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11-25-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

Briefs Editor   Frosty Taylor

Web Master   John Strasser


November 25, 2014


·       MCRC Chairman Candidate Tyler Bowyer Names Conservative Slate:

·       Tyler Bowyer – Chairman Candidate

o   Chairman –Legislative District 17 Republican Committee (20122014)

o   Chairman – Maricopa County Resolutions Committee (2015)

o   Chairman – Congressional District 9 GOTV “Target Team” (2014)

o   Regent – Arizona Board of Regents (2011--2013)

o   President – Arizona State University College Republicans (2010--2011)

o   Digital Marketing Pro, Branding Consultant & Graphic Designer(10 years)

o   7th Generation Arizonan, Husband to Lauren, Father of Brooks (5 years) & Avanelle (3 months).

·       April Riggins – Incumbent First Vice Chairman Candidate

o   Incumbent 1st Vice Chairman – Maricopa County Republican Committee (2012--2014)

o   Chairman – Maricopa County Lincoln Day Luncheon (2014)

o   Chairman – Maricopa County Mandatory Meeting (2014)

o   Co--Chairman – Arizona Republican Party Chairman’s Banquet (2013)

o   Delegate – Arizona State Delegation, Republican National Convention (2012)

o   Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, Treasurer – Legislative District 7 (Now LD23 -2008--2012)

o   Graduate – Dodie Londen Women in Excellence Series (2010)

·       Andrew Constanza – Second Vice Chairman Candidate

o   Member--at--Large– Maricopa County Republican Committee (2012--2014)

o   Chairman  – Maricopa County Bylaws Committee (2015)

o   Chairman – Legislative  District 27 Republican Committee (2014)

o   Chairman – Congressional  District 3 “GOTV Target Team” (2014)

o   Coordinator –  Maricopa  County Lincoln Day Luncheon (2014)

o   Life Member – National Rifle Association

o   Small Business Owner with his wife, Kerry

·       Pat Oldroyd – Secretary Candidate

o   Immediate Past Secretary – Maricopa County Republican Committee

o   Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair – LD 19, now LD25   (2002--2012)

o   Chairman – Maricopa County Credentials & Tally Committee (5years)

o   Lincoln Bust, Maricopa County Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (2011)

o   AZGOP “Worker of the Year” Award Winner

o   Red Mountain Tea Party, Center for Arizona Policy, Mesa Right--to--Life, Family Watch

·       David Ludwig – Treasurer Candidate

o   Running Independent with the Support and of Our Team

o   Incumbent Treasurer – Maricopa County Republican Committee

o   Chairman – L D 11 Tally & Credentials & Nominations Committees

o   Small Business Owner, Pension Actuary

o   Member – National Rifle Association


·       Art Olivas:   When I read this article  ducey-appoints-common-core-advocates-to-subcommittee-on-education I heard in the back of my mind. “Why you crying? Well. Why you crying?,” my Yaqui Grandfather, who died at the age of 104 yrs, was asking my brother (who fell from an old cotton wood tree). He was told he was going to fall down! He did not listen. My Grandfather was illiterate but did his best to speak English. This same American Yaqui Indian who sent his only 2 sons to World War II with these words, "If you don't kill them over there; they  will come and kill you family over here.  My uncles listened! If you read your emails that I have sent to most of you the last 4yrs, I have tried to get you to research. I have called his people John McCain's Puppets, Clowns, Democrat Rinos, and some Communist! But I don't endorse, I am not a paid Lobbyist or have any of Robert Graham and Kirk Adams' Dark Money to buy your Attention. So Republicans -- who gave up and weaken the party by not helping us fight to clean our LD's, I am going to say this One More Time!! Read Frosty's MCRC Briefs!! The key to saving our Republican Party, our LDs, our City, our state, is all there. If we lose it, who can we blame? In the back of my mind I hear my Grandfather!! Look in the mirror! You Can Take That To The Bank! I am so sweet yet John McCain and Jan Brewer don't like me! Just because I get in their face! What a shame.   


·       MCRC Chair Candidate Tom Morrissey –‘Why I’m Running’: I led us through a presidential election cycle in 2012.  We experienced the “perfect storm” when we went through a biased redistricting process, a presidential debate that had to be rescheduled, a tense state convention, warring factions within the party, lack of traditional financial support and an attempt, by the left, to brand us as racists because we opposed illegal immigration.

I met these challenges by standing on constitutional conservative principles.  We fought the redistricting debacle in court.  I reached out to all parts of the party. The Presidential Debate was a success due to the efforts of our staff, especially Lori Urban. 

We raised $3.8 million.  We had the most successful election in the history of the AZ GOP and delivered the  state to Governor Mitt Romney.  The AZGOP headquarters was painted. We added new flooring, furniture and a restored air conditioning system.  Our IT system went from virus plagued to virus free. 

I met with the Latino Christian Community, conducted monthly meetings with Univision and invited Republican Hispanics to our meetings and to join in our quest to return this nation to greatness.   I was told that I was the first State Republican Chairman that they had ever met - and welcomed them in our party. 

We championed the American African Republicans under the leadership of Reverend Clyde Bowen and Dr. CT Wright.  The Jan 1 celebration of “The Emancipation Proclamation” - one of the greatest documents in the history of this country - has become an annual event.

Constitutional Conservatism is on the march and it has a broadening horizon for our great party.  In order to nourish this movement we must take bold actions and stand against strong winds.  We have no choice but to do so if we are to save this great republic. 


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Met With Local Veterans on his recent visit to Wickenburg. “It was great to watch this caring man talk – one on one- with these veterans about VA Hospital issues. He has been working hard to get the VA to pay for services needed in their local communities. This would eliminate all of the travel now required and provide them with care now – not six months’ from now,” said veterans and former LD13 Vice Chairman Ernie McCollum. Gosar urged the veterans to visit with his staff when it comes to Wickenburg several times a year. Commander Bernie Wilson invited Gosar to speak to Post again in the near future.


·       LD11 Officers – elected Nov 22

o   Chairman: John Ellinwood

o   1st Vice Chair: Dave Erchull

o   2nd Vice Chair: John Van de Beuken

o   3rd Vice Chair: Sergio Mendez

o   Secretary: John Rivers

o   Treasurer: Ralph Kayser

            State Committeeemen will be posted when they are selected.


·       ATTN LD Chairman:  As you elect new officers and state committeemen, please forward the list of new officers/state committeemen to MCRC Communications Chairman Frosty Taylor at or  so we can update communications records.


·       The CD2 Martha McSally Campaign is seeking volunteers who can talk with people who voted provisional ballots. Volunteers should contact  Matt Brown at 804-229-0196 with the McSally campaign.


·       The Installation Of The New Paradise Republican Women’s Officers will held during their Christmas Party on Sat., Dec 13.  You’ll also get a chance to Secretary of State Elect Michele Reagan, who is a club member, at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  10:30 am social. 11:30 am program/luncheon including silent auction. $28 per person.  Mail reservations/check  to Rosalie Barley, PRWC Treasurer, PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 by Thurs.,  Dec ll.


·       The Town of Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade will include the Fountain Hills Republican Club entry and many politicians, elected officials and notable Republicans.  A 40 foot Battleship USS Arizona BB 39 float will be a part of VFW Post 7507's entry which leads the parade.  After the parade the USS Arizona float will be available for viewing at American Legion Post 7507.


·       There Are Continued Reports Of Political Signs still standing on corners, or laying on the ground. It has been suggested the PCs canvass their neighborhoods and contact their owners to pick them up. They are becoming unsightly.


·       MCRC First Vice Chairman April Riggins will assisted George Teegarden with the balloting at the LD26 Organizational meeting this evening.  New officers will be listed in Briefs as soon as they are received.


·       The Paradise Republican Women’s Christmas Party Committee is looking for raffle items by Dec 7.  Contact Shirley Cordasco at


·       Attention LD Chairmen.  The deadline to submit memorials for the January 2015 Maricopa County Republican Committee’s  Statutory Meeting is Sat, Dec 12. The MCRC wants to recognize and remember fellow Precinct Committeeman who passed away this past year. Please keep the memorials to 250 words and include a photo. The memorials will be printed and put into each Precinct Committeeman’s packet for the Statutory Meeting.  E-mail memorials to LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland at


·       To All MCRC Precinct Committeemen Interested In Running For A MCRC Executive Office: Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. In accordance with the 2014 MCRC Continuing Bylaws, you must send a "Letter of Intent" by 5 pm, Dec 6, via e-mail to Chairman LaFaro at Even if you're possibly running as a member of a slate, you must e-mail your "Letter of Intent" separately. - - A. J. LaFaro,   Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)


·       Make-Phone-Calls-To-Stop-Obama's-Unconstitutional-Amnesty

      AZ Senator John McCain -(202) 224-2235.
AZ Senator Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521.
Speaker of the House John  Boehner-(202) 225-6205.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell-(202) 224-2541.
AZ CD4 Congressman Paul Gosar 202-225-2315.
AZ CD5 Congressman Matt Salmon   (202) 225-2635.
AZ Governor Jan Brewer 602) 542-4331.
AZ Governor-Elect Doug Ducey's Arizona Government Transition Committee (602) 753-8118.

      To reach your Arizona Representatives, click here.


·       Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Arizona is hosting a Dec 10 cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception from 6-8 pm at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road to honor volunteers and allied elected officials for their hard work on free-market issues. The 2014 John W. Dawson "Local Hero" Award will be presented to local government officials believed to have done did the most to educate citizens about limited government policies. Register Now!  Contact:Tom Jenney Arizona Director   (602) 478-0146.




November 26

·       Pima GOP Headquarters will close at 1 pm, Wed., Nov 26 and re-open Mon, Dec 1.


November 27 – Thanksgiving

·       The Colorado River Tea Party-Yuma will not meet on Thurs., Nov 27 (Thanksgiving).





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