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1-6-15 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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January 6, 2015


·       Volunteer Are Needed For The Sat., Jan 10 MCRC Statutory Meeting

ü  Proxy Checkers still needed (must have Windows Laptop), contact George Teegarden:

ü  Tally Checkers needed to assist at voting machines, contact Wes Harris:

ü  Security / Parking volunteers willing to show up at 6:30 AM, may contact Jerry Clingman:


·       A Big ‘Thank You’ To All Of  The Volunteers, who took part in the Sat., Jan 3 training for credentials and helped stuff flyers and ballots into the PC packets for the Jan 10 MCRC Statutory Meeting, THANK YOU!!! Our success is entirely in your hands!  See you all Saturday! Sign by:

ü  Kevin Payne, Chair Packet Stuffing Committee

ü  Cathy Schwanke, Co-Chair Credentials Committee

ü  Pat Oldroyd, Co-Chair Credentials Committee

ü  Wes Harris, Chair Tally Committee

ü  April Riggins, Co-Chair Planning Committee

ü  Dan Grimm, Co-Chair Planning Committee

ü  A.J. LaFaro, MCRC Chairman



·       ATTN:  MCRC PCs:  If you have not received your Jan 10 Statutory Meeting Call letter, download  the call letter at


·       ATTN: MCRC PCs - The Call Letter  for the Maricopa County Republican Committee Statutory Meeting has been sent out with the ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY return address as in the previous year. Please look for this in your mail. (MCRC pays the State party for the bulk rate postage they have in place as this is a savings to the MCRC, as a courtesy from the AZGOP) Thank you --April Riggins, 1st Vice Chairman. Maricopa County Republican Committee.


·       Something Smells Bad In The AZGOP Resolutions Committee   … “What is going on with the State Resolutions Committee in the Republican party and why were nearly all of the Resolutions submitted for consideration for presentation at the State Republican Party Meeting on January 24 thrown out?  If you sent in a Resolution for consideration after December 15th, you can kiss that baby goodbye.  Yes, even if you followed the instructions given to you!”


·       Ten Of The 12 Resolutions Submitted To The AZGOP Resolutions Committee were rejected although the authors followed instructions issued by AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. “The revised deadline date of December 30, 2014, was declared invalid by the committee due to a strict interpretation of the State by-laws which calls for a deadline date of (45) days prior to the convening of the State Statutory meeting.  Consequently, the remaining (10) resolutions submitted beyond the (45) day deadline as prescribed by the State by-laws Article III, Section H, Paragraph 2, were ineligible for inclusion in the deliberations by the committee,” according to Resolutions Committee Chairman Ray Sweeney.   Editor’s Note: Late this evening, Briefs requested  an explanation from Graham as to why the AZGOP didn’t follow the AZGOP bylaws in establishing the Jan 24 meeting Resolution Committee/deadlines.


·        Here Are The Two Resolutions That The AZGOP Resolutions Committee Modified allowed for presentation at the Jan 24 meeting, according to Resolutions Committee Chairman Ray Sweeney.  The rejected resolutions will be posted in tomorrow’s Briefs. The rejected resolutions can be brought to the floor at the Jan 24 if the sponsors can obtain the signatures of 20% of the attendees from four different counties, according to officials.


A Resolution in Support of



Submitted by Ray Sweeney, Moon Valley Precinct, LD 20

ü  WHEREAS the Republican Party is the party of the people; and

ü  WHEREAS the Republican Party supports low taxation, free market enterprise competition, lowered regulations on businesses at all levels, and job creation; and

ü  WHEREAS food, prescription medicine, clothing and footwear are fundamental needs; and

ü  WHEREAS the people would be burdened with sales tax on these fundamental needs; and

ü  WHEREAS businesses which provide these fundamental needs for sale are burdened with the accounting and collection of sales tax, and furthermore disadvantaged by competing with the internet sales of these items which may not be subject to sales tax; and

ü  WHEREAS the likely increased volume of sales generated by the elimination of sales tax on these fundamental items would produce greater revenues from the taxes on increased profits from businesses providing these products, that would offset any loss of revenue from sales tax, while opening up the possibility of job creation; be it therefor

ü  RESOLVED that the Republican Party of the State of Arizona endorses legislation calling for the exemption from sales tax on these certain fundamental human needs;  Food purchased for home consumption, Prescription Medicine, Clothing and Footwear, within the State of Arizona and its' various counties and municipalities.


Editor’s Note: Below is the committee’s modified version of the original resolutions submitted by A.J. LaFaro, Corbell Precinct, LD 18. LaFaro has requested his name be removed from the AZGOP Resolution Committee’s modified version as he believes the committee revisions changed the meaning of his original resolution (scroll further down to see  LaFaro’s original resolution) LaFaro said he does not support, nor concur with the committee’s revised version of his resolution. Nor was he consulted regarded the committee changes.



·       Memo Sent To The Resolutions Committee Members At 7 Pm, This Evening, from Committee Chairman Ray Sweeney:   Enclosed herewith is notice from the original author of the "Closed Primaries" resolution submitted to the committee for consideration who now disavows any acknowledgement of the resolution as modified by the committee and withdraws his name from the authorship of it. 

Given this statement of rejection from the original author, it is now incumbent upon the committee to adopt this resolution as having been initiated by the committee in its present form or to withdraw the resolution from the consideration altogether.

I will not vote to salvage this resolution as a product of the committee since its present form bears scant resemblance from its intended object as originally presented by the original author.  My vote is to reject this resolution from inclusion in the Call letter.

Please respond with your vote on this issue ASAP because this is intended to go to the press tomorrow.  Thank you for your prompt response. - Ray Sweeney, Chairman, Resolutions/Memorials committee


Editor’s Note:  As of 12:30 am, Wed., Jan 7, differing opinions within theAZGOP  Resolution Committee members were surfacing as to whether to remove LaFaro’s name from their revised resolution,  remove the revised resolution from the Jan 24 Call Letter or stand by the committee decision to send the committee revised version with the Jan. 24 Call Letter. 


A Resolution in Support of


ü  WHEREAS Republicans believe the First Amendment guarantees freedom of association; and

ü  WHEREAS Republicans believe in and support the U.S. Constitution, Arizona Constitution and Republican Party platform and should nominate Republican candidates that do the same; and

ü  WHEREAS Republicans favor the battle of ideas rather than the dominance of money and special interests in nominating our candidates; and

ü  WHEREAS Republicans do not support the concept of a "Top Two primary system"; and

ü  WHEREAS Republicans should nominate Republican candidates without the threat of outside interference; be it therefor

     ***These two resolves were changed from the original resolution:

ü  RESOLVED that Arizona Republican state committeemen support a closed primary system to nominate Republican candidates for general elections; be it further

ü  RESOLVED that Arizona Republican state committeemen hereby direct the Republican state chairman to establish a committee within (45) days of passage of this resolution, to:  1)  Examine all options to close primaries, including but not limited to legal action, legislation, and ballot initiative, 2)  Report its' finding to the Executive committee by a deadline date established by the state chairman, and 3)  Recommend a course of action based on its' findings.


·       The Original Resolution that MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro submitted to the AZGOP Resolutions Committee is posted below. LaFaro will be gathering signatures to submit this original version from the floor on Jan 24:


A Resolution in Support of


Submitted by A.J. LaFaro, Corbell Precinct

ü  WHEREAS, Republicans believe the First Amendment guarantees freedom of

association; and

ü  WHEREAS, Republicans believe in and support the U.S. Constitution, Arizona

ü  Constitution and Republican Party Platform and should nominate Republican

candidates that do the same; and

ü  WHEREAS, Republicans favor the battle of ideas over the dominance of money and special interests in nominating our candidates; and

ü  WHEREAS, Republicans do not support the concept of a “top two primary system”; and

ü  WHEREAS, Republicans should nominate Republican candidates without the threat of outside interference; therefore be it

ü  RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen support a closed primary system to nominate Republican candidates for general elections; be it further

ü  RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen call upon Arizona legislators to sponsor and pass legislation replacing Arizona’s semiclosed primaries with closed primaries; be it further

ü  RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen hereby direct the Arizona Republican party executive committee and legal counsel to file all necessary paperwork with the Arizona courts to seek summary judgment restoring closed primaries in partisan elections; be it further

ü  RESOLVED, that Maricopa County Republican Committee precinct committeemen urge the Arizona Republican party, each County party and District organization to adopt identical resolutions supporting closed primaries to nominate Republican candidates for general elections while preserving the ability of persons wishing to run without the endorsement of a recognized political party to get on another ballot.


·       Attention MCRC and AZGOP Officer Candidates: Briefs is posting reader submitted questions for the MCRC and AZGOP officer candidates who are running for election at the Mandatory January meetings. Officer candidates are asked to respond in 300 words or less.  Candidate answers are posted in the What The Candidates Are Saying section. Please keep to the issues. Scoreboard of candidates responses will be posted later this week.  Respond to or   Questions:

1.       What are your qualifications to serve in the position you are running for?

2.      What are your goals, if elected?

3.      Arizona was one of only four states not to achieve an increase in Republican Legislators in 2014 despite the Republican wave across the nation. How do you plan to get more AZ Republican legislators elected?

4.      Precinct Committeeman numbers have DECLINED 30% in the past two years. How do you plan to increase the PC count?

5.      How would you go about closing the Primary to allow only GOP voters to vote? And what resources (funds, manpower) would you use to close primaries?

6.      Are you for or against amnesty?

7.      How do you feel about “dark money” (out of state funded PACs) coming into AZ to influence elections?

8.      Will you carry out the Censure of Sen John McCain? Please answer this before asking for votes. McCain was censured “for his continued disservice to our State and Nation” in Jan 2014 by the GOP State Committeemen, Maricopa County Republicans PCs, plus  several outlaying counties  “…until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”

9.      Do you support reported attempts to remove conservative PCs from leadership roles?

10.    Arizona Republicans suffered a Voter Registration LOSS of 32,000 the past two years, according to the Secretary of State’s report.  How you plan to get them back?

11.    Why are the McCain people supporting Lisa Gray for county chairman?

12.    Have you ever supported John McCain or Jeff Flake  for office (worked on their campaign in any way; made a donation to their candidacy)

13.    Have you ever attended a Tea Party Meeting?

14.    What organized groups have you reached out to during your active time in AZ politics? (diverse groups, ie, ethnic, political stance, conservative, liberal, etc -- not different LD or GOP run of the mill groups)


·       Tobin Extends Deepest Sympathies To Family Of First Native American Elected To Arizona State Legislature: Lloyd House was 83 years old when he passed away. He was elected in 1966 and served one term in the Arizona State Legislature – the 28th Legislative Session. “Lloyd House was a pioneer in every sense of the word,” said Tobin. “One of Arizona’s great public servants has left us.” House died Friday, Jan. 2, 2015 in Surprise, Ariz. He was Navajo and Oneida Indian born October 24, 1931 in Winslow, Ariz. Dr. House was an educator, advocate and humanitarian.  Dr. House served in the United States Marine Corps from 1950 until 1954, and the U.S. Air Force Reserves during the Vietnam Conflict. He worked as the Director of the Phoenix Indian Center, Navajo Nation Office of Veteran’s Affairs and Little Singer Day School.  He organized the first Social Security reservation offices for the Navajo and Hopi Tribes, and was recognized by Who’s Who in American Politics, the Encyclopedia of American Indians, Indians of Today, and the Smithsonian Institution.  Dr. House is survived by his wife of 62 years Victoria, three daughters and one son. He has five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  A memorial service will be held Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015, at 1 p.m. in Flagstaff at the American Legion. – Speaker Andy Tobin


·       AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham was in Mohave County today (Jan 6)  and in Chandler tonight, according to Graham’s right-hand man Chad Heywood.


·       Congressman Paul A. Gosar after the House voted to re-elect John Boehner as the Speaker of the House: “It is no easy job to hold the important position of Speaker of the House and I understand the challenges Speaker Boehner has faced since 2011. While I have my disagreements with the Speaker, ultimately I intend to work with House Leadership to fulfill the promise we made to the American people of changing the process by which business is done in Washington. Voters sent a clear message to Congress that they are fed up with the status quo and have called for bold action to stand against the Obama Administration's lawlessness. I share those feelings and that is why I am thankful for the open and honest discussion we had about new leadership in the House. I am proud to be a member of the people’s House and will continue working with all of my colleagues to restore liberty and economic prosperity.”


·       Former Congressman Frank Riggs has been named the new President/CEO  of

the Joe Foss Institute (JFI) by the Foss Institute Board of Directors. The mission of JFI is to restore civics education in K-12 schools and ensure that all high school graduates are ready for active, engaged citizenship. Riggs will also head JFI’s affiliate, the Civics Proficiency Institute (CPI), which has launched a national campaign called the Civics Education Initiative to encourage all 50 states to adopt the United States Citizenship Civics Test, the test all new U.S. citizens must pass, as a condition of high school graduation. “I look forward to the challenge and opportunity to build on the solid foundation at JFI,” Riggs said. “As CEO, my priorities will be expanding and branding JFI as the national leader for civics education, advocacy and engagement, and inspiring future generations to public service.” Riggs, a 13-year resident of Scottsdale, is a former three-term U.S. Congressman from Northern California and a recent Arizona gubernatorial candidate. He is also an Army veteran and former police officer, and served as president and CEO of the national non-profit Charter Schools Development Corporation for eight years. 


·       A Fundraiser Reception For Sen Gail Griffin And Sen Kimberly Yee is scheduled from 4:30-6:30 pm., Thur., Jan 8 at the Pizza People Pub, 1326 N Central Ave., Phx. Contributions to Yee at PO Box 83561, Phx, AZ 85971. Contributions to Griffin at PO Box 628, Hereford, AZ 8515.


·       Newly elected  Secretary of State Michelle Reagan was sworn into office by her father, Judge Michael Reagan, yesterday in Phoenix.


·       The Highway 69 Republicans will meet at 6 pm, Mon., Jan  12 to hear Yavapai County Sheriff  Scott Mascher and Prescott Valley Police Department Chief Bryan Jarrell discuss the Ferguson (MO)  situation and the 10th Amendment at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey AZ, 863275 pm social. Order from menu. RSVP to June at 928-632-4661 or email:


·       The Republican Club Green Valley/Sahuarita Lincoln-Reagan Luncheon is scheduled at noon, Sat., Feb 21 in the Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse Ballroom.  Doors open 11:30 am.  World-famous Conservative Commentator Bill Whittle is the speaker.  Cash Bar. Sponsorships offer more time with Whittle following the luncheon, along with a photo op. RSVP deadline Feb 10. Luncheon tickets $45. Table for 10 - $450. Make check to RCGVS  and mail to RCGVS, P.O. Box 831, Green Valley AZ 85622 by 2/10/15   For questions, contact Joey 203-7750 or Kay 904-9103.


·       The Sahuarita Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Feb 13 (2nd Tues)  to hear Constitutionalist  Jeff Usch at the Triple Play in Sahuarita (Duval Mine road I-19 exit).


·       The Annual Pinal County Republican Committee's Lincoln Luncheon and Recognition ceremony is scheduled Feb. 21. Speakers include  Congressman Paul Gosar and Arizona Teenage Republicans Chairman Lilia Dashevsky. Tickets $40 each. Discounts for multiples or table purchases.  Tickets: Pinal-County-Republican-Committee/lincoln  Contact: Vince Manfredi,  PCRC District Four Chairman   602-373-9996


·       Today Congressman Matt Salmon, who was officially sworn in as a member of the 114th Congress, said “I am humbled to once again return to the United States House of Representatives to represent the constituents of Arizona’s Fifth District.  Over the past two years, we’ve seen an unprecedented shift in power as the executive branch usurps authority it does not rightfully have under the Constitution.  Now is the time for Congress to defend its role and stand up for our nation’s government and the separation of powers our founders built.  I look forward to working to address the challenges facing our nation with the Senate and the President through real, sound, and constitutional solutions.”  Salmon has been reappointed to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, where he will serve as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific.  He has also been reappointed to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  Salmon’s Washington, D.C. Office (202) 225-2635 or visit for more information.


·       Congressman Paul A. Gosar after President Obama issued a veto threat for proposed legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline: “President Obama’s hollow promise of working together with the new Republican led House and Senate lasted a total of one hour into the 114th Congress. It took approximately 60 minutes for the president to issue a veto threat on the overwhelmingly bipartisan legislation which would finally pave the way for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. With this action, the president has effectively vetoed the possibility of 42,000 good paying jobs, an increase of $3 billion in GDP growth and a vital infrastructure project. More importantly, this veto threat squanders a realistic opportunity to bring Republicans and Democrats together and compromise on legislation that has the support of the vast majority of Americans. Instead, President Obama continues to pander to the extremist environmental wing of his party instead of focusing on fostering a positive environment for job creation and economic growth.”


·       Congressman Trent Franks upon today’s introduction of H.R. 36, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act: “More than 18,000 ‘very late term’ abortions are performed every year on perfectly healthy unborn babies in America. These are innocent and defenseless children who can not only feel pain, but who can survive outside of the womb in most cases, and who are torturously killed without even basic anesthesia.   Many of them cry and scream as they die, but because it is amniotic fluid going over their vocal cords instead of air, we don’t hear them. Late term Abortion in America has its defenders, but no true or principled defense.  The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act seeks to afford basic protection to mothers and their unborn babies entering the sixth month of gestation. I would just deeply encourage all interested parties, including fair-minded reporters, to simply read this bill.  It is one all humane Americans can support if they understand it for themselves. Throughout America's history, the hearts of the American people have been moved with compassion when they discover a theretofore hidden class of victims, once they grasp both the humanity of the victims and the inhumanity of what is being done to them. America is on the cusp of another such realization.”


·       Senator John McCain today urged  President Obama to visit the Phoenix VA during his upcoming visit to Central High School in Phoenix on Thursday: “It has been nine months since reports surfaced of veterans dying due to gross mismanagement and neglect at the Phoenix VA, and despite the passage of bipartisan reform legislation, our veterans community continues to have a serious lack of trust in the VA. This Thursday, President Obama plans to promote his failed economic agenda during a visit to Central High School in Phoenix, just a mile from the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center, where this national scandal first started. I urge the President to take time during his trip this week to visit the Phoenix VA to begin to restore our veterans’ confidence in it, and demonstrate his commitment to fully reforming the VA system which has too often failed them.”




Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·       Andrew Costanzo, MCRC 2nd Vice-Chair CandidateResponse to question #8: Will you carry out the Censure of Sen John McCain?  (McCain was censured “for his continued disservice to our State and Nation” in Jan 2014 by the GOP State Committeemen, Maricopa County Republicans PCs, plus  several outlaying counties  “…until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.” ) Absolutely.   If you remember the Censure Resolution of Senator John McCain was not an order of business at the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting on January 25, 2014, until the State Committeemen sponsored and offered the Resolution from the floor and made it an order of business.  Per the AZ GOP Bylaws, we were required to collect the names of at least 20% of the delegates in person and who represented at least four counties.  Prior to the start of the meeting a dedicated group of about 40 volunteers collected the names of over 60% of the attending delegates.  I am proud to have served as the volunteer coordinator for the Censure Resolution of Senator John McCain.     --  Andrew Costanzo  480 677-0697              


·       Andrew Costanzo, MCRC 2nd Vice-Chair CandidateResponse to question #9:  How do you feel about Sen  John McCain’s alleged attempt to remove conservative PCs from party participation?  No,  I do not support any attempts to remove conservative PCs from leadership roles.  It is unfortunate, but these attacks mean that the conservative PCs will have to work harder to stop the McCain machine from taking over our Party.  Timothy Schwartz, former LD 30 Chairman and the author of the Censure Resolution of Senator John McCain, was targeted and lost his reelection bid as LD 30 Chairman.  The McCain machine recruited a large amount of McCain friendly PCs in LD30 and it was enough to take over the District.   Subsequently the MCRC Executive Guidance Council (EGC) has lost the rock solid conservative vote of Timothy Schwartz.  Should you elect me as the MCRC Second Vice Chair, I will naturally resign my position as a MCRC EGC Member-at-Large.  Per the MCRC Bylaws, the remaining year of the vacated position will be filled by a majority vote of the MCRC EGC.  I have approached several principled Party Platform conservatives, including Timothy Schwartz, suggesting that they consider running for the potentially open MAL position.  -
Andrew Costanzo  480 677-0697


·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2nd  Vice-Chair Candidate - Responds to question #3.   Arizona was one of only four states not to achieve an increase in Republican Legislators in 2014 despite the Republican wave across the nation. How do you plan to get more AZ Republican legislators elected? This question must take in to account the facts of the redistricting. As I ran in a Democrat district and only lost by 2% of the vote. I have paved the way in my district to win. I plan on taking the same tools I so effectively used in in LD29 and as 2nd VC duplicate what worked in every district so we CAN pick up more Legislative seats.


·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2nd  Vice-Chair Candidate - Responds to question #4.   Precinct Committeeman numbers have DECLINED 30% in the past two years. How do you plan to increase the PC count?   My answer to this question is very simple. There is a reason I have picked up so many supporters from the LD leadership in Maricopa County (see them at  There are a lot of PCs who feel that their LD is a social club. That’s because PCs HAVE NOT been given anything to do. As a Lesion from the County I will work with the Chairman of each and every LD on how to build their PC ranks with QUALITY ACTIVE PCs . If I can recruit 21 new PCs in just a year as one person, then certainly if LD Chairman are given a goal with a practical  and executable path to get there, I envision a 30+% growth in PC registration in the next 2 years.


·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2nd  Vice-Chair Candidate - Responds to question #5.   How would you go about closing the Primary to allow only GOP voters to vote? And what resources (funds, manpower) would you use to close primaries? Although I would personally support it, it is not the job of the 2nd VC to use funds and manpower to make that happen. I would be focused on building the party from within.


·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2nd  Vice-Chair Candidate - Responds to question #6.   Are you for or against amnesty?  Against it!


·       Aaron Borders, MCRC 2nd Vice-Chair Candidate - Responds to question #7. How do you feel about “dark money” coming into AZ to influence elections?  I don’t buy into the language of Democrats by using words like “Dark Money” I sent $100 to Gov Susana Martinez in New Mexico, does that mean I am a “Dark Money” contributor? That's Liberal  nonsense! I believe in freedom to give money to ANY candidate running for office in ANY state.



Wednesday, Jan 7

·       The Saddlebrooke Republican Club presents Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles on Jan 7 (1st Wed) at the Mountain View Club House, East Ballroom In Saddlebrooke. Doors open at 3:45pm; Event Commences At 4:15pm.  Voyles Is Addressing “A New Respect For The Crime Victims.” Under Voyles Pinal County Victim Services advocates for the victims of crime. Victim compensation provides a range of services including loss of wages and medical care. They also include victim restitution, keeping the victim up to date on each stage of the trial, and elder abuse oversight. Voyles has just implemented a new program that assists the victims of rape and sexual crimes against kids. Contact: Neil MacDonald, VP Communications, Saddlebrooke Republican Club,  520 825 4361  Houseboats@Msn.Com

·        A Reception For LD25 Sen Steve Pierce Of Payson is scheduled 5 pm., Wed., Jan 7 at the CIBO Carrage House, 603 N. 5th Ave., Phx. Suggested contribution $150.  RSVP to Amilyn Pierce or 602-708-8980.

·       The Yavapai County Republican Committee’s Registration and Credentials Committee Class is scheduled from 2-4 pm, Jan 7 at the YCRC office conference room,  112B E. Union St., Prescott, AZ. Contact:  928-776-4500;

·       Freedom Fires Live, the East Valley Tea Party and the Red Mountain Patriots will have a joint meeting at 7 pm, Wed., Jan 7 at Faith Christian School, 7464 E Main St., Mesa., to hear Constitutionalist  Shane Krauser. Directions: Click Here  Cost: $2.50 (17 and under are free)

Thursday, Jan 8

·       LD23 Will Meet Thurs., Jan 8 At The Mustang Library, 90th St. (S of Shea Blvd), Scottsdale to hear Sen-elect John Kavanagh, Rep Michelle Ugenti and Rep – elect Jay Lawrence.  6:30- pm sign in. 7 pm mtg. A prayer meeting will be held in the 6 pm in the auditorium, for those interested.   Contact: Chairman Jim O’Connor  602-538-9387.

·       The Central Republican Women of Phoenix will meet at 5:30 pm for social hour, Jan 8 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 4000 N. Central Ave., Phx.  6:15 pm dinner/meeting. $22 per person. Speakers: Incumbent AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and challenger Lori Urban. Reservations: Tina Shaw at  or 623-934-9730 no later than Sun, Jan 4th.  A reservation made is a reservation paid.  Cancellation deadline is  Sun, Jan 4th to avoid being charged.

·       The Colorado River Tea Party plans a round table discussion at noon, Thur., Jan 8 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95. (last building behind church.


·       The Grande Valley Republican Women will meet at 9 am., Fri., Jan 9 to hear Arizona Director Americans for Prosperity Tom Jenney discuss the “Friend of the Tax Payer” legislative scorecard.  $7.50 per person. Check in at 8:30 am. Reservations: contact Glenda Bird at 520.858.2792 or by Wed, Jan 7.


·       The Maricopa County. Republican Committee Statutory Mtg is scheduled  Sat., Jan 10 at the Grace Community Church, Tempe, 1200 East Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85282.

·       The Yavapai County Republican Statutory/Organizational Meeting is scheduled for Sat., Jan . 10, 2015. Call YavGOP headquarters  (928) 776-4500 if interested.

·       A Victory Celebration Reception For Attorney General-Elect Mark Brnovich is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Sat., Jan. 10 at St. Sava Church Reception Hall, 4436 E. McKinley St., Phoenix.  Food, drink and live music. RSVP:

·       AZ Teenage Republicans (TARS) Will Be At the Jan 10 Maricopa County and Jan 24 AZGOP State Meetings  selling donuts, snacks, water and lunch as part of their annual banquet fundraising activities, according to State TARS Chairman Lilia Dashevsky. The annual banquet is scheduled in April tba. TARS is also accepting donations. Contact: Chr  (602) 918-3411  Twitter: @lilydashevsky





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