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4-20-15 Briefs

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Monday, April 20, 2015


·       AZGOP threatens to have PCs arrested!  Reports from the INFAMOUS closed meeting! The riff-raff PCs not allowed into the meeting interviewed several folks who...


·       Who's Responsible For Changing Primary Election?? See State Statutes  “…Election Laws as with all laws for the state of Arizona are the responsibility of the Elected representative of the House and Senate of the state and must be signed by the Governor.”


·       AZGOP Leaders-Meet-To-Discuss-2016-Victory-Strategy: Grahams viewpoint   “The committee voted overwhelmingly against a motion to spend party contributions to close the primary election. A vote to recess the meeting to allow for further review of the issue of closing the primary was also defeated.”


·       Graham Report Conflicts With State Committee Attendees “Not one person mentioned any discussion of strategy for 2016, not one person said it was anything but a waste of time except one said they got a brief look at the Treasurer's Report for the first quarter but no handouts so they could look more closely.  They do agree that they approved a budget but they agree; they have no idea what is in it because there were no details, even vague ones.  We would like to see a report from the AZGOP of the meeting the voting members who reported to AFA went to.  He was apparently there and commanding the meeting.  And no one said the vote was overwhelming to leave the primary open. In fact, no one ever got a head count and there was no real ballot and no one can even agree as to how that vote actually turned out.  What the State Committeemen actually did was vote Overwhelmingly at the statutory meeting in January to close the primary.  That is the vote that matters.  The Ex Com is not autonomous!

·       Republican-PCs-Threatened-With-Arrest-At-AZ-GOP-HQ.  First person account of April 18, 2015 AZ GOP newly closed executive meeting by LD 28 PC


·       Editor’s Note:  When expressing opinions, lease limit commentary to 300 words. Frosty Taylor


·       LD27 PC Art Olivas: We must say thank you to all Conservative Grassroots Republicans that supported Peggy McClain's Protest Rally at the AZGOP HQ. When we got there at about 8:35am. We were greeted by Sheriff Deputies that informed us that we were to stay out on the side walk and off GOPs Property! I asked by whose orders? His answer was orders from inside. I informed him that nobody inside owned the place. I also told him that I was calling Sheriff Joe to let him know I was a PC and a STATE PC as were most of us here. The people inside worked for us not us for them. We then said Robert Graham, Chad Heywood nor Tyler Bowyer own our Republican office. After all was said and done all the Sheriff Deputies left. About 20minutes later the Phoenix city police Detective Peralta arrived and informed us that Tim Sifert the Communications Director had call them. He agreed with us, but asked us to stay off the drive way so we would not get run over. We had some people inside and will have a full report later. One thing we were told is that Robert Graham was very upset with the Briefs for reporting about the closed meeting! And Tyler Bowyer chimed in saying something about the Briefs not being an official some thing or other. But the conclusion was that he was in full support of John McCain's Robert Graham


·       Matt Papke - LD26 1st Vice Chair:  Our founders pledged their fortunes, lives and sacred honor to stand up to the British Crown and free humankind. I find it beyond the pale that my Party leadership lacks this courage. If only even the will to draw swords against an obvious assassin.

We have let too many too deep into our ranks and the night of long knives has already begun. Senator John McCain slew many well intended and passionate grassroots PCs via his progressively funded Arizona Grassroots Action PAC. And now with our rear guard in disarray we have been struck again from behind our own lines. It is time to realize there are enemies within our ranks and they are operating with help from outside our walls. There is no sacred honor with in this corps of corpses; nor pledged fortunes to shore up our granaries or armories, only deceit and subterfuge. It saddens me to see the great men and women, the 3% who are willing to pledge their fortunes, lives and sacred honor be hewn down by those they relied upon to defend them.

The Republican Party is dying a slow and ignorant death. Americans are not voting in Republicans because they love them, they are voting them in because they hate Democrats more than Republicans. America is want of a true message and a true leader who will not sway with the changing winds and will stand for conservative values.

Why we would look to non-party members to choose our candidates is beyond me, unless it is to champion the status quo and quell the brushfires of liberty stoked by the keepers of the flame. Let us stand fast in our values and put forth our best representative of these values allowing the true war of ideas begin, If our Republican party cannot stand for the values engrained in its platform then who will?


·       LD15 PC/State Committeeman Jackie Phillips:  Chairman Robert Graham I want to thank you for your phone call today in which you expressed your disappointment about my posting to you in the Briefs.  See original letter 4-19-15-briefs.  I appreciate you giving me your phone number for open dialog, I will certainly speak to you directly in the future. I thank you for going over some of the hurdles for the Close Primary and as we all know this is going to be a long process. I am very encouraged that you will be reaching out to get us all involved. There is more than one avenue and we need to look at every hurdle, every angle to get this accomplished in the most effective way. I am looking forward to hearing a list of options for proceeding and future fund raising. As we agree it will take all of us for this to be a success. The journey will not be short or easy but will all of us it can succeed.


·       LD13 Precinct Committeemen Received Their Call Letters today for a 7 pm., Tues., April 28 ‘special election’ meeting to fill the vacancy of former LD13 Chairman Richard ‘Dick’ Landis, who resigned April 2.  Acting Chair Wallie Campbell, first vice chairman, named Second Vice-chair Ben Boone as the nominations chairman. Anyone wishing to run for the LD13 chairmanship should contact Boone at .  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.  The election will be held in the Chianti Room of the PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ 85395.


·       The Estrella Foothills Conservative Republican Club will meet at 7 pm, Wed., April 22 at Estrella Foothills High School.  6:30 pm social.  Speakers include AZGOP 2nd Vice-Chair Gabriella Mercer, MCRC 1st Vice-Chair Aaron Borders, and MCRC Member-at-Large Andrew Constanzo.  Contact: Chairman Richard Newcomer at


·       Update on LD22 PC Shirley Roberts, who has been in a NW Valley hospital ICU with pneumonia and cancer, will be taken off the ventilator tomorrow morning, according to a family spokesman. Her husband Bob and their six children are with her this evening.  If she expires tomorrow her memorial service will be held at 3 pm., April 23 at the Christ Church of the Valley in Peoria. A memorial fund in the name of Shirley L. Richards has been established with Wells Fargo Banking. This fund will continue to distribute donations to those benevolent organizations & children support groups around the world that were close to her heart for the last many decades. Electronic donations can be made on line to: Wells Fargo Banking

Routing # 122105278 for Account # 7425096810.  Thank you for honoring her in this way in lieu of flowers, cards, etc.


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club Social will be held at 6 pm., Tues., April 28 on the patio at the Fireside Grill at the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH.   This is a social event, no speeches, no reservations. The May 26 social is at the El Encanto Restaurant, 11044 N Sauguaro Blvd, FH.  The June 23rd Social will be at Sapori D'Italia, 11865 N Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.  Contact:


·       The Fountain Hills Republican Club will hear Supt of Public Instructions Diane Douglas on Sat., May 16. Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute will highlight the Sat., June 20 monthly meeting. Meetings are held in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 stating promptly at 9 am. 8:30 am social. Contact:


·       Gov Doug Ducey Will Sign HB2135 at 10 am, Wed., April 22 at 1700 W Washington,  phx.  The bill allows rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to grow, thrive and innovate in Arizona, by ensuring a safe and light regulatory environment.


·       Secretary Of State Michele Reagan has announced that she has obtained two new, simple domain names to make it easier for people to locate information related to voter registration and election information — and  The new web addresses direct web traffic to the election information page of the official website of the office,  “With the recent expansion of internet domain names, obtaining and was a simple way to make it easier for people to find out information related to voting and elections in Arizona,” said Reagan. “Our site provides comprehensive details on things such as voter registration, polling places, election dates, and what to bring with you to the polls.  With these two memorable domains, we hope when people think about voting, they think” Contact:

(602) 542-4285


·       Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas is establishing an annual committee to review regulations on education in Arizona’s Education Code A.R.S. Title 15 Education. Professionals interested in participating should submit their C.V. or resume either electronically via email to the or by U.S. Postal Service to Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1535 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona, 85007 by May 15, 2015, with the first meeting planned for June.  Subject line: “Application for Title 15 review committee.




·        Sen John McCain on remarks made Thursday by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, diminishing the possible fall of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province in Iraq, to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL): “Before and during the Iraq surge in 2006 and 2007, 187 U.S. service members were killed and more than 1,150 wounded while fighting on our nation’s behalf in Ramadi, including Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor winner Michael Monsoor, who gave his own life to save those of his comrades. Yet the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Thursday stated that Ramadi – which is under assault by ISIL forces today – ‘is not symbolic in any way’ and is not ‘central to the future of Iraq.’ This unbelievable statement is an insult to all those brave Americans who served and sacrificed in Ramadi, and the families and loved ones who miss them so dearly.”





·        The Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals Charter Meeting will be held 7pm Tues, April 21 at AZGOP HQ 3501 N 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Open to 18-40 year old Republicans in the valley.  Speakers: AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham and MCYRP President Chris Herring speak about the vision for Young Republicans in Maricopa County. RSVP through the Facebook link below or email    


·        The Arizona Federation of College Republicans will host Congressman David Schwiekert at 6:30 pm., Sat., April 18 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N Scottsdale Road., Paradise Valley AZ 85253. Tickets $75 per person or $140 per couple. Table of 10 - $650. RSVP: Zoey Kotzambasis at or 520-591-6191.


·        National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash will address the Pima County Republican Club at 11:30 am., Tues., April 21 at the Sabbar Center.


·        The Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party (3rd Tues) meets at 6:30 pm., April 21 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.). Speaker: Dr M Zuhdi Jasser, practicing physician, former US Naval officer, and a frequent guest on Fox News & CNN, will be speaking on the threat of radical Islam.  Free admission, donations welcome. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or



·       The Estrella Conservative Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., April 22 at Estrella Foothills High School. Maricopa County Republicans Chairman Tyler Bowyer will address the groups. Contact: Chr Richard Newcomer  602-512-1340.

·       The Rose Law Group is hosting a political breakfast between 8-9 am., Wed., April 22 in their offices at 7144 E Stetson Dr. #300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 – featuring Gov Doug Ducey, Phoenix City Councilmen Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates.  RSVP: Melissa Johnson at

·        The Mohave County GOP District 1 Lincoln Dinner is scheduled at 5 pm., April 22 in Kingman. Speaker: Gov Doug Ducey.  Contact: Kingman, 928-279-3950.


·        A Fundraising ‘Breakfast With Gov Doug Ducey’ is scheduled at 8 am, Wed., April 22 with the Rose Law Group, 7144 E Stetson Dr #300, Scottsdale to help reduce Ducey’s $2M campaign loan to himself.  RSVP:  Katie at 480-505-3936 by April 17.  Minimum contribution $500.



·        The Arizona Game And Fish Department And The City Of Glendale will host a free youth fishing clinic at Bonsall Pond, 59th Ave/Bethany Home Road in Phx between 9 am-2 pm, Sat., April 25. Thanks to Glendale City Councilman Jamie Aldama, along sponsors West Valley Foundation, Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Glendale Pawn 7 Jewelry, Gorman & Company, the first 1,000 kids between the ages of 10-17,  will received free fishing licenses.


·        Applications Are Available To High School Age Girls interested in applying for an AzFRW Dodie Londen TARS Memorial Scholarship to spend a week in DC at the National TARS Leadership Conference. Tour DC. Meet Congressional leaders.    Application due April 25.    Contact AzFRW Scholarship Committee TARS Coordinator Lori Oien, ( 520)-603-3006. 8161 E. Lee Street, Tucson, AZ 85715

·        National Columnist Charles Krauthammer and AZ Gov Doug Ducey will speak at the 6 pm., April 25 Center for Arizona Policy dinner at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, according to CEO Cathy Herod. See details  reserve your spot

·        LD17: Master Illusionist Craig Davis will perform at the Sun Lakes Country Club on Sat, April 25  for the LD17 fundraiser. Limited seating. Magic Show Flier   Contact: Chairman Shadow Asgari at


·        The Sun City Grand Republican Interest Group will meet at 9 am, Sat., April 25, at 19781 N. Remington Dr., Chaparral Center in the Apache Room.   Speakers: Detectives from the Surprise Police Department presenting their program on Fraud, ID Theft, Scams, etc.  Contact: Ginny Nyre, President (623-544-7187) or Ralph Wirebaugh (623-584-3898). Web-site:


·        Tucson Republican Women will have coffee with the elephants at Reid Park Zoo,  1030 S Randolph Way, at 9 am., Sat., April 25  in Tucson to celebrate Nandi’s six month birthday.  Contact: PCRP HQ


·        The Central for Arizona Policy Dinner features National Columnist Charles Krauthammer, AZ Gov Doug Ducey, Florist Barronelle Stutzman and Cathy Herrod at 6 pm., April 25 at the Arizona Biltmore, 2400 E Missouri, Phx. Contact: or 602.424.2525.



·        Welfare Leech Couple Who Scammed Taxpayers Out Of $2.3 Million Learns Their Fate

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·        Laurie Roberts: Regents-Consider-Lowering-Tuition-For-Undocumented  Slap To Voters



·        So Very Sowell: Conservative Genius Takes On AZ Leftist Grijalva

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·        A-J-LaFaro-Dispels-Robert-Grahams-Myth-On-Closing-Primary   LaFaro’s Letter To Members Of AZ GOP Executive Committee

·        Need More Proof Of McCain Chokehold On AZGOP? Robert Graham Closing Meeting To Elected Precinct Committeemen, Shutting Down Information Flow


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·        Graham Reports Conflicts With State Committee Attendees

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·        Opposing Views On Common Core

·        AZGOP Threatens To Have Pcs Arrested!  Reports from the INFAMOUS closed meeting! We are the riff-raff PCs not allowed into the meeting, but we have interviewed several folks who...

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·        Tim Carter and Gina Ray: Opposing Views on Common Core

·        See  Jennifer Reynolds, and contact your congressman to STOP HR5 and S11.  Tell you congressman to vote No on HR5 (congress/house-bill) and S11EveryChildAchievesAct)

·        The Road to a National Curriculum:  The Legal Aspects of the Common Core Standards, Race to the Top, and Conditional Waivers.

·        Congressmen by zip code

ü  Sen John McCain: Main: (202) 224-2235   Fax: (202) 228-2862  or

ü  Sen Jeff Flake: P: 202-224-4521 F: 202-228-0515  contact-jeff   or

·        Jennifer Reynolds 480-961-4214

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