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3-28-15 Briefs

AZ Republican Briefs

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

·       The Coveted Lincoln Bust Went To Precinct Committeeman George Teegarden at tonight’s Republicans of Maricopa County Lincoln Dinner at the Scottsdale Hilton.  Sandi Bartlett and Marcus Huey received the prized Reagan plaques. Ted Nugent was the speaker at the gala affair.

·       Condolences To The Family Of Fred MacKenzie: Services will be held for Saddlebrooke Republican Club members Fred MacKenzie at 10:30 am., Tues., March 31 at the Santa Catalina Catholic Church. MacKenzie was a Saddlebrooke activist, dedicated Republican, retired US Navy officers and career businessman.


·       Many Are Finding It A Turnoff as politicians start begging for re-election funds? An e-mail is circulating from the wife of censured Arizona Senator John McCain, pleading for backing and funding for his re-election reads: “The challenges facing our nation right now are grave. The decisions made by the leaders of our country in the upcoming months will undoubtedly determine the future of both our nation and the world for our children and grandchildren. That is why we need to make sure tough leaders like my husband - who aren't afraid to do what is necessary to put our country on the right path - stay in Congress to fight for America.”  She goes on to say, “Every day when I turn on the news, I am horrified at the state of the world today, but I take comfort in knowing that leaders like my husband are working day and night to right the wrongs of the world. John has always put our country first and he will continue to do so as long as he is in the Senate.” Editor’s Note: Cindy McCain is a nice lady and is doing what  political wives are expected to do to promote their spouse, but voters need to remember that the decisions made during her husband’s long stay in DC have helped lead this country into some of the mess we are currently in.  The rest of us are as “horrified at the state of the world today” as she is.  That’s why the Maricopa County, along with several other Arizona county Precinct Committeemen,  and the Arizona GOP State Committeemen overwhelmingly censured him a year ago!


·       LD24 Has Scheduled A PC Training Workshop from 6-8 pm., Wed., April 8 at GOP headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., Phx. LD24 has approximately 83 vacancies, according to Chairman Ken Bennett. Training Facilitator – Ray Sweeney, an EGC member at large. Objectives of the training sessions are:

ü  To each capacity in PC quotas

ü  Fill PC vacancies in each legislative district

ü  Voter lists will be available for each precinct within the district

Participants are asked to

ü  Bring a pen/pencil, notebook or legal pad.

ü  RSVP: 


·       Expect To See PC Training Sessions scheduled in each LD within Maricopa County. The Education & Training sessions are part of the Chairman Tyler Bowyer’s New County Plan to build a strong grassroots movement for the 2016 election cycle.


·       RNC Chairman Reince Priebus responses to the news that Hillary Clinton wiped her secret server clean of all emails sent during her tenure as Secretary Of State: “Even Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. It’s imperative an independent third party review the server immediately. Unless Mrs. Clinton went to extreme lengths to wipe this server, there are ways to recover this data. Unfortunately it appears Clinton went above and beyond to eliminate email traffic as Secretary Of State. There isn’t a separate set of rules the Clintons can choose to play by. It’s time they be held accountable.


·       Jose Borrajero’s  AZRRT Call To Action And Weekly Activity Report 150327-2050  Weekly update on what’s happening at the Arizona legislature.  Fresh post every Saturday.

·       Congresswoman Martha McSally will speak with participants of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides 5K Walk at 9 am., Sun., March 29 at the University of Arizona and take part in the walk. Cystic Fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system and requires daily care to treat. An estimated 30,000 children and adults in the United States live with Cystic Fibrosis  . Over 500 participants are expected to participate in the walk.


·       ATTN:  AZRRT CALL TO ACTION 150324-1000  Jose Borrajero’s  AZRRT Call To Action And Weekly Report  3-24-15 update  on HB2420

·       The March 30 Arizona Project meeting has been canceled.


·       The Arizona Project will meet at 11:30 am., Mon., April 6 with New Zealand author Trevor Loudon of “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress” and a new documentary “The Enemies Within”  at 3375 E Shea Blvd., Phx. Lunch not provided. Contact: Chr Ron Ludders 602-677-1496 .

·       Volunteers Are Needed For The Republican Booth At The Pima County Fair, April 16-26 in Tucson. Contact:  Steven Fuentes at 433-2615 or email


·       The Glendale Police Department and Council member Tolmachoff will host an April Shred Event between 8-11 am, April 11 at Highland Lakes School, 19000 N 63rd Ave., Glendale, AZ. This free service is a valuable resource that helps residents properly dispose of personal information that can lead to identity theft. Each household is limited to three banker’s boxes and due to demand, the event may conclude if trucks are full. For further information, please contact Doreen Anderson with the Glendale Police Department at 623-695-0440.


·       Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas today announced the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is seeking comment on draft versions of updated Arizona Arts Standards. The draft standards available for review will be used to revise Arizona’s current standards for dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. Parents and other education stakeholders across Arizona will be able to comment on the revised standards until April 24, 2015. Details for input:  arts-standards-review. The Department will also hold three statewide public webinars and four public meetings, two in Phoenix and one each in Flagstaff and Tucson. Comments from all sessions will be recorded.





·        The Pima County GOP Executive Committee will meet at 6 pm., March 30 at the Arizona Family Restaurant, 80 W Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614.   Contact:  First Vice Chr Yale Wishnick 520-625-3680



·        LD17 Precinct Committee Training is scheduled at 6:30 pm., March 31 Tri-City Baptist Church Seminary Bldg, 2211 W Germann Road, Chandler, AZ 85286 . Map Here  The regular meeting begins at 7 pm., with Congressman Matt Salmon.  They meet the last Tuesday of the month.  Contact: Chairman Shadow Asgari at


·        Volunteers Are Needed To Man The Colorado River Tea Party –Yuma Booth during the  63rd annual Yuma county fair is scheduled March 31-April 5 in Yuma. Admission:  Tues - Discount Day - $2.  Wed - Sun , $5 Adults,  $3 Children 6 – 12,  Children age 5 & under Free. Free entry for booth volunteers.




·        McCain Pandering To The Right

·        Retire-John-McCain

·        Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew-Thomas-Launches- Stars-And Banners

·        McSally, Schweikert-Oppose-GOP-Budget

·        Maricopa Aims To Remain The Best ‘Burb, But Faces Stiff Competition

·        Scottsdale-Interpretive-Trail-Tells-Deserts-Story

·        Highest-Paid-Phoenix-City-Employees

·        Repairs-To-Downed-Border-Fence-Top-$700,000

·        Local-Meteorologists-Gearing-Up-For-Bad-Wildfire-Season; Aim-To-Educate-People-About-Fire-Dangers

·        New Temps Set Records Across Arizona

·        GCC-Cancels-Wrestling-Team  -- Budget Cuts

·        Arizona-Gas-Prices-Down-From-Year-Ago

·        Snake-Bites-On-The-Rise With-Increasing-Temperatures

·        Metro-Phoenix-Needs-Affordable-Housing

·        Phoenix-Area-Jobless-Rate-Dips-Below US-Average

·        Kids Need Permission To Eat Oreos But Not To Get An Abortion

·        McCain-Emails-Supporters: I’m-Worried-I May-Not Win-Reelection-Easily

·        Gosar Continues To Lead Effort Prohibiting Funds For Implementing Obama's Executive Amnesty

·        Salmon: Finally-A-Budget-For-The-United-States

·        Repairs-To-Downed-Border-Fence-Top-$700,000



·       Black Helicopters Go Mainstream

·        Harry Reid Out! Not Soaking “Up All Those Resources”

·        John Kerry: Neville Chamberlain Clone Puts World At Risk

·        McCain’s Mean Machine Gearing Up


·        Media Blackout – 35% Of AZ Dems, 47% Of AZ Latinos Support Deportation


·        Retire-John-McCain: Mccain Pandering To The Right

·        AZRRT Call To Action And Weekly Activity Report 150327-2050

·        Bracing For A Big Power Grid Attack: 'One Is Too Many'

·        There Is No Such Bill


·        Arizona-To-Become-Gov-Doug-Ducey’s KGB State

·        HB2240-Passes Thru Senate Appropriations


·        The "AG's Letter" Is Claptrap. You Can Refuse/Opt Out Of AZ Merit High Stakes Testing

·        AZ Merit Is Creating An Adversarial Relationship Between Parents And The Schools

·        Opt Out Of Common Core's High Stakes Testing!

·        Where Are All Those Common Core Drafts And Arizona's "Copious" Feedback To The Standards Writers?


·        ISIS's Scariest Recruits

·        ISIS Meets Star Wars


·        Now It's Time To Correct The Correction.

·        Getting It Wrong

·        That Was Fast....

·        One Free Pass


·        Watcher Of Weasels – Temper Tantrum Edition


·        The NAACP's Fomenters Of Fear


·       Krauthammer: ‘I Will Be Unrestrained,’ Harry Reid Was a ‘Disgrace’ to the Senate

·        The GOP Racing Form: First Edition


·        Hey, Pretty Boy: Do You Actually Know What's In The News?


·        Obama The Greatest Threat Jews Face Since 1930s


·        Islamic State In Illinois Planned Another Ft. Hood Jihad Massacre

·        Shot Dead As They Try To Swim For Their Lives: Jihad Video Shows Civilians Being Forced Into The Sea, Brutally Gunned Down And Left To Rot On The Somali Beach

·        Muslim Siege At Somali Hotel Popular With Westerners Ends, 24 Dead

·        Muslims Arrested In Gang-Rape Of Nun In India

·        Philippine President: Give Muslims Their Own Islamic State Or Count Body Bags

·        Israel: Muslims On School Field Trip Beat Jewish Guide

·        Amnesty International: Palestinians Committed War Crimes, Killed More Palestinian Civilians Than Israel

·        Young-Muslim-Children-Being-Abused-Beaten-At-School-By-Teacher




·        Maricopa County Republican Committee ByLaws   2014


·        AZGOP financial reports filed/ AZ Sec of State 

·        FEC Filing Updated/Current AZGOP Financials Info

·        Arizona_Republican_Party_Bylaws


·        TPP Is The Republican Version Of Obamacare


·        Mr. Obama: Here Are The Soldiers Who Died Looking For Your Boy, The Deserter, Bowe Bergdahl

·        Bowe Bergdahl: Former Members Of His Platoon Speak Out About What Actually Happened

·        Vindicated: Bergdahl Platoon Members React To Desertion Charges, Obama Administration Smears
House Committee Demands Bergdahl Information From White House

·        Bowe Bergdahl Gives His Reason For Abandoning His Post – It Was The Military’s Fault


·        ‘Meet My Husband, Injuries Directly Brought To You By The Actions Of The Traitor Bergdahl!’


·        Border-Smuggling-Case-Against-LA-Cop-Is-Mysteriously-Dismissed

·        US-Mexico-War-Against Drugs And Middle-East-War-Against Terror-Failed

·        Hispanics Pushing For Stronger Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

·        Latest-ICE-Chief-Obsequious-Destructive As The Rest

·        ICE Arrest Fact Sheets/Gang-Arrests

·        Immigration-Policy-Fact-Sheets/E-Verify

·        Analysis-Of The Legal-Workforce-Act

·        Remember 1986

·        Borderland Beat

·        AZ Border Defenders     Updated Daily

·        Need2No    Border News Watch  


·        FBI Director Testifies He’s Never Had Problems With Concealed Carriers


·        Military Says Allies Don't Trust Us, Fear We're Leaking Intel To Iran

·        Obamas-5-Top-Taliban-Terrorists-Will-Soon-Go-Free-While-Brave-Soldiers-Sit-In-Leavenworth

·        Feds-Hide-Details-Of-Navy-Seals-Shoot Down

·        Bowe Bergdahl Gives His Reason For Abandoning His Post – It Was The Military’s Fault

·        Army Issues Troops Safety Instructions Following Islamic State Kill List Threat

·        Marine Medal Of Honor Winner Destroys ISIS With Epic 10-Word Message That Is A Must-See

·        Nerve Gas Paid For By US Govt Hit 200,000 US Troops In Gulf War


·        Texas Mayor Takes A Stand Against Sharia Law – Tells Muslims To “Respect,” “Obey,” And “Embrace” Texas Law


·        Obama DOJ Appeal Of Federal Judge’s Injunction Set For April 17

·        Agent Just Said Something Huge The DEA Definitely Didn't Want People Knowing


·        Lawsuits Filed To Block FCC’s New ‘Net Neutrality’ Order

·        Agent Just Said Something Huge The DEA Definitely Didn't Want People Knowing

·        Feds-Hide-Details-Of-Navy-Seals-Shoot Down

·        Department Of Labor Honors Former Senator Who Rented Brothel, Associated With Communists And Let Mistress Drown


·        Never Before Seen Footage: Ted Cruz Speaks About His Wife’s Connection To The Council On Foreign Relations


·        The Top 5 Reasons Sarah Palin Would Still Make A Better President Than Barack Obama


·        Mitt Romney Tells NBC What He Would Have Done With The Bergdahl Swap If He Were President


·        Scott Walker Backs Illegals Becoming Citizens – Claims He Doesn’t Support Amnesty


·        Ted Cruz Meets First Week’s Fundraising Goal, And Then DOUBLES IT


·        Hillary Clinton Thinks She's Above The Law


·        Why In Heaven Would Anyone Cast A Muslim To Play Jesus Christ In The Bill O’Reilly-Produced Film “Killing Jesus?”

·        Christian School Beats Back Attacks On Their Right To Hire And Fire According To Christian Faith


·         White Man Beaten By Black Guy Because He Wouldn’t Talk About Mike Brown


·        Obama Releases Hundreds Of Convicted Murderers And Kidnappers?


·        Gov-Coming-After-Your-Inheritance


·        Path Clearing For Schumer To Become Senate Dem Leader


·        The Little-Known Damage Harry Reid Has Done

·        Senate Votes 100-0 To Hold Iran Accountable

·        House Furious: Hillary ‘Wiped Clean’ Server
House Committee Demands Bergdahl Information From White House

·        How Boehner, Pelosi Surprised Everyone With A $200 Billion Deal

·        Why Harry Reid Is Retiring – And It’s Definitely Worse Than A Black Eye

·        Harry Reid Is Leaving Behind A Mess In Nevada

·        Harry Reid Is Retiring – It’s A Shame He Isn't Being Charged With Treason, Corruption Or Bad Behavior

·        Trey Gowdy Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Activity

·        House Passes Compromise Package To Change How Medicare Pays Doctors


·        Surprising Recommendations On Drilling From Energy Dept Consultants


·        Obamacare-Scores-A-Big-Fat-Zero-On-Fact-Checking

·        This Longtime IHOP Owner Sold His 16 Restaurants Because Of Obamacare

·        $1.5 Billion Of Your Taxes Go To Fund Abortion


·        Will Global Warming Turn All Women Into Prostitutes? This Democrat Seems To Think So


·        Watch: Teacher Is Asked One Question. In Only 36 Secs She Smashes Common Core To Smithereens.


·        Obamas-5-Top-Taliban-Terrorists-Will-Soon-Go-Free-While-Brave-Soldiers-Sit-In-Leavenworth

·        Woman TSA Gave Expedited Passage Onto Plane Was Leftist Sla Terrorist Sarah Jane Olson


·        Woman Tsa Gave Expedited Passage Onto Plane Was Leftist SLA Terrorist Sarah Jane Olson


·        Now John Kerry Is Ordering A Review Of State Dept. Record-Keeping!


·        Obama’s Incompetence Causing Nuclear Arms Race In The Middle East

·        Obama Invades Golf Course, Bravely Continues 18-Hole Crusade While The World Implodes

·        Obama’s Stealth Demographic Change Plan For America Still Happening — Thousands Of ‘Children’ Crossing Border

·        Watch: Top Obama Admin Guy Reveals Terrible Facts That Do Not Look Good On Obama

·        Obama’s Executive Amnesty Will Grant Illegals Marijuana Seller Permits

·        Our “Pretending” President


·        What Is Unfolding In Iraq Is Beyond Belief

·        Confirmed: The Pilot Of The Germanwings Plane Deliberately Destroyed The Plane And Slaughtered All Of The People

·        What Iran’s Nukes Will Mean For Saudi Arabia And Jordan

·        Iranian Journalist Defector Says Obama Admin Arguing On The Side Of Iran In Nuke Negotiations

·        Religion Of Peace: Saudi Blogger Gets 1,000 Lashes For ‘Insulting Islam’, Publicly Flogged

·        What Has Our 20 Million Bought US In Iraq?

·        Leaked Video: Muslim Who Becomes Christian Is Captured And Horrifically Slaughtered By Other Muslims