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1-23-15 MCRC Briefs

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Friday, January 23, 2015


·       Volunteers Are Needed At 6:30 Am. Sat., Jan 24 To Help Gather Petitions Signatures to allow the original “Closed Republican Primaries In Arizona” Resolution  to be brought to the floor at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting at the Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, 85282. Meet in the guest parking area near the Connection Center and the Lamb Chapel along the north wall of the church parking lot for material distribution and final instructions.  Volunteers should bring a clipboard and pens and a clip-on lamp or a flashlight for your clipboard. Volunteer contact: Coordinator Andrew Costanzo,  MCRC EGC Member-at-Large at 480 677-0697 or


·       Volunteers Are Needed To Help Sen Russell Pearce get two of his proposed resolutions onto the floor at the Jan 24 GOP Statutory Meeting.  Contact:


·       The AZGOP Statutory Meeting Will Convene At 9 Am, Sat., Jan 24 at Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282. Registration opens at 7:30 am.  State Committeemen will elect new officers, address two proposed resolutions on the agenda and address other issues that may arise from the floor.


·       The AZ Teenage Republicans (TARs) will be selling donuts, muffins/cupcakes, granola bars, sandwiches, chips, and drinks at the AZ GOP meeting . Preferred method of payment is cash, but the TARs accept checks as well. Contact: State Chair Lilia Dashevsky -


·       Nationally Recognized Former Graham County Sheriff Mack Needs Help. Mack suffered a heart attack recently and is recovery from surgery – however, complications have slowed that recovery adding financial strain on the family. See  help sheriff mack To donate  directly to a bank account at  Wells Fargo, Account Richard Mack, Routing Number: 122105278, Account Number:  2816818385. Be sure to get a receipt. If you wish to verify that the family received the donation, send a note to .


·       Christopher Campbell, AZGOP Nominations Committee Chairman,  received “Letters of Intent”  to run for AZGOP officers at the Sat., Jan 24 Statutory meeting from:

ü  Chairman - Robert Graham  and Lori Urban

ü  1st Vice-Chairman  - A.J. LaFaro and Parralee Schneider

ü  2nd Vice - Chairman - Gabby Saucedo Mercer and Jeni White

ü  Secretary – Lynne Breyer and Linda White

ü  Treasurer – Ardith Hildebrant and Jonathan Lines.


·       “Letters of Intent” received for Congressional District Member At Large are:

ü  CD2 --  Todd Clodfelter

Cindy Coleman

William Wildish

ü  CD4 -    Don Ascoli

Rose Sperry

ü  CD6 -   Elizabeth Alcorn

Linda Longazel

Laddie Guy Shane

Patricia Stetson

ü  CD7 -    Terry Rapp

ü  CD8  -   Nicole Fernandez

Christopher D.A. Herring

Marcus A. Huey

ü  CD9 -   Andrew Costanzo

Kris Morrissey

            Diane Ortiz-Parsons

Daniel J. Schultz


·       CD9 PC/State Committeeman Lorraine Pelligrino  is also running on a ticket with Diane Ortiz-Parsons.  However, Campbell has no record of receiving her “Letter of Intent.”  She can be nominated from the floor during the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting.


·       LD23 Chairman Jim O’Connor: I am  running three conservatives in CD 6, who hold to identical positions regarding our values, party platform and ethical principles. They are: Liz Alcorn (Chairman of the two Dennis Michael Lynch events held in Scottsdale), Patty Stetson (Graduate of Level 5 of the Center for Self Governance training), and Linda Longazel (citizen activist, area director, PC captain & tea party networker). We in LD 23 share CD 6 with significant parts of LD’s 20, 15,and 28. O’Connor   602-538-9387


·       Links To Both AZGOP Chairman Candidates running for election at the Jan 24 Statutory Meeting:

ü  Incumbent Robert Graham

ü  Challenger Lori Urban  - 

·        The Mystery Man Who Sent Out The Unsigned E-Mails last night about former Maricopa County Republican Chairman A J LaFaro’s admiration of former President Bill Clinton, probably doesn’t know that former Attorney General Grant Woods hung a huge photo of former US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy (D) in his office while he was the AZ AG … and no one made a fuss about.

·        Web Master John Strasser’s Research On The Anonymous E-Mail Reveals:  “Over the course of a few hours (many arriving within minutes of each other) we received a number emails about AZGOP 1st Vice-Chair Candidate AJ LaFaro’s debate performance Wednesday night. Some were forwarded to us, some came directly. The seven (7) identical emails I examined all had different names yet had surprisingly similar gmail addresses.  Specifically:

1) Joseph Smith (

2) Porter Rockwell (

3) Derwille Zurmacht (

4) Friedrich Lincoln (

5) Anonymous (

6) Soren Derwille (

7) Silence Dogood (

“While I can fully understand why people wish to remain anonymous online or offline (Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich comes to mind) the pattern in email addresses and names points to only 1 thing. That one person (this is ‘so’ obviously the work of 1 person) is trying desperately to create the illusion that a large scale popular movement (of D-Backs fans??? Really?)  has risen up to smite AJ LaFaro down – hopefully by fooling the search engines and certain gullible PCs on Facebook and Twitter.

“Instead he/she appears to be nothing more than a ragtag laundry basket of sock-puppet gophers popping from their imaginary burrows in a pale imitation of AstroTurf.”


·       AZGOP Resolutions Chairman Ray Sweeney: “Fellow patriots, the silence is deafening.  Sadly, there has been no response from AZ GOP Headquarters or the AZ GOP Secretary except for an internal gag order issued early this morning to the heirarchy who work at the HQ.  Confusion, backroom dealing and false claims of support complete with carefully selected (and paid) stooges who conduct candidate forums, sit on committees, pile up lofty rhetoric and charismatic images to ensure the status quo isn't disturbed in Arizona.  What a disappointment for the vast ocean of dedicated activists whose voices will be stifled by this charade.  Saddening indeed.”


·       Frustrated AGOP Resolutions Chairman Ray Sweeney still has no response from the AZGOP regarding where the directive came from that State Committeeman must obtain their credentials prior to signing resolutions petitions the morning of the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting. Annoyed volunteer signature gatherers will meet at 6:30 am, Sat., at the Grace Community Church, 1200 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282.


·       A J LaFaro - Clarification Of Clinton Admiration Comment:  When Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, of the Arizona Republic, did the July 6, 2013 interview lafaro-maricopa-republican-future my comments concerning Bill Clinton were "Unlike Barack Obama, at least Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress were able to work together to cut spending, balance the budget and create budget surpluses. I admire the Republican Congress and Bill Clinton for their bi-partisan efforts".  

Why LaFaro admired Clinton: “Noting That Many Contemporary Conservatives now celebrate liberals they once opposed—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and John F. Kennedy among them—the late columnist Joseph Sobran predicted they would one day embrace Bill Clinton and remain conservatives in good standing. That day has come to pass.What made the Right stop worrying and learn to love Clinton? The Weekly Standard’s Jeffrey Anderson writes of the “$4.351 trillion difference” between Obama and Clinton: “Average annual deficit spending under Clinton was 0.1 percent of GDP, compared to 8.4 percent of GDP under Obama.”
     Clinton’s record on government spending and deficits isn’t just better from a conservative perspective than Obama’s. It is superior to George W. Bush’s. The Republican-controlled Congress deserves some of the credit (though their fiscal discipline started to wane as early as 1998). But while Clinton was president, congressional Republicans were trying to cut spending and balance the budget.
how-bill-clinton-became-a-republican-hero When Bush took over, they voted for deficits and government growth. Even the Republicans were better under Clinton.”  the-budget-and-deficit-under-clinton

·       Yale Wishnick: “I plan to present A Resolution in Support of Fostering Civic Competence, Civic Responsibility, and a Commitment to the Fundamental Principles of Our Constitutional Republic” (from the floor) to the GOP Meeting on Jan 24. If it passes, the plan is to develop a statewide team of teachers, parents, and local officials to develop a draft curriculum.  Also, intend to involve the teachers association in this effort and school board members.  The goal is to have local communities drive the process and not have this top down. The overarching goal is to integrate various subjects into our Founding Documents. I believe all education stakeholders can play a role - especially parents and teachers. (what made our Country great) as opposed to deficit thinking (the growing culture of dependency. - Yale Wishnick


A Resolution in Support of Fostering Civic Competence,

Civic Responsibility, and a Commitment to the

Fundamental Principles of Our Constitutional Republic.

Submitted by Yale S. Wishnick, Ed.D, Arivaca Precinct 008, LD2

ü  WHEREAS the Republican Party believes civic education is essential to

the preservation and improvement of our Constitutional Republic; and

ü  WHEREAS civic education programs foster understanding of the history

and principles of the constitutional government of the United States,

including principles that are embodied in certain fundamental documents,

such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United

States, and the Bill of Rights; and

ü  WHEREAS research shows that too few people in the United States

understand basic principles of of our Constitutional Republic; and

ü  WHEREAS since the founding of the United States, schools in the United

States have had a strong civic mission to prepare students to be informed

and involved citizens who are committed to the principles of our

Constitutional Republic; be it therefore

ü  RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Arizona endorses legislation

which requires all Arizona elementary and secondary public schools to

require all students to have courses on history and theories of the

constitutional government of the United States, using programs and

curricula with a demonstrated effectiveness in support of fostering civic

competence, civic responsibility, and a commitment to the fundamental

principles of our Constitutional Republic.


·       Candidates for the January 24, 2015 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting. (Candidates must be State Committeemen.  State Committeemen only eligible to vote. Nomination can be made from the floor.)

 Candidate Slate consisting of :

o   Chairman – Lori Urban  

o   1st Vice Chairman - A. J. LaFaro 

o   2nd Vice Chairman- Gabby Saucedo-Mercer

o   Secretary – Lynne Breyer

o   Treasurer - Ardith Hildebrant


Candidate running solo:

o   Chairman - Robert Graham 

o   1st Vice Chairman - Parralee Schneider

o   2nd Vice Chairman - Jeni White

o   Secretary - Linda White

o   Treasurer – Jonathan Lines


·       Arizona Voter Turnout Plunges To All-Time Low’ read a headline a couple of days after the Nov General election.  Arizona voter turnout had plummeted an estimated 44% reported Jared Day, as pointed the “lowest turnout since the 1970s.”   In 2012, just four other states had a lower percentage of citizens register to vote: Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and Hawaii. Arizona is the tenth “least politically engaged” compared to the rest of the country, according a study.





·       All Of The Candidates Competing for election to a state office at the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting have been invited to write up a 300 word bio and to answer the questions posted above and send them to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed. As of tonight, all the answers submitted by candidates have been posted.




·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 10. Arizona Republicans suffered a Voter Registration LOSS of 32,800 the past two years, according to the Secretary of State’s report.  How you plan to get them back?   Our current Precinct Committeemen are the Vibrant Core of our Republican Party.  We will have a solid plan of action, training and more visible involvement within our communities - we will increase our Republican numbers.  This will be a team effort working closely with our County Chairmen.  I will meet with them in person or electronically every month to make sure we are providing the necessary tools for success.  I have faith in our Precinct Committeemen and volunteers. I will provide the leadership to reestablish the trust and close working relationship with our county and   legislative district chairmen. 


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 11.  Have you ever attended a Tea Party Meeting?   Yes.  In fact, I have attended them PRIOR to running for Chairman.  As your AZGOP Chairman, I intend to be present at as many as possible, not to grow their numbers, but to demonstrate that the Republican Party stands for the values of most tea party members.  I encourage tea party members to become more actively involved in our Republican Party. 


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban responds to reader question 12. What organized groups have you reached out to during your active time in AZ politics? (diverse groups, ie, ethnic, political stance, conservative, liberal, etc -- not different LD or GOP run of the mill groups)   Over the last thirty years, I have worked with the Arizona Latino Republican Association, the Asian American Republican Committee, and the Arizona American African Republican Committee.  While all of those experiences have been very satisfying, I feel that my activities in my community have been most rewarding and beneficial.   You will find me sitting with parents at my Scout and PTA meetings encouraging them to become involved in our Republican Party.  I have played a lead role in creating and implementing a large number of projects providing money and other necessities for our National Guard Families, our veterans through the Disabled American Veterans and Project We Remember, Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the homeless.  In all of these events, we demonstrated the giving nature of Arizona Republicans.  We often cite the adage that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, I am grateful to experience that. 


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 7. How do you feel about “dark money” (out of state funded PACs) coming into AZ to influence elections? As Arizona Citizens we have the right to free elections to choose our own representation.  Outside money and influence has no business in our process.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 8. Will you carry out the Censure of Sen John McCain? McCain was censured “for his continued disservice to our State and Nation” in Jan 2014 by the GOP State Committeemen, Maricopa County Republicans PCs, plus several outlaying counties “…until he consistently champions our Party’s Plaform, we the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”    Absolutely – he was censured for good reason.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 9. Do you support reported attempts to remove conservative PCs from leadership roles?  No, No, No!  It’s the conservatives who are the ones working hardest to preserve and protect our freedoms and our state and US constitutions.  We need more of them!


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 10. Arizona Republicans suffered a Voter Registration LOSS of 32,800 the past two years, according to the Secretary of State’s report.  How you plan to get them back?  We need to work our neighborhoods and communities to get our conservative message out.


·       AZGOP Chairman Candidate Ardith Hildebrant responds to reader question 11. Have you ever attended a Tea Party Meeting?  Yes, I believe we are “Taxed Enough Already.”  You know, I think I should join a group!






·      The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sat., Jan 24 in the Apache Room of the Chaparral Center, 19781 N. Remington Dr., Surprise AZ. 85374.Coffee and light refreshments will be available at 8:30am.  Meetings are open to Sun City Grand residents and their guests, elected officials and candidates. The speaker will be from “Soldiers Best Friend,” a group that trains dogs to become therapeutic companions for veterans with PTSD. Contact: Ginny Nyre, President  ( 623-544-7187) or Ruth Seiter, Vice President, Programs,  (623-544-9309) or visit our website at


·       A Support Rally For Law Enforcement Officers is scheduled between 10 am and noon. Sat., Jan 24 at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office headquarters, 550 W Jackson, Phx. The rally is so support for all law enforcement officers in Maricopa County, including DPS, MCSO and surrounding metropolitan police departments. Wear blue or tan. Bring your own signs. Information:



·       Republican Women of Prescott will meet at 11:30 am, Jan 27 at the Prescott Resort, 1500 E. Hwy. 69, Prescott. $18 per person. Speaker:  MatForce panel with Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk. RSVP:  Elsie Tyree,, (928) 778-0235 or Pam Calhoon,, (928) 778-7157


·        The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Jan 26 at the Pyle Rec Center 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe. GOP activist Matt Papke will present an update on the Tempe streetcar.  Contact: President Jessica Merrow  (480) 306-2545


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club "GOP Social" is scheduled for 6 p.m., Tues, Jan 27 at the Saddle Bronc Grill, 11056 N Saguaro Boulevard, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.  All Republicans are invited and welcome to attend.


·       The Yavapai Young Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., Jan 27 at the Willow Creek Inn, 2516 Willow Creek Road, Prescott. Order from menu. Contact:  Matthew Perry at (928) 830-6115 or



·        The Estrella Conservative Republican Club And LD4 will meet at 7 pm, Jan 28 at the Estrella Foothills High School.  Contact Chr Richard Newcomer at 602-512-1340.




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