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1-9-15 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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January 9, 2015


·       Condolences To The Family Of Jimmie Hall Valentine, a long time member  of  Paradise Republican Women and Las Rancheras. Valentine died Sun., Jan 3. Services will be held at 1 pm., Sun., Jan 11 at the Whitney& Murphy Funeral Home,  4800 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix.  Burial to Follow at Paradise Memorial Gardens in Scottsdale.


·       Maricopa County Republican Candidates for the Jan 10, 2015 Mandatory Meeting (All elected PCs eligible to vote. Additional candidates can also be nominated from the floor that day). 

ü  Candidates Running Solo:

o   Chairman – Tom Morrissey    (LD18)

o   2nd Vice Chair – Aaron Borders   (LD29)

o   2nd Vice Chair – Art Olivas, Jr.  (LD27)

o   Secretary   - Matt Eberle  (LD17)

o   Treasurer- David Ludwig   (LD24)

ü  Conservative Team Candidate Slate consisting of:

o   Chairman - Tyler Bowyer  (LD17)

o   1st Vice Chairman- April Riggins (LD23)

o   2nd Vice Chairman - Andrew Costanzo  (LD27)

o   Secretary- Pat Oldroyd   (LD25)

ü  Candidate Slate consisting of:

o   Chairman - Lisa Gray   (LD21)

o   1st Vice Chairman - Jeni White   (LD18)


·       Newly Elected  LD27 Chairman Ronald Harders: “I am hereby retracting my endorsement of Aaron Borders for 2nd Vice Chair of the Maricopa County EGC and standing neutral on the two opposing candidates from LD 27.”


·       Information And Flyers For The “Conservative Team Candidate Slate  running for election at the MCRC Jan 10 Mandatory meeting can be viewed at  The slate consists of

ü  Chairman - Tyler Bowyer  (LD17)

ü  1st Vice Chairman- April Riggins (LD23)

ü  2nd Vice Chairman - Andrew Costanzo  (LD27)

ü  Secretary- Pat Oldroyd   (LD25)


·       AZ Teenage Republicans (TARS) Will Be At the Jan 10 Maricopa County and Jan 24 AZGOP State Meetings  selling donuts, snacks, water and lunch as part of their annual banquet fundraising activities, according to State TARS Chairman Lilia Dashevsky. TARS is also accepting donations.  The annual banquet is scheduled in April. Details tba. Contact: Chr  (602) 918-3411 


·       This Year’s  MCRC Statutory Meeting Is Costing $7,000. If every MCRC Precinct Committeeman contributed $10 a month - $120 a year – normal operating expenses would be covered with a little left over to help fund election year projects like Victory 2016. Make checks payable to the Maricopa County Republican Committee and bring them to the Jan 10 Statutory Meeting or mail them to David Ludwig, MCRC Treasurer, 4242 N. 19th Ave., Suite 150, Phoenix, AZ 85015. Ludwig can be reached at 602-864-1012. We will also be “passing the hat” at the meeting. – MCRC Chairman A J LaFaro


·       ATTN:  MCRC PCs:  If you have not received your Jan 10 Statutory Meeting Call letter, download the call letter at


·       ATTN: MCRC PCs - The Call Letter for the Maricopa County Republican Committee Statutory Meeting was sent out with the ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY return address as in the previous year. (MCRC pays the State party for the bulk rate postage they have in place as this is a savings to the MCRC, as a courtesy from the AZGOP) Thank you --April Riggins, 1st Vice Chairman. Maricopa County Republican Committee.


·       The Maricopa Police Department Will Host ‘Coffee With The Chief’ from 8-9 am, Sat, Jan. 10 at the MPD building, 39675 W. Civic Center Plaza South, Maricopa.


·       A Tucson Native Todd Johnson -- a veteran of the campaign committees -- will serve as head of the NRCC’s research department. He served in the same capacity in 2014 — his sixth consecutive election cycle in research at either the NRCC or National Republican Senatorial Committee. NRCC-Names-Senior-Staff-For-2016  


·       The U.S. Economy Added 252,000 Jobs In December, outpacing the 240,000 jobs Wall Street expected. The unemployment rate for the month came in at 5.6%, its lowest rate since June 2008, a tick lower from the 5.7% expected. Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate fell to 62.7%, the lowest level since September 2008, from 62.9% in November. December-jobs-report.


·       The Pima County Republican Club Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Tues., Jan 13 at the Sabbar Shrine Tempe, 450 S Tucson Blvd., Tucson to hear Jim Grasky.


·       LD27 Is Hosting A Patriots In The Park Community Gathering between 11 am-5 pm, Sat., March 14 at El Reposo Park, 502 E. Alta Vista Road   Phoenix, AZ  85042 -- featuring free food, raffles and fun for all. Bring 5 canned food items to donate for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul . Contact our South Mountain Precinct Committeemen  to purchase a 50/50 Raffle Ticket. Event contacts:  Chairman Ron Harders at 1st VC Jose Tello at  or 2nd VC Chris Morrill at


·       Today, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus made this statement concerning the latest Keystone Pipeline development in Nebraska. “There are no more excuses for the Obama Administration to continue its needless and politically motivated foot-dragging on the Keystone Pipeline. This is a project that enjoys broad bipartisan support and would create thousands of jobs while decreasing our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. President Obama should green light it today and Hillary Clinton should finally tell voters where she stands on the pipeline.”


·       CD 3 Maricopa County Coordinator Andrew Costanzo Election Analysis:  

ü  Rock solid CD 3 candidate Gabby Saucedo Mercer cut into Raul Grijalva’s district wide 2 to 1 Democrat strong hold.  Gabby wiped the floor with him in Maricopa County, swinging the vote 17% in her favor! 

ü  Republicans held their House and Senate seats in LD 13, the Maricopa County Supervisory District 4 and in the White Tanks Justice Precinct.  We made inroads in the Maricopa County Supervisory District 5, in LD 19 and in LD 29 and with your dedication will continue to do so in 2016.  Together we will turn Southwest Maricopa County Republican Red!

ü  The most effective way you can continue to be an effective grass roots agitator of the leftist agenda of the Democrat Party is to become a Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC).  You will have the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to win – and you will not be alone, there is real strength in numbers.  -- Costanzo, a LD27 PC, CD3 Maricopa County Coordinator and MCRC Executive Guidance Committee Member-at-Large, is a candidate for MCRC 2nd Vice Chair at the Jan 10 MCRC Mandatory meeting in Phx.


·       Former Attorney General Tom Horne: My First Day As A Private Citizen  - I want to thank everyone for your friendship and support during my time as your Attorney General. I am now practicing law, which I did for 30 years, with the firm of Slaton and Sannes, which is now Horne, Slaton and Sannes.  I expect to be trying cases and arguing appeals, and experiencing the satisfaction of winning for my clients, as I did for the state of Arizona as its Attorney General. I am located at 6720 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, suite 285, my phone number is 480-483-2178, and I am at your disposal. Again, thank you for your support and your friendship. -- Tom Horne


·       “Building Statesmen: How To Replicate America's Founding Generation”  will be the topic of discussion at the 6:30 pm., Mon., Jan 12 meeting of ARIZONA PROJECT scheduled at 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phx. Introducing a new college in Arizona that builds upon the Hillsdale College Honors curriculum model will be discussed with Dan Earley,  President of Tacitus Strategies and spearheads a committee whose current project is the replication of the Williamsburg Model -- the specific education that shaped the Founding generation to advance the cause of Liberty. Their prototype campus now completing its third year holding classes inside the Utah Capitol building, and Arizona is now ready to host the flagship campus and national headquarters, according to AP Chairman Ronald Ludders.   602-677-1496.


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at Jan 21 at 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Lunch $25, Social 11am. Program/lunch 11:30am.   Yvonne Chahill, Co-Chair of ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership, will present an overview of the Center's mission to train a new generation of leaders versed in principles of democracy.  Contact Edith Stock, or 480-298-7818 cell.


·       Congresswoman Martha McSally Today Announced That CJ Karamargin will join her Congressional staff as District Director.  "I’m very pleased that CJ will be joining our team as District Director,” said McSally. “CJ knows Southern Arizona, understands the issues, and has a long record of service to our community. Helping constituents is not a partisan issue. It’s about problem solving, and we’re very excited for all that CJ brings to the table to ensure we provide the strongest constituent services possible."  “The residents of Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District have entrusted Congresswoman McSally with a tremendous responsibility – to be their voice and their advocate in Washington,” said Karamargin. “It is humbling that she has entrusted me with the responsibility to serve as her District Director. I consider it a great privilege to be able to help the congresswoman make a positive difference in the lives of the people who sent her to Washington.” Karamargin served as communications director for U.S. Representative Gabrielle  Giffords from 2007 – 2011, and, most recently, as Executive Director for Public Information and Media Relations at Pima Community College.  Karamargin also worked for nearly 15 years in print journalism, including as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon:  This week, I was humbled to once again take the Oath of Office to serve as a member of the 114th U.S. House of Representatives.  Over the past two years, we've seen an unprecedented shift in power as the executive branch usurps authority it does not constitutionally have in order to pursue ends against the expressed will of the people.  Now is the time for Congress to defend its role and stand up for our nation's government and the separation of powers our founders worked so hard to build.  This year, I plan to ensure that this House and Congress do everything in their power to reverse that trend. But there was more than ceremony to this week.  The House also took action and passed a number of bills, three of which I think are especially important.

ü  H.R. 3, the Keystone XL Pipeline Act, is a bill to authorize TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P. to construct, connect, operate, and maintain the Keystone XL pipeline.  It passed, 266-153.

ü  H.R. 30, the Save American Workers Act of 2015, is a bill to correct #Obamacare's redefinition of "full-time employee" to one who works only 30 hours per week. H.R. 30 reinstated the 40-hour work week.   It passed, 252-172.

ü  H.R. 22, the Hire More Heroes Act of 2015, is a bill that ensures employers aren't penalized under the employer mandate of Obamacare for hiring U.S. Veterans who have healthcare provided by TRICARE or the Veterans Administration.  It passed, 412-0

These measures are a great first step toward a productive Congress and I look forward to the Senate quickly taking them up.


·       Congresswoman Martha McSally:  On her first weekend after being sworn-in McSally will tour Customs and Border Protection (CBP) installations to discuss the issue of border security. McSally, a member of the Committee on Homeland Security, has made improving our border strategy a top priority in Congress. “One of the top concerns I’ve heard about from Southern Arizonans is the safety of our communities, especially as it relates to security along our border. I’ve made numerous trips to our border with ranchers and know first-hand it is not secure. That’s why one of my first actions in Congress will be to meet with border residents and those charged with protecting our border to gain their perspectives on how we can better protect our communities. We’re one of only nine southern border districts in the entire country, which means the experiences of our residents are invaluable to the work of Congress. I’ll take my experiences along the border and what I hear on Saturday directly back to Washington and the Committee on Homeland Security to add our residents' insights to legislation being worked on by the committee and help bring about a better strategy for Southern Arizona.”


·       Saturday Morning, Congresswoman Martha McSally will meet with Customs and Border Protection Agents, including Joint Field Command - Arizona, Commander Paul Beeson, Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padillia, and Division Chief Tim York for a briefing and tour of the Joint Intelligence and Operations Center in Tucson. From there, the group will head for an aerial tour of the West Desert area, an area ranging from Nogales to the Arizona/New Mexico border. Later, the group will visit the Hedglen Forward Operating Base near the state line followed by a tour of the Brian A. Terry Station and its area of responsibility, which covers approximately 1,175 square miles in Cochise County. The station is one of eight located in the Tucson sector and has been one of the busiest CBP stations in terms of apprehensions. After the tour, McSally will meet with a group of ranchers and border residents to hear about their experiences living along the border. Following the discussion, McSally will host a conference call with members of the press and rancher John Ladd to discuss the day’s events.


·       Sen John McCain Following The Senate’s Approval by unanimous consent yesterday evening of a resolution formally designating him Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee for the 114th Congress: “It is a singular honor to be given the great responsibility of leading the Senate Armed Services Committee. Ever mindful of our service members in harm's way throughout the world, the Committee’s first priority is to ensure they have the authorities, leadership, training, equipment, and resources needed to successfully achieve their missions on our nation's behalf and return home safely to their families. That commitment is at the heart of the Armed Services Committee’s long-standing bipartisan tradition, which I look forward to upholding in partnership with Sen Jack Reed as Ranking Member.”


·      Attention AZGOP Officer Candidates: Briefs will start posting reader questions on Jan 11 that are directed to akk AZGOP candidates running for election at the Jan 24 Statutory meeting. Officer candidates are asked to respond in 300 words or less.  Candidate answers will be  posted in the What The Candidates Are Saying section. Please keep to the issues. Respond to or  


·       AZGOP Robert Graham Is Asking Republican Leaders to send their award nominations for the Jan 23 Chairman’s Banquet to Julia Graham at by Mon., Jan 12.   If you don't submit a nomination, your county, district, or club may not get recognized!  One submission per Legislative District/County is allowed.  Dinner seating is limited. Dinner RSVP to  

Reminders regarding the nomination process:

1.  Send nominations to  azgrahams1@gmail.comIf any email was sent before this past Saturday, Jan. 3rd, and you have not gotten any response in return, please resend the nomination to the correct email address listed above  (The initial email sent out in December had a different non-working email address on it.  We apologize for this inconvenience.)

2. Please let those in your Legislative Districts/Counties also be a part of this process.  They can send nominations to you and you can forward them on.

3.  Submit one nominee per award per Legislative District/County.

4.  The nomination deadline is Monday, January 12, 2015.

The Chairman's Awards Dinner will be held on Fri, Jan 23, 2015 from 6-9 pm at the Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain, 10831 South 51st Street · Phoenix, Arizona, 85044.    Reservations:  Jennifer Bontrager or 602-957-7770.  Nomination questions to Julia Graham at 602-614-7999.




Send to or  Briefs does NOT endorse candidates, nor candidate statements. Statements longer than 250/300 words will be edited/condensed.


·        Arthur ‘Art’ Olivas, Candidate MCRC 2nd Vice-Chair, responds to Aaron Borders statement yesterday that  Borders and Andrew Costanzo  “are the only two candidates with a proven track record of grassroots party building and GOTV door knocking.  Olivas:  Aaron Borders is a mistaken and Andrew Costanzo can bear witness to my work at LD27. I have knocked on doors and donated money for Dan and Sara Coleman, Luis Rodriguez, Ron Harders, Natalie Taswell,  Myron Jackson. And Jose Tello, South Phoenix Republican candidates. I have walked and know my LD27 and our people well! I have donated time and money for J D Hayworth, Janet Contreras, Andrew Thomas, Diana Douglas Jim Dewitt, Bruce Ash and Bill Montgomery's campaign.  Even our Chairmen Ron Harders of LD27 who is endorsing him can testify to this, as I walked most of LD27 for him hoping to unseat Mary Rose Wilcox. Do we need to drag the GOP down with this kind of people? I may seek legal help. If has been suggested that he is after me because he thinks I am a Mexican. You be the judge.  -- Arthur Olivas JR., Tea Party Patriot.   Editor’s Note: Harder withdrew his endorsement of Border’s this afternoon.


·       Tom Morrissey, MCRC Chairman Candidate  - Why I’m Running:

ü  I have the experience of leading us through a presidential election cycle in 2012.  During my tenure as State Chairman, we experienced the “perfect storm,” when we went through a biased redistricting process, a presidential debate which had to be rescheduled, a tense state convention, warring factions within the party, lack of traditional financial support and an attempt, by the left, to brand us as racists because we opposed illegal immigration.

ü  I met these challenges by standing on the constitutional conservative principles I have stood upon my entire life.  We fought the redistricting debacle in court.  I reached out to all parts of the party by meeting with any and all who would meet with me to discuss views on how we should conduct ourselves as a party. The Presidential Debate was a stunning success but incredibly challenging to bring it to the level we achieved.  The convention in Tampa went off like clock-work due to the efforts of our staff, especially Lori Urban.


·        MCRC Chairman Candidate Tom Morrisey: We raised $3.8 million during my term as the State Chairman.  We had the most successful election in the history of the AZ GOP, capped by delivering the state to Governor Mitt Romney.  Arizona Republican Party Headquarters was restored to a place we could all be proud of with new paint, flooring, furniture and a totally restored air conditioning system.  Our IT system went from virus plagued, to one that was updated and rendered virus free. 

ü  Doors were opened to the Hispanic community that were never there before.  Our outreach was fueled by my meeting with the Latino Christian Community, conducting monthly meetings with Univision and inviting Republican Hispanics to our meetings.  I was told on many occasions that I was the first State Republican Chairman to ever meet with them and they were finally beginning to feel welcomed in our party. 

ü  We championed the American African Republicans under the leadership of Reverend Clyde Bowen and Dr. CT Wright.  The celebration anniversary of one of the greatest documents in the history of this country, “The Emancipation Proclamation” has become an annual event on January 1st every year. 

Constitutional Conservatism is on the march and it has a broadening horizon for our great party.  In order to nourish this movement we must take bold actions and stand against strong winds.  We have no choice but to do so if we are to save this great republic.  I am simply doing my part.

·       Aaron Borders, Candidate MCRC 2nd Vice-Chair:  Tomorrow is the big day, here are some points to considers about MCRC 2nd Vice Chair. I have been running as a "Solo Candidate" for the MCRC 2nd Vice Chair seat. I want to be held accountable Only to the PCs. I know that I will work well with whatever leadership that is elected tomorrow. It has been an honor for me to travel around this great county and meet the best Republican activist a lot of counties would only dream to have. Should I have the privilege to serve, I will always have an open door for every PC in Maricopa county. I humbly ask for your support and vote tomorrow. Learn more about me, those who support me, my goals and why I want this job at




·       The Maricopa County. Republican Committee Statutory Mtg is scheduled  at 9 am, Sat., Jan 10 at the Grace Community Church, Tempe, 1200 East Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85282.

·       The Yavapai County Republican Statutory/Organizational Meeting is scheduled for Sat., Jan . 10, 2015. Call YavGOP headquarters  (928) 776-4500 if interested.

·       A Victory Celebration Reception For Attorney General-Elect Mark Brnovich is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Sat., Jan. 10 at St. Sava Church Reception Hall, 4436 E. McKinley St., Phoenix.  Food, drink and live music. RSVP:

·       AZ Teenage Republicans (TARS) Will Be At the Jan 10 Maricopa County and Jan 24 AZGOP State Meetings  selling donuts, snacks, water and lunch as part of their annual banquet fundraising activities, according to State TARS Chairman Lilia Dashevsky. The annual banquet is scheduled in April tba. TARS is also accepting donations. Contact: Chr  (602) 918-3411  Twitter: @lilydashevsky



·       The Lincoln Republican Women will meet Mon., Jan 12 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Paradise Valley-­Scottsdale, 5401 N Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale (Scottsdale Road between Chaparral and Jackrabbit Rd). $30 per person, 5:30 pm social.  6 pm mtg., 6:30 pm dinner.  Speaker: Maricopa County Supervisor Chairman Steve Chucri and Arizona Tax Research President Kevin McCarthy on “What The Bleep Just happened? The Passing Of the Maricopa County Healthcare Initiative.”  Reservations: Judy Eisenhower  480­941­8162 or Pat Kaufman 480­368­2777

·       The Highway 69 Republicans will meet at 6 pm, Mon., Jan  12 to hear Yavapai County Sheriff  Scott Mascher and Prescott Valley Police Department Chief Bryan Jarrell discuss the Ferguson (MO)  situation and the 10th Amendment at the Puerta Vallarta Restaurant, 11901 E. Hwy 69, Dewey AZ, 863275 pm social. Order from menu. RSVP to June at 928-632-4661 or email:

·       The Yavapai Republican Men's Forum  meets at 11:30 am, Jan 12 at the St. Michael's Hotel Ballroom, 205 W. Gurley St., Prescott to hear Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher and  former Secret Service Agent Wayne Meddaugh. $18 per person. Reservation deadline noon, Thurs., Jan 8. RSVP:  Bob Luzius at (928) 717-2551 or


·       Dr. Zuhdi Jasser Will Address The Sun Lakes Republican Club on Islam and Jihad at 6:30 pm, Tues., Jan. 13 in the Arizona Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25610 N Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes.

·       The Mingus Mountain Republican Club will meet at 11:15 am, Jan 13 the  VFW Post #7400, 705 E. Aspen St., Cottonwood, AZ.  $11 per person. RSVP with Niles Haton (928) 649-1643 or

·       The Sonoita-Elgin Tea Party has scheduled the following speakers:

ü  Jan 13, 2015 - Jeff Utsch, Constitutional Conservative Speaker

ü  Feb 10, 2015 - Sheriff Richard Mack, Author, Speaker and Advocate of State and individual rights

ü  March 10, 2015 - Sandy Froman, Former President of NRA

See new

·       The Sun Lakes Republican Club will meet at 6:30 pm, Tues., Jan 13 to hear Dr. Zuhdi Jasser speak on Islam and Jihad in the Arizona Rm of the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 N. Sun Lakes Blvd., Sun Lakes Az. 85248. All are invited and please come early as we expect a large crowd. Contact Michael Tennant, Chairman


·     An Environmental Issues Breakfast is scheduled at 7 am., Wed., Jan 14 at the Sheraton Pheonix Airport Hotel, 1600 S 52nd St., Tempe. $40 per members. $55 non-members. Full-hot breakfast included.  Sponsored by Arizona Manufacturers Council and SnellWilmer Law Offices. Speakers include Natural Resources Chairman Sen Steve Pierce, Chairman, Rural Affairs and Environment Chairman Sen Sylvia Allen, Agriculture, Water and Lands Chairman Rep Brenda Barton,  Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Chairman Rep Frank Pratt and hear an update on the Arizona Manufacturers Council and Arizona Chamber's Environmental Agenda for the 2015 Legislative Session by R&R Partners Jeff Gray. Register here environmental-issues-breakfas    Contact Taylor McArthur at or 602-248-9172 x 123.

·       Political activist Lisa Benson will address the Jan 14 meeting of the Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club at Briarwood Country Club (20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West.  Reservations: Check-in begins at 10:45am, meeting at 11:30am. Reservations deadline 5 pm, Fri., Jan 9.  Reservations confirmations should be received via 3-mail within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a confirmation call Lezlee at 602-354-5224.  Please bring your donations of wine and items for the Mystery Boxes in support of the AzFRW Winter Meeting. 


·        The Annual ‘PC Day At The Capitol’ is scheduled for Jan 15, according to the announcement Chris Campbell made to the LDl13 PCs last night in Goodyear.  He urges PCs to RVSP to for lunch reservations.  The schedule:

o   9 am-11:03 am - Meet with your legislators

o   11:30 -1 pm – Rally and lunch in the Rose Garden (W of House Bldg)

o   1 pm – House Gallery – Introduced by the Speaker

o   1:30 pm -  Senate Gallery – Introduced by the President

o   1 pm – group meetings with legislators

o   All day – Sign up on ALIS request to speak – House/Senate lobbys.

Co-sponsored by the Maricopa County Republican Committee and the Arizona Republican Assembly See    for MCRC activities  or PCDay at the Capitol

·       The Chino Valley Pachyderm will meet at 6 pm., Jan 15 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant, 1667 S. State Route 89, Chino Valley. Limited Seating, Order from menu. RSVP:  Sue Goodchild @ (928) 636-7355 or 

·       Colorado River Tea Party Round Table Discussion at 6 pm, Jan 15  at Community Christian Church,  6480 E. Hwy 95 ( last bld behind church).

Saturday, January  17

·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am, Jan 17 to hear Sen Jeff Flake, LD23 Rep-elect Jay Lawrence and LD23 Sen elect John Kavanagh and  to elect new officers for the next two years – at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive, Fountain  Hills  . The slate of candidates consists of President – C T Wright

o   First Vice Pres – Rosemary Hansen

o   Second Vice Pres – Leona Johnston

o   Third Vice Pres – Shari Morris

o   Secretary – Boe James and

o   Treasurer – Nicole Oswald Walters.

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. No proxy voting. Contact: Pres Tait Elkie  (480) 766-1231   The February Meeting Has Been Moved To Feb. 28.


·       County Attorney Bill Montgomery will address the Paradise Republican Womens Club luncheon Sat., Jan 17 at Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale. He will  discuss issues facing Maricopa with the upcominog PRO Bowl, Super Bowl, and Phoenix Open.  10:30 am social. 11 am program.  $30 per person. Checks to PRWC, mailed to PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 by Thurs., Jan. 15.





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