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1-18-15 MCRC Briefs

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Sunday, January 18, 2015


·       Reader Submitted Questions For AZGOP Treasurer Candidates: These five questions have been forwarded to the two AZGOP Treasurer candidates up for election at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting.  Briefs has requested both candidates respond by Jan 21 so their answers can be posted for your viewing.

ü  What degrees do you hold, if any in accounting?

ü  If elected how much time can you spend in the GOP Office?

ü  Have you ever had any election accounting experience or non-profit experience?

ü  Are you qualified to do a financial statement?

ü  Would you personally sign all checks, federal and state reports or delegate other signatories.


·       According to Arizona Republican Party Bylaws: The treasurer shall receive all monies provided for the state committee, be custodian of the funds received, and disburse same upon order of the state chairman.  All checks shall be signed by the treasurer or his/her appointed representative and countersigned by the state chairman or his/her appointed representative, who shall not be the treasurer's representative.  The treasurer shall present an annual report to the state committee and periodic reports to the chairman and the executive committee at such times as they may designate.  All persons authorized to sign checks on any state committee shall be bonded for at least $100,000.  The treasurer's records shall be audited or reviewed by a disinterested certified public accountant whenever the chairman or treasurer leaves office, before each statutory meeting, and at such times as the chairman or the executive committee require.


·       Retiring AZGOP Treasurer Timothy Lee Provides Some Insight as to the duties he has performed during his eight years as the AZGOP Treasurer:  Part lawyer.  Part Compliance Officer.  Part Bookkeeper.   Interpretive reading and writing specialist.  Statutory expert.  Contracts specialist.   Audit and fiduciary compliance.  LD and County Treasurer Training and counselor.  Preparation of annual Budgets and related spending controls. Banking and credit card processing operations.  Expert trial witness. Liability and property casualty insurance coordinator. Fundraising coordination.  Building maintenance and Capital investment advisor.  Out building leasing coordinator.  Technical equipment and computer programs solicitation, financing and payment advisor. Payroll, Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator and EEO Compliance Officer. Postal service and bulk rate coordinator. All as a volunteer Officer, and with only a part time staff of less than 20 hours per week, maintaining strict  compliance of segregation of duties operations while routinely handling and processing millions of dollars that flow into and out of the office.


·       Before-You-Vote-For-AZGOP-State Treasurer, Read Their Resume


·       A Reader Writes: Wouldn't it be something to have a DiBlasio moment at the State of the Union, with Republicans turning their backs on Obama!


·       Gov Doug Ducey Will Give His State Of The State Address at 11:30 am, Jan 21 at Arizona Western College, 3C Bldg – Don Schoening Conference Center, Yuma. Limited seating - 350.  $20 per person, includes luncheon. Tickets: 


·       The AZGOP Chairman's Awards Dinner will be held on Fri, Jan 23, 2015 from 6-9 pm at the Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain, 10831 South 51st Street · Phoenix, Arizona, 85044.    Reservations:  Jennifer Bontrager or 602-957-7770. 


·       As AZGOP Chairman Robert chatted with Briefs  several weeks ago over the trials and tribulations, successes, criticism and stress that he’s faced the past two years, he jokingly mentioned he had garnered some gray hair during his tenure.  He is not alone, over the past decade Briefs watched former MCRC Chairmen Lyle Tuttle, Tom Husband, Rob Haney and AJ LaFaro, along with former AZGOP Chairmen Randy Pullen and Tom Morrissey gathered gray hair and worry lines during their terms, as well. Which brings Briefs to wonder why anyone would run for public office?  And I’ll say it again, the wives of politicians deserve diamonds!


·       Congressman  Martha McSally Toured The Nogales Port Of Entry on Sat, Jan 17. The Nogales port is the fourth busiest land port in the United States, with over 3 million passenger vehicles and over 300,000 commercial trucks traveling through the port in FY 2013. The port also is a major facilitator of commerce for Southern Arizona, with an estimated $18-$20 billion in two-way trade value.  McSally also toured a portion of the southern border at a nearby ranch. McSally has made improving our border strategy a top priority and recently introduced legislation with Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul to gain and maintain control of our nation’s borders, according to her spokesman to Patrick Ptak .  


·       The-Three-Amigos-Of-GOP-Defeat-In-2016  …The Republican presidential nominees, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008 and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2012, were uninspiring moderates who were unwilling to defend the party’s platform and attack the Democrats on the issues.


·       Marty Hermanson Is Hosting the Maricopa Golf Classic Tournament raising funds for Wounded Warriors & 100 club on Sat., April 11 at the Duke at Rancho El Dorado, 42660 W Rancho El Dorado Pkwy, Maricopa, Arizona 85138. If you do not play golf, they offer lunch @ $25. Website has the packet and information. You can pay online. If you would like to donate a Raffle or Silent Auction item, please reach out to  Golf Committee: Chairman Marty Hermanson, Chance Jordan, Doug Murray, Stephanie Bores, James Dawson and Brenda Hermanson


·       Congressman Martha McSally will participate in the award presentation for the 25th Tucson Association of REALTORS® Shootout, a premier soccer tournament held at Fort Lowell Park Tennis Center. The event is estimated to bring in $3.5 million to the local economy, will feature over 5,000 soccer players along with their coaches and family members.


·       The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 22 for a round table discussion.  Starting in February the meetings will be held at 6 pm., the first and third Thursdays of the month.


·       Congressman Martha McSally will speak at 10:45 am., Mon., Jan 19  for the Martin Luther King Jr. March and Celebration at Armory Park, 221 S. 6th Ave, Tucson,  RSVP to Patrick Ptak at or at (630) 615-1068.


·       Volunteers Are Needed to help decorate floats for the Sat., Feb 14 Silver Spur Rodeo and Parade is scheduled Sat., Feb 14.  Float will be decorate on Feb. 13.


·       The Murphy’s Yuma Gun Show is scheduled March 7 and 8 at the Yuma County Fairgrounds. Entry $5. Contact: Gilbert Hernandez to volunteer  298-210-7895.


·       Volunteers Are Needed To Man The Colorado River Tea Party Booth during the  63rd annual Yuma county fair is scheduled March 31-April 5 in Yuma. Free entry for volunteers.


·       GOP Activist Jose Borrajero  is conducting  "Training For AZ Legislative Activists (and for those who would like to be)" at 6:30 pm, Wed., Jan 21 at the Arizona Project Headquarters, 3375 E. Shea Blvd., Phoenix, 85028.  No charge. A $5 donation per person will be welcomed. Topics include

ü  Contact Legislators Efficiently testify at committee hearings...From your home or office

ü  Use the new AZvoices to “vote” on legislative bills

ü  Use legislative activity to assist with electioneering

ü  This class will include a live, on line demonstration (That is why it must be done while the AZ legislature is in session)

Contact: Jose Borrajero


·       Attention AZGOP Officer Candidates: Briefs is posting reader questions for AZGOP candidates running for election at the Jan 24 Statutory meeting. Officer candidates are asked to respond to each question in 300 words or less.  Candidate answers will be posted in the What The Candidates Are Saying section. Please keep to the issues. Respond to or  

1.     What are your qualifications to serve in the position you are running for?

2.     What are your goals, if elected?

3.     Arizona was one of only four states not to achieve an increase in Republican Legislators in 2014 despite the Republican wave across the nation. How do you plan to get more AZ Republican legislators elected?

4.     Precinct Committeeman numbers have DECLINED 30% in the past two years. How do you plan to increase the PC count?

5.     How would you go about closing the Primary to allow only GOP voters to vote? And what resources (funds, manpower) would you use to close primaries?

6.     Are you for or against amnesty?

7.     How do you feel about “dark money” (out of state funded PACs) coming into AZ to influence elections?

8.     Will you carry out the Censure of Sen John McCain? McCain was censured “for his continued disservice to our State and Nation” in Jan 2014 by the GOP State Committeemen, Maricopa County Republicans PCs, plus  several outlaying counties  “…until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”

9.     Do you support reported attempts to remove conservative PCs from leadership roles?

10.  Arizona Republicans suffered a Voter Registration LOSS of 32,800 the past two years, according to the Secretary of State’s report.  How you plan to get them back?

11.  Have you ever attended a Tea Party Meeting?

12.  What organized groups have you reached out to during your active time in AZ politics? (diverse groups, ie, ethnic, political stance, conservative, liberal, etc -- not different LD or GOP run of the mill groups).





·       All Of The Candidates Competing for election to a state office at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting have been invited to write up a 300 word bio and to answer the questions posted above and send them to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.



·       Meet Parralee Schneider, 1st Vice Chair AZGOP Candidate: As an Army wife for 30 years I volunteered with the Red Cross, the Cub Scouts and local schools. I taught catechism, started neighborhood nursery schools and established a German-American High School Partnership program. I have been willing to do the work, recognize the needs, recruit the volunteers and secure the resources it takes to get things done

When my husband and I retired to Southern Arizona, I began volunteering in local political activities -  Precinct Committeeman, State Committeeman, Tucson Republican Women President and then TRW PAC Treasurer. I served on the Pima County GOP Executive Committee as a GOTV and Trunk ‘n’ Tusk chairman, newsletter editor and lead on that county’s finance team. I’ve taken on critical leadership roles in several campaigns, both local and statewide, including phone bank coordination for Jesse Kelly’s Congressional campaign, volunteer and event coordination for Frank Antenori’s Congressional Exploratory Committee, Southern Arizona campaign contact for Secretary of State Bayless plus secured site location and drafted budget for Senator Kyl’s Northwest Victory Office.

This year it’s about fighting the Democrats’ assault on our state and preparing for the 2016 presidential battle. Your State Party has the tools and information precinct committeemen need. I would be honored to continue working as another resource and conduit for you. I ask for your consideration, your support and your vote as the incumbent First Vice Chairman of the AZGOP on January 24   --  Parralee Schneider, 1st Vice Chair AZGOP Candidate


·       Meet Lori Urban, AZGOP Chairman Candidate: A native of South Dakota, I began my political activism at age 18 when I walked my neighborhood for Ronald Reagan.   Moving to Arizona in the early 80s, I became active in the Paradise Republican Women's Club serving as Membership Chair, Program Chair and Club President.   During that time, I started volunteering at AZGOP headquarters while Burt Kruglick was Chairman and worked on dozens of campaigns including Kruglick's mayoral race and Fife Symington's gubernatorial race.  I became a Precinct Committeeman (most of 30 yrs).  I have raised major money for the AZGOP, Maricopa County Republican Committee and Republican Candidates. I live in Scottsdale with my husband Dave and my 3 boys -Chase, DJ and Garrett (19, 13, 10).  I have owned and operated a travel agent business for the last 34 years.   I have been very active in supporting my sons' Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts activities.  Perhaps my proudest moment to this time is the fact that Chase is an Eagle Scout.  DJ and Garrett are following in his footsteps.

ü  I have served you, by volunteering thousands of hours with the YRs, AZGOP, MCRC, AFRW and AzRA including:

ü  State Chair, AZ Young Republicans (age 21-40yrs), tripled number of clubs across AZ 1991-1993.

ü  AZ Republican National Committeewoman 1996-2000

ü  2012 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting - fundraising

ü  2012 AZ GOP Presidential Debate Coordinator

ü  2012 AZ Delegate Coordinator for the RNC Presidential Convention

ü  2012 AZGOP Christmas Project for National Guard and Veteran Families

ü  2013 AZGOP Statutory Meeting - fundraising

ü  2014 MCRC Mandatory Meeting - fundraising

ü  2014 MCRC Lincoln Day Lunch - fundraising

ü  2014 MCRC Lincoln Bust Award Winner

ü  2014 LD23 GOTV Office Manager

ü  2015 MCRC Statutory Meeting - fundraising

ü  President of Paradise Republican Women (1993, 1994, 2014 and 2015)

ü  AZ Federation of Republican Women Director, Region VIII (2014-2015)

ü  AZ Republican Assembly National Director (2014 - 2015).  -  Lori Urban, AZGOP Chairman candidate


·       Meet Robert Graham, Incumbent AZGOP Chairman: Graham was elected Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party in January 2013 and is responsible for leading the state’s GOP initiatives while overseeing and growing a well-funded and organized party. On his watch Republicans won every statewide elected office and majorities in the Legislature, and now hold a majority in our GOP congressional delegation.

Graham has a record of leadership serving Arizona residents and charities through his commitment of time and contributions.  Graham was President of RG Capital, responsible for the company’s investment banking/consulting and corporate development business. He brings more than fifteen years of experience in domestic and international corporate development and operational management.  Graham’s accomplishments have been recognized by AZ Business Magazine as Top Entrepreneur, by Boomer Market Advisor magazine as Advisor of the Year, and recently Forbes magazine.  He earned a Masters in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Bachelor’s in Global Business Management and Finance from ASU. He is a nationally recognized fiscal policy expert and author of Job Killers: The American Dream in Reverse, highlighting the negative impact labor unions have on today’s economy and American jobs.

      Graham brought transformational changes to the AZGOP to help the conservative cause at every level. He created a War Room at the HQ, where staff and volunteers overwhelmed opponents using social media and GOTV, and set up a dozen Victory offices which used world-class data and communications tools to help our candidates win. He led fundraising and outreach that successfully brought the GOP message to many ethnic groups and voters statewide, resulting in a 10,000 voter increase of Republicans over Democrats.

Graham has lived in Arizona for 20 years. He and his wife, Julia, reside in Phoenix with their five children. Graham and his family are active members of their church and local community. – Robert Graham, incumbent AZGOP Chairman


Issues Statements

·       Lori Urban, AZGOP Chairman Candidate: “I am honored to have the support of so many wonderful Precinct Committeemen whom have been demanding......CLOSE OUR PRIMARIES! This will be my mission starting Day ONE.   I have a finance team ready to help fund the process.

We deserve FAIR ELECTIONS, where Republicans nominate Republicans.

At our MCRC 1/10/15 meeting, precinct committeemen (the strength of our Arizona Republican Party) once again expressed their wish to CLOSE OUR PRIMARY - by a vote of 1225 YES to 596 NO.

This matches the Resolution of the Convention of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) who continue to call for CLOSED PRIMARIES.

You have my word.  This is my commitment. 

I ask for your support and vote, at our AZGOP meeting on January 24, 2015.”





·       The Sun City Republican Club will meet with Tom Scott , a Director of the Community Assistance Network (CAN) at 7 pm., Jan 19 in the Sundial Recreation Center, 14801 N 103rd Ave., Sun City, AZ  85351. Scott will address services available to the members of the Sun City Community, including income tax preparation, help with widow benefits and property tax freezes. 630 pm social hour.  Contact:



·       The Arizona Project Will Meet At 6:30 Pm, Mon., Jan 19 at 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phx., to get acquainted with AZGOP candidates  Robert Grahamm Parralee Schneider, Jonathan Lines, Linda White, Jeni White of Maricopa

according to AP Chairman Ron Ludder. 602.677.1496



·       Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party. (3rd Tues) 6:30 PM., Jan 20.  Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Speakers: LD23 Sen John Kavanagh, Rep Michelle Ugenti, and newly- Rep Jay Lawrence will provide an update on the upcoming legislative session.  Free admission. Donations to help offset expenses are appreciated.  Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or



·       The Verde Valley Republican Women's Luncheon is scheduled at 11 am, Jan 21 at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, 2250 Hwy 89A, Sedona, AZ Cost:  $17. RSVP:  Erna Sesek (928) 284-4248 or


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at Jan 21 at 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Lunch $25, Social 11am. Program/lunch 11:30am.   Yvonne Chahill, Co-Chair of ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership, will present an overview of the Center's mission to train a new generation of leaders versed in principles of democracy.  Contact Edith Stock,, or 480-298-7818 cell.


·       LD-25 Will Meet At 7 PM, Jan 21 at the Mesa Utility Building 640 N. Mesa Dr. Mesa, AZ at  instead of Thursday January 15th due to facility scheduling conflicts.  The candidates for the AZ State GOP have been invited to speak.



·       The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will meet at 6:30 pm., Jan 22 to hear National Review Editor Richard Lowry in the Old Main Carson Ballroom on the Tempe campus. Lowry’s appearance is sponsored by ASU Center for Political thought and Leadership. Contact or asu-center-political-thought-and-leadership


·       Colorado River Tea Party Round Table Discussion at noon, Jan 22  at Community Christian Church,  6480 E. Hwy 95 ( last bld behind church).



·       The AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Sat., Jan 23 at the  Four Points by Sheraton at Phoenix South Mountain, 10831 S 51st St., Phx. $40 per person. $300 per table.. Entertainment by a group of Korean Drummers. RSVP to Jennifer Bontrager at  or 602-957-7770.




·       The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sat., Jan 24 in the Apache Room of the Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Surprise AZ. 85374.Coffee and light refreshments will be available at 8:30am.  Meetings are open to Sun City Grand residents and their guests, elected officials and candidates. The speaker will be from “Soldiers Best Friend,” a group that trains dogs to become therapeutic companions for veterans with PTSD. Contact: Ginny Nyre, President  ( 623-544-7187) or Ruth Seiter, Vice President, Programs,  (623-544-9309) or visit our website at


·       A Support Rally For Law Enforcement Officers is scheduled between 10 am and noon. Sat., Jan 24 at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office headquarters, 550 W Jackson, Phx. The rally is so support for all law enforcement officers in Maricopa County, including DPS, MCSO and surrounding metropolitan police departments. Wear blue or tan. Bring your own signs. Information:



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·        Vote On Hr36 On Jan 22

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·        The Republican Congress Has A Mandateit Was Not Elected To Make Washington 'Work' But To Keep Washington From Working Against Americans.

·        Trey Gowdy Votes To Stop Executive Overreach And Hits Out At Obama In The Process

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