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10-20-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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October 20, 2014


·       Condolences to Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Steve Chucri, who lost his brother Joe to cancer this week.


·       McCain-To Huddle With Supporters On 2016 Re-Election  McCain has invited a group supporters to breakfast Nov 6 to discuss whether he will run in 2016. Hmm…Lot of speculation - Is MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro at the top of the guest list?  Is AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham among the supporter invitees? Will Timothy Schwartz, author of the resolutions to censure McCain that passed at the AZGOP and Maricopa County, be invited?


·       Final Push To Get Out The Vote In CD 3.  This part of the orchestrated strategy is to simply make phone calls to Republicans in CD 3 who have not yet returned their early ballots. The bottom line is that CD3 candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer wins if we can get enough Republicans in CD 3 to vote!  But that is not all; with a Gabby victory we should expect victories for the respective Republican State Senate and House Candidates in LD 4, LD 13, LD 19 and LD 29 and our efforts will also assist our State-wide candidates too.  Voters said that you want to get rid of the leftist incumbent Raul Grijalva, now is your chance to act! We have thousands of calls to make and Gabby needs your help. I promise you that it is really easy; you can secure the vote of 100 Republicans in just a few hours.  If 100 contacts if too many, then just ask for 50. For a sample script and a phone list contact Andrew Costanzo, or 480 677-0697.


·       Oct 21 And 22 A National Strike Is Called (By Alex Jones Infowars) to make obama block west african flights from countries with ebola from entering the us and infecting Americans.  Arizonans will meet between 12:30 -4 pm, in front of the Federal Buildings, 405 W Congress, Tucson. Contact: John Underhill Johnjayunderhill@Gmail.Com   Strikers will pass out literature. Bring signs and phones to call Federal legislators.  Call Underhill after 11:30 or text before at 520-349-0794.  Link To Alex Jones Call For A National  Strike.  Stopebolastrike-National-Strike-To-Force-Obama-To-Stop-West-African-Flights    


·       George "Zack" Taylor, Chairman, Charter Member & Border Security Expert of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, will address the Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots at 6:30 pm, Tues., Oct 21 in the Anthem Civic Bldg, 3701 W Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. Taylor  was featured in the recent movie "America" by Dinesh D'Souza and Dennis Michael Lynch's film "They Come to America" and "The Border States of America"   -  the new movie by Tea Party Patriots . Contact Chr Vera Anderson  602-821-4675.


·       Flashback: McCain Says Nothing To Fear With Obama In White House   McCain tells voters: We have nothing to fear with Barack Obama in the White House (2008 FLASHBACK).  After a particularly fired-up rally in Minnesota, Mr McCain was booed when he tried to soothe the crowd, defending Mr. Obama as "a decent person and a person you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."


·       Volunteers Are Needed For The Registration Desk at AzFRW Board of Director's Meeting between 9 am-7 pm, Fri, Oct 24 and from 8 am-9:15 am on Sat., Oct 25 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2532 W. Peoria Ave., (NE Corner of I-17 and Peoria ) Contact Lori Urban to volunteer


·       Congressman David Schweikert, Candidate for Arizona Attorney General candidate Mark Bronovich, AZ Reps Steve Smith and Steve Montenegro,  and LD 30 House Candidate Gary L. Cox are among candidates expected to attend the 1:45 pm, Sat., Oct 25 Politics on the Rocks “Candidates & Cocktails” at the Bentley Scottsdale Polo championships in Scottsdale. Reserve tickets/tables at  Contact: Charles A. Jensen
Politics on the Rocks National Committee


·       The Arizona Corporation Staff Meeting is scheduled at 2:30 pm, Wed., Oct 22. See agenda. REVISED Staff Meeting.


·       You Can Reserve Free Online Tickets To The Victory Rally with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey at 7:30 pm, Thur., Oct 23 at the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N Center St., Mesa, AZ 85201. Free tickets available online.   See nationally syndicated radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Sen Jeff Flake, Congressman Matt Salmon, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, and former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith.

·       Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann-Under-24/7-Guard-After-ISIS-Threat  False report from Politico could paint larger target on lawmaker.   The danger posed by ISIS to Americans has come to the homeland for Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and a national publication may be making the ominous threat even worse.

·       The Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC)   is planning a nationwide  protest against illegal immigration this coming weekend.  Arizona  events are scheduled:

o   Tucson AZ, (Oct 24), Tucson Mexican Consulate, 553 S. Stone Avenue, Fri., Oct 24, 12pm (High Noon).  Exercise YOUR First and Second Amendment Rights

o   Phoenix, AZ (Oct 25) 11th Ave and I10 pedestrian overpass, Saturday, Oct 25 8am-11am National Wave 27- No Amnesty, Flip the Senate.

o   Kingman, AZ (Oct 25) I40 and Andy Devine, Saturday, Oct 25 8am-11am National Wave 27- No Amnesty, Flip the Senate.


·       The Arizona Republican Party today announced a petition for the thousands of Arizonans who disagree with Fred DuVal’s extreme position on abortion. Fred DuVal’s position is not just that he’s pro-choice, but that he believes as girls as young as 14 should not need parental consent to have an abortion. Hear his views click here. “Fred DuVal’s position on abortion is completely out of step with Arizona families and parents who believe their children benefit from their influence and guidance when it comes to difficult decisions,” said AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. “Parents across the state have reacted to his abhorrent statements with anger and concern over what he would do to abortion consent laws as governor. I ask any Arizonan who disagrees with Fred’s extreme position on abortion for minors and disregard for parental rights to sign our petition.” Sign If You Disagree With Democrat Fred DuVal’s Support Of 14-Year-Old Girls Getting Abortions Without Parental Notification Or Consent Background: In a recent forum at Redemption Church in Gilbert, Arizona, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal stated he believes that 14-year-old girls should be able to get abortions without the consent of their parents.  His reckless stance would remove parents from a very difficult situation involving their minor child and is an affront to all Arizona families.  His disgraceful position is flat out wrong for Arizona. See video DuVal opposes parental consent

·       The Arizona Republican Party Today Is Reminding Voters of gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal’s failure to register as a lobbyist in states across the country.  His unwillingness to adhere to the multiple state laws should be of great concern to all Arizonans. “Fred DuVal clearly understands that a career lobbyist is not the kind of person voters are looking for to elect as chief executive of our state, and that’s why his campaign tactic has been to either hide his lobbying activity or refuse to register himself as a lobbyist when he should have,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  See   for DuVal’s Lobbying History.


·       The JLBC Staff Reports Monthly To The Legislature on the status of General Fund revenue collections and other fiscal issues. Link to this report:  

o   September marked the 6th consecutive month of revenue collections falling below the

o   enacted budget forecast. September General Fund revenues were $867.1 million, which represented an increase of 8.1% above September 2013.

o   A high September growth rate had been anticipated due to artificially low September 2013 collections. During September 2013, the state paid a $20 million Corporate Income Tax refund. Given the one-time nature of this refund, revenues were expected to rebound from this low base in the prior fiscal year. Overall, September collections were $(5.5) million below the enacted budget forecast. Slow sales tax growth of 2.6% contributed to the September shortfall.

o   Year-to-date, General Fund revenues are 3.3% above the prior year and are $(64.5) million below the forecast.

The JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Committee) is now predicting budget shortfalls of $520 million for the current fiscal year (2015) and $1.0 billion in FY 16. Both of these deficits will have to be addressed when the new legislature convenes in January. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.  - Sen John McComish  and Reps Jeff Dial and  Bob Robson


·       Don’t Forget To Sign Your Mail In Ballots Envelope. Did you know that over 5,000 ballots in the primary weren't counted because they weren't signed and they arrived after the primary.  It is suggested that you mail in your early ballots by Oct 30 so they are sure to be delivered to the Recorder’s office by Nov 4. Postmarks do not count.  If you don’t mail your ballot before Oct 30, take it to any polling place within your county.


·       ATTN LD Chairman:  As soon as you set your Organizational Meeting dates in Nov or Dec please sent the time, date and location to Briefs at or


·       REMINDER: Destroying Political Signs is a Class 2 Misdemeanor  (ARS 16-1019 –political  signs )  if caught  and prosecuted. If you see someone destroying or messing with Republican political signs for candidates in the General Election in Maricopa County, please photograph them and take the photos to the victims or send them to MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro  


·       ATTN: Candidates/LD leaders/Group Chairman:  If you have sent events or announcements to Briefs that have not been posted (except endorsements) or that I have not responded to, please resend them. Messages can be sent to  or  If I do not respond with “thx” within 24 hours, please resend – using one or all of the above e-dressses.  I’d rather get duplications than not receive your e-mails.


·       Republican Candidate Announcements, fundraiser, neighborhood walks and other events can be sent to for posting in the Briefs.  In fairness to all GOP primary candidates, Briefs does not post endorsements, nor does it endorse any GOP candidates prior to the primary. See Briefs at Http://Archives.Mcrcbriefs.Org/




Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is desperately trying to keep her former seat in liberal hands.  Her anti-2nd amendment PAC put out a "vile" ad attaching conservative veteran Martha McSally to a stalking death.  The group was happy to stand by the ad while the damage was done.  Giffords is "overshadowing" the candidates to try to sway voters in her former district.  Help us elect a true American patriot Martha McSally, the first female fighter pilot, a woman who served her country for 26 years, and will serve the People in Congress! Retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally lost this race in 2012 by less than 1% of the vote.  It is that close again this year and any help can push her over the top.  She is running against incumbent Ron Barber, the former Chief of Staff to Gabby Giffords. Giffords' PAC ran the false ad for weeks attaching Martha McSally to a stalking killing because Giffords is desperate to help Barber keep her former seat.  Barber is happy to have the help because he has no record to run on.  When Barber was given the chance to denounce the lies in the ad, he actually criticized McSally's position on the 2nd amendment.    KGUN 9 – Arizona --"We repeatedly asked for you to stand up against them, and Mr. Barber, you wouldn't do it, day after day you wouldn't do it," McSally said turning to her opponent. "They finally took the ad down because it was so horrendous and you have an opportunity tonight to denounce that ad and apologize. Do you believe that ad was wrong, Ron?" "The problem with her position is that she still refuses to say we should expand background checks," Barber later added. "Silence is consent," McSally responded.


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: Ron Barber won't even denounce the lies in an ad that was called "vile" and "sleazy" by a Democrat editorial. We know the liberals will never back down on this issue and this ad is an illustration of how far they are willing to go. We must not allow groups like this to change the outcome of a winnable House seat.  We are using voter outreach directly in the Tucson area district to defend McSally and tell voters the truth about her candidacy. This is such a sleazy way to win votes, we must support McSally and show voters the real story. She came less than 1% from defeating the incumbent in 2012.  She can win this district with more help from Patriots like YOU!  Help defend this proud veteran and tell Giffords and Barber they won't win with these appalling tactics!!  Donate Now  Giffords' group has put millions in to sway this election.  She tries to sound positive when speaking to the media, but has been relentless in pushing out lies about McSally and hoping voters get scared.  ABC NEWS  -- Gabby Giffords isn't running for office, but when it comes to the race for the Congressional seat she once held, you'd almost think she's the one on the ballot. Giffords has stepped squarely into the spotlight, appearing in campaign ads, becoming a talking point in debates and, at times, overshadowing the candidates themselves. Last month, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Giffords PAC, released ads taking McSally to task for her views on the the second amendment.  An editorial last month in the Arizona Republic, titled "Vile ad bounces off McSally, sticks to Gabby Giffords," referred to the ad as a "nasty piece of work" and "demagoguery in heart-rending tones." "The ad waves the bloo dy shirt. Takes the tragic killing of two innocents and drops it at McSally's feet, as if she were responsible. A murder indictment implied, when McSally obviously had nothing to do with it" the editorial board wrote, adding: "Perhaps the Tucson shooting changed Gabby Giffords."


·       CD2 Candidate Martha McSally: Giffords is overshadowing candidates because she knows Martha McSally is easily the best to serve the people.  Liberals though will do anything to keep this seat and the outside money continues to pour in for the Democrat. Martha McSally will fight for Arizona and bring a conservative voice to this district.  She understands what it means to protect and defend freedom. With her background as a Colonel in the Air Force, we know why she is ready for Washington and why liberals are resorting to ugly lies."Like many of you, I am frustrated with the  lack of leadership in Washington DC.  We have people 'serving' in Congress who are more interested in their next election instead of the next generation and what is best for the community and country. That is not the definition of service."- Col. (Ret.) Martha McSally."  McSally truly is a military hero with an impressive history of bringing positive change to this nation.  She was the first female pilot to fly in combat, she was the first female to lead a fighter squadron. While serving her last tour of duty in the Middle East, McSally courageously  challenged a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear a Muslim Abaya and headscarf when off base in Saudi Arabia.  She stood up for her freedoms and won.  McSally is not afraid to fight for principled change, even if it is not politically correct.  She will bring this drive and determination with her to Congress. Martha McSally has proven that she is a leader and a pioneer.  She will work to get things done for the American people, not the Washington insiders! She will not run from a fight and will not allow Congress to continue playing games while American families suffer.  Martha McSally will fight for us! She was 1% from winning in 2012.


·       LD28 Houser Candidate Shawnna Bolick: Michigan recently became the fourth state to approve Right to Try.  On election day, Arizona voters will have the chance make our state the fifth to do so by voting yes on Prop. 303.  I support Right to Try; but my liberal opponent, Eric Meyer, opposes it.  Right to Try was home-grown in Arizona by the Goldwater Institute.  It would allow terminally ill patients to access experimental drugs, prescribed by their doctors,  that have passed the safety phase of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.  So far, Right to Try has passed overwhelmingly across the country with support from Republicans and Democrats alike.  E.J. Montini, one of our state’s most liberal columnists, wrote that “Prop. 303 isn’t about politics.  It’s about hope.”  Also endorsing the measure, the Arizona Republic says that Prop. 303 “provides doctor-confirmed hope to the terminally ill.  This is easy to support.”   Apparently not so easy for Eric Meyer, who tried to prevent Arizonans from even having a chance to vote on Right to Try.  Among hundreds of legislators in five states who so far have voted on Right to Try, he is the only doctor to vote no.  All of us have friends or loved ones who could have benefitted from Right to Try—or could in the future. Our nation stands for freedom.  Eric Meyer thinks that distant bureaucrats should control life-or-death decisions that rightly should be made by individuals, their families, and their doctors.  I proudly support Right to Try.  As your representative, you can count on me to protect your control over your healthcare, your children’s education, and your future.

·       CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin: Call me crazy Friend, but with just 15 days to go until the Election, I don’t like to rely on “hope." I prefer to analyze the numbers and the math. I’ve crunched the numbers. I’ve read through the polls. Andy Tobin can win this thing. But I’ll be honest - we CANNOT get outspent by the millions that Nancy Pelosi is trying to crush us with.Pelosi’s ridiculous TV ads are working. They’re moving the needle against us. If you can make a contribution, your donation will go straight towards helping us fight back against these ads. Our counter-strike on the airwaves is working, but we need the financial resources to keep it afloat. Outside pundits have all agreed this race is a toss up, and that Andy can win. But none of it will matter if we get outspent. Please, donate to help Andy fight back. Imagine how great we will all feel the morning after Election Day. Let’s bring this home for Andy. - Bill Cortese, Campaign Manager

·       CD1 Candidate Andy Tobin:  Just 15 days left, and TWO recent polls have shown that Andy Tobin can win in November.  But the polls won’t matter if Andy's conservative message gets drowned out by Nancy Pelosi’s cash.  She’s pouring millions into our state to smear Andy’s name and bombard the airwaves with ridiculous TV ads. your contribution I want to see the headline on Election Night that Andy Tobin won. I know you do too. If we want to read that headline though, we have to do everything we can to give Andy the resources he needs to win.Please donate help put Andy over the finish line.
Remember: Nancy Pelosi is doing everything in her power to stop Andy’s momentum. Let’s help him fight back.  – Congressman
Matt Salmon


OCT 21

·       The Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party (3rd Tues) will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Oct 21 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.) Speakers include Attorney General candidate Mark Brnovich and Arizona Corporation Commission candidates Doug Little and Tom Forese. Free admission.  Donations welcome.  Contact: Chairman Richard Rutkowski  or


·       The Surprise Tea Party Patriots will meet on Tuesday, October 21 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Sun City West Foundation Plaza, 14465 W. R H Johnson Blvd.  Dr. Michael Farris will be the featured speaker via Skype.   Farris is the head of the Convention of States Project and will speak on this topic.   www.surpriseteapartypatriots . There will be no Nov 4 meeting. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will speak at the Nov 18 meeting.


·       The Arizona Corporation Commission has scheduled a Special Open Meeting/Winter Preparedness at 10 am, Tues., Oct 21.  click notice and agenda: Special Open Meeting/Winter Preparedness.

OCT 22

·       The LD4/Estrella Conservative Republican Club (4th Wed) will meet ata 7 pm, at Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 S Estrella Parkway, Goodyear, 85338. 6:30 pm meet and greet. Look for the banner directing you to the correct building on the campus.  Contact LD 4 Chr Fred Amator, or 623-980-6007 or for The Estrella Conservative Republican Club contact Richard Newcomer,  or 602-512-1340. 


·       LD4 (4th Wed)  6:30 pm social. 7 pm mtg, Foothills High School, 13033 South Estrella Parkway. Speaker: Secretary of State Candidate Michele Reagan will address general election propositions. Chr Fred Amator 


OCT 23

·       Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Senator Jeff Flake, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt will attend 7:30 pm, Thurs., Oct 23 reception to show support for gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.  Gathering at the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N Center St., Mesa, AZ 85201.  Free tickets available online. Get Tickets Online


·       Gov Mitt Romney Will Be Featured At A Reception For Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Ducey Thurs., Oct 23 at the Home of Darcey and Karl Huish, Highgrove Estates, 4122 East McLellan Road, #15, Mesa, AZ  85205.  VIP Reception with Photo opportunity 5:45 p.m. $1500.  General Reception 6:15 p.m. $250 per person.  Casual Business Attire, RSVP by Tues, Oct 21 to  Tammy Wold or Emily Pitha   Host Committee as of Oct 13: 


·       The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm, Thur., Oct 23 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95.  Speaker: Yuma Community Liaison US Customs/Border Patrol Office Lee Pooley


OCT 25

·       The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association Annual RoundUp Dinner is scheduled Oct 25 at 5060 W. Skeet Street, Phoenix, AZ 85086.
doors open 5 p.m. Dinner, rifle raffle, keynote speaker: Shane Krauser.


·       Arizona’s Firearms Expert Alan Korwin will be appearing at the Oct 25-26 Prepperfest in Scottsdale.


·       The PrepperFest Expo is scheduled Sat., Oct 25 and Sun, Oct 26 at WestWorld. The Arizona Freedom Fest takes place after Saturday's show. & Volunteer for a shift & get a free weekend pass to the PrepperFest. 


·       The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group, (4th Sat)  will meet at 9 am, Oct 25 in the Hopi Room at the Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Surprise. Speakers are Kevin McCarthy – Arizona Taxpayers Association, and ‘Bick’ Bicknell, past chairman of the Maricopa Health Services Board, will address Proposition 480. LD22 Sen Judy Burges and LD22 incumbent House candidates Phil Lovas And David Livingston address various Propositions. Open to all Sun City Grand residents and their guests, elected officials and candidates. Contact: Ginny Nyre, President  (623-544-7187) or Ruth Seiter, Vice President, Programs  (623-544-9309) or


·       Congressman David Schweikert, Attorney General candidate Mark Bronovich, Rep Steve Smith, Rep Steve Montenegro, LD 30 Candidate Gary L. Cox are among those who will be attending the Politics on the Rocks "Candidates & Cocktails Lounge" at the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships at 1:45 pm, Sat. Oct 25  at WestWorld at the Omni Scottsdale Polo Field. To reserve tickets & tables click here:


·       All GOP Candidates Are Invited To Participate in the Run Against Trafficking 5K Run/Walk between 7:30-10:30 am,  Sat, Oct 25 at Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix. Event emcee is Mike Broomhead from KFYI. Proceeds are benefiting over 20 non-profits working to combat sex trafficking in Arizona thanks to Gov Jan Brewer's leadership on the issue. Go to or email to reserve a campaign table or set-up a team of walkers. Contact: LD24 PC Andrea Evans   602-448-5959


·       Candidates Wishing To Participate In The Oct 25 & 26  Freedom Fest Rally at  Westworld’s New 117,000 square foot Tony Nelssen Center North Hall should contact vendor liaison Don Westover 949-690-2042 to register and pay for their table, or event manager Jerry Heikens @ 480-227-4182 or Tony Tanglos at 602-321-4100.  Or  8’ tables - $195. 10x10’ booth - $295 (early bird price, normally $395). One candidate per table or booth.


OCT 26

·       Rep Kate Brophy McGee’s 2nd Annual Howl-O-Ween Doggie Costume Contest is scheduled between 4-6 pm, Oct 26 at The Adobe Patio at the AZ Biltmore Golf Club. Limited to 25 legged friends.  Judges – Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Talk Show Host Mike Broomhead and  TV personality Jan D’Arti. $25 per person. Proceeds will be donated to The MCSO Mash Unit. No host bar. RSVP (no pooch required to attend) to Shiree Verdone  602-541-2997 or Jane Lynch 602-741-6898





·        Arizona-Governor-Brewer-Agency Head Who Exposed Wrongdoing

·        The Blaze:  Surveillance-Video-Apparently-Catches-Guy-Doing-Something-At-The-Ballot-Box-That-Left-Republican-Monitor-Stunned

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·        Job Fair Offers Thousands Of Positions

·        Navajo High Court To Hold Hearing In Language Case

·       Fall Colors Dot Arizona, New Mexico Landscapes




·        Federal Courts Redefine Marriage In Arizona


·        For Marriage Supporters: Grief Yes, Despair No



·        RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields:  Just about every way you slice it, Republicans have the clear advantage in these final weeks:

o   According to the Washington Post’s generic ballot survey, Republicans have a 50-43 advantage, almost identical to this point in the 2010 election.

o   President Obama, who said his policies are “on the ballot,” has seen his approval rating sink to record lows again. Voters trust Republicans more on just about every policy issue.

o   Political handicappers, including Nate Silver, the New York Times’ Upshot, and Charlie Cook, continue to up the chances of Republicans taking back the Senate.

o   In races for 10 Democrat-held Senate seats, Republicans have a lead in the polls.

o   In these same 10 races, Republicans outraised, effectively tied, or have a cash on hand advantage over their Democrat opponents for the third quarter.

Just a few months ago, Democrats didn’t even expect to have to compete in states like Colorado, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Now Democrats are scrambling to play defense.


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·        U.S. Ebola Czar Seeks To Reverse Government Mistakes, Step Up Response

·        Pentagon To Create Medical Support Team For U.S. Ebola Response

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·        Government Spends $225K To Study Global Warming - By Looking At Pictures Of Animals!


·        Small Businesses Get Sobering Dose Of Reality As Health Insurers Reveal Their Rates For 2015

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·        17 Texas Kindergarteners Contract Ebola After Exposure From Liberian Foreign Exchange Student


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·        Obama-Admin-Quietly-Prepares-Surge-Of-Millions-Of-Immigrant-Ids


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