AZ 85224 between 11 am and 3 pm., Sat., Oct 18.


·       Trevor Lakey of Heritage Action will be leading the discussion on “What To Expect With A Republican Senate And How To Mobilize Social Media To Reach Your Goals” during the 6:30 pm, Mon, Oct 20 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E Shea Blvd, Phx. Chr Ronald Ludders 602-677-1496.


·       Rep. Matt Salmon upon hearing that Venezuela had been elected as a member of the United Nations Security Council. “Today’s election of Venezuela as a non-permanent member to the United Nations Security Council representing GRULAC (the Latin America and Caribbean Group) is a terrible blow to the region’s commitment to human rights and democracy. Since succeeding his mentor, late President Hugo Chavez, President Maduro has been undermining the pillars of democracy in Venezuela.  In addition to violating the rights of peaceful protestors and dissenters, including the improper and purely retaliatory detention of Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuela has used its weight to undermine basic human rights and democratic values in regional organizations, including the OAS.  We can expect the same during its term on the United Nations Security Council.There should be no expectation that Venezuela, under its current leadership, will promote international peace and security, nor support respect for human rights during its two year term. GRULAC members know this intuitively, but have chosen the path of least resistance over the lofty goals of the United Nations. This is a truly tragic development.”


·       “Islam: What Non-Muslims Need To Know About Islam, And Why” will be presented by Dr. Carl Goldberg between 1-3 pm, Wed., Oct 29 and Nov 5 in Surprise. $15 per person. Registration: Call PORA Adult Learning at 623-242-6864.


·       There Was Quite A Dust Up At The Oct 10 LD23 meeting.  So many versions of what happened that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the shaft.


·       Volunteers are needed Sat., Oct 18 between noon and 3 pm to help Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey  if you have a couple hours to spare If you can’t help this Saturday but would still like to volunteer, then please let us know.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am, Sat., Oct 18 to hear AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham in the Fountain Hills Community Center. Doors open at 8:30 am.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon will be holding open office hours Saturday, Oct 18 at his Gilbert office. The door is open for residents to sit down for a quick meeting to express your concerns, ask questions, or discuss the complicated issues facing our nation. The office is at 207 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 209, Gilbert, AZ 85234. Limited space, so call his office at (480) 699-8239 to schedule an appointment. 


·       The Arizona Corporation Commission has scheduled a Special Open Meeting/Winter Preparedness at 10 am, Tues., Oct 21.  click notice and agenda: Special Open Meeting/Winter Preparedness.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey need volunteers to help in his campaign headquarters, 4455 E Camelback Rd., #E-260, Phoenix AZ 85018  from 5-8 pm, Mon-Thurs, 3-6 pm, Fri., and noon to 3 pm on Sat.  Contact: Cylee Gutting 660-341-8839.


·       Yuma County Republicans Will Be Walking The Yuma Valley to get out the vote on Saturday, Oct 18.  Even if you can walk only one street, please come on down - every little bit adds up! Meet at Paul's house at 8am, at 1252 S. 42nd Avenue (just west of Avenue C, and just south of 12th Street.) Call him if you need directions: 580-1697. Contact: Sec. Lorna Brooks 928-317-9120


·       Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman was unanimously elected by his colleagues as incoming president of the County Supervisors Association (CSA) at the October 10, 2014, meeting of the CSA Board of Directors.  The official transition and passing of the gavel from Supervisor Jim Palmer to Supervisor Hickman will take place on Nov 20 at the CSA headquarters in Phoenix. Hickman is a Maricopa County LD13 PC.


·       The Paradise Republican Women are calling for volunteers to help get out the vote and make phone calls for candidates. Volunteers can work from the office between 10am-5 pm, Mon-Sat at 7047 E Greenway Parkway #250, Scottsdale AZ 85254 or your home.  Join them in stuffing door packets  between 6-8 pm, Thur., Oct 16. Snacks and drinks served.  Contact: Chr Lori Urban  480-221-9633
to join us! This is a great way to earn some volunteer hours for club rewards and spend some time with other members - all while we make a difference to our candidates!


·       Nationally Syndicated Columnist Mychal Massie is traveling to Scottsdale to spend two days with Dr Lyle Rapacki, who has agreed to arrange for Massie to speak to large groups while he is in town – Oct 20 and 21. Any conservative group wishing to feature Massie at a large gathering should contact Rapacki at  Massie has appeared on FOX News and Hannity, publishes the Daily Rant, and has been a pastor. 


·       The Coconino County Republican Committee Victory Office in Flagstaff is open from noon to 7pm Monday through Saturday. It's located on Woodlands Village Boulevard, next door to the Staples Office Supply store and across from Basha's super market. Contact: Joy Iris Staveley, Chairman Coconino County Republican Committee


·       Nationally Syndicated Columnist Mychal Massie will speak to the Liberty Amendment Dinner on Sat., Oct 18 at the Hilton El Conqustador, 10000 N Oracle Road., Tucson.


·       CANCELLED:  The October 18 Pinal County Republican Committee meeting has been cancelled, according to PCRC Chairman Seraphim Larsen. They will meet at 10 am, Nov 15 at the Union Center Ballroom at Anthem Merrill Ranch, 3925 N Sun City Blvd, Florence, AZ. Larson asks that precinct committeemen use the time to “GET OUT THE VOTE for your local Republican candidates!”  Please contact your District Chair to find out what GOTV activities are happening in your area: Contact:  PCRC Chr Seraphim Larsen Chairman - Florence AZ - (520) 251-2689 Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/



Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey:  Earlier this month, we asked for input from voters like you on the critical issue of education, and you responded.  More than 1,000 Arizona voters weighed in on the reforms they'd like to see in K-12 education.  Here are the results:  What do you think is most important to ensure our education system creates opportunities for all Arizona kids?

o   A focus on results: an education that creates opportunity -- 38%

o   Getting money where it belongs: into the classroom -- 36%

o   Spending less on administration and bureaucracy -- 28%

As governor, I'll listen to your priorities and use my business background to ensure we get results in education.  I'll ensure that any child who walks across the stage in his or her cap and gown at graduation has received an education that prepares him or her for success in life. We can improve education for all Arizona kids, but I can't do it without your support. I'm asking for your vote, and I'm asking you to forward this email to any friends who may be undecided to encourage them to support our campaign of creating opportunity. Thanks for your help!


·       CD2 Candidate Wendy Rogers: U.S. Supreme Court victor Shaun McCutcheon will match every donation you make to me over the next 48 hours. This AZ-9 congressional race is now BREAKING OUR WAY. Within the next 48 hours, please make your most generous contribution Your donation, along with Shaun McCutcheon's, will ensure voters across Arizona's 9th District hear our message. This is make-or-break time, so Shaun McCutcheon generously agreed to match every contribution you donate online up to $1,776 over the next 48 hours. Shaun McCutcheon fights daily for our political freedoms on the national stage. He scored major victories against the Federal Election Commission. Now, thanks to Shaun McCutcheon, Americans can donate to as many candidates as they want. He won in the Supreme Court so more individuals can let their voices be heard. Please get onboard to let freedom ring. We need to hit our $1776 goal over the next 48 hours. This means $3,552 will go straight to our Get out the Vote effort. We must reach every voter.

o   A $25 contribution equals $50 to reach voters through social media & email.

o   A $50 contribution equals $100 to phone voters.

o   A $100 contribution equals $200 to mail voters.

o   A $250 contribution equals $500 to air our TV ads through Nov 4th.

Kyrsten Sinema is hunkered down trying to save her faltering campaign. We're pumped up to achieve victory on Election Day. Will you join us? During the next 48 hours, donate to retire Sinema on November 4th!


·       CD6 IncumbentDavid Schweikert:  Setting the outcome for our country's future requires a heavy commitment from patriots. We are at a critical juncture. The clock is ticking. Which is exactly why I want to ask for a little help today. Each one of us is in a unique position to  support Republican victory.   Please don’t sit on your hands and miss the chance to shape our country’s future leadership. I don't know about you but the thought of more Obama-style malaise and far left regulatory attack gives me the jitters.  Here we are -- one of the most innovative societies in human history -- and our government is holding us down. It's wrong. And it's our job to fix it. That means acting now is key. Take Action.  $100 or more goes a long way to  funding republican turnout.  We need every dollar you can spare to push back the dreary cloud that has been the Obama-Pelosi-Reid years of missed opportunity and stalled growth. Please don't delay. Your help matters more by the minute




OCT 17

·        The Yavapai County Republicans Annual Oct 17 Oktoberfest TNT Fundraiser will be held at The Grill at Stoneridge Golf Course, 1601 N. Bluff Top Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ  86314. Cocktails – 5 pm. Dinner/program 6-9 pm. Speakers: Congressman David Schweikert and Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services.   $65 per person or $130 per couple to sit with one of the guest speakers.  State Treasurer Candidate Jeff  DeWit will be master of ceremonies. Raffle and live auction. Tickets available now.  RSVP at (928) 776-4500  or go online to Oktoberfest.  Be sure and state the names of your guests and if you want to sit with a guest, mention his name in the Comments section.   If you have anything to donate to the fundraising auction, contact the Yavapai office by Fri, Oct 10 at


·       The Pima GOP Unity Rally is scheduled from 5:30-8:30 pm, Oct 17. Bring a chair or blanket for seating. Free refreshments, entertainment. Kids welcome. Udall Park Amphitheater, 7200 E Tanque Verde Rd, SE Corner Tanque Verde/Sabina Canyon. 


·       The NRA Women Summit will be held Oct 17-19 in Middleburg, VA. Panelist include Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Tennessee Rep Marsha Blackburn, organizer of the conservative "War On Women" campaign Carly Fiorina, co-host of CNN's Crossfire S.E. Cupp,  journalist and on-air host Dana Loesch, and, blogger and author Katie Palvich, among others. Contact: Addie Crimmins at 703-267-1580 or for reservation.


·        Congressman Paul Gosar will speak at 9 am, Oct 17 at the Community Job Fair scheduled at the Mohave Community College, 3400 Hwy 95, Rm 600 in Bullhead City. The fair runs from 9 am until noon. Contact Cristy Crow at 928-763-1145 or


·       Lyle Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services will address the Las Fuentes Resort, 1035 Scotts Dr., Prescott at 3 pm, Fri., Oct 17.


·       A Fundraiser for Candidates Malba Alvarez and David Lara is scheduled at a5 pm, Fri, Oct 17  in San Luis at the San Luis Sports Bar, 1914 E. Juan Sanchez Blvd (on the far east side of town) in Yuma. $15 donations. Contact: Lorna Brooks 928-317-9120


Oct 18

·       The Crossroads of the West Gun Show is scheduled from 9 am-5 pm, Oct 18- and from 9am-4 pm, Oct 19 in the Glendale Arena. Free parking.


·       Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association one-day gun show is scheduled Oct 18 at the Ben Avery Shooting Range.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am, Sat., Oct 18 in the FH Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive, to hear AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. Doors open at 8:30 am. Contact: Nancy Ordowski


·       The First Annual Liberty Amendment ‘States United Balanced Budget Initiative Arizona’ symposium is scheduled between 10am-4 pm, Sat., Oct 18 at the Hilton El Conquistador, 10000 N Oracle Road., Tucson. Reception – 4:30.  Dinner – 6 pm. Master of Ceremonies – James T. Harris. Evening speakers include national columnist Mychal Massie and Dr. Jake Jacobs. Others speakers include Congressmen David Schweikert and Paul Gosar, Constitutionalist Shane Krauser, Tucson Liberty Watch Host Charles Heller, Educator Jeff Utsch, AZ Reps Steve Smith and Bob Thorpe, Attorney General Tom Horne, Attorney Nick Dranias, CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, former Graham county Sheriff Richard Mack, Author Dr Elroy, Mike Gibbs – Center for Self Governance, and Author Shawn Cassidy. States United Balanced Budget Initiative Arizona (SUBBIAZ) & Compact for America   RSVP:


·       The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party has scheduled its second annual Liberty Dinner at 5 pm, Sat., Oct 18 at the Hotel Hilton Conquistador, 10,000 N. Oracle Road, Tucson. Guest of  Honor: Dorothy Woods, widow of Navy Seal Ty Woods – who perish during the attack in Benghazi. Tickets:  Contact:  or 520-977-7946


OCT 20

·       Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will speak at 11:30 am., Mon, Oct 20 at a fundraiser for   LD4 Senate candidate Constance Uribe at the Shilo Inn, 1550 Castle Dome.

·       The College Republicans At Embry Riddle in Prescott will be hosting Town Hall for  Congressman Paul Gosar at 6 pm, Oct  20 in the Student Union - Lower Hangar on campus at Embry-Riddle (3700 Willow Creek Road Prescott). Contact: Joey Cilano, President - College Republicans at ERAU and Vice-President -  Yavapai County Young Republicans.


·       The Sun City Republican Club will hold their Oct 20 Meeting at 6:30 pm, in the Sundial Center, 14801 N 103rd Ave., Sun City AZ 85351 to hear guest speakers address Prop 480 – that will create the third largest tax increase in the history of the state.  Refreshments will be served.


·       Jim Click, Matt Gleason, Jonathan Paton, Mick Rusing, Christine Toretti & Jim Weaver Invite you a reception in support of attorney general candidate Mark Brnovich between 5:30-7:30 pm, Mon., Oct 20 in the Tucson Country Club,  2650 N Camino Principal, Tucson, AZ 85715.  Co-Chair $2,000, Host Committee $1,000, Individual Tickets $250. Business Casual Attire. Contact: Amilyn Pierce at 602-708-8980 or Jess Yescalis at 602-400-5683. RSVP to or 602-708-8980To donate, CLICK HERE


·       Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Be Speaking at fundraiser for Dr. Connie Uribe at the Yuma County Republicans at noon, Mon., Oct 20 at The Shilo Inn.  $25 per person/lunch. RSVP Sec. Lorna Brooks 928-317-9120