Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3-11-15 MCRC Briefs

MCRC Briefs

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

·       Jose Borrajero:  AZRRT Call To Action 150311-2240: HB2190 Press conference at 1 pm., Thur., March 12 at the State Capitol -“HB2190 passed in the House in spite of stiff opposition from certain representatives. But in the end, in their infinite arrogance, those who opposed it underestimated the support for this bill. However, this is only one battle of many to come. We won in the House, but we will face stiff opposition in the Senate. We can safely assume that the proponents of the Common Core scheme will not make the same mistake again. Therefore, it is essential that as many people as possible attend this press conference and show our support for the bill and its proponents. As one legislator put it, this bill is not a destination, but a journey; it is the first step in restoring a world class education system in Arizona. Your support will be greatly appreciated.”  Jose Borrajero

·       Jose Borrajero’s  AZRRT Call To Action And Activity Report 150306 - 2115  Weekly update on what’s happening at the Arizona legislature.  Fresh post every Friday.


·       Updates On AZ Firearms Bills: See AzCDL


·      Latest Actions On Bills:


·       Floating Around The Internet:  A  photo of a faded Sen John McCain that reads: “It’s time to elect a new generation of conservative leader:  5 terms are enough.” Signed By the Draft Kelli Ward for Senate


·       Wisc Gov Scott Walker will be the featured speaker at noon, Wed., March 25 at the Hugh Hewitt’s Arizona Chamber Leadership Series. $50 per person.  Register here

·        Maricopa County Republican Activist Joe Hobbs is circulating a resolution to Censure the Federal Communication Commission for its takeover of the Internet. Hobbs encourages clubs, LDs, and other civic groups to sign on to his resolution. Download at    Contact Hobbs are 480-381-2380


A Resolution to CENSURE the Federal Communications Commission

Joseph J. Hobbs, IT/IS/Telecommunications Consultant & Historian


ü  WHEREAS, “The Internet has grown rapidly, creating untold economic benefits, largely because the government has refrained from interfering with it;” and

ü  WHEREAS, “Title II regulations attempt to solve problems that don’t exist with enough consistency to address federal government regulation;” and

ü  WHEREAS, “Title II regulations will lead to NEW TAXES and slower broadband speeds for consumer;”  and

ü  WHEREAS, “The Internet is not broken. There Is No Problem For The Government To Solve;” and

ü  WHEREAS, “These Internet regulations will work another serious harm on consumers. Their broadband speeds will be slower;” and

ü  WHEREAS, The new Title II FCC Broadband Universal Service Fees are a form of taxation not authorized for collection by federal bureaucracy like the FCC, new taxes are only authorized by the House of Representatives per our Constitution; and

ü  WHEREAS, Many of the Internet assets the FCC intends to “regulate” are embarrassingly not in the FCC’s jurisdiction and ISPs in Japan, Germany, France, India --  other parts of the world are laughing at the idiocy of regulators trying to regulate something they do not understand; and

ü  WHEREAS, the Internet is currently being perfectly “managed – not regulated” by Internet based technical resources such as ISOG, IAB, IETF and ICANN, IANA – and the incredible technological innovations of today’s LANs, MANs, WANs, Ethernet TCP/IP, IEEE802.xx Broadband solutions to all of the World Wide Web applications we take for granted have all taken place without ever asking the FCC for permission; be it

ü  RESOLVED, that (insert organization here) voted to censure the three Democrat FCC Commissioners – demanding them to Cease And Desist – There is no need for their egregious action to seized control of Internet, seize commercial investment assets not under their jurisdiction, attempt to raise taxes which is only authorized by the House of Representatives, (the reason their FCC 2010 Open Internet Verizon VS FCC was struck down in court last year was because there was no issue) ; be it further

ü  RESOLVED, that (insert organization name) voted to Censure the three Democrat FCC Commissioners – demanding them to Cease And Desist – And immediately withdraw all further FCC intentions to grab control of the Internet, cease all further discussion of the “False Flag” Network Neutrality Hoax, and cease any further discussions regarding the hoax of the lack of “Internet Openness” today.  (insert organization name) further demands that any future public appearances scheduled by any of the three Democrat FCC Commissioners provide equal time for a reputable speaker of the opposite view.


·       The SaddleBrook Republicans will continue to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting in April 8.


·       An Arizona Corporation Commission staff meeting is scheduled at 11 am, Fri., March 13. Staff Meeting.


·       Phx City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Results of a newly released poll show the majority of the public is aware of a $33 Billion boondoggle tax, but also believe that funding education is a higher priority than the gargantuan cost of one mile of rail ($161 million/mile). Having a liberal Mayor and liberal majority on the Council does not bode well for the future of fiscal responsibility in the City of Phoenix. "Those who want to increase funding for K-12 education should oppose the City of Phoenix's rush to the ballot for an increase in its sales tax for transportation...K-12 education should get first dibs on a sales tax increase, even if how and when a proposal might arise is uncertain. Phoenix should stand down." - (Robert Robb, Arizona Republic, 3/1/15) Poll results in their entirety: Poll  (Question 6 on a head to head has me 2 points ahead of Mayor Stanton)


·       The Western Pinal County Republicans met at 5:30 pm, March 11 - the 2rd Wed of the month - at 5:30 pm, at Eva’s Fine Mexican Food in Cases Grande.


·       The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will host an online public meeting at 3:30 pm,  March 17 to discuss its proposed renewal request for Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility. “Gathering and responding to public input from families, teachers, school administrators and community members is a crucial part of this renewal process,” said Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. “We will work with everyone to ensure our request reflects the values and concerns of Arizonans.” The session will provide participants the opportunity to learn about and share their feedback on ESEA waiver flexibility. Participants will be invited to ask questions about the process and ADE experts will be on hand to provide answers and record participants’ input. Topics discussed will include proposed changes to Arizona's accountability and school support systems, expectations for all students, and ways to support effective instruction and school leadership. Registration:


·       The Republican Women of Pinal County at 10:30 am., March 20 - 3rd Friday of each month-  at 64500 E. SaddleBrooke Road Tucson.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon: Throughout the effort to fund our Department of Homeland Security, I have maintained that there is no separating our fealty to the Constitution and our need to provide for those who keep our nation safe.  That false choice, that unwillingness to defend the institution of Congress from an overreaching executive, will create long term problems for our nation.  As we worked to fund the department, I spoke on the House floor in defense of our Constitution and the oath we all took to defend it. 


·       North Valley Justice Gerald Williams For February 2015:  Cases were filed into the North Valley Justice Court: 23 DUIs, 75 other criminal traffic cases, 313 civil traffic cases, 38 additional misdemeanor cases, 44 small claims cases, 102 eviction actions, 192 additional civil lawsuits, 12 orders of protection, and 19 injunctions against harassment. The Court also collected $64,719.83 in fines.


·       Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., March 23 at the Pyle Rec Center, 655 E Southern Ave., Tempe, to hear County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Attorney Marc Victor will debate the effects of Marijuana legalization. Moderator: Shane Krauser.  Contact: President:  Jessica Merrow  480-306-2545.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon Fifth District:

ü  I cohosted a Resource Fair for Veterans with Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema this month at the East Valley Institute of Technology.  We made sure staff was on hand to help Veterans navigate the federal bureaucracy and receive the care and services they deserve to honor their noble service to our nation.

ü  I addressed the thirteenth annual Friends of Transit Conference to talk about some of the benefits of a strong transportation plan and what should be done to bring our nation’s infrastructure into the twenty-first century.

ü  I hosted my first Open Office Hours of 2015, and there was an amazing turnout.  I had so many requests for an appointment that I needed to schedule many on a second day.  Listening to your thoughts and opinions is the most important part of my job, so thank you very much for making the time to let me know how you feel.

ü  I was recognized this month at the Centers for Habilitation for my commitment to improving the lives of Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities through my support of the Ability One program.


·       LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence: “For all of the talk about “massive cuts”, the state’s budget was only cut just over 2%.  We are spending more on education than we have ever spent as a state.  We prioritized child safety, education, and public safety.  And we are on pace to eliminate the structural deficit by 2017.  Cutting is never fun, especially when there are so many emotionally appealing causes to support.  But our job as legislators are to balance our budget and get Arizona growing as much as possible so that we can improve the economic well-being of everyone in this state.  This budget did that.  In tough times Arizona families cut and balance their budgets.  They were right to insist on their government doing the same.  I’m proud of the hard work that everyone put into the process and thank you all for your input, critiques, and support.”


·        Following Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference today at which she was scheduled to address questions surrounding her use of a personal e-mail address throughout her four years as Secretary of State, Representative Darrell Issa (CA-49) released the following statement: “What we heard from Hillary Clinton today was a rehashing of the talking points we’ve heard from her defenders over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, her explanations are not plausible and her statement did little to answer the many legitimate questions about the mishandling of these emails, including the security risks involved with her use of a non-government server for official communications. She also did not explain why she believed she had the right, for two years, and over the course of multiple investigations, to keep these e-mails from Congress, from the press, and from the American people. The expectation that we merely trust that Secretary Clinton shared all relevant e-mails and that the process of vetting the e-mails was as thorough and unbiased as it should have been is insulting given the Clintons’ well-established history of misleading the American people.  This matter cannot be put to rest without a thorough forensic examination of the email server and an unbiased independent review of the records in question. Had Mrs. Clinton merely followed clear precedent and stated policy, this would not have become an issue. Had she reported the e-mails when she received subpoenas to which the documents would have been responsive, this would have been much less of an issue. She did neither. That she is only now addressing this, years after the fact, seems to indicate her response has little to do with some sudden, revelatory desire for transparency.”


·       Tempe Republican Women will canvas the Tempe area between 11am and 2 pm., Mar 28. Participants will meet at 10:30 am., at the Dunkin Donuts, 1830 E Warner Rd.  where they will pick up t-shirts, walking lists, and flyers. Volunteers are cautioned to wear good walking shoes.


·       Congressman Matt Salmon: I convened the inaugural hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific entitled, “Across the Other Pond: U.S. Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia Pacific.”  A video of my opening remarks can be found here, and a recap of the hearing, including a list of witnesses, can be found on the committee’s website here.


·       Legislative Dates To Remember:

ü  March 20 - Last day for House consideration of Senate bills and Senate consideration of House bills.  

ü  April 17 - Last day for conference committees.


·       Governor's Office: Phoenix: 602.542.4331 and Tucson: 520.628.6580. Mail letters to  Gov Doug Ducey, Executive Tower, 1700 W Washington Street; Phoenix, Arizona 85007


·       Upcoming Maricopa County Parks Wildflower Programs schedule:

ü   Wildflower Walk - McDowell Mountain Regional Park

ü  March 13, noon, Wild about Wildflowers - San Tan Mountain Regional Park

ü  March 14, 9 am, Wildflower Walk - Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.

ü  Participants are encouraged to bring plant books and cameras on the hikes. Trails used vary from week to week depending upon the abundance and variety of wildflowers.


·       McCain’s Voting Record:  From Jan 1987 to Feb 2015, McCain missed 970 of 9,420 roll call votes, which is 10.3%. This is worse than the median of 1.7% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving. The chart below reports missed votes over time.   


·       Congressman Paul Gosar Townhalls

ü  March 12 – 5:30 pm, Town Hall, Bullhead City Council Chambers 2355 Trane Road Bullhead City, AZ

ü  March 13 – 1-4 pm, Staff in Yarnell, 22302 Hwy 89, Yarnell, AZ 85362.

ü  March 18 – 1-4 pm, Staff  at Mayer Fire Dept Adm, 11975 Hwy 89, Mayer, AZ 86333.

ü  March 19 – 9 am-noon, Staff at Apache Junction City Hall Conference Rm, Bldg D, 300 E Superstition Blvd., Apache Junction, AZ 85119.

ü  March 19 – 1-4 pm, Staff in Admin Conference Rm, 775 N Main St., Florence, AZ 85132.

ü  April 3 – 8 am, Coffee with the Congressman, Brownies Restaurant: 1145 South 4th Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364.

ü  May 7 – 5:30 pm, Town Hall, City Hall Council Chambers: 1 City Plaza, Yuma, AZ 85364.

Website on Twitter @repgosar, or through Facebook at Representative Paul Gosar.






·       LD23 will meet at 7 pm, Thurs, March 12 at the Via Linda Senior Center, 10440 N via Linda Blvd, Scottsdale.  Sign in - 6:30 pm.  Last month, Dustin Romney spoken in favor of an Article V Convention of States, which is different from a Constitutional Convention.  This month, former AZ Representative Barbara Blewster will speak against such a convention. All who are interested in this subject are welcome.  Chr Jim O’Connor Locations vary/ tba.  


·       Reservations Are Due March 12 for the March 14 Paradise Republican Women luncheon  at Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 with Clint Bolick, Vice-President of litigation at Goldwater Insistue and co-author of ‘Immigration Wars’ with Jeb Bush.  10:30 am social.  11 am program.  $30 per person.  Reservations/checks to PRWC , PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267. RSVP deadline: March 12. 


·        ‘Women2Women Conversations Tour’ will be conducted from 5:30-7 pm, Thurs., March 12 at the Embassy Suites, 2630 E Camelback Rd., Phx.  Speakers include US Reps Martha McSally, Susan Brooks (IN) and Renee Ellmers (NC).  Lisa Atkins is the moderator. This is the first Women 2 Women Conversation Tour designed to bring female voters together to discuss issues of concern. Free admission, Coctails and light refreshments will be served. RSVP: Copy your RSVP to Jane Lynch ( who will follow-up with you closer to the event.


·       Congressman Paul Gosar will attend the 5:30 pm., Thur., March 12 Bullhead City Town Hall Meeting in the Bullhead City Council Chambers, 2355 Trane Road, Bullhead City, AZ.


·       The Fountain Hills VFW Post 7507 has tickets to the 7 pm., Thurs., March 12  Coyotes v Chicago Blackhawks Hockey game. Upper deck - $110, lower deck - $60. Ticket purchase contact: Carl Krawczyk c.krawczyk@hotmail or call 480-215-3899


·       Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner and historic preservationist and arts advocate Elisabeth F. Ruffner will be the first living inductees to the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame during the Induction Ceremony scheduled at 3 pm., Mar. 12 at 3 p.m. at the Arizona Historical Society Museum, 1300 N. College Ave., in Tempe, Ariz. A reception follows immediately. The event is free and open to the public. Limited seating requires reservations at

2015 Posthumous Inductees

ü  Marietta Bryant (1911-2003) & Daisy Moore (1908-1985).

ü  Lorraine W. Frank (1923-2005)

ü  Louise Foucar Marshall (1864-1956)

ü  Helen K. Mason (1912-2003)

ü  Lucy Sikorsky, M.D. (1899-1972)



·       LD17 Will Host A Voter Registration Tent at the Ostrich Festival the evenings of March 13 and 14, plus all day March 15.


·       The Graham County Republican Committee will meet at noon March 13 in the  Manor House Glass Room, 415 E. Highway 70, Safford. No cost to attend. Lunch is available for purchase.



·       LD27 Is Hosting A ‘Patriots In The Park Community Gathering’ between 11 am-5 pm, Sat., March 14 at El Reposo Park, 502 E. Alta Vista Road   Phoenix, AZ  85042 -- featuring free food, raffles and fun for all. Bring 5 canned food items to donate for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul . Contact our South Mountain Precinct Committeemen  to purchase a 50/50 Raffle Ticket. Event contacts:  Chairman Ron Harders at 1st VC Jose Tello at  or 2nd VC Chris Morrill at


·       The Paradise Republican Women will meet for  lunch Sat., March 14 at Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 with Clint Bolick, Vice-President of litigation at Goldwater Insistue and co-author of ‘Immigration Wars’ with Jeb Bush.  10:30 am social.  11 am program.  $30 per person.  Reservations/checks to PRWC , PO Box 14425, Scottsdale, AZ 85267. RSVP by Thurs., March 12. 


·       LD 9 Will Meet At 9 AM On Sat, March 14 at La Paloma Urgent Care, 4001 E. Sunrise Dr. Tucson, 85718. Speakers will be Nick Dranius and Rep. Mark Finchem. Contact Chr Brad Johns


·       Clint Bolick, VP of Litigation for the  Goldwater Institute and Co-Author of Immigration Wars with Jeb Bush will address the Paradise Republican Women at their March 14 luncheon at Gainey Ranch Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Dr., Scottsdale. 10:30 am social. 11 am lunch. $30 per person. RSVP by March 12.


·       Volunteers Are Needed March 14 And 15 by the NRA-ILA for the Mesa Gun Show to man booths starting at 9 am in Centennial Hall, 201 N Center St., Mesa. Contact: Michael Horanburg · 505-261-2087


·       Harry Plummer, Headmaster of Ville de Marie Academy, will address ‘Common Core’ at the Sat., March 14 Pro-Life Inter-Faith Conference . Register  or ~ Call:  480-216-7217.


·       The AZ East Valley Pro-Life Alliance Pro-Life Inter-Faith Conference is scheduled from 9 am-3 pm., Sat., March 14 the at the Windemere  Conference Center, 5750 E. Main Street, Mesa. Speaker Fr. Andrew Kemberling will address the hard truths about Socialism and its Incompatibility with Christianity. Others confirmed speakers include Maricopa County Sheriff  Joe Arpaio,  Priests for Life Director Father Frank Pavone, Light of Hope Institute Pastor C. T. Wright, Founder, Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri,  Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Former Maricopa Co. Attorney Andrew Thomas, Founder & President AIFD Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., LD 25 Rep Justin Olson, LD13 Rep Steve Montenegro, and Frontline Fellowship Chairman Rev. Bill Bathman. Limited Seating. $35 – conference breakfast and buffet lunch. $45 – booth, conference, breakfast and lunch. Registration or  Information: 480-216-7217.



·       Volunteers Are Needed for the LD17 voter registration booth at the Ostrich Festival on Fri., March 13 from noon until 6 pm, Sat., March 14 from 10 am-6 pm, and Sun, March 15 from 10 am-6 pm at Tumbleweed Park. Map Here  Volunteers should contact Mike Tennant at 480-802-0178 or email



·       The Verde Valley Republican Women Luncheon is held the 3rd Wed of the month (March 18) at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, 2250 E Hwy 89A, Sedona.  $17 each. Speaker: Drake Mitchell of the AZ Citizens Defense League will address gun owner registration. Verde Valley Fire Chief Nazih Hzaine will talk about fire safety. RSVP - Erma Sesek - 928-284-4248 or


·       The Palo Verde Republican Women Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., March 18th at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.  Social 11 am.  Lunch $25.  Frank Riggs, former California Congressman and current President/CEO of Scottsdale-based Joe Foss Institute will be the speaker.  RSVP: Contact Edith Stock, or call 480-298-7818 for reservations.




·        HB2190-Challenges-Common-Core-Crony-Capitalism

·        Passage-Of-Civics-Test-Requirement-A-Proud-Achievement-For-Arizona   Frank Riggs

·         Flake Joins Obama And Clinton In Attacking GOP Senators

·        Bill Badger Dies; Helped Subdue Jan. 8 Shooter 

·        Flake: Resolution Needed For -ISIS Fight

·        Tucson-Home-To-First-Fully-Accredited-Breast-Cancer-Center

·        Phoenix-VA-Hospital-Boss-To-Testify-At-State-Legislature

·        ADOT Expects To Reopen US 89 Near Page This Month

·        Arizona-Uber-Ride-Sharing-Bill-Advances

·        County Approves Flood Control Improvement Project

·        Governor-Visits-UofA-Just-Days-After-Negotiating-Budget-That-Cuts-Millions

·        Arizona-Budget-Cuts-A-Billion-Dollars-From-Education-2009-2015

·        50-Years-Of-Shrinking-Union-Membership-In-One-Map

·        Biggs-Played-Key-Role-Shaping-Duceys-Budget

·        ATF Drops Proposed Ammo Ban

·        Jeff-Flake-Didn’t-Sign-Iran-Letter, Just-Not-Appropriate

·        Regent-Threatens-To-Sue-Over-Budget-Cuts

·        Shooting The Messenger

·        Amnesty-Judge-Gets-Tough-With-Defiant-Obama   Admonishes Feds To Explain Deportation Reprieves

·        Homeless Given Friday Deadline To Move Out Of Downtown

·        VA-Crisis-Slowly-Changing-Health-Care-System-Veterans

·        Obama-To-Visit Phoenix-VA-Hospital

·        Obama-Roundtable-Planned-With Veteran-Reps-In Phoenix

·        Laurie Roberts:  Arizona-House-Executive-Orders

·        Citizens Demand Apology-From Arpaio

·        E J Montini   Not Enough, Hillary. Let A Third Party See Everything.

·        ASU-Non-Profit-Accepted-Aps-Donation-Gave-Anti-Solar-Group

·        Older Americans Have More Debt, Less Retirement Security

·        House Delays Debate On Ditching Common Core Standards

·        'American Sniper' Highest Grossing Film Of 2014

·        A Word To Rioting Muslims

·        That Weird Time When Obama Lied That He Was Born Because Of Selma When He Was Born 4 Years Before



·        GOP 2016 Hopefuls Engage On Issues In Iowa

·        Hillary Fails To Put Lid On Email Scandal, Meets Legal Resistance

·        Obama’s Exec. Amnesty Displaces Jobless Black Citizens

·        Education Or Divisive, Anti-American Indoctrination In TUSD?


·        Costs And Tax Increase Are A Train Wreck For Phoenix Transportation Plan

·        Darth Flake: Flake Joins Obama And Clinton In Attacking GOP Senators

·        AZ Reps Vote To Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty


·        HB2190 Press Conference Thursday, March 12, 1PM AZ Capitol

·        HB2190 - Repeal/Replace Common Core Passes In The House

·         Common Core From A Different Perspective

·        Common Core Testing 'Opt Out' Bill Passes Ariz. House, Firearms, Clean Elections

·        Hillary’s Judgment Problem

·        Neutralize "Net Neutrality"

·        McCain At A Glance - Because That Is All We Can Stand


·        Ducey Still Spinning Budgets Cuts To Education And AHCCCS

·        Only-In-America-Flag-Offends-People-But Benefits Don't

·        Arizona-Governor-Doug-Ducey’s-Claim-On 2016 Budget Doesn't Add Up

·        Term-Limits-For-US-Congress-Plus Retirement Age Requirement, No Pension

·        Southern-Arizona-Military-Aggressors


·        Tragic Mistake: Jordanian Pilot Burned By ISIS Was Shot Down By Friendly Fire


·        Veterans: Robin Paul Receives Salary Of $80K + Bonus, But Mocks Vet Suicide


·        The Betrayal Papers, Part IV Of V: A New Genocide

·        Why Was Sid Blumenthal Advising Hillary Clinton On Libya?

·        Watcher’s Council Nominations – ‘Delete To The Beat’ Edition

·        Egyptian President Crushes Jihadists While Obama Coddles Them

·        Obama And Hillary: What Did They Know, And When Did They Know It?

·        Here’s How Ted Cruz Could Win The GOP Nomination For President



·        RNC: Clintons-Press-Conference-Left-More-Questions-Than-Answers


·        GOP-Double-Cross-Ensures-A-Dem-Prez-In-2016   Bachmann Returns To D.C., 'Disgusted' With Republican Leaders

·        GOP Targeted-Texas-Conservative-Louie-Gohmert; He-Is-Fighting-Back


·        Another Email We’ll Never See: The Army’s Report On Bowe Bergdahl


·        Clinton Email Scandal Intensifies As Benghazi Investigators Find ‘Huge Gaps’


·        Federal Judge Orders Investigation Into Obama Administration’s Illegal Amnesty

·        Amnesty-Judge-Gets-Tough-With-Defiant-Obama Admonishes Feds To Explain Deportation Reprieves

·        Remember 1986

·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2No    Border News Watch  


·        ATF Drops Proposed Ammo Ban

·        Why Open Carry Is Great For Women


·        Former-Intelligence-Officer-The-Utter-Stupidity-Of-Hillary-Actions


·        World War II Veteran Gets Unexpected Respect From Outback Steakhouse

·        What Happened To 9 ‘Missing’ U.S. Navy Ships?


·        It Isn't The E-Mails, It's The Corruption: Congress Has To Find All The Facts


·        Judge-Dismisses-Suit-Over-Oklahoma-Ten-Commandments-Monument


·        ATF Drops Proposed Ammo Ban

·        Federal Judge Orders Investigation Into Obama Administration’s Illegal Amnesty


·        Donald-Trump-Is-80-Percent-In; Presidential-Elections-Get-Interesting


·        Hillary-Clinton-Press-Conference

·        Hillary's Private Emails Put Us All In Danger

·        Former Intelligence Officer: The Utter Stupidity Of Hillary's Actions

·        Hillary-Insider-Email-Scandal-Inside-Job-By-Obama 
Ed Klein Says President Believes She Would Fail To Uphold His Legacy

·        Why Hillary Is Not Fit To Be President


·        Police-Chief-Thomas-Jackson-Resigns

·        City-Manager-John-Shaw-Resigns-After-Scathing-DOJ-Report

·        Mayor-Hopes-New-Judge-Marks-New-Chapter-After-Scandal


·        WH Fumes As 47 Senators Sign Letter Explaining U.S. Constitution To Iran’s Leaders

·        Tom Cotton Fires Back At Biden Over Iran Letter

·        Lindsey Graham Has Just Crossed The Line: As President I Would Use The Military Against Congress

·        White House Claims Senate Has No Role In Reviewing Iran Nuclear Treaty – Constitution Says Otherwise

·        Republican Lawmaker Vows To Summon Clinton For Testimony By April

·        GOP-Double-Cross-Ensures-A-Dem-Prez-In-2016   Bachmann Returns To D.C., 'Disgusted' With Republican Leaders


·        Are-Barely-Trained-Teachers-Just-As-Good-As-Education-Majors?  Looks Like It.

·        White High School Students Barred From Attending Black Lives Matter Event


·        50-Years-Of-Shrinking-Union-Membership-In-One-Map


·        AP Sues State Department, Seeking Access To Clinton Records


·        Tom Cotton Fires Back At Biden Over Iran Letter

·        Jindal To Biden: Apologize To Cotton Over Iran Letter


·        WH Fumes As 47 Senators Sign Letter Explaining U.S. Constitution To Iran’s Leaders

·        White House Claims Senate Has No Role In Reviewing Iran Nuclear Treaty – Constitution Says Otherwise

·        YOUR TAX $ Obama To Spend $100 Million To Train Foreigners To Take Jobs Away From Americans

·        Hillary-Insider-Email-Scandal-Inside-Job-By-Obama  Klein Says President Believes She Would Fail To Uphold His Legacy

INTERNATIONA·        YOUR TAX $ NIH-Grant-Study-Syphilis-Among-Gay-Men-Peru