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12-27-14 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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December 27, 2014


Official Call To MCRC Statutory Meeting

January 10, 2015

·       Precinct Committeeman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC): Official Notice:  Your attendance is required at the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s (MCRC) Statutory Meeting being held on Saturday, January 10, 2015, at the Grace Community Church, located at 1200 East Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85282.

o   This is our annual meeting where thousands of Maricopa County Precinct Committeemen will come together to conduct the MCRC’s official business, elect new officers (Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), catch-up with old friends and let’s not forget, the opportunity to meet potential candidates for office in 2016.

o   Registration opens at 7:30 am and closes at 9 am when the Statutory Meeting is Called to Order. If you cannot attend, please complete the Official Proxy in its entirety and send it with another Precinct Committeeman or Registered Republican from your Precinct. A photo identification and voter registration card will be required for all proxy carriers, who are NOT Precinct Committeemen.

o   Please review the Proposed Bylaws Changes and Resolutions prior to the Meeting. We will be conducting a ballot vote at the Meeting.

o   Request for Money; The members of the MCRC and the Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) are either elected or appointed and all are non-paid volunteers. That said, we still have monthly operating and special event expenses we have to pay for. For example, the annual Statutory and Mandatory Meetings required by Arizona law, and special events like the Lincoln Day Luncheon and PC Day at the Capitol. This year’s Statutory Meeting alone is costing the MCRC $7,000.

o   If every MCRC Precinct Committeeman contributed $10 a month, just $120 a year, then we would be able to not only cover our normal operating expenses, but possibly help fund election year projects like Victory 2016. Please make your checks for $120, or whatever amount you feel comfortable with, payable to the Maricopa County Republican Committee and bring them with you to the Statutory Meeting or mail them to David Ludwig, MCRC Treasurer, 4242 N. 19th Ave., Suite 150, Phoenix, AZ 85015. David can be reached at 602-864-1012. We will also be “passing the hat” at the meeting. – MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro





Grace Community Church

1200 E. Southern Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85282

January 10, 2015

07:30am Registration

09:00am Call to Order and Close of Registration - Dan Grimm

09:02am Invocation - Arizona State Representative Steve Montenegro

09:05am Pledge of Allegiance - Russell Lauten, MCRC’s Oldest PC at 96

Keeley Quinlan, MCRC’s Youngest PC at 18

09:08am National Anthem - To Be Announced

09:14am Initial Credentials Report - Cathy Schwanke

09:17am Adoption of Rules - Dan Grimm

09:20am Opening Remarks - A. J. LaFaro

09:30am Introduction of Guests and Speakers - A. J. LaFaro

09:40am Steve Chucri, Chairman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 2

09:45am Paul Petersen, Maricopa County Assessor

09:50am Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney

09:55am Michael Jeanes, Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court

10:00am Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder

10:05am Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff

10:10am Don Covey, Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools

10:15am Charles “Hos” Hoskins, Maricopa County Treasurer

10:20am Denny Barney, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 1

10:25am Andy Kunasek, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 3

10:40am Treasurer’s Report - David Ludwig

10:45am Bylaws Committee Report - Barbara Medal

10:50am Resolutions Committee Report - Scott Ottersen

10:55am Nominating Committee Report - Raymond Jones

11:00am Nominations from the floor - Raymond Jones

11:15am Final Credentials Report - Cathy Schwanke

Candidate Speeches

11:20am Tyler Bowyer

11:23am Lisa Gray

11:26am Tom Morrissey

11:29am April Riggins

11:32am Jeni White

11:35am Aaron Borders

11:38am Andrew Costanzo

11:41am Arthur Olivas

11:44am Matt Eberle

11:47am Pat Oldroyd

11:50am David Ludwig

12:00pm Candidate Election (Cast Ballots)

12:20pm Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Bylaws Changes - No Changes

12:21pm Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Resolutions - Scott Ottersen

12:30pm Results of Candidate Election

12:40pm Proposed Resolutions Election (Cast Ballots) and Runoff Candidate Election if Necessary  (if Runoff not needed then Acknowledgements)

13:00pm Results of Proposed Bylaws Changes and Resolutions Election

13:10pm Swearing-in of New Officers

13:30pm Adjournment


·       Rumor Has It That Santa Recruited Our Web Master John Strasser on Christmas Eve and whisked him away in his sleigh. Strasser connected with his computer this afternoon and he will be updating the MCRC web site this weekend -- including posting the MCRC Jan 10 agenda, resolutions etc.  As soon as they are posted, we’ll let you know.


·       Endorsements In The AZGOP Chairman’s Race are rapidly becoming a joke amongst political insiders.  As one reader points out, endorsements that carry little substance don’t make much of an impression.  A caller relays that endorsements are about as worthless as the water boy’s signature on a game program.


·       And Speaking Of  The AZGOP Chairman’s Race, Graham has stirred up a hornet’s nest for allegedly using the AZGOP e-mail list for his personal re-election campaign endorsements distribution. PCs and registered Republicans  who aren’t PCs report getting Graham’s endorsements messages.


·       Yesterday, Lori Urban, Graham’s Challenger, asked Graham for a list of state committeemen. Graham responded that the state committeeman list wouldn’t be complete until Jan 10 (the MCRC Statutory Meeting date). As of this afternoon, MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro requested that Graham share the AZGOP list – that  he is reportedly using -  with Urban.  It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out.


·       The Russell Pearce Talk Show is aired live every Saturday between 6-7 pm, on KKNT960 AM The Patriot. Call in 602-508-0960.


·       “The 48th” Plays  Every Saturday at 6 pm on AZTV featuring  former Dem Spokesman Frank Camacho and former GOP Executive Director Kurt Davis.


·       “Governor-elect Doug Ducey’s selection of Victor Riches as Deputy Chief Of Staff For Policy And Budget adds another highly esteemed individual to his team,” said Speaker-elect David Gowan. “He got a gem. Riches’ 17 years at the Legislature and his leadership on pensions, education and tax policy will benefit everyone. I look forward to working with Riches on the budget and public policies that will bring market based reforms and opportunities to all Arizonans.”


·       The Yavapai County Republican Committee Statutory/Organization meeting and election is Jan 10. The ballots have been printed and applications are no longer being accepted.  Nominations will be taken from the floor. The nominee will be given two minutes along with the others nominated for that position on the ballot.  Questions - call (928) 776-4500.  Volunteer needed for the Timing lights - call (928) 776-4500.  


·       The Saddlebrooke Republican Club presents Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles on Jan 7 (1st Wed) at the Mountain View Club House, East Ballroom In Saddlebrooke. Doors open at 3:45pm; Event Commences At 4:15pm.  Voyles Is Addressing “A New Respect For The Crime Victims.” Under Voyles Pinal County Victim Services advocates for the victims of crime. Victim compensation provides a range of services including loss of wages and medical care. They also include victim restitution, keeping the victim up to date on each stage of the trial, and elder abuse oversight. Voyles has just implemented a new program that assists the victims of rape and sexual crimes against kids. Contact: Neil MacDonald, VP Communications, Saddlebrooke Republican Club,  520 825 4361  Houseboats@Msn.Com


·       Congressman Jeff  Flake: Like me, it's probably not too often that you find yourself agreeing with President Obama. So it's understandable that some conservatives met last week's announcement that the United States would begin the process of normalizing relations with Cuba with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, if like me, you are a conservative who believes that U.S. foreign policy ought to embody American ideals such as freedom, democracy, and free enterprise; you may be surprised to learn that there is actually much to like about the proposal. With that in mind, I'd like to share my recent Daily Caller op-ed making the conservative case for a new Cuba policy. Sen Jeff Flake: Op Ed -   The Conservative Case for a New Cuba Policy


·       Jim Ehl SaysThe Arizona Town Crier Has Criticized The Lack Of Leadership of the AZGOP and invited readers to reply by pointing out any accomplishments by the party.   Also, AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham has been sending out endorsement emails for his re-election in January.  If the AZGOP is viewed as a secondary campaign committee, some of replies and endorsements may be valid.  Seems that so many view the AZGOP’s main purpose is to elect republicans, RINO’s included,  but where is any accomplishments by the party in increased Republican voter registration, or increase in the number of precinct committeemen, or GOTV, or precinct committeemen, or county chairs participation in deciding party actions, or increased republican (not RINOs) legislative representation, or service to the membership such as providing information on pertinent issues, or elected elite accountability, or support of the membership like the lack of support on the McCain censure issue???  What is the purpose of the party?  Think!  What has the party done for you?  Who controls the party?  The elected elite?’’   Strider@Powerc.Net


·       Maricopa County Republican Candidates for the Jan 10, 2015 Mandatory Meeting (All elected PCs eligible to vote. Additional candidates can also be nominated from the floor that day). 

ü  Candidates Running Solo:

o   Chairman – Tom Morrissey    (LD18)

o   2nd Vice Chair – Aaron Borders   (LD29)

o   2nd Vice Chair – Art Olivas, Jr.  (LD27)

o   Secretary   - Matt Eberle  (LD17)

o   Treasurer- David Ludwig   (LD24)

ü  Conservative Team Candidate Slate consisting of:

o   Chairman - Tyler Bowyer  (LD17)

o   1st Vice Chairman- April Riggins (LD23)

o   2nd Vice Chairman - Andrew Costanzo  (LD27)

o   Secretary- Pat Oldroyd   (LD25)

ü  Candidate Slate consisting of:

o   Chairman - Lisa Gray   (LD21)

o   1st Vice Chairman - Jeni White   (LD18)


·       Candidates for the January 24, 2015 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting. (State Committeemen only eligible to vote. Nomination can be made from the floor.)

ü  Candidate Slate consisting of :

o   Chairman – Lori Urban

o   1st Vice Chairman - A. J. LaFaro 

o   2nd Vice Chairman- Gabby Saucedo-Mercer

o   Secretary – Lynne Breyer

ü  Candidate running solo:

o   Chairman - Robert Graham

o   1st Vice Chairman - Parralee Schneider PIMA

o   2nd Vice Chairman - Jeni White MARICOPA

o   Secretary - Linda White PIMA


·       George Teegarden and MCRC First Vice Chair April Riggins assisted in most of the LD elections held in November.


·       The Annual ‘PC Day At The Capitol’ is scheduled for Jan 15, according to the MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro. He urges PCs to RVSP to for lunch reservations.  The schedule:

ü  9 am-11:03 am - Meet with your legislators

ü  11:30 -1 pm – Rally and lunch in the Rose Garden (W of House Bldg) Reservations/tickets  required. Reservations at  Tickets:

ü  1 pm – House Gallery – Introduced by the Speaker

ü  1:30 pm -  Senate Gallery – Introduced by the President

ü  1 pm – group meetings with legislators

ü  All day – Sign up on ALIS request to speak – House/Senate lobbyists.

Co-sponsored by the Maricopa County Republican Committee and the Arizona Republican Assembly.  Activities:  See 


·       Someone Doesn’t Have Enough To Do: nanny-comfyballs-underwear-banned  Leave it to Uncle Sam to decide which product names are obscene and too racy for your household. That's just what happened in this case, when government bureaucrats decided to block a patent for an underwear company. 


·        The Arizona Project will not meet again until Jan 5, 2015, according to Chr Ron Ludders. 602-677-1496.


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham reports that the following chairmanships have been appointed for the Jan 24, 2014 State GOP meeting. They are:

o   Resolutions and Memorials Committee  - Ray Sweeney

o   Nominations – Chris Campbell

o   Bylaws – Linda White

o   Credentials - Helen Purcell and Dan Grimm
     Executive Board members wishing to serve on a committee for the meeting should contact Tim Sifert at or Chad Heywood at


·       Dec 31 Is The Deadline To Register For The Arizona Federation Of Republican Women’s April 17-19, 2015 trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Tour in Simi Valley, California.  For information contact Reagan Presidential Library Trip Coordinator  Susan Kay Schultz  at  or 480-945 1490.  All reservations and monies will again flow through AZ Trails Travel | Roxanne and Hank Boryczki, 16650 E. Palisades Blvd. #106, Fountain Hills, AZ   85268.  480- 837-8665.


·       Rev Clyde Bowen, Chairman of the AAARC, is asking for donations to help fund the third Emancipation Proclamation Observance Day of Thanksgiving Event scheduled at noon, Jan 1, 2015 at East Lake Park, 16th St. and Jefferson St. Phoenix. Contact or 602 274-5439   Facebook:


·       The Yavapai County Annual Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner is scheduled Feb 14 at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center at 1500 E. Hwy 69, Prescott, AZ, Goldwater Ballroom.  $65 per person or $130 to sit with speakers.  Contact Brenda at 928-776-4500 if you have raffle or live auction items to donate. Reservations: online at


·       Arrowhead Republican Women will be meeting Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West. Speaker: George Khalaf,  who works for the State Republican Party. Check-in begins 10:45 am, meeting begins 11:30 am. Reservation is required, $20 payable by cash or check at the door. Reservations must be made through Arrowhead Republican Women is open to Republican women registered to vote in AZ - Republican men may join as associate members.


·       The Voice Of Veterans “ Coffee Corner,” is a place where you can grab that cup of coffee, sit back, and listen to a variety of commentators talk about what is happening in America and across the World.  Commentators of various backgrounds and opinions, enable you to hear comments designed to bring facts to light, express opinions -often hidden or not mentioned by most media outlets.  Your participation will always be welcome. Send your comments or disagreements with the commentator.  VOV Radio Show archives   - Vernon Bagley, President & CEO Veterans Broadcasting Network of America, Inc.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican is accepting donations towards its goal of $500 to help support two new presidential sculptures to add to the town's "Fount Rushmore" that currently displays Presidents Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.  The new sculptures to be added are George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Check should earmarked “sculptures,”  made out to the Fountain Hills Republican Club and mailed  to Tait D. Elkie, President, Fountain Hills Republican Club, P.O. Box 17814, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 by Jan 1, 2015.  Contacts: (480) 766-1231 or or see web site





·        Obama-Amnesty-Fight-Belongs-In-Congress-Judge   Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Sheriff Arpaio In Arizona

·        Marching Forward Into The Past:

·        George-W-Bush-Had Class: Never Left DC Until Day After Christmas So Staff Could Be With Families… Opposite Of Obama

·        WH-Reporter-Reflects-On-How-George-Bush-Was-Santa; Obama-Is-Scrooge-At-Christmas

·        6-Times-George-W-Bush-Surprised-US-This Year

·        County-May-Close-Phoenix-Homeless-Shelters

·        John-McCain-Laughs-At-Potential-Sarah-Palin-Candidacy-To-Unseat-Him

·        McCain-Got Bad Bad-News-About Palin

·        John McCain Spends Christmas In Afghanistan, Meets Leaders In Kabul

·        Special Report - Goldwater: 50 Years Later

·        When-You-See-Who-John-McCain-Wants-To-Be-The-Next-President, Your-Head-Might-Explode

·        ‘Invalid’ Dark Money Rules Threaten Grassroots Politics

·        Scam Alert: Man Impersonating PCSO Deputy Over Phone

·        Survey: Women More Stressed Than Men During Holidays

·        Critics Hate 'The Interview'

·        Mike-Broomhead-Talks-To-Sheriff-Joe

·        Arpaio/Obama Legal Action Dismissed

·        960 The Patriot:  Arpaio’s-Lawsuit-Against-President-Obama

·        960 The Patriot:  Former-Phoenix-VA-Director-Fired-For-Accepting-Bribes

·        Fiesta Bowl Parade To Take Over Phoenix Streets

·        AZ-Cold-Blast-Brings-Shivers-Freeze-Warning

·        Son-Pays-Off-Parents-Mortgage-For-Christmas; -Films-Their-Reaction

·        AZ Cold Blast Brings Shivers, Freeze Warning

·        The Use And Abuse Of Democratic Freedoms… If You Are Approach By A Police Officer

·        Merry & Bright: Residents Go All Out In Annual Holiday Homes Competition

·        PCSO Christmas Programs Aided By Ak-Chin Gift

·        Top Officials Knew About Problems At Phoenix VA Hospital
Death Penalty States Unmoved By Botched Execution

·        UA Rebranding Itself As 'Boundless' Institution

·        Threat Of Bus Strike Looms Over Phoenix Bus Riders

·        Volunteers, Donations Make Lunch, Gifts Possible For Homeless

·        Authorities Dismantle Illegal Still In Tucson

·        Airman Reunited With Dog After Deployment

·        Arizona-Blood-Tests-Price-Swings

·        Green-Acre-Dog-Deaths-Dismissal-Complaints  Montgomery Gets An Earful

·        Arizona Releases Annual List Of Top Baby Names

·        Day After Christmas A Busy Shopping Day

·        Groups Contest Use Of Helicopters To Manage Sheep

·        Valley-Brain-Doctor-Kicked-Off-Sky-Harbor-Flight

·        Hundreds Of Theaters Begin Screening 'The Interview'

·        Family Sues Pima County Over Autistic Son's Arrest

·        Lights-Fill-Phoenix-Neighborhood-On-Christmas-Eve

·        Owners Of Dogs Who Died At Kennel Speak Out, Call For Justice

·        Judge Rejects Lawsuit Over Immigration Policy

·        Arpaio Opposes Reopening Case's Discovery Phase

·        Rainbow Bridge Monument To Close For Trail Repairs

·        Woman Arrested In $16.6M Annuity Fraud In Arizona

·        Midterm Elections Are Top Arizona News Story For 2014
Regulators-Could Reconsider-Solar-Rules



·        GOP Poised To Cave On Obama USAG Nominee, Loretta Lynch

·        Bill Montgomery, Dead Dogs & The Flakes: We Got It Right The First Time

·        Good News For Kyrsten Sinema! Her Green Party Is Back

·        Do Americans Fully Comprehend Islam?

·        2014: Joyous Christmas Wishes

·        T’Was The Night Before Christmas….

·        A Christmas Gift From Sheriff Joe Arpaio

·        NAACP: NY Police Slayings Show “Need For Sensible Gun Control”


·        Governor Brewer Calls President Obama A ‘Failed President’

·        Uncivil-War: McCain-Purging-Conservatives-From-AZGOP


·        All-Life-Matters: Jahi-McMaths-Journey


·        Obama Is Creating A National...




·        Maricopa County Republican Committee ByLaws   2014


·        AZGOP financial reports filed/ AZ Sec of State 

·        FEC filing   

·        Arizona_Republican_Party_Bylaws


·        Report-GOP-Establishment-Plotting-To-Oust-Conservative-Leader-Sen-Mike-Lee

·        March-Court-Date-Means-GOP-Till-June-Replace-Obamacare

·        Policies Of GOP Governors Could Find National Play


·        CDC Accidentally Might Have Exposed A Technician To The Ebola Virus!


·        Bowe-Bergdahl-Gets-Some-Bad-News

·        Bowe-Bergdahl-Army-Court-Martial


·        Trey-Gowdy-Furious-Over-Susan-Rices-Latest-Benghazi-Comments


·        Feds Sign $7.8 Million Lease To House New Immigration Workers

·        After 70% Of Illegal Alien Families Fail To Show For Hearings, Feds Plan To Track Them With GPS

·        Farmers Still Concerned Over Immigration Ruling

·        Remember 1986

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2No    Border News Watch  


·        What This Mexican-Drug-Cartel-Just-Claimed-Sends-US-Border-Patrol-Scrambling

·        Over 1,000 Just Gathered for the Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally in US History Over the Dec 21st weekend the largest felony civil disobedience rally ever held in American history took place. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 well-armed gun owners showed up to the state capital in Olympia to openly violate the gun law, I594. 

·        Suicide Is The Leading Cause Of Death From Firearm Violence

·        2014’s War On Hunters Revisited

·        Attempted robbery turns fatal for the robber when the ‘victim’ turns out to be armed   NV GUN REPORT December 23, 2014

·        Vivek Murthy Confirmed As Surgeon General- POLITICO  Obama makes another gift to the anti gun progressives, the plan is to use your tax money to show how gun ownership is unhealthy

·        Judicial-Watch-Obtains-Fast-Furious-Crime-Scene-Photos-Phoenix-2013-Gang-Style-Assault-Rifle-Supplied-Obama-Justice-Dept These crime scene photos graphically illustrate the legacy of President Obama and Eric Holder’s deadly Fast and Furious lies

·        Australia A 'Nation Of Victims', Deadly Sydney Siege Unlikely In Texas, Says Pro-Gun Senator Leyonhjelm - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  Bloomberg’s Everytown vision for America, a nation of victims.

·        BBC News - Sydney siege: Gunman Monis had illegal firearm, say police  Duhhh  how many times has it been said “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”

·        NSSF Pull the Trigger | December 2014   “Tips For Today’s Gun Owners”

·        Everytown For Gun Safety Jobs, Employment in Las Vegas  Anti gun Everytown is looking for full time community organizer, NV campaign manager and NV organizing director. 

·        Jihadist-Hostage-Taker-Enabled-By-Australian-Gun-Laws  Americans obeying such edicts could find (have found) themselves in the same dilemma as the Sydney hostages

·        US - Gun Facts, Figures and the law

·        Gun-Dealers-Against-Background-Check-Initiative  They will refuse to conduct the background checks because of liability they will be forced to assume

·        Fed Ban On Guns Unconstitutional Violation Of 2nd Amendment  The court held that the federal ban on gun ownership by people who have been committed to a mental institution is an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment.

·        Australian-Lawmaker: Our-Gun-Control-Laws-Created-A-Nation-Of-Victims

·        Australia-Gun-Laws-Sydney-Siege  Australia is reviewing after victim blood bath while Everytown is pushing for Australia system.

·        Washington-State-Agencies-Punt-On-New-Gun-Law     18 Pages Of Vague Legal-Ese, nearly impossible to enforce

·        Rangel: Cops Should Focus On Gun Control Instead Of Pointing Fingers At Politicians


·        Sky-High Price Has VA Rationing Drugs

·        Pentagon Launches Probe Of Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden

·        Another Phony Military Man Caught In The Act?!


·        Jeb-Bush: I'd-Strive-To-Be-Like-Lyndon-Johnson-If-Elected-President

·        Jeb-Bush-Tries-To-Shed-His-Riches

·        Team Rubio: Jeb Won't Push Us Out Of 2016


·        The Times People Called For Obama’s Impeachment In 2014


·        MRC’s ‘Worst Quote Of The Year’ A Close Race For Media Bias On Palin, Benghazi And Comparing Obama To Jesus

·        Protesters-Next-Stop-Fox-News  


·        Judge Jeanine Slams De Blasio: 'You're A Coward With Blood On Your Shoes'


·        It's-Time-To-Impeach-Obama


·        How-Hillary-Could-Make-Obamacare-Worse

·        The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Liberal Base

·        Hillary Clinton's Economic Approach Under Scrutiny


·        White House Plays Dumb Over Advisor Al Sharpton’s $4.5 Million In Unpaid Taxes


·        Wife-Beating-Rules-For-Muslims

·        17, 000 Germans Citizens-Sing Christmas Carols In Streets... Infuriates Muslims


·        Six People Arrested In New York For Threats Against Police

·        Calls For Judge To Resign After She Released Man Who Allegedly Threatened To Kill Cops

·        Hundreds Of Cops Turn Backs On Mayor During Slain Officer's Funeral


·        Brigitte Gabriel To Muslim Woman Who Claims Majority Of Muslims Are Portrayed Badly: The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant

·        Wife-Beating-Rules-For-Muslims


·        Why Don't Black People Riot About This?

·        New Yorkers Explode In Anger At Race Baiters Sharpton, De Blasio And Obama For Cops Deaths


·        Uncle Sam Does The Impossible: Loses $105 Million/Year Coining Money!

·        Feds Sign $7.8 Million Lease To House New Immigration Workers


·        NYC Judge Releases (Without Bail) Men Who Threatened To Kill Cops


·        Congress-Oks-Electronic-Duck-Stamp

·        Ted-Cruz-Releases-Definitive-List-Of-76-Lawless-Obama-Actions

·        Pelosi: Tax-Evading-Republican-Must-Resign; Not-Tax-Evading-Democrats

·        Bachmann: Obama-Embraced-Agenda-Of-Islamic-Jihad

·        House Committees Will Carry A Strong Texas Accent

·        Cia’s Harsh Interrogation Tactics Crucial In Bin Laden Capture, Republicans Say


·        Maine Just Changed Food-Stamp Policy ... Every State Should Do This

·        Michigan Handing Out Welfare In Arabic


·        It-Snowed-In-Hawaii-On-Christmas-Day-And-You-Can-Probably-Guess-What-Some-Blamed-The-Weather-On


·        Obamacare-Created Insurer Goes Under, Is Taken Over By The State