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1-22-15 MCRC Briefs



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Thursday, January 22, 2015


·       Briefs Computer Was Down For Maintenance a while today, so if you sent in an item and it doesn’t appear today, please resend it. - Frosty


·       The AZGOP Statutory Meeting Will Convene At 9 Am, Sat., Jan 24 at Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282. Registration opens at 7:30 am.  State Committeemen will elect new officers, address two proposed resolutions on the agenda and address other issues that may arise from the floor.


·       Volunteers Are Needed At 6:30 Am. Saturday Morning To Help Gather Petitions Signatures to allow the original “Closed Republican Primaries In Arizona” Resolution  to be brought to the floor at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting at the Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, 85282. Meet in the guest parking area near the Connection Center and the Lamb Chapel along the north wall of the church parking lot for material distribution and final instructions.  Volunteers should bring a clipboard and pens and a clip-on lamp or a flashlight for your clipboard. Volunteer contact: Coordinator Andrew Costanzo,  MCRC EGC Member-at-Large at 480 677-0697 or


·       Ardith Hildebrant, AZGOP Treasurer Candidate, has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Chairman Robert Graham and the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP). She said the complaint documents dozens of entries and transactions that question the compliance with federal and state campaign finance disclosure laws. She announced last week that she was preparing to file the complaint. 1-16-15-mcrc-briefs    Contact: 4809910804,


·       Christopher Campbell, AZGOP Nominations Committee Chairman,  reports that he has received “Letters of Intent”  to run for AZGOP officers at the Sat., Jan 24 Statutory meeting from:

ü  Chairman - Robert Graham  and Lori Urban

ü  1st Vice-Chairman  - A.J. LaFaro and Parralee Schneider

ü  2nd Vice - Chairman - Gabby Saucedo Mercer and Jeni White

ü  Secretary – Lynne Breyer and Linda White

ü  Treasurer – Ardith Hildebrant and Jonathan Lines.


Congressional District Member At Large candidates are:

ü  CD2 -- Todd Clodfelter

Cindy Coleman

William Wildish

ü  CD4 - Don Ascoli

Rose Sperry

ü  CD6 - Elizabeth Alcorn

Linda Longazel

Laddie Guy Shane

Patricia Stetson

ü  CD7 -              Terry Rapp

ü  CD8  - Nicole Fernandez

Christopher D.A. Herring

Marcus A. Huey

ü  CD9 -   Andrew Costanzo

Kris Morrissey

Diane Ortiz-Parsons

Daniel J. Schultz

            See CD9 candidate statements under “What the Candidates Are Saying.”


·       Links To Both AZGOP Chairman Candidates running for election at the Jan 24 Statutory Meeting:

ü  Incumbent Robert Graham

ü  Challenger Lori Urban  - 


·       AZGOP Resolutions Chairman Ray Sweeney: “Fellow patriots, the silence is deafening.  Sadly, there has been no response from AZ GOP Headquarters or the AZ GOP Secretary except for an internal gag order issued early this morning to the hierarchy who work at the HQ.  Confusion, backroom dealing and false claims of support complete with carefully selected (and paid) stooges who conduct candidate forums, sit on committees, pile up lofty rhetoric and charismatic images to ensure the status quo isn't disturbed in Arizona.  What a disappointment for the vast ocean of dedicated activists whose voices will be stifled by this charade.  Saddening indeed.”


·       UPDATE: At Posting Time, AGOP Resolutions Chairman Ray Sweeney still has no response to e-mails he sent to AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and to AZGOP Secretary Linda White on Wed, Jan 21 regarding the directive he was given that State Committeemen had to process their credentials prior to signing resolutions petitions and that they would be assigned to a specific room the petitions signature gathering the morning of the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting. Traditionally, the signatures were gathered in the parking lot as committeeman arrived at the meeting.  Sweeney has asked that tradition be restored since there is nothing in the AZGOP Bylaws restricting the parking lot signature gatherings.  Volunteer signature gatherers will gather at 6:30 am, Sat., am. at the Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282. See Volunteers Needed at the top of today’s Briefs and a few stories down.


·       This Evening Briefs Received Multiple Copies of an unsigned e-mail claiming  “former Maricopa County GOP Chairman and candidate for First Vice Chair of the State Republican Party A.J. LaFaro went completely unhinged during his scheduled remarks from the floor” at the LD25 candidate’s forum. It further charged that LaFaro admires former Dem President Bill Clinton maricopa-republican   


·       LD25 Chairman Ian Murray Response To The Anonymous E-Mail: “I had this email forwarded to me by PCs in my district.  The first thing I noticed was the email was anonymous and I feel very exaggerated.

AJ was discussing the resolution that he submitted supporting a closed primary, an issue he feels passionate about.  While AJ was spirited, he was not unhinged.  Gary Pierce did object to one of his statements.  Gary had his say and AJ continued his remarks.  Afterwards Jeni White, who was on the Resolutions committee, asked for a chance to discuss the Resolutions process and I allowed her to speak just prior to the closing statements.

If I thought that AJ was unhinged, I would have stopped him from continuing.

If multiple copies of the email have been sent to you, look to see the names they are from.  The one that was forwarded to me was from "Derwille Zurmacht" from the German philosopher Nietsche.  It means "will to power, at least that is what another of my PC said.

My thought are is that if you are going to write an opinion piece and sent it out, at least have the courage to take ownership.”  -- Ian Murray


·       Web Master John Strasser’s Research On The Anonymous E-Mail Reveals:  “Over the course of a few hours (many arriving within minutes of each other) we received a number emails about AZGOP 1st Vice-Chair Candidate AJ LaFaro’s debate performance Wednesday night. Some were forwarded to us, some came directly. The seven (7) identical emails I examined all had different names yet had surprisingly similar gmail addresses.  Specifically:

1) Joseph Smith (

2) Porter Rockwell (

3) Derwille Zurmacht (

4) Friedrich Lincoln (

5) Anonymous (

6) Soren Derwille (

7) Silence Dogood (

“While I can fully understand why people wish to remain anonymous online or offline (Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich comes to mind) the pattern in email addresses and names points to only 1 thing. That one person (this is ‘so’ obviously the work of 1 person) is trying desperately to create the illusion that a large scale popular movement (of D-Backs fans??? Really?)  has risen up to smite AJ LaFaro down – hopefully by fooling the search engines and certain gullible PCs on Facebook and Twitter.

“Instead he/she appears to be nothing more than a ragtag laundry basket of sock-puppet gophers popping from their imaginary burrows in a pale imitation of AstroTurf.”


·       LD19 PC Joseph Hobbs, who received one the “Porter Rockwell” e-mails writes:  “Greetings Porter – very pitiful ad hominem attack on a dependable conservative who has displayed great vision and leadership – worked 16 hour days in The Trenches For Our GOP Fighting The Democrat/Communist/Marxists. I am deeply offended by your remarks. You did not cite any outcomes from your ‘research’ where you were able to determine ‘that A.J. LaFaro does not have the best interest of the Party at heart.’ During these pitiful times of stress when our Republic is at the tipping point, when we are looking for Americans who will stand up to SHOUT that they believe in the Greatness of America, believe in our Republican Party Platform, that they believe in the Miracle of our Constitution as it was influenced by GOD – some like you are not connecting the dots sir. Please introduce yourself to me at the state meeting – I would like to see what you look like in person.


·       Reports Also Came In This Evening about a phone survey allegedly originating in Iowa regarding the AZGOP Chairman’s race between incumbent Robert Graham and Lori Urban.  Some of those receiving the survey calls, say they got an earful of negativity if the indicated support for Urban.  Those receiving the calls  “ from IA”  noticed that the area code was 520 which just happens to be an Arizona area code assigned to Casa Adobes, Casa Grande, Catalina Foothills, Drexel Heights, Nogales, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, and Tucson. See 520 Area Code Map 


·       The AZ Teenage Republicans (TARs) will be selling donuts, muffins/cupcakes, granola bars, sandwiches, chips, and drinks at the AZ GOP meeting this Saturday. Preferred method of payment is cash, but the TARs accept checks as well. If you would like to donate in advance, please contact the State Chair Lilia Dashevsky - Also, stay tuned for announcements regarding the TARs' annual banquet!"


·       Vera Anderson: As A PC, State Committee Person And A Tea Party Leader in

the great state of Arizona it's time that I speak out about the election being held this Saturday for the election of our State officers.  To tell you that I am disappointed is an understatement and, yes, I will sign my name at the end. There have been too many emails sent out with "no names" attached that are personal attacks on the candidates. These kinds of personal attacks are why people are abandoning the Republican Party and becoming Independents. No amount of voter registration drives by anyone is going to attract people to what we are witnessing in our state and in Washington DC, down in the mud dirty fighting.  Save that to destroy the Democrats not each other.

The rumors, half-truths and out-right lies need to stop on all sides.  We had two people in the last General & Primary election that did not take that road and they were Jeff DeWit and Diane Douglas. Even though Diane had to constantly put up with personal attacks. They ran on their principles and people were attracted to them and by taking the high ground they won very easily.  Lessons learned.

By saying John McCain's name and he is behind everything that is wrong in our party, people have unwittingly given him more power than he deserves. We all know he wants to purge the party of conservatives and Tea Party people because it is about retaining power. Question is, "Are we going to let that happen?"

I'll leave you with a little wisdom my Mother told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say then be quiet because once words are spoken you can't take them back.” – Vera Anderson


·       Volunteers Are Needed To Help Sen Russell Pearce get two proposed resolutions onto the floor at the Jan 24 GOP Statutory Meeting.  Contact:


Resolution To Petition The Governor To

Secure The Border & Enforce The Laws

Submitted By: Senator Russell Pearce  LD 25  Candlelight Precinct

ü  Whereas, we do hereby petition the Governor of the State of Arizona, the Honorable Doug Ducey to fulfill his duty and his campaign promise to defend the citizens of Arizona and their property as afforded him by the Constitution, federal and Arizona law, and


ü  Whereas as Justice Scalia, emphasized, “Are the sovereign states at the mercy of the federal executive's refusal to enforce the nation's immigration laws?"  The answer to that is clearly “No,” and

ü  Whereas the citizens of Arizona and the United States of America are suffering great harm to our economy, persons, health, property, and safety as a result of the wanton abrogation of US immigration law by, and

ü  Whereas, existing Federal Immigration laws, if enforced, are wholly sufficient to stop illegal aliens from gaining entry and maintaining a presence within our nation’s borders, and

ü  Therefore,  Be it Resolved that members of the Arizona Republican Party do hereby petition Governor Doug Ducey to fulfill his duty and his campaign promise to defend the citizens and property by taking all action necessary to secure the Arizona /Mexico border.  I.E. IMMEDIATELY:   

1.     Deploy the Arizona National Guard to the border

2.     Prevent unlawful entries into the State in cooperation with U.S. Border Patrol

3.     Enforce all laws to curb illegal alien activity (i.e. Prop 200, 100, 103, 300, SB1070, Employer sanctions, title 8 USC)

4.     Withdraw State funding from any administration engaging in sanctuary policies

5.     Enforce all laws which prohibit harboring, aiding and abetting of illegal aliens


·       Editor’s Note: The resolution below - “Resolution In Support Of Arizona’s Border Security” was rejected by the Resolution Committee due to missing the deadline set forth by the AZGOP Bylaws when AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham delayed appointing the Resolution Committee.  It can go to the floor at the Jan 24 AZGOP meeting if enough signatures are obtains that morning.

Resolution In Support Of Arizona's Border Security

Submitted by Leiann Anderson  -- Green Valley Precinct 141, LD 2

  WHEREAS, Republicans understand that in the US Constitution Article IV Section 4, the United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and, on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

  WHEREAS. Republicans confirm that Mexican drug cartels post sentries with AK-47s on hilltops inside the State of Arizona to protect drug transport routes while human trafficking agent "coyotes" ravage the Arizona desert with their chains of humanity thus causing irreparable misery to all people.

  WHEREAS, Republicans understand that  Article 1, Section 10, Cl. 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America provides that "No state shall, without the consent of Congress ... engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay."

  RESOLVED, that Governor Doug Ducey in using the powers of the Arizona Constitution and the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, place law enforcement officers on Arizona's southern border to ensure the continued flow of legal commerce and discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in Arizona, a most serious international and domestic problem exacerbated by our own Federal Government.




·       All Of The Candidates Competing for election to a state office at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting have been invited to write up a 300 word bio and to answer the questions posted above and send them to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.




·       Conservative  “Close The Republican Primary,” CD 9 Member-at-Large Team. Our goals are to restore our founders’ principles, and to restore our Constitutional government.


ü  Andrew Costanzo, A Party Platform Conservative, has been aggressively active in recruiting conservative PCs, campaigning for conservative Republicans, GOTV efforts and assisting with party meetings and events.  His current major focus is advancing the closure of the Arizona Republican Primary Elections.  Andrew currently serves you as a Member-at-Large on the MCRC EGC and has previously served as a district Secretary, First Vice Chair and Chairman.  As a small business owner and Life Member of the NRA, Andrew understands that Any form of liberalism is immoral and that personal responsibility is the way to ensure Freedom!  Andrew will continue to fight to restore the Constitutional values of both our great Republic and of our Party; his votes at the AZ GOP EX COM will reflect his ideology.


ü  Kris Morrissey, A Lifetime Conservative Republican, is an active precinct committeeman in Arizona politics for the last six years and a state committeemen for the last four years. She has worked on several campaigns, organized and run fundraising events, and worked tirelessly on the leadership team at the state headquarters during her husband Tom’s tenure. She is most proud of being a part of the team who led a successful Presidential Debate and Republican National Convention for the 2012 election cycle. Being a part of the inner workings of the Party gives her a rare insight into what it takes to achieve that success.  She is currently a precinct captain, and sees this position as critical to restoring our voter registrations and pc numbers. Kris was a former executive for a major east coast corporation, has served on boards of charitable organizations, founded a statewide girls’ basketball program, and currently owns and operates an insurance agency.


ü  Dan Schultz, An Unabashed Conservative, believes our Arizona Republican primary must be closed.  Believes in the Reagan principles – especially when Reagan suggested raising a banner of bold colors — no pale pastels. A “Party Platform Conservative,” Dan, since 2009, has actively been recruiting conservatives from grass roots conservative groups, such as the tea parties, into the Republican Party.  Since the 1980s, has actively campaigned for conservative Republican Party candidates in California and Arizona.  Follows the logic of “conservative in the primary, Republican in the general.”  Actively supported the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns in the general election – he does not “stay home” in the general if his primary pick does not win. Official poll watcher for the Party since 2008.  Served as a Member-at-Large on the Maricopa County EGC and state committeeman. Veteran.  USMA grad. Successful trial attorney.  Fighter. Wants to destroy the Democrat Party.




·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 6. Are you for or against amnesty?  I am against amnesty in any form.   Beginning on Day One, I will use my position as your chairman to strongly urge all members of the Arizona Delegation to close the border and build the double fence across the entire Arizona southern border. I will also work with our Arizona legislators to assert our 10th Amendment sovereignty protections in a more effective manner.  In addition, I will use my position on the Republican National Committee to urge President Barack Obama and Congress to secure America’s border’s, secure the visa entry/exit process and reject demands to repeat the failed 1986 legalization program for illegal aliens. The United States of America takes in more legal immigrants than any nation in the world. It is impossible to honor the rich tradition of immigration and the Rule of Law upon which the American Republic was founded unless and until existing immigration laws are ardently and equally enforced.  The biggest losers in our current open border policy are those who have immigrated here legally.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 7: How do you feel about “dark money” (out of state funded PACs) coming into AZ to influence elections?  I am not a fan of out of state influences on our Arizona elections, however, I am even more opposed to taking away every American’s First Amendment Rights no matter how it is justified.  I believe that instead of restricting free speech, we need to build such a strong corps of Precinct Committeemen – trained and supported with the necessary tools – that those who try to influence elections from afar will choose other states to spend their money.  The strengthening of our local Precinct Committeemen is the best light we can provide as an antidote to “dark money.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 8:  Will you carry out the Censure of Sen. John McCain? McCain was censured “for his continued disservice to our State and Nation” in Jan 2014 by the GOP State Committeemen, Maricopa County Republicans PCs, plus  several outlaying counties  “…until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”    Absolutely!  I believe that a major responsibility of the State Chairman is to listen to the voice of our Precinct and State Committeemen.  One of the major reasons for the decline in registered Republicans, and concurrently the decline in Precinct Committeemen, is the failure of our Republican Party leaders to listen to our Precinct Committeemen.  My commitment is that I will implement policies that are consistent with the Republican Party Platform and the will of the Precinct and State Committeemen.  


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 9. Do you support reported attempts to remove conservative PCs from leadership roles?  Absolutely NOT!  We need to have more conservative PCs in leadership roles.  We must have more conservatives  who are willing to speak out about our Republican Values of  Pro Freedom - Pro Family - Pro Faith. 


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 1. What are your qualifications to serve in the position you are running for? My extensive accounting, operational and internal auditing experience has prepared me to examine and analyze the procedures involved in processing, accounting for and reporting receipts and expenditures.  This will permit operational improvements to be explored and implemented if and where they make sense. 


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 2. What are your goals, if elected? First - One of my key objectives as Treasurer is to ensure accounts are reconciled not only to bank statements but to reports as well.  This will help to file correct reports the first time and reduce the need to file so many amended reports later.  Second – Make sure that expenditures are clearly documented as to who, what and why the money was spent.  Transparency is paramount.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 3. Arizona was one of only four states not to achieve an increase in Republican Legislators in 2014 despite the Republican wave across the nation.  How do you plan to get more AZ Republican legislators elected? We have to plumb the depths of our Republicans in the state so we can identify, vet and mentor those who can possibly grow to be our future leaders.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 4. Precinct Committeeman numbers have DECLINED 30% in the past two years.  How do you plan to increase the PC count?  We need to get more involved and active at the grass roots level in the state.  With the existing LD and precinct organization we have in place, it is a perfect base to begin to build from.  By increasing awareness, providing education and training, the Republican enthusiasm can be built.  Assist the Young Republican groups by providing opportunities to get involved with local and state causes and candidates.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 5. How would you go about closing the Primary to allow only GOP voters to vote?  And what resources (funds, manpower) would you use to close primaries?  I am running on a slate with Lori Urban who has a very good plan to address this issue and raise the necessary funds to make it happen.  I support her and support her plan.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 6. Are you for or against amnesty?  Against, I believe those who wish to come to this country illegally should have no shortcuts to citizenship.





·       The AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Fri., Jan 23 at the  Four Points by Sheraton at Phoenix South Mountain, 10831 S 51st St., Phx. $40 per person. $300 per table. Entertainment by a group of Korean Drummers. RSVP to Jennifer Bontrager at  or 602-957-7770.


·       The Fourth Annual Pro-Life Concert will be held at 7 pm., Fri., Jan 23 at the Clearview Cultural Center, 1355 S Clearview Ave., Mesa. Free family event. Donations welcome. RSVP’s not necessary, but appreciated for seating arrangement. You may RSVP to this e-mail or call 480-216-7217 for concert seating or  623-215-3639 for the  “You are a Masterpiece” presentation.



·       The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sat., Jan 24 in the Apache Room of the Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Surprise AZ. 85374.Coffee and light refreshments will be available at 8:30am.  Meetings are open to Sun City Grand residents and their guests, elected officials and candidates. The speaker will be from “Soldiers Best Friend,” a group that trains dogs to become therapeutic companions for veterans with PTSD. Contact: Ginny Nyre, President  ( 623-544-7187) or Ruth Seiter, Vice President, Programs,  (623-544-9309) or visit our website at


·       A Support Rally For Law Enforcement Officers is scheduled between 10 am and noon. Sat., Jan 24 at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office headquarters, 550 W Jackson, Phx. The rally is so support for all law enforcement officers in Maricopa County, including DPS, MCSO and surrounding metropolitan police departments. Wear blue or tan. Bring your own signs. Information: