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12-10-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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December 10, 2014


·       MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro has submitted this “Resolution in Support of Closed Republican Primaries in Arizona” to both the Maricopa County Republican Resolutions Committee for presentation at the Jan 10 MCRC Mandatory meeting and to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham for presentation at the Jan 24 AZGOP meeting.


A Resolution in Support of


Submitted by A.J. LaFaro, Corbell Precinct

WHEREAS, Republicans believe the First Amendment guarantees freedom of

association; and

WHEREAS, Republicans believe in and support the U.S. Constitution, Arizona

Constitution and Republican Party Platform and should nominate Republican

candidates that do the same; and

WHEREAS, Republicans favor the battle of ideas over the dominance of money and special interests in nominating our candidates; and

WHEREAS, Republicans do not support the concept of a “top two primary system”; and

WHEREAS, Republicans should nominate Republican candidates without the threat of outside interference; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen

support a closed primary system to nominate Republican candidates for general

elections; be it further

RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen call upon Arizona legislators to sponsor and pass legislation replacing Arizona’s semiclosed primaries with closed primaries; be it further

RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen

hereby direct the Arizona Republican party executive committee and legal counsel to file all necessary paperwork with the Arizona courts to seek summary judgment restoring closed primaries in partisan elections; be it further

RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen urge the Arizona Republican party, each County party and District organization to adopt identical resolutions supporting closed primaries to nominate Republican candidates for general elections while preserving the ability of persons wishing to run without the endorsement of a recognized political party to get on another ballot.


·       According to MCRC Resolutions Committee Chairman Tyler Bowyer, MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro’s resolution is one of five resolutions Bowyer will be presenting at the Jan. 10 meeting. Briefs will post the other four proposed resolutions over the next few days. Bowyer can be reached at  LaFaro can be reached at


·       Since Briefs Has Been Carrying Information On For The Jan 10 MCRC meeting for the past few weeks, readers are asking why they are getting no information on the Jan 24 State meeting. On Dec 2, 2014 Briefs e-mailed these questions to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham:

o   Who is heading up your state mtg nominating committee?  What is the deadline for submitting nominations. Is there a cutoff date – other than from the floor nominations?.

o   Who is on your state mtg by laws committee?  What is the deadline for submit bylaws changes/recommendations for the state mtg?

o   Who is planning your Jan state mtg?  Chairman/committeemen?

o   Do you have a keynote speaker for the state mtg?  If so, who?

       Graham responded the same day with:

o   We are meeting now to put together the committee heads.   With the announcement we will also announce the deadlines.

o   We will not have a Keynote…other than our delegation.  Not sure who will confirm.  I will keep you posted on that as well.

It is now Dec 10 and readers are still waiting to learn the names of “committee heads”  including a Resolutions Committee Chairman.  


·       A Reader Points Out That Thurs., Dec 11 Is The Deadline For Submitting resolutions proposals to the still to be announced AZGOP Resolutions Committee Chair, according to AZGOP Bylaws.

H. Resolutions
1. Resolutions Committee
The state chairman shall appoint a resolutions committee for each statutory organizational and mandatory meeting. The committee shall consist of one member from each county with population under 500,000 and one member from each legislative district in counties with populations over 500,000; each recommended by the respective county or district chairman.
2. Procedures: Proposed resolutions, other than memorial, may be no more than 250 words long and must be submitted 45 days before the scheduled state party meeting in order to be considered by the resolutions committee. The committee may initiate, recommend, modify or reject any resolution. Since the committee's purpose is to give the full assembly the benefit of its complete debate and mature judgment, motions to table or to close or limit debate will not be allowed. All resolutions submitted to the committee shall be sent with the committee's recommendations and vote count to each state committeeman with the notice of call of the meeting.

       Resolutions can be brought to the floor if sponsored by at least 20% of the state committeemen present in person and represent at least four counties. Copies of the floor resolution must be presented to all state committeemen present.


·       MCRC Chairman A. J. LaFaro To All MCRC LD Chairmen: Two (2) Resolutions to Censure were passed at the Dec 4, 2014 MCRC EGC Meeting. Please note the following:
1.  The Resolutions to Censure are final and there is no appeal process.
2.  The AZGOP has no jurisdiction or authority in the MCRC's, the LD's or other Counties business affairs.
3.  The enforcement of the sanctions in the Resolutions to Censure are the responsibility of the LD Chairmen.
4.  I recommend the attached Resolutions to Censure be e-mailed or distributed to every MCRC PC so they are aware.

See Resolutions to Censure #1 and Resolution to Censure #2 at


·       The Pima County Precinct Committeemen running for county officers are candidates:

o   Chairman              Bill Beard and John Lesko

o   First Vice-Chair   Kathy Yeniscavish

o   Second Vice-Chair           Linda Barber and Ralph Kayser

o   Third Vice-Chair  Mark Lamm

o   Fourth Vice-Chair            Pat Sexton and Bill Wildish

o   Secretary               Michelle Mozdzen

o   Treasurer              Ann Holden and Terry Lavery

o   Members at Large            Mary Jan Essenmacher, John Holden, Caleb Rhodes, Walt Stephenson.

    Officers will be elected at the Pima County Republican Party Statutory meeting scheduled at 9 am, Dec 13 at the Fraternal Order of Police, 3445 N Dodge Blvd., Tucson. Registration opens at 8 am.


·       Grassroots-Revolt, 10-Conservative-Groups-Call-For-Boehner-McConnell-To-Resign   Growing push to oust Boehner and Mitchell …”The time to fight amnesty is now, say the leaders of 10 activist groups, but with leaders in the Congress like Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the fight looks more like a dog rolling over for its master. That’s why the groups – which include tea party and anti-illegal immigration activists – have signed a letter calling on Republicans to oust Boehner and McConnell from their respective posts in the House and Senate, citing evidence they have colluded with the White House to legalize five million illegal aliens. That, they say, can only be interpreted as an open invitation for more illegals to cross the border.An omnibus spending bill up for a vote this week, possibly as early as tonight or Thursday, includes spending for the Department of Homeland Security that will be used to implement amnesty. Nearly $1 billion in aid would go to integrate illegals into communities nationwide.


·       Paradise Republican Women are reminded that they can pay their 2015 dues at the Christmas party that scheduled Dec 13. Click for Membership Form

·       Congressman Elect Martha McSally has been named to the Homeland Security Committee (HSC)  and the Armed Services Committee (ASC). HSC responsible for providing oversight of the Department of Homeland Security and helping to better protect Americans from terrorist attacks.  "I'm glad that I'll have the chance to work directly on an issue that is so important to the people of Southern Arizona," said McSally.  Arizona's Second District includes 83.5 miles of the US-Mexico border and is one of nine Congressional districts that includes a portion of the Southwest border. The ASC deals with Southern Arizona’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Fort Huachuca, as well as a growing defense industry presence.

·       House-GOP-Leaders-Trick-216-House-Republicans-Into-Accidentally-Supporting-Obama's-Executive-Amnesty, Arizona votes;

CD1 Ann Kirkpatrick – nay

CD2 Ron Barber – nay

CD3 Raul Grijalva – nay

CD4 Paul Gosar – present

CD5 Matt Salmon – yea

CD5 David Schweikert – yea

CD6 Ed Pastor – nay

CD8 Trent Franks -  yea

CD9 Kyrsten Sinema – nay.


·       The New Test To Determine Prostate Cancer & Study That Links Triglycerides’ to Prostate Cancer will be the topic of discussion between 10-11 am, Thurs., Dec 11 on the Family Health Talk Show Radio Station on KXXT 1010 AM. Online – The panel  Consists of Fred Taylor, Executive Director of SWPCF and Dr. Daniel Gilbert MD,  Dr. David Boyd MD, Dr. Tursha’ Hamilton N.M.D., Ms. Lois Owens, And Dr. Adriana Perez PhD .   Call-in: 602.977-1010. Contact: Fred Taylor, Executive Director, P.O.BOX 12186, Glendale, AZ 602-547-3806


·       The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party has scheduled the following speakers:

o   Jan 13, 2015 - Jeff Utsch, Constitutional Conservative Speaker

o   Feb 10, 2015 - Sheriff Richard Mack, Author, Speaker and Advocate of State and individual rights

o   March 10, 2015 - Sandy Froman, Former President of NRA

See new


·       CIA-Boss-Defends-Enhanced-Interrogation-Necessary-Tactic-War-Terror 
“...if it saved one American life, it was worth it.”

·       McCain-Joined-Dems-Supporting-CIA-Torture-Report   Republicans on the Senate panel produced their own report on the CIA intelligence-gathering practices, which is far less disparaging and inflammatory than the majority document from Democrats. However, the senator who has been called a “maverick” once again showed why that label is a perfect fit. Arizona’s John McCain — who was tortured during his 5-year captivity as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam — supported the Democrats’ argument that the report’s release was necessary. As noted at,  McCain has bucked many in the Republican Party by defending the explicit report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques, saying those practices “stained our national honor.”“It’s a thorough study of practices that I believe not only failed their purpose to secure actionable intelligence … but actually damaged our security interests as well as our reputation as a force for good in the world,” McCain said in a speech on the Senate floor shortly after the report was released.“I believe the American people have a right — indeed, a responsibility — to know what was done in their name, how these practices did or did not serve their interests and how they comported our most important values.”In a previous post on Western Journalism, we told you how U.S. Marines are on heightened alert for fear the report’s release might spark violence by America’s enemies. Also taking extra precautions are the CIA, DHS, Congressional security details, and even the Secret Service at the White House.


·       LD29 met last night in Glendale. Yesterday, a Briefs typo errantly posted they would meet Dec 29 instead of Dec 9.  They won’t meet again until 7 pm,  Feb 10, according to Chairman Alan Gaugert. Contact: Chairman Alan Gaugert  623-330-3622 or


·       The Sun City Republican Club will not have a regular meeting this month.  Due to all the holiday activities the Club decided to have time for family and friends.  Merry Christmas to every one and Best Wishes for a great New Year.


·       Maricopa County Republican Candidates for the Jan 10, 2015 Mandatory Meeting (All elected PCs eligible to vote. Candidates can be nominated from the floor that day). 

·       Candidates Running Solo:

o   Chairman – Tom Morrissey

o   2nd Vice Chair – Aaron Borders

o   2nd Vice Chair – Art Olivas, Jr.

o   Treasurer- David Ludwig

·       Conservative Team Candidate Slate:

o   Chairman - Tyler Bowyer

o   1st Vice Chairman- April Riggins

o   2nd Vice Chairman - Andrew Costanzo

o   Secretary- Pat Oldroyd

·       Candidate Slate:

o   Chairman - Lisa Gray

o   1st Vice Chairman - Jeni White


·       Candidates for the January 24, 2015 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting. (State Committeemen only eligible to vote. Nomination can be made from the floor.)

·       Candidate Slate:

o   Chairman – Lori Urban

o   1st Vice Chairman - A. J. LaFaro 

o   2nd Vice Chairman- Gabby Saucedo-Mercer

o   Secretary – Lynne Breyer

·       Candidate running solo:

o   Chairman - Robert Graham


·       Attention LD Chairmen.  The deadline to submit memorials for the January 2015 Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Statutory Meeting is Sat, Dec 12. The MCRC wants to recognize and remember fellow Precinct Committeeman who passed away this past year. Please keep the memorials to 250 words and include a photo. The memorials will be printed and put into each Precinct Committeeman’s packet for the Statutory Meeting.  E-mail memorials to LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland at


·       LD 17 Meeting Has Moved It January Meeting To January 6, 2015 to fall before the County and State Elections so they host a forum of state and county candidates for election. The meeting is scheduled at 7 pm, at the Tri-City Baptist Christian Seminary Building, (South Side of Parking Lot) 2211 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ  85286.  Contact:  Chairman Shadow Asgari -


·       The Former West Valley Republican ‘Victory’ Office is now officially at its new location - 10050 W Bell Road, Suite 50, Sun City AZ 85351. Group discussion meetings will resume at 9:30 am, Tuesdays, according to managers Phyllis and Peter Lee. Office hours will be from 9 am-5 pm, Mon – Fri, and from 9 am-1 pm on Saturday.  Office phone 623-977-4532.


·       Arizona Republican Lawyers Association members interested in serving on the a board or committee for 2015 should submit their name and contact information  by Fri., Dec 12. Openings for for 1 Vice Chair, 2nc Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations will be confirmed on Dec. 15. Contact:


·       Next Week Is The Final Scheduled Week that Congress will be in session in Washington D.C. and there are many important legislative decisions that still need to be made before the end of the year including spending bills that authorize funding for fiscal year 2015. Make sure you keep a close eye on my website (, on Twitter @RepGosar or through Facebook at Representative Paul Gosar.


·       Cochise, Greenlee, Graham and Pima County LD14 PCs have passed a resolution limiting PCs to carrying “no more than four proxies,” according to Chairman Tom Crosby. This prevents individual PCs from “stacking the deck” by carrying numerous proxies.


·       Reports Continue To  Surface Across Maricopa County of PCs carrying numerous proxies to the LD Organizational meetings for PCs who have never been seen at LD meetings. Political insiders report these faceless PCs names are now appearing on the State Committeeman rosters?  Coincidence or well-orchestrated?

·       Make-Phone-Calls-To-Stop-Obama's-Amnesty

      AZ Senator John McCain -(202) 224-2235.
AZ Senator Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521.
Speaker of the House John  Boehner-(202) 225-6205.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell-(202) 224-2541.
AZ CD4 Congressman Paul Gosar 202-225-2315.
AZ CD5 Congressman Matt Salmon   (202) 225-2635.
AZ Governor Jan Brewer 602) 542-4331.
AZ Governor-Elect Doug Ducey's Arizona Government Transition Committee (602) 753-8118.

            Arizona Representatives, click here.






·       Dec 11 Is The Deadline For the Paradise Republican Women’s Christmas Party reservations. Meet Secretary of State Elect Michele Reagan, who is a club member, at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  10:30 am social. 11:30 am program/luncheon including silent auction. $28 per person.  Mail reservations/check  to Rosalie Barley, PRWC Treasurer, PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 by Thurs.,  Dec ll.


·       Capitol Times Is Sponsoring “Rock The Capitol: A salute to the 2013-14 Legislature and the incoming freshmen” at 5:30 pm, Thurs., Dec 11. Contact: Melanie Campbell at 602.889.7125 or


·       The Colorado River Tea Party - Yuma will meet at 6 pm, Thurs., Dec 11 for dinner meeting and celebrations of new officers at Daybreaker's Cafe- I-8 & North Fortuna Rd.  RSVP - 928-210-1219 .


·       The Arizona Corporation Commission will meet at 10 am, Thurs, Dec 11 and Fri., Dec 12. See notice and agenda: Open Meeting Notice.



·       The Annual Prescott J.S. Acker Night” starts at 5:30 pm, Fri., Dec 12 in Downtown Prescott. YavGop will once again be participating in this event!  We will again be hosting the very popular, "Rusty Pistols Cowboy Band."  Volunteers are needed to bring in cookies and a sign up sheet is available at the headquarters.  We also need volunteers for Greeters from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. in 30 minute increments.  The 5:30 - 6:00 slot has already been taken.  Call (928) 776-4500. 


·       The Pima County Republican Club will hold its Christmas Party on Dec 12 at the Sabbar Shrine Center 450 S. Tucson Blvd. Buffet dinner and band. Tickets: $10 per member & guest. $25 for non-members. Reservations required. No tickets sold at the door. Purchase tickets from Harry Carrigan, Treasurer, 940 N Venice Ave., Tucson, AZ 85711.


·       The Oro Valley Republican Women Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am, Dec 12 at the Oro Valley Country Club, 300 Greenock Drive, Oro Valley..  RSVP your to no later than noon Wed Dec. 10.

·       The Republican Club Of Green Valley/Sahuartia will meet at 12:30 pm, Fri., Dec 12 at 12:30 pm at 301 W Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley.


·       The Pima County Republican Party Statutory Meeting is scheduled at 9 am, Sat., Dec 13 at the Fraternal Order of Police, 3445N. Dodge Blvd.,Tucson 85716. Credentials open at 8 am.


·       The Installation Of The New Paradise Republican Women’s Officers will held during their Christmas Party on Sat., Dec 13.  You’ll also get a chance to Secretary of State Elect Michele Reagan, who is a club member, at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  10:30 am social. 11:30 am program/luncheon including silent auction. $28 per person.  Mail reservations/check  to Rosalie Barley, PRWC Treasurer, PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 by Thurs.,  Dec ll.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Christmas Potluck Brunch will be held Sat., Dec 13 at the FH Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive, featuring former Sen Jon Kyl. Several state and local representatives will also be in attendance. Participants are asked to bring a toy for the Annual USMC Toys-For-Tots Drive.  RSVP what you plan to bring to share to 3rd V.P. Rosemary Hansen At Rbud88@Msn.Com . Free admission.  Membership dues – Jan1, 2015. $15 individual or $20 per family. Send memberships fees to: FH Republican Club, P.O. Box 17814, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-7814.



·       "The Joe Show" is to air AT 5 PM (EST)  on December 14th on the cable TV network, "Investigation Discovery."  The 104 minute show on Sheriff Joe Arpaio is cut to 90 minutes for the broadcast.  The DVD and digital is scheduled for release on Dec 16 in full length.



·       LD22 PC and Peoria City Councilman Ben Toma will host the LD22 Christmas Party at 7 pm, Mon., Dec 15 at 8707 W. Buckhorn Trail, Peoria AZ 85383  MAP . Chairman Eric Morgan asked that participants bring a small finger food/dessert dish. The district provides beverages. A few volunteers are needed to help with set up or take down – contact Morgan


·       Bruce Fein, Attorney And Vocal Opponent Of The NSA Domestic Spying on American citizens, will be speaking at  5:30 pm, Dec 15 at the Arizona State University's downtown campus A.E. England Building at Civic Space Park, Phoenix, AZ. Hosted by KnowledgeWorks and Young Americans for Liberty: Tickets:


·       The Arizona Project Annual Potluck Christmas Party is scheduled from 6-9 pm, Mon., Dec 15 at Arizona Project Headquarters, 3375 E. Shea Boulevard, 2-B, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Bring a favorite dish plus 1 can of food to help the less fortunate. AP will provide the rest. Music included. Contact: Chr Ron Ludders 602-677-1496.


·       The Arizona Republican Lawyers Association will feature Attorney General elect Mark Brnovich at its Mon., Dec 15 lunch. The group meets at 11:45 am at Snell & Wilmre, 400 E Van Buren, Suite 1900, Phx. $20 for members, $35 for non-members. Payment at the door. RSVP to



·       Phoenix Vice Mayor Jim Waring is hosting a holiday party at 5:30 pm, Tues., Dec 16 at Zipps Sports Grill - 6501 E. Greenway Blvd., Phoenix. Participants are asked to bring pudding and applesauce cups to be donated to Kitchen on the Street for their bags of hope.


·       The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots Annual "Christmas" Potluck is scheduled from 6-9 pm, Tues., Dec 16 in the Anthem Civic Building, 3701 W. Anthem Way,  Anthem, AZ 85086. Bring your favorite dish to share. Santa will be dropping in. Bring food items for the annual donation to the Foothills Food Bank RSVP: Shirley at:  or Vera at:


·       The  Republican Women of Prescott Holiday Vendor Expo and Christmas Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Tues., Dec 16 at the Prescott Resort, 1500 E. State Rte 69. Gov Janice K. Brewer will install the new officers. $17 each. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree at (928) 778-0235 or or Pam Calhoon at (928) 778-7157 or


·       The LD26 Christmas Party Features a presentation of “The Miracle of Valley Forge” as told by Constitutional scholar Shane Krauser at 6 pm., Dec 16 the Burke Basic School, 131 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210.   The Miracle of Valley Forge highlights the harsh winter of 1777 and General George Washington’s Army’s miraculous survival. The event also features a food drive, raffles, music and pot luck. Contact or (480) 242-2208




·        These-Bastards-Are-Corrupt    …Republicans are, in a sense, worse than Democrats because they are frauds. He highlighted how they are funding both Obamacare and Obama’s executive amnesty as well as giving more money than is requested to fund the EPA and much more.All because they are too afraid to shut down the government. Levin said ‘these bastards are corrupt, they’re all corrupt.”


·        Ben Shapiro: Boehner LIKES Obama’s Executive Amnesty (Update: GOP To Give Social Security Benefits To Illegals)

·        The CIA Torture Report's Purpose Was To Take Focus Off Gruber And Obamacare

·        Bill In Congress That-Cuts-Troop-Pay-Benefits; -Passes-US-House-Awaits-Senate-Vote

·        House Republicans Blatantly Betray Voters, Fully Fund Border Invasion in Massive New Spending Bill! (AND Fully Funds Obamacare).

·        Bill Whittle on Trifecta: The left uses RAPE for political power

·        Robert Graham Has an Opponent for AZGOP Chairman Position

·        Sheriff-Joe-Scores-Victory-Against-Obamas-Amnesty   Legal challenge now on fast track

·        Arpaio: 2015-Budget   Arpaio requests $14M to comply with racial-profiling order

·        Surprise-Traffic-Grand-Ave-Restrictions-Loop

·        Many-Deported-Immigrants-Don’t-Recover-Belongings

·        Las Noches De Las Luminarias Set To Open At Desert Botanical Garden

·        USS-Arizona-Pearl-Harbor-Survivors

·        Horse-Advocates-Want-To Save-Heber-Herd

·        Phoenix-Pensions-Could Be On Ballot Again

·        Annual Tamale Festival Comes To Phoenix This Weekend

·        Arizona Expanding Citrus Quarantine Against Bug

·        Franklin Graham To Islamic Idiots: “Go Back To Where You Came From”

·        Its-Ok-To-Say-Merry-Christmas


·        Like A Moth To The Flame…McCain Drawn To Warmth Of Publicity.

·        Surprising New AZ GOP Slate Announced At EGC

·        Undeniable Proof That Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

·        Stephen Colbert Instructs John McCain On Bible

·        What’s The Point Of Electing Republicans When The GOP Majority Caves?


·        GI Files Lawsuit Against Ousted AZ Ed Sup’t Huppenthal

·        Aaron Borders Announces Bid For 2nd Vice Chair Of Maricopa County GOP

·        Who Is Anthony Espinoza? The Man Behind ‘Recall Douglas’

·        Uncivil-War: McCain-Purging-Conservatives-From-AZGOP


·        These-Bastards-Are-Corrupt

·        Mark Levin: Gruber Hearing POINTLESS Because Republicans Are Going To Fund Every Penny Of Obamacare

·        Mark Levin BLASTS Sen. Dianne Feinstein Over Senate Report On CIA, Says She’s Throwing In With The Enemy

·        Mark Levin Exposes How The IRS Shared Over 2,000 Private Tax Docs With White House

·        Mark Levin: Black Community ‘Miserable’ Under Obama And Holder



·        Ann Coulter Defends Men Against ‘Epidemic Of False Claims Of Rape’


·        'Liberal Elites Deconstructing America With Republican Help'


·        The Heck With Time: My Picks For “Person(s) Of The Year”



·        Maricopa County Republican Committee ByLaws   2014


·        AZGOP financial reports filed/ AZ Sec of State 

·        FEC filing   

·       Arizona_Republican_Party_Bylaws


·        House GOP Leaders Trick 216 Republicans Into Accidentally Supporting O’s Executive Amnesty


·        Obama: Don’t Worry Amigos, We’re Not Going To Deport Any Ordinary Illegals

·        Michael-Savage: Heres-How-To-Stop-Obama-Amnesty   'Do I Have To Teach McConnell And Boehner What They Can Do?'

·        Remember 1986

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2No    Border News Watch  


·        Armed Robbers Outmatched By Female Pawn Shop Owner

·        Facts That Seem To Be Missing From All These Shooting Stories [Video]

·        Pew Poll: Support For Gun Rights Exceeds Gun Control


·        DOJ-To Pursue-War-Crimes-Charges

·        Eric Holder Believes All Cops Are Racists, Targets ‘Unconscious Bias’

·        Obama DOJ Forces US City To Pay Muslims Nearly $8 Million


·        CIA Boss Defends Enhanced Interrogation As A Necessary Tactic In War On Terror

·        Do You Even Know How Many Troops Our Gov’t Has Sent To Fight Isis At This Point?


·        Will Obama Be Impeached Now That Republicans Control Both Houses Of Congress?

·        To Impeach Or Not Impeach Obama


·        See The Stunning Reason This Liberal Just Called Dr. Ben Carson Supporters A “Lynch Mob”


·        Watch-Former-White-House-Correspondent-Reveals-Obamas-Secret-Tirades

·        Watch: Jon Stewart Tried To Be A Wise Guy, But This Police Chief Put Him In His Place Big Time

·        Sharyl-Attkisson: Profanity-Laced-Comments-By Obama-Administration She Had Been Subject To Such Comments In The Past, As Had Colleagues Of Hers At The Associated Press And Other Media Outlets.

·        Bill O’Reilly  Sides With Cia Leaders Against Senate Democrats On ‘Torture Report’


·        I'll Block 'Crazy Stuff' In 'New Battle' With GOP


·        The Real Hillary Rodham Clinton Exposed


·        Treason - Plain And Simple


·        Homeland Security Head Asked If Four Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorists Were Deported: “Uh, No”


·        Why This Prominent Black Sheriff Is "Disgusted" With Holder & Obama


·        Time Has Just Named Its 2014 ‘Person Of The Year’…And About Those Ferguson Protestors

·        Black Woman: ‘Mike Brown Began The F–King Trail That Lead To His Own Death’

·        Oath Keepers Reject Orders, Refuse To Stand Down, Remain On Ferguson Rooftops


·        Sharpton: Epidemic-Black-Men-Abandoning-Families-Governments-Fault-Video

·        White Liberal To Black Cop – You Don’t Understand Racism

·        Poll: Most Americans See Race Relations Worse Under Obama


·        Funniest-Thing-Ever: Protesters-Complain-About Walking-Home-After Shutting Down -Traffic


·        Michael-Savage: Here’s-How-To-Stop-Obama-Amnesty   'Do I Have To Teach McConnell And Boehner What They Can Do?'

·        Trey-Gowdy-Gets-A-Standing-Ovation-On-House-Floor

·        Senator-Warns-Illegal-Aliens-Could-Pocket-Thousands-Federal-Dollars-Yet-Never-Pay-Taxes

·        Boehner Just Broke A Promise To Americans, And It Will Have Obama Grinning From Ear To Ear

·        It’s Time For A Convention Of States, Particularly Since Congress Doesn’t Think So

·        Dick Cheney: Were We Supposed To Kiss KSM On The Cheek And Say Please Tell Us What You Know?

·        Senators-Blast-Major-Union-Support-For-Amnesty  Sessions, Cruz: 'Time For Somebody To Stand Up For Working Americans'

·        GOP Cuts Spending Deal: Yes On Obama’s Amnesty (Thru At Least Feb. 27); No On Light Bulb Reg


·        GOP: Staffers Should Use Obamacare

·        Doctors-Face-Steep-Medicaid-Cuts

·        FDA-Gets-Womens-Panties-Reusuablepads-Subject-$4000-Year-Extortion-Fees


·        College President Attacked For Daring To Say “All Lives Matter”

·        Parents Enraged By Sex-Ed Class Taught By Planned Parenthood


·        Michelle Could Be Rattled By What Happened To This School After Dropping Her Lunch Plan


·        White House Thinks GOP Will Blink On Immigration Action

·        Obama’s Immigration Taunt: Next President Won’t Dare Reverse My Executive Action

·        Former-White-House-Correspondent-Reveals-Obamas-Secret-Tirades

·        Barack & The Bible: Obama Mangles Bible, Uses Jesus’ Birth As Illegal Immigration Analogy

·        Obama: Don’t Worry Amigos, We’re Not Going To Deport Any Ordinary Illegals

·        Obama Quotes Bible Verse That Doesn’t Exist

·        Obama: Some Are Pretty Sure I’m An Illegal Immigrant

·        In Telemundo Interview, Obama Tells Illegals, "You Won't Be Deported"


·        Strange Déjà Vu Feelings As The Flag Is Folded In Afghanistan